SplashLearn: Parent Connect

2.8 (69)
139.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
StudyPad, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for SplashLearn: Parent Connect

2.75 out of 5
69 Ratings
3 years ago, Jasinde
It’s alright for basic info
If all you need is a quick overview of your child’s progress then the app is fine. I do wish there was a way to print the report or save it as pdf. It would be helpful to be able to add the report to a homeschool evaluation portfolio. It’s also awkward when trying to scroll back to view the lessons done many months prior.
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3 years ago, catnemo1212
Please update or fix this app
I love the splash learn content, they’ve created a wonderful learning environment. However the parent app to see child’s progress often is loading incorrect information , and doesn’t load information. Splash learn is a paid for program so I would hope they would have a app that would work correctly. I’ve messaged the help center plenty of times and I’ve yet to have this issue resolved. I appreciate what they are providing for my child, however if I’m paying to also be able to see my child’s progress I would expect it to work. At least find a way to make it available to see progress and time spent online if the parent app is not going to work.
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4 years ago, lookupatthestars
Really promising but super buggy
Many many of the games would lock up my daughters iPad. She doesn’t want to use it anymore because of how buggy everything was. Having to restart the app 2-3 times every 30min Would be better to have less games and more quality.
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2 years ago, stioyn
This is just the best app ever
My kid was having bad grades in math class and when she played she was getting better at math and I can now see her I can see ur improvement on this app. Thank u for this app download SplashLearn and SplashLearn parent bc ur kids can improve their reading and math scores at school
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2 years ago, JMKS00101
Great App for Reading and Math Skills
Love this app As my child finds it enjoyable time that we spend together. I also enjoy the parent app and that the kid earn coins while playing that they can spend in their aquarium or jungle later. Great for math skills and speech/spelling/reading skills.
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10 months ago, Mandy11768
Parents app is very buggy
I keep downloading and then removing this app because on the one hand I like how I can track my children’s progress on it. I like the charts that I don’t get on the parent section of the activity app but on the other hand it has been so buggy that it renders it useless. I have problems with switching between children and subjects.
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5 years ago, Mom_of_3_Children
Useful to track your my child’s progress
This app has help me to track what my child is learning and how he improving in a particular skill. This also help to monitor the progress at different concepts. Must have app for parents.
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7 years ago, JoeMFX
I have three children(7,7twins,9) and I can only say good things about this app. The automatic email reports are awesome and the tracking of each module is super. I love this app. I wish they made other apps for reading, writing, science, etc....
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7 years ago, Village Idiot71
Still charges you after cancelling within the trial period. Wouldn't respond when contacted about this.
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3 years ago, WinterIsHere26
Poorly designed
I rate this 1 star due to how poorly this app is designed. After our trial, I updated the subscription. This did not connect to my log-in and after multiple attempts and emails to the help support address and inbox through app, we have no resolution. Despite paying for the membership, we have no access and the games remain “locked” for my daughter. Very poor design.
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5 years ago, bistro817
Good so far
Yes my daughter is having trouble with common core math. This seems pretty good....after only 1 day though. I will report back when we see more.
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1 year ago, i'lletyouknow
Doesn’t synch
As other reviews have stated this app is buggy and doesn’t synch correctly with the kids version. Sometimes it has the accurate count for activities completed and then it will change randomly. Please fix! We love splash learn and would love for the parent app to be accurate!!
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7 years ago, Beautyy'Marie
I recommend this app for all parents who want to monitor their child(ren's) progress. I love the notifications and the summary that keeps me updated with my children's progress!!
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2 years ago, Untranced
Not app in pictures - bad report data
Not only does the app not match the pictures, but it reports incomplete data most of the time. I watch my child complete sections and then check the parent app repeatedly over the next couple of days and their work doesn’t register.
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3 years ago, kmyeager$
App doesn’t not work
I downloaded the parent app to keep track of my child’s progress. I see him doing the work but it shows that he has done nothing on the parent app. It’s very frustrating. We likely will not continue our membership after our year is up.
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4 years ago, Yellow_Iris
Parent App Started Working
The Parent App stopped working/synching with my child’s account. I am getting notifications “she didn’t Pratice today” while she is using it directly in front of me. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading, pressing the synching function. I’ve submitted that it’s not working, but there is no support or email to find a way to resolve it.
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2 years ago, BoysNoize400
App is incorrect
I have watched my daughter complete several lessons today and the app says she has done nothing today. It’s frustrating trying to keep track of her progress when the app is incorrect.
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4 years ago, franatche
Customer service is the worst
Don’t even bother on trying to contact anyone at this company. Have been trying to cancel the subscription for 3 months and there is no way of canceling. Sent emails, submit information and the 3 choices they show to cancel are not accurate. Worst ever. Paying without using it.
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2 years ago, JayDubbles
Company makes it very hard to cancel
This app borders on being a scam for how difficult they make it to cancel your recurring auto-payments. The kids also got bored of the lessons very quickly. I don’t recommend it. Their goal is to bill us monthly in perpetuity.
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6 months ago, Ducguy848
He Lost Interest
My son tried it but it never progressed. He was doing the same thing over and over. This subscription is a pain to try and cancel as well. Not worth the hassle.
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2 years ago, Eliza6488
Does not update
I question the accuracy of this app. I have watched my son complete multiple games/pathways and even a day later, I’ll check the app and it will say none were only a few games have been played.
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2 years ago, VB0878
Not working
This app is not tracking my child’s time on the app. I’ve watched her play the games with logging in, yet this report shows no time played. I submitted a feedback note in the app, with no response or improvement.
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2 years ago, Jbcapp
Can’t see screen
It does not show the full screen and you are only able to see half of the screen…. Very annoying and frustrating….
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3 years ago, Sanchez....
Slow to Update
I am having a hard time tracking my daughters progress with this app. It is slow to update.
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4 years ago, interior home design
Synching issue
This app won’t syncs since February. I’ve tried to synchronize it multiple times. I don’t see any updates and I have made sure the splash math app is updated. I don’t see any info on how to resolve this issue.
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1 year ago, kccassum12345
Buggy app, unable to cancel
My children don’t use this because it constantly freezes and closes. There is no notice on renewal. This is really slimy. I would not recommend.
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7 years ago, Peaches223
The parent app does not work
The app works perfectly for my child. He love it. However the parent app does not work for me.
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10 months ago, Dr. EFU
Activity Not Updating
Activity not updating. It’s very frustrating. Cannot check on my kids’ work. This is paid for and it should work.
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2 years ago, Azalea-Hotmail
Not able to view learning.
I know my daughter has worked on her math but it isn’t showing up on the progress reports.
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4 years ago, Slynnx0
App crashing
When I try to review her reports it crashes the app every time.
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3 years ago, yhhfac
This is such a scam they are terrible at giving refund tooks them days to reply to an email and then they give me a refund only to tell me they’re charging me 24 dollars for a subscription that I do not have
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4 years ago, WavesBlue84
Pretty good
Asks for a lot of purchases...no good way to reset account password.
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4 years ago, brandonkoopa
fundamental tracking/sync issue and no response
we want to love this app but the sync feature does not work. after multiple attempts to reach out to the team, we have received no response. it’s too bad bc the app itself seems great but has no point without tracking.
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2 years ago, Emmamom11
The app allows me to reset my password but will not allow me to use the app despite paying the annual fee. It’s a scam. Beware!!
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3 years ago, Erika Jean
App not Current
You cannot use this app because it’s not current.
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3 years ago, achappell2
App doesn’t work
It says the version is too low
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8 years ago, NCMama1980
Does not show up to date data
This app never gives credit for the work completed.
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9 years ago, Teddyl1
Great addition
This s great addition to the family of Splash Math apps.
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9 years ago, Neerajsh
Cant login with Gmail!!
Expect things to be smooth for such costly app! It also forced me to use different email from the one we were using the free app with.
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9 years ago, hectorcaban
Can't login with my google email
Looks like it's a cool program but I can't login to my account using my google email
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8 years ago, JacekPlacek8289
very good
sofar sogood
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6 years ago, JandJB
Customer service so far has been great
I was having trouble setting up the app at first. It had mistaken me for my child and it wouldn’t let her log in under her own name. There was no place in the app that I could find to fix this. I purchased the full app for $59.99. I called customer service and I got a voicemail two times and then to my surprise they actually called me back and I didn’t even leave a message. I spoke with a customer support representative named Ricky Davis and he was more than helpful. He fixed our problem within a couple of minutes and he also told me a bunch of other things about the app that I did not know. My daughter uses this app in school and she uses it under her teachers account and at home she uses it under my parent account. So on my parent account I can watch her progress on her iPad in real time on my iPhone, and on her teacher account at school if her teacher as my email address then I can get weekly updates and progress reports from that account at school. So thank you Ricky Davis for clarifying and making me feel good about my purchase. It is now time to start using this app and I will be back for another comment to let you guys know how it goes.
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