Starfall ABCs

4.2 (375)
61.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Starfall Education
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Starfall ABCs

4.19 out of 5
375 Ratings
5 years ago, mommamommaredpajama
Great app, but constantly freezes up.
I love this app for my little one because I know every little game he’s playing on it is safe and educational, and it is easy for him to navigate. However.. it constantly freezes up on him, specifically in the balloon matching game, so I repeatedly have to turn off guided access, restart the app (which usually takes a few times to actually kick it back into working gear), then turn the guided access back on. It gets annoying after about the 20th time, and it is super frustrating for him, as he almost never gets to finish the game because of it. Would be a whole 5 stars if it weren’t for this glitch.
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5 years ago, thewellnessmama
The best FREE learning app!!!
Like most everyone else, I can’t say enough great things about this app! It teaches every single thing your child will need in order to master the alphabet and lays the perfect foundation for them to become successful early readers. Both my 5&6yo children love all the Starfall apps, because they’re fun & easy for them to navigate. I love it, because while it’s FREE to use (non-profit run by charitable donations ❤️), it’s just as educational as all the other apps that charge an arm & a leg! My kids are hard to please when it comes to learning apps, but Starfall has managed not only to capture their attention, but keep it as well...even my 5yo son who’s both ADHD + dyslexic! It’s helped him so much that he was just moved up into the 1st grade with his big sister and got to skip Kindergarten!! Starfall gets 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me AND my children! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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5 years ago, bbxrose
I can’t say enough good things about this app. I am a nanny and an early childhood education major. I cannot say enough good things about this app. It teaches children the letter name and sound and reinforces this with each slide the children move through. It shows each letter in words with pictures and emphasizes the sound. The 18 month I nanny loves this app and loves her special time to get to play on this app. From using this app a couple times a week for a few weeks, she’s started to show understanding of discrimination of letters. She also tries to copy the letter sounds. I’m not a fan of putting kids in front of a screen and not teaching them but this app is a great supplemental source to what children are already learning.
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3 years ago, Caperdust
Gender Confusion
I love this app for my one year old because he’s able to navigate everything on his own without my help, but I’m REALLY confused as to why they would use a boy to act out the part in the little MISS Muffet song.🤷🏻‍♀️I didn’t allow my son to watch it to avoid any confusion. A girl was first used to play the part of Little Miss Muffet. Why was it necessary to then play the song again and have a boy act as little Miss Muffet?🤦🏻‍♀️ I removed 1 stars because overall it’s a nice app, but it could use a few updates and corrections.
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6 years ago, Twirp11
Not iPhone X compatible!!
I absolutely love this app. It was also recommended by my sons teacher. So we bought a years subscription. It works well on pc but we were wanting something universal across different platforms. Thinking that apple is so popular we didn’t think about it. When you are playing on the iPhone X you can play but you CaNNOT go back. There is no back button so between each activity you have to turn off your phone so the app will reset back to the home page of the app. It is very frustrating and this is not the app I want my kids to be frustrated with. I really hope this is fixed in an update very soon!! This is a great app otherwise.
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5 years ago, everynicknameistaken364876541
Change Icon Color
It is a fine app, but I am going to delete it. My apps are color coordinated and the multi-colored icon of this app just wont do. In following Marie Condo I am not able to keep this app. The icon of many colors does not bring me joy. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue. You would be wise to make it all one color. You’re welcome.
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2 years ago, apgarvin
Great, but misleading advertising
The info button that directs you to purchase a membership on this app makes it seem like you can unlock the rest of the games within this app. My 3 year old can easily navigate this app so I purchased a membership hoping to get him access to the rest of the activities. However, this was not the case. In order to utilize the membership I must download a different app which is not as easy for him to navigate. Very frustrated, and called customer service to be met with a very short response. I would not have purchased a membership knowing it would not work within this app.
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3 years ago, AKA Aubree
Starfall ABC
We used Starfall ABC in my kindergarten class, in the beginning of the year to help with letter recognition and with letter sounds. It’s an engaging tool! Now retired full time Grandma, I downloaded it on my phone for my preschooler and sat for an hour with him and it entertained him and me. In the classroom I never got to fully discovered the program entirely, I’m sold even more now.
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13 years ago, happy mama 23
Pricier App - Might Wait for a Sale ;)
This app does what it says, its the ABC portion of the starfall website and it works great as an app and I'm happy to have it for my 2yr old when I'm on the go! Its definitely a pricier app in proportion to the amount of activity you can do with it though, I enjoy the website and didn't mind paying $3 this one time because of that, but if they piecemeal their website into apps, I can imagine I'd probably try and wait for a deal to download future apps of theirs rather than pay this much for each one just because once my son knows his letters (he's one sixth of the way there!) then this app is no longer fun for him.
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6 years ago, chuckmeyer
Can’t exit app on iPhone X
This app doesn’t appear to be compatible with iPhone X — it enters a mode where you cannot swipe up to exit and I have to turn my phone off to perform any other actions. Do not recommend for iPhone X owners until they upgrade.
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2 years ago, TB Bennett
Love it
My 4 year old granddaughter loves using Starfall. Keeps her engaged for up to an hour. I like it because I know all the games are educational and it’s a good use of her time.
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2 years ago, marylandmg
I’ve had this app for my 3 1/2-year-old for about two weeks she’s been through all of the activities many times and she’s done very well but it doesn’t advance, she’s replaying same games. what am I missing?
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7 years ago, Ginger 45678
My kid loves this
I feel like a lot of the negative reviews come from the IOS updates, not necessarily the app itself. My kid loves the app. I use it as a reward for good behavior (psst she's learning stuff, too.)
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3 years ago, TitaniaP
I can’t believe it’s free!
My kid learned sooooooooo much! She was able to pick up enough to start reading.
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5 years ago, cecantu
Gender confusion, seems to be on purpose?
Very upsetting that my 2 year old can be faced with gender confusion at such a young age. Why the G on this app takes the opportunity to teach “girl, I am a girl” wouldn’t be so bad if when you go to the letter B it says the same for boys... nope it doesn’t! B is for “bouncing ball”! Deleted the app promptly once my innocent, 2 yr old boy says to me that he’s a girl! Fix this!!
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5 years ago, Vaguita32
Helpful for my baby brother
It make him want to play forever
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5 years ago, Fnafboy1965
Hey Starfall I Need To Tell You Something
This App Is Good But I Need To Say This: Can u make Starfall Numbers Free? Cause Since This App Is Free I Want You To Make Starfall Numbers Free😐 Ok? Thank You!😉😌
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3 years ago, unikittyfun12
Thanks for developing the chibi cute version of abc song
It has a fairy, wizard girl, robot, and kitty, and an ice cream narwhal! It looks kinda girly anime!
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4 years ago, jejdnxncbcbdndnxnxnxnxbxjfndjx
I used to play this in pre-k and now I’m a 3rd grade I really like it a lot
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6 years ago, Happy feet 🏃🏾‍♀️
Mom of learners
I must have for little learners.
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5 years ago, Dreamonastar
***** 5 Stars out of five stars
I love the 2D and 3D activities for Pre-K students.
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3 years ago, lhr155
why pay more?
i like this app but you have to buy in app purchases to move forward. my son is autistic will not let us access more short term goals until we pay for the entire platform. my opinion anything under 5 years of learning or with special needs should be free.
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6 years ago, Skout7
The BEST game ever
I remember playing this game when I was little, I LOVE IT
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3 years ago, bigal8130
Some thing wrong with the app
The A sound is missed up
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6 years ago, WileycoyotesfanIVXX
Was it just me or on n net hear oh no? it just me?
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12 years ago, RomanyFilmsVP
App got better and better for my 15 mo old
I downloaded this app along with a bunch of free/cheap toddler apps looking for something my 15 month old could do on our 12 hour flight. I honestly forgot about it because she just wasn't interested at first. But then, she found it on her own a bit later, and I liked that she was getting the basic ABC's. It surprised me when it seemed to evolve with her ability to unlock levels based on her agility with the drag and drop features! She basically found levels in the app I didn't even know we're there, and you could see how much these challenges were exciting for her. She's still trying to master the last few letter drag and drops where it requires her to know the difference between upper and lower case letters, as well as the memory match games that unlock songs. Each letter of the alphabet has different challenges. This is an awesome app that grows with your toddler as they master skills independently from you. She's 18 months now and still loves this app.
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14 years ago, HardworkingStudentMom
For the 2nd time... What happened???
Hello, I'm back to do a review... I gave the developers, I believe a week to fix the sound bug problem... Exactly one week after I sent the review, I got d sound back, Alleluiah:)!!!!, the bad news is that exactly after a week that it had been working, the sound was gone, AGAIN!!! Yes, did i mention--AGAIN???!!!!! ... Unfortunately I love this app bec this is where my 17th mo old son learned to sound his letters & say a few simple words like boy, apple, etc... I don't know how many reviews I'm gonna do for the developers to PERMANENTLY fix thiz prob... But as I've said, u don't have to purchase d expensive ur baby can read just to have ur child learn their abcs... This should b sufficient ( but of course u as a parent should reinforce it by reading, etc...) So, d decision whether u want to buy this app is entirely up 2 u... When it's working right w/ sounds, it's really a 5 star or could b more... HOWEVER IF W/OUT A SOUND (WHICH HAD BEEN VERY ANNOYING!!), IT'S REALLY 1-3 CUZ IT'S PRACTICALLY USELESS!... And as I've promised d developers, I couldn't give them a permanent five star since they haven't PERMANENTLY removed that nasty bug!!!!!!
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13 years ago, Lenotchka71
One of my 2 yr old's favorites!
I purchased this app over 6 months ago. My son instantly took to it. He still plays it a lot and it's one of his favorite apps. It teaches the letters and their sounds with different songs and games for each letter. I did try this out online before I purchased and the online version does have more stuff. Why purchase an app for $3 when the online is free? son loves the touch screen on the phone but has difficulty with the computer's touch pad or mouse. He is able to use the app version independently and he loves that. He also finds the activities engaging. One of his favorite songs is Zig zag boy/girl found under the letter Z. This app is easily worth $3 if you consider all of the activities that it has for each letter.
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14 years ago, KaraG5D
Love it!
My 3 year old loves this app! It is a great on-the-go companion to the beloved starfall website, however he seemed to find it easier to manage on my iPhone than he does on the computer. The touch-screen capabilities are easier for him to control than maneuvering a mouse at this age. He was able to do the clicking and even the dragging around on some of the games at the end of the letters, whereas online I control the mouse and he tells me what to do. I can see this app will be very valuable when I need to keep him occupied when we are out, and I love that while being entertained he will be building up his reading skills!
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13 years ago, Roseangeli Ayson
Love having Starfall with a touchscreen
I love using Starfall online, but I always wished that it was possible to have it on a touch screen since my son wasn't able to use a mouse yet. He would actually try to touch the letters on my monitor. This app makes it easy for him to navigate and he has a lot of fun with the letters. I agree with other reviews that I wish that it had the other features of the website (or I wish safari would play flash). But still five stars for me since I was well aware it was only the ABC section. Please tell me you guys are working on implementing more sections in this app, or at least another app? I will probably buy it.
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13 years ago, BertonsMomma
We started at 6 months!
I liked the website but love the app for my now 14 month old son! He would watch me play through the website when he was just 6 months old and picked up on the "next" button on the app right away at 8 months. He also said "snake" at 8 months old because of this app. He's now trying to say "ostrich". This is THE BEST alphabet app I've seen so far. He used to cry when I'd take it away from him. The only real COMPLAINT I have is that good for nothing back button. My son will hit it accidentally and have to go over several pages several times. You will not waste your money if you buy this app!
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12 years ago, fleerik
Great educational tool!
I've seen many students in the primary school I teach in use and love the starfall site. I've been using the starfall site with my little girl since before she was 2 and she can now say most of her letters and many of the sounds at 2 years and 4 months. I just downloaded the app and she is navigating it perfectly on her own and loves the pictures and animations. She has a little difficulty with the games but will get better as her fingers and fine motor movement develop. Great app! Great value.
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11 years ago, Onj1995
Starfall not so satisfying anymore
I recently purchased an iPad for my special needs daughter. She loves to play starfall on the computer so much that I joined more starfall for a year and was thinking about signing up for another year. When you join you can authorize so many computers. So I was going to authorize her new iPad so she can now use it on her own computer/iPad. When I tried to authorize her iPad the sight redirects me to buy apps, several different apps and I can't even get to the part to authorize her iPad under the account that I already purchase for $35 a year. The sight is broken down into several different apps to purchase from $1.99 - $2.99 each! Now that does not make sense! My account is up for renewal in 2 weeks and I may not choose to renew! This needs to be fixed!
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10 years ago, Brit009
My 3 year olds favorite
My daughter has loved this for over a year! At the age of 2 she was able to recognize her letters and sounds. She is 3 now, and still loves this app. I don't mind her playing because it is such a fun, easy way to learn. My son is 14 months and likes the videos and songs (mostly the zigzag song) He has no idea about letters yet, but the colors and sounds keep him interested. I highly recommend. The Starfall website is also a great resource for parents to play interactive and educational games with their kids!
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12 years ago, The Mama Teacher
Love this app!!!
I have a daughter who is 21 months old. I just downloaded this app on my new iPad. I previously would teach my daughter her ABC's using the StarFalls website on my laptop. However, this app allows her to interact more with the task at hand. She can use her finger to point and drag the ions or press on a letter. This app promotes learning!!! I recommend this app to individuals who want to provide a hands on approach to teaching their child. I look forward to downloading the full version of the StarFalls website onto my iPad when it is available.
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11 years ago, TheDalts
Perfect for on-the-go
It's not as comprehensive as the online paid version, true. But I can't let my kids at the laptop while waiting at a Dr.s appt. or during someone else's practice or lesson. This LITERALLY taught my 4 year old all her phonics and basic reading skills. I added the starfall reading app along with a few learning touch apps when she mastered this alphabet/phonics app. She is reading as well OR BETTER than her 7 year old brother. I largely credit Starfall. I also HIGHLY recommend the online paid version for desktops and laptops.
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9 years ago, Locanis
New revision
While the red bar asking me to become a member is not invasive (only appears on the alphabet screen) and neither causes a problem with my kids playing the app nor causes a security issue, you lost 4 stars by FORCING me to update. I tried to open the app and it required my Apple ID to even open. I don't like being forced to make changes to my device ESPECIALLY since I didn't know what the changes were. I'm the kind of person who has a few apps that will never be updated because I don't like the update changes. I deserved this chance here and you forced users who PAID YOU MONEY to update. I want the old version or my money back. Until then I can do nothing but review your app on BOTH accounts I have bought it on.
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13 years ago, Crazy mom with 3 boys
Best app to learn letters and sounds
My kids are 2,4 and 6 years old and we love this app. Very much worth the money even though it is free online the app is great. This is honestly how my kids learned their letters and sounds. Flash cards are very boring to them this is wonderfully interactive. Their favorite letter is z it has a silly song that they do sing and play over and over. I do wish that they would have an app for their learning to read and reading section my 6yrold is working at that level and wants them on the iPad.
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8 years ago, Teacher Beth
I loved the previous version, but not this one
I LOVED this app. It was 5 stars for me. My toddler was learning his ABCs, and his letter sounds. He was singing the alphabet song in the car, and doing the motions to go along with the letters. I recently downloaded the update because the app was "freezing". Now, on the right side there are three new icons (not shown in the picture of the first screen) that link to samples of other paid StarFall apps. Now my toddler goes to those activities first. They are not as interactive and he has lost the letters and sounds he knows. I wish there was a way to go back and download the old version. I am sad about this change, but my little guy would be even sadder if I delete the app, so I guess we will deal with it.
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12 years ago, Libertywins
We LOVE the starfall website-which is a goldmine....this is JUST the abc portion of the website. I think folks need to slow down and READ the app info and realize the app is NOT the entire website-which does actually offer a paid section for even MORE awesome starfall benefits. As an educator-this ABC app is awesome-best money spent on a kid app. 3 of my children used the website to learn to read. My 16 month old can now have a little starfall when We are not on the desktop doing the main website. LOVE IT and THANK YOU!!! :)
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12 years ago, SpecialKCS
Worth the money!
If your child already knows phonics or doesn't show much interest in letters, then I wouldn't purchase this. However, if they are showing a sincere interest in letters and the sounds they make, Starfall provides an engaging and effective method of teaching. For 3 bucks, it has kept my 4 year old daughter busy and interested over and over. I can see the results! However, don't expect the full version like the website.
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14 years ago, MoonHiker
Pediatrician recommended
Our pediatrician recommended this for my son when he was 1 1/2 to 2 years old. He's now 5 and considered top in his class. I now have a daughter who just turned 1 year old and have been showing her Starfall since she was 6 months old. Even though the online version is free I immediately bought the iPad app because I believe in it so much...and I'm sure I owe them for all the free education they've given my children over the years.
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13 years ago, AMamaIama
Simple but Effective
This entertains my 2 and 4 yr old kids for way longer than I expected. It's simple but surprisingly effective. My 2 yr old is recognizing letters and their sounds a lot more frequently and today he counted to 10 for the first time while playing with this app. My 4 yr old is using the phonetics she practices with this application in preschool. Her teacher actually suggested starfall as a great learn at home resource. I'd love to see more applications for math and more advanced literacy.
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13 years ago, Snmak
Love Starfall!
This app is only the alphabet sounds but my daughter has spent hours with it anyway. I taught her the uppercase letters, but I give this app all the credit for teaching her the lowercase letters! My only wish is that the alphabet song/video that is on the website were also on the app. My daughter loves that song! We have purchased the other Starfall apps and plan to get any future ones. Thank you Starfall for a wonderful website and now a great app to go with it!!!!
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12 years ago, Zipperdeedoda
Fun To Learn
My 8 and 10 year old used to play on the Starfall website YEARS ago. They enjoyed the interesting animation. And I loved that they were learning their letter sounds! Being a teacher I'm more critical about learning programs. But Starfall is amazing (especially the full computer version). When I saw this as an app I was so excited. Now my 2 year old loves it. It's soooo worth the money. Please please please make more apps! I will use them in my classroom!!
Show more
13 years ago, liamveg
Fantastic..Add more from site!!
Love that they brought this to iPad/iPhone. My 4 yr old daughter has loved this since she was 2 1/2 and now can easily learn from it. I wish they would add more of the advanced parts of their website! And for the reviewer who said there was no sound - try learning how to READ your instructions for you phone and turn up the volume. There is definitely sound on this app!
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14 years ago, Amberle's Mom
So excited
Was so excited to see this website turned into an ap! When I first got my iPad I couldn't wait to log Amberle on to Starfall so she could play with the touchpad. What a disappointment it was not a supported website. My disappointment is now over however. Please, please make a similar game for numbers and sight words. This is the best learning game out there!
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13 years ago, Elizabeth820
My child cannot use a mouse so we were excited to get star fall on her IPAD but after paying for it we discovered it was not the complete atarfall that you would see on the internet with the calendar etc. I am using this to educate my child and would really like too see it complete or at least be able to access it from the net while on the IPAD. It would make like easier for a child with a disability. Thanks for listening and if the app had what was stated above it would have received a full 5 stars from us for functionality but, it's incomplete for my child.
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12 years ago, Duped teacher
Sorry I did not read review
VERY DISAPPOINTED. TOO EXPENSIVE! I bought the app for 2.99 without reading the other reviews because I trusted Starfall who initially had good intentions to help children learn to read. Was very disappointed to get only Abc game. I teach first grade and this is much too basic for this time of the year. I basically will not be able to use it until next school year. Much too expensive for only ABC. Do not recommend. I was expecting to be able to access the reading games. Will now read reviews before purchases. I see others were also disappointed.
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12 years ago, Dsl137
Should be free, but we love it anyway
I agree with other reviewers that this app should be free since the content is available online for free. However, I would pay twice as much for this program if necessary because it taught my 2 yr old all of his abcs and their sounds. He loves it! We now practice finding letters everywhere because of his practice with this app.
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