Spells List 5e

4.8 (3.2K)
28.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ilario Del sorbo
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Spells List 5e

4.82 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
5 years ago, That_Guy01
Great app for searching for spells
As of when I submitted this review, it only has PHB, DMG, XGtE, SCAG, and a little bit from GGtR. The only spell that I see missing is Detect Thoughts from GGtR but I understand why it might not be in the app since it’s not dedicated to a class. Overall I love this app because it makes finding spells super easy and you can have all your spells saved for a character so you can quickly pull it up and double check descriptions. The recent update allowed you to see subclass spell list (example being Domain spells) though I would like it if when you search class, it only shows spells from that class. For example, having only Druid spells selected, Haste will pop up, which is suppose to only be available to Grassland Druids. So if this is a bug, it needs to be fixed since filtering cleric will not show magic missile unless you select Arcana Domain as well. I love the description search because it can help you select spells based on what you want to do. You want fire, search fire and you should basically get any spell that deals fire damage or creates some form of fire. Search sunlight and you get the three spells that create sunlight.
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2 years ago, RatedCforCasual
Has every spell, just needs the backgrounds
I love this app! Basically any spell you’d like to search, it’s here. It also tells you which classes get access to it. You can create your own characters and add lists to them, prepare and check off slots that way. Five stars and really the only improvements I’d suggest are wishes. I wish that you could add backgrounds to a character so that spells would get added to their lists, especially the Strixhaven initiates. I know that I can manually add the spells that my Witherbloom student Learned, but it would be awesome if they were noted automatically. I wish that you could search conditions to specify ONLY that condition. for instance, spells with ONLY verbal components, or spells that ONLY rangers can learn etc. and I do wish it was a little bit more graphically interesting. Maybe some symbols for the school of magic it comes from or something like that. But otherwise this is a great five-star app and really don’t have any complaints. It works wonderfully!
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3 years ago, Theren Greywood
Best 5e spell app I’ve seen.
This is easily the best app I’ve found for keeping track of spells in 5e. It’s updated often, including when new spells are released in official books, it has so many filters for searching for the right kind of spells, and it’s even easy to add homebrew/3rd party publisher spells as well. Not to mention the fact that nearly all of its features are free, and the few extra features that require a purchase are cheap and only a one time payment. I’ve found it incredibly invaluable as a player, a DM, and a homebrew content creator. The only thing I wish it had at this point is a filter for just looking through spells that require a material component with a gp cost or is consumed by the spell, since that can’t be negated by a casting focus or pouch. But beyond this one little thing, this app is fantastic. I highly recommend it.
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10 months ago, abjaaksm
Doesn’t sync up across devices (still love it tho)
Disclaimer: I LOVE this app! If I just had one character, the free version would be more than adequate! I’ve been playing for 2 years now and just discovered this app. It’s completely changed my preparation for all of my active characters, of which there are many. It also makes creating one-shot characters so much easier and makes me feel like I’m paying a real person rather than the bottomless behemoth that is Wizards. Now for the issue: I paid for the lifetime version for a lot of reasons, but one of the main reasons is so that I could access all my characters’ spells on both my iPhone and my iPad. Not the BIGGEST deal, but it was a reason and I’m pretty sure it mentions that capability in the features of the lifetime purchase. I’ve tried updating both devices, deleting and reuploading the iPad’s version, nothing. If there’s some way to do it… I‘d be happier than a wizard given free spells.
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3 years ago, DyingAtheist
Absolutely perfect! From DM and a Player
I use this app HEAVILY both as a dm to quickly check spell details and as a player to search for spells in my levels and classes. The filter feature makes this extremely easy, and both me and my players have used the character part to keep track of spells known and cast. This is literally the very first thing I recommend to anyone who wants to play a magic class! Finally, and this is huge: it has ALL of D&D 5E spells, not just PhB! It even includes smaller books like the new Fizban's and the older Wildemount book. Simply put, this is the best D&D spells app I have ever used in every way. Sorry for almost fanboying on it-- I'm not trying to make the review sound suspicious, I've just been looking for a good spells app for a while and this literally could *not* be more perfect.
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5 years ago, The appendix lord
A perfect tool for DMs and players alike
I personally play a lot of magical characters. I bought all the spell cards but I often run out because I play more than character of a certain class. It takes time to find the spell in the PHB and its hard to keep track of prepared spells with cards. This app solves all of these problems! I can keep track of prepared spells and I don’t run out of spell cards. The one issue I had is when I purchased the infinite character “upgrade” (or whatever you call it) it didn’t go through. I tried it again and it gave me the popup saying I had already bought it and had a purchase again button. I pressed it and it worked. I don’t know whats up with that but it wasn’t a big problem and other than that the app is fantastic! I’d recommend it to anyone who has trouble keeping track of spells.
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5 years ago, LuciferVonButtcheese
Great app 👌👌👌
This is a great spellbook. You don't have to spend 10 minutes leafing through the book, and the descriptions of the spells are very accurate and helpful. Not to mention, I don't have to drop 50 bucks on all the other books just too see these spells. The fact that you can save characters to add spells to is nice, but I have a suggestion. It would be cool if you could automatically level up your character and the spell slots are automatic. Also metamagic and stuff like that. No problems! 10/10 I recommend this app for anyone who doesn't want to go to the trouble to write down spell descriptions on the back of their spellcasting sheet or even just memorize them. But honestly, respect to anyone who literally just memorizes their entire character sheet. Long review, oof.
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5 years ago, Hapitos
Great App + Change Request
This is a great app. Perfect to replace my old app that got discontinued. I however found a few bugs and have a change request: 1. The Elemental Evil spells as a source are redundant as they have been reprinted in Xanathar with many receiving an update to description, damage, class availability, etc. 2. Many spells also have been updated in the new PHB Errata, True Polymorph being permanent “until dispelled” and True Resurrection being able to reverse undeath are a few examples. 3. This brings me to a change request of being able to edit the official spells. Sometimes I have a need to tweak a spell to fit with my game or fix an error or update a spell to the new version. As of now, creating a custom spell with the same name as an official spell does not include it in the list. Furthermore, when I go to delete the custom version, the official version is also deleted.
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4 years ago, Styrixa
Excellent. Worth money!
This is excellent! I especially love the updates, search, and more. I also use the custom feature to add all sorts of abilities for easy reference. For example, I made a custom “spell” for my arcane trickster to add the text to Mage Hand Ledgermain. I also make “9th level spells” and use them to add in the text for various items and racial abilities to reference later, like the exact wording on a bag of holding. So my one major feature request would be to add “items” and abilities, or at least a custom field for these, so I don’t have to keep labeling them as-if 9th level spells. But as it is, it is totally worth a few bucks. Now all I need to bring to my games is my 1 page double sided paper character sheet and this app. Thanks!
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5 years ago, FerrumTetsue
Just a few steps to perfection
I love this app to death, it lets me spend ingame time actually playing the game rather than hunting through rulebooks and homebrew google docs for the spell I’m looking for. If there are a few things that could be changed, I would love to see the ability to add new classes. My group plays with an extended list of 17 classes as opposed to the standard 12 that 5th edition has. If I’m playing one of those, I have to have a physical spell list in front of me and hunt through docs and rulebooks. I also wish that you could search through custom books much like you can for the PHB and such. If these changes got made, it would make my life a whole ton easier. Thank you
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3 years ago, The_End_1o1
Love this app but is missing some spells
This app is super helpful for when I use spells I don’t normals use and for keeping up with spell slots. I’ve recommended it to some friends and I would strongly recommend it to anyone else. My only problem is that it is missing spell from (At this time) some of the newer releases like fizbans and strixhaven (The latter may have been released a couple days ago though) but over all there are over 500 spells in the app and each spell is from the book, the only addition being the book it is from, what classes and subclasses can use it, and if it is given through backgrounds
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5 years ago, mlettini
Great App, though buggy custom spells
This app is an indispensable tool for me when I’m playing with my friends. Being able to create my character and look up my spells quickly is super helpful. I’ve also used it often to double-check rules as written and spells for others at the table if they need it. Highly recommended. UPDATE 25 Apr 2019: The issue I experienced below is all fixed in latest update! Updated review to 5 stars. BELOW IS OUTDATED: I’m writing this review though because a new bug was recently introduced in the latest update that breaks custom spells (and I didn’t see a better way to bug report to the dev). In my current campaign we have some homebrew spells which my character knows, and now when I open my character that has those spells the app crashes. Additionally when I’ve created a new character to try and fix the problem, adding one custom spell to the character adds all of them, and then the app crashes again. Seems unintentional, and I’ll update this review when it’s fixed, which I imagine will be soon. Thanks!
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3 years ago, MatthewDragonHammer
Great app, one minor annoyance.
So I have exactly 1 complaint with this app: how it handles Arcane Trickster and Eldritch Knight. It considers both as if they just have the full wizard spell list, which leads to a lot of bloat. I would much prefer if they were instead listed under Subclasses instead of Classes, and then only for the limited schools of magic (illusion & enchantment for AT, Abjuration & Evocation for EK.) Aside from this one very specific annoyance, this is by far my favorite app for organizing character spells and sifting through spells for any number of reasons. The many different levels of filters and clean aesthetics make me want to always use it for browsing spells for a new character concept, or for reference as a DM.
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3 years ago, Huss0331
This app is legitimately perfect
When I first got this app, it had a few grammatical errors, but since they fixed those and added spells from every book, this app has been the go-to app that I use for my spells. As someone who homebrews constantly, I absolutely love that you added a way to make custom spells and add them to the regular spell lists, in addition to sharing those spells with my players so they can have the spells in their spell lists too. The UI and the filter system for the spells is absolutely amazing, and I can’t stress enough how much I love this app. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for making such an amazing, effective companion app for D&D!
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1 year ago, MetaSleve
Fantastic app
This app is almost a must have if you like sticking to the rules but don’t want to flip a book open every spell cast. Especially if you use supplemental books because choosing spells from multiple books can be quite time consuming. While I like to count my spell casts on paper the option for creating a spell caster is great. (One small complaint is I’d love to be able to add race spell casting but I understand that would be a whole other system to add on top of what’s here) edit: found out you can manually add spells to characters, which can mitigate my small complaint :)
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4 years ago, Higwings89
App is great, would definitely recommend!
Update: I had to replace my phone and when I redownloaded the app, it is asking my to pay again. And I already paid for this app. What do I do? The app is great, will save you lots of time flipping through the book or the internet for spell descriptions even will list all the spells for a associated with that class type, depending on what you choose. It’s super convenient you can search spells by name, class, and other filters to narrow down your search. But what if the app doesn’t have your particular spell, that fine too, you can add it to the app if you want. The app is that flexible and I love it.
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6 years ago, MissTrinket
Helpful for PCs and DMs!
Love this app! It is extremely helpful as a quick reference for spells. No more writing shorthand or flipping through the book. The free character let’s you test it out, but it was totally worth a buck or two to get unlimited characters. I currently have 12! As a DM I have made villains, monsters who have innate spellcasting, and I’ve even made my player’s lists because I DM for teenagers who are new to all this, lol. One suggestion to the developers: better color choices. It’s obnoxious to only have these bright, almost neon colors to choose from, and they become limited once you’ve made as many as I have.
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6 years ago, TiffanyRae91
Great way to keep track of your spells
When searching through spells you have the ability to filter by multiple options like class, level, and materials. My favorite feature is being able to have multiple spell books, so if you keep track of more than one character. The biggest drawback is an issue with restoring purchases for having unlimited spell books. For some reason the app won’t reinstate your upgrade, but if you go through as if you’re going to purchase it again iTunes pops up a “You’ve already purchased this, would you like to download it again for free” message and will reinstate the unlimited spell books.
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5 years ago, JBeall114
Great App! + Feature Requests
In general I love the app, but I have a couple of suggestions. I think it would be nice to be able to filter spells while in a character's spell list. I also think the ability to sort by spells that do/don't scale at higher levels would be especially helpful for warlocks, but really for anyone. Also, about night mode: the bar along the bottom doesn't change color but it feels like it should also become the same dark grey as the rest of the background, and the status bar at the top of the screen also stays black, rendering it almost unreadable.
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5 years ago, PhilipAn
A Valuable resource!
Faster than the books, more convenient than spell cards. I use this almost exclusively to look up d&d spells for any occasion. Easy to use, fast, convenient, etc. Minor gripes:1. guildmasters guide to ravnica has a couple spells not listed in the app. 2. Filtering for arcane trickster spells filters everything but illusion and enchantment spells when really the arcane tricksters spell list is the same as the wizard's. Especially for cantrips which are not school restricted in any way. Would love a RITUAL NO filter so I can pick spells more efficiently when I have a character with the ritual caster feat (and can learn ritual spells on the fly)
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3 years ago, skinkhour
Tags are gone
Very useful for keeping track of everything you need for spells especially for prepared spellcasters like Clerics since it lets you easily pick from your class spells for the day. It’s also better than the other apps I have tried so far since those have more paywalls and less content (books, subclasses, spells,etc.).But unfortunately the tag feature seems to be missing for me when it wasn’t before which is annoying since the tag feature helps with picking spells. Overall very cool and all the other players at my table using spell casting classes use this app
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5 years ago, Jonstryder
Great Tool for spell casting characters.
This has been a great help for me in tracking my characters spells. It’s not 100% perfect though. It doesn’t track expended spell slots separate from your total. Also some spells that may be available to a subclass that came out in an expansion book aren’t listed as being available for that class even though they pull from the appropriate spell list. For example: the Eldritch Knight pulls from the Wizard spell list, but new wizard spells from some books haven’t been assigned to this subclass yet. But you can work around this minor problem. Even if you just use the free version, this is a handy reference tool for spells.
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4 years ago, CCLEEBOY
Best D&D Supplemental App!
I’ve never written a review for any app. Ever. But I felt that this one deserved that, at the very least. This app is the best supplement that players and DM’s alike can use to keep track of their spells. It is very user-friendly and useful during all of your games. The ability to search for and filter spells is amazing, and this app lets you customize characters and even new spells to fit your spell-book into the context of your campaign. I find myself reading through the spells on this app during car rides, plane rides, and just in my downtime. Call me nerdy, but this app is a great source to find out what your players’ spells do as a DM, or to discover entirely new spells as a player. This app is one of the few that I would not hesitate to drop a few dollars on, but with the price tag of free, there is no beating it! It is a must-buy for all DM’s and spell-casting players. Hats off to the developers, you’ve earned every star I can give!
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4 years ago, Lucienp
Great for quick reference
This is almost everything you need to keep track of your spells, quickly find what you need for minster/foe spells etc. One way it could be improved: Add a condition filter (multiselect as the others are) - darkness spell/blinded ( no spells that require you to see your target) - muted (under influence of spell or underwater (dm choice)) (no verbal) - hands restrained (no somatic) - material/focus-less (no materials) - 2nd spell of a turn (nothing over 2nd level?) Another would be to pull some of the core info out into the short list instead of requiring opening the full spell to see. Specifically Range Save type or “attack roll” Damage dice Note some of these would require updating the core spell data (eg sight required) but others are possible with the current info I know we’d have folks willing to do the updates to the data in the community- me included Awesome resource and thanks for not adding ads!
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5 years ago, Snotty Brat
Good app until you pay for it.
I downloaded the app and it worked great through two game sessions. I decided to buy the infinite characters and it still won’t let me create more than one. And going to options to Restore Purchases doesn’t work either, it just says error. Funny that it does all the free stuff well, but the paid stuff just doesn’t work. Update: I got an email from Apple soliciting me to contact the developer to fix the issue, but apparently you can only contact them through Facebook. I don’t do Facebook, or Twitter, or Snapchat, or any of the other Social Media stuff. But it’s fine. As I said, the app is so great and useful, I really don’t mind the “paid stuff” not working. Great app, can’t recommend it enough. Update: After a recent download, the paid feature now works for me. I am very grateful to the makers of the app. for the continued tech support. 5 stars now, best magic book out there.
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3 years ago, WeeklyWinter
Suggestion: Warlock Invocations
Something that trips me up sometimes when reading through and designing my warlock character is that something like Polymorph wont mention that I can take it, even though it’s one of my invocations. A solution to this, in my opinion, could be adding a button next to “Enable optional Tasha’s content” that says “Enable warlock invocations” and the invocations that give you spells (such as Misty Visions, which gives Silent Image at-will). Perhaps they could have a tag explaining how often the warlock/Eldritch Adepter can cast it :D
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5 years ago, ThePixelteer425
Amazing app, odd bug(?) with characters
I’ve been using this app for months, it’s great for making all my crazy caster ideas I have and having a record for them and can easily be used as a DM. However, recently the colors of the character creator have been changed. In the past, they were a brighter shade, with for example a fire truck red. Now they are much darker, with the red closer to the shade of blood. My only suggestion would be a way to change between these two options, or even the possibility of full color hexadecimal support
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2 years ago, Oli O.R
Great App, really disappointed with ads
I use this app so frequently, I really enjoy how it makes my games streamlined. The addition of ads even though I’ve already paid some micro transactions is very disappointing. The cost for removing ads should be far lower than a subscription, because that’s pretty hefty. Please listen to the reviewers on this one! We love the app but we don’t want to be marketed to when we play. 2.99 is the max amount someone should pay to get rid of ads. One time purchase. Again. I love this app, please reconsider this decision.
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1 year ago, DrZentil
Spell slots
I would rate this a 5 because it has a very nice collection in one spot and is mostly well made and the paid content doesn’t lock much so it doesn’t feel cash grabby. But anyway, my issue is there’s a button to reset used slots but I can’t seem to find any button that expends slots and if you mark it down one and save and press reset it doesn’t seem to do anything. Edit: found them, just had to add spells to the list. Great app. Highly recommend
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6 years ago, Dhytesgiiedvjbxzetjbswegjuirsc
Extremely helpful!
Being able to access all spells (including Xanathar’s Guide and others) even without internet is EXTREMELY helpful! I use this app a lot whenever researching spells or making a new character! I love the nice touch of being able to easily change and assign prepared spells and such. If there was ONE helpful thing I’d like added, it would be another filter that would let you specify if the spell requires Concentration, like the Ritual filter. Overall, though, amazing and well-organized app! A 5-star rating from me!
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6 years ago, supe big stretch
Different Descrips?
This app is really useful and exactly what I was looking for when I needed something to organize spells and pull up descriptions quickly to speed up the spell choosing process. Only note would be that some of the descriptions in the app are different than the original book. Like “Shillelagh” is a bonus action according to this, but it’s a full account ion in my players handbook. The opposite goes for “vicious mockery” It’s an entire action here but a bonus action in my book. Those are ones I’ve spotted. I don’t know if there are others. No one else has seemed to notice this.
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6 years ago, KinnNotap
Add Miscellaneous Markings
Overall a very handy holder for your Dnd 5e spells! I like it, and the free character really lets you test it out in a classy way while the unlimited characters unlocking fee is copious enough as to be affordable for any enthusiast! However, despite my full five stars, this app can of course be improved, as I expect it to be with the release of new spells. If I were to recommend a singular addition (not anything overbearing, the simplistic interface comes off as handy and sleek after a short time of familiarization!), I would add a selection of miscellaneous icons the user could apply to each spell a character has “known”. This system would allow for the self defined distinction of the origin of each spell in the “known” section of a characters spell-list, and would help with organization upon leveling up! So yea, only good things to say about the app! Thanks for the nifty tool!
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4 years ago, JakeConrad19
Love this app
I love this app. I use it to brain storm ideas and it’s so quick and easy to use in battles. No more page flipping. It’s come to my attention though that some spells may not be fully up to date according to the errata. Spells like Healing Spirit and True Polymorph have changed but haven’t been updated in the app. I would like it more of the app kept up to date on these changes. Also, some spells are duplicates. The one I caught is the Earth Tremor spell. It’s listed twice. Overall this is the best spellbook app around. Everyone I play with uses it.
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3 years ago, madigmcd
Great way to Streamline Gameplay
I love that you can create multiple characters (for a price). Additionally, even if you only ever have one at a time in the app - it’s so sick that you can add spells to the known, prepared, and class lists as well as filter. Then you can even mark which slots have been used. Very helpful for a quick reference for spell effects, durations, action type, etc. Especially if you’re new or haven’t used a certain spell before/recently.
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6 years ago, Aleclog
Just a couple of minor bugs
This app is amazing! It's so handy and convenient! Whenever you make a spell, it always says it's a ritual by default, and there's no way to remove that. There are a couple of forgivable typos because they don't take away from understanding the effe t of the spell. The spells granted via subclass from Xanathar's aren't on there yet, and there is a mistake on the spell Immolation: it actually got buffed in Xanathar's and the damage has been increased from Elemental Evil's 7d6 to now 8d6 and the additional burn damage went from 3d6 to 4d6
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4 years ago, Spiderman115453
Absolutely Fantastic
A superb way to keep track of spells, by FAR my favorite spellbook app. You can filter spells by class and level, it keeps track of your total and expended spell slots, you can know, prepare, and view all your class spells with a tab dedicated to class, known, and prepared, and for just a dollar you can have as many character spellbooks as you want. Very easy to search for spells, even for other characters at the table (or the DM!). 10/10 would recommend and have recommended to my party.
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4 years ago, Giani53
Amazing every Session, suggestion for improvement
The app has a lot of spells from different sources which is very helpful. It allows to filter the spells by level, class, casting type, source, and other specifications. It‘s very versatile which is why I use it weekly in my sessions or when I‘m preparing a character. Today’s update even brought in the option to enter the spell save dc and the spell casting modifier, which is very helpful, since you now have the information all in one place. What I‘d like to see in a future update is another filter option: by damage type. I try to cover a lot of different damage types as a caster to avoid getting stuck with resistances/ immunities. It would be incredibly helpful if I could filter all the spells and just see e.g. necrotic damage spells. Otherwise a tremendously useful app that I recommend to everybody
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2 years ago, SnowToHail
Ads and no way to remove them
Been using the app for at least 2 years (likely more). Saw the app go from a one time purchase (fantastic) to a subscription service (bad - but I can understand business decisions) to an app with eyesore advertisements with no way of removing them. Sad to see the downfall of something I loved for so long, hoping there’s a one time payment feature to remove the ads at the very least in the future. If the creators choose to leave it a subscription model for the rest of the services, that would be completely fine. Please just let me remove the stupid ads.
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4 years ago, kycilius
A Must Have App
This app is super useful for both players and Dungeon Masters alike. You’re a wizard who always forgets what spells are prepared, or you keep losing your sheet of spells known, with this that problem disappears. You’re a dungeon master who wants to make your players fight a hostile wizard, this app makes forgetting his spells impossible!! Your player cast a spell and you don’t remember it working quite that way, then you can look it up in seconds. There is even options for custom spells. Honestly this app has everything!!
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5 years ago, Zaenger
Great App Keeps Improving
The free version of this app was better than most paid apps when I first found it. I ended up paying so I could save multiple characters on the app, and it was totally worth it. It’s features work well for casters that work off spells known, and for casters who prepare spells. They have excellent filter functions, a search function, and great spell descriptions. Since I bought it, they have consistently been fixing little bugs, and adding features to improve functionality (subclass spells, spell slots, concentration indicators). I recommend this app to anyone playing a spellcaster, and to DMs who frequently look up spells. To me it was absolutely worth paying for the full version of the app, but the free version is sufficient to anyone who is just playing 1 spellcaster, or just wants to look up spells.
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7 years ago, AsKillianWishes
Excellent 5E D&D Spellbook
This app is great! If you pay like a dollar or two you can have unlimited spell books, which can hold all known spells and then you can choose what is prepared. Or you can prepare your entire classes spells and prepare what you want daily depending on your casting abilities. The only current hold back is that Xanathar’s has been our for almost two months now and those spells have yet to be added. Hopefully that will be rectified soon, as I use this constantly!
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4 years ago, ItsJustMeJeff
Great Utility for Tracking Character Spells
The newest addition of tracking subclass spells is good, but the text displayed in characters spell list takes away from the nice aesthetic. I’m more than happy to have found this app and unlocked the ability to use multiple characters. One suggestion I would make, is having the spell casting modifier and spell save dc displayed on each character. Either manually entered or the small calculation when a player enters the stats
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6 years ago, enderwiggin88
Great App and Support
This app makes it easy to create and organize spells for your characters. It includes Xanathar’s spells! Also, it has a great filtering system to allow you to search by class, by concentration and by rituals (like if you are a warlock with a tome evocation). I even use it for NPCs that have spellcasting so I have all their spells at my fingertips. If you have any issues, contact app support. The developer helped me when I had an issue restoring my $0.99 purchase for infinite characters.
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3 weeks ago, JakoDar
The only allowed app at my in-person game table!
We have disallowed all other devices and apps at our table (except for visual disability situations). This app is such a help to spellcasters that it is THE exception! We can add custom spells to hold third-party content (we will have almost 1,000 extra spells once we get them all added and shared). It is worth the $25 LIFETIME price just for sharing the spells (you can make your own in the free version).
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6 years ago, buth kid
Great app. As described
This app is great for keeping track of spells, finding them, filtering them, etc. The ability to create characters to allow you to keep track of your spells is great. the interface is simple and works as expected. The whole app experience is clean and feels finished. Further, the app doesn’t unnecessarily use data or request privileges, and in general it feels like it’s developed by someone who cares about the game and the experience. Highly recommended.
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3 years ago, Jackx771
Essential for the D&D spellcaster
My biggest complaint about this app is the occasional typo, and even that's rare. It is incredibly helpful for organizing your spells, whether that means selecting spells for a brand new sorcerer or preparing a list for your wizard's next day. It's quickly updated with new content as it's released, and it makes it extremely easy to filter and sort through spells. I recommend it for anyone who ever plays a caster in D&D.
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7 months ago, benedictgecko
Love this app
I play as a wizard and this app is amazingly helpful it gives all the info needed for the spells and helps track spell slots . When my character gets a new level it is amazingly easy to find the spell I want and add it to my list . To prepare a spell just click the prepare button and it’s done . Can’t imagine trying to play my necromancer wizard without this app. Keep up the good work !
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4 years ago, pythryn
Really good :)
I love this! Easy to navigate, nice layout, not expensive to upgrade. I use it for all my spell needs. I think the text should change when on dark mode or maybe even get to decide the color of text. I also think the color slider should be more expansive, maybe a tone slider as well. (I noticed it makes the color darker by default). If I filter spells sometimes it forgets I’m filtering and have to redo it but that’s minor. Also would be cool to have different icons instead of just the flames :)
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5 years ago, KronoFrost
It’d be amazing if it could sort by actions
It is a great app. Totally love it, it’s got everything . Only but is the limited sorting capability. Just allowing for the sorting of spells in more ways than level and name (once you’ve added them to your characters) like by which ones take an action or bonus action would make it be perfect! Plus ultra for like letting you quickly see which spells you have heal and which ones do damage. Along with a way to tally how many and which spells slots you’ve used.
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6 years ago, Bruddermane
It has the new spells! And easy to manage
This is the best spell app I’ve seen! It has the new spells and makes them easy to search for. You can also create your own spells so you could probably use the function to create magic items as well! AND I can have multiple characters that all have their own spell lists! To have more than one character costs a dollar but totally worth it! Thank you for this spell app!
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