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User Reviews for Starfall

4.01 out of 5
3K Ratings
2 years ago, sig592003
This game has true potential!
Ok so, I am 13. I’m not a nerdy type kid, I’m just a critic. I watch movies and write reviews on common sense media, IMDb, rotten Tomatos, and Letterbox. And I do the same for games in the App Store. I would like to start off and say that this game has a lot of potential. But, in the state that it is at now, it needs to stay free. For everything in game. Period. That’s how it can find it’s success later down the path. Second: It’s great for teachers and parents to use for kids kinder-4th grade. It has tons of English, math, science, reading, and history. It’s almost as good as ABC Mouse! It just needs more content, and, like I’ve said, free content (Of course, until the game finds success.) Last: Is it just me, or is anyone else getting ads? I don’t find ads very safe for kids to be able to see, especially explicit ads. And when they are playing this at school, it is an even bigger issue. And without ads, I think this would be a fun, safe kids game for the whole class, or family, to enjoy!
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1 year ago, SakuraTree4
Amazing 🤩
This app is so amazing. The kids grew up using this app to learn. When they were old enough for school they were acing classes. This app is SO repetitive. And usually apps/games like that are an absolute no go for me. But, this is how you teach kids to learn. Through fun games and songs. The learning to read books are the most repetitive part, they work on the same sounds so that your kid[s] master[s] it before they go on to another activity. If this was here when I was a kid then this is what I’d be using. I’m currently helping my four year old pronounce words correctly and learn more advanced words so that he can read better. He enjoys dancing to the songs. Once his little friend came over and they danced to the songs together. It was amazing to watch. I would recommend this to anyone who has kids. It says up to third grade but I would recommend it to anyone. I used to have a stutter and that could “cure” that. Though, their is nothing wrong with a stutter. I love this app and this truly helped my kids learn. This is a lifesaver. I’ll start my four year old back onto this once he’s off “winter break” (I figured he would think it was rude if his sisters were on winter break but not him.) Thank you for reading my review. I just want the developers to know about my appreciation to this app and how it helped the kiddos.
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5 years ago, Run45Rie
Needs new content
My 6 year old daughter has this app and she loves to use it. It has a wide variety of fun games and gets her excited about learning. I love that she actually uses it. My only complaint is that the app content is repetitive. Each time she plays a game, the equations use the same numbers as the last time she played that game. So, all she has to do is memorize what the answer was last time and she gets the answer. I purchased a year’s subscription thinking the content would be new, but it’s still recycling the same equations. I also wonder why the website has a different organization than the app. It looks like there are more advanced options on the website and more kindergarten options on the app. I’d like to see some more advanced options on the app, as she uses an iPad.
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3 years ago, funsyl
Great app for early elementary!
All parents of 4-9 year olds should have this app. Starfall teaches about math, reading, grammar, social emotional skills, and more. It makes learning fun with whimsical characters and catchy songs. Filled with fun games, books, and videos, Starfall is a fun app dedicated to learning that will get your kids out of the world of adult swim. Your kids will develop a love for learning and reading fast and eventually get them off screens... except to play this app! It includes an online library of kids books, a variety of math and reading games, new songs about kindness and friendship, and seasonal games. It also includes a game that will be every child’s favorite: a game where you can make a character that looks like you, dress it how you like, and other fun activities. Your kids will love this app, and so will you. It’s a must have!
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5 years ago, Laincloud
Excellent app for kids
I love the range of activities Starfall has--reading AND math. It lets the child create an avatar of herself/himself. It's also wonderful that there are no ads always popping up like in most other free apps. I'm considering purchasing the full version because this is the best educational kids app I've found so far in my year or so of looking. However, I would prefer to use my iTunes gift cards to purchase. But it looks like currently the only way to buy a full year subscription is to pay $35 on the website, using a credit card or Paypal. Ignore all those comments below talking about "likes." This app is not social media. It has no "likes." It has nothing to do with Instagram. I don't know why people are spamming the comments talking about irrelevant nonsense. Maybe they get money for it somehow.
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4 years ago, carlyqtpie
Good, could be updated
We’ve used Starfall on and off for 6 years but it has never improved its learning games in all this time. It now feels a little outdated and not as fun as many other games that are newer. My little one gets bored of it quickly and goes to other learning apps that are up to date and fun to use. Kind bummed I just bought another year abs realized he probably won’t use it. Think they better update the apps or lose users.
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2 years ago, Becky😊😊😊
I was looking for ABA therapy apps and found this app… it dug into my memories. Last time I played Starfall was in 2006 when I was in Kindergarten. I remember playing this almost everyday because I LOVED IT! And now, a junior in college, I have this app to help other children. The only downfall of this is having to pay for other games because I remember it was all free back in the day. But they have to make money somehow, right? Understandable. It’s just crazy to me that I ended up finding my favorite website after all these years. I definitely recommend for young children to use this app, this is the best and fun learning tool I ever experienced.
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2 years ago, EHLinkhopp
Starfall is amazing!
This rating isn’t about my son or daughter, it’s actually about me. I played on the starfall website a ton when I was a kid (I am now in 9th grade). This brings back so many fun memories, and even to this day I still have to hop on the website or app to find even more that I completely forgot about. I’m a little disappointed that they added the pay function to unlock all of the games, I remember playing it when ALL the games were free. But times change and I need to adapt to them. Overall, I learned a ton from this game, highly recommended it for all young, learning kids out there.
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1 year ago, ♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️ team!
My story will make you cry 😢
So during COVID 19 my l started to become a “ teacher” at my house. And l would make plans with my sis on when l would teach her! 😂 Once l remember when l thought her about California. Bruh l am crying right now thinking about it 🥲 l also remember when l would play the songs and teach her about the Grand Canyon and she would always pick the pink car to get there! We pretended that the Grand Canyon was a skip and a hop away from our house 😂. I do not NEED starfall anymore but l still use it because every time l play it l get all warm and fuzzy on the inside and feel so much happier l start to cry! I will always love beloved starfall!
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2 years ago, bruh moment 😬😬👌👌
When I was a little girl, I would play Starfall with my class mates. One of my favorite things to do was to learn the alphabet, read stories about a horse and some girl. And then, we moved away. I was far from my friends, and far from my membership. When I was 11 we were here in my current house. One of my biggest wishes was not to see my friends oh no no no no nO! It was to get my starfall membership. No matter how old I was. I was never ashamed to play a child’s play game. Until this very day, after 4 years of begging, I’m a teenager. And now, I finally got it. One of my bucket list wishes is finally complete 🥺🥺. I got my pet dinosaur who could fly back 💅. And my race car bed back, and my slay hair. It all returned to me! by the way I find it so bizarre (Jojo reference?!) that when you put your age on The Who am I page. That you can go up to 30,,,, 40 even! It’s just funny. And yes, I am a teenager using a toddlers game. How could you tell? *giga chad scene*
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3 weeks ago, Wednesday is my gf
Hi my 1 month old daughter and my 3 year old daughter loves this app
Hello my 1 month old daughter is in love with this app and my 3 year old daughter loves it too so do I its really easy and fun learning for them and me! Whenever I’m asleep or cooking before I do those things I give them their iPads for them to do it and it keeps them busy for hours and every time I come to check online they show me what they’re doing and they show me what they learn. They tell me all about it. Every time!!! We love it I highly recommend this app for your children! I write review later bye-bye
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2 years ago, Gothic\
Star fall is part of my Childhood
I remember being a young elementary student in the computer lab playing Starfall without a care in the world, planting a dragon flower or learning phonics was all it took to escape from everything around me and be in my own creative world for a moment. I am now in 6th grade and I would truly like to thank you for being part of my past and my memories I will never forget those nostalgic days, neither will many others. We love you star fall, I hope you know what an impact you had on my childhood and those of many others.
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1 year ago, HiItzmd
Awesome game! I love this so much! Life changer
Ok so first oval I am a mom of 5 KIDS and of course I am stressed out so much. But so back in 2021 someone brought up Starfall and I was like really starfall is an learning app for kids? And then I was like omg I should totally get it for my 5 kids! So when I got starfall omg a Life changer like literally a life changer my kids have been doing starfall for 3 years and they love it they said to me it’s so fun! So this is a life changer for me very much! I love how it has no adds! And fun free kid games and activities and songs! Way too go!! Thanks you guys!
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6 years ago, Nica9109
I know some people don’t like kids/babies using electronics, but my son has been using Starfall since he was about a year and half years old. He is now 2 & a half and he knows all his letters and the sounds they make, his numbers, and loves the songs and activities they have. He’s actually known them for quite a while now, before he even turned 2. I actually bought the membership for full access to the app and I think it’s worth it! He has learned so much, more than I thought a baby/toddler could learn! 😊
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1 month ago, LovxlyNaomi
My childhood
I randomly remember this game a few times a year and today I decided to install it again, last time I played was near kindergarten or 1st grade. I was moved to tears. The sound effects, the games, the little character you build, the running on castle walls with inequality signs game, the songs, the rat and teddy bear characters, everything, made me feel like my 5 year old self again. This game greatly impacted my life. And I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, lovelynelly92
Great app except! It should be easier to stay logged in on multiple devices !
I love the learning aspect but this App always gives me such a hard time logging in on different devices it’s so annoying! It will say my account doesn’t exist or can’t validate receipt& can only use it with all the content unlocked on the original device where I made the purchase. If they fix this issue it would be a 5/5 ! But every month I go thru the struggle because it also automatically logs me out for no reason then back to customer service I go. Trying to get all the tablets logged in again
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5 months ago, She'ssbbsnsnsnsnz
Hi! I remember using this in kindergarten! The one thing I remembered doing with it is the calendar! I wanted to relive my memories, even though I 25 now and, as a voiceover user, I would love it if it’s accessible with a screen reader. I’ve heard that there is an accessibility mode option, but, I would really love it if the application was accessible with the screen reader that way I can access it rather than having to have sided assistance.
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2 years ago, Truebedoor
Get this app for sure📝📚📚
So I am nine and I literally just got this app and it is so much fun you get to do all these cool things and it goes from kindergarten to first second and third and I am in third grade and it’s just perfect all the stuff is great. And I’m still looking through it and I’ve been on this for like and I’ve only been on it for like one hour and I love it!!! Especially this detective book I really like it📰📓
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8 years ago, Martha_x3
I remember playing this game when I was in preschool! But I always wanted to play this when I got home but I never knew the game so I wasn't able to play it until I got to school, I remember when we got free time in prek I would always be playing on star fall, and now that my brother is in pre k, he also has the same teacher as me, so they're going to be doing star fall too, and he also loves this game, thank you whoever created this
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3 years ago, romail
i love Bug so much
i went on learn to read and clicked on short u and i saw this one book called “Bug in a Jug”. i loved it when i read it. But anyhoo, when i went on i’m reading on three little plays, i went on the dog and cat game, i was messing around with the words and then the little stars that was telling me to drag the words, the little stars were glitching and i tried to stop them but it won’t work! Pls do something Starfall.
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5 months ago, g kg khfjxhfhhxhhuhzg
Include all games from laptop
Ok so I played Star fall for 2 years on a computer and it’s fun but when I tried mobile it didn’t include all games for laptop or computer like I wanna play avengers race that game is way to edincting I’m only 8 but I have been playing that for 2 years that’s all I have in mind but add all games I would rate it 5 stars but all the games are,not there so it’s four stars
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2 weeks ago, Galacticgamerheart
Wave of nostalgia
I got the game on my phone because I remembered playing on the computer when I was younger and it looks pretty much the same way it did back when I played. I only ever played the kindergarten games but it looks the same I’m about finish middle school and this game has the same graphics when I last played.
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3 years ago, Eating eating eating
Good but keeps freezing
I read it this two stars because because of the title you can tell my app has been freezing one time I click the X on something and then the whole screen froze it turned white and kick me out of the app but it’s a pretty good game when I tried to subscribe it won’t let me type anything in the keyboard because confirm email and email and when I tried to do that with the password the keyboard didn’t have letters and numbers
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8 years ago, Abbett4
Great for homeschooling
This app is a great supplement to my daughter's kindergarten and 1st grade homeschooling program. She has learned many nursery/folk songs, and loves exploring the many, many activities that cover such a range of topics. The math and reading games are really fun and well designed. She, and her 3 1/2-year-old brother, both often choose to play (and learn) on Starfall over their non-educational iPad games. Win.
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3 months ago, melanie🥰🥰
I’m 14, turning 15 this year but I have to say that starfall raised me, it’s amazing for younger kids who are barely starting to understand simple addition and subtraction. There wide selection of different options to learn from had me hooked when I was 5-6 and in 1st grade. Everyone should definitely have this app in school laptops or iPads.
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9 months ago, dmj523
Childhood memory
When I was in 1st grade, every Tuesday or so we would play this game for 1hr 35 min. I thought it was the greatest game ever! Little did I know I was learning. I was having so much fun playing games with Backpack Bear, reading books and making my character. I'm older now, but I still enjoyed playing this game for a little.
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6 years ago, yzgirl
Such a great app
Can you please make a WiFi free version of this app?!?! We let my son play with his iPad on road trips and all he wants to play is Starfall, but he can’t because there’s no WiFi connection. My son has learned SO MUCH from this app! He absolutely loves it! We have ABC Mouse too, but that app is not user friendly and too overwhelming. His teachers are so impressed with how well knows his numbers, letters, and colors.
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7 months ago, Gamer from heven
Good but..
So I’m giving this 4 stars because it’s a really good app and all but it needs new content. I also don’t like how the new 4th and 5th grade english and math is just videos. I would like to see some math and English games for 4th and 5th grade. I’ve been using Starfall since kindergarten and I think it’s a really good app. Also, yes, I am a kid.
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8 months ago, Lovingly girl
Super productive for kids!
I am 18 years old and i still like to play this game all the time but Ik kids only play it but it’s super productive for me bc i have school every day and it helps me out for participating and i would like to thank the owner for all your help also other personalities tysm it rlly helps a lot byeee
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11 months ago, CarlWheezersCrossiant
Nostalgic and actually teaches kids how to spell, ect
When I was in kindergarten my teachers made us play this and it was so fun everyone remembers it even people who didn’t go to school with me. It genuinely helped me to read and sound out words/add subtract ect. I really recommend this if you have a young kid
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5 years ago, Kmartin1212
Doesn’t work with my phone
I’ve used this in my classroom as a teacher and was excited to introduce it to my kids. I paid for the membership. However when I try to use it on my iPhone 6 it doesn’t work. The app won’t change views when I turn my phone horizontal. You can still use the app but you can’t see everything on the screen and can’t get to the green arrow in the ABC games. I am very disappointed. My kids don’t use the computer yet so now they can’t use it.
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6 years ago, gamulder
Great once it’s fixed
This app currently won’t rotate its screen which means you can’t see the arrow to take you to the next screen. So now you can only do one game/screen before You get locked out. Please fix this as my kids miss playing and we just paid the $30 to renew but now it’s worthless.
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8 years ago, Aghapimo
Great for teaching my brother!😍😍
😍😍😍😍I'm teaching my brother in the closet and it's really good for teaching him because it has educational Stations😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 My brother said he wants to learn on my iPad (he's in love with that app) we were planning to hide from the Internet person that was coming then I said do you want to learn on my iPad to my brother . Love this app to
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3 years ago, Pgddswer
Needs need things now
It’s been so long since I used this on the 2015 on my old broken computer (age: 6) this app needs new stuff but I really actually don’t know but just try to get some ideas or ideas the reviews, you might not do it anyways. But please I know it’s your choice.
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8 years ago, S B V
Takes kid to head of class
We had my daughter's kindergarten conference last week and her teacher said she is advanced and able to grasp concepts they haven't even taught yet and won't teach until later in the year. When I asked my daughter how she learned things that hadn't even been taught, she said "Starfall taught me".
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8 years ago, I am King George
Great program but please make it work offline
This is a great program. I can't express how much my children have learned from Starfall. But please make it available when there is no network available. It worked fine till I became a member and now the app doesn't work at all unless it is connected to a network.
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5 years ago, whatthecupcake52
I made star fall
I made star fall when I was at the age of 6 years old and I’m glad it helps little kids to believe in themselves and learn importance’s I am so happy for your kids learning skills thank you for being such a good friend to your kids and keep using this app thanks bye
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9 months ago, Gwurl_Queen
THIS GAME IS EXTREMELY SEXIST AND I WILL TELL YOU WHY. If you go to the kindergarten section and click on Who Am I you will see the option of boy or girl, which is of to a bad start without a non binary option. Then if you click on boy and make it to the clothing section it has different clothes then if select girl. Also if you dress up your character the costumes are different, but mainly the superhero. If you select woman, the hero doesn’t have muscle, but if you do select man, it does!!! Sexist, much?
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2 years ago, Roy Darryl
Wonderful! ⭐️
The first time I ever played around with this app was when I was in kindergarten. It was a program that all the kindergartners in my school had So the school knew it was a great app. There’s math Reading nursery rhymes and may more! Very educational for any ages around 2-6!
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2 years ago, ꧁Miku꧂
Has a lot of stuff!
This game has a lot of stuff and it’s impressive that it’s free the only problem is this game hasn’t been really updated so there’s no new games and it gets boring after a little while but it’s a really fun game
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9 years ago, KrasH44
Watching my 16 month old granddaughter play
.....and you can see her learning. The game of putting the object in the right size opening is one of her favorites. She is a master at already. She absolutely loves this app. I see all the potential for her to learn more as she grows. As for the American Flag comment below. There are more than Americans using iPads and iPhones.
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1 month ago, Breeflower1
Very good game
It is very good for kids I love it I am seven years old and this is my dream to learn I love to read books and this is my destiny to become very smart when I’m in second grade I will be in spotlight since I am that’s smart oh thanks to this game please shout out to Starfall
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10 months ago, JB-Ro
Go up to fifth grade please!
My child loves this app she’s been learning a lot but she’s going in the fourth grade so I really wanted to do more so I would love it if you could go up to the end of elementary school that way my child can keep on learning
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7 years ago, Robbyassssss
Good for a week
My kids love this app, but most of the games are repetitive. Such as, the colors and letters, it never changes. If you tap the color yellow it is a banana, and never anything else, if you tap on the letter a it is apple and never anything else. The word factory is the only part that really changes and teaches. Even the math games had the same answers. My kids just began to memorize them.
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9 years ago, airans
Absolutely wonderful!!
This app is an incredible resource. Makes me feel so much better that if my son is using the phone, it's atleast for an educational activity! Only thing I wish was that it was available off line. Would make plane trips much more manageable!
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4 years ago, Hug Meh!😭
Brings back memories
I used to use this app when I was younger. I was great and help me in my learning, it was also very fun. When my brother used this game, it brought me so many good and funny memories! I do really recommend this app to toddlers and little kids. It will bring them joy!
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3 years ago, *_pillow_*
My childhood
Honestly I downloaded this because I saw my little cousin playing it and it reminded me of when I was a kid and I would play it all the time. So I want to give the developers a huge thanks for creating my childhood
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2 months ago, More leg free pls
This app is worth it
I’m in high school now, but when I was a younger, my brother and I were very fond of this app. And occasionally I find myself reopening this app to play some of the seasonal games they offer. This app helped in my Ella and math skills.
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3 years ago, veethecat3666
Lol most of these reviews are parents saying their kids love this but the reason I got it was because I used to use it all the time from kindergarten to second grade and it’s so nostalgic going on it again
Show more
2 years ago, Tatertots2020
Perfect for young kids!
This app had been around for a long time, and I used to use it when I was younger! My 2 year old niece uses it now. She can recognize simple words and numbers.
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