St. Louis News from KSDK

4.8 (26.4K)
107.8 MB
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Tegna Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for St. Louis News from KSDK

4.75 out of 5
26.4K Ratings
3 years ago, pkteacher97
45 years of watching KSDK
I’ve been watching KSDK since I was 5 years old in 1976. My fondest memory of my dad was watching KSDK channel 5 from the young age of 5. My dad passed in 2009, but I continue to tune into News Channel 5. Every anchor, reporter, news director, etc since I can remember has been nothing short of classy, honest, caring & truly have a love for the St. Louis & the people of St. Louis. Thank you for continuing to bring us the most accurate news. And thank for being in our living room each and every night. You all are truly the best in the business.
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4 years ago, mathgician
Bad design, little to no relevant news
The layout and user experience of this app is horrible. Half the time is does not know if it is in landscape or portrait mode. There is no way to just find local news. Much of the news is not even about St. Louis. The option to not play videos does not work. Videos, from KSDK (not a third party) continue to load and play regardless of this fake setting being disabled. Truly a piece of crap designed to keep you on the page and not see any news. More ads than info.
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3 months ago, HM Smith
Five Stars for Channel 5
In the recent storm system went through, I was at a loss due to systems going down. I live outside Union and we do not get cable system. Satellite goes out etc ect. MO backwoods but that’s another story. I loaded KSDK on my Verizon phone and was able to keep abreast of weather happenings. I volunteered after Joplin suffered the EF5 tornado. The weathermen were ahead of events and warned NOAA system had lost capability. I live a half mile from I44 and foul weather follows so I keep an eye on the weather. Thank you Channel 5. H. Smith
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5 months ago, Susan Eileen
Posted death footage I did not want to see
I deleted this app after I opened an article and a small video started playing automatically showing the gruesome death of a mother and daughter getting hit by a car in St. Louis recently, which has been in the news. I did not want to see this video and did not even have a choice, it opened as I scrolled down. I tried to scroll away and it followed. Very disturbing. This app is rated as acceptable for people, ages four and above. This is a pretty big mistake to make so I am looking for my news elsewhere. The next day in an article about the footage going viral they said that they are not posting the video as a sign of respect to the family of the victims. Nowhere did they apologize for posting it or try to own their mistake. Bye.
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5 years ago, BUGGSBABY:7695
I do watch channel 5 but like every news media I am sick and tired of them being so biased against our President Trump I am beginning to think you are wanting to help take .America down but what you and the Democrats forget as hard as you try God is in control and he will have the final say. I just want to know whose side do you really want to be on. I sure this will be removed from from your review page but just remember the title and like I said WHOSE SIDE DO YOU WANT TO BE ON
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3 months ago, RosesofSharon
I Miss Home
I recently moved from STL in October of last year to ATL. Boy the format of the weather coverage is somewhat like KSDK but the people make the difference. I miss Anthony, Scott the whole team! As Dorthy would say there’s no place like home! I have the app on my iPhone and I don’t miss viewing the alerts of breaking news and weather conditions at home! Keep up the good work and I miss my WEATHER MAN………my undercover husband Anthony Slaughter (you didn’t know it).
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4 years ago, Susan3102
One main complaint
We watch Channel 5 news the most, but have been checking out other St Louis stations. I have your app on my iphone, and am often disappointed there is nothing on the Question to Vote on. I have come to enjoy participating in that vote, but the same thing is often there more than one day or nothing is listed at all. With so many topics available, it should not be difficult to have something different every day. It is also hard to keep up with the seemingly continuous staff changes.
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4 years ago, El Boots
Gives Fact-Checked Non-Biased News Efficiently
I think it is a really great app and gives me local and national news very quickly. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic I have been paying close attention to the app and it has failed to let me down with notifications about outbreaks in St. Louis and the task forces updates. I would recommend this to any St. Louisan who wants quick and correct news.
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4 years ago, Cat319
Always listen to KSDK 6:00 news. Love the reporting! Morgan is professional and down to earth! She is dynamic, friendly and enthusiastic- nice qualities for a news person. I also enjoy Anne-another professional who seems like she cares! Everyone is great. Love the weather people also! Like seeing Scott’s dog when he worked from home. Jim is a good addition to the weather. Tracy is down to earth and of course like hearing about her horse. Mike and Kay bring everything together! Great news team! Thx ....Cathy & Jim from Eolia,Mo
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6 years ago, STL24682009
Content, great! App...
The content on KSDK news is great; I’d give it five stars. However, the app has room for improvement. Most significantly, the rate that this app drains the battery on my iPhone is astounding. I could play a short video, then close the video screen, and notice that I’ve just lost 15% of my battery power in a very short period of time. On other news apps, like the AP’s, I don’t seem to have that problem when I play videos or simply use the app. Fix the battery drain issue, and I’ll likely change my rating to four or five stars.
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6 years ago, Tmkomor
Going downhill
This used to be my go to app for local news. But over the last couple of months, the advertising interruptions have become so ridiculous and intrusive that I can not even finish reading a story without out pop up ads every few seconds. I’ve given up and will be deleting. My husband also deleted this app. I should be able to read more than 10 words at a time without being bombarded with advertisements. It’s sad you’ve sold out. I used to really enjoy your top stories coverage and felt you truly wanted to cover the news. No longer the case.
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5 months ago, Pstras
Good Information, When Updated
KSDK has a well organized website that can be very helpful in keeping its readers informed. However, sometimes days go by without any updates. The station always tells its viewers for more information on breaking news to go to the website. But when you go there all you see is old stuff. At a minimum the website should be updated every single morning. Otherwise, it’s not a reliable source for news.
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11 months ago, LexLuthor2012
Casting feature
I think it’s important that if you do cast the KSDK app, make sure you have something that is eligible for it to be used like a fire stick or a computer that supports casting. I would also to see if they could start having Sports Plus episodes available on the 5+ app for viewers that can’t stay up late on Sunday nights moving forward.
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12 months ago, Dory James
Thanks for always being truthful
I love that the anchors are always bright and happy in the morning Renni knots just makes my day. He’s always true and honest with his reporting no matter the issue. In todays society that’s so refreshing and all the o Ty hers are amazing as well I moved here after hurricane Katrina and have been watching KMOV ever since and can’t imagine starting my day any other way. ❤️
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2 years ago, Disgruntled Inireds
Watching Ksdk
We are long time Ksdk watchers. My husband and you have watched Ksdk since we’re children (I am 67and my husband is 66) and it’s a long time. It is our favorite station. From Chris Condon to Mike Bush and Ann Alfred (and those whose names I can’t remember or a list would result in a lot of pages and typing (my fingers hut). In closing I’d like to say thank for 75 years and will raise a glass to many more. Mark and Leela Bush
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3 years ago, Nana 2 K&K
Adding the Verify spot was brilliant. And adding investigative journalists from print journalism elevated your coverage and it was already the best. All the anchors are spot on. Mike Bush has been steadfast and so relatable. Cusumano is a sportswriters sportswriter. His unfailing honesty on each topic he covers is refreshing. Anne Allred and Scotty and all the street reporters deserve a lot of credit too. My husband thinks sports coverage should be longer. Lol
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6 years ago, Tlk-s
Generally good
I do like the fact that your reporting is more non-biased than other stations. I feel like I’m getting the story without a political slant to the left or right and I appreciate that. The app however has been glitchy lately. It has a habit of closing down suddenly for no reason when your in the middle of a story so that’s kind of annoying. Otherwise I would have given more stars on my review. Also news alerts often don’t open or have anything in them when they do.
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5 months ago, napsterdad
Best local news app by far!
So many improvements have made this app my most go to news app for so many reasons. They offer so many options that work for me. The latest is huge! Able to watch the last entire broadcast in case you missed it! Incredible! Thank you!!
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4 years ago, LectricActMan
App stops working too often
Works for a while then when tapping on a notification app opens to a white screen with “spinning wheel of death”. Issue occurs on iPhone 11 and iPad mini version 5. Once app fails only thing I’ve found to fix is power off and restart device. Other than this tactical problem, it is a pretty good app, but I want something more reliable for local news.
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2 months ago, zxsrrvinkkkjtvnjkmnd
It’s a waste of time
You can try the app. I’m just here to tell you, I’ve tried so many times and it’s very faulty. I relied on this app to get the weather and it’s just stressful. This is the only app that has caused me to actually hurt in my heart. I lost power and was trying to keep up to date with a nocturnal tornado and this app just stuck in a loop for hours. Ad after ad and never got the updates. The tornado hit just 2 miles away from us. Luckily the tornado wasn’t severe. But still. I will never trust this app again. I hope I can save someone from the stress this app can cause.
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3 years ago, Kdbailey14
KSDK app
I prefer the old app. It was well organized, categorized, it was quick to get wherever u wanted to go. New one is hodgepodge of stories together. They melt into one another. Ads can also b frustrating, but I understand that's money. Just liked the layout and design of old one better.
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6 years ago, sejjae
♥️It’s OK but when reviews say it needs improvement then someone should follow thru!! It crashes and disappears a lot when reading or watching a video. Also on notifications about a crash, closing of a road or some breaking news. The info is provided and states more updates will follow later then you hear nothing ! I would say updates would be good to keep people happy. Also a search button would be Super Helpful along with Comment Section for Viewers💬 ♥️
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5 years ago, Jen63122
Doesn’t open to story in notification, and has no search function
This is my local news station and I get notifications for breaking stories or updates, but when you click to open the story, it just takes you to the app home page. Then you have to scroll through to find the story you want, as there is no search feature. I am turning off notifications now because other local stations have apps that are more functional and user-friendly.
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7 years ago, Ahart127
App functionality ok, but...
The content needs a lot of help. The national news section is constantly filled with sports and entertainment in stead of what is normally considered to be national news. Given that there is a sports section, it should not be duplicating in national news, where one should normally be able to find current events (political, governmental, etc) that affect the nation. It’s getting worse with each update & more and more frustrating. I know the caliber of reporter at KSDK, and this setup is hiding the talent of the reporting team.
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3 years ago, Realist_1
Sensationalism and biased
KSDK is the perfect example of today’s media- no integrity, honesty or character. Two inches of snow is a storm and every story is hyped to get your attention. A few summers ago they blocked me on Twitter because I pointed out them stirring the racial pot with Michael Brown’s death anniversary. He assaulted an officer who then had to defend himself. The officer was found innocent. The media makes the thugs to be the victims as St. Louis has become a crime pit. Don’t call KSDK on their lies as they will silence you! And they have their underlying messages to shape your thoughts. Honest and unbiased news is long gone!!!!
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7 months ago, Darkes75
Commercials WAY TOO LOUD
I am glad I have a way to watch my local news in the morning. I use the app on my firestick. However, the commercials are obnoxiously loud and the volume of the news itself is too quiet. So I have to turn it up and then a commercial comes on and blasts my eardrums. Isn’t there some law against loud commercials. It seems very deliberate.
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7 years ago, dhuurdg
Easy to follow and read
This is my only local news app now. It is easy to follow and has a variety of stories/news. Not just focused on one issue as others appear to be. I also like how KSDK handles things on the air because of what they have done over the past year. I also like the Weather Alert app!
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4 years ago, AB8019
Unfortunately I do not like the new update at all. I wish they would have the option to download a full weather app and nothing else. I tried to share with my Mom the older KSDK app I have and it isn’t available. A lot of us prefer not to participate in watching the news every single second. It’s not healthy. I had always told everyone how awesome the previous weather app was because it was only that and done accurately. The new one is mixed too much with everything else like non stop news or sports. Thumbs down.
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6 years ago, BlueNoteFan
App ok
Would be nice to be able to actually read the story from the notifications that show up. When you click on it, you get either a blank page or a bunch of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with what the notification was about.
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7 years ago, Grape2Juice
I like your set up and arrangement of the various news types. Too, I like your headline news pieces for new events and I like your pictures section. I personally like the month pictures of sunrise, sunset, seasonal, landscape and animal subsets. I'm glad you cover national and international news, in addition to the local happenings.
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1 year ago, rkieatkjh
Weather not reliable
Got a pop up on my phone about storms and clicked to access the radar and it shows storms. I then open the ‘live’ radar on app and it shows no storms when it’s clearly raining outside. Why don’t the radars match?
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4 years ago, lukey123456789101
While I find the app easy to use Inreceived a weather alert but in order to watch it, I had to be forced to watch an ad! Glad it wasn’t an imminent threat to my area - but it was important information for some people!!
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5 years ago, Lizzie31
Overall app is fine. However I keep getting notifications for topics that I have clicked off. I have to go back into the app and click those notifications off again. Next thing I know I’m getting a notification about the same topic again. Stop changing my settings!
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4 years ago, Tricia M22
Your website is user friendly, but who proof reads the articles before you post? I am an elementary school teacher and I sometimes use your articles in my lesson plans. The kids have to find as many grammatical errors as they can. 😬
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3 years ago, EllingtonMae
A focus on the weather
This time of year, with active weather and fast-changing conditions. Please bring back the KSDK weather app. The current app is no comparison to the direct to live radar with a single click on the app of the discontinued weather app. I understand that you are trying to maximize advertising clicks but current weather functionality is poor at best.
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5 months ago, Annola
I have to reload the app about once a week. Old weather stays on page too long. It gets mixed up with current weather. Confusing.
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3 years ago, Ralph 5
I need to know the present status of Covid rules for Busch Stadium. I was told to go to this app….absolutely no information there about current Covid regulations at the stadium. Guess I’ll have to miss the game. Just too risky. Big disappointment.
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4 years ago, Lin Baker
5 for 5
Channel 5 is my go to whenever news is breaking or just to catch up with the days events. I trust the app to keep me posted on all weather related happenings in my area and that’s important to me. So, I give 5 a 5!!! Linda Baker
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7 years ago, Janestl
Narrow minded
Such a narrow minded news station. There is a big world out there. On days there have been terrorists attacks across the world , particularly Africa you report useless petty irrelevant news. Have seen it multiple times. Get with the program KSDK
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2 years ago, Iloveusbank
Literally the worst app on my phone
I update this all the time because I like to use it but you only get a few minute window to read what you want to read and click on what you want to click on and then it won’t let you read anything else it just “loads”. This happens EVERY single time I use it. I update it frequently and I have no other troubles like this with any other apps on my phone.
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2 years ago, SandyCfrom StCharles
Weather team
I really enjoy watching the weather team on KSDK. They really keep everyone up to date when bad weather rolls into our area! Thanks weather team!
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5 months ago, MS services
News reports
The news reports are given daily with a lot of correct information and the facts are true . Well plan with the delivery.
Show more
2 years ago, roarky61
Thank goodness for you!
I love using the KSDK app to get my news, weather, and traffic in the morning. It is great to watch or listen to KSDK AM in the morning in the car. Thank you all for getting me going every day!
Show more
4 years ago, N!O!H!S!
I love the app because I am able to listen to the news while I get ready in the morning. Sometimes it is not so dependable....just quits working or starts spinning out of nowhere and interrupts the news.
Show more
5 years ago, Amandaleighway
No Longer Works
This app has not worked correctly for months. When I open it up, the whole thing freezes and does not let me read or watch anything. I have reinstalled the app and updated my phone, the app also behaves the same way on other phones/devices. I am now deleting it because I am unable to use it except for the notifications that 99% are irrelevant. Channel 4’s app is the way to go for local news apps.
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3 years ago, . _ _ . . . . . . . . _ . .
New version is awful
The KSDK app takes seven seconds to show any news headlines. This isn’t because it’s loading data. It’s showing sponsor garbage. The KMOV app, which has a much nicer layout, opens in just under one second.
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6 years ago, Deb Dar
Love being informed
I am loving the updates on news in our area. Weather, traffic, information on what is happening each day.
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12 months ago, Jeffboan1966
Love Weather APP it keeps me informed of the weather that’s headed into ILL then I can warn my costumers OF storms that head towards ILL before they hit ILLINOIS that’s what I like bout KSDK weather app it keeps me informed before it gets bad in Southern ILLINOIS thanks a bunch nice app by the way
Show more
4 months ago, Grandma RJ
KSDK is the best!!
All of your staff are professional and entertaining. How can you beat that! Thank you for your hard work bringing the news to our area and starting the day with me. Grandma Rita
Show more
4 months ago, viewer 17
Is there any other?
Enjoy KSDK every morning and evening. I use the weather app 2 or 3 times a week, more if bad weather is forecast. KSDK is all we watch for the news.
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