4.4 (4.7K)
70 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playco Entertainment FZ LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for STARZ ON

4.36 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
3 years ago, A. Rustom
From 2 stars to 4 stars
I am happy with the app design. The content are good and they need to improve it since all big streaming services are coming in the next 2 years. Few more updates and UI improvements and you can win a 5 star from me. Their media content is great and cover many shows other streamers don't have.
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4 years ago, Usman I
Great content, great value
The subscription offers great content (complementary to “other” other streaming services) and great value. However, The app is a little glitchy, as in it does not correctly record the last place a video was played to and has some synchronization issues of play history across multiple devices. Does not offer multiple user profiles. These are the only reasons I cannot give it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Bountyah
Deducted amount application doesn’t work
I will unsubscribe soon as i was a loyal customer doing my payment monthly automatically even if am not watching or using the application all the time and there is no direct customer service if i have any issues i have to wait and send more than ten email waiting reply, they deducted the amount but the application isn’t working and am loosing my money for nothing and wasted time by waiting it to load or activate even by paying money. Isn’t it enough that there is no more show’s or series ? Still taking money and de activated my account!!
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9 months ago, KS RUH
Bought an Annual Subscription - Starsplayz were quick to help with a login issue
I bought an annual subscription to the Starplayz sports wanting to watch the World Cup rugby. It was fine for one day; after that when logged in the system indicated that I had no subscriptions. Star plays were very proactive and helped me resolve the login issue very quickly - thanks Starzplays
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4 years ago, GodOfFaisal
This app should have all the tv show or movie same as the original Starzplay the Middle East region are fail we see all what in app but why they didn’t put the new tv show name as P-Valley if u want talk bad about this tv show than u should talk about that tv show name as Power already in app we saw what in it so there no different between them I guess I’m not renew my Starzplay Middle East region I will go to the original Starzplay US I don’t care about Sub to Arabic I want to watch what I pay for it not by what u choose for me be cuz u should chose by add what the original region show . U fail u made the app be bad that’s why netflex Middle East are better than u .
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4 years ago, BinNayae
So first of all I feel like when you wanna watch a real past show or any movie that is very long time ago for a classic movie there’s always going to be there and I really like how you can do anything you can watch superwoman superman Batman anything action comedy romance and stuff like that I give this a five star because they all have good things and I appreciate you if you buy it.
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3 years ago, tishbishinmynish
Love it but..
I love starzplay but it eventually would ask if I’m still watching because it plays all night after I fall asleep watching. Also takes too long to load till the next episode and you can’t skip the intro on the website but can on the app. Definitely recommend though it has shows Netflix lacks.
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4 years ago, Angry cusser
Good Netflix alternative
Lacks a continue watching category from the onset. You can find it under options but that takes away the convenience. Also, when casting it tends to disconnect from your device so you can’t pause or rewind etc. You need to disconnect and reconnect to your device in order to continue controlling
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4 years ago, ecleticnora
I was looking for one specific show which is only in Netflix US and I am in uae so when I found starz play I was HYPED because it had the show and many others! I also was shocked that they gave me a 1 month free trial! And the paying methods are very simple and cheap 40dhs each month! I don’t regret anything
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6 years ago, ♥️😊👍🏼
Needs a few odds and ends to be fixed
It would have been 5 stars but when I am watching stuff for some odd reason it starts over and over again right in the middle while I’m watching which get really annoying and thy should add more variety and Netflix shows would be nice 👍🏼🤷🏻‍♀️
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1 year ago, Prof. Majid
Worth every dollar
Variety of movies , tv shows , documentaries and more. Finally a platform that provides entertainment free of political issues and causes. And unlike other platforms it is extremely suitable for children.
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5 years ago, BehroozH
Good app lacks picture in picture mode
The service is good the app is good.. However, iPad is all about multitasking and this app doesn't support picture in picture.. it is very natural to watch the shows while you do something else on your iPad... Like you would do when watching TV... So please turn on the Picture in Picture option on your next update ASAP. Thanks.
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6 years ago, justlemmepostitplz
Bugs issue
This app is great for movies and tv shows But bugs ruin the experience for me One of which is preventing me from watching because the apps thinks I’m using +5 advices simultaneously when I’m not I hope this will be fixed soon. Otherwise good app in general.
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10 months ago, Khawla AJ
Getting annoying
Suddenly it started asking me to activate my subscription even though my subscription will end Feb 2024. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no use .. even upgrading my subscription didn’t work!! I have been using stars play for over 2 years with no issues
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2 months ago, Ehab Haffala
Images don’t liad
I had this app and a subscription for a while and I pay for annual subscription, however, for the past 7-8 months, the images in the app don’t load, you cannot see any thing, and a lot of errors come up when play certain content like being logged out! Contacted support, they tried solving this and nothing, so I cancelled my subscription until this can be fixed.
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4 years ago, awimba weh
I can’t Watch some TV shows
This app was working great until to day. I was going to watch a tv show witch is the suite life on deck but it won’t work . And I don’t think my membership finished because I can still watch other tv shows / movies it doesn’t make me watch kid tv shows I refreshed the app I logged in and out and logged back in and nothing is working But while it was working it was five stars now a two
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4 years ago, AzizAsiri96
Better than Netflix in MENA
When I downloaded STARZ Arabia for the first time i didn’t like it , the app crashes , sudden black screen , weak content.. But now after two years i was shocked by the improvements , smooth app , great content .. thank you for Ray Donovan and The Office .
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5 years ago, Sadandany
It’s Great
I highly recommend downloading the app but u have to wait for the new seasons to come out like the flash supergirl etc a lot of series are not complete so if u wanna continue the series go to any other app or website but overall I love the App!
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8 months ago, fahadsgalaxy
0 Stars for Service , Full star for the Scam
Having bought the cricket package for the world cup , after a few world cup matches they decided to make the world cup channels an additional add on despite having an active cricket package, I am now asked to purchase another add on ? Are your crazy ? What kind of scam is this ? Cricket package came with 4 channels, midway of the World Cup they decided to remove the 2 channels that broadcast live match and create a new much expensive package. And cricket package is not left 2 channels which only show highlights of old matches. Not kidding. I am not paying another Halala or cent for that matter. Either stop the scam and enable the world up channels for all cricket package subscribers or give us a full refund.
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1 year ago, Tuba tree
Paid subscription but app still says reactivate
I have paid an annual subscription using my iPhone Apple account and the payment went through and it’s showed as processed but nothing changed. My Apple account is reflecting the purchase but there isn’t any in-app support or proper live support for such a service. Sadly I just lost about $96… I love their content and wanted to watch on the weekend and I am truly upset !
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4 years ago, Fares Lamouchi
The content is getting better and better
There’s no complaint content-wise. However, I would very much like to see more improvements as to the UI and the player.
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6 years ago, CKopi
I have had the Starz app (with no problem in the past) and bought a Chromecast because I don’t want to watch it on my tablet anymore. I saw I need to use the Starz Play app to use it with Chromecast. I downloaded that and it won’t let me sign in. It Says this service isn’t available in my country (611) and shows Arabia as my country. I am in the United States and have never been to Arabia. I cancelled my Starz subscription tonight. Netflix works on my Chromecast so I will use that.
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3 years ago, Fbabtain
Super great service
I’ve been trying stars play for more than six months, and I can’t stop loving it. It is unique and different than Netflix, but it provides you with very entertaining and enriching media to enjoy
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6 years ago, yousiii666
Waste of money
Don't waste your money on this app! It is filled with cheap Indian movies that are low rated and simply doesn't worth your time to watch. Also they mix them with international movies which makes it even worst! As if they want to force u to watch and recognize them. Also, the application itself is unstable and crashes most of the time. They claim to have a dedicated section for Indian movies but that is not true as they still put them within normal categories. Their customer support is simply the worst! Tried reaching out to them for different issues and most of the responses insicates that whoever is replying back tonyou is reading from a manual!! Better go for other better services lile Netflix or something
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3 years ago, azizScarlet
I canceled my subscription around 2-3 years ago because the app wasn’t smooth enough to operate with casting . But i joined again like 2weeks ago and my mind is blown of how great STARZplay improved. Yay for them
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2 years ago, نواف الشريف
subtitle color
There is a problem in the IPhone App , Which is that is not possible to change the color of the subtitle, The color is white and most of the scenes have white background so it's very difficult to read the subtitles.. I hope you Fix it.
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3 years ago, Fazpacino
Excellent app, good to watch good old times TV shows , little problem with syncing between multiple devices but a part from that all is perfect
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2 weeks ago, نيغن -/
The walking dead
I thank the Stars On platform for adding series derived from The Walking Dead series. I liked the application, which is easy to use and beautiful.
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4 years ago, MNMH998
Smart download
This app is great with its content but ONE THINK is important for me U need add smart download it is available On Netflix. It works when u finish watch the episode u already download it the app will delete it and start download the next episode. I hop u add this feature as soon as possible please or I will cancel my subscription.
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5 years ago, therearenoothernamesavailable
Repeated ERROR
At the begging it was going well, and then I suddenly got the “Oops, an error has unexpectedly occurred...” text and I know my 30 day free trial hasn’t ended and I already had enough money in my account if any payments were to be made, but I kept getting that text. I decided to make another account and I paid through my Apple ID account and I still got the text. If they could resolve this issue then the app would be my go to.
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6 years ago, alromeb
Works a treat! Why the negativity?
Since I got it in November 2016, I had no serious issues on my Apple TV app! Admittedly, my Fibre internet helps streaming, so do the others have reliable connections? The content is great but can be better!
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6 years ago, Oliviadixk
Down & Deployed
I got deployed a few months back. I have always had Starz since Power & Outlander. Once I get overseas Starz app doesn’t work and I had to download AND PAY for Starz play. You don’t get the same perks. Outlander only has 2 seasons and Power uploads AN ENTIRE DAY after it premiers in the states... NOT TO MENTION, I have emailed Starz several times with no reply but they have NO PROBLEM taking payments for BOTH accounts even though I have NO ACCESS TO STARZ APP... really disappointing!!!
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2 years ago, Ajalsaber
Remove from continue watching
We should have an option to remove a movie or a tv show from continue watching
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4 years ago, Morcoooooos
Better then I expected
It has more shows then I expect would actually recommend it. I removed one star because they don’t have users.
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4 years ago, Naj405
Horrible App and Worse Support Services
They were charging me on the same line for two subscriptions where only one worked and even after I canceled they kept on charging my line and their customer support is as useless as their streaming to TV. Crashes more times than it actually works. And good luck streaming to your TV. It’s more of a pain than it is a pleasure. Not worth the subscription $$
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6 years ago, Gbfhvgcb
Great but
When i watch something sometimes the video freezes but the audio keeps going and i need to close the app then open it again to get that bug fixed
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4 years ago, ICELORD_ZUKO
best ever
It’s just amazing this app is like netflix level stuff i just wish you can have different profiles for other people like netflix other than that it’s really good
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4 years ago, Esther in me
Happy with my subscription
Hope you can add more movies! Overall we’re happy! Easy to subscribe via mobile company! Good user interface. The best quality series! Thank you Starzplay!
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6 years ago, Tb987
I Love You
I love everything about this app, traveling and being able to still watch my fav shows just made me that much complete. Dont change a thing!!!
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5 years ago, Marioom14325
Room for improvement
Very good platform with a-lot of shows that I was excited to see for a long time Here is my suggestions: 1) Add search by category. Until now I don’t know how to find all the Anime you have. 2) Add skip intro.
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6 years ago, m7sk2
Tv shows
Your app is so good but your tv shows are not that famous put stranger things and fuller house and pretty little liars and 13 reasons why these are the shows that are famous but besides that you app is so good bay
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2 years ago, Aladawod
The app keeps crashing
I don’t know where to begin! After each episode I stream, the app shows me an error message and I have to close the application and open it again! The only reason I keep the subscription is that is Starzplay has content that is not available elsewhere. I the moment I see this contest elsewhere, I’m jumping ship
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3 years ago, foood supervisor
Lot of quality and quantity STARZ
Everything you want to watch for the best i mean , it’s really very good streaming service shining like STARZ if you looking for quality tastes of what’s to watch
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5 years ago, Addo alshreef
Not working
It’s paid and yet it keeps giving these weird pop ups saying check your internet connection, my connection is fine on both wifi and cellular data and I tried opening netflix to check and it was going smoothly! I expected more from it yet this bug is irritating and I can’t see a reason for it to be on such platform
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4 years ago, TZCRX
There’s a little problem with the share screen when i start the movie i obly hear a sound with out the video
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5 years ago, Amr !199¡
My experience
The STARZ has amazing content is this TV shows and so much more but the most I would probably the biggest problem that I have ever had with this app is simply the fact that curious by itself isn’t that great compared to for example at TV from Apple or Netflix app.
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4 years ago, ali •
Constant Lagging
Dear StarzPlay Management, I sincerely appreciate the content with all the diverse movies and lovely tv shows in your platform however, the constant lagging (only when viewing through the website) is a bit of an inconvenience; StarzPlay application on the other hand on my iPhone is running perfectly with zero interruptions. I would very much love to continue with my subscription with you, I do hope this can be fixed for myself and many many others to continue using this platform. Many Thanks,
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4 years ago, Dashtiiii66866
Loved everything about stars play
Found my self being addicted to stars play Thank you for your efforts and your app now is the nemesis to Netflix 😝
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2 years ago, meme120688
love it but read my review plz
so so so beautiful program, good movies and series love it but I really would like if you add charmed series and Angel series please I will be very thankful 🤗
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3 years ago, Abbyos
Would be better and better if it has a “skip intro” option
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