Speech Synthesizer (Hawking)

2.4 (68)
20.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speech Synthesizer (Hawking)

2.44 out of 5
68 Ratings
7 years ago, SLP missjen
Doesn't sound like Hawking
The voice has a British accent. It doesn't sound like Stephen Hawking. I give two stars because the 'robot' voice actually articulates pretty clearly. And it's a free app. Tweak that accent, developers.
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6 years ago, Jrichter5781
For a “Hawking Edition” you would think it would sound at least close to him, but it doesn’t. First, It has a British accent which, although Dr. Hawking is from England, is incorrect because the computer program he used had an American accent. Second, the “robot sound” was completely wrong. It sounded like someone recorded the words and ran the voice through a program, which is not how Dr. Hawking’s sounded. My son was so disappointed. He wanted to actually sound like Dr. Hawking, who he was researching for school, for his famous person presentation. At least it was free.
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8 years ago, Glasses2014
Awesome job
I had to make a video for my science class and I thought it would be fun to have Stephan hawking talk through it, and this app really captures what I was looking for. Nice job. If it could sound a little bit more like him though, that would be great
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2 years ago, ahfheysbcbv
I like this app
I wish there was less delay when i click speak, in addition to the option to pay for no ads
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8 years ago, Dumb worthless
Great! Recommended
Ok first off great not many ads and works properly but if you could change how the voic sounds it be five stars so make a voice changer so you can change the voice but get the app its worth it
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7 years ago, Gloopin Boobus
Ads are a problem
I turn up my volume and then get a random ad and have some idiot form musicaly start lip sincing for me at full volume
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8 years ago, 8462936
Better than most that I found
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5 years ago, PincheFeo
Ducking Awesome!
This is no where near what I needed/wanted as a Stephen Hawking voice. But it is great. I’ve thoroughly annoyed my coworkers and friends with this app. LOVE IT!!!
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8 years ago, Iygiuygiuhgiuygiu
Please fix
When I saw the app I wanted it so I could play around with it and I saw that I needed wifi and I do have wifi but when I go in the app when I type then hit speak it says network error when I have perfect connection I really want to use the app
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2 years ago, neo7757
App has ads
App is good, but it has ads. I hate that. I’d rather have the option to pay for an ad free version.
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3 years ago, Wendysremix
Can’t paste text
Pasting text does nothing
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5 years ago, Pitfall super fan
Great app
Can you please ad a pro version so I can remove ads ?
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6 years ago, Chipper2211
Just a loading error out when trying to speak
The app doesn't work. No speech comes out when you tap speak. Just a "loading error".
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2 years ago, Bradford Yelp
It does sound a bit like Hawking, but not enough to be really entertaining.
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8 years ago, 
Not Stephen hawking's voice
But I have been looking for the voice used in this app so it's not that bad
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6 years ago, goltz20707
Maybe it needs updating for the latest version of iOS, I don’t know. It won’t speak a single word.
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8 years ago, dubjah
Not worth the money
I know it was free, but what a complete waste of time. This app fails to live up to its name. It sounds horrible, sounds nothing like Prof. Hawking. Don't waste your time.
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6 years ago, MistaMegaMike™
Plain and simple, doesn’t work.
Shows error message after hitting “speak”
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5 years ago, The_Blind_Bandit
Glad it was free... no updates in 2 years.. doesn’t sound like hawking at all
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7 years ago, MisterMagma
Good yet bad
This is not Prof. Hawking's voice but it is still fun to mess around with.
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7 years ago, Arondale
Let down
The UI is old school but the voice is not close enough.
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6 years ago, mr 1st Amendment
Not really Hawking
While sounding similar, it isn’t what is advertised
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5 years ago, ALPerez1977
This app was used on Logan Thirtyacre’s “SML Movie: Smart Jeffy!”
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6 years ago, Listen2meee
Does not sound like Hawkins
Not even close
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7 years ago, Poopsucksickle
Not steven hawking
Sounds nothing like steven hawkings robo voice, sounds like an off brand British version
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8 years ago, cyb3rB0B
Add IAA, AU, or Audiobus support!
This app would actually be useful if the developer added Inter-app audio, audio unit, general pasteboard, and or Audiobus support!!!
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6 years ago, Matthewybabbsy
Didn’t even work.
Don’t bother.
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7 years ago, Fonzeezee123
Scone Accent
Don't download. It's a computer voice with a British accent. Does not do Hawking justice.
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7 years ago, batreviewer
Bad, just bad
Sounds NOTHING like Professor Hawking. Even for free it's not worth it. Just bad.
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6 years ago, Kundun108
Glitchy and useless
The title of this review says it all.
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8 years ago, Jagman31
Does NOT sound like Hawking. It even has a British accent. Hawking doesnt.
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8 years ago, Walking dead lova
Piece of crap
Piece of crap sounds nothing like Stephen hawking
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6 years ago, TBarte
Hawking simulator? Yeah right!
Sounds nothing like Stephen Hawking.
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8 years ago, Sgaske
Sounds nothing like Stephen Hawking.
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6 years ago, Hhsjdgdhdvhdvdhdvd
Sounds nothing like him
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8 years ago, NoFitz97
Waste of time
Doesn't sound like him at all
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8 years ago, R!%€¥
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8 years ago, Spanknator
Price is right. Voice is wrong. Thumbs down.
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