Steam Mobile

2.6 (2.6K)
37 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Steam Mobile

2.6 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
1 year ago, therealclassyduck
Notifications wont ever load.
When the app updated for the first time I was able to see my notifications just fine, and this lasted for about a week. But after this week, I haven't been able to load my notifications ever. Ive tried different wifi networks, different parts of my house, different places in general (i.e. the park, a donut shop, etc [all using their wifi]) but nothing ever makes the notifications load. What's frustrating about this is the app will send a push notification saying that I have a new trade offer, but I can't go to the notifications tab to see it. I have to manually go to my trade offers to be able to see it.
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9 months ago, 7_Mary_Magdalene_7
Data Breach for hacker bots
I have a new computer that made a steam account a year ago. I bought seven games to start. Someone signed into their 10 year old account on my device and now I see over a hundred servers in tools and every game they own on MY account. They then uninstalled my two games on my computer from their account. It’s like steam switched the accounts. They then deleted their 10 year account. (It’s in the process of being deleted.) When I sign into my account I see all their games and tools. When they sign into their account, that’s being deleted, they see only two games, mine. We can’t stop steam from hijacking my computer doing whatever they want. So technically right now they are deleting my new account, and then they expect me to autoupdate over 100 game servers from the account that signed into my device. This is a disaster for anyone with cptsd from hacking abuse like me. I guess in the end I can’t use steam at all because they ignore you when you’re telling them what’s going on. My new account is banned from participating in the community when I’ve never even talked to anyone because I have no friends. Thanks to steam for compromising my brand new computer and thanks for forcing me off your platform for no reason at all. To those reading this never let anyone else sign in on your computer even your sibling or they will switch the accounts and destroy your computer. And never let your mom and dad put you and your sibling on the same authentication.
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1 year ago, Tech How
Very polished, but a couple issues
The majority of the bugs that used to exist in this new app have been patched, which gives this new app a very polished experience. There is still one bug which kind of translates into 2, which is the scaling of UI elements. For people who use larger on screen text for accessibility or have a smaller screen size, the app just breaks. Buttons to accept Steam Guard confirmations don’t fit on the screen and the app can’t be properly used. Landscape mode also works on phones, even though it really should only work on iPads. If you try to tilt your phone sideways on the Steam Guard screen, things get crazy. And the notch blocks things as well. I also wish the video player would be fixed too, you have to tap where you think the unmute button is, and then tap to go fullscreen, but you just get a black window. You then have to close the video and re enter it repeatedly until it works in fullscreen, which is very aggravating. This is on iOS 15 on an iPhone 12.
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7 months ago, please1212
Terrible, only get if you have to.
Terrible App. You’d think they would have at least a semi-decent app but you can trust the App Store reviews for sure on this one. Actual trash. I’m completely locked out from using the app with my account or any account for that matter. I changed my password because someone logged into my account from another country, and now it has me in a non-stop loop of trying to log me in and acting like it did, not actually logging me in though, verifying my account info when I’m trying to go on community page/look at my profile, and then giving me the same error message over and over. Sometimes, the screen just freezes gray in the app and I can’t do anything in the app unless I delete the app and re-download, AND THEN it still only works for a little bit before it starts crashing again. To top it all off, because I’ve been trying to log in since I’m trying to verify that everything in my account is OKAY after someone tried getting into it, I have been locked out of my account for trying to login too many times. I still don’t know if my account’s okay. Not worth the migraine.
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7 months ago, xRsIVx
Completely broken
In general I’m a fan of Steam, but this app is a mess. I’ve always put up with minor bugs, like not being able to click on search results (the screen would just refresh instead of opening the game page), but after changing my password on my pc the app is now completely unusable. At first it wouldn’t let me in at all, then after disabling the app based authenticator and logging out on all devices, I can now get in, but nothing works. Everything I try to do now causes the app to attempt to verify my login, then times out. And every time I close the app, I’m logged out entirely again. I can still log in on my pc and phone’s browser with zeros issues, so the app is definitely the issue. I’ve tried reinstalling it multiple times, and even logging in with different accounts, and the result is the same — the app is fried. I filed a ticket, so we’ll see what support has to say, but given the lack of support other users are getting with this buggy mess of an app, I’m not hopeful. A company this big, profitable, and successful needs to do better.
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1 year ago, Starcrafter2010
The new version adds much needed features but…
I really like a lot of the new features added in the recent overhaul, being able to redeem codes in the app itself is a huge plus. That said, it’s clear this update was not made with iPads in mind, there’s no support for Landscape orientation. There are major issues with the search function too, typing into the bar doesn’t offer suggestions and tapping return just clears the bar without taking you into a search page. This means i cannot actually search the store within the app. Which, given that this is a storefront first and foremost, is a major problem. With those issues fixed, this is a 5-star app easy. But until then, i can only give it a 3. Please fix this soon! EDIT: landscape support has been added and makes the app much more functional but the search bar still does not work at all, this needs to be fixed asap
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1 year ago, sidknee5222
An underwhelming experience
It has come far from the days of just messaging people or opening up steam pages and crashing, so I thought with this new update it might be able to breath new air into the app. I was half right, the update/overhaul to the UI and some needed QOL of changes such as not crashing anytime I do something have been helpful and while the UI feels cleaner and less clunky; I cannot say the same for its navigation experience. Often times I will be wanting to wishlist or buy games and the icons simply won’t register being clicked and it isn’t very clear that clicking on a title vs clicking on the thumbnail will warrant a different result. Search bar is mediocre, often clicking multiple links within the app confuses it and can result in certain processes not loading and requiring a hard reset. In conclusion the app has lots of potential but as of now it’s a 6/10 from me.
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8 months ago, OneEyeRed
Years of absolute frustration
For the record, I was a early adopter of STEAM for PC. I have a long standing account and a huge library. I was excited for this app when it came out. But after years of constant frustration I’m done with it. It’s amazing how you guys can make your PC app work flawlessly 98% of the time but cannot seem to fix the blatant issues with this iOS app. Today I was locked in family view. I could access everything fine through PC. I could even access family view settings with my family view password. However, I still couldn’t get to the store page because it kept giving me a error for validating the password. I removed and reloaded app and it just became worse. Got it to work once and then black screen of death. Delete/reload again (3times) to same effect. I’m done with this disaster and having to use it for steam guard for the safest version of steam guard is a joke. I’m convinced you folks don’t care because it’s been a craptastic app since it’s inception!
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5 months ago, Beppokun1
Can’t believe steam cant fix their app
As the title says there’s multiple problems with this app. Everyone says that to verify your email you have to download the app which sounds like a pain. Even when you try to use the app however it’s riddled with bugs and remove so many things i don’t understand why. The 2 biggest for me is how you have to download a separate app to text people when they had that option before. The other is how buggy the store is. If you apply filters and look at a game that interests you, the filters reset. Not to mention you cant see the price of games UNTIL you click on the game, reseting yours filters. Sometimes the page would just randomly reset the filters and you’re back at the start of the page. Want to choose what page you were at? Too bad you have to keep pressing load more to view more games. These are just the bugs that come to mind for now but theres many more.
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8 months ago, NicknameToMakeComment?
Steam customer service is “steam”ing alright
I understand that me moving a lot is going to complicate things when it comes to cellphone numbers being wrong and being updated. So when it comes to authentication I just use the app… oh wait the app randomly logs me out of it anyways and then asks me to authenticate myself with the app!! Excellent!! Also why does it seem like the Steam help personnel think that freaking super villains are trying to hack my account? Why should I have to remember the entire debit card information I used 4 freakin’ years ago to confirm that I am who I say I am? I would love a 24-hr help line where I could just talk to someone instead of sending a dumb little form over the internet that takes 2 days to get back to me with a reply with a question that no normal person can possibly answer. The help center needs improvement because at its current state I think I would rather just off myself!
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11 months ago, Quinn The Indignant
Account changes break the app
I had to change my password while the app had the authenticator active using the app. First of all, it would not let me do this using the app even though everything on the website redirects you to the app. It asks you to confirm the password change using the app, but since it’s basically loading a webpage within the app itself it never registers that you’re already in the app and you can’t confirm anything. Second, when you finally change your password using a browser and app combo, if you have the authenticator active on the app, the app completely breaks. You’re still “logged in” using the old password, but since your password has changed nothing works because your credentials are wrong. It also won’t let you log out because the authenticator is active. This problem continues even after you remove the authenticator from your account using a browser. For as much money as steam has you’d think they could afford to pay someone with competence to not have everything fall apart when you try to simply change your password. It’s like the steam webpage, authenticator, and app are all made by separate conpanies in separate countries and nobody speaks the same language or has any way to communicate with each other. Pathetic.
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11 months ago, mclWooly
Clunky updates worsen user experience
Just updated for the first time in a long time. The only good thing to emerge from the update is the ability to use steam guard QR codes. Beyond that, some “bright” young dev took away the ability to access steam chat directly via the app, and the app instead reroutes you to your internet browser to log in to steam’s website… Why would I bother using your now worthless app… instead of just booting up safari and going to steam to log in??? Further, the UI is garbage for a mobile app… it’s like they only ever had devs who made website UI try to blunder their way thru making an app UI. No one cares or needs a “news” tab. This isn’t a social media site - no one cares about having a list that shows them EVERY update for EVERY game they own. In conclusion, it is sad to see the mobile app fall into such a state of disrepair (thru bad updates no less). I used to use the app frequently to text friends while they were in game, and to check out new games. Now I’ll only open it on rare occasion for steamguard. I hope the devs read this, and maybe make changes. I’ve always been a fan of the steam app up until now. Wish I wouldn’t have updated it.
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1 year ago, tiger 🙂
Great app, but also pretty broken
I love the idea of being able to access Steam from my phone when I’m not home, and it’s convenient if I don’t have access to my PC. Overall, it’s a great app to use when I’m away, but this app also has quite a few flaws. The user interface is kinda buggy and slow, kind of feels like a website on a console. Whenever I add funds to my wallet, I usually have to restart the app for them to appear, even through the payment has been processed. There aren’t a lot of problems in the app, but when there are, it’s pretty annoying. Besides the cons, this app is very nice to use and gives a great user experience when it works.
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2 years ago, bcus_y_not
New update massively improves things
Some things I’ve noticed: The app crashes whenever you hide notifications in the notification tab When you click store, then free games, it has an oval icon with tags that run over and past it I don’t think there’s a way to see my library as I have put my games in folders on the Steam desktop app Community market does not seem to work, gives message “The market is unavailable for the following reason(s): Steam is having trouble using your browser’s cookie. To remove this restriction…”
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5 months ago, Jonathan Hynson
Cannot Create New Account; Valve Does Not Have Customer Support
I am a new user trying to create a new account. However, I cannot create a new account due to Valve using broken “Recaptcha.” It makes you click boxes of grainy images to verify if you are a person. Well, you go throw Recaptcha multiple times for it only to tell you it’s wrong, EVERY TIME. I know it’s not wrong!!! Upon searching this issue, it turns out this is a common issue. However, none of the “quick fixes” worked. I have tried so many times now it locked me from creating an account! After this, I attempted to contact Valve via the phone. THEY DO NOT HAVE OVER THE PHONE CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!! How can you, as a multi-billion dollar company, not even have customer support set up? You’re telling me I cannot set up this account for my children because the picture box thing won’t work? Unbelievable. I will not be using any of steams products, ever.
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1 year ago, Critter's Zen
Adding a phone number for 2fa and PayPal is garbage
Xbox and PlayStation have entering 2fa and PayPal be the easiest thing on the planet. Valve has made it beyond miserable just to do the basic features. They have my phone number but I still can’t set up 2fa via mobile and PayPal on the app NEVER works. Instead I’ve got this Steam Guard that could not be anymore confusing. Why can’t Valve just spend some money and hire competent coders for a better app & mobile system. I’m sure my problems are nonexistent on a full blown windows pc but I don’t have one of those. Just like tinkering on the Deck, I’ll have to scour the ends of the earth to resolve these mobile & app issues. Be better
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1 year ago, dazzyy512
Terrible Customer Service
I understand the refund policy is within 14 days and less than 2 hours played. I just had ACL reconstruction surgery and had family over to check on me. During this time a game I just purchased finished downloading and sat on the main menu for over 4 hours. I played 30 minutes of character setup and the tutorial to find out this game wasn’t as expected. I explained the situation in the refund request, and subsequently 4 others, which were declined. I cannot believe any company would not take exception in this scenario, especially for a loyal customer wanting to exchange said game for another. This company does not care about their customers at all. I will use another platform to pass time during my recovery.
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1 year ago, proweekend
Too buggy
Seems poorly optimized, this app frequently stalls and freezes on me. Especially for running on an iPhone 13. Very frustrating. For example, I literally just clicked on a link in safari to a steam forum discussion, which took me straight to this app. However the app would not load the actual discussion. It just froze as a blank page. I tried this multiple times with the same result. I literally had to uninstall this app so I could even view the forum since it kept opening this app automatically. Steam, you’re a multi-billion dollar company, why does you’re app run worse than the ones from even new startups? Come on!!
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9 months ago, Cobalt1745
Missing features
I use this app often, as my computer is very slow and this (mostly) loads a lot faster. However, there are quite a few features missing in regards to the points shop. The main two are: 1. There is no way to search the points shop 2. There is no way to access the points shop for a specific game Also, the app gets more and more laggy the more actions you do (I am no expert, but I would guess that this is due to the fact that you can press the back arrow to go to wherever you just were, and it is probably keeping those loaded). Ok app, very useful, please fix.
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10 months ago, TelMinz
App is broken since overhaul
Ever since they updated to the new look, the app barely functions. The app locks up 100% of the time upon opening now. I have to open background apps and close it down completely, and even that doesn’t work every time. If I search for a game in the store the only way I can see the store page for the game is to select it from the suggested games list that pops below where you type. If I complete my search and try to pick the game from the games list, nothing happens. And it’s been like this for months. I like the visual style, but at least make sure it actually works before forcing everyone to update, or at the very least make some updates to improve this awful app.
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1 year ago, iuthrbevuihrgebvirejhbv
The best thing that gives this five stars
A lot of people don’t like this app for some reason. But this small little detail perfects the app. The reason why is Fez is in the picture! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Fez is the best game on Steam, yet no one’s heard of it. I won’t bore you with it, but I have to say great job Steam! I also saw a sliver of Portal 2 in there as well. And I was thinking to congratulate you. But the thing is, Portal was an amazing game series made by Valve. Valve made steam. So Valve, if you’re reading this… MAKE A PORTAL 3 ALREADY YOU DID IT WITH HALF LIFE ITS PORTAL’S TURN
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1 year ago, Yoshinaruto
They actually listen!
I wrote a review over the recent update, which heavily improved the UI into a much cleaner experience, but also removed landscape mode, which made using the app on iPad a bit of a pain. They wasted no time in implementing yet another update, now adding landscape support for tablets. I can’t give this anything other than a 5 star review now. I love the interface, and the fact that they’re quick to fix things instead of leaving it broken is a massive plus.
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12 months ago, Deadpool4770
No support
So my account started to get hacked from Russia per steam email I went to my computer logged into steam. Not from the email off my phone but straight from steam website. After that I got a email from steam saying my password has successfully been updated. Great but then when I try to login it won’t except either the new or old passwords. It locked me out and says I have to contact steam. 1 day later no response from steam and they have made it impossible to contact them. My account still lets me access the recovery and lets me change the pad and confirms that the new password was excepted but then nothing still says wrong password. Can someone help me figure out how to get them to respond?
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2 months ago, thatdino108
Idk what to do
I got this on my phone because I don't have a laptop/computer to begin with, I can't find a way to create an account on this and if there isn't a feature for that let me know because then this review isn't necessary. I can only sign in, I can't sign up. I don't know if it's me or if the app just doesn't have that. I gave this five stars so it doesn't change the star count for the worst, this is just a question and I'm too lazy to find somewhere else to ask.
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9 months ago, Nerdy Pete
Functions well enough but…
When I do a search and hit return, any of the search results do not take me to the actual games when I tap on them. It just puts me at the top of the list. It works fine when I don’t hit return, but usually the visible results are a limited list. Otherwise things function well enough. I can buy games. I love the ability to use the app to log into my Steam account on other devices. I wish more services would do the same. The app definitely could use a good bit of streamlining, too. I agree with other reviews that talk about how cluttered it is.
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9 months ago, Dkydkdhfxhc
Purchasing is broken for months and remains so.
The app is mainly useless other than browsing the store. If you try and purchase something , at least with PayPal payments , the checkout process just hangs. Forever. Most of the time. Tried purchasing a game in April 2023 and again now in July 2023 and both times the PayPal checkout just hung. Known issue - there is a steam message board thread about it. Just uninstalled the app and used the phone web browser to use steam. That works fine. The iOS steam app is just broken and valve seems to have zero interest in getting it fixed - odd as it’s like an department store with a broken register they refuse to fix so customers keep leaving without buying product.
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1 year ago, MrMimeGuy
This app is horrible…other than verification
I’ve never had issues with the verification side of this, so that’s a plus. But if you want to use the app for literally any other function, it is not usable in my experience. The app is incredibly unintuitive, and has been made somehow worse than it was before. I can’t tap of friend’s profiles, I can’t open games within the store if I search them, and the community tab has been made worse than it was. Maybe for other people the new update made the app better, but for my phone it made an already mediocre app unusable (other than the verification, that works great).
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5 months ago, leck111111
iOS 17.2 sideload update
Dear valve, I’m wondering when will be updated to support sideloading I would also like to know what this means for your computer exclusive games like team fortress two or half-life will you add mobile ports for those who really want to play the game but don’t have enough money for a computer or don’t have enough money for games like half-life. I really hope that a sideload update happens and I really hope I get to play with my favorite games on mobile.
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9 months ago, samuel-smith
I go to my favorite games on here
So I really liked Garry’s mod and people playground and my cousin who I don’t see a lot let me play people playground and I loved it and I asked my mom if I could get people playground but it didn’t work Later a few months later I get it to work and it turned out she did it wrong and I got it to work and asked her if I could buy these games with the rest of my money and she said yes and I got them and now I am literally addicted to the games
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4 months ago, ulovekyla
I’ve used steam for years. Its been easy to download & buy games and I’ve had no issues with it. However, last month I got a new computer and I needed to login to my steam account on it. I wrote down my passwords and I have them all saved in my phone, but it kept telling me my email or password was wrong. So, then I went through and reset & changed my password MANY times and it still wouldn’t let me. I wanted to get back into MY account because I have many purchases from stream, and stream support does not help whatsoever. So id advise you try to stay signed into your account🙏
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11 months ago, Langgoose
The Attention!
Thank you for finally giving this app some attention. This app is an important part of your eco system. A feature that I have always wanted: being able to download and play purchased soundtracks in this app. The only reason I never buy soundtracks through steam is because I don’t know how to listen to them. I have some soundtracks and they sit on my computer and that is not desirable, convincing or practical. Please consider the soundtrack feature. Thanks for updating the app. I hope this is only the beginning of your journey to make this app great!
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1 year ago, Lukalot
EDIT: Good redesign
I have replaced my previous negative 2 star review with this new four star review thanks to the redesign, which has greatly improved the app. However, we shouldn't need a dedicated two factor authentication app just for steam. I would want this app just for it's library perusing/ store browsing features, but OTP Auth is already a technology with a generalized format that can be used in multiple password managers. Please integrate with wha everyone else is using so that we can have a less disrupted experience logging into steam.
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9 months ago, LOL man 41732
Great to have the app, but too buggy
I use this app constantly when I don’t have my computer, but it’s just too buggy. When I’m viewing lists of games, I can’t tap on games to view their store pages, it just reloads the page. Additionally, when trying to view my inventory in the market when I press the “sell” button, I can’t see my inventory items. Additionally, I get caught in an inescapable menu pop-up sometimes when viewing my library. There are other issues too, but those are the big ones. Hope these get resolved soon!
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1 year ago, Trenton00
Could use more features
The desktop app is way better in my option. But having this on go is alright. The app could use more features like loading into store and seeing steam achievements maybe even seeing the cards. Feel like settings could be it’s own tab. Customize tabs would be a good feature. I would like to see my library of games built into the app. Having more access to download a game would be great. I have seen with PlayStation sort of. Just some recommendations but I wish it was a little bit better.
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1 year ago, meltedmoops999
Horrible navigation, not user friendly at all
Somehow it's worse than the old app. Navigation through the app is almost impossible. You get stuck and it loads stuff that you don't even click (example: after browsing something on the community page, pressing friend activity doesn't load what it's supposed to and just keeps it on whatever the last community page was). It's like this through the entire app. While it looks better (not even that great), it performs way less and hardly works.
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1 year ago, Acemaster5594
The app feels out of date.
For an app that’s supposed to be for convenience and ease of use, it lacks in that department. Most apps nowadays usually off it as a helping hand on the side if you’re in a browser especially on a mobile device where sometimes seeing everything is key. Another issue is being able to use the store. Why does the app redirect you to a site that doesn’t even load completely especially if you’re trying to use PayPal as a form of payment? They have an app now so if people have that app and this app is directing them to either a site that won’t even load or something worse then how can I trust the app?
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1 year ago, OhMadOne
Was a great app until this new “improved” version
I loved having the Steam app on my phone. I could easily check which friends are online, send and receive chat messages, steam guard two factor,browse the store, purchase games, and remote install games all in one, single, intuitive app. Now this trash juice wants me to install a whole other app just to check my messages??? Oh hellllllll no. It takes a lot for me to install a company’s app on my phone. Absolutely no way I am installing multiple apps to keep the same functionality that I’ve had for years in a single app. Uninstalling this after years of use soon as I’m finished this review.
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2 years ago, Ezekeller
3.0 was long overdue!
Holy molly what a change update 3.0 has brought to this app. It looks modern, feels snappy, and is incredibly simple compared to the mess the app was before. I didn’t realize (probably more like I didn’t care) the state the app was in before, it did its job and for me that was good enough but now looking back it was a nightmare compared to what’s there now. Only thing I’ll miss is the messaging part being apart of the main app.
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1 year ago, awesome game but 2 problems
I was disappointed
Honestly, I’ve seen a TON of videos showing great games and how great this app is! And it looked amazing! So I tried downloading it. I snapped and was disappointed. It wouldn’t even let me CREATE AN ACCOUNT. I tried tons of passwords and usernames and nothing worked! There is no edit button so I can’t go back to see if there’s a “create account” button or something. So I deleted it and retried, opens it from app, and just about everything more! My own PHONE saved the account but I still couldn’t even create an account! There was a sign in. That’s it. I couldn’t acces or do ANYTHING AT ALL. I didn’t even give the dang app a experience!!!! Please fix this.
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4 months ago, Silvxr
easy and pleasant to use
I don’t understand why this app has so many bad reviews. They redesigned it and it’s very easy to browse the store on your phone. Some people are complaining that they can’t play games on their phone. That’s just stupid. Obviously, a game made for PC and only downloadable on PC is not playable from your phone. The purpose of this app is to give mobile access to the steam store, not play games.
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8 months ago, eersnherd
Horrible and Annoying
I’ve had it for about 2 years and i finally started using it again. I tried using the steam market to sell something, i need a conformation to sell it. I open up the app and it immediately crashes. I tried for 5 minutes turning the Wi-Fi off and on until i gave up and deleted it. I re-downloaded it and i have to sign in. I finally sign in and i have to wait 15 days to use the market again. And even when it didn’t crash, it wouldn’t even put the item on market, it would just stay on hold. Only reason i use this is for the couple of times it works. Hate it and a waste of time
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10 months ago, I don't have anymore names
It would be great if I was even able to select the option to get steam guard codes sent to my phone but it just refuses to do so, no matter which way I try to do it, so now I’ll just go back to the email so it can get hacked by yet another Russian to sell my items I will never get back and never even got a notification that they had been sold til months later. Thanks steam, super helpful!!! (Also whoever was in charge of this new UI update needs to be immediately fired, anyone with eyes can tell this is a severe downgrade. And just move everything around justttt enough to anger us when those hackers change the language to chinese again)
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1 year ago, Six-shooter Tim
Steam Can’t Sign in Due to Poor or No Connection
I was in the middle of posting screenshots on Steam on my PC when Steam suddenly can’t due to no connection. I tried logging off and then logging in, but now it can’t log in because there’s no connection. This is ridiculous because I have full Wi-Fi on my computer. I tried restarting it and tried to sign into Steam again, but still nothing. All I ask is that this issue is resolved ASAP so that I can still finish posting screenshots and access other features of Steam.
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1 year ago, Stiggz1228
Terrible, yet what I’ve expected from Valve
This company has had steam mobile for at least 8 or 9 years now and it was broken the entire time. You couldn’t change your profile picture, your name, messages would resend nonstop, you’d lose connection literally nonstop, then valve decides they’re going to make two separate apps and you have to download them both. And guess what? Same issues! Can’t change your profile pic, can’t change your name, messages resend, connection loses constantly. Valve is laughably bad at making apps, they haven’t figured out how to do it in 9 years and they never will.
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2 years ago, camkala
Finally, A New Era
At last, the Steam mobile app has been updated. Long have we awaited this newly refreshed interface, graduating from its old, archaic roots. It appears as a breath of fresh air, though it still lacks efficient accessibility in some ways. If only we were able to access our closest of friends and our conversations with them from the bottom bar. The update has been a grandiose evolution, yet the masses still crave more.
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4 months ago, Hellotamer
No Customer Support
Apparently, you can only contact customer support if you’re logged in. Long story short I was trying to log in and it kept saying my password was wrong. I decide to reset my password and after following the steps I get a message that says “self-recovery is not available for this account because additional security verification is required. Please contact customer support.”. Every time I try to find a way to contact support it asks me to login. There is no email or number to be found anywhere. Where do I go from here? Literally spent money on this platform and can’t even get help lol.
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11 months ago, VapingClouds
Getting Better
I like that it is getting better to navigate, however, it is still impossible to put in keys while in the mobile app. I missed out on timed deals because of this. The only way you can do it on your phone is on the website. But, now if you access the site from a browser on the phone it auto opens the app 😡 Getting really frustrated with this. Please enable entering keys on the mobile app! Some of us are too busy and can’t be around our pc!
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3 months ago, Ramsey138
Item store is broken
There’s an infuriating bug that happens way too often where I buy game items, and the cart won’t let me proceed with a purchase. I use any number of mobile browsers as a workaround, but all comes back to the app at the Authorize stage, and then the app opens to a blank page and won’t let me finalize purchases. Sometimes, when I try to open a skin to purchase, the button to add to cart is so tiny, but there’s old items in the cart that don’t belong there, and, once again, the checkout is blank. Please fix this!
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1 week ago, Coolio McGee
Glorified web browswr
Wow what a terrible app. Every time I've tried to use it something weird happens and I just give up. I can't even delete it because I have to use the app to authorize my account. I was trying to reschedule a game I sent to a friend and nothing was fixing my problem. If I tried to use an actual web browser it just automatically opens the app every single time. Which just takes me to the same broken page. Avoid at all costs. Valve you should be ashamed of the state of this thing considering how much money you guys rake in and how long this thing has been in development.
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1 year ago, JP Goff
Looks better but isn’t
The new interface looks better so that’s good I guess? To be honest, who cares what it looks like when it still doesn’t function that well? It was a bad app before that people, in general, only used for messaging but the new interface actually makes messaging even harder thus making an almost useless app even more useless. Steam has been around for a long time and I still can’t think of something that is this unfriendly to the user. Steam on PC doesn’t even work that great but this app is really bad.
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