Statesman Journal

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Statesman Journal

4.31 out of 5
629 Ratings
2 years ago, Suebeeit
Enjoy Digital Version
Now that I’ve got the hang of how to read the digital version, I enjoy reading it each morning. Would like more local Salem news.
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4 years ago, lalsjan
News stories
This app is easy to use and has access to information we need. That said, you really need to clean up this news page daily. Just today’s example. There are two articles on the OSU Beavs loss last night. It also has another article about what they need to do to win the game and end on a good season note. This does not speak well for good journalism. Please edit these pages and delete the old new. Hate having to wade through all the old news.
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2 years ago, Jeep2016
Great way to stay informed of community
App is good. Nice way to access local news and support local journalism that connects to community. Worth the price and way better than doom scrolling through social media feed.
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1 year ago, Helmine13
One of the worst “news” ever. The app runs same old articles over and over. There is little in the way of news. It is is mostly high school sports. Provocative clickbait dating apps and miracle cure ads run indistinguishable from the few news articles. Numerous attempts to contact the paper itself have gone unanswered. I gave this joke of a newspaper several years. Save your money.
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7 months ago, dmp0588
The Statesman Journal has continued its path toward irrelevance with this app. The content is a mashup of old and new stories, few of which are locally oriented. The old print version app at least allowed the reader to browse through the daily stories and identify and read new content. Reading the e version of the paper is almost impossible. The zoom feature doesn't work and the reader is inundated with intrusive ads.
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12 months ago, QO1
Worst app ever
Don’t waste your money. Would rate lower but can’t go lower than one star. Doesn’t recognize as subscriber. I paid for full access both paper and digital, now have to pay double if you want both. When you select an article it doesn’t come up or then just a copy of the article that is to small to read. Then on another article it comes ip as a readable article.
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4 years ago, Frequent Jet Lagger
Real local news when you need it!
The Santiam Canyon Fire did it for me. I subscribed for the unlimited digital access. And not the cheapskate 97% off promo. Journalists need to eat and buy the occasional frivolous hat.., Reliable reporting on the here and now. Only available here.
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1 year ago, KatJam78
Obnoxious pop up
I have a lifetime free subscription as a Chemeketa Alumni and yet for some reason even though im signed in, when I'm trying to read news stories a pop up asking me to subscribe keeps covering the view of the article. It makes me not want to continue using the app.
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3 years ago, StartThePresses
Good content, lousy cancellation service
I purchased the original 99 cent for 6 months digital to see coverage of Legislature special session. I held onto t for an extra month, knowing the charge would go to $9.99 per month. But I now want to cancel and how to do it is buried in app and in tge end, I have to call - to end something started online. Bogus entrapment.
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2 years ago, Red Backpack Guy
Fantastic Quality
The articles are very in depth and they stay on top of everything going v on within my city and the entire state. It is so nice to know what is going on around me.
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4 years ago, GuyFuryRd
Get rid of “For subscribers”, I am one.
That’s basically all. I think it’s a bit annoying when I am a subscriber but it still shows that message.
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3 years ago, 12332455443
Rip off Garbage Advertising
There is some content but regardless of the money you pay to subscribe, you must weed through the constant barrage of pop ups and fake news stories to find it. Open a video and you get advertising, followed by a short clip that often doesn’t even load. Pathetic.
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4 years ago, customer-0071
Where is my paper?
Going on 2 days with no delivery of our daily paper. So it’s on my cell phone or nothing. What happened to customer service? I especially look forward to the paper with my coffee in the morning. Is the Statesman trying to end my years as a customer? This is getting more common and I don’t appreciate it one bit.
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2 months ago, MattIB80
Annoying ads
Lately a new ad for Monopoly keeps popping up in the middle of every article I read and tells me to tap the chest and see what I get. My phone is set to do not disturb and the audible ad still keeps talking on every article I read and even when I go back to the homepage too. It is incredibly frustrating.
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4 years ago, roger michaels
Statesman review
Topical issues and news alerts that effect Oregon come to me on the daily and hourly. Easy to navigate and reporters who cover the entire issue from multiple perspectives.
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7 years ago, Charles Alan
Statesman Journal
I enjoy reading the statesman journal. The lead articles are well written.
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2 years ago, Anonymous681234
Super confusing
For such a large company to have such a confusing app is terrible. First, they reduce service to hard copy delivery. Then, they make the only option very difficult to operate. The kicker is that I’m FORCED to use this junk if I want any idea of what is going on in my community.
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9 months ago, jeff.baird
Horrible App
The logon to this app is horrible. It does not remember your credentials and does not appear to have face or fingerprint authentication. I get daily emails and every day I follow a link to an article, I have to logon. As a subscriber, I find this ridiculous. Once in the app, the functionality is pretty good, offering both digital and analog versions of the paper.
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8 months ago, MacTechMT
Frequent lock ups
The iPad version of this app freezes at least once every session and requires an app reboot. This happens on an iPad Air 5 with all the latest updates. Very annoying.
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9 months ago, aksafety
Working well now
App is now working, had issues accessing the paper. All looks good now.
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3 years ago, Oldcornbinder
To many pop ups!
It is so difficult to read an article only to get 2-4 pop ups before you complete it. This is in addition to all the ads! Not worth it, spend the money on a full subscription.
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4 years ago, natresdude
Good local source
Good local source for news. Take a look almost daily. Would get five stars but for lack of local reporters and the app repeatedly kicks me off the subscription. Still, it’s an overall important source of local stuff.
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1 year ago, ellaz
Way too many ads
Hard to read when ads are clogging up the screen
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3 years ago, 265@#hat
Mike Kelley
Love the online edition, easy to navigate, never have to search my yard to find the paper, and no recycling
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1 month ago, Kathy.mcg
Statesman journal online
I am sooo frustrated by it asking me to subscribe before reading. I have subscribed for years with paper delivery and cut it down to online except two days a week. I guess I need to stop paying money for frustration. I have reached out for help and got no response.
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2 years ago, Hyundai Salem
Good site
Must have for local news.
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4 years ago, LstChnc
Since iOS 14, app frequently crashes and attempts to access my account results in a trip to Limbo. I can’t access the news, but that didn’t stop my subscription rates from going through the roof!
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11 months ago, S16137
Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but the e-edition Statesman Journal is not the same as it was. There are squiggles (don’t really know the correct terminology) on the right side interfering with reading. And when I try to enlarge the type the story switches to something else,another story.
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2 years ago, jr stop top
Not recognized as a subscriber
I pay auto each month but it constantly asked me to subscribe and won’t let me see articles for subscriber only. I renew purchase over and over but it only occasionally does anything
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2 years ago, jstasterrible
I’m sorry but the Statesman is very slow getting the news to it’s subscribers. There’s things I hear about and check the online version and it’s mostly 1 or 2 day old news.
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7 years ago, Janciet
Every morning
Very civilized way to get the news...
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3 years ago, Cburghart
Won’t let me sign in
I’ve had the app for a few months, but after updating it won’t let have access anymore. I’ve tried restoring my purchases, it just spins forever. I’ve tried signing back in, nothing. Garbage!
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2 months ago, Iemmab
Statesman Joural
I like the paper and the old email app. I do not like the new app. Linda
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4 years ago, Theonlywoz
Poor support for Accounts
App doesn’t allow hard-copy subscribers to report a missing or damaged paper even when signed into one’s account.
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7 months ago, Wsp8881
Update photos.
Terrible!!! Picture used to highlight boys high school basketball is from 2 years ago. Update your high school sports photos. Jon Breyman has been out of high school for 2 years.
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2 years ago, Oregon278
Font too small
No way to change text size in app.
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4 years ago, CANCELMYSHIT
I cant unsubscribe from their subscription and it just keeps charging me every month after months of trying to cancel it.
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4 years ago, BabaWil
App won’t open ios14
The app immediately closes on iOS 14 which is disappointing since the developer’s has been available for a couple months.
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6 months ago, SJ Stinks
The top story pin doesn’t work. Ads come up every two bits which is irritating.
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8 months ago, X:;)49f
Hate new version
New version is hit and miss. And why am I getting advertisements. I am paying for my subscription
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6 years ago, aaaaaaaaafrustrated
Can’t do anything couldn’t change phone number horrible to try to navigate through app
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2 years ago, Salem @123
Statesman journal how to cancel
There is no tab to allow you to cancel.
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4 years ago, Chip229
Worst app
This app is terrible. Every time I try to go into my account it circles around to login again. Cannot access my account info on this app.
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5 years ago, qaaaaaaaaaAaaa
Why do you keep showing the Super Bowl score? Waste of space!
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5 years ago, Nohemi32
Waste of time
Now you can’t even read a story unless you have a subscription. Well I’m not paying for one.
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9 months ago, Eu Y rtgy
App loses subscription regularly
App loses subscription details regularly and needs to be rebuilt. It is a pain.
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6 years ago, Jb2057
Statesman app
Love this app, easy to use.
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6 months ago, Pathetic paper
Worst news app ever. Same stories day after day and so few of them.
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4 months ago, Chinookie Joe
I like it
I like the local coverage.
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4 years ago, fed up in Oregon
Doesn’t work
Tried going to My Account but it just puts you in an endless loop to login.
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