Spectrum TV

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Charter Communications
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10 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spectrum TV

4.69 out of 5
418.3K Ratings
5 years ago, TV and Movie Enthusiast
Great For iOS; Bad on AppleTV
The SpectrumTV app works great on my Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). Unfortunately, it is very buggy on AppleTV 4K. Why it works on iOS and not TvOS is a mystery. Sometimes there is audio and no picture when watching live TV; other times no picture or sound at all. Even when there is picture and sound, the picture breaks up. Many times there is still running audio while the picture is frozen. There are problems with buffering and freeze-ups, also. None of these issues occur while using the app on my iPhone or iPad Pro; only AppleTV. I’ve confirmed that the problem is not with my internet connection, speed, or my wireless network (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz). Also, other apps stream just fine. The fault is definitely the app only on AppleTV. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app on AppleTV several times with no luck. Also, my AppleTV is fully up to date. The app is totally disfunctional on AppleTV. I hope the developer looks into this and gets another update going to correct this. I cannot be the only one having this issue; and I’ve done all troubleshooting possible. As I say, the SpectrumTV app works great on iOS, just not on TvOS. I have not encountered any issues with on-demand viewing using the SpectrumTV app on AppleTV. All the issues I am encountering seem to be concerning live TV viewing only.
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2 years ago, Mr. Reasonability
Reflect on Your subscriber post 12 months pricing policy
Your app. Seems to work fine, BUT pass on to the corporate side of your business; your price structuring after the first 12 months of a current client subscriber is simply EXCESSIVELY expensive and really just PURE greedy. Instead continuing your policy of increasing the subscription service rate to to loyal , wishing to continue being your paid subscriber,;WHY don’t you offer a service rate reduction REWARDS type program, whereby a continuing current subscriber achieve reward points which could then be used to avoid what I perceive and label as excessively high rate increase , usually occurring within a 6-12 month period of time. Or allow your loyal customers, to pick what channels they are willing to see price increases after your typical one year period. I say this as I have been a dedicated , and I may be dating myself, initial times Warner subscriber, evolving into Brighthouse customer and now continuing on with CharterSpectrum subscriber continuing customer. And now, I thank you for letting me explain why I only gave you a 3 out of a possible 5 star rating .
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5 months ago, Never Again 68
Oh the money I could have saved over the years
I cannot tell you enough about the very poor quality of the service. The are the kindest to complete strangers and will give you the deal of a lifetime, but if you are a loyal customer for over 30 years, you do not qualify for any of their specials or mark downs. In fact, your bill for basic cable continues to climbs. I started with basic cable for 2 tvs in my home. They added a few free perks like Showtime, my bill was about 70-75 a month. Every month without warning my bill would be 20-30 dollars more. The customer service was terrible. Rude not helpful and usually didn’t speak English. Last month my bill for basic cable had increased to over 200 dollars. 200 dollars. I had nothing to take off my plan and called so Alta fiber formally Cinti Bell. I got connected right away a lovely woman who asked what my needs were what speed I had in the past etc etc. at this point I decided to stream and use internet only. They set up a date to come set it up. They said to cancel spectrum after their service was in. So for the price of 39,99, I have way faster internet speed, which is locked for 2 years, when then they will call me with new lower offers. I also can speak to the same rep each and every time. I would run not walk to change to AltaFiber. I would be thousands of dollars richer if I had done so sooner.
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2 years ago, rag62
Glitchy; occasionally unreliable
I like the convenience of watching TV on my portable devices. Generally it’s OK. I rated it 2 stars for two reasons - one technical and the other cost. Cost wise, it’s disappointing that, while I pay for Spectrum cable at home, because I don’t have wi-fi services through Spectrum, I can’t get all the channels on the app! Unless there is a technical reason for this, I find it to be a backwards regressive way to force me to pay Spectrum more money for what I have already paid for. The others are technical - it’s a glitchy app. The quality of streaming has improved, so there is less pixilating and picture distortion than there used to be. But recently, after watching for awhile, the app suddenly goes black, stops working, and a message box pops up claiming that I’ve “exceeded the maximum number of video streams” and to stop watching on some other mysterious nonexistent other device. This is pretty annoying - tantamount to my car just stalling out and stranding me in the middle of nowhere, with no explanation. With my car I can generally call a mechanic; spectrum app not so much. Maybe it’s just a function/limitation of the technology, and big picture, it’s an irritation, but if you are looking for feedback to improve your product so more people will use Spectrum and this app, that’s my feedback.
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5 months ago, luvgoodapps
Another bad update
To Developers: These complaints (mine and many others) are not “issues,” nor can they be addressed in any of the places you suggested looking. The problem is simply the very poor design of the app, and the only thing that can be done about it is if the developers stop making useless and annoying updates, which are actually downgrades, give us back the version of the app that actually worked well, and leave it alone, stop trying to change it; you keep making it worse, not better. Obviously all the five star reviews are fake or old, before updates. Awful lot of complaints when you choose to look at the most recent reviews. Keep updating the app = keep making it more unusable. How about when users complain, instead of responding, “we’re sorry for any issues…” you just fix it!!! Go back to what people loved about the app, when it was actually useful and not annoying. No more Guide tab. You have to choose Live TV to get the guide, then minimize the Live video in order to see the guide. As if that’s not bad enough, you can’t get rid of the Live TV screen; the minimized screen sits on top of the guide, no matter where you move it, it’s covering up something. Why?? Why would you take something that worked and ruin it?? Every time there’s an update, it just gets more unusable. Please, just stop.
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3 years ago, dg861967388
Spectrum isn’t as sophisticated as other cable providers.
Their guide does not let you know if a live TV show is new or a repeat. You also can’t get a description of the show just by looking at the guide. Instead, you have to click on it to tune into that show to get what little info there is. It’s a real pain, if you’re just trying to figure out what you want to watch. Also, the catch-up feature (i.e., watching a show from earlier in the day or the day before) isn’t available on Spectrum. Other providers offer this. Now, they will tell you that the On Demand feature takes care of that problem. In reality, the shows aren’t loaded into On Demand for a day or two, or longer. They will blame that on the networks or streaming services. The reality is that Spectrum is the source of the delays, not the providers (I checked). Finally, the Re-Start feature is hit or miss. Unlike other cable providers, this feature is only available on a few shows, & then only for a minute or so, such that you don’t have much time to decide if you want to re-start it or continue watching as is. So, why am I still with Spectrum? It’s because the other providers (I won’t name them, because I don’t want it to look like I’m working for them) aren’t available in my area.
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3 years ago, VHS Collector
Expect up to a one minute lag for live tv.
Only gripe, and this could obviously just be a current technological problem, rather than an issue specific to Spectrum) but when streaming live tv, the lag can be about 30 seconds to one minute late. I’ve got the super bowl on tv downstairs, when I need to leave the room, the app would allow me to watch while I am in another room, however, I can hear my family clap/cheer in response to a touchdown in the other room, which I don’t see happen for another minute watching through the app on my phone. I come back to the room, and i have two choices: watch it live on tv which is one minute ahead (so i miss a full minute) OR continue watching the app until a commercial when I can resume watching on tv without missing any plays. A small lag isn’t a big deal at all, but one minute? It doesn’t even take that long for tv networks to correspond and communicate to journalists internationally on a live news broadcast, and here I am in the same house on the same network? Baffling.
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4 years ago, Seamunkee
Works ok but needs some updates
First let me just state that all I want from the app I’d local television and maybe a few others and for just that it does a decent job. It does get a bit laggy here and there and when you first turn on the tv and Apple TV you have to back out of the app to get to started. Cold booting the Apple TV into the spectrum app (if that’s how you shut it down) doesn’t work, all you get is a loading pinwheel. Back out of the app and to the Apple TV main menu then go back into the spectrum app and all is well My biggest problem with the app is the “still there? Interact with your remote to continue watching” popup that will not go away. It comes and goes when it wants, sometimes staying visible for weeks at a time. It covers the lower third display used by news etc to give more info on things your watching which is annoying. To fix it you have to delete the app from the Apple TV and re-install. Then in 3-4 days when it happens again you either ignore it for as long as you can bear or delete and re-install the app again Please fix this I beg of you!! Slower speeds and pixelation here and there I can deal with but a floating prompt covering the whole lower third of the tv is mind numbingly frustrating
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4 years ago, sugarbabyxoxox
Don’t change to spectrum Tv! I was with Brighthouse for 30 years plus, and they promised me an unbelievable deal if I switched.,5 minutes after I hung up with them, o lost my phone, internet and cable. Then found out I would be streamline tv and not watching it live when I turn the tv on. Then they promised me a bundle deal of 200 MB’s internet, phone service, and cable , 10 of my favorite channels and all my local cable channels, all for $96. And that I could keep 2 of my dvrs also. Well I spoke with 5 reps for a month before I made the switch. Ever one of them lied to me., What they promised me would cost $160 a month or more. I’m paying $140 a month plus taxes so it comes to about $150 and I’m streaming AND they did not inform me that you can only stream spectrum on a Samsung tv. So had to go out and spend $80 on 2 Roku sticks. It’s all just a bunch of crap. Don’t believe anything they say! Make them send their promises in an email to you, and get the name and badge number of everyone you talk to AMD record them!
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2 months ago, Ex-pc user
used to work ok sometimes...
...but it's horrible and keeps getting worse every day. it freezes, skips every two seconds ALL THE TIME so you miss about every 3rd to 6th words, shows errors A LOT, buffers A LOT, audio and video aren't always in sync, and just generally isn't worth $(&@! you'd hope that for around $60/month, you could have an app that works most of the time - not here. don't bother - i've been trying for two years. later - when time warner cable became spectrum, a lot of what i talked about above was fixed. at this point, my biggest complaint is small and handleable, but annoying - every time we turn on the tv app, spectrum's channel comes on, and it can't be taken off of our favorites list. but all in all, it's all pretty good. thanks, spectrum. later still - so, it’s now 4/4/24. the recent changes made were kinda dumb, but i’ve gotten used to them. one wonderful change was putting a mute button on the screen - unfortunately, it’s so incredibly small that i have to hit it a few times to get it to work. but, there was a recent update in which the mute is on when the app is opened - dumb. why?
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1 year ago, Ihearya!
Ready to CANCEL Spectrum!
I can’t count how many times I tried to use the app and it tells me I’m not subscribed. I’ve been subscribed for several years. I call every time it happens & there’s never really a solution. This evening I was told there’s a problem accessing the app pretty much throughout California. I also found out the cable box must be turn on in order to access anything. I’ve been very sick in bed and had to get up and deal with this and get nowhere with the representative. When I subscribed, I asked Representative, if I could watch my recorded shows on my iPad. That is FALSE. It allows me to choose the show, but it wants me to go to the TV I already have connected to the cable box! It defeats the whole point. I’m sick in bed and would like to watch from my bed not my living room. It’s totally ridiculous!! There’s been many other times I’ll be in the middle of watching a show and want to rewind what I’m watching and all of a sudden the cable box does something like disconnects for a moment and comes back & won’t allow me to rewind. Other times it’s rebooted in the middle of watching a show! At this point it would be less frustrating to cancel altogether and stream everything!
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5 years ago, iDavid956
Apple TV live streaming is horrible!
The app worked quite well when it was released at the beginning of the year. Live streaming worked well. Minor bugs have been quashed and the UI has been refined for the better. Unfortunately, it seems that live streaming has since gone downhill. The worst offenders are the movie channels like HBO and Showtime. They play fine for a few minutes and either the image gets pixelated, freezes with audio or it jumps back to where you started watching. Occasionally, it tunes into a black screen with audio. This does not happen when watching On Demand content. The only other bug is that when I watch On Demand content, the episode I watched will appear in the TV app even though I’ve already seen it. I then have to manually mark it as watched to remove it. Also, the problem is not my device or internet speed because the iPhone app streams live video without any of these problems. I have the the 4th Gen Apple TV and I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app as well as restarting my Apple TV to no avail. Spectrum doesn’t seem to have a way to give the app developers feedback so I’m hoping giving them a 1-star review will get their attention and they will fix this problem because in its current condition, the app is almost useless for live streaming.
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2 years ago, CBURTON23
It’s ok… NEEDS improvement…
Spectrum TV app needs some improvement. First off, why does it lag on live shows? As soon as you get to an interesting part of a life show, spectrum ruins it and lags. Then once it’s done, you can’t go back to the show until it’s over. That’s annoying. Second, why when a shows of air (or is over), you can’t rewatch all the episodes? Just certain ones. That doesn’t make sense and is frustrating. Third, why are there locked movies? (Harry Potter for instance) that is so annoying! So, unlock them (and any other locked items), please. Last, why does it say that there is an episode that I can’t watch because it’s not loading properly?? Is that my fault, and that my punishment is to stop watching my shows? I understand, the app is global, but to do that? With good Wi-Fi? Not on me, please fix! So,the improvements it will need aren’t many right now, but possible for later. 1. NO MORE LAGGING DURING LIVE SHOWS! (Or if it’s a rewatch) 2. LET US WATCH ALL EPISODES OF SERIES THAT ARE OFF AIR. 3. NO MORE LOCKED ITEMS. 4. NO MORE OF NOT BEING ABLE TO WATCH EPISODES FROM SERIES.
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2 years ago, ElizabethAnn217
Absolute Garbage. You can’t stream from or even watch from your phone (iOS) when off Wi-Fi so if the power or wifi goes out, it’s absolutely useless. I was streaming court tv for instance on my tv from this app but had to leave to pickup my kids so I turned the phone app on so I could keep up with the show via listening and sure as can be, the second Wi-Fi jumped off to LTE “sorry you cant use this channel” cool. Then within a few days it was nearly impossible to cast from the app to my tv and even screen share blocked me from watching CHANNELS WE PAY FOR, it’s been over a month with spotty if functional at all. First cable tv is NOT a priority or a must in life… secondly internet and streaming is less cumbersome and truly the only thing we even use.. it’s pretty bad when a huge CABLE company can’t even get a decent product to market and make it like you have no clue how tv and smart features operate. This is not the 90’s and we aren’t acting like cable tv is actually in demand.. perhaps focus on making products people want to pay for that we actually need or enjoy. I can’t even watch my local news in the morning unless it’s on this crap app on a 4 in phone screen 😆 cast to tv? GOD NO THIS APP CAN NOT PROVIDE THAT FUNCTION.
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3 years ago, TexasUSofA
First off, Spectrum won’t allow any user to be proactive when it comes to our own security! Spectrum customers are not allowed to use a VPN! Being denied access to the services we pay them for just because of our added security is now making me question if Spectrum already sells our personal information to the highest (or really any) bidder?? This is extremely scary considering the challenges we already face when it comes to protecting our personal deets along with our children from predators on the Internet! It’s not like we can stop using it! The Internet has become a big part of just about all aspects of everyone’s daily life! So...now the most recent slap in the face being that Spectrum has decided to take away access to the SpectrumTV App from its paying customers that have older working computers like an iPhone, iPad and/or notebook/laptop!! PLUS, they’ve not just blocked the SpectrumTV App from these users, but they’ve also now blocked the ability to watch TV through their website by using browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari!! 🤬 *And others are correct...even using the newest iPhone/iPad this TV app will only allow certain stations available for us to view/watch 🤬😡🤬😡 ‼️
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4 years ago, HeidiL23
I saw they added a new app for the tv. So I tried it since I have the internet from spectrum. I was using phlilo tv because they had 25+ channels. But I like how spectrum adds in your local channels as well. Only thing that needs to be updated is the channels. They only let you pick 10 channels instead of giving you all of them. Or they don’t even let you add in add ons. All the channels they had I wanted, but can only choose 10? Please fix that. I want to be able to add more channels. The philo tv lets you have all those for $20 a month. Also they don’t have any sports channels such as fox sports west, or to get MLB channels for sports. Please fix that as well. Otherwise I like the tv, I like how they are getting rid of cable and now you can use the tv apps with no cables or anybody coming to your home anymore. I just use my roku tv and I can get whatever apps I want for tv and movies. Please update your channels and make the app better to view channels on the list. I would stay if they updated it, if they don’t I will prob just stay with the other tv apps that have more channels and better layout. Please update your tv app!!!!!! Thank you!
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4 years ago, DPresas
LOVE the app because it works ...
You don’t need to be computer internet digital savvy, but once configured on all yr devices the delivery is seamless. My only issue is Spectrum’s over all cost. Streaming is the future. Though there ‘s a 10-15 sec delay, and sometimes losing Internet connectivity, ... though rare in the city can and will probably happen to you sometime, it’s rare. Get rid of the set top box and invest in a high broadband Internet connection and Roku. FIOS, Optimum , I.e and offers a thousand of additional paid and free channel options Subscription costs app but like broadcast - cable someone needs to pony up. For a New Yorker, Spectrum News is great for local news in real time. Part of the reason I’m still on Spectrum, but my days are counted. The key is having a high speed Internet connection for a streaming experience. And if you rather 100 channels instead of 1000 the choice is yours. Unfortunately in my current financial situation I need the essential for less...
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1 year ago, asfhtvbyr
Tired of being tired
Well I tried to watch app last night it still looked like I was watching stuff that was on the night before. I’m a trucker that has apple devices with everything I can have on my devices as far as speed but every time I’m on my spectrum app I seem to get buffering, black screen w/ voice or just nothing at all picture comes up and just freeze up no sound or anything I pay for this service and can’t even get all my channels as I do while I’m at home. Yes it is nice to get while I’m at home but I’m a truck driver and I’m not always at home if I was there I wouldn’t be able to pay my spectrum bill to watch anything. So figure out a way we can get better service or quality of product for what we pay for!!!!!!! (And if we could get our sports on app like at home would be great) wish I could get all my channels like at home!
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5 years ago, Spectrumliedtous
Spectrum Lies
Trying to find a television service we could use when camping and traveling. Spectrum told us we could login to our spectrum account anywhere and watch all our shows, Through cell phone data or other Wi-Fi networks. This was a big lie. Half the channels say you have to be logged into your HOME spectrum Internet in order to access the channels we are paying for. On other Internet providers you have to download the individual apps like an app for Fox, and app for the Food Network etc. and some of the channels that we are paying to watch at home like the golf channel doesn’t have an app. So we’re paying for a lot of channels that we can’t watch unless we’re at home. And for CBS now they have CBS total access App, which is an additional charge even though we’re paying for CBS through spectrum! With DISH you’re able to Log into your DISH account through the dish anywhere app and watch not only live TV but every channel you pay for. And the hopper is an awesome piece of recording equipment. However all these providers are getting too expensive and we too are hoping to cut the cord and go a different route. There needs to be more Internet providers available, spectrum is becoming a huge monster.
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2 years ago, mishi782
2.5 Great for my phone and tablet horrible on Apple TV
I finally decided to make a review because for months now I cannot rely on it to play on my Apple TV and it sometimes gets mixed up and plays two different things like some thing on live TV and then when I’m playing something on on-demand it plays that. and not only that 90% of the time it never works and it takes forever to load even live TV it doesn’t even play that sometimes and I’m always like prepared to have to find another alternative because I already know that on demand is going to malfunction. This is getting ridiculous fix this please! And Also I just noticed somebody else made a review two years ago and they had the same problem what is wrong with you guys it’s been two years and you haven’t fix this you guys are pretty well-funded I would think you guys should fund the tech department a lil more bc it’s obvious thats it’s been neglected for some time and its shows. I mean cmon two years its been happenin. You need to fix this problem immediately how embarrassing two years!!
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3 years ago, Mo Freeapps
Would be great, if it worked
This app would be a wonderful perk of being a Spectrum Cable customer, if it worked well. SOMETIMES things go as they should, and it’s great being able to watch live tv & on demand programming while away from home. More often than not though many of the channels have audio but no video. It’s very frustrating, as even after trying all of their troubleshooting tips and downloading several updates that claim to fix the problem, it remains. Just today I tried watching 8 different channels and all 8 had no video. Worse still is that even if I try to ‘watch’ radio-style (just listening to the program,) my iPhone thinks there is no activity and shuts off after a couple minutes. Adding to the frustration is that many times the commercials play just fine, but when the program resumes the video cuts out. Sure, this is a nice extra that many cable providers do not offer. But Spectrum advertises this app CONSTANTLY as part of its services, while seemingly not caring enough to fix this major problem.
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8 months ago, Cdorschel
Preferred the previous version with the larger live channel window
No issues using the app per se, however the latest update has changes that make it a bit more cumbersome. Previously, the channel guide was on the left in a smaller window while the live channel was a larger window on the right. This allowed for easier browsing of other programs while watching a larger window of the current channel. Now, the live window is much smaller in the upper left hand corner while the channel guide takes up much of the screen. It’s cumbersome and unnecessary; I preferred to watch a program while occasionally looking through live channels in a smaller side window in case a program I may want to watch is on without losing focus on what I am currently watching. In short, swapping the channel guide with the live view of the selected channel now takes up ~80% of the display, wasting it with unnecessarily larger channel views and a smaller live window. Spectrum should allow users the option between the two: the new layout or the previous one.
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2 weeks ago, BrooklynLife
This cable service provider presents myriad of issues that will have you running within a year to another provider. Let’s start with the glitches volume completely drops with no explanation. You have to change the channel then change it back to the channel you was watching to get the volume back. The Internet is atrociously horrible you will experience outages when they’re not even having outages. You expect spectrum to provide the service you pay for but they don’t. We went an entire week without Internet after the guy showed up to replace the modem. It lasted three days before going out again. I swear you can’t make this stuff up. We communicated with their customer care which you can only text with them. The guy told my wife the issue wasn’t worth escalating. when we been setting days without Internet, and my wife requires it for her meeting calls. This company, man. Needless to say DIRECTV is the way to go.. will be switchin over at the end of the month cannot wait!! When I tell you, this has been the worst cable experience I have ever had. That is an understatement spectrum is horrible doesn’t even say enough.
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8 months ago, Lyzena
Newest update improved a great app after glitchy start
Another update: I DO want my old version back! After using for a while…I hate having “recents” show just the station and not the photo associated with the actual show on that station. I don’t always remember the channel, just the program. Switching between two recents…I can’t easily find the previous one. We are in our 80s and watch TV a lot on this app. The new update makes it much less convenient. I see no advantages and many disadvantages. Is there any way to get back to the previous version? Update: new filter feature started working after a glitchy start. Now a good experience. Occasionally have trouble switching from favorites to recent to all but overall positive upgrade. First use of update: The iPad experience had been terrific. I watched tv in split screen to catch up on FB and mail. New filter will not keep recents and I have to go to favorites to pick a new channel. I WANT MY OLD APP BACK! The iPad experience was our favorite part of Spectrum.
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2 years ago, Harleygrl82
Ever since downloading the app I have had nothing but problems and of course the customer service reps here at our local Spectrum stores have no clue about the apps, therefore, they can’t help with the problems. Every time I try to watch something it freezes. The show I’m trying to watch will start, play about a minute to two and then will do that buffering thing, sometimes it will continue then buffer again, it’ll do this a couple times til I just get fed up and try another show and it does it again then I just shut off completely. Also, sometimes when I choose a show to watch it will have a black screen, so I exit out, try another or the same one and it will start like normal only about 10 minutes in and then it will do the buffering thing. Last thing, how come episodes/series are missing? Why aren’t all the episodes/series available with the app? For instance, there are tv shows that play on lifetime that originally aired on TNT, but the shows are on neither site? I really don’t get it. I would really appreciate help with fixing the app!
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12 months ago, Me llano
Inefficient/Inadequate Developer Responses
Developers/App Admin: Please include a working solution link reviewers can click that will connect them directly with the “solution” when addressing a problem described in a review. It would be far more helpful and effective for the inquirer than redirecting the reviewer to go to yet another site at some lengthy URL you’ve provided. Making the reviewer’s quest searching for a solution or remedy to one’s problem is made more tedious, time consuming and frustrating by the added task of manually entering your provided URL into another still search—which can neither be copied/pasted nor connect directly to your ‘recommended’ solution. In my case, the provider is SPECTRUM. Come on…start providing real answers to legitimate complaints. No one wants to read how sorry the ‘Developer’ is to read about the reviewer’s difficult situation…blah, blah…mo’ blah…and then proceed to direct them to yet another site, to “learn more”. This isn’t complicated technology which Spectrum by the way is supposed to be a leading Internet/data service provider. Seriously?? I’m tired of paying the for poor quality and to get only lip service.
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1 year ago, Buttonsandbeau
Spectrum TV on my iPhone!
I didn’t realize I could watch so many channels, and listen to the music channels on my iPhone. I’m in seventh heaven. I can’t believe it and it’s free? I sure hope so. I’m running out of money life is so expensive, I’m 78 years old and I’m running out of money. Thank God for your music channels that’s what I’m all about the music! And Fox news! That’s all I care about. Anything else of course is a plus!! Thank you very much! I can’t watch any other TV channels because I can’t stand the commercials! Even if I try to change the channel to get away from the commercial, I go to another channel and there’s a commercial so they all come on at the same time. It drives me crazy!!! I do have your music channels on all day which I like I have so much to pick from. And of course my kitty cats love the music to. They now sleep in the living room where the TV is. I play soft, soothing music for them. They love it. Especially when I go away, they can listen to the music. That’s very important to me. I love SPECTRUM, I hope you never change. Especially the cost… please😃 My only income is Social Security plus I get food stamps… i’m not the only senior citizen that is suffering because of the cost of living and inflation. Thank you for tv channels on my IPhone.. I am very grateful and so happy about it. DeeAnn Tokar. Painesville TWP, Ohio
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4 years ago, Lynn Simon2
Great app!
Many small things struck me, as well as, large things. First off, I appreciate not being immediately “approached” for a review until after I had used the app and, also, that the “request” came at the end of my using the app; not first-thing upon initiating the app. As for the larger things, I am very happy with my Spectrum app! It’s content is always up to date and can find what I’m looking for approximately 95% of the time! And, there’s always something new to watch when exploring “on demand”-movies, shows, etc. The only occasional problems I’ve experienced are periodic buffering and the rare case that I can’t find what I’m looking for. However, I/you can’t always expect there to be everything to be there! I absolutely love this app as it is consistent a great majority of the time! I also love that I can still watch shows while doing other things, as the Spectrum app appears in any corner you wish to put it in! Keep up the good work, Spectrum!! As it always keeps shows up to date while it fixes all the “bugs” it comes across, one of which, is to keep track of the shows I’ve watched with a checkmark. Keep up the good work! This app has been so beneficial to others, like me, that are extremely sick. I can always watch shows on the app on my iPad, whether it be in the bedroom or the hospital. Thank you!!!
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9 months ago, RLGCTR
Why did you mess with the format? Once again, another update that screwed up a really good app. Spectrum was fine and now you can’t maximize the screen on the iPad . We have to view everything in a small square box rather than a large full screen. Every time you scroll through the recent channels, it puts them all back in order rather than leaving them in the order you last viewed them. You cannot just click on the recent channels screen to remove the recent channels. Now, you have to open a new screen, then another screen just to remove the recent channels. What’s wrong with Spectrum? You took a perfectly good app and fudged it all up and it is not very user-friendly anymore. Plus, give us the ability to remove one recent channel at a time so we can remove the channels we don’t want rather than all of them at once. Stop making changes just to make changes. Whomever decided this update was good needs to either go back to the drawing board, or better yet, just go back to the old format!
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3 months ago, pattii
Format change awhile ago is terrible
I’ve tried to like the format change, have given myself ample time to like it, but I really find it frustrating. I hate that as soon as I open the app it immediately starts playing live TV, sound and all, which I didn’t want or need to hear. I miss the horizontal full screen list format where you could not only see what’s on, and scroll what ‘s up later, you could scroll backward to see what you had missed that day or farther back. I find myself frequently returning to using the TV Guide app now when I had preferred Spectrum’s app. I preferred Spectrum because they listed only the channels I am paying for, no clutter, besides the other features like show details if you tapped on a show. At that point if I wanted to start live play of a channel it’s my choice to click and start it. UPDATE 3/4/24: Now all of a sudden I can not play the TV channels I pay for on my mobile devices, even at home on Wi-Fi. Very few play, but a few weeks ago ALL played that I paid for. What’s going on?
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4 years ago, fudndifksjakcyd
App update is almost unusable
We use the Spectrum app to view content from a Samsung TV. The latest app update made the experience go from bad to worse! Navigation through the app is nonsensical, takes way too long to open up to view content, and lacks instructions (not intuitive at all). If one presses the “wrong” button, you need to renavigate back through multiple menus...and just guessing at what might work. For instance, why would the “Return” button be used to get to the main menu?! Can’t find a way to change the “Favorites” channels, but why even bother now that it takes multiple buttons to get to your list of favorites! My older parents need familiarity with the process, yet Spectrum keeps changing the rules. Technology is supposed to make life easier...not more frustrating. But give Spectrum another few months, and they’ll find a way to make it even more frustrating (as prices go up!). Now I have add another issue: just trying to submit this review, and I’ve tried a dozen different nicknames, but all are taken!! Can’t I just submit it without adding to my frustration??!!
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3 years ago, eviemyPat
Lower your prices
Your service is okay. You just charge too much money for the average person. Pretty soon I will have to stop your service. Only the rich can afford. I would think with this pandemic, you would lower your prices. There is so much misery in this world right now. Especially for children and we live in the twenty first century, with a President that really doesn’t care and has shown us in every possible way. Right now my neighbors have COVID and it’s scary. Like I said, your service is for Rich people like the President and others, that simply don’t care. What gets me is there is snow on the ground, no money to keep warm. I pray that something will come through soon and these kids will not have to suffer. You could lower your prices because of the pandemic. Your company does fine because the rich keep you afloat.
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5 years ago, iMikeCarl
Good when it works, support is poor when it doesn't
I stream the spectrum tv app on a 5G system on an iPad 4 in the Pomona, CA area. When the app works, I would rate the experience a 5 out of 10 because it continually freezes or won't connect. Brought this up with their support group and they run you through the usual stuff (reset the modem, reset the router, etc.) and it never fixes the problem. A few times support suggested updating the app and there was no update to be found. If you're lucky enough to finally get an update after waiting for it to come out after a week or two (I've waited as long as a month), then the app seems to work for a while, then the problems start again. It's a vicious cycle that spectrum seems to enjoy putting us through. It's about time to cut the cable. Of course if spectrum would take notice of their promise, which is "tv on all your devices," and fix the problems on devices other than the tv, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this review. By the way spectrum, the app is saying to update to the latest version, but there isn't any update in the app store.... again!
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4 years ago, aDoY72
Why change what works?!
I understand bugs and things have gotten better....BUT, The app was fine until someone decided the change how the guide is used. It’s on the right hand side of the screen and you “used to” swipe left and the mini guide would work. NOW you swipe right to get the mini menu on the “right to move out towards the left” then to get the whole guide you would swipe right and then swipe left! Before, you would simply swipe left for mini guide and swipe left again for full guide! Obviously going in the direction the way the guide pops out....also when watching movies and/or tv for hours ....the app and/or Apple TV itself asks “are you still there and watching” hit any button to verify and to keep watching! Simple before and now makes no sense for trying to navigate. Even other buttons are hidden and moved! How about add a pause for live tv?! (It’s streaming just like other apps and they pause) why not Spectrum?! Hopefully people complain and they change it back to the way it was .....which was fine!
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4 years ago, Sbean93
Problems with Roku
We have two different models of the Roku, a bottom line version and the upgraded model. Using the Spectrum app with the upgraded Roku is okay. When you want to switch channels or go to the guide it’s pretty responsive but doing that in the bottom line model of the Roku is awful!! If you ware watching TV and want to go to guild it takes about 10 seconds for it to switch to that screen. Then while scrolling through the channels it sometimes freezes so you have to select that channel, go back into the guide and continue scrolling. It seems that when Spectrum did an upgrade on the app it slowed down the speed on the Roku. Switch back to the previous version of the app, it seemed to work better and my husband and I liked the format of app better.
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3 years ago, 8thkid
Terrible app and service from Spectrum
I have this app on my Apple TV. I used to get all the channels I paid for. One day I noticed that some of my premium channels were missing. I called customer support and they told me that it was Apple‘s problem. I called Apple and they tell me it’s Spectrum’s app. By now I have spent hours on the phone with customer support regarding this issue. When I watch through my browser on my laptop I get all my channels. But there is no way to airplay from the computer to the Apple TV so there is no workaround. The iPad and iPhone apps have the same issue with not showing all the channels. I also wish this app gave you the ability to punch in the channel numbers that you want to watch versus having to scroll through the entire guide. Once you get to the end of your channels the guide doesn’t start over from the beginning, you have to backtrack and scroll to go backwards. You would think by now they would have these issues fixed. I’ve made the decision to dump Spectrum for a competitor even though they are more money
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4 years ago, TBS1218
This app has so many issues since July 2020
This app used to be pretty decent , but since July this year it’s always having issues, when I call in, they say they are doing maintenance , or they detected and issue and are working on it, I pay for the streaming app and rely on News 13 for my local news, it’s now Nov 26, 9: 15 am and more issues have evolved since an update to the system last week one night at midnight and the next few days later at 10:00 pm and that was exactly last Wed., you can’t get a person on the phone and even if so there is nothing they can do to help you, Spectrum isn’t as good as it was when it was BrightHouse, they actually increased my bill without notification this summer as well, at least Bright house used to notify you before it happened, I’m not sure I will continue with this company and feel sorry for the new phone customers who loose service when they do there updates, internet, cable, streaming app and phones go down when this happens with no notification an update will take place and services will not be working .
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4 years ago, ShearKarma
Not able to connect with tv
I never write app reviews but I feel compelled to express also what other people are reviewing recently. For every company trying “new and approved” strategies, they need customer feedback to make adjustments to better their product for further customer satisfaction. Your customers are not happy right now with the service. I’ve been using your app for 6 months now. I loved the live tv option! I’ve had no problem syncing it to my Apple TV until this week. I did every kind of trouble shooting but realized that your app is the only one that won’t connect. If you want to compete with the other many streaming app companies, you need a working compatible app for streaming with the flexibility of everyone’s device or version. If you don’t fix these bugs in a timely manner people will cancel and the company will loose revenue. I hope you take these recent reviews under strong advisement to make these corrections because if it wasn’t for us customers the company couldn’t thrive. Thank you
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2 years ago, jane/tom1432
Once you sign up so hard to cancel
I have noticed a shady side of spectrum as a company in general. Their biggest problem is their customer service and how it is set up. If you want to add service you will get a live agent to help you right away or you can just use the app to add the service you want instantly. When you want to cancel or reduce service it becomes a nightmare because you have to call in. You will first get a live agent to verify your account within 5 mins but they cant do anything for you. At that point they will have to transfer you to a different department. The wait time for the transfer from my experience was 30 mins to an hour. I have went theu this process 3 times with them. One time i waited 40 mins and was automatically hung up by them. Its a customer service structure ONLY for adding or new customers. Do not get caught up in their free trial period. Its arm and a leg to cancel or reduce service. Changing all my accounts to verizon(i have business and home wifi service with spectrum) Also their wifi is horrendous
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3 years ago, Don Randy Q
App used to be great
This app used to be great. All of a sudden I cannot change the channels to the tv/receiver using the App. I was able to select which Receiver I want to change the channel on, now the only option I get is Airplay. This feature was great because my mom is a senior with dementia and I was able to change the TV/receiver for her. After every update a great feature is taken away or screwed up. I call customer service which was great but they could not figure out why this was happening. One rep said something about iCloud. I called 3 times. The option is still available using a standard browser on your pc. Tried to login to my account using a browser on my phone instead of the app and could not because it would take me to a page to download the app. Spectrum Please do not send me a link to some site with an explanation because I’ve read most of the reviews with the same problem I’m having and none of the links Spectrum is posting helps resolve this problem. Please bring back this feature. Please.
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8 months ago, Jayhawks Rule!
Stop doing updates just for the sake of doing an update!! Your app USED TO be great. WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU TAKE OFF VOLUME CONTROL FROM THE SCREEN????!!!!! Being disabled, it was so much easier for me to raise or lower the volume with the volume control slider being on my iPad screen. Why oh why did you feel it would be a good idea to remove this very helpful feature???? Isn’t your goal to make your app easy to use?? Changes were not needed. As they say, IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT !!! Furthermore, you changed how we change channels. Now, smaller icons appear of your most recent channels, but the channel icons seem to jump around now so that my most recent channel is not second in the queue. They jump around. Also, it was easier to access the guide by having the options at the bottom of the screen. Most of all, PLEASE PUT THE VOLUME SLIDER BACK ON THE SCREEN….PLEASE !!!
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2 years ago, DottieNorth
App is enjoyable if you’re ready to watch NOW.
I sometimes want to watch my show on the iPad after the show’s start time. The app requires I not be late or I must miss the start and that does not always work for me. There is no way to restart or rewind the show. My library may have the show listed but I cannot go there to start it until a day later unless the show repeats later that day. They seem proud that they allow you to watch it again in one or two hours, when you could do that on regular TV if you want to wait. Another tv service I just left allowed you to watch your show from the beginning, rewind and even pause it. For the increase in price I surely expected Spectrum to at least offer that much, but unless I’m missing something, that’s not the case. We switched for sports that were not offered on the other service. Was it worth it? Not so far, jury is still out.
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5 years ago, JS 104
Ok. Lets start from the beginning. I would always use this app for when my family would hog the tv. And we only have one. So what I would do, is watch movies or Nickelodeon or Disney. And I loved it. And it’s great. Now, recently, a new musical episode came out and I decided to watch it on Nickelodeon. But for some reason, at the time, NICKELODEON WAS REMOVED FROM THE APP!!!! I mean, I know it was there because I would always watch Nickelodeon. What happens guys??? I mean, I love the app, and I still use it. But.... this was just ridiculous and bad luck for me. How, because years ago my parents removed Nickelodeon from cable. And now, we need to pay $200 for that simple channel? And they took out Nickelodeon from the Tv app!?!?!? Thing that frustrates me is that my parents took out the channel for free, and I have to pay to get it back......
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5 years ago, vaughnjoyce
The Apple TV app needs work, work, work!
When Directv Now launched, it took a bit of time for the app to run smoothly on the Apple TV. Subscribers suffered through commercial blackouts, swirly freezes and out-of-focus video. But to their credit, it’s become a good service — and with cloud recording to boot. As a former TimeWarner Cable subscriber, I became one of those DTV Now subscribers who patiently waited for TimeWarner/Spectrum to join Apple TV. Now that that has happened, I’m remembering that old saying: “be careful what you wish for...” The Spectrum Apple TV app takes too many seconds to load; the video loses focus from time to time, freezes and sometimes drops out altogether. I was patient with the DTV Now app because AT&T was new at this game. But Spectrum is not. It should not take a year to smooth out these problems. For now I’m holding onto my DTV Now subscription, but I will surely drop the Spectrum service if it does not perform better over the next 3 months.
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5 years ago, Maobfh
Old tech in a new world
Spectrum is all about the high tech entertainment that they bring to the table. However, the ability to stream media on all your devices and while you are away is really not that available they have the apps and a decent selection of On Demand videos. And if you don’t mind a reload or streaming pause after every 10th word, these features are here. However, while I am fairly patient about occasional streaming lags, I am usually pretty irritated after 5 minutes and 20 gaps during playback. I enjoy that about as much as I enjoy the occasional teenager or pseudo adult who says ‘I know ‘ to everything and really don’t know or do much of anything. If teenagers are poster children for abstinence, Spectrum On Demand and streaming media are the poster children for cutting the cable. How much memory does one device really need to watch an old cable news show or house build video. Whatever your chosen daily punishment, Spectrum really doesn’t have any program worth the irritation.
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8 months ago, Bluedobie33
Costs too much and app is not very good
The cost of this service keeps going up and the benefits go down. I don’t see any reduction in cost for the channels lost from Disney. App is always buffering on the tv but does fine on IPhone. Other things that are aggravating is when the app shuts down after so many hours on the same channel. They ask if you want to continue watching. Of course I want to continue, if I didn’t, I would turn the tv off! What is the purpose for them to do that? I’m sure it somehow has to do with them saving money. Another annoyance is when your app starts and they want to tell you about some stupid show we may want to watch. It causes me to hit the dismiss button just so I can move on. I hate when they force me to rate them. Are you enjoying Spectrum? Every single time I say no! If I want to give you feedback, I will do it just like I’m doing now. Yet again, there an outage and I can’t watch tv. I hate Spectrum. I need to get different Internet and just get rid of them!
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3 years ago, Angelrtrd1200
The TV 4K app...
Omg... EVERY time I click resume on a show title page on my tv I realize that it starts from the first episode of the last season of a new show I start even tho I am in the middle of the first season. And then consequently, after I realize it was the wrong episode that I had just started and changed to the correct episode in the first season, It plays that episode and then goes to the episode in the 5th season after the episode I resume ends. I really like that I can use my Apple TV for my cable instead of getting 2 boxes but WOW... who wants to have EVERY show with more than one season spoiled because they forgot and accidentally hit the resume button and watched half of the last season before they realized the whole thing is messed up and this random person in the show really isn’t supposed to be there yet because literally every single other streaming service has a functional resume button.
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4 years ago, CLovecat
Captioning Needs Work & Overall Improvements
I love how much selection there is for me to watch on this app—but I do think the overall interface is clunky. When you first download it and are signed in, there’s a definite learning curve in figuring out how to access the on-demand options vs. watching live TV. It’s not a smooth design when you have to Google it. The closed captioning is also TERRIBLE. Please, work on this! That’s actually why I came here, to write a review about the awful captioning. Words that shouldn’t be abbreviated are, many words are missing overall from the film/show and some lines of dialogue are simply skipped over, like they don’t matter. I am not hard of hearing, but I live with someone who is. They’re missing most of the action because the captioning is so bad. I would expect more, because as a rule, Charter itself has decent captions. I’d use the app more if the captions were fixed, and I watch TV constantly.
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9 months ago, HappyPhysicist
Refresh NOT So Refreshing
I’ve written three reviews for this app over the last several years. What’s funny is that the theme of every one has been about a horrible redesign. What’s astonishing is that they have a 4.7 average rating. I have to believe that’s due to them artificially pumping up their numbers. Perhaps people are unduly impressed that they can watch their cable TV via a streaming app? Not at all unusual or impressive these days! One thing which I think may work in their favor is a comparison of the app to the dinosaur cable box. I’ve been told gushingly by Spectrum for almost 10 years that I have their *best* box. Considering how much technology has changed in the past decade, that’s one of the saddest testaments to cable TV I’ve ever heard. So I suppose maybe a lot of people do look at this app with wonder and amazement. However, if this app is a true 4.7 out of 5, then their cable boxes must be a -5 out of 5. I realize I’ve gone way afield from reviewing the actual app. To that end, I must finish my condemnation by begging Spectrum to offer my area faster Internet. In another city, my mother also has Spectrum, but she pays less for three times the speed I can get in Dallas. They are exploiting the fact that AT&T is their only competition and they offer a pathetic 50 Mbps in my area. Believe it or not, this is near downtown Dallas and very near AT&T’s world headquarters. They are both equal opportunity exploiters.
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8 months ago, Bill Of Port Orange, Florida
Lousy voiceover compatibility
Though I like the app for its convenience to watch television in rooms that do not have cable hook up, I do not like the latest changes to the app in terms of the user interface. I am visually impaired, and I have other people that I know who are also visually impaired using iOS devices. Since the new change came to effect, it seems that it’s difficult to understand the buttons and how they actually work. Also, it is not easy to move from different channel groupings, like it used to be on the other previous version of the app. And other words, the other version had a scrollbar in which you could swipe up and move the channel listings up faster than you can with this latest update. It is still useful however, it is not as friendly as the original version. I hope this gets addressed in the next update.
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