Spin The Wheel - Random Picker

4.9 (56.6K)
24.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Taurius Petraitis
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Spin The Wheel - Random Picker

4.87 out of 5
56.6K Ratings
7 months ago, cegeg
I love this app!
Personally, I use it for fun and when I have creativity blocks, and it’s worked fine! I love the idea of being able to buy other wheels people have for coins, and the daily spin for coins. Overall, it’s a really good app, and the customization options for the wheels are amazing. You can pick the slice color, text color, and text, and even more. And they don’t give you a few colors or color schemes to work with. You can use any color imaginable. Great app. If you are thinking about getting it, do it. The only thing is, I would like other ways to make the wheel, like how it’s laid out in the website, if you were able to choose between how you customized your wheel, like how the website had it, or how the app has it right now, or a few other options, because the way it is now it took me a few minutes to figure it out. Other than that, this app is perfect. It is exactly what the title says, it works just fine, and it is extremely customizable.
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4 days ago, mayapeachy
underrated gem
I love this app it stands out from other choice making apps cause It’s very versatile, you can add up to hundreds of choices for just one wheel. Literally 1000. You can change the color scheme, amount of spins an even share them with others an find tons of custom ones. The ads are a bit much after saving each wheel, but still. I’ve used this app for awhile now, it works great for affirmation wheels, an really good for self care I wrote down some spin them daily it rewires my trauma an ptsd. Or you can use it for games, prompts, date ideas, food, it’s endless. I hope they add other designs like maybe cards flipping through, or a way it can be spread out to see for bigger wheels. Esp some different noises for when it lands. I want to make HUGE variety yes even more than hundreds hahah. Please add an auto save for when ur making wheels big ones crash sometimes. If you’re still reading just get it you can use it for anything tbh.
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2 years ago, Avenger Halle
This App Is Awesome!! <3
Hello!! I’m so glad you a reading this, anyways, some people could be wondering why I gave this app 5 stars, or maybe your aren’t. Anyways this is why… I enjoy so much about this app. Here’s why: It gives you so much chooses for so much stuff, you can make custom wheels for you’re self, and you don’t really need to buy the non ads because their isn’t that much!! There’s so much options for you the choose in this app, and I truly love it so much!!! It also gives you options to look at other peoples work!!! If you are reading it this far then, you should get it, that’s all for you right now, so enjoy your day <3 To The the creator of this app: Hello mr/misses creator of this app, here’s what I have to say for you, I’m so glad and happy you made this app this has so much good quality unlike other apps, this is truly the best “spin the wheel” app I’ve ever seen, so again I’m truly thankful for you making this <3, so enjoy your day!!! <3
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1 year ago, mountain meadow
Hope you have fun
This is so fun and it is great for people who have hard times making making decisions I recommend it to everyone who was like that it’s grateful when you’re bored or when I snack or I just hungry in general and you can make your own wheels by pressing the + it’s really fun me personally I love TV so I searched up what to watch on TV in there wasn’t anything so I made a Wheel myself and it has all my favorite TV shows and someone’s that I’m not really into but that’s OK my favorite we’ll maybe Hass to be what to do with your bored or challenges for the yes no maybe ones but you can pick from basically like every single wheel and you can pick on your opinion which ones the best I recommend is real game to you because everyone should try it out that’s why it’s basically my favorite game oh and you can basically pick anything this even a real I like 1000 Roblox games in the only reason that I’m making this is because I love this game I hope you have fun and have a good day
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2 years ago, personzzzz
The BEST Spinning wheel app ever!!!
You must try it! It is free and it has many different kinds of options to choose from you can create and customize the sizes how many times it repeats the colors and they have so many different shades of colors this app is really amazing you need to download it I use it for everything it also has different modes it also gives you some free samples to try out like a yes or no one this app is literally perfect and I love it so much you must get this app! Can even change how fast do you want the spinning wheel to spin or how slow it also shows you what you’ve landed on in your past spins which I think is really cool and you can also clear your spin history. It also has a dark mode and light mode which I think is super Duper awesome. If you read the review till here you really should get this app and I really hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful day!
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1 year ago, Walter Lee Photography
Hello,If you’re reading this then you are in luck. I think that I should tell you while you’re at work. This is a very beautiful and awesome app I really recommend to use it and I just really hope you’ll see it and think *wow! I should try it!* i think you’ll really, really like it and stuff! You seem to be looking for a wheel who will even take a thing for most ppls favorite game for ‘furries’ it’s based off of warrior cats! Ppl call it wcue! Then you can do that! Have fun, and enjoy every second of this wheel! It’s the best wheel app I’ve ever played EVER. i love it so much and i recommend it more than a billion times. I probably recommend it a quadrillion times! I love it too much! I’m literally addicted. I play the game wcue and it’s a wheel for my name ideas so i don’t forget them. I’m very grateful for that one. I’ll always remember how much this wheel helped me. Sincerely-A loyal‘customer’
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2 years ago, Bellalolll
Amazing l!
Honestly I love it when I downloaded it I thought it was gonna be boring because I thought that I couldn’t make a wheel and when I found out I could it changed my whole pov of the game you can do you which game to play and what my best friends think about me I think it’s really fun it’s my favorite game also they barely have adds and it’s way better that way because I don’t want an ad in the middle of spinning a wheel and most games have to much ads but this rarely gives you ads my favorite part of this game is that you can make custom wheels so if you can’t decide something this is the perfect game for you! This is my favorite game it’s amazingly fun and I use it all the time it’s amazing. The creators of this game deserve for everyone to rate them 5 stars. Bye!!
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3 months ago, YogurtTheMinionFan
Beautiful life changing
The best thing ever. I have a art TikTok and I need to constantly draw but I don’t know what. So I put everything I like into this wheel and it’s working out amazing!!! I have been able to draw many things to post now! This game has many options to choose from such as weight and color in many places! This is really recommended! I have been using this game for a long time. It’s good to have fun with freinds or to make decisions for you! Get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it now get it NOW.
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4 years ago, stevwing
5 star 🌟 and heart 💜
Best wheel game ever! If you don’t know what to do make a wheel what you can do! I think this deserves five stars ✨ you can even share the wheel on the shop if you buy something there it’s only 1¢ to put it in the shop press the ••• then it should say share wheel then press that and you need 50¢ to put it in the shop chat with friends what are you waiting for get it! Ok ok you have a daily wheel that gives you money not real money!!! The game is free! That makes it better but it’s not add free no free games are add free but it’s a simple page you can click out of! Since it’s not add free you can also get money by watching a add! NO NOT REAL MONEY!!! In the shop when someone gets your wheel you get no money but in the chat you can see what they got so get the game guys!!!
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2 years ago, purely.plant
Love the app, but a little frustrated
This is an amazing app, I really enjoy it. The fact that I can customize the colors really reduces the strain on my eyes and makes the experience enjoyable, and I am so glad that we can just keep adding little slices to our wheel (if there’s a limit, I haven’t found it yet!) I do wish that it were easier to add multiple things to the wheel at once, like a mass upload option to copy/paste onto. I figure that’d be a tricky thing to execute, though. But, the point of this review is that I just entered the app to find that all my wheels were gone. I cannot get them back, and spent lots of time manually entering the bigger wheels and building a collection of them. The app is still amazing, I’m just disappointed that all my work is gone. Wish I could get all my wheels back.
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2 months ago, bangles mafia
This is the best app that you should download
This is a great app it has everything you should wanna do like if you’re bored you can hook up TV shows but if it doesn’t have TV shows you can make your own has your favorite shows and also you can do whatever you want on it you can you can search it up on other wheels you have daily spins you can hear if you have notifications you can spin the wheel on the remind you about it then I forgot to tell you this I’ve got a lot more to tell you so then you can do everything everything you want to understand this app is the best you can ever download please please and I mean please download this app it is very good download it now please and thank you
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4 years ago, Lan's iPhone
Honestly, there are coins ya know? But a.....THESE PEOPLE ARE MONEY HUNGRY. So basically there are coins and you get them from a daily spin but... there is a purchase you can do to spend like 5$ to get INFINITE coins like bruh that’s when you know there money hungry and desperate you never show that to your customers.... Also a good game would sell like 50 coins for like 25 cents or 1$ but noooooooo they think that people will actually buy this lame gamepass.. also the gamepass that you buy you know with the infinite coins? They come with no adds so people get their money’s worth. Which isn’t worth anything if they spend it in this trash game... also the game like infinite coins and no adds doesn’t make any sense bc that’s way to OP like nah nah nah nah no
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1 month ago, CandyUnicorn
Super Duper Love!!!!!
I just love this app so much!!! Ever since I have downloaded it. I have had nothing but fun on it. I love creating my wheels and making them how I want. This is the best wheel app ever!!! Ones I had before were not as good as this one. One suggestion though, I wish you could share the wheel with friends so they can spin it and get their own results. I love to share my results but I am also curious of what my friends with get if they spun it themselves. An opinion to send to friends and have them spin the wheel and results would be cool. I will also love for them to share with me their results. Otherwise, great app, just love, love, love it!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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8 months ago, +-[j0jo]-+
Wheel in the Sky
So not in the sky, but on your phone which is even better! This is a great app for anything that you want to randomly choose. (I used it as an unbiased picker for assigning chores.) The list of items in the wheel can be large, or small. It can also be kept private, or shared with others. Additionally, items can be weighted so they will be chosen more often, if desired. Yet, one of the best things about this app is that the wheel has many color coding options which make categories easily read, and recognizable. An enjoyable app for both adults and children. I looked at several randomizer options, and this one was the best by far.
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4 years ago, ClearlyMJisTheCoolest
Best Creating Game Ever!
Hi! I love this game. You can create wheels. I love this. I can create. I can play someone else’s wheel and that daily price is working and I got 40 COINS in 2 days! I got it in My Mommy’s Phone. She let me played it. I also got it in my iPad too. I can play with 2 devices. I play with one device is low battery but the other is high battery. I can switch things when the device says “low battery” or “critically low battery”. It was the best game for me. I can play this. Can you update it? Also, I love this for some-reason. I got lucky in 2 days, and I got 40 COINS in 2 days. Except the other-day I got 12 Idk coins that I got. Anyways this game is 5 stars! I like to create! I charge anything that is under 10% / or 11%. Thank you.
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4 years ago, heartbreaker5757
Love it five star review😍
OK one thing that I like about it is that you can make your own a wheel that you can spin and you can delete it if you want or you can save it. and another thing I like is that in some of the wheels you can actually talk to other people like chat but first you have to fill in your user name and there’s one you should do every day so you can get your daily reward the way you get that is pretty much you have to go to the main section where some things that you saved are and there should be a star with a purple background but the star is yellow and then you technically just have to spend it and see what you get try luck today download it today bye✌🏻
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1 year ago, oliviativy
This is an amazing app
This is an amazing app you get to make your own wheel like you have the wheel but you put words on it to do stuff it is amazing app like it has YES or NO wheel and an afternoon stuff your can do like I would pick this game to be my best friend it is so nice and on the left bottom side of the screen there is a Star if you press it you get coins every day at 12:00PM you get to spin the wheel to see how many coins you get I got 20 coins today and yesterday I got 10 coins I LOVE IT like they need to get payed a lot because they are so good at it like love it and it can be boring at some times but it is an amazing app get it
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2 years ago, Alexis1252011
I love it
When I go to creat one it works just fine for me and that you have to choose the wheels you want to spin. It’s just really cool especially since you get daily spin to get coins yeah it’s just really fun and it figures out what I might want to do when I don’t know what to do it’s really fun that you should get it so go get the app it’s actually really fun you get to create you’re own wheels and can put pictures and it doesn’t cost money it’s just really cool that you get to put coins into it and you get free daily spin that’s what makes that’s game fun. Thanks for read this get the app it is really fun we’ll go get it!!! Bye.
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4 weeks ago, MidskyGames
Gotta love this app
I love how there are lots of options when you customize the wheel, color, text, & even add images. However, when the letters are different (like ï or ġ), that have a different symbol compared to the English letters, they don’t match the other normal letters. That’s the only thing I have a small issue about, but other than that, I love this app! No need to go on google to search for a wheel website, this is a great app to use when it comes to using wheels, helps a lot. Highly recommended when in need for using a wheel for pretty much anything you can think of
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2 years ago, Crypt.Bogey
important decision making
I have made multiple different spinners one i use a lot is called bowl or no bowl i use during my days off and bowl or no bowl after work edition usually if it lands best two outta three for example for bowl or no bowl if it landed on three yes’s that means i pack a fatty and smoke it when i get home from work or if it lands on three no’s obviously it’s a sign from the universe telling me not to so i gotta listen up but if the answers are inconclusive i chock it up to being the fourth and final spin to decide my fate being weather or not i smokin sum gas that day
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3 years ago, Doesn't Share Private Info
Nice, But There Was A Difficulty For Me.
So, I love the ones that are already made, and the ✨Truth or Dare would work perfectly for a sleepover with me and my friends!✨ But my only complaint 😕 about this app is every time I try to make a new wheel, the app freezes up and doesn’t let me do anything when I’m still creating the wheel. So then it kicks me out and makes me do the Custom Wheel all over again. 😕 I was going to do this for art supplies to use for a art 🖼 project, but I suppose I just can’t get this app to work with the Custom Wheel. ✏️ I will be keeping the app because of the Example Wheels so I can use them during sleepovers and when I’m chilling with my friends. 🎉 👌🏻The app is okay.👌🏻 ⭐️ Four stars! ⭐️
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2 years ago, On the banks of the Red Cedar
Needs cloud support
So here’s the deal, It’s a very good app, very customizable, I use it with my wife when we are in the bedroom. 😉 However, I’ve discovered that when I got my new phone, there is no cloud or account that you can use to transfer your wheels over. Thankfully I didn’t erase my old phone before I discovered this. I would have been furious if I would have wiped my old phone and lost all my custom wheels. My work around was to email copies to myself. I’d like to see a cloud option or an account that could be used when moving to a new device. Maybe I missed something where this can be done already but I didn’t see anything.
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2 years ago, read very important revuew
It’s good but kinda mid
It is really good just think there should be more customization options (IK there already are some). People like to make their wheels unique and their style. Lots of these wheels are and should be personalized because they go on yt and other platforms often. So yeah I think they should be able to personalize it more. Also think there should be wheel groups, like you could put multiple wheels in a group. Than things would be easier, and more organized. Also I think maybe could I make my own color theme? For the slices. Probably can already do that Idk if you can have not figured out yet. App is mid, good enough.
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4 years ago, Rainbow_Plus
Great app over all :)
This app in my opinion is really good :) I started out by using the website version of it, and decided to download the app so I could use it when I am not at home and don’t have WiFi. I copy and pasted my list of names and downloaded the app thinking I could just paste all the names. However unlike the website version, you have to put in all the names individually. This would be fine if I only had a couple names on the list, however that was not the case as I had almost 100 names on that list (don’t ask why lol). Overall however I really like the app version! Very useful! :)
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2 years ago, Charlee Kate Shrader
It’s fun and cool but a little problem
This game is so fun and cool and awsome but when you have to watch ads to get coins why can’t you watch how many ads you want to watch to get coins. And the reward for everyday for coins I miss 3 or 4 days of that reward so why can’t I get 3 or 4. I’m not saying get rid of the game just please keep the game I’m just saying there’s a little problems. If you do get rid of the game I’m going to be SO MAD AND SAD SO PLEASE I BEG YOU DONT GET RID OF THE GAME ITS SO FUN! It’s a really fun game. Y’all do a PERFECT job by making this game. Y’all deserve it. Y’all are 10/10 Of perfect. THANKS FOR THE FUN GAME. ADIÓS
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12 months ago, n nbvi i jubbibbuhbjhidad
Helps me with my decisions
It helps me with my decisions because sometimes I can’t really choose for myself and like for example sometimes I want to eat but then if it lands on no then I won’t but then if I’m like really hungry I’ll do you spin it again but then if it still land or no I’ll still just do it so not really all the time but whoever is reading this I’m not gonna make it long just in case if you want to read it like not like with long things like really long and plus I don’t like making really long things so
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1 year ago, Dirtyharry2
Good, but a lot of room for growth
It’s easy to say something is good and hard to say if something can be improved upon even though it is good. I would suggest making a chart for percentages of what each slice of the wheel would come up. They could also design a way that you could spin two wheels at the same time (pair them up). They could also make it so that it can sync with other phones for like scavenger hunts. There’s more ideas I can come up with, but just know they could really go all out.
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3 years ago, RainyD'ys
Over wheeled?
I think This game is nice you don’t have to pay anything to spin or even make a wheel, there are plenty of options in making a wheel which makes it even more fun to make. Now something unique about this game is that it has a daily wheel you can spin for coins, then you can get a wheel someone else made. This game is definitely one of the best candidates if your looking for a very good wheel spinning game! This game even has gives you some wheels when you first start plus some starting coins for free.
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4 years ago, Aak07652
I love this 💖🥴🥺😝 Suggestions:
Hi this app is the best! But I do have suggestions. Can you make it less laggy when you try deleting the color and things like that and every time you leave the app can you make it so it saves? Also lastly can you make it so we can save the wheel and paste the same wheel but their 2 separate. I want to post the best birthdays so I spent all my time doing all 365 days. I don’t want to waste this opportunity so can you make it so we can save it and add another one that’s the same one? Thank you so much if you do this :) bye!
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1 year ago, I'm Ur Momma
Amazing App
I love this app. There seems to be no bugs and it’s exactly what the game description says. There aren’t any secret in-app purchases either, you get in-game “money” as coins and you can spend them to get worldwide shared wheels for 1 coin or share yours for 200. Personally I think 200 is a bit much but that’s fine I guess. The ads aren’t super annoying and are only showed when you exit a wheel, so it never interrupts play. If you want a wheel-spinner app that you can edit yourself this is the one to get.
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4 days ago, 🥰Mika Hatake🐢😝✌🏻
Great app but one problem…
I don’t really know if this was an issue for anyone else(or if it will ever happen again) but when I updated the app it deleted all of my saved wheels. Which really sucked since I had quite a few and some where time consuming to make. Idk why it did that or if it did for anyone else but I just thought I should mention it. Besides that it is a great app, I am very indecisive so having a wheel to spin for stuff makes things easier for me:)
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6 months ago, Lola Aradoor
Greatest Wheel Game Ever
No problems with this game! It’s amazing in ever way: no ads, no bugs or glitches, free to play, easy and fun, and so much more! It never gets boring and helps me when I have to make a choice. You can make your own wheels or get your own that other people have made. I really also like the feature where you get coins daily from the free spin, I have so many which lets me get so many of wheels! Thank you so much to the developer or developers that made this game!!!
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2 years ago, MadiBunnies12345
Love this app but…
So.I love this app a LOT but there is a problem sometimes when I’m about to spin the wheel or I am creating the wheel my screen freezes and I have to restart the whole thing but besides that I love this app this is actually a very short review so I would recommend you see another one also one tinier problem is there’s so many ads so many like let’s say I am creating a wheel I’m done and I’m about to spin it and then a bunch of ads pop up I’ve only had this app for five days but i’m still writing about all of this
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3 months ago, Spin The Wheel🌪️
Spin The Wheel
I really like this app. It’s super fun well sort of fun but I like it so you can make your own wheels your own decision or you could take the wheels that are already there that were made with the app and you can edit them your own way it’s super fun and I really like it helped me a lot like I’ve kind of decided what my food was and I put all the stuff I like. It’s so fun you should download it too. I really like this app and I hope you have a great day and see you later.
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1 year ago, Mads4119
Awesome…but one problem…
I have been using this app for MONTHS and I love it. I use it almost every day honestly…but I recently just got a new iPhone and I backed it up from my iCloud. The app transferred over just fine; all my custom made wheels are gone though. And I had 30 or more of them…and near as I can tell…there’s no way to move them so I have to start over making them. Most of them have 1000 options on them. That takes literally HOURS to do and I have to start over completely? Fix it and I’ll give you five stars.
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2 years ago, AnonymousTraveler
Love it!
This is my favorite wheel app and the one I always use now. It’s great for making decisions, especially if I’m doing chores or “adulting” tasks and I have tasks I’d put off as long as possible otherwise. I love all the color options and how you can reorder and hide slices. Really excellent! I wonder if there could be an option added to manually order your list of wheels? I would like to have some wheels at the top of the list even if I didn’t make or use them last.
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2 years ago, AerospaceXpert
Helpful App
This app is very helpful when creating short, recreational spin wheels for fun. It is stable, and has a lot of cool and fun features to it. For example, you can customize each wheel slice individually (i.e change text and background color, add images to it, and duplicate it as many times as you can), and you can create as many spin wheels as you would like as well. I would definately recommend this to anybody who wants to create digital spin wheels for any purpose.
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2 years ago, Galacti gamer
Great app, but I just made like 50 slices with pictures and everything, and the went to google for like 3 seconds to copy something, and when I came back the app restarted and I lost everything I just did. Fix this! Another complaint is the history saved colors. It’s still the same like 13 colors I used when I downloaded this app, every time I try to delete them, change them, or add new ones, it doesn’t save!!!! No matter what I do
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3 years ago, flowerful333
this app is interesting, it helps me move on quicker and just makes my life easier lol. but I think there should be like an update about the page not refreshing just because I accidentally opened another page. so whenever I list all of the tabs in my wheel, I was trying to look for more answer on Google, or someone called me, i picked up and we finished talking, When I come back everything is gone now i have to start over🤦🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, miraculous girl #1
Love it
I love it because, you can make the wheel how ever you want and there is a lot of different color options. I love the examples because, I use most of them in my Daly life like the what to eat one because, sometimes I have trouble deciding hat to eat breakfast or lunch. I also like the yes or no one because, it helps me know the answers to a yes or no question I have. I hope those review is going to help you know a little about the app and encourage you to get it like I did.
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1 year ago, dream_bunny1215
This game is perfect!
I give this game a four because of the chat- this is my idea, maybe for bad words / rude stuff that can offend someone. Like Roblox but that’s just my rate! By the way for this game that’s just my only complaint about it. I would highly recommend it if you need to spend some time with your friends or family! And there is this truth or dare one I love it! The first time we tried it out was amazing! There is over 250 dares and truths to tell or do! But again highly recommend this game! Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, Rorie!!!!
This app is honestly so great for so many reasons. You make a wheel, you design a wheel, you spin that very wheel. It’s touching that I don’t have to make decisions for myself because I have this wonderful app. Seriously. I have never spent more time just spinnin wheels. Theyre so fun to make and you can find OTHER wheels too? ITS SO FANTASTIC! Anyways I like this app. It has a reasonable amount of ads too. Not too many, not too few. Its just a generally good app. Get it if you want. I recommend 10/10.
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4 years ago, Ella huseman
Ok guys, I’ve been using this app for a long time now, and it has helped me A LOT! Make sure to download this app and if I can donate please respond and tell me how, because this app is AMAZING! One other thing I LOVE about this app is that there is no “premium” or “member” thing you have to get to unlock some of the things in the app. ITS ALL FREE! But before you close this review, and not get the app, let me tell you to get the app!!! Thanks to this app, I don’t have to take a hour to decide what I want to pick to eat, drink, or do. Thank you!! Bye!!
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3 years ago, CatFacedTurtle
Great for art ideas
It is a pretty good app. I use it to have ideas when I am stumped in art and I need inspiration, I’m super indecisive with my decisions so it’s nice to have a straight answer that I can just roll with and use it in a creative manner. It is pretty good for of your hanging out with your friends and you don’t know what the do so you make a wheel and see what you will do so yeah cool. Sorry I’m really bad at writing reviews but anyway yeah I hope that was helpful and if you art ideas you can get this app to help with your art block.
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2 years ago, Fun Improvements
Single Mom
I absolutely love this app! I make a chore wheel & everone spins to see what their chore is for the day & it’s fair. I also make one to decide what I need to do around my house my make it look better. For exp: clean closets, put up decorations, organize shelves, clean cluttered areas, & etc. this helps me tackle big & small things randomly & keep up with it. The rule I use is u have to do what ever it says right away no waiting or doing it later. I get so much more done this way.
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1 month ago, ChaoVizua
Disappointed in lack of family sharing
Paid $7 for the in app purchase with the understanding that it was part of my family share. I didn’t want the app myself, but for my kids who used it for a fun way to do flash cards for learning. Unfortunately now I’m stuck with a purchase I made that I don’t use and my daughters (3 & 6) are stuck with how poorly the ads are done. $7 is a ridiculous price for this app if family sharing isn’t allowed. They’re lucky I was nice enough to still give $, but ultimately I’m already looking for a replacement because I’d rather give my money to someone else.
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1 year ago, L1TTL3_$@V@G3
OMG This app is so cool it lets you basically talk and chat to people but you have to walk in I think you should honestly only let children who are 10 and up play this tho The reason why is because this reason things people can say a really rude things about you on here so that’s probably why but it’s really amazing all they have to fix is the rude people on here y’all should really keep up with your games because this is really amazing!
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2 years ago, Kaydesash
Great app
I have always had a difficult time deciding with what I should do for the day or what should I get to eat but this app helps make those decisions for me. Its a great app if you are a indecisive person like me٫ and you can make you own wheel with lots of different colors that you can choose. And can I add YOU CAN TEXT PEOPLE THAT ARE SPINNING A WHEEL THE SAME TIME THAT YOU ARE. And every day you can get a lucky spin to get coins or prizes. Greatest app on my phone when I need to decide something! 😊🥰😊
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5 years ago, YEETOUS DEFEATOUS :3
An Awesome App!
This app is amazing, and it might/will help me with decisions in the future, thus making it an easier life. Also, this is really helpful when there are two things I love but I have to pick one, so I use this app in that case because then I really don’t know what to pick. It’s also nice, so I can finally pick the perfect costume for Halloween lol. I’m happy I discovered this app, for if I did not, my life would not be as easy as it is now. Trust me, downloader, download this app now, thus it will make YOUR life much easier!!!
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3 years ago, bree <3 ❤️❤️👍🏼🍩
It’s good but one thing...
I learned this game from my i downloaded the app on my iPad u can make different wheels and buy ones the app made! It’s great for children and it’s fun 🤩 I love 💕 this app so much very kid friendly I say 3+ because 2 or 1+ would eat the iPad ! (Laughs) I think the game is really fun and excited 😜 I play this game everyday and u get free coins each day! U should definitely download this app! Ok that’s what I thought until this day ok i was spinning a wheel that said “U act as” and a got one that said “koala lazy AF” not ok not Ok NOT OKAY!
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