Speech Jammer

3.1 (611)
28.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dwight Dickinson
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speech Jammer

3.07 out of 5
611 Ratings
3 years ago, Amir Sneaky
Be careful
Now I did not use this app because well my phone died and I don’t feel like torturing myself with this app. Now people have almost passed out from this app. How? Idk but if a real doctor can tell me please tell me. I am not a doctor nor do I plan on becoming one but I really like medical things. Ty
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4 years ago, Samma mom
I almost passed out!
I think this is a great app if you want to actually hear your voice but I was like saying stuff for a few minutes and I started to feel like I wanted to pass out so if you wanna like hear yourself talk you should definitely download this app but don’t use it for too long because you might pass out
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4 years ago, chucken nougets
It works great the one star reviews are from before bugs were fixed it is a funny way to talk to your friends or family it might give you a little headache so don’t use it for longer than an hour at a time
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4 years ago, Haru_the_kitty
This app is pretty funny, and me and my friend were trying to say stuff, but after a few minutes I started feeling wierd like I was on happy gas, and like I was going to pass out. It may be just me, but if not, I advise not using this more than a few minutes.
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4 years ago, SleepyMedicalStudent
Simple but boring
All it does is have you hear your own speech in your headphones that's delayed from when you're speaking, so it could potentially mess up what you're saying. Hearing myself speak doesn't really affect me so it's just listening to me talking.
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4 years ago, Person1437383
Very fun
If aren’t careful, you’ll definitely mess up your words. But some people try really hard and think before they speak so it doesn’t work with them
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1 year ago, Brandon26
Intrusive ads
The speech jammer works pretty well. The tongue twisters are fun but tongue twisters are designed to be hard to read, so I'm not sure if it's that or to the speech jammer that frustrates me. The ads are a deal-breaker here, appearing while you're in the middle of a sentence.
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3 years ago, shortstitch
Pretty Good
Pretty Good App, worked well my whole family did it and it was pretty fun. The reason 4 stars instead of 5 is because there is a LOT of dating ads in the app that show pretty revealing photos.
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4 years ago, Squidney07
Needs a few changes
It’s fun, but I find it only works if it’s very loud. I think it would also be more fun if it repeated multiple times instead of just once. Adds can occasionally crash the app. The tongue twisters are easy too, maybe add a difficult setting and harder
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4 years ago, paquita moya
It’s ok
For some people it seems really hard, but for me it was actually pretty easy to talk, maybe I was doing it wrong? Idk, but I think it depends on the person. For me it wasn’t that fun but other than that the app is fine.
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4 years ago, sammy6363
Works fine
This app was a very fun experience. I had none of the troubles that are mentioned in all the other reviews.
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2 years ago, tycho 23
This game is ok, I mean it’s not very fun or funny and it kinda works on me but I sing songs by memory and it can’t mess me up.
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3 years ago, obaid am
Great app for me
I have stutter and this app works great for me to increase my fluency. I have one suggestion please develop this kind of app for Apple Watch too
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4 years ago, Fuzzy_Hotdog
Really fun app
I actual found this app to be really well done. It works with AirPods also, which is a bonus
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4 years ago, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE$$$$$
Fun but
The app is really fun but if u use it to much u feel like ur gonna pass out and sometimes it doesn’t make a sound idk if I’m using the app wrong or what
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4 years ago, sub to gdmichael
Be careful
It might just be me but after using it for like 10 minutes I felt really out of everything like I was dreaming and I started shaking and sluring my words uncontrollably. I used it for like an hour and literally can not stop shaking. I’m also very paranoid.
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4 years ago, Rachael Leigh Large
It didn’t work. I m disappointed
All I heard was my voice repeating itself for a short while. It was fairly easy to speak. I even recorded myself to go back if something interesting happened. I went back to check the footage and still nothing
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4 years ago, ic adm
It works
The game makes me stutter and take long pauses in between words
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4 years ago, ~Maya P.
Doesn’t make me stutter
I had my volume on max and I had earphones, but I could easily speak and didn’t get confused at all. I tried with a slow delay and with a longer one, but it doesn’t make a difference for me.
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4 years ago, kajdhcufu
This app is the funniest thing ever and I really had a good silly time using it
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4 years ago, Joeflinton
Maybe I’m just smarter than everyone else but it didn’t work on me at all it only repeats once which is pointless try the online website for voice jammer
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4 years ago, asherletlow
Won’t download
The app won’t download on my phone, is it because I’m in iOS beta
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3 years ago, Blair knows Best
Bad sound quality and doesn't work
Just don't install there are better ones out there
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4 years ago, jai_rainbow
As soon as I downloaded it I would press the green button like it asked and then it would immediately crash and it never worked ever.
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4 years ago, QUEENBUTIFUL2377
It’s hard
I don’t like when it repeats
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4 years ago, justjes01
If I could give zero stars I would
Every time I press the button to start the speech jam the app closes itself and repeats that process every time I press that button.
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4 years ago, CEO of Ratings
Every time I press the record button it closes the app needs to be fixed
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4 years ago, Unc_tarheels24
Fun to use for SHORT durations(1-2 minutes). After a while will make you feel like you’re going to pass out.
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9 years ago, ActionAmerica
Requires Wired headphones
C'mon! An audio app that requires those tacky, dangly wired headphones?! Gimmeabreak! When I finally managed to find the dangly wired headphones that came with my iPhone, the app worked pretty well. It was a lot of fun for a short time. However, since I don't carry around those tinny wired headphones, I can't share the experience with others, unless I plan it well in advance. I can't even borrow a friend's headphones, for a demonstration, since all of my friends also use high-end Bluetooth headsets. As a result of this MAJOR shortcoming for an audio app, I have demonstrated the app to only two people. That's why I said it was fun for a short time. If you have the dangly wires and don't mind carrying them around, then you might enjoy this app. In fact, even if you live on Bluetooth, but can find the original wired headset, it can be fun for a while. Just don't expect to be able to use it with your Jabra or Bluebuds Bluetooth headset. I would rate this app 5-stars, were it not for this major flaw for an audio app. Fun, but not worth the trouble of carrying around an additional piece of gear that is to be used only for this app.
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4 years ago, myster__01257
Does nothing
This app literally did nothing I was able to speak normal and after I started to feel light headed
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4 years ago, Blakensteak
Tell me I’m not the only one here form that tik tok 🤣
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4 years ago, caleb_74
App does nothing and caused an alert on my routers anti virus
My mcafee router blocked several connections from this app. Also nothing in it functioned.
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4 years ago, 👾📺🕹
It’s not working at all I put it up to max nothing
I am sad this does not work is it the way I move the thing??
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4 years ago, Pakman565656
Honestly it didn’t work
I kept talking and nothing happened. I talked normally.
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4 years ago, Ira Bliss
I got this just to see what it wa... Bad idea it was. Reading this review is better than will give you more pleasure than the app?
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4 years ago, Chickpea34
Don’t bother
It’s really boring after some time and it keeps crashing
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4 years ago, AjAkins
Doesn’t work at all
Turner delay up and down and volume way up. Super easy to talk! The app does not work well at all
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4 years ago, Jkg1972
It didn’t work
I tried a lot it didn’t work it’s a scam do not try it that’s why I put one star
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4 years ago, Mari Herrmann
Didn’t work
It didn’t record a video and didn’t mess my talking/recording
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3 years ago, Ifufucuvjjvjviicjcucjckvk
Don’t even work
Doesn't even work
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4 years ago, g4y for u
I think it sucked and it didn’t even make me stutter. I just can’t read. Just dont buy it (:
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4 years ago, AsiaAW
Didn’t really work for me. My speech didn’t do anythjng
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4 years ago, …;74&(8'djkandbdknd
It just doesn’t work
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4 years ago, Cookiez716
This is a super fun app:) !
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4 years ago, Mad 9 yr old
doesn’t work - for me.
this does not work at all for me, it just sounds like an echo.
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5 years ago, Lemon taffy
I’m too smart
After watching many YouTubers use this, I was excited to experience the same phenomenon! There is no song on the app, but I sang anyways. I found it makes me sing slower, which is not what I wanted! I did the tongue twisters, but these were even more boring because I was just reading it word from word. Only when I was sloppy and tried not to think at all did it make me annunciate less which was pretty funny. Maybe my headphones aren’t loud enough? They’re the ones that came with my iPhone 7, I feel like they should do the trick at full volume with my mouth on the mic. Mostly, I just ended up with a bunch of recording of me doing ridiculous tongue twisters, which isn’t what I wanted, but it’s still pretty funny lol. It is probably better when you do it with friends because your brain is more split when you know people are watching and reacting to you, so you’re probably more distracted. ****IF SPECIAL HEADPHONES are what’s required, this needs to be stated in the app description or at least when the app starts up.
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8 years ago, .monkey.
Does exactly what it says however...
All the ads make the app crash. It's free - therefore it comes with ads; I get it and accept it. But when the quality of the app goes down for a larger quantity of "possible" profit, then your ratings will drop also. With all the crashing, I find it useless to use for long periods. I have a ton of space available in my device, and always update, so it's not that. It's just the crappy ads that run every 30 seconds. After two minutes of having the app open, it crashes and saves an empty "recording" with no sound. I have other short recordings that do play sound and only because I stopped the recording before the app crashed. I recommend only recording 30secs max if you want it to stay around. Fun to use, just expect the crashes and lots of ads.
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11 years ago, Kermitwear
Your not super human. This app works
To everyone who says this didn't work on them, sorry but this works on every human brain, the effect is well documented and if it's not working your doing it wrong. You must turn your headphones on max this is uncomfortable but it stops you from hearing your own voice and correcting yourself, Also you must have a good mic. Mine is inline with the cord and works great. Play around with the delay to find what works best and I find making up a story as you go to be the funniest. All in all stop giving apps low ratings because you can't follow directions, hard work goes into these things.
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9 years ago, Jakobi Bryant
I loved this app, having such a great time. But I have a few ideas. I think you should create a link to social media websites so you can share it with friends. I also think you should make it so if enabled you can change the sound of your voice. And my last idea is kind of like a speaker phone. You can use this app without headphones. So I think you should be able to make it louder so your friends family or whoever your enjoying the app with can hear the echo. Not only that but you should make it so you can play your recordings through stereos or auxiliary devices! Sincerely~ jakobi
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11 years ago, Nuttyyyy
Okay app
This app is definitely fun to mess around with but I've read other reviews and I agree with the fact that the delay should be customizable so that others who react differently can also be affected. But this app has potential but as of now all it needs is a customizable delay and maybe even a way to record your voice or maybe a video.***UPDATE*** Just saw the description and it says that the new update will have a slider to change the delay so now the app is perfect. Can't wait to be able to change the delay but as u said earlier, a record option would be nice but not necessary.
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