Spotify for Podcasters

4.9 (116.7K)
113.4 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spotify for Podcasters

4.85 out of 5
116.7K Ratings
2 years ago, talking artist of Golden River
Great app!
I honestly love anchor! It’s so easy to use, and I love how you can create podcasts with friends. But, there’s just one issue. I think that the record with friends feature could use a bit of work. Here’s why I say that. I tried to have a friend on my podcast earlier today, and every time I tried to send her a new link, she was unable to join the podcast. We tested it out on her podcast, and I was able to join, but unfortunately, she was unable to join my podcast. So, that’s where I think the record with friends feature needs a bit of work. Otherwise, anchor is an amazing app, just not very accessible when it comes to the record with friends. As much as I hate to say this, I think part of the problem is thatBoth my friend and I are blind, so we have to use VoiceOver, and the record with friends feature just does not seem to be very accessible for some of us who have to use voice over on a daily basis. Love the app so.
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1 year ago, ArcaneTeresa
Beyond Frustrating
I have been using this app for about a year or so, it worked pretty good up until about 4 months ago. The editing tool seemed to develop a major issue. I would make my cuts, and playback to ensure it was accurate. But after I saved my edits all the cuts are off by a few seconds, which really screws up the audio. Once you save changes there is no going back. I hoped the recent update would fix it but now there is an even bigger problem. I record my podcast in segments and listen back to each one before saving and ensuring it’s uploaded. I make sure this is done before moving on to record my next segment. While this takes forever it has ensured everything is accurate and if any one part gets corrupted I only have to redo one short segment vs the entire podcast. But today, I finished recording the last segment (out of 4) and found that my first two segments suddenly show a failed upload and when I press the reload button it still doesn’t come through. I had already checked 30 minutes before and all previous segments showed completely uploaded and ready to playback. How did are they suddenly not uploaded? Why won’t it reload? I used to recommend this app to everyone but after 4 months of increasing issues I give it one star.
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4 years ago, Acercasebak
It would be perfect for me if it worked consistently
I have gone through the list of troubleshooting; updated browsers, tried multiple browsers, used the app on my phone and iPad, made sure that was updated, emptied the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled...and I still am having such a struggle to just get my first episode live. First problem I faced was when I recorded for the hour limit it failed to process. Ok, I’ll cut the audio in half and edit each half...minor annoyance. But then I spent 6 hours precisely splicing and trimming one half of the recording and when I went to review it before continuing, it was all chopped up and jumbled up. I assumed I someone hit something wrong so I did it again....I have attempted to edit parts of it even, and it still gets all jumbled and edits out pieces I didn’t splice and remove and even swapped parts of the audio that were in the same segment that couldn’t have gotten swapped. After 9 hours of working on this I finally decided it isn’t user error and it’s just a buggy system. I love everything about the app concept and I just hope they fix their editing software to make it truly user-friendly so I can finally start getting my content out there.
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4 years ago, Dgodofwar
Lack of notifications
Let me just say I do love anchor and what has done to my podcast and helped me do what I’m doing, been with them since I was only able to do 5 min episodes. But for several weeks now there has been constant updates I would say or crashes on the site and app, in which has been messing with my releases of my episodes. I got an email back saying there was an update going on in which I was unaware, but then it happened again and then the following week again and as I’m writing this review it just happened again. I don’t mind the update but it would be nice to let us know when it will happened so I can plan in advance to release the episode or schedule it in time instead of just not being to be able to do either. This has interrupted my consistency of my release dates in which I was force to choose other days but it happened to me again today. I’m only writing this review because with this pandemic I don’t get an answer until like two days later, I would appreciate at least a little knowledge on this part. Besides that anchor has most definitely exceeded my expectations on my podcast so I hope this will keep on going. Thank you
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1 year ago, Keem The Supremo
I’ve been using Anchor from Accra, Ghana and this app has been a convenience and so far it’s promising. My issue is I can’t monetise my podcasts. This has been an issue with African countries forever and I hope it only gets much better with time. Dear devs, please include a more enhanced ‘enhanced’ recording alongside skipping silence feature. That’ll really be helpful. And the ability to cross fade and adjust background music volume, preludes, interludes and epilogues in the next update. Also the ability to distribute to Boomplay as well. For now, everything seems great. Thank you. UPDATE: so I used the invite feature for the first time and it wasn’t the best experience. The discussion with my guest was distorted even after several attempts to re-record the episode. We found it problematic. So I hope the hardworking devs do their best to take note of this issue and get it fixed for a seamless conversation. Would be much appreciated. Thanks again.
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6 years ago, ZMPhysique
Great idea - Selfish execution
The fundamental of the app is such a phenomenal idea. One place to record your podcast that covers distribution. I’ll admit I’ve been on the edge of starting a podcast for some time now, and hearing Gary Vee talk about this app is what inspired the download and the start of my podcast. However, and this is a massive however. I can not stand the fact that Anchor feels that they can just brand themselves all over my content. Anchor has no right to play their advertisements over my content on iTunes, or brand themselves on my Facebook posts. The content and education that I’ve spent my life building doesn’t belong to anchor, and if your creating an app as a solution for some gaps in the market space that’s fine, but don’t try to claim that your app the reason why people are able to have a podcast. I’ve just uploaded my last episode through anchor and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because of this branding issue.
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6 years ago, DiegoGuz05
Great app but..
This is a great app to get started on creating podcast. My friend and I just got approved for Apple podcasts and pocket cast in a matter of days! The only thing keeping me from giving it a full five star review are the two following problems. The first one, the app needs to include a way to trim unnecessary audio recordings. There has been plenty of times where we are 15-20 mins recording and we get distracted by something and end up recording 2-3 mins off topic and guess what? We have to record again since we can’t trim the audio recording! That is very frustrating. The second problem, whatever the app does it kills my phone’s battery! No joke! Just today we recorded a 11 min episode and my phone went from 86% to 58% that was unbelievable. And before you say it must’ve been something I have background data restricted on all apps with exception of Anchor, Mail, Clash Royale, and Play music. When I launch this app I close out of everything and only laugh this app and I connect to WiFi. Once those two problems are taken care of I will gladly change my ratings!
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6 years ago, Paulliuww
Is it really this bad?
I’m a bit dumbfounded. You have to hold down on the record button to record, and as soon as you let go with your thumb, it stops recording and go straight to a published now page. It does not allow you to add on to that recording. Another way you can record is by putting the phone up to your ear. Once again when you pull the phone down it starts recording starts trying to publish that podcast. Let’s hope you don’t have to scratch your nose or something. This app sounds so compelling with its meet up with other people with similar interest in the group or joint podcast, but these fundamental basic user issues are beyond my ability to comprehend. I’m sure it’s there somewhere, but I couldn’t even find a delete button to delete my first random scratch audio take. Is there any other app in the world where you have to physically be touching the record button on the screen for it to record? Am I missing something? With the rating of over four stars I’m just really confused.
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4 years ago, SpellMaestro
Way More Function and Production Quality Than Expected
I’ve transitioned my podcast production to purely using Anchor. Every tool I need is accessible on my smartphone. The only thing I’ve added was a condenser mic made for my iPhone. Right out the gate, people were commenting on how professional my podcast episodes sound. Now I just need to focus on creating meaningful content, and anchor pretty much does the rest. It’s like life- what you out into your Anchor produced podcast, is what you get from it. So don’t be lazy, and used the awesome tools using the anchor app. There now now excuse for a poorly produced podcast, because these folks give you the tools to create magic. Use this app and platform. You’ll be amazed how your creativity in format is fully supported by the podcast production tools they provide for us. And still, this app and desktop platform is absolutely free. I can’t say enough good about Anchor and their entire team of developers and customer service staff. These people really care about providing quality, so if your podcast sounds like crap, than it’s most likely your lack of structure and planning; because Anchor has made it easy for everyone. There’s just no excuse to have a bad sounding and poorly organized episode. Except for the actual person making the podcast. This platform and app rocks!!!
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2 years ago, philthyglass
I don’t like the new update at all.
I encouraged a lot of people to get the Anchor app so that we could make podcasts together. now with the new update I am no longer able to connect with these people or see their profiles on Anchor, which I don’t understand why Ancora made this not an inclusive app anymore, anchor gets most of its users word of mouth from other users, so I don’t understand why anchor would shut that part of their business down !! It makes it pointless to suggest the app to new users!! it just makes no sense to me, and I’m no longer able to browse through the podcast that are on the Anchor app I don’t understand why they change this ? what was the big deal about ? I would say if anchor wants more users they change it back so they’re users will suggest to their friends to use this app !! Otherwise it will only pick up the one person that wants to make podcast instead of potential guests that will eventually make their own podcast in the future?
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1 year ago, Pianomezzo
It was list to and was beautify.
So the versions before 3.0 were fine in terms of uploading music from your desktop, listening to the latest episodes of your favorites, commenting via text and looking at how many claps each segments. But now I don’t see the latest of my favorites or claps per segment. I also miss reposting music or segments I heard on different stations (or haven’t discovered how to do that in this version). Plus I liked how the music would go ahead and publish on my station. I normally don’t plan an episode or playlist mix for each day. Don’t get me wrong I love how I can reorder the segments and add them to previous episodes or compose a new one out of those. I also like how my favorites are all lined up in the Discover section. Lastly, I like seeing more stats. So please bring back said features or make it less complicated.
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2 years ago, Dahmort
Wow! Is this really free!
All I can say is wow! I have been trying a number of the paid Podcast recording services and apps and none of them work as efficiently and flawlessly as this one. I tried Podcastle and it completely screwed up 15 minutes of my audio so now I have to find a way to re-create it or re-do that part. I also tried squadcastle and that user interface is so confusing that I feel like I need a tech degree just to get around the page. This app is so minimalist and easy to use that it almost seems too good to be true. But when I couldn’t get one of those other recording services to work, I resorted to this as a last ditch effort. Man was I pleasantly surprised! The audio came out very well balanced with very minimal background noise, even before I made any adjustments. this will be my app of choice from now on
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5 years ago, Blake P Smith
Anchors Away
So I wanted to say a little something about the application for the Anchor broadcast and so far I’m finding this to be very helpful and easy to use. I was always worried about doing a podcast because I thought I was going to have to go buy expensive microphones and headphones and apps for my computer and set all that stuff up with the speakers and wires and all that stuff but… I’m finding with Anchor I don’t have to do all that I can just do it right through my smart phone. And that makes it very attractive since just about everybody has a smart phone that they can download the app to and use this application so easily. So if you been looking for a while or thinking about doing a podcast I highly recommend using Anchor. You can be up and running literally in five minutes. So don’t wait do it today.
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6 years ago, Miles Donalds
Love the idea (and the feedback from my experience using this app)
I’ve been using this app for almost a week now and I’m delighted for the effort developers put in with updates and improvements. So far, I have tried mostly co-host recordings of the app and there are few concerns; For some reason, When i’m connected via 4G network (using iphone 6). I find a co-host, we connect (in the coundown phase) but then it always ends up failing and connections is gone (sometimes I can’t hear, other times it quits itself) so I weren’t able to speak co-host a single time (probably out of 15 attempts) with cellular network. Whereas it happened only 1-2 times with wi-fi networks. Also, every notification is useless when it says that someone’s ready to speak (and I get ton of it each day). everytime I click on that, I go to endless “looking for” screen which i’m already spending too much time anyways when manually “looking for it” myself. Also sometimes it is quite difficult to find a persons profile to whom I’ve had a co-host session with. that happens if i miss “a person published it” notification, then when i look into my library it gives only my own recording and I couldn’t find anything clickable about that person . I only see his/her name. again thanks to the people who are working hard to make things easier!! keep up the good work 🙏
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5 years ago, LexoButterfly
Don’t waste your time!!!
I have another podcast that I years that I’ve left the one I’ve had for years. I wanted to try something that had more ways for me to communicate with other people so this seemed to like the perfect app! Used it for the first two days it absolutely loved it until I recorded a 30 minute segment someone called me and it’s basically stopped my segment I try to go in and edit basically re start the recording and somehow it got deleted whenever I went back to check it. I’m not a fan because it does not pause your segments if someone calls you or anything like that so if you’re in the middle of the segment and someone calls you or you get some type of notification or anything it will stop and asked to be published Therefore you’re not able to restart it so it’s a waste of time. You’re just gonna have to basically restart your whole show. That just made me delete the app. I have so many calls coming in a day so I really look for a app that will pause so I can just restart my segment you cannot do this on here I’m so heated I wasted my time....
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6 years ago, COOLIOMANE
Great app. Needs an Update.
This app is great. The downfalls are that it kicks us out & it deletes a draft. There should be a deleted section. That way you can put back audio already deleted. We should be able to add music to recordings because the system doesn’t to allow you to add music after you’ve recorded it. It doesn’t sound clear at times. This app needs to be UPDATED. Also, users can be able to add access to reference in new episodes. Just to be able to find the material. The app does not allow you to have a easy way of accessing a bigger public audio for you to find where your podcast is going and if it’s building. We should be able to have more control on our work & publish it where we want. Also, TRACK IT. Where are these podcasts going???????? PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES.
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5 years ago, SteveMcCune
They asked me to leave a nice review, so here it is! I like these guys. I try not to get too attached to my apps but this is one I am liking. They make it too easy NOT to share audio! But, I confess, I have to be very careful about talking too much. After all, it’s not just about transmitting, it’s also about listening to others. Whether you transmit or receive, and whether you speak or you listen, AnchorFM makes it easy. Monetizing? Isn’t everyone? It looks like it will now be easier to monetize here, too. Stripe appears to be the weapon of choice for monetizing here. I have some sweet and sour thoughts when it comes to monetizing: I’m glad someone will make money, and I’m also thankful that if they make enough money they will still be able to put up with freeloaders like me! Nicely done! Keep it up. Stay the course!
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5 years ago, brotherkehn
Editing on app isn't what you think..
I love this a lot from recording and laying out the segments. The UI is friendly and makes everything easy to record plus the part where people can leave me voicemails, I want to love it more, but at the point I start editing 20 to 30 min segments on the app itself because I want to work on my podcast all in one app. My issue here is that when I edit where I cut and trim out parts, I feel that it over cuts some parts of the recording. I was mostly removing a lot of "uhhs and umms", also some pauses where we were just taking a breather and the audio was silent. Once I've hit saved, it does take some time to process, once it's done...I would listen and not only just my cuts were made... additional cut offs happen into my conversations. So, when I've listened to hear out my cuts were made, either some of my sentences were cut and placed to somewhere else. Idk what's going on
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6 years ago, AndyProctor
Never been easier to create podcast
I have had a podcast now since this feature came out and it was so easy that I tell everyone about it. I have had nearly 10,000 podcast listeners / downloads since launching. Having a podcast opens doors and anchor made that so easy to have a podcast that it almost feels like I cheated compared to all my friends who had to go through so much pain to get their podcast launched. CONS: 1. For a while you had no options to remove the anchor promo at the end of every podcast. I think they have enough users now to give you the option of removing it. 2. For a while they stamped their logo on top of your logo. I think you can opt out of this now as well. 3. It still says “Andy Proctor / Anchor” as the author of the podcast. 4. It no longer pauses when you lift the phone from your ear which is inconvenient when you have to burp or sneeze or pause. You just have to name your segment. Not good for people who are on the fly. It will be nice to get to the point where we can just pay to have all the anchor branding removed because the software is awesome and it makes it super easy and makes it fun to interact with people on anchor as well. This is what I love about it most currently.
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7 months ago, Notorious JSV
Great app, room to grow
I used this app when it was Anchor. It’s great, but as I continue to look at editing for my podcasts, I noticed some things that are missing from the app that would make creating and editing on the platform much easier. An option to take clips and just combine them together seamlessly rather than queue them (which can cause pauses during the load up time) would be one of the improvements I could see as very beneficial. Also, being able to splice the clips and insert a separate clip at certain points as a way of editing/updating previously recorded things like trailers would be super beneficial. Overall, though, this application - both on mobile and web - are fantastic and have opened the doors for more people to get in to this awesome industry. Props to the dev team.
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3 years ago, Kenjicoo86
Excellent for new podcasts
I do not utilize the app’s podcast recording capabilities at all. I record my podcast using Adobe Audition and I record my guests remotely using a website. I have had the Anchor website crash a couple times while trying to cut my episode in half with the tools on the site. Ever since then I split it up before I upload my episode to the website. Overall as a beginner, I really liked the distribution factor as well as the fact that I could record an ad right away for my episodes. I also use the app daily for tracking my listens and checking in on my progress. The benefits out weigh the cons for me, but I’m also not relying on the app to do my recording. Use your best judgment based on your needs.
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7 years ago, Zeromont
Cool idea getting in it's own way
Such a great idea, small intractable content that's fast to produce and easy to consume. Love the idea. The interface though is just functionally awful. I can never for the life of me find the programs I'm actually subscribed to because the predominant listings are always the apps own productions (or at least the productions they overtly back, like these weird general round-up style programs I have zero interest in). I would love it if the app prioritized the content of the people I actually try to follow, I'm sure as content producers these programs are taking a listenership hit just from this interface alone and that's super frustrating and annoying. Finishing my shows automatically starts a show promoted by the app that I have no interest in whatsoever. This is a disincentive from frequenting the app and also from ever generating my own content. Such an easy fix though. Hope something changes.
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5 years ago, LazarusReturns
Anchor is fantastic, but fix playback
I’ve been using Anchor since it’s early release and I have to say I really love it. Recording from my phone while I travel in a zoom iq7 and doing edits once I’m in the hotel room is fantastic. The library edition and the ability to trim audio clips was a needed edition and works for those quick edits. Let’s not forget the ability to call into shows. This feature helps drive content and interaction on many podcasts using Anchor. Fantastic part of the platform. Most of all set up is a breeze and getting the ok through so many different platforms was a breeze. Plus Anchor has ads you get paid for and you record your own! MISSING STAR Some may wonder, “Why the missing Star.” Well there have been some changes that are very troublesome. One is the wya I record and the other is playback. I will say I miss the ability to pause recording when in mid thought or if I need to look something up and don’t want audio noise in the background. Also playback just hangs every time I use it on Anchor. While I know I can download and listen I like being able to call in during an EP if I have something I want to contribute and with playback gaming every single time I use the app, it’s really not something I can do.
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3 years ago, Loves2sing11
Great way to make a podcast
I love using Anchor and I love what they do for you as far as distributing and monetizing your podcast. I’d like to have more sponsors for voiceovers and allowed to make more money from making the podcast itself. It is very little money at all that’s being made if barely any with all the views, it doesn’t add up and I think there is more to make if it’s being allowed to happen. There are plenty of sponsors out there and I am grateful for those that I’ve had. I’m also grateful for the opportunity I took to make my podcast and all the extra work that Anchor has placed into my link and publishing/distributing my podcasts, so thank you and I appreciate you! Don’t forget you’re awesome! 👍🎧🎤🎬
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3 years ago, Constructive_Kritisism
Love The Concept But Needs…
The concept of anchor and its distribution capabilities is amazing but give us a way to go live! All the new apples are doing it, and these apps allow comments from listers in real time. Having live shows means lister s will be more apt to tune in, join the show, and then come back for more. We could all benefit from this. Anchor could have in-app ads with also a pro version. Apps with live human interaction are changing the wave and those not able to keep up will be left behind. Overall, anchor is my go-to. I saw an old rating from 3 years back that stated anchor places their ads on the user’s iTunes and social media posts. Is that still the case anchor? Since I usually listen through the anchor app, I simply don’t know if anything has changed. Thanks!
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11 months ago, Vivienne Magdalen
Editing tools are not reliable
When I try to edit my audio, the sound of my voice is not aligned with the image of the waveform, so I have to guess where to make the cuts. Even after I replay what I have trimmed within the “edit audio” function and it sounds correct, it saves it badly and it comes out wrong after the save so the audio sounds glitchy and choppy and words and sentences are cut off. It’s very annoying. I can spend an hour editing just to have to start all over again. The editing tool is reliable only 30% of the time. I have tired to uninstall and reinstall the app several times, as well as updating iOS and also using the editing tool directly on the website. None of this helps. It is frustrating!
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4 years ago, Consumer defender
Great in general, HORRIBLY EXECUTED MISSING feature.
This app in general has a great interface and is intuitive to use. However the developers are missing a CRUCIAL OVERSIGHT, which is record with friends. Why do I need to initiate ONLY on the app and invite my friends? Why can’t we do this exclusively through the web browser or app on PC and Mac?! We both have studio grade microphones and now only one of us can use it, because the other is forced to use abysmal phone mic audio. Not to mention the process of inviting a friend seems to only connect with luck and hope. We tried multiple times to connect, at least 10 times and only 2 of them were actually successful, but then one disconnected itself, despite strong internet on both sides of connection. REALLY dissatisfied with how the app handles podcasting with a friend. It’s utterly absurd how difficult and compromising it is to do something as simple as record a podcast with a friend online.
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4 years ago, ChazU-tamed
Can’t Hear with Record With Friends Option
If you want to record your podcast solo, it’s 5 stars, but if you have a show that requires a guest or multiple hosts, forget it. Record with Friends has always posed some type of an issue (albeit it was minimal and quickly resolved at first) but within the last month, the host can’t hear the invited guests at all. Although you hear the great “elevator” music and the alert sound that there’s a connection, but once connected you can not hear the actual person. Nothing helps; not using a speaker, not headphones, not rebooting the app, nor contacting support as they have no clue what the issue is and have no timeline for resolution. The platform would be amazing if it actually worked as advertised.
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1 year ago, Katie363
New feature suggestion.
I am new to pod casting and this app has made it so easy to jump in! But, for the love of Jesus…. Will you PLEASE add a cue to deleting asking are you sure so we can stop the action or make a way to get it back that was done by accident by clicking on the wrong place. I just did that and it is a terrible feeling and I wish there was a safe guard or a way to get it back. Yes, my fault but it sure would be nice to have that feature… so someone else doesn’t have the same frustrating, sick feeling I have right now. Again - love this app but feeling a bit aggravated with myself and the fact there isn’t anything I can do about it. It just would be a nice addition I believe.
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5 years ago, Sk8terMan9
Amazing for it being Free!
I have been using this app for about a month now and it has been excellent. If you are starting out as a Podcaster this is the app for you! It’s simple and very straight forward. If you have been podcasting for a while and know what you are doing, then don’t even try it. This apps focus is getting your episodes out there and managing them. The editor is a side thing that is obviously not invested in or looking into developing much by their team. Which I would say is good because it allows the editing to be done by the user and not the app. As a creator, I always say “if you create something then flipping create it! Don’t half-app it and make someone else do it.” All in all, great for a solid podcast distributer.
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5 years ago, ItsJuzztin😜IJ
I love Anchor! (Some things that could make it better)
I recently started a podcast called The ANJU Podcast. Sometimes me and my friend can’t always meet up to record an episode, so I love the record with friends feature. The problem I have with the record feature is that there is no pause button. I get you can stop recording and just pick up recording again and just add the two recordings into one episode in the editor, but it would be a great feature to have to be able to pause the recordings and play them again. It would make podcasting a whole lot easier. Overall, this is a great app for podcasting! The pause button while recording by yourself and recording with friends would make an instant five star from me. I look forward to more updates! -Justin
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6 years ago, LindaV50
What an amazing, wonderful creative idea. You are all are so awesome for this. For doing this and having a medium like this. I can’t believe that you have created a way for my voice tolive on. No matter what I do I will be able to yell at my kids or tell my husband how much I love or loved him. No matter what. I will live on forever. And for you to offer it free😳. What a wonderful gem you are😍. If you have the honor of reading this, pat your self on the back. Then pat two more people that work beside you. Tell them Great Job. encourage them to pass it on to three other people. And when the compliment or words of affirmation come back to you, you will know how I feel right now. Spread the Love, Spread the Word, Spread the Voices.
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3 years ago, AddictedToBreath
Torn but this app is glitchy and looses recordings constantly
On one hand, I’m highly appreciative of this app. We have recorded approximately 15 one hour long episodes. I wouldn’t have even had the idea had I not heard of this app. Unfortunately, the app has crashed on at least 10 different occasions requiring us to re-record an entire episode. Sometimes this has happen almost an hour into an episode (near the end). We have also had issues with shorter segments not saving or becoming corrupted when they save. Trying to use another app to record audio doesn’t help, the app fails to upload imported audio. The desktop version of the app is even more glitchy and even when using a nice microphone seems to record horrible audio. We found just using the iPhone to record resulted in better audio quality. Things like receiving a phone call during recording can destroy a recording. Turning on do not disturb and turning off the screen shutting off automatically are workarounds we have pursued, but even they don’t guarantee an outcome. It’s been really frustrating to loose so much of our recordings and time when each episode we record is special and requires a significant emotional investment and a ton of vulnerability.
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4 years ago, BabyV28
I love Anchor 💕
I found the love of Podcasts after I learn from other’s I have a voice for radio.. I tried just recording my voice in the mic app for reminders.. I perhaps have been trying to find other ways of relaxing to stay in a comfortable place in my life. Now that I have found the love of podcasts I considered making my own.. Thank you Anchor.. you gave me the privilege to Accomplish this new way finding ways to expressing my life to other’s who may be going through the same struggles in life that can relate to me in ways I never thought possible. So we all can share the love of the podcast world! wish me luck everyone and don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my podcast Cozy & Comfortable on Anchor!!
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3 years ago, Ear Open
What a treat!
For this person, Anchor is such a sensational product. Valuing connection, the construction workers that are the co-creators of Anchor with Jesus, The Ultimate Creator, have set sail so to speak to bring you the waves of others that care for communication and counsel and consumer satisfaction and other important aspects involved with this product also including creating episodes for the practice of creativity. As far as i can see, there’s no need to make port for another platform, drop your search and stay where you are by not only dropping your jaw at this product, but this Anchor shall aid your fishing for knowledge and that which you will to cast abroad.. around the world.
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6 years ago, Smegax
Almost great, but fatal errors
The idea and software are great, plus there seems to be a lot of app support. However there are some major needs to make this app professional. There should be a setting that allows you to start and pause the same recording (it boggles my mind that I have to hold up the phone or keep my finger on the screen the entire time I'm talking and can't put the phone down) and second it has no "editing" tool for any of the clips. So everything has to either be perfect or cut into little pieces for it to be post-produced, makes it mandatory to post unwanted audio. It should at least have the settings that the iPhone record app already has. Additionally, the video making tool is great, but it only does segments and not episodes. And you can't combine segments, making any episode multiple videos (clutter). Also it would be awesome if we could upload our recordings from our iPhone voice memos, that would solve a lot of issues and do for more easy content. And what's up with the middle square on the interface? It's useless. There should be some settings for recording. Finally, I wish there was some generic background music choices like on video editing apps.
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5 years ago, Rogerzsn
So easy to use!
I have a lot on my mind so I thought, well why don’t I start a podcast so I can share my thought process and voice my opinions. I was introduced to this app and it is amazing! Here’s why: The layout is simple to understand. You want to start recording a podcast from your phone, you have the option right in front of you. The app walks you through registration of your podcast to all major podcast stations, helps you add music and trim your audio, and really just does everything from you. I am BRAND NEW to podcasting so I didn’t want to spend time thinking about what I need to learn to get a podcast going and this app simply does almost everything for you. So far, I love it!
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2 years ago, 𝕊𝕠 ⒶⓂ︎ⒶⓏⒾⓃⒼ
If you want to know about this app, read this pls
Hello! So, of you are looking for a short review, you have come to the right place! This app is a great app I think! Well, if I could get it too work! The reason I gave it 5 stars is so you could see this! When I tried to sign up, it would ask me for my date of birth. I would type in my birthday, and it would say: “Please check tour internet connection or reopen the app“ I would over and over and it wouldn’t work! When I finally got in, before I could even tap the record button, an app popped up! Thank you fir taking the 1:00 minute out of your day to read this! Thank you bye!!
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Podcast For Beginners
This has been very interesting and educational on various aspects and for beginners it answers many questions and gives a lot of knowledge on how to pursue in starting building and creating in how to implement creative aspects in producing a successful podcast. I thank those involved for taking time to make it simple and for all the creative aspects that can be utilized and many thought provoking concepts to make your podcast real and applicable to what your goal and purpose for your listening audience. Thanks again for thinking it through from the initial beginning to a full fledged experience of excellence for the podcast person or persons as you make your vision a reality.
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3 years ago, kymbee88
Great for recording and publishing but no good for editing
Great for recording and publishing but so far I have had terrible experiences with editing using this app. I want to love the editing tools but if I accidentally click out of the editing window (I use my iPad for editing) it exits back to my library and I lose all of my work. This issue is easily recreated and has happened multiple times where I have edited about half of my episode and my child touched my screen and I lost everything or my hand accidentally touched the screen and again, it didn’t save and all my changes were gone. If this bug could be fixed then I would use Anchor for all steps, start to finish.
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5 years ago, KingDaddySmurf
Truly love this app and opportunity it provides
This app has given myself and several friends a great opportunity to create and distribute a music podcast that is now being simulcast on radio stations because of the popularity in the community we create this for. Music community has embraced it and we are proud. Would love to be a featured show and get more sponsors, which we mix between ones matched by anchor to us along with ones we sell directly to bands. If this cost money to do or get a bunch of equipment we would not have been able to get this going, possibilities are now showing up we would not have had to better our futures without it.
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3 years ago, Kazangorod
Record with friend sync issue - needs fixing!
Overall a great app and very easy to use. However I have one big problem with it: the Record with Friends feature does not work properly. My most recent recording had a significant lag between the different speakers, making them talk over one another. Because the voices are not saved as separate tracks, there is no way to fix it. I reached out to customer support but have not heard anything about it. Based on an internet search, people were reporting this issue a year ago, so it really surprised me that there hasn’t been a fix yet. This makes remote interviews completely unworkable with Anchor, so I am having to turn to third party apps and services to do this. If this were fixed I would absolutely give Anchor 5 stars.
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6 years ago, nonstable
Find another app to use
I started on this app spring 2018. Admires the app from day one. But then anchor started “updating”. Wow this app is super unstable. Anchor has an extremely slow support system in place. You can ask for help and literally it will take about 7-9 days to get a response that doesn’t help you. I’ve been in the Facebook group and have asked questions and brought attention to the ridiculously slow support department. Yes anchor kicked me out of the group. Hey you asked for honesty. I recommend NOT using the app. Or just go to Speaker app. Inside the anchor app after you record your show. The app would/will upload it 15-25 times unless you reset the app. If you are going to use this app. I strongly advice you record you entire show. Then upload the show in anchor via desktop. NOT cell phone. If you need help or technical support. Ask people that use the app NOT ANCHOR. Anchor will blow you off literally.
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3 years ago, Faithrave
WIL BEIYUR HOSTMASTER... “ OFF SCRIPT” Is my for fun persona
Off SCRIPT, transparent, and open? This is my first post. No reason to TOUT Anchor.... JUST THAT, while I was buzzing in my head about how to INSPIRE AMERICA..... Aren’t you tired of speaking from the heart in text? Revealing facts about yourself that you wouldn’t want people to know? “Like the fact that you don’t know punctuation.? “ .. Or maybe you can’t speak your clear thoughts because; The words are beyond your own comprehension. We all see those images in our head. I believe that if this works, (ANCHOR), at least I’m inspired to create something that can be seen by others. PARLOR gave me a voice outside of Facebook and the fear of being bannned. It, PARLER, just like ANCHOR, are creating what’s needed to grow. Made me personally responsible for myself. I believe that ANCHOR is another tool in our war chest against losing our country. Whether its Politics, The Republicans or the Democrats. We are the American citizens. Big tech and big media cannot influence our minds. We must use it wisely or get off of it. THANK YOU ANCHOR, we will see where it goes.
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5 years ago, DeMoNsLaYeR1410
Awesome but needs tweaking!
My nephew and I made a podcast with your app called Word_Exchange!, we love the app but we found a few inconveniences along the way. First off, THE VOLUME - we use the music you give us but we have no way to turn it down which ends up being kinda loud when people are trying to hear us. Secondly, THE MONEY - we did an ad for you on our podcast and still haven’t been compensated as promised, you should contact us and tell us if we did something wrong or we’ll contact you, either way getting paid is essential for us to make our podcast even better so more on that later. Lastly, THE TOOLS - the tools you give us are not as good as we thought they were gonna be, this includes volume, add ways to cut audio in a more advanced way, add more tools and effects to help podcasters achieve full potential. please I’m begging you, your app is revolutionary but needs some work, listen to the people and you’ll find that your success will reach greater heights, love ya and keep up the good work! Sincerely, Will from Word_Exchange!
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6 years ago, Loomynarty
Very happy
I think this is a very ambitious app that’s making podcasting more accessible to pretty much anybody and i love when things are made available to anyone. One thing i wish was in the app is a fast forward feature or at least the ability leave the app and come back to it later with the podcast you were listening to in the same spot. I’ve been listening to a podcast whenever i drive around but after i get out of my car and live my daily life i come back to the app and it’s pretty much reset, i usually just put it in the fastest playback speed and just tap the forward button like 200 times but if i was just able to slide to the spot i was at would be amazing
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4 years ago, TarlyD
Uploading podcasts is so easy
I have been using anchor since I started my podcast, not so perfect podcast. & it literally makes it so easy to upload my podcasts into the world!! All I had to do was upload it to Anchor and Anchor let me know when it was available on other podcasting vendors. & from then on out, as soon as I uploaded my podcast episodes to anchor, they were immediately available on all podcasting platforms. I would never actually sponsor something I don’t believe in, but I have felt the need to put a sponsor segment for anchor at the beginning of each episode because I believe in Anchor. Thank you so much for making it so easy!
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6 years ago, Jeff Sanguis
Interview issues...
I want to give this app five stars but I’m torn... it had me very excited about the potential of recording interviews over the phone. (And I’m sure it’s great for anchor that anyone I would interview would have to download the app as well) first time using it I was underwhelmed. My own voice comes in very low versus that of the person I’m interviewing, but that can be fixed in an edit. My biggest issue though is I did not know there was a time limit!? I felt horribly unprofessional as I had to “call back” the person I was interviewing three times because of being kicked off after about 6 or 7 minutes?? So it can be a cool app for recording, but I don’t know if I’ll be switching to anchor for my show over what I’ve been doing the last few years.
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6 years ago, drjessthebrand
Not a fan of the new set-up
I recently updated the app and was excited to get something new to explore. However, I am not a fan of the app’s use of background music. While I like the more options... there are too many and you can not here the background choices in a simple fashion of sliding through like before. Once you select a background tone you must select from list and go back to listen. If it is not to your liking you have to start over. I was just as hard to explain as it is to use it. I hope they go back to the old way of selecting background tones. Especially with my 100th episode approaching! #Station11:11
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4 years ago, Uncle Z 20
Good but had a problem
My first thought of this app was great but I had a hard time trying to export the podcast and I looked it up but it only did a portion at a time I want to upload the whole thing on my website and when I tried it only did each segment by themselves and then I saw a button to add the segment to my podcast so I thought maybe it wasn’t added so I added them but I came to realize it just added then a second time which is no big deal I would just delete them and when I did it delete both rather then just one so by then end I didn’t have my podcast at all and an entire hour of my work was wasted hopefully it was just user error I will try again and see just disappointed my entire episode got deleted
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