State The States and Capitals

4.1 (1.3K)
64.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
ecom enterprises, inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.6 or later
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User Reviews for State The States and Capitals

4.06 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Lacemaker 427
THE FONT IS TOO SMALL and the beige is boring!
This is a good app to help both young and not-so-young people memorize the locations of states and their capitols, but there are 2 limiting issues. I will gladly give this app 5 stars when my children and I don’t have to rely so heavily on the iPad’s zoom function to read the text. The current font is unacceptably minuscule and it sits in a sea of perfectly usable blank space. Leave the background color white, but at a minimum, quadruple the size of the typeface, and make sure it is bold and black. The current scheme is just too hard to comfortably see for learners of every age. Younger children are accustomed a larger typeface in their books and school materials, and older children will appreciate not having to squint or zoom in constantly. Children (and adults) respond to bright colors and they are more likely to stick with the lesson longer if it is pleasing to their eyes, therefore, lose the beige and adopt an entirely appropriate patriotic color scheme. Show all of the unselected states a medium shade of gray, but when selected, light them up in vibrant shades of red and blue. This will make this app PERFECT!
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6 years ago, Mnorth5
This games is like a Mona Lisa of mobile apps. I have learned so much from this app. Before using this app i was a nobody. Now I am a god. This app is God’s way of communicating to us. If someone is reading this I recommend downloading this app. One day while I was browsing the App Store for any random game I saw this. I was drawn to it. The app sucked me into its glory and I pressed the get button. After I downloaded the game I felt a surge of energy rush through my body taking over turning me into a genius. All of a sudden I was transformed into something greater than the mind can imagine. I realized that my life was going to change for the better and that I was born again. When I opened the app I noticed the beauty that this app was. I immediately realized that I needed to purchase more to explore the fullness of this app. When I purchased it I noticed that I had grown taller and my muscles grew a lot. Suddenly I heard a hoard of people coming to congratulate me on getting this glorious app. I felt amazing and felt like a god. I really recommend getting this masterpiece of an app. Please get this and you will become a god like me. Now I will rate this app. 10/10 Masterpiece Amazing.
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5 years ago, Slimdotkom
Great app!!
Schools are NOT teaching geography like they used to and that is AWFUL because even the smartest kids are walking around not knowing a single thing about our country or any other country in the world!! Ask a 5 th grader, their state capitals and unless the parents taught them, they will look at you like: “We do not know have to know that!!” Whattt??? That is just SAD!!!! I love that the developers realize the importance of children really understanding geography! It does not have tons of material but it has enough for them to be able to study the states and capitals and where they are! My kids voluntarily go to this app to practice!! I remember having to memorize every state capitol and the correct spellings as well as having to point them out on a map! Same with other countries! This is no where in sight in any curriculums I have checked lately!! It is baffling!! Thank you sooo very much for creating something so useful and important!! What kind of future does this world have if the smartest people in the world do not know their geography?!??!! :) I encourage everyone to teach it to your kids if the school does not!!
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3 years ago, Alex demon girl 1#
It’s good and educational!
I think this app is very useful and every kid that is still in middle school and below should use it. Nowadays, let’s say I ask a kid in school called Cleetus, (from Albert XD) whats the capital of Illinois? They’ll be speechless and that’s a bad problem. Everyone should know states and capitals. That’s what I like this app so much. However, the reason I didn’t give it five stars is because when you try to unlock something, it says “PARENTS ONLY!” Yet it gives you a simple question like, 6 x 7 or ‘what’s the square root of 16’. Even if they didn’t know the answer, they could ask google or Siri. It’s kids BATE. That’s another problem, everything is so simple for kids nowadays that they could just say “hey Siri, what’s 130 x 150?” And Siri or google would slap down an answer for ya. That’s why we need more apps like this to help kids learn stated and capitals, math, language, exc. but I 100% recommended this app to any parent who wants their kid to learn states and capitals. Thanks for not letting kids get dumb!👌🤠👍 -AlexxDaMeme
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6 years ago, JoMommee
I have finally found something that works for me!!! I have tried and tried to learn this information about the US many, many times but just couldn't retain the information. Somehow, with this app, not only was I able to learn it quickly, but for some reason I have also been able to retain it!!! The only reason I didn't give it all 5 stars, is because, on the flags that have the state's name on it, they should be removed, otherwise I feel like I'm cheating. I would also like to have an advanced level that isn't multiple choice. But, YAY, I finally know my states!!
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3 years ago, flowermilo
This game
This game is one of the best games I have ever played. I got this when I was seven trying to learn where the states were. I wasn’t understanding in school and my mom downloaded this game for me. I played this for just thirty minutes every day and I got them all in less than two weeks! I came in the next morning after the two weeks and I got 100 percent on the test. This is the best app for you, your kids, or any of your friends and family. You can even practice on the capitals and state abbreviations. I still play this everyday and I’m eleven. This game keeps me up to date with the states and I couldn’t thank this game even more. You should definitely get this game. It’s free and you learn while having fun!
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5 years ago, Marvin_E_Newman
A perfect mix of learning and fun!
Granddaughter loves this game!!...and Granpa loves it too - when I can beat her top score! She's faster and sharper and loves to challenge me to rounds of different games. A perfect mix of learning and fun! It's hard to accomplish that balance but this game manages to do it! Congrats to the developers for making a great game. If they provide additional levels and/or other titles, I will purchase them for sure. I would recommend this game for school classrooms too. Update: just paid and unlocked the new games and they are a real bonus. Can't wait to compete with my granddaughter!
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2 years ago, Ccoopperrr
Great game when ever I have crippling depression
My pet chinchilla named tony because he terminal brain cancer so I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately. During his funeral I could not bare to watch his dead in the fire so I downloaded this app. My mood immediately changed from sad to glad as I guessed states and their capitals. Whenever I’m in my grandmas bed with her watching Cartoon Network I usually always get bored. I then pull “State The States” out and she is all over me. In conclusion “State The States” cures your depression and gets you mad girls . “State The States” is 🅿️!!
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3 years ago, kaysnado10
Such a great app!
I’m a fourth grader trying to learn my states and capitals, and when I started this app well, I’m a master! This app is so helpful and it’s fun too! It teaches you at your own pace and when your ready you can challenge your self for more to come! It’s so encouraging and fun to learn with this app, and once you learn it it’s like you can’t stop playing! It’s so much fun and it’s very educating! So to any parent out there with a young kid I recommend this app for them, then you will become very good at it. Please download this app for multi purpose and a very good education. 🤩🤩🤩
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2 years ago, Eden grace treb
State the States
This app is amazing! I love it and it really helps me learn the United States of America. My one complaint is that the spelling the States game shows if you are wrong as you spell the words. I don’t like that I can see if I am wrong before I press the go button. Other than that this is a wonderful app! Oh! I also wish it showed where the capitals are in each state. I love practicing my states and capitals, though!
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5 years ago, ZachThe#1
I love this app!
This app really does help you with learning your states and capitals! This app requires no purchases to learn the states and capitals, no ads, the layout of the app is great. One thing that I recommend you add would be a settings button. In the settings you could leave out part of the map or certain states or capitals so you could focus on one side of the map instead of all of the states every time you practice the states or capitals. I have learned so much since I have downloaded this app, thank you developers!
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4 years ago, taytay d🐶🐶😘😘🥰😍
Great education😍🤩🥰😘💗💗🥳
So I want to learn the states and capitals because I am a third grader going to fourth and I just thought that would be necessary and this app is helping me so much is helping me learn the abbreviations of states and it’s helping me learn the capitals of each state it’s awesome if you want to learn come to this State The States app you won’t regret it though no ads is just awesome it’s my favorite app of education they have games they have practice and they have a place to learn
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5 years ago, 0dd Panda
Wonderful Way to Learn!
I’m in grade 6 and currently we are learning the regions. My geography teacher wants us to know the states and capitols by the end of the year and I knew a lot of the state names at the beginning but not the location. So this really helped me. I do recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the states and capitols! Side request: make it more colorful, please! That would make a lot more enjoyable in my opinion. Overall it’s wonderful and you can learn easily!
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10 months ago, Katee M
Love this game!
Very interactive. Fun and entertaining- and I’m all refreshed on state names, capitals and am presently having fun learning about the state flags, nicknames and populations as well as number of electoral votes. I didn’t realize how few citizens live in most of the states. Just…wow. I highly recommend this game for all ages!!! You probably think you know more about the states than you do! Test yourself and see! 😊👍
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6 years ago, NeNe 427
Wonderful Tool!!
My son is studying for an upcoming states test and when I stumbled across this it became our Go-To study guide. He needs to be able to label the states on a blank map and know the capital. This app can help him with both of them. He goes over everything in the learn section then plays the game to quiz himself. He has gotten progressively better each time. This app is a wonderful tool for studying the states!!
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7 years ago, Haleyjoscomet
Great app
Over all great way to learn the states! My kid is learning the states in school and we use this as an aid. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to select the states that you want to test. Having the ability to select the states you want to test would allow me to select the states they are concentrating on. Would love to be able to expand the state and learn things such as state bird, state flower etc.
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7 months ago, 9gbjf
How your app is four stars.
This app is really good for kids practicing for a 50 states and capitals test, or someone who just wants to learn them for fun. One thing I will say, though, is what’s the point of the hall of fame and the metals? The only person who is using it on your device is you. But overall, I think this app is pretty good.
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6 years ago, pandalover101💩💩
Amazing app
My child is in fifth grade, and they have to learn their state capitals, my child went in not knowing a thing! And I found this app to help her and 2 weeks later she knew where the states were, what the states are, their population! The capital of the state! The abbreviation!!!! And the states nickname! I recommended this app to my friend and her child did the same thing if that’s not amazing I don’t know what is! Get this app!!
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6 years ago, DP Player
States and Capitals App Review
I don’t like how you have to pay for the states and capitals spelling because knowing how to spell them is very helpful. But, it’s not helpful having to spent your money on a silly thing like that i might as well just sit wit a piece of paper and keep writing the states/capitals. Other than that this app is really helpful with learning all the states and capitals!
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7 years ago, Redhatlady1
Something you just have to know
I guarantee you'll feel better knowing you can look at the map of these United States with confidence! No matter what your age it's just something you need to take the time to learn and relearn. This app has been so useful for me, relearning the state capitols and year of statehood. Highly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, Harmony May
This is my first day using this app and I LOVE it! Some reviews said that there was a problem with getting over to states on the East Coast. Try this if you have this zooming problem: pinch out while swiping to the East Coast and that’s how you fix this problem. I am starting to feel more confident about my upcoming test! This app is great!
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2 years ago, baconCheeseFry
Good but missing key feature
I would like to be able to let my child use this app on our way to school in the mornings, I need to be able to filter the active states. My child learns 5 new states with their capitals and abbreviations every week. I wish I could limit the states in the quiz.
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1 year ago, dont want to fix this
Issue with state the states
The game has changed to where I cannot choose the states on the map anymore because the list of states takes up half of the screen…this just happened about 1 month ago for me… So I’m not pleased with this at all and have even deleted it and opened the app again but it doesn’t work?!? Please fix
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3 years ago, cggffgbgf
Super Helpful resource!
I’m studying all the states and capitals of the USA and this games has proved very helpful and simple practice! I wish they had more choices of game practice but I’m glad there are no adds or annoying distractions. Over all, definitely recommend.
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6 years ago, Kristen_of_Rivendell
I’m so confident for my test !!
On Wednesday, my teacher told us that we had a quiz on Friday on all the states and major cities. I PANICKED because on Wednesday and Tuesday, I couldn’t label even near all of them. But now, it’s Thursday night and I’m SO confident. Playing this game for on and off 5 hours, maybe 10 times has led me to be so confident.
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4 years ago, hdkflcmnenzjs
Best app
I’m a kid and this app has tough to me so much about the states and it’s sad that my teacher was surprised that I knew all my states and capitals you could ask what it was and I would tell you immediately what it was do I think this app is truly amazing and it took only a week to learn all of it
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5 years ago, Capital and state girl
States the states and capitals
Your game helps me a lot I’m starting to learn the whole entire world. My sister is in college and she always ask me what is the capital of what and I always have to help her sometimes I love helping people to get better at the capitals and states.I give this game a 5 star rating. Thank you!
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5 years ago, CutePickle
Amazing! 🤗 Like seriously read this
How I started: I think I know Austin? How I was after this app:Montgomery,Alabama Juneau,Alaska Phoenix,Arizona Little Rock,Arkansas etc. My point is this is an amazing app and it will teach you so much! Anyone reading this to decide wether to get the game or not, you should! You will learn everything about the states and capitals!!
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6 years ago, ffhsxvddbh
Thank you so much
This app is so convenient and I was able to learn all fifty states in about thirty minutes using this. Only issue is the buzzer noise is quite loud and you cannot adjust it without turning it off, and I need my glorious correct sound 😭 either way, five star app 👍🏻
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3 years ago, GeekBot26
It made it a little easier to learn. The map is hard to use. You can’t move it once zoomed in and it is really hard to click on small states like those island. The “game” for the states is trying to recognize the states by their shape. That doesn’t really work, especially when like 5 of the states are just squares. It is okay, made it easier to study I guess.
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5 years ago, Fallen_Anjel
Fix app
This is an ok app. It works but it’s very frustrating. The map can’t be moved once it’s zoomed in so half the map is under the letter list. Try choosing Rhode Island or Delaware when it’s the size of a pencil point! Secondly it’s annoying to press “go” after every move. Give the ding or buzzer as soon as you press the state. Not after you press “go”. It worked and I did finish it so it got 2 stars but definitely needs improvement.
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6 years ago, Rhondalour
Great and Easy to use.
I got this app for my homeschooler to have an app that would challenge him and he could also have fun with. However, little did I know how much I had FORGOTTEN myself. Now he and I even race to see who can finish first. It’s very knowledgeable and fun and user friendly. Love it.
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5 years ago, joseph wendel
50 states game rules
State the states is a very educational game and always helped me on my regional test of the U.S and is also very fun because it has fun practice games that help you study all the states, capitals, and more! Even though people don’t like to study a lot, here is a fun way to do it! By: Joey Wendel
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11 months ago, Dutchwhiskey
Very fun app but…
When I zoom and pinch to get to the east coast, it frequently re centers and I can’t select any east coast states. Takes a little coaxing to successfully zoom in. Maybe the app is not optimized for an iPhone SE 2nd gen? Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade my phone 😉? Thanks.
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3 years ago, allways true
Yeah yeah that’s fine I’m going back to the gym right after I go back to school I’m going back to school now I just got home and I’m just going back to school now I just got to the park so I don’t have a lot to go back to school now I just got to the gym so sorry I’m not really sure how much you do I need help you guys to help you get a couple of things that you need help with you and I will be able to go back to school and I’m just wondering what I oh oops this is a review not a text message 😅
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3 years ago, TheUltimateKat1234
So I have a test coming up for states and capitals and this just poofed into my life. Oh my gosh this is so helpful for all ages, It was a great experience just getting the satisfaction of remembering the states. It’s fun, educational for kids, and HeLpFuL fOr My FoRgEtInG mInD. 😐 Thanks. gOoDbYe.
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6 years ago, On the run!
Can't tap on the small States
I was looking for an app to recommend for my students; however this app is hard to use in the testing mode. When you zoom in to the small States it snaps behind the list of States you are trying to choose from making it impossible to choose the state you are looking for.
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7 years ago, Game Critic 7472838
Helped study for test
This is awesome. I helps me so much when i studied for my state test. I was stressing out the night before and I found this app and I helped me a lot. It is fun and awesome. I recommended it to my classmates and teachers and it helped them a lot. thanks for this app.
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6 years ago, KyleIsAwesome152
I love this game it’s just you should not have to pay to unlock things because I needs to know how to spell the capitals and states. Other than that it’s the best game for states and capitals. But please try to fix that minor problem. Sincerely A kid who uses this app
Show more
2 years ago, EllBellBert
Great game.
This is truly a great game is you in are trying to memorize your states. It’s fun, and you can work at your own pace on practicing. My only problem is that is makes you unlock capital spelling, state spelling, and state flags.
Show more
2 years ago, Waynenheth
Fun way to learn!
My homeschooling kids love this game to compete with each other to see who knows there states better. My 8 year old holds her own against her 11, 12, and 15 year old brothers.
Show more
5 years ago, keira-bell
Helps you learn
I love this take it helps you learn her stats and capitals you need to learn your states and capitals then get this app now!! It helps me learn my capitals and states fast and it is a fun way to learn them faster for school. Read this please you should..
Show more
5 years ago, 04739462&73
I like it
I like the over all concept of this educational game but I believe the only downside is that it is hard to do the spelling by only looking at a picture of one state. I believe you could make it better by giving a map when spelling states and capitals.
Show more
7 years ago, hi_its_me11
Very helpful
I have been put in AP US history for my upcoming freshman year of high school and I'm required to know all 50 states, their location and capitals, this app has helped me so much, I now feel very confident thanks to this app
Show more
5 years ago, sitting on my couch
this is a great game to learn the states🔥🔥
my kids have found this very helpful and has given them such an improvement in their classes. I would definitely recommend it.
Show more
7 years ago, Camo119
Fun app to use in spare time
I haven't studied this since grade school, this app is a nice refresher to play when I have some spare time. However, It says "parents only" quite a lot for various things and it's kind of degrading as I'm not a child
Show more
6 years ago, Erisa rainbow
This app is really good and fun when the states and capitals tests are coming up. I just downloaded this app and this is really great! This includes the testing and the learning so we don’t have to download 2 apps. Highly recommended.
Show more
2 weeks ago, Cap_state
This game is so great! I love this game for my kid, especially when she needs to study for a test! And on the go! Go download this game if your kid has trouble with states and capitals. Because all of the troubles go away!
Show more
6 years ago, Spotify on the spot
Great app!
Terrific app! Helped me learn half the states in an hour! If someone said what is Virginia's capital, I wouldn't have known! Now I can say all the states capital's and their shape! Only problem is on Apple products you have to unlock features for a dollar and on Samsung products you don't.🙏😄👍☺️😝🙏👌
Show more
3 years ago, Dgallapis
Not mobile app friendly
Although the concept, informational, and design are great I had a problem using it. Says compatible with iPhone, but when selecting the states the scroll list was too large and could not move the us map behind it to get to the eastern states to select correct state. Pinching and moving were not working well.
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