Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

4.5 (20.8K)
279.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blub Blub Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

4.5 out of 5
20.8K Ratings
8 months ago, AliJane004
Was very Skeptical, but it really works!
I signed up for the trial 7 months ago. My kid wasn’t saying any words, not even mama or dada. At 20 months, my kid was not interested at all. My kid would not interact with the app in the slightest. So, I was going to cancel with the 7 day free trial being over. I know time is needed for results, but if my kid wouldn’t even look at the phone, then there was no point and I would try again after a few months. I didn’t cancel and kept it going. My kid eventually got interested in the air up and started playing. My kid is extremely independent though, so I wasn’t allowed to participate in anyway. My kid would run off of the phone, play the games alone. I know the key point was to participate with my kid, so my kid could see me repeating what the app would say and soon my kid would follow my actions. About a month ago, my kid started speaking out of nowhere. Started calling animals by name, saying the colors of the rainbow, the entire alphabet and numbers 1 - 9. I never sat down with my kid to teach him these things (aside from cat and dog) because my kid just had no interest in flash cards or books. My kid would push them away or tear them up. So, I know the app was the only way my kid knows all these words, letters and numbers. My kid does need to work on pronunciation for some things, like B vs D, but is doing fantastic! Now my kid cannot stop talking and is saying full sentences.
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3 years ago, Dub
Beware - Seems ok but too expensive for a family
The drills are excellent and my twins love it but I can't see spending $300 for this app in order for all 3 of my kids to take advantage of the content. UPDATED After working with tech support to determine if app sharing is enabled across devices, I was advised that yes, I could purchase a lifetime subscription that would cover all of our devices. After purchasing the initial download, I attempted to restore the purchases on another device, which did not work. I thought that maybe I had to buy it again in order to get it to register that I already owned it, but it charged me instead. So, I now have two lifetime subscriptions for a terrific app that I will only need for 2-3 years. The fact that I had to email app support 10 times and be told to go to apple for my refund only to be declined by apple is frustrating and shameful. The app really does an amazing job at engaging kids and keeping their attention but it's not worth $100 per device. If they were to fix this situation, I'd update my review with 5 stars.
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2 years ago, slj223
Great App but flaws
My daughter loves this app and gets so excited when the fish says Speech Blubs during start up. We started this around 16/17 months and it was way to early for my little one. We then revisited around 19 and saw she was able to begin to participate in the popping of bubbles and matching games. She also loved seeing the others kids and found she could tickle them lol. Now at little over 21 months I see major improvements. She love the new shapes game, abc game, and matching game. She repeats the letters, number, colors, and shapes. I have seen her vocabulary grow so much over a month! Not sure how much is related to the app or just developmental. But I do believe the app has helped. For some reason my little one will not repeat the words in the learning journey. Some problems I have….1. My daughter plays on my phone and an iPad but they don’t sync. It appears 2 separate profiles. 2. Every time we open the app prompted by a special deal to purchase. If I already purchased a subscription for the year I don’t know why I am getting this prompt. It is very problematic mastic for my daughter. 3. I don’t see her using this after the expiration of the subscription. It doesn’t update often enough with new games or current games that she likes. It also doesn’t provide individualized assessment even though I keep getting notifications saying there is one. With the app it should very easy to program metrics of strong and weak points.
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2 years ago, slbenck
My son absolutely loves this app! But…
This app is great! Love that other kids are used to voice the words- my son gets so excited about it! I believe it really has helped him learn. I recommend this app all the time! However, I do wish they add to it. He’s gone through each section over and over and I think he’d love to see new animals, shapes, numbers etc. ABCs would be a great addition too! Also- side note the cow snipet at the end (after they say cow and ask to repeat back or select which picture is a cow) is really creepy. He’s kinda scared of that one, and I don’t blame him! It says some cows get swept up in tornados and shows the cow getting picked up and blown away. Bizzare and kinda cruel thing to tell a kid when you could educate them that cows graze, are usually on a farm or basically anything else that is actually factual…. Lol Possibly consider changing that one. Otherwise we really do enjoy this app! Also think it may be more helpful if the app would say also “now you say” vs only saying “your turn” or “now you try”. Or when they guess the photos it would say “which one is a ____” vs only saying “now guess”. There is also a part in the rhyme section that shows a cat literally counting down going through all 9 lives by jumping off a bridge over and over. Then when you get to 9, it says “bye bye” to the cat insinuating it died. Definitely think you should reconsider that. Seems insensitive for ALOT of reasons. It’s a kids game!
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2 years ago, alex83939znekdk
Double charged
I downloaded the app to try the 7 week free trial to see if my son would like it and to try a different approach at learning to talk and interact. My son is about to be two years old and besides popping bubbles sometimes, he took no interest in it at all. I downloaded it on my phone and on an ipad. I created an account and logged into both devices with it. I tried it with him for maybe 3 days and he just ignored it, so decided to cancel before I got charged. In trying to do so, I accidentally ended up actually paying the yearly subscription. I requested a refund and to cancel the subscription with them, I ended up being refunded that amount and was told it was cancelled. A few days later I saw a charge for about the same amount on my bank account. Once I figured out it was this app, I contacted them to try to get a refund and cancel the subscription again. They told me since it was charged through Apple, that they wouldn't issue me a refund and that I had to contact Apple about it. I contacted Apple and explained what happened and they denied my request for a refund. I didn't know that I could get charged for each app download on different devices while using the same account. I had figured when I requested the first refund and cancellation, that my subscription would be cancelled. Unfortunately, now I'm stuck with an app that I didn't want and that won't even be used.
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2 years ago, DRock Nation
50% Off When You Cancel Trial
What a racket. I cancelled my 7 day free trial two days in. My daughter is delayed developmentally so I was excited to try this app with her to help her speak. My issue with the app is that it has to use the microphone to hear the child say the word. Well…if I’m saying the word to make her try to say it, it picks me up and acts like she’s done a great thing and moves on. There’s no back. There’s no repeat. There’s no review. Just “great, someone said dog. Let’s move on.” So I cancelled. Didn’t work for me. No hard feelings. My daughter brought me the spare “kids phone” to play the app. Now it pops up, saying I’ve cancelled my trial (true) and that there are 5 days left in my trial (also true) and they’d give me 50% off the annual price to stay. I don’t want to stay. I would have kept trying it for 5 days and possibly reconsidered **BUT** the 50% off screen takes over the game. There’s no getting it to go away. So there’s really not 5 days left. I’m stuck staring at the 50% off screen. Deleted. I’ve never written a review for an app but this is ridiculous. If I don’t want your app, let that be ok. Let’s go our separate ways. Don’t then hack the app so that it’s unusable for the trial period. I might have reconsidered after a few more days but not now. Plus knocking half off? How does that make others feel that paid full price? Lame. Very lame business practices.
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1 year ago, Can6632
Highly recommend
My son, who has a speech delay, has been learning so much and it has not even been a month since downloading this app. He’s learning new words and saying already learned words more frequently. I did some research about this app and discovered what to expect once we started this journey. I came across a statement saying I’d see improvement in my sons speech in one day to week. I laughed to myself and said “I doubt that.” I was blown away with the results and he only plays on it 30-45 min every other day with breaks in between playing time. Not only did he show improvement with his speech but became more interested in other learning materials. The only negative things I have to say is, I wish I found this app sooner and that my son gets mad when he reaches his screen time for the day and has to stop playing/learning. I rarely make reviews but had to go out of my way to share my thoughts. A big thank you to the developers, you rock.
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2 years ago, Ms. Snooze-a-lot
Deceptive practices
Cute enough app, I only got to use it twice. My 2 year old, speech delayed son liked it. I know it requires consistency to see results, so the jury is out as to whether this is a truly effective speech tool. I cancelled the free trial right away because I’m a busy mom and I didn’t want to forget to cancel it. I prefer to test it and sign up for the subscription, if I choose, on my own time. After I cancelled it, I went back to use it and there was an 50% offer screen—with absolutely no way to get past it without making the purchase! But I noticed it said my free trial will end in 3 days. I really wanted to give the app a good try to decide if I wanted to purchase it because I had been looking for an app like this, so I decided to just to agree, especially considering it was only $30 if I forgot. I expected that after the 3 remaining trial days, my subscription would renew at the 50% off price if I didn’t cancel before then. However, the annual subscription began immediately cancelling my free trial. Not happy about this, this is the only app I’ve used that blocks access if you cancel within the trial, isn’t that against apple’s policy?? And then is falsely tells you you’ll keep your remaining free trial days but you don’t.
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5 years ago, Sydne3Hi
On Point!!
We’ve had our daughter evaluated by a speech therapist, and she’s currently in speech therapy once a week. I stumbled across this app, and thought “there’s no way”. So I downloaded it. AND I paid for the $10/month subscription, because $10 isn’t much when you’re talking about your children’s development and speech progress, especially if they are falling behind. I decided to test the app, and my daughter. Because I already knew where she was struggling, and while I can’t say that my daughter learned 5 new words in 5 minutes, I can say that this app is VERY promising. I learned that my daughter has way more comprehensive skills than I knew within 17 minutes of using the app. Also, the “evaluation” questions (if answered HONESTLY) were spot on for my daughter. Other than the comprehensive part, but that was because I didn’t know. This is a great learning tool. It’s not a teacher, and doesn’t replace ACTUAL real life learning, but it does help. Also, I NEVER write reviews for Apps. But I couldn’t wait to write this one.
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2 years ago, Perfect for vacas
So glad I found this app!
I came across this app on Instagram from an ad. It looks like a lot of fun and what really caught my eye was that it’s a speech therapy app! 😍 my son has been in speech therapy for a few months now and outside of that I have been looking for anything that I possibly can to help increase his vocabulary. He is really enjoying this app so far. We’ve been using it every day for a week. He loves that there is a variety of things to do. He doesn’t quite understand the part where you’re supposed to repeat the word back yet, but I’m sure that with time and with me modeling he will get the hang of it. In the meantime, I’m sure that he is absorbing everything. He really loves the puzzles, find it games, pop the balloons, and taking selfies. And he really enjoys some of the silly sounds that the kids make in the app. He actually has repeated those back! So I guess you could say that that’s already a win!!! 🥳🤩👏🏼
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1 year ago, Jaylen's
Fun for kids, horrible customer service
My son used this app everyday for a year. His speech never improved, there is no way to help with articulation. It simply says the word and has some picture games. When I put him in speech therapy, his therapist agreed the app is good to introduce words and sounds, but doesn’t help with actually learning how to say it correctly. When I decided to cancel my subscription, they send me an email trying to convince me to stay for a cheaper rate, I declined. They are still trying to charge my card for a renewed subscription that I have cancelled, before the end of the current subscription. I can not get a response from their email after over a week of waiting and sending multiple different emails. Only reason I give it 2 stars, is because my son did like playing the games and actually using the app. It has a nice set up with the parental controls and profess tracking while also having the kids be able to navigate their way through the different games. It’s just not working for my family and I’m not getting an response for Corporate about the issues.
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3 years ago, kiddopookie
Definitely recommend!
Big improvement for our 2 1/2 year old son- he has a difficult speech impediment, and has been in speech therapy for a year. His therapists decided to boost him to twice a week appointments, and I downloaded this app because I wanted to really buckle down at home and help him. I took speech therapy all through elementary school, one of my daughters took speech for a year as a toddler, and is very articulate now. I’d love for him to be caught up before he begins school. He’s such a social little guy, we know he wants to express himself to his friends and neighbors better. We sit and use speech blubs together, and I noticed it really seemed to “click” for him that he needed to match his sounds to his thoughts. He’s still got a long ways to go, but we’ll keep using this app until we get there! Bonus, his older sisters really like taking the funny photos with him, and my teenager thinks some of the sound effects are hilarious.
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2 years ago, Jen30D
Great app! A couple small issues.
My one year old granddaughter has no known learning disabilities and I got this app for her to play on to help her learn to speak. She loves it. She will mimic the early sounds as the other child does it, she doesn’t know to wait her turn yet. I love the fun pictures we get! It does have a couple of annoyances. I don’t like that I paid for a year of the app but it still asks me if I want to purchase a year every time I open it and I have to exit out of that screen, I feel like this may be a glitch with my account. But more importantly, we don’t like that you can’t skip the little “fact” section between the speech and the picture. Some of them are kind of long and kids have pretty short attention spans. Plus, we are repeating the sounds and words over and over, but don’t want to watch these little skits over and over. A skip option would be greatly appreciated here. Overall, it is effective and she smiles as soon as she hears Speech Blubs.
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4 years ago, mememememememe1313me
My son hates this app
Took a chance on this app because of the good reviews . Really wish I hadn’t . I had to “subscribe for the year to get the free week trail “ Tried everyday with my son who is 2&1/2 to play these games to learn to talk. He was bored with in seconds . Was very annoyed with the kids on the screen . The only thing he liked was the popping of the balloons. Very upset I didn’t cancel in time . I cancelled the same day the trial was up. And now I’m 60 bucks down and have a useless app in my phone thanks for nothing. Maybe add different. Kids in the app. Not so close to their faces too. Show common foods that children eat . And not just making faces . Waste of money. Also I keep having to reload every video when I just installed the app.
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2 years ago, KristieLCG
Don’t be me! Read reviews FRIST before committing!
I would like to give 1 star, but the graphics person did a very cute job. This is completely useless for my twins. My son watches it like it’s a TV show and waits patiently for any action to begin. He only taps on the kid figures and home button, neither of which helps his speech at all. But eventually he walks away bored. Their ads, website, etc are incredibly confusing…on the ad I saw a girl who was ~1y, the site says 12m+, but the app says 4y+. So…?? Both twins tap on the wrong answers on purpose to get the app to make the funny sounds it does. Why am I paying for that?! The home button is HUGE, so my kids end up tapping on it while trying to tap on other buttons, balloons, etc. And like another reviewer said, the voice should say “now you say ____” instead of saying “now your turn”. Because my kids don’t get it. After listening daily for several weeks, they have yet to repeat a single word after anyone. And in real life they are saying 5-10 words regularly. I regret not cancelling before I was billed because now I’m stuck.
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1 year ago, BMF0905
Cute but locks up constantly
Update: emailed the email they told me to. Never got a response. Also now with this update it lags SO much, keeps popping up with a child disable lock, and some of the puzzles don’t lock in the correct place. For example, the pieces of the “A” fall apart to put back together and when my daughter does it, they don’t even align and it tells her she did it but it doesn’t even look like an A. This app isn’t cheap. Things need fixed. Removed a star until it’s fixed. My toddler loves this app. She is behind in her speech and she has really started responding to things, especially the animal sounds. But there’s a huge problem on her iPad. It constantly locks up. And when it does, there is no other fix but uninstalling and reinstalling and then it doesn’t save her profile so we have to start all over again. We’ve tried closing it completely, hard restarting the iPad, updating the app and nothing works. It stays stuck on the welcome screen with the fish. All the other apps on the iPad work so not sure what’s going on.
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5 years ago, Asiankatie
Not worth the money
If this app was less expensive, I’d consider keeping it, but at $10/mo and so many weird issues, I don’t think it’s worth it. I did some research and there are a lot of vague/gray area comments on this app being recommended by therapists but many speech pathologists have spoken out against these claims as this app was not created by or with one. Some of the kids pronunciation is off and the sound is quiet and uneven on several of the recordings compared to the others. Additionally, the fact that they use a computer generated voice for the the videos that give you facts is lazy. The section on feelings lazily uses emojis instead of kids faces for some and aren’t the most accurate. I think this app could use some more fine tuning from a technical stand point as well as implementation of having real backing from legitimate therapists. I realize most of these complaints I listed aren’t a huge deal but for an app you’re spending $10 per month for, I expected more. Apparently they had a prior app that was similar and was $6.99/flat fee. I might have done that.
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1 year ago, MadPins
Waste of money
After the raving reviews I read about this app I was so hopeful of it’s effectiveness in aiding my child & I with a fun speech therapy option. After purchasing the lifetime subscription to allow us to utilize it to its “fullest potential,” I find myself sorely disappointed after using it for the past month. To say that I am annoyed is an understatement. It is very limited in the variety that it offers, and we have already gone completely through the numbers and letters as well as the activities. When my child chooses the incorrect photo to go with the appropriate word, you would expect a bell, or some sort of dingdong noise to designate that the choice was incorrect, but instead there are fart noises. After the seal slurps down a soda, it farts. What my child has learned from this app is not a better understanding of speech or fun new words, but crude fart noises and now after finishing a drink, feigns to pass gas. The world is crude & classless enough without selling “educational apps” to expand upon it. How exactly is this educational or offering assistance with speech delay? DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
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4 years ago, biotaz14
Great App but Major Glich
The content of the app would get 5 stars but the glitch brings it down to two. My son, who was diagnosed with a speech delay, has been using this app for several months and loves it. I see him saying things that he heard on the app later in the day. The app itself is engaging for kids and has a nice variety of topics. Here’s where the problem is...if I don’t 100% monitor my son the entire time that he’s on the app...he’ll exit the app and play with other things on my phone or call people in my address book. I found the child lock option and thought that was a wonderful idea...well not so much. The child lock is supposed to prevent the child from exiting the app. Multiple times my phone froze while in child lock mode. And when I say froze...I mean I could not do anything. 8 hours later it would unlock on its own. Super frustrating and not to mention unsafe! What if I needed to use my phone for an emergency? I contacted Speech Blubs on almost every occasion that this happened and there has been no resolution.
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2 years ago, Q. Rose Review
It is helping my sons vocabulary but Different versions of the app on all devices and glitching
I purchased speech Blubs for my two year old with a speech delay. During the trial I downloaded it on my personal phone and he loved it. There was dancing, sound effects and he got soo excited when he heard speech Blubs and the giggle when the app opened. After the free trial I downloaded it on his tablet and my second phone and each device had a completely different version of the app from the next. The other two devices that he plays on has no dancing, sound effects or the speech Blubs announcement that he loves. I wish there was consistency among the apps with those things. My only other complaint is that there is constant glitching and it takes a long time to load. But I will say that the app is helping to increase my sons vocabulary and that I am very grateful for.
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2 years ago, Girl_on_fire2021
Great concept poor execution
It’s a great concept but it has poor execution! It’s skips around way too much! It spends maybe 30 seconds on each word before moving onto the next. There is no repetition. It passes him onto the next lesson even tho he hasn’t successfully completed the first. Then the volume issue! It’ll be a good volume then when it comes to the kids talking and trying to sound out the words for my baby. It goes so quite you can’t even hear what they’re saying! It’s also supposed to be compatible with other devices but I have downloaded and logged into other devices with the same account and not only is it structured totally different in between devices I also had to restart everything and it wouldn’t restore my sons account even tho I was using the same log in. Like I said it’s a great idea in general but it was definitely poorly executed.
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6 months ago, imaniCori
Child Lock
This app was amazing until we utilized the child lock mode. The screen automatically switched. You couldn’t see the characters while playing the game as the screen rotated in a way where nearly everything was cut off from view. When trying to fix it, the screen froze. It only allowed me to open the parent part to unlock child lock, however, due to the rotation issue, I couldn’t enter my birth year & ended up having to wait until my phone completely died in order to gain access to my phone again. I’m considering canceling my subscription & moving on to another app unless this issue gets resolved. Maybe the bugs in the app need to be fixed in order to not have the screen rotate then freeze, or something. Otherwise, great app. It’s a shame that my issue with the app is as the only reason why I’d cancel & walk away.
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5 years ago, Mama Nowka
Parents with non speech delay kids - STOP
This app should be intended for kids that are already diagnosed with something. Or for kids just to practice speech. The whole diagnosing thing in the beginning -saying what your kids has to me is silly, it should just say what the app will help them work on from the diagnosis, not breakdown your kids disability lol All the parents freaking out in the reviews thinking this app said their kid is behind makes me laugh, your pediatrician should be the one letting you know if there was anything wrong. But I do think it’s great practice. My son has a speech delay and really dislikes being told to repeat himself or practice sounds he tries to avoid it being the visual learner that he is, and this app helps give all the visuals while helping him practice.
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5 years ago, wjrges
The app locked up my phone and took over
I decided to download this app for my daughter and after the trial period I subscribed as a paying customer. It was good until one day everything went south! The app locked up my phone, the little boy kept repeating the word and then he stopped. My new iPhone xR was stuck on the app, there was no way to answer calls, no way to call out, no way to reset my phone. The app had taken my phone hostage and I had to wait 1 day before the app drained my battery to get control of my phone again. Not having access to my phone is also a safety issue especially because the app hijacked my phone. This app is a big no until they correct their programming issues! Reply to change review: NO IT FULLY HIJACKED MY PHONE, NO KEY WOULD RESPOND. I HAVE USED CHILD LOCK IN THE PAST AND ITS GREAT HOWEVER THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. NOTHING WOULD WORK WITHIN THE APP AT ALL AND I WAS LOCKED IN THE APP. IF THE APP WAS WORKING AND DIDN’T HIJACK MY PHONE THEN I COULD OF EXITED OUT. NOT THE CASE. TRY LISTENING INSTEAD OF RESPONDING. 1 STAR FOR HIJACKING MY PHONE and 0 STARS FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!
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2 years ago, Leesh Marie
I Really Wanted to Like This App
I started the 7 day free trial for my 2 year old, in hopes of trying something else to help boost her language development. The first two days she seemed to be enjoying the app and found it to be engaging. I do wish when they asked them to say the words, they told them which word to say, (for example, “now say: car!”) as opposed to just saying “now you’re turn!” I need to whisper which word she needs to say, otherwise she doesn’t understand what to do. And half the time it hears me and moves her along even though she hasn’t said it yet. But on only day three the app keeps crashing and closing automatically and we can’t do anything on it anymore without it closing out or freezing/locking out my whole iPad. So I had to cancel. I’m hoping I don’t still get charged the $59 like I’m seeing others mention in their reviews! Super bummed. I wanted to like this app!
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4 years ago, Wally Jimmy
Not worth the cost
Yes, canceling is tricky but that happens pretty much with every app that has a subscription. So that’s not a big deal even though I’m pretty sure I canceled before the week is up but I’ll get over $10. My son enjoyed it very much. However it kept giving us the same words over and over. You would think for the price it would have so many more words! There are so many animals out there, why would we have to keep doing the same 6 over and over (even the same one back to back zzzzzz)? I also disliked the “informational” videos after he choose the correct words. They are more appropriate for older kids, maybe 4 or 5. I don’t want my son to see a bird wearing a conductor hat or a horse trying on high heels. He needs to learn basic stuff before he gets confused by imaginative things. I would not recommend for children under 4.
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2 years ago, Wtfxarehs
Very useful tool in your journey to speech with a LO
It can be very hard to encourage a kid to speak when they feel like they can’t or won’t. This app is great. It uses other kids and fun facts to make it interactive. It’s designed to be done with the parent. My kid has a speech delay. This app has helped him immensely. My kid would refuse to repeat anything. I first noticed a difference after using this app...after the first use he started saying tata, and doing the siren. We use it all the time and he enjoys. It’s just another tool in your toolkit in your speech journey with delayed kiddos. I can see as he gets older it can be fun for him getting the sounds right. I can’t wait until they publish the Italian version of this. Please do it soon!!!
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5 years ago, BirdieB
Does it work
So far so good, today was the first day of actually using it, and we probably spent about 20 minutes, my son is for, and I found it hard to have him use it himself, it did help using “Guided Access” on on the iPhone, if you don’t know what it is you can Google it, it lets you lock out your phone so the child can’t go outside of the app. I could see how this will really help, I has reminders and stuff to remind you to do it each day, it recommends 20 minutes a day with my child, to me that probably is two or three sessions of 5, 7 or 10 minutes. I see it going well, the material is great, and I’m sure he will improve way faster than if I was to just find things or free apps
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1 year ago, Kammyjines23
Would be 4 star but…
I am so frustrated! I signed up for this app and paid the yearly subscription fee (not monthly) and after about a month of use the app will not work anymore. It continuously says loading it’s doing it on my phone and on my child’s tablet so I know that it’s not a problem with my device or Wi-Fi because I’ve tried it on others Wi-Fi as well. I reached out to them via email because they have no other way to contact them and they have yet to respond, it’s so frustrating to me that they can take their money right away but they won’t provide you with service right away. I told him that I either want my money back or I want the problem fixed and all the weeks that I’ve missed added to my subscription expiration. I have tried everything. Uninstalling, and reinstalling on both devices updating both of my devices and doing factory resets on them. This is 100% on their side.
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6 years ago, Tarahbelle2
Not for us
Maybe I am not using it right, but I don’t think this is for us at least. My son is in speech therapy with an articulation disorder. I was hoping this app could be used to reinforce the sounds he is working on. Like if we worked on F sounds this week, between sessions, I could use this to work on F sounds and reinforce what he was learning. But it doesn’t give me any option to work on a particular sound or anything. So I’m not sure how to use it to help us. My son is five and he’s just working on specific sounds “F, G, Sh, S, and a few more I’m probably forgetting. The app also acted like he was making the correct sounds when he wasn’t. When he was repeating square, he was totally missing the S sound. Which is a sound we are working on. Yet it kept acting like he was getting it right. I also wasn’t sure if he was just supposed to sit and listen and then repeat. Or if he was supposed to speak along with the kids.
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2 years ago, KarClan
I was hopeful but it was a waste of money
When I saw ads for this app I was hopeful it would help broaden my two years vocabulary and encourage him to speak more. It’s done quite the opposite. After the week trial, we decided to purchase the subscription, it was a waste of money. My son just wants to play and skip over the speaking parts. There’s way too much going on around the app that it’s over stimulating. Having the characters jump, talk, etc when touched while instructions are being given is very distracting. My sons speech actually regressed in the two weeks I allowed him to play, which I was only allowing him to play the allotted time recommended. Also on top of speech regression he was acting out, trying to constantly snatch my phone to play on the app, not listening, throwing tantrums, all of which were out of his normal prior to the app. After me deleting the app from my phone he’s back to himself. It wasn’t for us.
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2 years ago, DNM18
Great app, minor bug
I love this app for my daughter, she loves the songs and animation! There’s only one reason I’m taking a star off and it’s somewhat minor but does detract from the UX. If you put the app in the child lock mode, and it freezes or the frames get stuck in a weird spot, you’re completely unable to exit the app or lock your phone because now you’ve child locked yourself into it. It’s happened 4 times now to us and each time I had to use my iPad to lock my phone and force quit the app using Find My iPhone. It works but what a pain that is to have to do multiple times. I’m not sure if there’s a solution, but wanted to point that out for developers and other users. Otherwise, great, fun, educational content!
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3 years ago, Enyovi
These people are thieves. I repeat, these people are thieves. Do not even try to do the free subscription. I tried the free 7days subscription to see if my kid will like but he didn’t. I tried to cancel it and they blocked any chance of that happening. There was no way of canceling it. Before I knew it, they changed me 59$ for 1 year 3 months ago and I have since been trying to cancel it but there’s no option to cancel this stupid subscription anywhere not even in the apple store. I have sent them several emails but they never respond. I will sue this company if they charge me again for the stupid app that I have never used. They put in the app how you can request a refund. I followed that direction but their app was NOT on the list of subscriptions which means I couldn’t request for the refund. Isn’t odd that their app is the only app that can’t be canceled out of all the apps I have on my phone?
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4 years ago, SpeechBlubLies
False advertisement
I’ve come across 5 different advertisements pertaining to “Speech Blubs” explaining how it will be free, or no cost to you. It’s the biggest lie they’re telling. I honestly hope parents read the reviews before actually attempting to download this app, thinking its free, only to find out you have to pay for a membership to even use the app. They’re falsely advertising that it’s free to use when in reality they demand money to use the app. It’s such a let down and disappointment. I’ve called the false advertisements on Facebook to the point where they’ve turned off the comments so that others don’t find out until they’ve downloaded it. Why turn of the comments if your ad is indeed costing these people money, while your stating it’s free. They’re pulling people in by stating it’s free when it’s the complete opposite. I’m sure I’m not the only one they’re trying to silence on social media.
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5 years ago, SarahGyo
I *never* review apps, this is my first review!
I promised I would write one after a week of using it, so here we are! My son is about 21 months old. He hasn’t spoken a word with purpose until about one week ago when we downloaded this app! He started speech therapy a few weeks back, but was still not attempting words. Once I downloaded this sucker, he started *trying*. He now says “mama” and “dada”, which is HUGE for him! I still can’t believe it. I call this the Lord’s work through this app and therapy, not kidding. He loves watching the kids and the videos with fun facts! He also thinks the filters are hilarious. I am just so ecstatic I can hear my child finally call me mama! 😭 Thank you, Speech Blubs!
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5 months ago, Hose/gokue
One major problem
The app is great I see my kids enjoying it and really learning from it. My one major problem though which I hope they fix is that you can lock the screen so that kids can only be on the app and not get out of it which is great. The problem is when for any reason the app fails or loses connection while it’s locked for kids not to get out of app, it will fail to reconnect no matter what you try. Furthermore, since the app was locked you can’t do anything but hope it reconnects, the device loses all battery, or force reset the iPad using a sequence of button pressing since the application will literally force it to be stuck on its try again screen. I hope they fix it so that when the try again has been done enough times that it just force closes the app or just unlocks itself so that you can just close the app.
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4 years ago, LCPicante
I feel scammed
It advertised 1 week free trial so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. My daughter didn’t care for most of the activities and the one she did kinda have interest in she quickly went through. I tried to end the trail because I knew a year of this would not work and I am not willing to pay $15 a month for an app that won’t get used that much. They have tried pulling the funds anyway for a year and every time I deactivated my “membership” it seems to not have happened when I go to check on it. I reached out to customer service and never heard back. I did deactivate it on my phone so they cannot pull more funds out but I never agreed to a year subscription. It made it sound like I could cancel whenever and get my money back if I continued but I cannot even get back what I lost when I tried to cancel the subscription before the trial ended. Buyer beware
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2 years ago, Brit approves this message
Great app with one BUT
My 2 year old son really enjoys this app! He likes the games and stories. Although we’ve been doing it for months, it hasn’t sparked any significant speech. My BUT for the app is that the goal is to play for 5 minutes each day. My son will be done with the app and it’ll send me a notification that he has “one more minute” for his goal. I checked my app usage and he was over 17 minutes. I thought maybe it’s the way he has to engage in games but this morning he clicked around for one minute and didn’t complete anything and when he put my phone down it said “come back for 4 minutes”. This made more sense but I don’t appreciate an app trying to bring my kid back for more screen time after nearly 20 minutes.
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3 years ago, Jessiclea03
Save your money
All the great reviews perplex me. I don’t care for this app and the only thing my toddler enjoys is drawing on the load screen. There are too many fart/poop/burp jokes and noises. The early animal sounds don’t always match. Curtain screen for chicken says cluck but then the word being said is bok. Several are like this. The song karaoke doesn’t match with the speed the kids are singing. There’s a lot of extra time of the kids being directed that should’ve been edited out. It’s also weird to me that there’s no context while the words are being said. During the colors the backgrounds match but the rest there’s a split second of the thing being said and that’s it. Every other game/book/app we’ve come across show the object and the word together so that they can have context. Not at all worth the $60.
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3 years ago, Lyssers123456
Great app overall but could use some tweaks
Overall my son really enjoys the app. There is enough interactive components like selfie filters and mini games to keep his attention. However there are a few improvements that could be made. There seems to be several duplicative words throughout the app. For example “egg” and “food” shows up multiple times in the food category. A bit more word diversity within the categories would be extremely beneficial. Also the videos that come after the words or sounds could use some improvement. I like that my sons character is in some of the videos, however some of them are just a bit awkward and silly.
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5 months ago, jcnana17
Speech Blubs
This has helped my grandson so much. He has been using this app for 3 years and it has helped him meet goals that we never thought he would reach. He was non verbal when we started and now has a vocabulary of 300 + words. He has seen a speech therapist since he was 3 and is now 6. He is autistic and it has helped him to understand emotions, identify objects, has learned how to say many words and relate them to object or people. He especially enjoys the little fellow with reddish blond hair he has watched him for 3 years. Please thank him for us and let him know what he is doing does make a difference to others.
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7 years ago, Manda55123
So far so good
Really enjoy this app and it is getting my 5 yr old to sit down with me. We had him in speech therapy for delayed speech and at home I just can't get him to sit down with me to practice talking. But this can get him to sit with me for 30 mins at a time. The only con his that sometimes he is more interested in what is going on with the silly things on the screen. I saw someone complain about the 9.99 a month but honestly if this gives results it's way more affordable than 300 a week for 1 hr of therapy. This I can practice multiple times a day every day where therapy is 2- 30 min sessions which is simply unaffordable to the average parent.
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4 years ago, whalebod
I did the free trial to see if this would help my son learn to expand his vocabulary. It was very apparent very quickly this was not helpful to him. I canceled the free trial and thought that was that only to find they charged me $60 for a whole year!!! This is a total scam. I would have been willing to try this again in the future but the way they handled this is totally sketchy and bad business 10/10 do not recommend. Hide your wallet and go somewhere else. Update. Still no response from scammers. They took my money and ran. Will not answer my emails. Anyone know how to report an app to Apple? Update: tried another email address and they didn’t even try to help. They just blew me off and refused to offer any solution. Seriously considering pursing legal action. You can not offer a free trial and then charge someone when they cancel before that trial period is even over. This is a scammy business with no customer service. Please for the love of everything so not give them a cent. Update: after several very delayed responses from their “customer service” saying they could not locate my account I brought my case straight to Apple. I highly recommend if you have been scammed by them in bringing this to their attention as well.
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5 years ago, Boyyakasha
Ehh this app is a hit or miss
Tried this app because my toddler isn’t fully talking yet so was curious if this may help. Well in my opinion I feel bad for the children making the mini video clips because it’s obvious they aren’t exactly happy or excited but nervous and on pressure . The video clips are literally 1-3 sec clips rewinded over and over again for a minute. Not worth the money but this is just my opinion. Did the quick analysis in the beginning and boooy are they wrong. They suggested that it may be a possible hearing problem and like any parent was overwhelmed and concerned. I called out my kid a few times and he responded instantly, so relieved that the app was wrong and realized how much of a joke this is. Most kids are very smart and everything comes in time, dont waste time or money on this app just love your kids as is and just do more activities together...literally ALL a child needs :)
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6 years ago, Joanii_08
Horrible update design
My son is 2 and a half and LOVED (past tense)this app. I kid you not he was talking and mimicking sounds in MINUTES. He loved the ease of access and it’s child user friendly interface. That all changed with this new update. Now he has to do what the update makes him do and he’s not interested. Also, wayyyy too many adult buttons on their practice page. He keeps clicking and getting frustrated when it takes him from the game. The first thing it forces him to practice are words, but he’s more successful with the sounds right now. We were working our way up to that. Overall, I’m so disappointed with the update that I am being forced to withdraw my subscription. Glad I didn’t sign up for the year yet. Such a bummer because he WAS being so successful with it. Why did they have to mess it all up?!
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7 months ago, wiccanwiccanwitch
Not autism or Deaf/HOH friendly
Considering the fact that language therapy is for delayed kids, I expected this to be a better app. The touch sensitivity is terrible. My kiddo just puts his whole hand on the screen because he knows if he leaves it there, he can zoom through the activities with no effort. From an occupational standpoint this isn’t helping him learn finger dexterity at all. On top of that, the language is weird. It’s almost like it’s not a native English speaker writing the audio scripts. As a mom to a hard of hearing, autistic kid, speech therapy apps like this are rarely made for kids who ACTUALLY have delays and this one is no different. It’s for atypical, normally developing children. There are no captions so he can’t even really word of association with the images. To be honest I guess for the price, I had high hopes. This is our second time trying speech Blubs in two years and we will be canceling again as nothing has improved. I know it seems mean but I’m being honest to help another parent who might be struggling thinking this app will be so much better than others out there. It’s not.
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4 years ago, SimplySega
Not compatible with older iPad
I absolutely loved this app until it stopped working on my son's iPad. He's almost 3 and for the longest time he wouldn't talk. He would grunt or scream and it became very frustrating. I came across this app on instagram. He was using it for about 2 months. He enjoyed copying the kids and sounds. He started using the words he was learning, being able to identify them as well. Honestly, it was a huge relief hearing him speak. He has an older model iPad and no longer updates but unfortunately I can't afford a new or used one. I have downloaded it to my iPhone but the screen is small and he seems to lose interest compared to the tablet. The subscription price wasn't bad either. Had to cancel due to my son no longer using app.
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4 years ago, cisquito
Great app, WORST customer support
While the app is great and an aid in helping our 2 year old speak more words, we ran into an issue that required us to contact support. The most unhelpful advice was given to us and when we reached out again, we were advised by a different person to follow the same steps that we stated did not work the first time around. Basically, after purchasing a year subscription and successfully signing into our account for 3-4 months on both our iPhone and Kindle, we can no longer access the app from multiple devices. Only the device that originally downloaded the app and purchased the subscription can access the account now. Each time I sign into our account from a different iPhone and kindle, we are asked to purchase another subscription.
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7 months ago, M.Pagan
Kason & Onni
My son Kason (3yrs) really does love this app. Since day one. It was easy for him to quickly catch on to the games and how to play. My princess Onni (2yrs) had the same reaction. It probably helps that she watched her brother enjoy the games and couldn’t wait her turn! We’re still working on getting them to repeat the words as they’re engaged. However Kason has been becoming very talkative. Not only repeating what he hears but engaging in conversations on his own . Not saying it’s all because of Speech Blubs but my wife and I both agree that Speech Blub is helping! And we will continue to use this app. Thanks Guys..
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2 years ago, Murwara
We LOVE this app. I have to admit - I was skeptical at first but I’m so glad we started using this. My 2 year old wasn’t talking at all. He had just a couple of animal sounds down but that was it. We started using Speech Blubs 5-10 minutes every day and within 1 month he has several new words. Now he can say multiple words —- bye, dad, apple, more, moon, no, mom, hat, ball, bowl, bottle, jump, bear, again, bread, and shake. Just in the last couple of days he’s starting to put basic sentences together. “I jump” and “bye, moon!” I can’t believe how much better he communicates since using this. And - bonus! - he absolutely LOVES playing on the app. He laughs with the videos of the kids, he tries to sing and dance with the songs, and he likes the cute filtered selfies at the end of the some of the lessons. It’s not very expensive each month (like $5 for a monthly subscription I think?). It’s 100% worth it. I attribute his all of his recent speech development to this brilliant app.
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