Spider-Man: No Way Home

4.8 (13.5K)
214.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sony Pictures
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spider-Man: No Way Home

4.76 out of 5
13.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Iron-Man Iz Dopez
Best spiderman game right now
This game is really good! Usually when a new marvel film comes out a app for it does too. Which is this. But this one is just more high quality and better and I feel like I would keep it when a even newer film comes out. This app is really good and I would consider getting it to at least try out. Other people are saying that like you should be able to respond to the texts. No. Because the texts are direct text Peter sent to people during the movie and would make no sense if you were to be able to interact with it. And people are saying there should be more things for mcu fans. But it is mainly to hype no way home, which is also why it should not have too many features. I think this game is just perfect and could not be better for a no way home app, because of all the things and because it hyped up no way home a lot.
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5 years ago, all happy hogan here
Hannah Montana would be proud
Spider-Man is great 10/10 beautiful, and the fact that they made an app is perfect cause it goes with Peter being a “gen z” kid (gen z is in quotes cause he’s born in 2001 so I consider him part of the Hannah Montana gen cause he gets the best of both worlds) but it makes sooooo much sense and it gives starving consumers like me access to more content like the text messages on peter Parker’s phone or his voicemails. I just wish there was more stuff to do like maybe if there was a little game or something included on it because unless content is regularly being released, then it doesn’t have much of a purpose during spider mans off season.
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3 years ago, cuRlZ👏👏👏
Must read
This game is so cool and uses amazing features. Amazing technology usage but I just wish Peter Parker had voicemails from other people then just MG and Ned. And possibly you could add a feature like YOU could text and not just read the messages. Also I wish that there were different options after selecting the character you want to take a picture of and the options show all these poses and statements and possibly you could customize what the character says. I know this is a lot to ask but do whatever you want with this review. Also I know this isn’t really related but I LOVE the new Loki series on Disney plus. Whoever is reading this must watch the new Loki series on Disney plus episodes come out every Wednesday. And by the way this Spider-Man app is the coolest you MUST get it. Omg what if they made other people’s personal phones like Loki’s phone or Captain Marvel’s phone or Peter Quill’s phone that would be so cool. So ya peace out
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5 years ago, Hankydoodle918
Cool app, but
When I downloaded the app I was really pumped, who doesn’t want to see spider man? But when I opened it I immediately went to the phone section to admire every text and little detail from tony, but nothing was there. The mcu fans need some sort of iron man content, I don’t believe I am speaking for only myself when I say that I need my tony, it should’ve had that aspect. What really frustrates me was that there were videos from homecoming, that pre dated the whole “I love you 3000” depression that left a whole community in tears, but it almost seemed like he deleted every aspect of tony from his life, which I know he would never do. I hope it isn’t some money thing, cause that just pisses me off. Money shouldn’t come before a character so influential not only to the fictional characters in the avengers, but all the mcu fans as a whole. To completely throw one of the biggest characters off to the side is something Stan lee would never do. Let’s honor him and do what he would do, how about that?
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2 years ago, iloveharrypotter⚡️
Worth the download, but didn’t last long.
I’d say it’s worth it to see it but I didn’t keep it for very long since there’s not much to it. It’s just a handful of mediocrely interesting pictures and only a few messages from a few people along with two voicemails from Ned. There’s also something where you can “place” Spider-Man in a room and he’ll talk to you but he only has a few lines and a few actions. Like I originally stated, I don’t regret downloading it, but I deleted it right after since it didn’t entertain me for more than a few minutes. If you’re more into information on the movie No Way Home then it might be more interesting to you, but since I’ve already seen it, it didn’t matter that much to me.
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2 years ago, -~Nia~-
You know, I was very excited to open this app at first, but when I did there wasn’t much when I expected way more. I think that it would be cooler if we could send the messages to others and communicate with them. I also would add others like Tony maybe who was such an important person to Peter in his life. Even tho he died, Peter would never erase him from his life. At least keep him in his contacts so that maybe he wants to look at the texts that bring memories. I would also recommend adding more apps on the home screen that people could explore. Would be cool if we would be able to call them too but that would be asking for too much. You could add some more photos of him in gallery too. Other then that i like this app, but I expected more.
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5 years ago, EB🦄
Big Let Down
It’s really a disappointment. I was expecting to see some texts and voicemails and just some content from Tony and probably more from Happy and Ned. But out of everyone MJ probably has the most content and that’s really boring? Like yeah MJ is cool but I really care more about the others. And stuff from Tony would’ve been really entertaining and I’m highly disappointed about that because the app is just a big let down all together. And the texts seem poorly written like a 12 year old wrote them and they’re just really simple and they sound nothing like teenager texts either. And for some reason the videos that are on the phone won’t play on my device which is also disappointing. All together it’s just overhyped and could’ve been programmed way better but wasn’t. It worse than the movie posters.
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5 years ago, EspressoDxpresso
great app
I'm a huge fan of Spider-Man. I had the Homecoming app on my phone when it came out, and it was a bit glitchy. When I first read the reviews, I was a bit scared and wasn't sure of what would happen with the app, as one said it would "kill my phone". Well, I have been using the app for a while now, and my phone is functioning normally. This is a great app. I enjoyed everything about it. I love how it has a countdown for the movie too! It also takes you to the trailer in one button. Yes, the official trailer. The stickers are pretty funny too. I expected more stickers, though. Overall, it's a great app!
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5 years ago, toms gf 🤠🤠🥵
Fun app!
People are hating on this app but because there are some bugs but overall it’s a fun creative idea and app that people get to use and I don’t see why it’s that bad or that’s what other people think only because you see a ton of other spiderman apps but this is the first one that’s official and is from the real Tom holland himself 🤠 I just think the app has 1 bug I’m dealing with but it’s nice to see and look at all the text and tea and pics and stuff like that, the only reason I downloaded it was to see Tom and also cause I really like spiderman! Good job Tom! 💓
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2 years ago, Maximumboom103
Uhhhhhhhhh what?
So it looks like a great game I have been a fan of spider-man since I was real little so I was pumped iPhone hasn’t gotten a single mobile spider man game that was solely spider man since amazing spider man which is not available so I downloaded the app the thing is I’m stuck on a screen that I think is the buffering screen cause it shows his gold and black suit and weird beams of light going down lines but it stays like that idk if this is my problem or internet is being weird or this game is just not the best either way I can’t really give it a bad review until I actually use it
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2 years ago, Loba Fofii
So cool!!!
I am a HUGE Spider-man fan and I was so excited to use it. Turns out, IT’S SO COOL! I can watch the trailer for No Way Home, I can see pictures from it, and stuff. I get to put Spider-man in my house AND HE TALKS!!! It’s so cool! Though there is not a lot of text messages, it’s still pretty cool that you get to see them anyway. Even though there’s two voicemails, I still like it SO Much! It would be nice if you added more messages, but that’s not my main focus. It’s a really good app. For me, there’s no bugs. It’s probably my favorite app so far!
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5 years ago, MagicalPandaBaby
I, love, this! So much fun!
Okay, okay! This is so much fun! Thank you so much for this, it’s making my obsession with Tom bigger— 😂 If you add a feature to where you could like text peter, (like a bit not his actual phone— it pains me to say that) and things, I would literally cry lol. And MJ, that’d be great too! I’m a little upset MJ is stealing peter, but I’ll get a chance in my universe.. or I could just erase her! * s n a p* Aha, SIKE I couldn’t erase MJ! But.. who did I erase..? 🤭🤫 (I’m gonna stop being childish now, but I really do love this and when I saw the ad I screamed!)
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2 years ago, Ya LiKe JazZ😎
I love the app but….
The app is great but I feel like for Peters phone you should be able to do more. For example I feel like you should be able to text back and they with respond. Maybe you could be able to call them but only audio call, and you could send voicemails too. I feel like for the photos there can be more like let’s say there’s a camera button but it doesn’t talk a photo of you it could be a new photo of spider-man, but there could be a limit about how many times you can tap the button in that day.
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12 months ago, JoeyFinns
They need to update this
When I got the app I was like I hope I can text them no you can’t but if they are going to update the game so then you can text them that would make my day and also they should make a update where you can call them because why does Peter not have that on his phone? And also I think if you have the app on your phone I think everyday the characters will text you and give you some voicemails and also Peter should have like Spider-Man mini games on his phone and also what if people want to watch the spider man movies that Tom was in? So ya see ya tomorrow
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5 years ago, bendoenskdne
Cool but needs more Tony Stark
I liked the app but it definitely needs more with Tony Stark on Peters phone. Tony played a huge part in Peters life and I think he should definitely be on Peters phone. Peter definitely would’ve saved texts or voice mails from him and they definitely have pictures together or videos like the one from the beginning of Spider Man Homecoming. The other characters are great and all but a lot of people want to see more of the bond between Tony Stark and Peter Parker before Endgame. The app could also maybe feature videos of battles from Peters perspective because Karen would be filming the entire thing. Just a few suggestions that I think would make the app a lot better.
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5 years ago, @shootyourwebs
This is great but since this is a app I don’t have much to complain about besides I can’t hide or delete photos. If you want to make this a game I suggest making it having chat rooms or having a perspective of making a Main Character or Y/N and play a part of being in Peter’s Life. Or you can play as Peter and choose his decisions and have different endings. This is a little bit too much to ask for but since this isn’t a game and just a app, this app is MARVELous.
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2 years ago, Hunter Otto
The most amazing app EVER!
I would like to say this one was Far From Home until it was changed into No Way Home which I didn’t expect. In Augmented Reality, I would like to see the Spider men Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in the AR, also Doc Ock, Electro, the Green Goblin, Doctor Strange, the Sand Man, the Lizard, Venom (2007), Vulture and other characters coming in once this gets updated and add more characters to the Augmented Reality. Thanks for reading this review and I hope more stuff will come.
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5 years ago, 😄😄😄😄😄👧🏻👍🏻
Great app but few suggestions
Could we be able to reply to texts with like multiple choice answers? and be able to listen in on phone calls? Great app. Some people say that certain features broke there phone? I went through every creature available not even a minute ago and my phone is completely fine, So I don’t think breaking is a problem for everyone, maybe just a few with older phones.
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5 years ago, Tom Holland Is My Husband
Awesome app
I am really really loving this app. I like to explore, so whenever I’m bored, I just go to the app and explore what Peters life is about. Another reason why I really really love it is...TOM HOLLAND!! Tom holland is the best and seeing all of the pictures of him being absolutely cute, warms my heart! So, download the app so you can explore , ANDDDDD see Tom Holland ;) P.S, Can’t wait to see the movie!! Already bought my tickets just waiting for it to come out!!!! -Tom Holland’s #1 fan
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5 years ago, IDontHaveAnyIdea
Now this is epic
When I first saw this game I was like “wow an app with cool looking filters and high quality memes made by Sony.” I thought that this app was going to be an absolute unit on the store and it’s sorry to say that it isn’t an absolute unit on the App Store, but instead is being down voted a lot, which can be attested to the beat features this app has. As an example, my friend found this feature in the app that would make his entire screen go black and somehow destroy his phone too. Nether the less this app is very great. 10/10 please download it if you wish to destroy your own phone
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2 years ago, 🥰😍😘😏
Best app in the world
I love this app because it’s so much fun but I wish you could text whoever you want In the movie and I wish you could text Tony Stark or text anybody and I hope in the next update you can actually maybe like play as Spiderman that will be so much fun I hope I’m not asking for a lot from whoever made this game really love this game peace out.
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2 years ago, UHHHHno.
Great Game Few Suggestions
I love the app so much! This is so fun. Great quality and enough to satisfy a spider-man fan. Few suggestions, for peters phone i would love it if you could text the characters and they respond with something back. That would add to the design totally and make it a lot more fun. I love this app in general and would love it if you added more! Thank you.
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5 years ago, who-took-spoderman
I love this app so much not just because of tom Holland (who I have a crush on) but because it shows you what happing In peters life like in his phone part you can see the pictures he took and all the texts he get and send and you can hear all the voice mails he gets and the filters are the best there so fun to use but this app is just the best it’s so fun and I will totally recommend it
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7 months ago, hfkcirof
No this is not app I was expecting
When I looked at the photo shots I was excited to see the homemade suit ,The stickers and the pictures but I download it today in 2023 two years later I was excited to look at app and what I see less suitsNo stickers I am there’s not that many photos but in the screenshot it wasn’t like what I just told you so is that good but it’s a pretty fun app you should download it but you’re you’re not gonna expect what you expect
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2 years ago, HOTshocker260
3 words:I WANT MORE
Basically I want more I want more apps like this I love this app for a few quirks need to work out though. Maybe you could make some for other Spider-Man movies or maybe you could go for a mouse Morales Spider-Man or a Toby McGuire or Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. Or maybe you could make an Incredible Hulk one or an Iron Man one I don’t know I just want more like this,also I want to be able to take pics wearing Spider-Man suit,without a iPhone
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1 year ago, SteelArtow79
Great game
This is a very good game, it’s very fun to use and just great in general. One thing I would think would make it better would be the when you can access Peter’s phone and look through the messages, you can actually text them back. I feel like that would make it so much more fun
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3 years ago, faisalyamani
Best Spiderman app
This is the best Spiderman app ever you can take photos with Spiderman check on peters phone daily So on and so on but my favorite feature is that you can see daily new videos that come out for the Norway home movie definitely watch the new Spiderman new home movie coming out December 17, 2021 you better get this app best regards me
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1 year ago, PlayStation fan995
I really miss it
This is a good app, but I was basically looking for the far from home app and then it’s been time, so I’ll listen for a download for it and then I found out the no way home app is far from home. Please bring it back.😫🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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4 years ago, Roxybb12
Really thought that you could actually play a game
Man I thought that this would be one of those Spider-Man games were you would get mission’s, and run around, and fight bosses, and all that, but no you would get stickers. Be on Peter Parker’s phone. Watch the trailer, and most of all. Air explorer, and etc. I would’ve giving this a 5 star if you’d actually run forward, and fight bosses, but over all I guess it’s great after all.
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2 years ago, elliebonswayualiey
don’t listen to the low stars
this all is AMAZING it’s so cool and fun and free! many people are saying “i’m so bummed that there aren’t texts from tony i’m giving this 3 stars” when if you read the name of the app, this is the NO WAY HOME version and no way home is in 2021 and tony already died in 2019 so do you guys expect a dead dude to be texting peter?????
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2 weeks ago, Georg Capenter
Honestly amazing!
i have been a huge spider-man fan for a looooooong time now. With this app it has made me feel so much more like spider-man and quite frankly myself. every time i get in i show my friends and now most of them have it. every time i’m on this app it feels immersive and real 10/10 love it.
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7 years ago, Eddieburnes15
Let me start off saying that I love Spider-Man homecoming and tom holland and I do like this app. But for the love of god do not click the videos tab because it literally broke my phone for a little bit. My whole screen went black and I couldn't do anything! I tried pressing the power button and nothing.. I tried doing a hard reset and still nothing. Besides that I do like this app and I hope you update it and add more features and fix that problem.
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4 years ago, jeff ninja
When I first got in the app I was inferring that it was good because doc the ratings and as soon as I went inside the phone then I went in the camera and I turned my light on and I was trying to place spider man on the surface of my floor and it was not working and plus it was 1 am in the morning and everybody in my house was sleep except for me so when I was trying to place spider man on my floor it said “are you still there” now I was creeped because I was in my room by myself and everyone was asleep and it was 1 am so I admedeilty got out the app and submit a letter and I’m deleting this app
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5 years ago, Charles metcalf
This is amazing and what people are saying about how their phone crashes and the app crashes I had no problems with that also I'm on an iPhone XR and on using the beta Apple lets you do... Also you di have to be connected to wifi to use the archers suit explorer... Other then that this app is GREAT!
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3 months ago, Jackson who’s a rager
Just one thing…
This augmented reality app is very cool! It’s just, missing a little something. I would LOVE it if you could add something that (and if you can’t do this I’ll understand) makes you shoot webs, by that I mean some type of artificial intelligence to make your hand shoot webs if it thinks your making the hand position that Spider-man uses to shoot webs.
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4 years ago, Almonds2.0
Strong suggestions
I love this game! Especially the ar mode but I do wish that there were more from tony stark and more characters in the at mode and that they talk more and react to ur voice for example I say heyy and they say what’s up back and I do strongly suggest a mode where u can text peter and he texts back and more characters in the ar mode like tony my Ned and happy, if u do that I’ll give u 5 reviews of 5 stars😊
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5 years ago, caleb.a.messinger
Good App
It’s a really cool app! I really like the app and the content, I just wish there was more content. I wish there were more messages, more pictures, more voicemails and I wish there would be more content from FFH as in Peter and MJ talking about their relationship, or Ned asking Peter about MJ or May asking Peter about Happy and Peter talking to Happy about Tony. I don’t think that the devs have updated the content in months
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3 years ago, ElilovesgamingYT
II love the idea of the app, actually I take it back I love the app itself. But there’s only one problem with the app. It is slow. And I know that it is not my Internet because everywhere I go it just goes the same speed. I know you guys don’t really work on this app anymore, but if you do can you just fix this, thanks. :) -Spider-Fan
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5 months ago, crying babys mommy
Hey Im a really big spiderman fan and this app, based off my favorite movie ever is my favorite app right now and I’ll never get bored of it. It’s just SO cool.I just wish the updates FROM before the movie came out WERE NOT taken out. Like some texts, and the homemade suit in AR mode. I really, really wish they didn’t remove the social lens.
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1 year ago, Simply_Queen_
5 minutes
The app is pretty cool, for like 5 minutes then it’s like eh I’m done. It definitely needs more interaction. Maybe even get Karen in for some type of “Siri” action? Also needs a lot more voice mails! Literally, there is only 2 and they’re both from Ned. Plus Peter need to say more than, “Hey, what’s up? Watch this!”…. Other than that, the digital quality it pretty alright.
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12 months ago, chris6grant
Almost Amazing
This app was at its peaks when Homecoming was released. Peter’s Phone had texts, voicemails, and photos galore. Far From Home took away some of that content but added some new stuff from that film. It feels like the No Way Home update didn’t really add anything, and took some things away.
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2 years ago, CkounZ
Ok so I downloaded this game when far from home came out, and it was awesome, it is still awesome, but now everything has changed and you can’t access the old suits that this game used to have. I will pay for the suits back if I have to!!!
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5 years ago, Overlord122333
I like this
Even better than I expected. It includes text conversations from Spiderman: Homecoming as well as Spiderman: Far From Home and much more that I haven’t even explored yet. 100% worth the download. I’ll probably delete it later, though. Once I finish exploring all the content.
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5 years ago, Sammi Spammi
Why Am I Not Eligible?
I was soooooo pumped to check out the app. My sister already had it, and she had no problems getting in. I, on the other hand, was less fortunate. I put in my age, I read and accepted the terms and conditions and privacy policy (gasp yes I read them), but then I was told I wasn’t eligible for the app. At this point, my birth date is well over the minimum age required for most apps—especially an app that just appears to be sound bites and fun stickers and whatnot—so why is it that every time I try to get on, I can’t enter?
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11 months ago, SoElittle
This is the best game you need to try this is my favorite Spider-Man
Best team in the whole world I love Spider-Man y’all need to charge a game. You can connect to departments phone, Peter Parker and you can put Spider-Man in your place wherever you want it to be. It’s so cool yeah I need to download this. Please download
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2 years ago, Kingdom Bulders
Love it
I do think y’all did a great job like I said in my last review but I wish there was more content. But I do understand cause you just updated it and probably can’t add much because it could spoil things
Show more
12 months ago, LeonardBanks
Some updates would be nice
I like this app but it could be used for some updates like maybe you can text toThem. Or you can may be activated Spider-Man’s lens to see him in a live feed. I am more features or maybe you can do more suits in the AR. Otherwise it is a great game. Please respond to my comment.
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3 years ago, mike teal
Good app
This is a good app. The ar suit experience works amazing. The text messages are as if you are on Peter’s phone. The voicemails and texts are exactly like what happened in the movie. I have to say there is a little SPIDER-MAN homecoming stuff in the app and a little glitch’s. I rate this app five stars
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5 years ago, Loser@geodash
To HankyDoodle
To HankyDoodle, This app has featured texts from Tony Stank while the app was promotion for homecoming. I do agree with you that they should’ve kept the previous texts and added new ones that followed homecoming, pre infinity war, and post endgame (saying something like I miss you, etc.)
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5 years ago, The Harsh but honest critic
A look inside new movie making.
Pretty cool give some insight on everything that has been going on in peters life leading up to the trip. However I’m just gonna put it as it is it’s just helping the hype build up for spider far from home.
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