Speed Tapping Game

3.2 (109)
114.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rise Up Labs
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speed Tapping Game

3.17 out of 5
109 Ratings
3 years ago, Megscott73
Fun, but glitches ruin the game.
I started plaing this hame on my phone and I realized I wanted a bigger screen, so I went to my iPad, and the timer goes way faster than normal on iPad. Please fix this asap. Also, sometimes the game crashes randomly.
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6 years ago, Butt face doo doo head
Every time I play the time goes way faster than normal. I think that’s stupid fix the app it doesn’t work right sometimes
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5 years ago, wisewhitedragon
30 second timer last 9 seasons
The timer last different times based on how many times you play and watch the ad. The first time it lasted 5 seconds(it’s always labeled 30) after a few adds it lasted 9 seconds. Stupid. If you download it watch the timer without hitting anything after start. Wow
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3 years ago, ygr dtdxrcmygubijuvtcj
This is a great
I would've given 100 stars
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3 years ago, tdsoares
I would pay to eliminate ads.
The app is great, but the ads are annoying.
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2 years ago, johnny sci
I love tapping against my family and I get like 2 thousand cuz I cheat
This game is amazing
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5 years ago, piano triller
Too many ads, incorrect timer
After each 30 second trial a 5 second ad is played. The 30 seconds are not in fact 30 seconds and count down much quicker.
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2 years ago, g-entry
Would not recommend this app
Worst app I have ever had. It would randomly crash and seconds are not right it says 30 secs but is only about 6 or 7.
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3 years ago, plabxu jend
I wish the button was bigger
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3 years ago, Locianderson
Amazing But
Really good but all you do I just tap that’s it so
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14 years ago, GET_A_LIFE
This game, despite the fact that it has no real memoric value is clever in its simplicity. You try to challenge your self and your friends and it becomes a sensation, if only for a while. You cant really rank this due to the fact that ir contains ni sybolic onus. It has no life, no pizzaz, nothing that helps you remember it. It just is.
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5 years ago, DanQZ
Literally braindead
For some reason the faster you tap, the more quickly the timer goes down. How did this bug make it into a live version of an app?
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4 years ago, Random__Human
Really bad
Too many adds and the 30 second timer is not 30 seconds is more like 10 or less
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2 years ago, ffgggdff
30 second timer lasts 3 seconds
This game would be fun but a glitch made the timer go very vast
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7 years ago, Nicole loves it
Great toy
Love it lets me get my energy out.
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6 years ago, Dragon091100
Just get bruh button
Does not work well every time i tap clock counts faster
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7 years ago, Rylan_roberts
Good game but to many glitchers
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3 years ago, Yessst
Cash grab
This is very low effort and way to many ads
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5 years ago, Logic9924
I honestly deleted this due to add spam
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5 years ago, tapnation101
timer speeds up
the thing about this is when you are taping really fast the timer speeds up i dont like this
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4 years ago, CeeWeeb
Trash game
The timer trash too
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2 years ago, i likenthis
Wowing good game yes yes
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3 years ago, add me on among us B1l
its nice
i clcik fast
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6 years ago, fixxx ur game
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5 years ago, Emilyinslc
Great app!
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14 years ago, Megan463
While the game is fun, Rise uP! Labs are entirely rude. I have downloaded three of their lite apps and while I am trying to use them, I am getting annoyed and harassed with messages to buy the full version! It is ridiculous. They should be lucky anybody is downloading their lite apps! They are obviously only in this business for the money and not to bring people enjoyment. Before starting a game, an ad came up saying that another game had been recently released and to get it temporarily for free. Thinking it was innocent, I got the game. When I went to play it, there was an ad for the very app I had gotten the limited time free game from. I was repulsed. Why can't these app producers just have some common courtesy?
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14 years ago, jeepdrummer
Think about it..
For one to achieve 3000, you would have to tap the button 100 times per second for 30 seconds... Clearly they are fake scores...
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13 years ago, Turtlel0va
Fun, but hard
@ the beginning it was really fun. So if ur looking to get this app, get it! The only thing negative about this app is I thought I was doing good , with a score of like 173 or something, so I looked @ the scores & there was like 3462 and I got very sad........:(
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14 years ago, DJ20092009
This game is so much fun. But how can I get a score like 700 in 30sec? I tried lots of time today but my high score is only 328. really addictive game and its forcing me to play & play to get that 700 score.
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10 years ago, Robz 14 58
Speed Tapping
It's amazing, the game gives u 30 sec to tap how fast u can and so far my high score is 842 it takes three fingers to tap on the line if u want to get a high score
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11 years ago, Smiilez(:
Ehhh .. Good ? [x
I tapped to 637... like that one guy said, if you love hurting your fingers, this app is for you! ;D I don't get how people get over 1,000 !!!!!!! Like seriously they only give you 30 seconds ! ._.
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14 years ago, kitty2358
This game is crazy and my fingers hurt now, also I look like I'm having a seizure when I play lol. It's really fun though.
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13 years ago, DarthPlanet97
Lol it's so fun! My hi score is 188 and my fingers hurt really bad . If you like hurting your fingers then this is the app for you. I'd say more but I'm gonna top my score!
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14 years ago, <3cheer10
It's is fun in the beggining and it register great but when u get to high numbers it doesn't register as well at all
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13 years ago, Jakeazoid
Wow, a little buggy?
This app crashed everytime I tried to press "Start" and It even restarted my iPod a few times. I have tried this on several different iPods, and the same thing happens, I think it should work out a "Few" kinks before they release it.
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14 years ago, Bobbin Muh Hayud
The 3000 taps ppl are on jailbroken ipods.. Allowing them to use their pc to control their ipods and they use an auto clicker... Thats bs good app though.
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14 years ago, Germanspeakingamerican
I think it is funny to see my friends' reactions when I get 300 in just 30 seconds
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13 years ago, Xxlil manxX
This is a really fun game...it makes u try seriously hard to get on top of the leaders board..u guys need to get this..
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14 years ago, SuperMAN150
This app crashes when I send my score! Fix it! But other than that it's an awsome game!
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14 years ago, Ishbufarfnarfinggarf
Simple yet addicting
Like the title says... I get consistent 380s... Fun thing to challenge your friends with...
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14 years ago, mstngmama
Fun but...
It's fun and addicting but it crashes after I submit my score every time  If you fix that itll be 
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14 years ago, Yung City CB
But how u get 3900 taps in 30 sec it makes no sense I only get 382, crazy!!!
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14 years ago, Djworst
This game is fun + addicting ... 30 sec I can hit 300 ..I think it takes 2 people to get to 700 ?
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13 years ago, zkvip
always wanted it!!
i always wanted this kind of app lke its there in FB!
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14 years ago, ginger_snap_3
Okay, my top score is only 277...how do these people get to 3000?!?! Good app, though...awesome way to pass time. :D
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13 years ago, Angelic Scars
Poor touch Doesn't register the taps perfectly
Sensitivity is bad. Other apps seem to register right. This one doesn't. Also didn't like the fake free ads that pop up. This is free but ad supported.
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14 years ago, j.e.r.e.m.y
Pretty fun
It's pretty fun but they need to take off the ridiculously high scores in the leaderboards.
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14 years ago, Ipodipodipodipodtouch2
This app is amazingly addictive and fun. Paintballers would b good at this game my highest is like 201 some of these guys and hitting 600 !!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
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14 years ago, Rastakid29
It's alright
It doesn't read every tap and if u can't get over 400 or 500 your a NOOB
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14 years ago, Whitey4236
It's ok
When I tap it really fast it doesn't register well at all.
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