Spelling Bee: English Words

4.7 (1.9K)
223.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spelling Bee: English Words

4.71 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Poshul
Cool App!
Learning and really fun 💕💕 Drawing with your finger is cool! Other apps use keyboards but this is much easy!! I study English some years, want to get better and this app really help me to widening my vocabulary and improve spelling mistakes with fun! And its also random knowledge check, cause you have different topics and statistic, so good to check yourself. I am on 10 Chapter now, and your should add meaning of the words and more difficalt words and levels! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, mcintosh18
Awesome app
I have trouble spelling. This app helps me a lot. I love how the app uses a pattern where you can move on until you have made progress in your spelling . That has helped me a lot. It is also fun to play, I could play it for hours. It’s the only game I have on my phone. It is very educational and it gets to know you and what level speller you are.
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3 years ago, nice animation app
Great app for education and fun!
I was bored so I decided to download this app for a joke, and then I realized that this app is so amazing 🤩!! This app will help you spell words, you can play spelling games and more! This app is like ur in school but it’s not boring! I really recommend pre schoolers to middle school kids to use this app! 5 stars amazing app I really recommend <3
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3 years ago, MJA1018
Exactly what I was looking for!
My first language is English and it’s quite embarrassing trying to communicate with people with my own language when they can’t understand stand me nor autocorrect can. This app will truly change my life around with my terrible ability to English.
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1 year ago, akjlo
Like it. Hate the price
My son needs this game to improve his skills, and I really like it. It’s designed well. I would definitely keep it if it weren’t nearly $40/month. I’d rather have a version with ads.
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1 year ago, VeryVeryV
Can’t Experience It W/O Them Shoving A Trial In My Face
Can’t even experience if I’d like it first without them forcing me to get into a trial then a ridiculously $8 a week. No different from most educational apps these days. I don’t trust putting my card into it even if I wanted to because most apps when you do and once trial ends, 50/50 chance you’ll still be charged if you try to cancel or make it hard for one to get out of subscription.
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4 years ago, Ioosisisooskenruidkre
Love it.
I love the new chapters, so cool that my kid can play more. Update: My kid can’t stop playing. I am so happy to have the app. The greatest advantage is it can be used for free, I think this is important for families. I’d live to have more tasks, and have an option to select which letter a kid had struggles with. Personally, I found out that I do not know how to spell some words, either😆 Need to correct that and practice more. Hope you will have an iPad version, soon. Even more fun. Thank you for making the quarantine better! ❤️
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4 years ago, Canta27
Challenge mode isn’t available for my region, and even if I use this for both of my girls to improve their spelling skills through the basic 700 words I’m unable to receive more energy points to level up. The only Ten levels were beat within 3 hours. Then you have the audacity to try to charge $10/week on a subscription? I hardly ever leave bad reviews because I tend to see part a lot of things, but that’s just ridiculous.
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3 years ago, namjoon🤠
pretty good (PLEASE READ)
i’ve only just started so it might get harder, but it’s pretty simple words and i’m 12 but i’m doing 13-17 so if you really want a challenge as an older kid look elsewhere, (at least in the beginning) though i think it’s worth mentioning that the little purple owl is so adorable and encouraging i love him! 😃🥺🥺
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4 years ago, #stargirl Fan
Not much to say besides this being an incredibly useful app for not only refining your spelling skills, but also for learning new words as well. Five stars all around.
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4 years ago, happy soooooo goooood
I like this game it is so fun and helps me with my spelling I am a 10 year old girl. One thing that I do not like about this game is that is says that the letter that I put in is wrong and I do not get that one but over all this is a amazing game and I would recommend this to all ages.
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4 years ago, Iryna_21
Can’t progress with your app
I’ve already got 7000 without any mistake, now I’m “genius” who needs 1100 points to get to the next level. But where can I get them? I’ve passed all of them, and spelling battle is not available on my region :/
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2 weeks ago, pumikng
Learning tools
Well informative and helpful, I see myself doing well with this app, so glad I found it!
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3 years ago, aj love323
Great app!!!
It’s awesome because it lets you pick your level and your speed and it has A ton categories and words he would like to learn! It helped me a lot! It’s a great app!!!
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3 years ago, 55500546
Good app easy learning
I’m teaching my 8 year old with this app and it’s really helping! She started progressing really quickly and loves the games.
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4 years ago, sheema1256
It’s so good
I really love it and it is so educational I wish that schools used it because they will learn a lot of word’s with it and it is fun so they will be excited when the play the game to learn
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4 years ago, NINIW0129
This game is so helpful
I was struggling in English class so the ad popped up for this game and I downloaded and I have been playing this helpful game ever since
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3 years ago, EjgAngels
Great potential but NO SOUND
My daughter and I were so excited to play this app and it appears to have great potential. Unfortunately, there is no sound. My daughter can not follow the game, answer the questions because she can not hear what they are asking. If you can please let us know how to fix that would be wonderful. She plays on an IPAD Pro 11”
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4 years ago, 123456789lonny987654321
Overall and educational and app
Overall A great app but they should let u adjust sound effect like the sound when u get an answer right. I don’t like the loud sound with headphones
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4 years ago, jill and lay lay
No problem
No problem I love it,it is one of the best games thank you for making this ,it is really good
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2 years ago, Mary Jane Manzano
It’s really good👍👍👍
I love it since you could you anything like anything for spelling
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3 years ago, this app is great for my kids
Nice app
My daughter struggles with spelling and I have been trying to find a good app for a long time she really likes it and she is getting very good
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3 years ago, Barbie Jemma
The best spelling app
I love to spell with this app and I’m in 4th grade and 9 years old and I love this app and way better than the other apps
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3 years ago, fghhcfjkhx
So fun 😀
So cool great for learning how to spell I have a learn how to spell about 100 words already you should definitely download it
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3 years ago, imacrazybish
I’m just doing this for no adds for 24 hours but it’s worth the download tbh and yes there are in app purchases 😬
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4 years ago, savegegirl2727
It excellent
It’s excellent because is a way to keep me entertainment and learning at the same time
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2 months ago, Player1095648943
Kids smarts
People shouldnt pay for kids to learn. Learning should be free either for the smartest or for the dumbest either it’s fair or it’s not, it should be fair for all kinds of kids, and you should use this app because with this app you are being dumb. To makers of the game.
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2 years ago, stanstatic
Spelling bee
I think the app helps challenge your brain
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3 years ago, ceceifhwvau
I love it helps me spell and read and I’m going in the second grade so I love it so much
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4 years ago, EliT2000
Such a good game
Theirs no problem and this has helping me learn new stuff and how to spell those too😂
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3 years ago, izandcedar
Love the encouragement
I love how encoriginging the apps are I’ve only had the app for a day don’t fully know how to spell yet
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3 years ago, review of tye app
Really good app!
This app teaches you how to spell in a very good way! If you have children then this app is amazing for them!
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4 years ago, _limelight4life
Not grade level
My sister and I downloaded this app so we could get some summer practice with spelling she is 10 and I’m 13 and we have the same lessons it is way to easy and they would make the grade levels different the hints are useless and some words where not even English
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2 years ago, Yaziti
Great app
I love this app because it helps with spelling I’m good at spelling but not that much thanks for helping me 🌸🙂
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4 years ago, piinkashh
I want my money back
I downloaded the app , & uninstalled it about day 4/5 . It was a free trial , & come to find out this charge that never had a name , has been trying to charge me for a months subscription. All because it's automatic, I emailed the company a week ago and no response.!!
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4 years ago, Xena 88
Great learning tool
My son had a hard time learning to write letters and this game helped
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2 years ago, AwSweetBabyAngle
7.99 a WEEK? Oof.
My jaw dropped when I saw the cost after the *three day* free trial. Thought we’d do the trial to see if it was worth it, but after a few minutes the app started crashing and we couldn’t get it to work.
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3 years ago, MoniAtlLove
Great app
I really like the app. Answers could be explained a little more or longer.
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5 years ago, nicolas00000000001
Really cool app
It's very useful app. Highly recommend for anyone , who wants to improve his english spelling and have fun. Merci!
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4 years ago, Ixfigu
Great App
This is a great application to better you vocabulary. Especially good for any age group.
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3 years ago, MommySbee
Lacks diverse images
Really well thought out app design. It just REALLY lacks ANY diversity. I understand not all people are into inclusivity but we’re in 2021. C’mon!!!
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4 years ago, iLandgirl670
Not only is this app useful for my children, but I love to use it as well. 😊
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8 months ago, Arrick the Bearded
I love spelling.
I thought there would be dinosaurs.
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4 years ago, Pinkgiirl89
Spelling bee
This is a great game especially for kids. Highly recommended
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4 years ago, Mighty mouse101
Easy gamer
This game is fun but it is a little to easy I am a 3 Grader and this game is so easy
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4 years ago, Spelling b God!
Highly recommended that you this app
Great app love it
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2 years ago, bwnsgr
Just for fun and to sharpen my skills
A lot of fun and helpful
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3 years ago, cutiefoxpie43
Hello, thank you for making this! This is all. Thank you. :)
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3 years ago, basicgamerboy
I would recommend this for people that have trouble spelling
I couldn’t spell to save my life before I got this app. After I got it I was able to spell MUCH better!! So if you have problems spelling get this app!!!
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Love it
Im learning very well thank you my fourth grade year will be awsome!
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