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User Reviews for Star Tribune

4.1 out of 5
354 Ratings
1 month ago, Unusually bright
Trib app
Can’t complain too much, but this is what I could say. It can be glichy and I’m not crazy about the pop up ad that each article that you click on has happen, but oh well, like you’re going to eliminate them because I don’t like them! You’re in the business to make money.
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1 month ago, Lady Samm
Star Tribune review
Have always loved reading your paper. I am sad of the smaller paper and fewer reporters as you have always had outstanding reporting . I also want to say that I’ve appreciated the person on your staff who double checks the spelling- after the Spellcheck automated system. Sentence structure matters to the intent of the message and STrib has always seemed to be really so aware about that. My mother was a schoolteacher and she was picky picky picky about spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. I like reading billboards, roadside signs of one kind or another. Looking for some ‘Oops’ in the sign about those English topics I mentioned. So thanks for your attention to these things. They matter. I have a 88 yr old friend. I gift her a daily and Sunday paper for her birthday, Christmas and other holidays. She tells me it’s a highlight of her day to make a cup of coffee, sit down and read your paper. And she thinks of me everyday. So thanks for all you do for us who love the Star Tribune. Keep it up. We’ll keep reading…
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1 month ago, Kstnay
Generally works, but occasionally freezes up
I use this app every day, and in general, it works pretty well. Some of the irritating features are the stupid blinking ads everywhere. For an older person like myself, who has multiple “floaters” in my aging eyes, it not only is annoying, but it makes me dizzy enough to have to walk away. Enough already! Another annoyance is during reading of the comments of any article…if you want to “read more of this conversation,” clicking that will do so, but then exiting will put you back to the very beginning! This is dumb because I may have already read through several hundred comments! I do not feel like scrolling through all of them again, so I usually just switch to a new article to read.
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1 month ago, glempe
Love the Strib
I love the Paper because the news is timely, the reporting feels even handed, with right mix of local, national, and international flavor, AND I can read it the way and when I want to, given my busy schedule. Online has options to feel like I am reading my old school newspaper at the kitchen table, or I can just focus on what I want on the website for a quick hit of what’s currently on the front burner… Personal notifications, make it hard for me to miss the news that matters most to me, chosen by the best curator, you guessed it, Me!😉😎
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4 months ago, johnandor
Have had it..
Cancelled my e-subscription for the second time for the same reason. The app, as downloaded, does not allow me to log on. I go to the Strib website and log on thru Safari with no problem. Since I prefer the virtual print edition, I try to transfer to that site. It asks me to log in again. This worked for about a year, then recently my log in attempt was rejected. I read several e-editions, including the New York Time, daily. Switching between formats, using the crosswords, Worde, etc. absolutely no problem. Problems with IPad logins appear to be endemic with your app, judging by the comments. I think it’s time you switched out your developers.
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1 month ago, Privacy gone rouge
Home Grown
Growing up in the 60’s is all we had to read and, even signing up as well as delivering it to to my neighbors. #1 in the country. While in the military for my career I still read that paper and now on the app. I read it every day on the app because I do not live in Minneapolis anymore. Can’t say enough about the Star and Tribune. It’s my go to for my Hometown news!!
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6 months ago, PAbatemarco
My daily emails don’t work together with the app at all
I receive my daily emails see a story I want to read and it opens the app and asks me to sign in. When I do it takes me not to the story I clicked on but to the main page then I have to go searching for the story. Two things: 1. Why aren’t the app, emails and social media connected re keeping track of the story I clicked on? and 2. Why does accessing the app from the email and social media require me to sign in every time. When I use just the app I remain signed in indefinitely. Both of these issues are resolvable my New York Times app coordinates with both the emails and also thru clicking on links in social media. This issue is so frustrating that I’m thinking seriously about dropping my subscription entirely. Please fix this and catch up to the rest of the publishing industry in using tech to encourage readership rather than driving us away.
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1 month ago, gramichele
Frustrating way to start my day.
I love being able to read the Strib on my iPad, especially as a Florida snowbird. What I don’t love is the slow, buggy app. It freezes up a lot and I need to restart it. I never get to reading it all because run out of patience and time. I’ve never experienced an app this bad before. Please fix it!
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3 weeks ago, Ray j 49
Ray Johnson s Thoughts
I’m almost 92 years young and have never forgotten the days when I had a paper route delivering the Star Tribune. That’s about 80 years ago. Now I read the obituaries to see who’s passed. I read them on my I phone because we live out of town, but they cut me off and try to sell me a subscription Sad Story
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2 months ago, daviderickson
Great Content& Great App Experience
This is the first app I open in the morning and then throughout the day to keep up to date on the news in my state and to follow my favorite sports teams. The Start Tribune is the gold standard for news reporting on Minnesota and the app itself is superbly designed for a great experience on mobile and tablet alike.
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2 months ago, 7ree7op Flyer
App is so much worse than it could be
The strib app crashes a lot. It’s often very slow to load pages or to scroll smoothly. It somehow burns through my phone’s battery unlike other apps. And if you ever try using this app to search for an article - even if you search for the EXACT title - the search results never (and I mean NEVER) show what you’re looking for. The only reason I keep subscribing to this app is because I believe it’s vital to support local newspapers.
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6 months ago, Stix P. McGraw
Still clunky after all these years
I enjoy the Strib- the content is good- but unfortunately this is a clunky app that doesn’t do the paper justice. For many years now, the app has had severe operational issues, and it still does. Often you’ll tap on a headline and the story won’t load- you just get the wheel of death. The same thing often happens when you want to read subscriber comments. Apparently they’re not planning to remedy these issues….
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2 months ago, Jim1662
This app needs work
The front page often lists the same article more than once and has old articles taking up valuable space. I would also like the option to turn off sections I’m not interested in and an easier way to access the sections I am interested in. I also subscribe to the NYT and find it easier to navigate through their sections. They also keep the front page up to date without duplication.
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1 month ago, Kappelhoff
Keeps Improving
Everything is running smooth for me. Really enjoy getting news from professional journalists. Only wish I could subscribe from the Apple App Store. Other than that, a quality news product for these times.
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2 months ago, Arcys1
Great App
The Star Tribune app gives me all of the information that I need from News to Sports to Weather and everything in between. There are many features that you can read about the Twin Cities. The content is always up-to-date and accurate.
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6 months ago, Andy in Minnesota
Reliable, easy to access news
The app makes it easy to find local news in an organized place. Better experience than navigating the internet to the website.
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2 months ago, Brad in St. Paul
Highly readable
This is one of the cleanest and most readable newspaper websites, and the app makes a seamless interface. I don’t always agree with the Strib’s editorial stance and choices about how to cover local stories, but they’re the newspaper of record in the Twin Cities, and an important voice.
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1 month ago, Tima II
There are times when the article does not match the headline. The repeat of articles while scrolling is confounding. Makes one think they’re not using the app properly.
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1 month ago, BrilliantMed
Top notch local reporting and a well-designed app
The app works well. The news coverage is extensive, including the less populated areas of Minnesota. Coverage is largely unbiased and just puts the facts down in black and white without spin. My go-to news source.
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2 months ago, Tom Vatterott
No Subscription Required
PSA - you can download the Star Trib app and read articles without paying for a subscription. Pretty neat (I pay anyway). My only complaint is that there is no “save article” or reading list function. Please add that soon!!
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2 months ago, Fully read
Enjoy the regional coverage
I appreciate the coverage of outstate communities. I also like reading the new articles as they are added throughout the day, rather than waiting till morning to read all the news.
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4 weeks ago, CC D's
Repeating repeat news not news
As I scroll through the headlines at some point I realize I am reading the same headlines repeatedly. Unlike the actual news paper where you only read a story once. I guess it is like my Navy training for giving live briefings. “ You tell them what you are going to tell them, then you tell them, then you tell them what you told them.”
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2 months ago, OldBirder45
Our eldest son works for the paper, and his family live in the MSP area. I use my subscription to keep up with MSP area news and to get a perspective on national and international news that I do not get from either The NY Times or The Washington Post.
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1 month ago, Propnurse
A slice of home
I may live in Los Angeles. But my subscription to the Star Tribune app allows me to keep up on what’s going on in my hometown of Minneapolis. It also keeps me up a news that might affect my adult kids and my grandson who still live in the Twin Cities.
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2 months ago, Sota Sports
Long time subscriber
Sometimes difficult to load. I find it irritating that the same stories are featured two or three or four times through the daily feed. Also, do you only have one person on agriculture stories? Some of those items are a month old!
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1 month ago, SB gov
Great way to access comprehensive news in the Twin Cities
I use this app multiple times per day to stay informed about our community. I love the comprehensive coverage of everything from city government to the food scene.
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1 month ago, Robert 143
Star trib
Start my day with this paper and love it. As a boy I even delivered it (actually the star edition)! Star trib is an iconic “newspaper” that I trust will outlive me. I truly hope the staff there feel pride and ownership of their work and their vital American responsibility. Democracy lives through the free press.
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2 months ago, Dcpander
Good app if using basic features
Solid app if you just need to read the articles. Fairly clear and ability to change font sizes and navigate, or swipe through stories. No ability to rotate or enlarge pictures, and non-standard articles take a looooong time to load.
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1 month ago, rlinsk
Lacks save-as-favorite/ read-later option. Lacks link to customer service (for when your Sunday paper's not delivered). Not synced well to what’s in the paper; hard to find stories and photos. Even after some enhancements, still not up to the Strib's usual high standards.
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2 months ago, IMHOJab.oublietteKubrickMug.iu
This app is extremely slow and clunky on both my iPhone and iPad. Terrible. And the content does not change much from day to day. I see the same stories for days at a time in many cases. Only minor updates daily. You’re charging us for this content, so update it daily at least! Does the paper version print the same content each day?I doubt it. Rip off!
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1 month ago, ajp144
Better but still hangs
Some articles take too long to load their web version. Sometimes it makes you login again to read articles, despite having already logged into the App
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2 months ago, DM-Minneapolis
Working really well now
Strib has really improved the app since the last time I rated it one star for crashing all the time. Great way to stay on top of what’s happening in Minnesota.
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3 days ago, Dario.mejia
Marvelous News Paper:)
Imm grateful to be updated on the local mews of what is happening in the whole Twin Cities and beyond. Thank you for keeping me well informed and updated to the latest in depth story.
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2 months ago, Reader in stc
Link problems
Even with a subscription, some links, especially those that must download, don’t always work. Please try to improve this.
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4 weeks ago, SLPsteve
Repeat articles day after day
Wish it more directly matched the online e-edition, which is hard to read on an iPhone. On the app, one sees sees the same articles over and over for days. Click on an article and see similar articles in the feed as main screen. Why?? I Use only for quick reviews.
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3 weeks ago, Toe+Knee
Well designed for easy viewing
I think the star tribune app for the easy reading, scrolling design. Just enough bold text and smaller print.
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2 months ago, very old marine
In my advanced years I have developed some vision problems. I am unable to read the physical newspaper but with the ease of using the online app, I can fully enjoy reading my Star Tribune.
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1 month ago, AsynchronousEric
Lousy app that misses the basics
If you just want to read the top stories it is passable. But the search function is useless - shows you stories from 12 months ago but not the one you read last week and want to find. The comment sections are a cesspool of conservative hate and they are happy to monetize the engagement.
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1 month ago, CIndyJoMN
As a longtime subscriber, I thought the app would be a quick way to stay informed. While some of the articles are current, there are many that are repeated and some that remain on the site for several days. I don’t feel that much attention is given to the app.
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2 months ago, Joodypoody
Never can load comments
I subscribe only to the digital version. The comments are a unique feature of the digital version. Or would be. But the never load. Very frustrating. Please have your tech people look into why the comments don’t load on an updated iPad.
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4 weeks ago, CountZeller
Star tribune
Easy to use. I resisted reading newspapers on line but since StPPPress has dropped delivery to us, I chose the reasonable price of the star tribune. Much more to the daily paper than Pioneer Press has.
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2 months ago, CCY48!
I use it daily
I love the Star Tribune, and although I get the full digital issue, I like the app for push notifications and breaking news.
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1 month ago, Suzie707477
Easy to use
Star Tribune online is easy to use. If you want newspaper look use e-edition. For those of us delayed daily delivery, this fulfills our needs.
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2 months ago, stan lofsness
Always reliable!!
Best electronic paper in the country. It’s always on my phone each morning at 5:04 and it doesn’t matter what city I’m in. A true bargain.
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1 month ago, Cpbstar
Poor buggy app
Very poor resonse / navigation - even with excellent web connection. Very frustrating when home page will not open, stuttering when navigating between pages/articles. Individual stories load very slowly, sometimes freezing.
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1 month ago, MN_Badgers
Tired of the push to pay for content
I downloaded your app, I get exposed to the ads on it, and I’m only able to view a couple of articles per week… Which is counterproductive to your efforts, because I’m not using the app as often anymore (in favor of other news outlets), and as a result, your advertisers aren’t getting my eyeballs.
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1 month ago, stevenglasford
Really well organized, feels like reading the paper
The app is very well organized, it is a simple app but I haven’t had it fail me yet
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1 month ago, RickInEly
Great Newspaper—Terrible App
The Star Tribune has been one of America’s great newspapers for decades. Excellent writing. And integrity on reporting… something that’s sorely missed in much of today’s media. But this app is junk. On about half the stories it links to pages that look to be taking you to a generic web browser. And—about half of those—require you to log in again… even though you’re already in the app. And—once you click to log in….. nothing. I’ve written to them and basically, they refuse to fix it. The STrib is a great paper. Skip this app, buy a subscription to the e-edition and read it in your browser.
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3 weeks ago, Eclector2
Local news and more
Good fairly balanced and important local news coverage.
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2 months ago, HP is poor
Poor journalism
We cancelled our subscription because the paper primarily uses NYT and AP content which we already receive. Very little local content worth reading that is not available from MNpost. Editorial page is primarily a DFL opinion page with no right wing balance. Reading NYT and WSJ everyday provides opinion balance. Strip is just thin and poor quality journalism.
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