St. Paul Pioneer Press

1.3 (67)
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for St. Paul Pioneer Press

1.33 out of 5
67 Ratings
7 months ago, MacJudy
Horrible redesign!
Who thought it was a good idea to stop showing the pages from the current print edition? They should be fired. The new format is terrible. It does not include all the sections found in print. If this does not change back to something more like the old format, I will be cancelling my subscription. (Ideally, create something with the best features of the TWO previous apps. Let me see the pages and enlarge the image. And let me click to view all the text for a given article AND be able to enlarge that text as well.)
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11 months ago, Sonnekboom
This could be the worst app in the history of apps
Terrible newspaper. I have to call in at least once a week to get a refund for no delivery of paper. So, then if you try to use this app, it is slow to load because of all the advertisements. Then if you go into an article, you cant get out, because the back arrow doesn’t work. Probably because they haven’t done any maintenance in years on it. Too bad you can’t give it zero stars.
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11 months ago, North n South
Half baked
Tried to look at local weather - app took me to webpage which promptly locked up for 45 seconds and then had a pop-up trying to get me to subscribe even though I was logged in.
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12 months ago, favorite book at 34th st.
So lousy
Wow. I changed over from the Trib, because I live in St. Paul, but this app is so bad, I hardly ever check it. Yuk. The banners are all incomplete. You don’t even know what you’re opening for a story. Just freaking awful.
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2 weeks ago, reallyunhappymn
Log in
When I first started the Pioneer Press, I logged into the app one time to access the print edition. Now I log in “every” day! Should have left the old app alone.
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1 year ago, Targmr
I had to pay for this limited amount of news? There’s almost nothing here. I thought we could get a replica paper.
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4 months ago, Rmac912
At first I thought I didn’t understand how to use the app. Lack of content and a poor layout I’m deleting the app.
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4 months ago, ckosel
Worst 3 Dollars I've ever spent
Subscribed for a year for 3 bucks... Boy did I get taken. App hasn't been updated for a full year! Guess the owners think everything is great?
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3 months ago, SubscriberNoMore
Could not even login
Worthless, about as good as the paper
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2 years ago, mnymad
Go back not forward
Loved the old app - looked at it everyday. Deleting the new “improved” app🤦🏻‍♂️
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2 years ago, Todd N
Needs rewrite
Scrap it and start over. Make it look for like a newspaper please
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8 months ago, MissippiRiverWalker
Scrap It
Very unfriendly to read. Build an app that can read like a newspaper.
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1 year ago, mrduster340
Bad app
Locks up too much
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7 years ago, musicluver123abc
Laid an egg with this app
The current app is poorly designed and difficult to navigate. It is not intuitive. I am disappointed as I enjoy reading my news on my device but find the experience frustrating. It's difficult to find articles and once one is found navigating through the article is arduous if not impossible. I would LOVE to know about the 8 east metro restaurants I should know about (as the teaser suggests) but when I got to the article I couldn't figure out how to navigate through it. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, St. Paul Mom
Change font size in settings
For those who wish to make the text bigger, including the headlines, tap on the settings icon on the bottom of the screen. At the top of the settings page you’ll see a scale with letter “a” on it in small, medium and large sizes. Drag the blue dot across to 5e size you want. When you go back to the main page, the headlines and the text will be the size you selected. As for the content, I appreciate it and I appreciate that the news on the app is still free. However, will likely subscribe soon. We need to support our local news sources. We need to make sure local journalists’ voices are heard and stay connected to our local communities and the world.
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7 years ago, Hdthetvman
Needs lots of work
I subscribe to both the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press, so I receive both the print and digital editions. For years, I've noticed the overall quality of the MSP newspapers tips in the Star Tribune's favor. However, since I live in St. Paul, I subscribe to both. The Pioneer Press is a good newspaper; however, the app is awful. It is on a horrible interface, very hard to read, to the point where I haven't opened it in weeks. I would much rather receive my news on the Star Tribune's app, as it is crisp, clean, and very easy to read. If I were the head of IT at the Pioneer Press, I would invest lots of time, energy, and money to upgrade their app, as the Star Tribune's blows theirs out of the water.
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10 years ago, HomestateMN
Works Great
I've been using the app for about a week now and I couldn't be more pleased. Loading is quick plus it has an offline mode which is great when I'm on my iPod. Clicking on links within articles is very easy such as following major columnists on Twitter. I'm not sure what people were complaining about before, I have ha no problems with downloading new content daily and advertising glitches. I recommend people try it for themselves!
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11 years ago, Otter616
More effective
I think most people who hate this new version actually hate the boring layout. It's not exciting, I'll grant you that. But now the photos have explanations underneath which is an improvement over every other new site, and after you click on an article, it turns grey so you know which ones you've read and which ones you haven't. Very very efficient, and I've grown to like it. Only four stars though because it truly does look boring.
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11 years ago, DC3907
Haters gonna hate
Why are so many babies crying, app is great works perfect, easy to navigate, great layout. All the 1 stares must be old people who have trouble turning their phone on, cant expect the technically challenged to like change. O and for the person who said it asks you to upgrade after you upgrade.... Try opening the new updated app not the old one lol. Dumb People, SMH.
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9 years ago, Grassomer
Do not update!
Do not update until they fix the bugs. This app launches just once then freezes and won't open ever again. I deleted and reinstalled it and it did the same. Now I can't even get my old version back. For the time it worked it was horrible. Can't view multiple news article topics at once anymore because the icons take up the whole screen. No more division standings for sports. The Lynx have been removed from the sports page. The old app was far better.
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9 years ago, Imagemakers
Slow and crashes all the time
Slow to load and clunky. Crashes at least half of the time. First it would never load for me. I deleted it and reloaded it. Then it started working but very slow and crashes more often than not while reading the first article or two. The old version was much better. I hope they come out with a stability update so I can rate it better. I would keep the old version until this app is better and more stable.
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10 years ago, Hungry4 news!
I'm liking this app
Like having the app. You have to refresh your screen to get the most up to date news but its there throughout the day . Some stories stay on for days but the stories on top are more current. I like it for when I'm out of town because I keep up to date on home stories.
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2 years ago, JSKoepp
Makes you sign up for other accounts to read
I have a paid digital subscription to the Pioneer Press, but the app blocks stories unless you sign up for more accounts from other groups. It feels more like a way to market other stuff. Will probably cancel digital subscription since I can’t read the press on the app.
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2 years ago, Sir Kutz
Preventing people from getting the news.
I have used this app for the past few months. It’s ok. It really leaves a lot to be desired, but whatever. Now however I can not read any articles without signing up. “It’s free though”, so then I ask, why? Why are you preventing me from reading the news? Your not asking me to subscribe, or pay for access, so why?
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11 years ago, Trate728
Major flaws
Very poor redesign, I was much happier with the old version. Daily deals requests location permissions frequently, and new stories will not upload unless you scroll back twice to default menu. Many users could experiment with app for days before learning how to get new stories. Some efforts to improve design had merit but it is grossly outweighed by flaws. 2/5
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2 years ago, karlygiraffe
I use to like spending my free time or a little bit of time everyday reading articles. Now every time for the past two weeks I go to click on an article and it talks about a subscription and/or signing up, I signed up and it still doesn’t let me read the articles, just the headlines.. TEASE
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8 years ago, Thesdah
Frustrating App!
I use this app daily , but find it very frustrating. For one thing, when u first open the app, I want it to open at Top Stories. No, it opens in some random place, sometimes in the section I last was reading, sometimes at All Stories. For another thing, newer content is slow to load. A page will load with older content that I have already read. Then a notice comes up that newer content is available. Finally the newer content will appear. Why put me through all that? I shouldn't have to wait that long for the most recent news!! Please make improvements!!
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11 years ago, Klayski11
Why the haters
I too really liked the old version of the PP but this new one is growing on me. Takes some getting used to, however I find it just as easy to navigate. There seems to be many more pics which is a nice addition.
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10 years ago, FrameShooter
Getting much better - potential is high
Much improved app, hugely! Still has some bugs (eg Settings page is blank, Navigating the traffic page is an inexact science). But this has the potential of being a great source for traffic, weather, news, photos, videos. Truly.
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8 years ago, SeriouslyBad70!!
This app is so aggravating, you can barely click on write review to enter this. Maybe my expectations are too high? Shouldn't something work if you pay for it? The app looks nice and is easy to navigate however, its main functionality seems to be crashing. Take some lessons from other news apps I.E. USAToday or CNN and get this figured out. It shouldn't be that hard. Fix it.
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2 years ago, Silvershark69
Expecting more
I had a subscription to the Sunday paper and the on line edition. This online edition is nothing to compared to what I had six months ago! This app needs a lot of help, I am going stay with this for a while to see if it improves! I hope they take a hard look and bring some of that other online edition they had/have to this edition or I will not stay for long.
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8 years ago, realswede
Pop-over ads, crashes
This app crashes on my iPad 2 when starting. The full screen ads with video and audio frequently pop up and completely cover the display. Very annoying. Comics are frequently stale and several comics always fail to update on Sundays. This app continues to rate as my worst app despite the valuable news content.
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7 years ago, Well grounded
Snappy and simple - it's a lightweight summary of the full version. Think USA Today version of the Pioneer Press. Like the traffic function. Hangs up on some of the banner ads, but I have not encountered ANY pop-ups. Hopefully the PP keeps it this way.
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3 years ago, NormalPerson1056473
I’m a Gen Zer, meaning good with tech, and a computer science major. Due to the fact that the app itself is free, this is a fantastic job. The poor ratings are not valid. I strongly recommend the app.
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10 years ago, JimmyJack5000
Subscription now?
Living in California I used to like this app to read about the Vikes. Now you have to have some stupid subscription in order to access content. I used the app because their web site is terribly over run with poorly made and placed ads. Now they are 2 for 2 on bad decisions. I guess this is the end for me. I'll look elsewhere.
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9 years ago, Pat..,,,
Just the news would be better.
It seems that the latest version is competing with USA Today. Lot of pictures but not so much news; also very slow to load now. Would much rather read the Pioneer. Press, but you can't get it "same day" when living in the boon docks.
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10 years ago, Finrwines
Easy to navigate and read
Love the categories. Makes it easy to find stories. Especially sports.
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11 years ago, Firefly Horizon
This version is fine. Compared to some of the other "upgrades" I've experienced with all my local news apps, this one isn't bad. That being said, I'm not sure why it was changed, the old app was excellent.
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3 years ago, starand tribune
Going out of business
As a news based publication; this is a severely failed attempt towards society’s tech advances. Shame on you. You double price of printed version and fail on internet version; Are you trying to go out of business? Maybe it is time for a combined twin cities newspaper source.
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11 years ago, TashaMyrah
Haters gonna hate.
The articles still work just fine, there's nothing to complain about!
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10 years ago, glenr0166
Used to be nice app.
Something happened over the last two updates. Articles in the main news section are not updating. I have no new articles. All are 6-9 days old. IOs 7.03 - iPhone 4s
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8 years ago, HonestMiker
Subscription required
I wouldn't know if any of their content is good since you can't view any articles without a subscription. So instead I use KSTP, Fox and Kare 11 apps; no subscription required. Nowhere in the App description does it tell you that you have to subscribe to their paper. I can at least read the NY times with out one.
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7 years ago, zanus
Big improvement over previous version. Great way to stay on top of local news and the PP is more generous with stories then ACROSS the river at the Tribune.
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11 years ago, Jtscott79
Disappointing Update
Format of previous version was much better. Columnist section has been removed, no more Soucheray. I had given the previous version a 5 star vote based on range of content and ease of navigation. 2 now, putting them on par with the local competition.
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2 years ago, Mrozek13
I get it, but...
What used to be an app that gave local headlines and stories is now one giant paywall. First, they make you register. They tout no credit cards, but, once you register they make you pay for anything past your first article. I get it, but, they just broke the app with a paywall.
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7 years ago, Babybtch
So far this version is the one I like best. They still have one problem....there is no search option....finding sainted/tainted, dear Abby or anything I know is in the paper...
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7 years ago, TravelingNow
Huge improvement
Much faster than old app. Well done.
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9 years ago, MFred10
A step back
What's the deal with big pictures for each story? You can only see 1-2 stories on the screen at a time. It makes scanning the headlines much more difficult.
Show more
3 years ago, shorevw
News vs Sports
It only shows 2 news stories then you must click on more. But it shows 4-5 sports stories before you have to click on more. Ridiculous that Sports us more important than News!
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9 years ago, Gdtnvdyjvdhbchb
Site is well done and allows me to follow the news from my hometown while I am gone
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