Spin Wheel Decisions

4.7 (3.7K)
3.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tevfik Yucek
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spin Wheel Decisions

4.71 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Izasj
Overall good and straightforward!
I love the simplicity of this app in comparison to others. It is very easy to use and pleasing. There are a few features I wish it had though. Ex. being able to switch the order of categories within the list, and duplicating things. I still really like this app and would much rather use this than other options.
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2 months ago, aarggw
Fix the adds.
Why when I go to open a wheel to choose something does this ad that takes up the bottom half of my screen pop up and make the whole thing not accessible? I just want to choose a skin color for my characters without having to do it myself! It’s ridiculous and unnecessary. When I go to press the down arrow so it’ll go away it doesn’t work and the ad stays up so I press the x button and the google add options show up so I can’t tell if it’s the app itself or google that made an add that takes up half of my screen and can’t be removed but either way I’m going to find a better app that doesn’t do this and I hope other people don’t come across this issue because it’s mildly infuriating.
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2 years ago, DragonsC
A bug ruined it :(
I love this app it helped me make choices and it was good I used a lot but one day I came on and tried to make a new wheel then my game crashed I tried 8 times but it just continued to crash so I went on to one of my old wheels to edit that one but as soon as I clicked “edit” it crashed again I tried this 8 times but the game just continued to crash I give up on this app!! Please fix the bug so I can go back to using this great app again
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3 years ago, Rzycouoydoyclusossysdyviobonus
Color Scheme
I love this app, it helps me figure out creative writing for fanfics but I don’t like that when I chose the settings of the color scheme once and exit out and use it later it’s defaulted to another one. I would appreciate the option to choose my own color scheme and leave it there.
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9 months ago, SMOOOZ
Love this app
I have a huge selection of incense and this helps me to figure out what to burn. I’m also a huge music enthusiast and this helps me to decide on which playlist to listen to. I use this app everyday! I just wish it saved my spins when I switch from one wheel to another.
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3 years ago, pinkswirl0912
It a awesome game
Ok I don’t give a lot of ppl five stars but I rlly think that this game deserve one. One reason why I put five stars is that it randomize what you want to do ,like for example I do this wheel to find out what game I want to play and it chooses high heel and It just so random and that how I think it’s a 5 star
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1 year ago, ~ 𝕊𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕒 ~
super easy! but one problem.
every time I use different wheels.. it’s complicated to like do the stuff because it makes you have to have many stuff, the problem is that the name, I mean.. I’d like it better without the name
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1 year ago, Soccer4242
Blue girl1022
This is a good game to play with your friends and it can pick any food you cant choose and if you can’t decide any game so you can us the wheel I love this because sometimes I can’t pick so I remember that I have this app I love it so much
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2 years ago, XxSimplypanda
I love this app!!
This app is so amazing especially when it comes to not so important decisions for example like what I’ll have for breakfast I usually don’t give reviews or five stars to apps but this one deserves it!! 👍🏻
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1 year ago, Mom1234567890122345667889
Costume wheels
I like this app it lets you customize your own wheels I love this feature because my kids are not fighting because nobody gets to pick so it is fair for them.
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2 years ago, AllforKingJesus
This is a great app!!! I like it for when I need to make a decision on a game I wanna play, or a show I wanna watch. The only reason I gave it four stars is cause you can’t change the colors. You can change the color scheme but not costume. But otherwise it’s great!!😆😆😆😆😆😆
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4 years ago, Jer3583
Amazing for teaching large classes
I was looking forever to use something like this for my warm up activities for my ESL classes. So easy to use exactly what I needed to liven up my warm up activities for my students.
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1 year ago, Perez0021
I love it
This app is simple but really helpful because when me nor my friends can make a decision the wheel comes in handy and I really like it
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1 year ago, Sandrauuu
One of the best apps
This app is so fun. I can basically do anything with this app. Like do challenges, making decisions, and so much more. I really enjoy this app
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3 weeks ago, finch is perfict
Very helpful ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Helpful for tiny things that you need to settle with a convenient app (this one said it but say it again five stars!)
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7 months ago, It's Matt the ninja
Best app so far
Very accurate for creating my own fortune telling and yes or no generators! I would recommend it for decisions as well and fun games!
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2 years ago, these dirt I
Good App!!
I love using this app! Very easy to use! Always used it whenever making last minute decisions!
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2 years ago, oddest planes
Very easy to use
Easy to use and straightforward helps me make decisions on many things👍
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7 months ago, Pokemon unite is ok
Me and my friend
Me and my friend play dbl everyday and we love eachother so much to the point we do it so thank you for this app
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4 months ago, Miarobv
Fun to use
The wheel has been a fun easy way to decide which wine to have with dinner or which movie to watch.
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3 years ago, Holy bible Hi
Pretty good
Honestly don’t see any problems with it. Or at least things that I don’t remember. But yes over all it’s good
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3 weeks ago, ifcfgguy
This has everything I am wanting and it is a great app. Easy to use too.
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2 years ago, 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚛𝙻𝚘𝚕
Really wonderful game
I love this game because I’m a very bad decision maker and I use this VERY often. Definitely recommend
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2 years ago, Try nqr
This app is great
I love this app it helps me so much with my bedwars videos go check it out my channel is tnqr
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2 years ago, puppylover 894
Okay so…
So there is a big problem so once you make a wheel and hit spin it lands on one and dose not let you hide that piece or get rid of it in any way and it lands on the same piece every time so you could pick who wins don’t recommend.
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3 years ago, jfjffjfjfnfn
It helps people who can’t decide
It helps me what I should pick like for example tiger or Jaguar
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1 year ago, The one lilly
I really love this app because it helped me and friends decide who gets to go first in games and what game we play.
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2 years ago, strawberry games
Love it
This app is good but it does need adding your own colors to the squares but it’s a really good app taking notes!
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1 month ago, Whefhciwjwkdnfa
Spinning wheel!
It’s so useful! And you can even have an unlimited amount of how ugh you can put on there!
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3 years ago, tobinsoggo
A Five Star App For Sure! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
This app is fantastic, there’s nothing wrong with it. It helps me pick my clothes 😂
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1 year ago, Oscar Slone
The best
The best thing best about the wheel. If you can do anything on it that is what is good about this wheel
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5 months ago, Justin Moon Cherry
You get to make your own wheel
I love this
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2 years ago, yorkpup
Glitchy Sound
It landed on one option but it showed that another one was right For example it lands on B but it shows that A won. This happens when I put on the sound
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4 years ago, rlly good 👍🏻
This app is wonderful it has absolutely no flaws and all I have to say is great job and I give this app 2 👍🏻👍🏻:)
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3 years ago, therealrubicon
Quick question can u make the wheel go faster?
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1 month ago, JessB1025
Please Fix!
I loved this app but recently the ads get stuck. There’s no way to close the ad making it impossible to even spin the wheel. Please fix it! If this wasn’t an issue it would be a 5 star app!!
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9 months ago, Cola86
Is so good I can put as much stuff on Wheel as I want
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1 year ago, Wyatt_Dun
This is an awesome app
I use this app literally 24/7 I love it I am addicted
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4 years ago, 🍪🍩🎂🍦cookieake🧸
Cool app
Me and cheery try it we had fun #wethisgame pls try it you will have a lot of fun so have fun with it bye
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2 years ago, rose potato
this wheel is so good and i use it everyday
this wheel is so good and i use it everyday. it gives me the creativity to write as long a list as i want and it has no in app purchases or ads! would recoommned. slay queen yas
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3 months ago, xXTHAJOHNXx
It’s amazing for my games!
It’s amazing for shuffling games like for my PlayStation or Nintendo
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1 month ago, 45$);$&’
Ad kept popping up wouldn’t let me get rid of. It would be a five, but I gave it at three.
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2 months ago, 828372727736
Best spinner app ever!
Overall a amazing app to mess around with.
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4 weeks ago, Bsdh01
Fun game
Nice game fun to play and good to figure out what to do.😅
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3 years ago, Think_tink05
Removing a Name
When a name is removed, it leaves a blank space which is annoying to have on the wheel.
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4 years ago, fernleap
It’s a good app but
I think this app is really good! But I wish I could duplicate different wheels, that’s all
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2 years ago, huddy1423
This is good for when I decide
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2 years ago, madyboo228
I hate this
I hate this app because it landed on the same person every round and it wasnt moving a couple times.
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1 week ago, Meep mepmwpmep
Soo fun
This game is so fun to play it helps with so muchhh thx for it!❤️
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12 months ago, TyeFighter10
Didn’t work
The app would not let me do anything, it just kept crashing
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