Starlight® - Explore the Stars

4.7 (2.3K)
69.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Starlight® - Explore the Stars

4.74 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
1 year ago, business instagrammer
Simple and Great
I’ve had this app for years now and it’s been worth every penny. It makes my inner child happy to be able to put names to constellations I’ve seen since I was a kid. Sometimes the alignment can be slightly off, for example Orion is located more left on the on screen map than it is in the sky. But you can still figure it out really easy, even in a high lit area like a big city.
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9 months ago, Soul Watcher
I love it, But there is a problem
I love this app. But it has the cycles of the moon and other constellation way off now. Today and into tomorrow is the super harvest moon Sept. of 2023. Yet the app is showing the moon as a half waning moon. I noticed that there has been no new update in 9 months so I’m not sure if this app is even truly active anymore. I hope to hear back from the creator to find out one way or another. And if find out if there is a way to update the issues of the moon cycles. Thanks much.
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6 years ago, WinterGarden1
The Best
Simply, this is the easiest to use, easiest to understand, most informative sky-gazing app I've used. I've deleted all the others on my device!....(four years later)and since I originally wrote this review, this app has gotten even better. Still shamelessly simple to use but now they’ve added gobs of information for each star, planet, and constellation. This is an excellent app!
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4 years ago, KaKa76
Best app for stargazing
I’ve had this app for many moons now and it keeps getting better and better. It’s super easy to use and that just makes the experience so much better because you can actually focus and appreciate what you’re seeing, be present in the moment Instead of messing around with options and tweaks. The simplest is often the best!
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8 years ago, GigiBijoux
Beautiful app!
Starlight is a beautiful, fun, informative app! Everything I need for a bit of star gazing right in the palm of my hand. The illustrations are lovely, and I love the way the stars connect into constellations as you pan towards them! I also love that you can click on the stars or planets and get information about them. This is a very sleek looking app with good design and performance.
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3 years ago, KristinaArleen
Simple and Easy
Recently downloaded a few star gazing apps and they all are very clunky and over designed. This one was simple yet smart and user friendly. I’ve since deleted all others and have this as my go-to regularly.
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6 years ago, iPhone 7 in Ky.
Wonderful App !!!!!!
Just when I thought the night sky couldn’t get any better!! Then here comes an app that will help you learn about it!! This is officially my most favorite app! Thank you to those that created it, what a wonderful thing you have made!!
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7 months ago, a#@%&(7)89
This app
Is extremely useful for locating stars and constellations in the night sky it is also accurate and fun to use I would recommend it to anyone
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3 years ago, margo79
Awesome - 5 stars!!!
First time I used this tonight and I was amazed! This is a beautiful app!!! The display is awesome. There is so much information packed into the app as well! Love this app and will be using it on a regular basis. Thanks to the developer!
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5 years ago, Tell Me Mo
Point and know!
This is so cool. The graphics of the constellations, the info on individual stars, being able to find planets by just following the arrow is super easy. I use this app almost daily, oops 😁 I mean nightly. 💫🌙
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3 years ago, sKyArcSc
Make animated starts
The app is great and I love it. I will recommend make all the starts animated. Like the fire in the sun and the others starts have movement, that will be great and very realistic. I love this app!!!
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3 years ago, SonoSylvia
Superb stargazing app!
By far the best stargazing app I’ve tried - easy to use, lots of information about the stars & planets & to top it all off, it’s beautiful! Highly recommend
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3 years ago, PancakeSoupWithPotatoes
Informative, helpful, beautiful, and fun!
I just recently got this app and it is definitely worth the 2 dollars! It gives a long paragraph about every constellation you could think of!
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2 years ago, Iczer-e
Sooo nice!
I love this app! I had another app like this, but when I got this app, I didn’t use that app anymore! I like that the constellations gradually join! It looks cool!
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3 years ago, GmaK50
Love it
Update: I had a problem with the app. The developer responded quickly and resolved the problem. The app is fun and educational.
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3 years ago, Meyo627
Fun and engaging app! The best stargazing app!
Starlight is easy to use, fun, and engaging for the whole family. The graphics are beautiful and the app is user friendly. This is, by far, the best star gazing app out there.
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6 years ago, lalo916
I have used this app for years. It is the best app for casual stargazing. I have tried other apps but nothing rises to the challenge. Even tho it is not free anymore, it’s worth the 99 pennies it costs.
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3 years ago, mmappreview4564
A beautiful way to explore the sky!
Simple to use- and beautifully done. Night mode is a great feature add. A great way to explore the cosmos from the comfort of your couch.
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1 year ago, Madsyth
Fun for all ages!
My kids love this app to find their horoscope constellations and to learn about the night sky! Fun, educational, and easy to use.
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2 weeks ago, MattTheEyeTie
Simple and awesome
Wasn’t expecting it to be that cool or work so well no matter what time of day or night it is
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6 years ago, Pepperred52
Fantastic Astronomy App!
This app is the best for viewing celestial objects and assisting in recognizing constellations and planets real time. Just point your phone at the heavens and immediately see the positions of the constellations and planets.
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3 years ago, JeffersonAirship
Stargazing fun!
Amazing, beautiful, and easy to use! We use this when we go camping and love the Greek mythology and seeing all the planets!
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6 years ago, need a cord of wood
If you have clear skies, you need this
I live on the ocean’s edge. This makes looking up at night even more amazing.
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8 years ago, Jmbo45
A great fun little app
I took astronomy back in college. So as I'm looking through the night sky a lot of it is coming back to me. Great little app.
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7 years ago, elidie
My go to celestial app
I have downloaded several nigh sky/star apps and I always go back to this one.
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5 years ago, superz00m
Best stargazing app ever!
I checked a lot of stargazing apps and prefer Starlight over others. Fast, simple, beautiful - it just works.
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12 months ago, Jiihd
This app helps me know where things are!! Thank you so much
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7 years ago, KenNaples
I love this app. My wife and I can point to a location and the app will ID the target. Great way to view the skies!
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3 years ago, FlygirlKaren
Great app!
Very simple to use. I look forward to using it again tonight. Great app!
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7 years ago, Shellhawkens
This is a wonderful tool to learn more about our magical starry skies. Thank you so much for creating it!
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6 years ago, justusnu22
Well worth the cost! I did not realize all the planets are on the same plane.
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2 years ago, Art seeing
Open my eyes
Love this app. User friendly.
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3 years ago, Kleber Maia
Beautiful, immersive experience
Such an immersive and delightful experience. This is such a beatiful app. My kid an I love to explore the stars on the iPad.
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8 years ago, CougarMeat
Nice graphics
One of the better of this type.
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7 years ago, Odis R
Impressed my friends with this app! For .99$. And it also is educational for this dude!
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8 years ago, Frustrated all over again
Great app especially now that cardinal directions are correct.
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3 years ago, Oklahoma Oldster
For a long time now, sky orientation does not match up with the app. I point my iPad to a compass direction, and the display shows a night sky which represents some other direction of night sky objects.
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6 years ago, 1RKPjr
Starlight starbright
This app is amazing. It leaves noting to desire shows the user just what is there. My grandchildren love it.
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6 years ago, spike 221
Great fun at the Beach
My wife and I loved being able to identify stars and planets!
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2 years ago, ebhenderson
I’m experiencing difficulty getting the app to move the sky when I rotate from left to right. It’s not working right.
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7 years ago, Victor378
Nice and easy to use
This is a great app for novice sky watchers as well as pros. Very detailed.
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1 year ago, lrk_y
Love this app
So useful and interesting!
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2 years ago, fishliyu19888
very good
this software can help many people study the star,interesting and professional
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12 months ago, G.B.O.
I’m looking at the Moon about 45degrees about the horizon and am told it is way below the horizon. I’m guessing that there is some way to calibrate but can’t find how to do that.
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7 years ago, Grant416
This app absolutely blows my mind!!!
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4 years ago, hello21568
Doesn’t work
Since updating to iOS 14 app doesn’t work. Must be manually moved on the screen to the correct direction which defeats the purpose of the app.
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6 years ago,
A mess. Can’t tell where North is
This version is a complete mess. Point the iPad South, the app says it’s North. Or East. Or West. But never South. Flips to portrait mode by itself and won’t flip back without being force quit. Really very useless.
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4 years ago, Debchr
Broken since the update
Ever since it updated to 14.0 it doesn’t work. It opens in a static position facing north even though I’m pointing south and if I tap it to re-orient, it jumps to another static position below the horizon.
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6 years ago, DouglasJamesDesigns
Learning aid
Great app to help my kids learn the constellations, stars, and planets!
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6 years ago, FredH1976
Isn’t it supposed to act like I’m pointing my camera at the sky, following my movement? Well it isn’t. I have to scroll manually, plus it’s not showing an updated sky..,
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