Sports Radio 810 WHB

2.7 (48)
15.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Moblico LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sports Radio 810 WHB

2.69 out of 5
48 Ratings
8 years ago, Wafdof
Still has issues after all this time
I live in Florida, originally from KC so I enjoy being able to listen to KC sports radio and stay up to speed on my fav teams! Unfortunately, the app still has a few problems after several years of my utilization and several updates. 1). When a call or text comes in the app of course stops or pauses for the incoming, however once the incoming audio is complete the app does not continue. In other words it has to be manually restarted. 2). The app audio cuts off at various times for minutes at a time and then will come back up on it's own. 3). The podcast max volume is considerably lower than the max volume for the live broadcast. Still enjoy having the app, just wish these things could be fixed.
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5 years ago, bl7385
Works ok. Better quality than AM radio
I wish it supported CarPlay and would be more accessible while driving. It’s not safe to pick up your phone while driving, open the app, and start the live stream. Maybe enable a Siri shortcut for this.
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5 years ago, 1Alexis1dog
Best KC hometown sports app!
I’ve used this app for 7 yrs. I’m a KC sports fan that has worked in Washington State and Hawaii. This app has kept me connected to the KC sports scene like no other. Listening to Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty always makes my day! And where else can you hear from Frank Boal these days? I agree there were growing pains initially, but now it’s a must have for any KC fan!!!!
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3 years ago, gregorywas
Doesn’t work w/o WiFi anymore
For the last 4 or 5 years I used this app everyday. It was my main source instead of music. Over the last few months I’ve had a lot of problems. I can only get the app to work on WiFi when it used to work on both WiFi and network. Also it keeps cutting out and restarting itself. Please update and fix the bugs.
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4 years ago, 1909xyt!
Apparently 810 doesn’t care about this app....
As a new user I decided to leave feedback regarding -yes - the volume levels. As others have said the broadcast volume is extremely low. I can live with this. However what I can’t live with is that when it cuts to a commercial, the volume jumps to normal and blasts out of the speaker. I can’t have this at work. Ordinarily I’d leave my feedback and wait a bit for a reply or fix but I can see this will be a waste of time. Deleting.
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6 years ago, Post Mahomes
Low volume
I drive a lot at night and listen to the recordings from earlier in the day. Unfortunately the volume is so low compared to other apps that, even with the volume maxed out, it’s almost impossible to hear a lot of the dialogue over road noise. Really wish this could be fixed.
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6 years ago, Lulz..zzzzzzzzzzz
Ads on top of ads
Just want to say adding adds on top of the radio adds, especially when they interrupt the actual broadcast, seems a little scummy. App works good otherwise
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2 years ago, EgClone
The app quits after a few minutes.
I tried going to the developer’s website and it would’nt load. I’ve been able to listen on my iPad but now it is quitting after 5 minutes. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Mlabliss
Great content. Terrible app
Constantly fighting the issues of this app. Often content won’t load so I have to delete and reload. Sometimes that doesn’t work so I have to skip listening for days at times. Terrible. Just download your shows direct to a podcast provider and fire whoever the hell developed this piece of crap.
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2 years ago, architectadam
Doesn’t work well
App often crashes right after opening it. When it does open, recordings frequently won’t play. Hey, WHB folks…call your app vendor and have them read these reviews. You have a lot of unhappy listeners here. Tell them to fix their app.
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4 years ago, @gistizgreat
Sound levels are horrible
The 810 app and its podcast have extremely low sound levels. Anytime i listen to this app i have to turn up my speakers then when i use a different app i have to adjust the volume on the speaker. This has been a huge problem for years.
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4 years ago, Kvnjo
Good content but questionable app
I really like that I can listen to my hometown radio station while I’m in Europe. But every time I open the app, my phone says the app is copying something from my mail app. Pretty sketchy.
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6 years ago, Kev-ster
Latest update
Overall I like the app. Yesterday’s update is causing issues. Podcasts are gone and I just see blank screen with lines. There are embedded links but no labels.
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10 years ago, Edgar Wharton
Love the app
I'm a huge Chiefs/Royals fan and love getting the local sports radio since I live in Indy. I really wish I could pause/play from my locked home screen, like I can with Pandora or iTunes. Also, the volume is too low on most podcasts. Please fix and I'll give 5 stars!!
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7 years ago, Justin C Henderson
Registration Bug
Used app for past two years, with mixed quality and performance. But today it stopped working altogether and demanded registration info. Even if you provide it, the app only reads “Error.” So... it’s totally worthless now.
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6 years ago, Zodiacdonvicki
Volume Is too low on podcasts
Volume too low. All the personalities are awesome.
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8 years ago, Woolaroc
Audio will cut off if not in the app and if phone locks due to inactivity. Won't play from a locked screen.
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7 years ago, DocAdam42
Forget about listening live
Got nothing but ad after ad. Never ever went to live programming. I can see a few ads before streaming, but really?
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7 years ago, Tshawjackson
Please fix it!
This app is awful, it cuts out over and over and over. Impossible to listen to any show live.
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3 years ago, AndrewMyers77
Constantly buggy and frustrating
This app is always buggy and problematic. 810 is great but they need a new app developer!!! Please!!!
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4 years ago, Rrrrbbbbbsbdbsba
The station is top notch, this app is TERRIBLE.
The ads are ten times louder than the broadcast, impossible to listen to.
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4 years ago, Herk91
Absolutely Junk
More issues than can. E imagined
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4 years ago, RjayhWk
App not working
It opens, then immediately closes.
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2 years ago, Dricketts11
Do your advertisers know this app rarely works?
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7 years ago, Not 810...
Not the right station
It's NBC, not 810! How hard is it to link to the right station? Wow.
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14 years ago, Hate Nick Wright
Been waiting on this forever. Have been listening using ooTunes. The sound quality is actually better through that app but it costs $4.99 and it's TALK radio. It used to have some connection issues but come to find out, after contacting the app creator and being referred to 810, the issue was because 810 kept forgetting to turn the feed on. The bonus; however, is that you can turn it on and sometimes get the after hours and weekend material that the 810 app doesn't give you the option to listen to. For example the 810 app wouldn't play and was showing the "after hours" screen during last nights Monday Night football game so I switched to ootunes and got the game just fine.
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10 years ago, PathetiKCfancB
Registration required
I have had the app for years now. Most of the time it works pretty well I listen to the live stream and podcasts. Usually I don't encounter errors, but as of today when I open the app it asks me to register, but when I try to put my info in it says I've already registered and it won't let me continue to actually use the app. Big time bummer. I tried putting other info in and it wouldn't accept that either. Overall very good app. This is frustrating though.
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13 years ago, therealholtron
Poor sound quality
Connection issues aside, this app has really poor sound quality. Not sure if that's controlled at the station, but the volume for the hosts is way too low, even when the device is turned up, and the volume for commercials too loud. WHB -- please turn up the mic on your hosts and I'll give you 5 stars. Streaming from the site is similarly quiet. The other station in town was able to at least figure this one out.
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10 years ago, Snake_TRAIN
Nobody listens to live radio anymore
...unless they are driving. Thus it's CRITICAL to have your podcasts functioning correctly if you want to keep your loyal and daily listeners tuned into 810's quality programming. Unfortunately, your podcasts ALWAYS drop a few minutes in. Too bad bc they used to work beautifully. Been this way since last update. Guess it's time to check out 610's crap now.
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13 years ago, Iphonehooker
Works for me!
I have not had any issues getting connected. Volume is the same as other apps I use. No complaints so far.
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13 years ago, Derukeman
Some clowns should be banned from writing reviews on the basis that they're fools. The app is solid, my only gripe is the overall volume of the app is set so low that I'm cranking mine to hear the shows at times
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11 years ago, Lenny the cool
Elite talk radio
810 is the clear choice for sports fans who want quality information. No matter what time of day you tune in, you will be entertained. I love tuning in on long runs!
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13 years ago, Fanatickc
Great app!
I live in Indiana and to get 810 so I don't have to listen to the talking heads here in Indianapolis is great. I have zero issues since downloading the a couple of months ago!
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13 years ago, Cbrad5
Pretty good
I like this app, however, there is a big volume discrepancy. If there is any background noise it is tough to hear. Fix the volume issues and I'd give it a 6!!!
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14 years ago, MUJD97
One more
Please add your website as well. Love listening but also would like to read the blogs
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12 years ago, Simbohawk
App stops
This app works great sometimes but will stop suddenly and I have to restart...I listen on my iPhone all the time with headphones but I am so frustrated by stopping that I am ready to switch to 610 because it works better not by choice of hosts but because of bad app
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14 years ago, kingnothing724
Awesome product
Great local station. Nice app, one request. Please add buffering options. Especially with the podcast. If there is any blip you have to start it all over
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14 years ago, BBK1811
Great app! Works great, solid streaming.
Great app, streaming is solid, better reception than the AM broadcast. Easily going to be one of my most used apps.
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9 years ago, KSDuckFan
Registration error- please fix!
Just like the last reviewer, app is asking for registration, but says number is already registered. Unable to use app due to error. Completely useless to current users, but may be usable for new users who haven't already registered.
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13 years ago, Former KC Resident
Things got worse
I have had the same connection problems others mention but most radio stations app also have that problem. Might be a server problem. But now it will NOT EVEN launch after the most recent update. Please fix!
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14 years ago, Chicken_Chimichanga
Love it
I can now listen all day long at work. Helps me get through the day.
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14 years ago, Steve Danzo
Finally got a way to listen to the shows when I'm at work. Great app!
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13 years ago, Band53
I've tried your help support, emailed, reported the problem through the app and even sent a host a tweet about the problems. Not one response from anyone. Thanks for nothing. I've told several friends about this and even the 2 out of 7 that could actually use your app have now deleted it. Crap!
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14 years ago, Kurt's iVerson
Awesome app!
Love this app! Quality of the stream is awesome and I get deals in the KC area. Just take my phone in, show them the deal...sweet.
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13 years ago, JediRA
Update for ios5!!!'
If you have ios5 don't download. It crashes constantly when listening to podcasts. If they update the app then it would be an easy 5 star app!
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14 years ago, Jimjimjimjiim
Thank you!!
Finally I can listen without the static of am radio, thank you!!!!
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10 years ago, Poppin127
Misplaced KC sports fan
I moved to Shreveport Louisiana over a year ago. This app is the best way for me to stay on top of what's going on with my favorite Kansas City sports teams! Love it!!
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13 years ago, Gave you 24 chances
BTL needs to up their volume.
The Program use to have the same problem but it has gotten better, they seem to have got it right. 810 you need to turn up the volume on "Between The Whines" so everyone can hear kevin talk over the guests, like Jack, after he asks them questions.
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12 years ago, Fan2789
Works great
There is no problem with this app. The program is the best radio show there. Petro is great.
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9 years ago, SvRav4
Podcast play head missing
This version doesn't seem to have a play head to fast forward, even though the help page says that it does
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