SplashLearn: Kids Learning App

4.5 (27.9K)
583.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
StudyPad, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SplashLearn: Kids Learning App

4.52 out of 5
27.9K Ratings
5 years ago, JohnDan13
Splash Math
My son who is 5 years old love Splash Math. Both parents here love everything about this app. This is a great game. The animation and the graphics are super fun, rich and vibrant. All the characters in the app are cute and charming. To do all of this with keeping learning as the primary focus is not and east thing. This reminds me old school learning tools and the likes. My son needed help with number recognition and through the apps algorithm, it gave more repetitive ways to learn and master the skills. The system know what question should be the next so its perfect. The progress report dashboard also helps us to know how the child is doing and tailor the program accordingly The pricing kept us unsure but after checking them out and watching our son counting numbers and doing addition, we were sure that it will be totally worth it and encouraged us to purchase. We wish we’d gotten to learn math like this. The characters are super fun and the fast mini games that secretly teach math foundations. It covers from kindergarten to grade 5 and we are super sure it will be a great program for our son. Recommending to all our friends 👫
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3 months ago, Jessica & Joey
Many Issues and Inadequate Customer Support
This is a great program, especially if you are homeschooling. There are unlimited activities and you do have some choice as to which activities to do. The price is also great. However, there are problems. First, my experience with customer service was poor. The response was inadequate and apathetic. I asked a question about following the curriculum because I could not find information for parents on the website. Next, the spelling activity is cute, but it lingers on the same words and doesn’t progress forward, and he has mastered the words. I need this fixed. My child was placed in special education and he needs a flexible curriculum. We are doing 3rd grade work primarily. For the 3rd grade Reading Comprehension, the program provides the answers after about one minute. This needs to be corrected. Some children need a lot of time for this. There are no grammar activities, at least in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade sections. The program crashes at times. We rarely use the App, it’s used on a desktop computer. Finally, the daily/weekly summaries are not accurate. For example, it states we used the app for 3 days when we used it for 5 days. It’s wrong about how much time is spent daily as well. We do Math first and usually receive an email stating that a certain number of minutes was spent on Math and English when we did not do English. Hopefully these issues can be corrected.
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10 months ago, fgdnxfgxdfgnezryhdzryhexr
I would give a 2
Just I’m like when is the kids she does not really love like love love math in school. Well I do like school and I like math but not love it do you know why because sometimes I feel like it only teaches me kindergarten when right now I’m in first grade and I am in like right now I am like in summer break and I’m going to second grade but that’s not important when I’m trying to say that, whenever I try to play the games it’s for kindergartners like I already know all the answers so I don’t really play it that often and when I don’t play it that often I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to like play that play it that much I think I’m just gonna have to delete that game but I can’t because I mean I want to do I can’t because that one make me bored why because when I’m when it’s school time the first day of school I’m not gonna be able to use my tablet and when it’s school time all I’m going to be doing right now at school is learning and then when I come back home, I’m gonna have to do six math problems and do other things then my tablet I’m not gonna be able to do my tablet when I come home so I hope I’m saying the right thing because yeah so when I come home I can play with my tablet and it’s sad, but it’s summer break and now I can so it’s not really sad for me right now. I’m having a great day and I wish the people in summer break will have a great day to .
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7 months ago, BOOKWORM 1,000
Why did I download this?
I just started fourth grade, and I really am not that advanced at math. Only a little. I read and write at an eleventh grade level. My Terrenova test says so! But here, I tried the third grade level first, because I had only just begun fourth grade. Way to easy. I was SO upset about the reading, though. I read books in preschool. That’s not AWESOME. But here, you are trying to teach me how to read simple words! AND, I already read Harry Potter in first grade! Trying to teach me the word, ‘the’ is outrageous! The math, as well as the reading was terrible. I deleted the app then downloaded it again so I could play the fourth grade level. Still, not any better. I decided to keep going with it, though, because I figured it would level me up. That way maybe it would have me move up to fifth grade. But this was impossible. I got sick of reading two pages about caterpillars turning into butterflies. So, I transferred to the fifth grade level. I was furious, for the app was still asking if I could multiply single digit numbers in my head without repeated addition. Duh 🙄 I realized that once it taught me fifth grade, that was all. It didn’t teach middle schoolers anything. Which is fine, because right after this review, I will delete this time-wasting app. Another thing is, this app freezes so much. Oh, and it logs my little sister out and back to the home screen every time she goes on the app. Please fix!
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4 months ago, mystic 626
Great, but I’m having a major problem.
Like I said, in my last review, this app is awesome, but the problem I’m now having with it is it will not save my grade level for math. For reading it saves my grade level just fine, but when I do the math activities it keeps switching me back to the level I was at at first, which was first grade. I had it set on pre-K because I work on motor skills as a blind and autistic person and I’m getting used to how the app works. Also, I am having trouble with the matching game because the way you match the pictures if you’re to match it to the number shown on the screen. Maybe a good way to take care of. This would be to offer two different modes of matching the cards. One were you match two numbers, or the other one that is currently available. What I mean by the two numbers matching is where you touch two cards to find a match. I honestly feel that would be a lot better. Other than that this app is amazing mark my favorite part is probably the live classes. Please keep up the good work, and please fix the issues that I stated above because that would really make this app even better.
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4 weeks ago, FlaRi1
App great while using, but many technical issues with zero resolution
This app seemed wonderful at first, giving my child the ability to do various types of curriculum. I felt good about her using screens when she was using this app. However, there are a lot of technical failures that go along with it. First of all, my child needs me to login every time she uses it. There’s no option for her to just open it and start using it. That’s a little frustrating. Secondly, we would log in and get a message “we are not ready for you yet. Please try again later“. I have continuously had issues with the ability to log in. Troubleshooting started with contacting the support team, being instructed to reset password, delete app, reinstall app, then it would work temporarily. The same problem persisted repeatedly, and Help stopped being given. When I asked for a refund, they referred me to the Apple policy from App Store. No apology that this problem kept persisting, no other ideas on how or why the problem was happening. Although the app is great while working, I don’t recommend it because of these issues.
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3 years ago, Catl0ver
Poor parent support
We used this last year and I was pleased with the app for math. Of note, it does not teach, it just provides drills to reinforce. This, it did very well. Five stars for last year. What I ESPECIALLY liked was how I could follow my child’s progress and the 100% she answered correctly. I ended up purchasing another year AND the words/reading program. IMO, the reading section needs a bit of work. It’s clumsy and slow. My daughter gets frustrate she’s trying to move words into the cart and the system won’t let her. However, that is not the problem. The problem I have is how POORLY this tracks progress. I literally just completed and entire section on words with my daughter. It took us 5 mins. My “daily activity level” on the parent end? 0 % I refreshed, I synced. I even turned off both her iPad and my phone. Nothing helps. This is beyond frustrating bc you have no idea where your child is or how much has been completed. Two major selling points for this app. Requests for help after I clearly explained the problem resulted in a generic “refresh your screen” response.
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4 years ago, ConcernedSis02
Highlight Instructions?
I know this app is great for kids as it provides a fun and interactive way for them to learn early math concepts. However, I wish the app would highlight words when the “speaker” reads the instructions. Example: ABC Mouse app when they read books and highlight the words in the sentence as the speaker speaks. I believe this might help set kids up when having to go to school and do homework or tests with instructions! Just another thing they can improve on and add to the app. I’ve learned with my younger brother that he never reads instructions and uses the way the problem is set up to figure out what he needs to do; however, I want to improve my little sister’s reading. So, I’m taking my time to teach her about reading math instructions even though she’s a Kindergartener.
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5 years ago, Dr.DODO2
There are other much better alternatives
In preparation for our son entering Kindergarten, I tried this based on the high review score. Our son quickly finished up many levels for the trial and seemed to like it. So I just let trial covert to paid subscription. However, within few weeks he has completed all the levels and got to the word problems. Since he could not read the questions, he quickly lost interest. Also the UI is not made well for 3-5 years old kids with a limited hands-eye coordination skill with small icons. The questions also tends to get rather repetitive. After our son entered kindergarten, we were provided with Mathseeds, which has much better UI, more engaging and diverse question sets that are dynamic. It was provided free as a part of the curriculum but I would been happy to pay. I contacted support to request refund for the portion not used but was told In-App purchase cannot be refunded. So I reluctantly kept it for a year.
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6 years ago, fg hfhtf hgftftf
This app is the best!!!!!! All the other school apps I’ve had are just tests but this app is so coooool!!!!! I highly recommend this app. The jungle and aquarium games are so much fun even for grade 5. You child will learn so much like me! In the beginning of the app when you first get it it will ask if your child is a boy or girl, then it’ll ask what grade your child is in and then play away! The app even sends reports to tell you if your child got better or just not doing it enough. Ggfykejgyfkuefyfgfy those are excited thoughts! And that’s what I think when I’m playing this app! You learn so much and you have so much fun. Fun learning! That my favorite kind of learning! Enjoy the app!
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5 years ago, Parv1301
best learning program for 4 to 10 years old
One of the best learning app in the app store. it have all the major elements a child need to learn math. the app is fun, engaging, motivational and also rewarding. the games in the app are well thought and well executed which makes the learning fun. the characters are super cute and lovely. my child has even given them a name. the app is super friendly for my child and gives a corrective answers with detailed explanation when she is not able to figure out the right answer. the reporting part and weekly reminders are also well executed which gives a pretty good idea about how the child is progressing. my second child who is of higher age wished the app should also be made available for higher grades and for more subjects. we are always on a look out for educational apps and really appreciate when a single brand covers all the topics. I am now a very big fan of splash math and going to share it with my child’s school when it opens after the summer. will also be recommending to my friends 👫 and family.
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12 months ago, asdmaster360pro
app changed my life
I was an orphan when my stepparents kicked me out and then my dog was living more than me and i could only live for 3 months and then i found this game it absolutely changed my life i was not an orphan anymore then my dog died i cried but SplashLearn reincarnated him due to 6th grade math my parents got so rich that they gave him 1 kabillionexplostiontisiiszimolaone doleers and then elon musk arrived in the rocket and gave me a job at spaceX then we went in the space and dropped one billion splashlearn factories on the face of the earth. Thank you SplashLearn for changing my life.
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5 years ago, ClaraHorn
So I downloaded and paid for this app cause my child loves learning thought it would be a great app. My child has worked very hard at this app earning many coins and when trying reward her letting her spend what she has earned and that I paid my hard earn money on the app doesn’t work like it is supposed to. I have been going back and forth with the company for a week now and they still have not resolved the issue they say I have to go the website, did that still doesn’t work so then they say well we will have to talk over the phone to fix the issue. BS it’s your app fix the problem you don’t need me on the phone to do your job nor do you need on my computer. I paid for a product and it should be delivered but keep getting the run around. Not worth the money as far as I’m concerned and cancelled my subscription and don’t recommend it to anyone.
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8 months ago, suzwil8
Don’t try trial.
They will keep charging your account over and over even if you cancel the trial subscription. Yes, I canceled within a few days of having it. Too many glitches to even want to finish the whole trial. And yet, reoccurring charges! What gives!! Also, I have message the customer service to cancel it. They couldn’t find my account to do so. your account that you paid for doesn’t translate from an app to a computer most of the time. It has glitches like others reviewers mentions when using it. They literally want you to pick up call customer service to cancel so they could give you a speech to not cancel. Such a hassle when all you want to do is not hear from them in any form but guess what . They will keep charging your card until you listen to their speech.
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4 years ago, Behr_on_a_Clif
Want to love it...but...it freezes constantly!
This is a REALLY great app! My 5 yr old daughter loves math, and loves the games as well as excels at the material. I’m happy with how it presents new concepts to her. It IS a bit repetitive, but I guess that’s how some people learn! We both want to love this app but she also ends up CONSTANTLY FRUSTRATED with it. It freezes every 5-10 minutes and even if you try to “resume” after it reloads by pressing that option, I almost always have to force restart the game. I won’t subscribe to something that doesn’t work. Sorry! Another issue I have with it is that because she can’t read yet, I have to sit with her while she works on the material. I wish that it would have a “closed-captioning” option for kids who can’t read, where it would read the entire problem to them, not just part of it. I wish also that you could more easily change the grade of the material. While my daughter is going to be in kindergarten, she does understand some 1st grade concepts and I would love to challenge her with some higher -level games and material! But I can’t figure out how to change the level. I’ll gladly change my review if the freezing issue can be resolved!
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2 years ago, TravelinTXN
Website needs work
I teach a class and I have used this program before. Very nice program but after I left it for a few years I came back to it but I went on the website put all my info in and it worked but it just kept on loading when I could see the page right there also when I let my student sign in it asks them for a password that they set years ago! And when I try to go on the website to try to change it or add a different student well, it still doesn’t work. Overall perfect program great for children but frustrating if you leave it for a bit
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2 months ago, MGeraci
Kids can’t progress
It keeps kids repeating same levels . I have even been trying to “redo” them for the kids to see if they were doing something wrong. But, still, I have been doing the same letter A, B for a month and my oldest the same readin/spelling. It doesn’t unlock anything new and parents can’t override to the areas their kids need. Math is the same. I mean my kindergartener has been taught letters and numbers and basic sight words in preschool, yet the kindergarten that says it should be counting to 100, adding and subtracting, reading, has to do the EXACT same two activities tracing two letters for weeks… doesn’t make sense. Not worth the money and will be trying to get ours back and subscription cancelled. The only good thing are the live sessions there is one teacher both my kids really enjoy
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9 months ago, Lex096312
Pretty high educated app but…
I must admit it’s a high educational game it made my son into one of the smartest in Texas it seems like on a paper but he was been complaining on how the typing goes wrong with the quantity for example when he puts in 183 it puts in 381 instead and he just complains about that and it should be fixed like I agree at least make it normal EXEPT when he does the sum of fourth grade math he just takes it easy by adding but besides that he pretty much is going smoothly with this app and my personal ratting is just a four and a half but I don’t know how to make it a four and a half so I’ll just put in a four instead.
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3 years ago, harrietcadbury
Significant decrease in quality, extremely poor customer service
This app was great. However we have had increasing issues with the performance and reliability of the app. It crashes, it glitches, it logs us out, it makes us reset our password when we know our login information. Recently, the app began showing that our content was locked and that we needed to subscribe to access it. We were logged in, with our paid subscription at the time. We paid for a reading and math combination but there is no reading. Customer service is a joke and provided us absolutely no explanation as to how to access the reading portion. I’m tired of throwing money away on apps that aren’t repaired when something goes wrong. I hate that this has happened. There is not a math app that is comparable. We loved this when it worked.
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3 years ago, every-Nickname-is Taken
Keeps locking my son out.
We are using the one week trial, and I was prepared to pay $89, because me son is having great fun. However, we are locked into a screen where it says to save his progress (using his name) and asks for an email. I input the email I use with my apple account and it tells me that there is an error “that email is already in use”. The first time it happened (yesterday),:I deleted the app and reinstalled. That seemed to fix the problem. But today, we are here again. I am not going to delete and reinstall every time, and for $90, you think there would be some redundancy built in. So we will not purchase after all.
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9 months ago, mumswork
Best Teaching App for ADHD kids
My son struggles with ADHD and keeping his attention on any learning activities can be very difficult for long periods at a time, especially with sticking to one subject. This app gives my child the ability to learn English and Math by making it fun for them to learn. If they get bored with one learning tool, they are able to jump into another game within that subject to be able to grasp your child’s attention on another topic. This is our 2nd year and this is one of the best apps we have invested into!
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10 months ago, Whangdoodlekss
Months of having app, serious tech issues
We’ve been using this app sporadically for several months. First off all, we had an issue where we accidentally purchased family annual memberships in BOTH the K and the preschool apps - not realizing they were different (it showed up as not having a membership so I subscribed, only to find it was already purchased). Why have the apps look- and be named - the same thing??? It was terribly confusing, and neither the creator nor apple would refund our money, so we’re out $250. Next, I’ve had a nightmare of a time working with their “customer service” trying to get my email and password to work. It consistently logs me out and then says my email or password are incorrect, despite using them the day before. Profiles won’t work, sometimes math will show up but not the ELA (despite paying the membership for BOTH) and only on some profiles. I wish we’d never heard of this app. The content is ok, but bot exceptional. I’m highly frustrated with the technical side of things. Bottom line: There are better, more intuitive apps out there. Skip this one.
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2 years ago, RiverRose85
Great Application with one flaw
My son’s school is using Splash Learn and he loves it. I subscribed to have additional work to outside class time to review with him. I love the games the actual work is great but there’s one design flaw… the multiple choice answers are at the bottom of the screen. Anytime he’s trying to tap the screen the palm of his hand touches it causing him to select the wrong answer when he was just trying to count the counters or the fruit or whatever item needs to be counted resulting in him missing a question. All the questions should have the “done” option so kids can verify the answer and avoid this situation. He gets frustrated not getting the three stars when he knew all the answers. Or the answers should be at the top of the screen. I have photos to share if the developers want to see what I’m talking about.
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4 years ago, Genevievecoco123
Honest non sponsored review from a teacher/parent
I write this review as a teacher and a mother. I bought this app at the full price, which was not cheap. The pros of this are if your child is already learning a concept or skill and they have a good handle on it, this app will reinforce what they already know. However, if your child struggles with math concepts this app does nothing to teach the concept or skill. There is no lesson or what we (teachers) call the “I do” portion. It’s a series of multiple choice questions. You will eventually guess correctly or you won’t but there is no actual lesson taught. If you didn’t understand something you will not leave understanding it. Please do your research. I know a lot of parents are desperate but do your research first. There are cheaper more informative apps available.
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4 years ago, sjcountrygirl
Customer service unresponsive, changes took away features we used
I am a paying monthly subscriber & have used splash math for years. Recently, the app updated and is now called splash learn. All of the organization is different than it was before and I can’t find the modules I need or see any of the reports I used to easily access. On top of that, I have contacted customer service and received NO response AT ALL. I am beyond irritated that an amazing product was ruined by the latest update & is now useless without support, which this company is not willing to provide! Move on and find another learning app. This one is not worth investing in any more!!
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8 months ago, mrsstiles
It’s amazing
games ETA: Haha, I didn’t write this review…one of my kiddos did, but it’s absolutely true! All 4 of my kids love this app. It first was recommended to us by my daughter’s teacher last year when we had 14 snow days. It kept her engaged and helped her stay on top of her math skills. All of my kids play it and when they get screen time it’s OFTEN the first thing they want to do on their iPads. Can’t beat having an educational app as their choice for their FUN time.
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3 years ago, lizzilyamor
I’m sure it’s great but
My son is 3 but he’s very bright. I haven’t had him tested to see what grade he falls in so I just put kindergarten level. It also has you fill out what your child already knows. I went ahead filled that out too and it showed an overview learning path (which after a few levels showed he’d reach first grade level)…and I thought great! Something to challenge him. My son goes to play and it’s basic putting sounds together 🤦🏻‍♀️ not even actual words. My son got bored and closed it out. Don’t waste your money unless you know what level your child is at. Also why have that catering option if it’s just going to ignore and have your child start basic again?
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6 years ago, Ujjddkg
Don’t give them your email!!!
They give a one week “taste” of their program and initially ask for your email (you know, to check on your kid’s “progress”). Once they have that you can unsubscribe or undo your mistake until you contact them because you ACTUALLY signed up an account. Everyone else has a cancelation button on their website, except for companies that put you through the wringer to try last minute sales pitches to keep you to stay, and even then, who knows if your account won’t be recharged or your info isn’t used by partners (read fine print). It’s best to just stay away from Splash Math. AND NO, You are not sorry to hear about this, no, I do not wish to contact you again and again regarding this!!!
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2 years ago, D33Nu
Extremely difficult to cancel subscription
I’ve used SplashLearn in the past. Years ago, my son enjoyed many aspects except the reward system of reaching the top tier. He felt defeated and frustrated when he missed one & failed to reach the top. It seems the same for my daughter who is usually determined to correct mistakes so I am canceling our subscription again and just like last time, it is very challenging. In fact, it’s even more challenging this go round. You have many users but unfortunately we will not be using your app anymore as it is not the best for my children’s confidence, if we can actually cancel.
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10 months ago, michellethemom0427
For those who can’t hear certain stuff on app
After doing the steps they say to take as far as settings on parent tab and on your phone if you have a iPhone make sure your ‘iPhone silent’ button on left side of phone above the volume switch is turned on you will be able to hear everything after fyi I just did that and now can hear every game and learning game
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6 months ago, ClaudetteG
Not suitable for children
Every medical pediatric body states that apps and pads and phones should only be used in airplane mode by children. This app requires a connection for any game to be used. And worse, the levels of RF are high as it is running, even though the content supposedly downloaded before play starts (after a long awkward download pause). These waves have harmful effects for children. Also the app is extremely buggy, slow, doesn't always recognize fingers, frequently has bugs like overlapping words that the child can't read, etc. I recommend RosiMosi, works in airplane mode, has tons of games and skills and grade levels, my kids love it.
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6 years ago, fjokvimvkckcm
Love it helps me learn math
Well I was having trouble with math I’m in 5th grade so yeah and my parents talked about it and said I’m going to use this app to get better at it at first I was like ohhh brother this is going to be stupid but now when I’m in math class I’m getting better at math I was so happy that I finally getting better at math this game makes it fun challenging and easy to play and when you get this app you will be like boring to fun but Scene I got my grade up I haven’t been playing much but I give this game 4 stars ⭐️😝🤣😂🙂😘🙃😍😅😗😂🧐😗😜😛😜😛😜😛😜 I’m Emily and I approve this message
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4 years ago, melody fagin
Good in theory, needs improvements.
I love that there are math assessments for various levels and the program can be used by teachers and parents with reports given out. I also like that correct answers are provided when wrong answers are given. Unfortunately, correct answers are often computer as wrong answers, and those questions may be repeated multiple times after that, exactly the same. My biggest pet peeve is how many questions there are in each activity, and no way of knowing if there are two questions left or 10. It’s exhausting, and I’m an adult.
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2 years ago, Sdas101
App crashes, poor communication
This app is good only to practice. It does not teach your kids how to. But the problem is App crashes all the time and it is known factor. Problem has not been solved. My son has to start 3rd grade all over again from the beginning when app got refreshed and updated. But no communication was given that all your progress will be lost. Now biggest problem I am having is that the app crashed and my son lost his interest. It’s not that the app is free. You have to pay subscription but problem really does not get fixed. It’s been 2-3 weeks my son was not able to practice due to the app does want to open.
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5 years ago, BlackSeaDolphins
We love it
My child recently turned 4 years old, and he loves this app. I had to purchase it for him. He is almost done with Kindergarten level. But he is also advanced: he reads and adds numbers. This app just supports the work I do with him outside this app. I really like us having only educational apps on the iPhone/iPad he uses. So I opened this app to see if there are more such apps to support English and Science standards as this app does for math.
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3 years ago, Girlie Gab
I’m giving this a 2 stars Bc you hardly do anything on this app unless you buy premium. You literally have 4 or 5 lessons then it’s all locked. The reason I even gave it stars was because it is very helpful when you have it. The math is also too easy. It gives me questions I learned already and I set it as 5th grade Bc that is where I’m going. I learned nothing yet so I expected the questions to be a bit challenging but I did it all in 2 minutes bc there is hardly anything and the math is too easy. So if your going to give us only 4-5 lessons at least make them hard
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The middle-half
I tested this app 1 ago for my kids and it looked very trustworthy and I decided nevermind i will just let it fly away let my kids use the apps. Everyday you get one lesson and it’s mostly going to my nerves and i was frustrating after my kids told me and guess what i had to pay. There is kids trying to find a app they can learn on but there is always a twist they either get 1-5 lessons on any learning apps and you always have to buy stuff? Stuff is the things like you have to pay money.
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7 years ago, Deestuff
Rip Off
Purchased the year subscription to this but am still in trial mode. After I purchased it, I did cancel my subscription but verified that it's still active until December 2018 (I didn't want it auto-renewing). Along with this one I also purchased 5th Grade Math Games, also by Study Pad. Completely different artwork for both, and nothing in this version tells me that 5th Grade Math Games is part of this bundle in any way. So we go to sign in to 5th grade math games only to get a message that tells us that since we bought the bundle we have to sign on to that instead. So I paid $14 for that app, $60 for this one, and can't use either one. Disappointed and frustrated.
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6 years ago, Lsofia
To Expensive 😐
Soo, it costs a lot of money to buy stuff for a while. I just want you guys to change that because it really gets me. You know what I mean right? Nobody knows what I mean. But maybe u should make things a bit more cheaper. My mother can’t just keep wasting money for this! I’m in 4th grade and I know how to write a review with the correct punctuation, capitalization, and grammar and also, stuff like periods, explanation marks, question marks, semi colons, and more. Sooo if u mind, could u please respond to this? It would be an honor.
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7 years ago, Pr*t!k
Good app to begin with but lacks difficult levels
I use this app for my two daughters' math practice at home. I notice that topics covered in each grade covers school curriculum. App also does a good job at providing aesthetically pleasing experience unlike other popular apps like IXL. I realize that IXL difficult to use and navigate. This is good app to start with. However, I feel that this app could do much better by adapting to student and challenging them by increasing difficulty level. Also, this app lacks word problems!
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7 years ago, George Bernt
Great App
I got this app for my kids to keep up with math during the summery. They really enjoyed it. My biggest complaint is that the fee only includes three kids. I have four kids and didn’t want to pay double for one more seat. When I tried to contact them, I didn’t get any response. Which was frustrating. Fortunately, I have twins who were the same age so I just let them use the same account name. Not ideal. But it worked…and they only fought about it a little bit.
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4 years ago, Smithyn22
Poor customer service
Terrible customer service. We paid for one year of this app in January and could never log in. It is now almost September and we have not yet logged in. When we try to set up our child, it says we need to use the all levels app. We go to the all levels app and can’t sign in because that is not the app we have a subscription to, and it wants us to pay again. We’ve been getting the runaround for one year, never had access and are out nearly $100. This app may work fine if you have no customer service needs but our experience with customer service earlier in the year suggests this company is a scam.
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4 years ago, Auriala
No parent access online
Apparently after having a student account, even after a teacher deletes the student and the company even sends an email saying it will change to a parent account, it won’t. And so far Customer service by email was no gelp, the rep on the phone reset my password for no reason and apparently had no idea that when I told him the options he was telling me to choose were not there, really were not there. I will probably change to a different math app after this subscription runs out. Toooooo pricey to have no one able to help or provide a correct answer.
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8 months ago, Djkolar
I love it
My child loves it, it is so fun she doesn’t want to get off of the app I love that it has so much fun bright colors for children to have fun I love all the animals and the designs, this is a really fun game for your children. please get it it helps you learn math, reading and other fun stuff, it is so colorful and bright. once again please get it for your child this is a five-star app for children
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1 week ago, girl you donf know
Bugs and Freezes
I was really happy with the app at first for my little sister but when playing the math games a lot of the games would freeze half way and we'd start all over just for it to freeze again, and i would love if i could make the curriculum a little more specific, i feel like the education she's getting at a pre k level is too easy. The game was really good besides that and it was the first time she actually enjoyed learning but the bugs are a deal breaker...
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9 months ago, WobblesAllAround
Took my renewal $$$ AGAIN
Updating review 2: Supposedly cancelled last year. Spoke to someone who refunded me. Got charged again this year. Updating review: Still getting billed for an app that I cancelled two years ago. Signed it and clicked account deletion but it requires an email to do so. Now it’s charging $99 for a renewal. Who do I call to cancel since their app doesn’t allow for cancellation? This calls for a law suit. Renewed after using for one year. Updated the app, signed in but the app is still restricted. Tried to click the link "Already Purchased" but it says in-app purchases are not allowed. Did I just waste $79 for the annual renewal?
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3 years ago, weetbix
It doesn’t work
The math side of the app works but the reading side does not. There is no sound which is essential to the use of the app for learning. (The leveled readers have sound but that’s all). My kids cant learn sight words. Further the app has stated that higher levels for reading would be coming soon but this have been years. Nothing has been added. IF this issue isn’t resolved in the next week, I need to request a full refund for my 3 subscriptions. For this huge price, this app should be fully functional.
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2 years ago, pearlcat1
Changing apps
I used this app last year and my grandson improve a lot but when he finished all the math problems and scores were shown he did not want to do the same problems so I canceled that one and picked a different one. Here it is 2 months later and have never been able to add a new one because my email is on one that was used and it would not let me use it again. Called several times and found not one person who could help me. You need more people who have knowledge to help people. If you can find someone who can help me I will gladly pay for a different one
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6 years ago, Fduhcd
I downloaded this app because my sons class uses this for homework. At first it was fine and he was doing it on my phone which is easier then pulling out a laptop and setting it all up. I updated all my apps, and when I did that and tried to use this app it said it was now only available on an iPad! iPad, iPhone they are the same exact thing! So, now we cannot do his math homework because I don’t have a Mac or an iPad. I just think this is absolutely ridiculous and wish I would have never done the update to begin with. Extremely Disappointed!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, amdakim
Worst customer support
Everything was going well, until we couldn’t login to the app after few weeks, I contacted the support and it took a week of back and forth to resolve the issue. (They had to create a new account, we lost the progress my daughter made in both reading and math and we had to start all over again). Fine, glitches happens. 3 weeks into the new account, we lost access again!!!! Customer support is inexistant. After many emails they just choose to ignore me all together. If you value your time and money look somewhere else
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