Steer Clear®

4.7 (48.7K)
56.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Steer Clear®

4.7 out of 5
48.7K Ratings
5 months ago, julietwww
Good practical information
The driving portion of this app is sensitive. I can imagine it is difficult to make a perfect driving companion app without an external device. Thankfully it is not counted towards your discount, and is just for your reference so it doesn’t irritate me much. I really do like the modules. They’re very quick and give practical information that you tend to only pick up yourself after driving for a year or so. I really hate that they have such good material but the quiz portion is lacking. Sometimes the topics of questions aren’t brought up in the video at all. Also silly things, like testing on terminology like “head check”. Call it a “head check” or a “shoulder check” doesn’t matter, just do it. I liked the upbeat music, and I thought it was amusing how the voiceover says “periphefial”. Can’t complain. Really solid app, material, and graphics. You guys have better UX than most company apps so cheers! (or not, drive safe)
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4 years ago, Smadasivada
Good idea, very poor execution.
I’ve been told by many people that I am one of the safest drivers they know. I was taught by my mother who has never had any sort of traffic incident on her record in her 33 years of driving. This app is a wonderful idea to ensure people are driving safely, but it is not executed well at all. The app is much too sensitive. To get anywhere near 100% on acceleration and braking scores, you have to drive like you’re afraid of the pedals. To “safely” accelerate, you have to pull off so slow that people are coming through the back window! To “safely” brake, you have to start braking WAY too early, and it just makes the people behind you mad. I’m convinced that this app isn’t to make me a safer driver; this is an app to make me a danger to those around me and to myself. State Farm I hope you really read this. Driving slower than the rest of traffic isn’t safe. I tested this app driving normally, and it gave me a 50% driving score. This is intriguing because on my Drive Safe and Save app, which is also owned by State Farm, that same drive was rated at 5 stars. Perfect score. It’s also annoying and tedious that I have to manually start and stop drives in the Steer Clear app when I don’t for Drive Safe and Save.
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8 months ago, Rmoomy
Good idea, bad execution
In theory, I’d love this app. Tips for driving? Tracking and giving feedback on your driving? Sounds great! However, this app underperforms at both of these roles. Firstly, the lessons. The mandatory lessons you go through are extremely basic, and they the quiz portions have questions that weren’t even covered. Additionally, some of the “right answers” are the polar opposite of what they teach in driver education classes. Second is the feedback on driving. I consistently scored well on the acceleration and turning categories, but my braking was between 50-70% of what the app said a good score could be. I made sure to brake carefully and softly, but it was impossible for me to get a higher score without being a traffic hazard due to slowing down twice as far as other people. Also, while I usually did well on the acceleration category, when I took routes with higher speed limits, it would drastically lower my score due to accelerating “too fast.” However, if I didn’t accelerate fast enough on these busy roads, I would be hit by the cars I had to merge in front of. Finally, your phone has to be in a stable position for the whole trip. Don’t have a phone stand? You’re out of luck. In conclusion, this app is not a good resource for any drivers. The only reason I used it after learning about its issues was because it was mandated for a better insurance rate. This app will only teach beginner drivers bad habits that will endanger themselves and others.
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4 years ago, It's James, James Bond
Unnecessary time limit
At first when driving my mom had just started longer trips and soon realized that the time spent v.s the tracker were COMPLETELY different. Later we found out this is due to a limit the app sets for 30 minutes... so I was only getting a 4th of the time I had driven. Also be aware that you must keep your phone in a stable place otherwise it won’t score your driving. Overall the set up of the app is practical and easy to manage, just extremely touchy. On certain drives where I feel like I’ve done better than previous trips I will often have a much lower percentage, so I personally didn’t think it reflected how well I drive all too accurately but that could also just be me. Majority of my complaints aren’t anything too bad but extremely aggravating I would still recommend it to other people but I would’ve preferred a somewhat repetitive notice reminding drivers.
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4 years ago, steer clear user
Steer clear is not accurate and too sensitive
Steer clear is extremely sensitive!! Before I did it I read an review that said to get anyway near 100% you had to drive like you were afraid of the pedals and IT WAS RIGHT! I am a good driver and while using and doing the app I have tried to be extra cautious of slow acceleration and slow braking. I braked so perfectly that you couldn’t really feel the car stop. I told my mom and made her come in a drive with me to see how I was driving. She couldn’t believe the scores it was giving me for how well I was driving. Also if your phone moves the tiniest bit, it won’t grade it!! I loss 30 minutes of driving and it wouldn’t score it because my phone moved! It consistently gave me a 50%. I accelerated so slow that cars around me would get annoyed and the app would tell me that I had a rapid acceleration. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! I only did it so I could get a discount and go on random drives so I can meet the time limit and get done with it as soon as possible. No matter how perfectly you drive you will get a low grade.
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5 years ago, Isisisgreat
Whatever, it gives you a discount regardless.
The modules are short; I finished them in less than an hour. The transcripts of the videos are mostly accurate, though one was blank entirely and there are a handful of errors that make sentences not fully understandable. The driving is... frustrating, at the very least. I recognize that as a Jersey driver, I’m not the gentlest, but there are just some roads that have sharp corners, and the speed limit is 45, and I’m not going to go 20 mph and potentially cause an accident just because I don’t want this app to ding me for “sharp corners.” Depending on the roads, I can tell when my score will be higher or lower, because highway stop lights and turns on some roads are not this app’s friend. But apparently the scores don’t really matter for the discount regardless, so I’m learning to care less (even though I secretly want to unlock all those badges).
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5 years ago, Francisco Xavier Gutierrez
Driving portion kind of bad
My dad is one of the safest drivers out there and he taught me. I always keep a few car lengths away from a car and keep my eyes ahead of traffic to predict what may happen. Not too sure how the acceleration, turning and braking is measured, but I do feel that it’s a little too sensitive. I’ve tested the driving scores and noticed that you have to be excessively slow in order to get a good score on the driving portion. I am fully aware that driving too slow can pose just as much a hazard as accelerating too quickly as well. I just wanted to point out my experience with this app and the driving portion in hopes that the app would be updated and more helpful for future drivers who use this app. On the contrary, the review portion of the app was amazing. It provides information that every driver should follow regardless of what age they are or how experienced they are.
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4 years ago, Bkorb
This app is TRASH
Modules are pathetic, didn’t learn a thing. You have to set the trip every time in order to get the discount for 5 HOURS of driving. Keep in mind it resets every 30 MINUTES. So that’s 10, 30 minute trips that HOPEFULLY get recorded because if your phone moves even slightly it seems like it trashes the whole trip. Totally needs some work to be easier to use possibly the same as the drive safe and save app which I’ve had no problems with. Don’t understand why those same drives that automatically recorded accurately to be used for credit for their expected 5 hours of drive time. Unhappy all around with Steer clear, everything else about State Farm and their other app drive safe and save are good. STEER CLEAR is a juvenile attempt at teaching young drivers to be better drivers. The developers for this app really half assed this one.
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5 years ago, MollyandBelle
Read this BEFORE you start the app
We learned the hard way That this app does not share it with other devices. We had started the classroom modules on my iPad and then I started the driving on my phone. We learned that none of the work on the iPad would transfer to the phone. You will have The same problem if you set up one device for the car ride and a separate device for the tests. That was very frustrating and time-consuming. The app itself is picky. If your phone is not completely stationary in the car it will not pick up the drive. My phone was sitting in a phone carrier and still have this problem. On the plus side, it is nice to get a grade on each drive and know what needed a little adjustment.
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4 years ago, Fippy!!!!!!
App accuracy
We had this app on my phone and on my passengers phone a app by State Farm. The other showed 100% on all the same categories while this one showed 90-95%. I have yet to get a 100% on this app. Maybe it’s just not possible, or there is something wrong with my phone or app. Give it a try. Maybe it will work for you. The lessons are great. The videos very informative also. I would have given it 5 stars, except the discrepancy in the grading.
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3 weeks ago, bodbuild
Good lord
I’ve never had more stress with an app than a part of this one. The modules (though annoying) arent bad, and were rather informative. The real issue comes with the drive time tracker. It’ll count entering a highway as rapid acceleration, though this is true, drivers sometimes don’t have a choice. The same thing can happen in towns. When exiting a highway, rapid (and sometimes hard) braking is counted, again the same thing can happen in town. As a high-school student I’m already focusing on those grades, so being graded on my driving doesn’t help with stress. My final complaint comes with the drive timer. It has a 30 minute cap for time. It doesn’t give you a notification when the timer ends, nothing says it has a limit (at least non that i saw), and it doesn’t count the time you’ve driven even before you reach the cap. I could’ve been done with the driving portion of this app multiple days in advance. This was before me and my father discovered the timer cap, and the app non counting the timeIn lost drive time i have lost an hour and a half. With this uncounted time i could have been done.
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2 weeks ago, SupergeirlK2
Kinda Frustrating
My dad taught me how to drive and he’s a truck driver and has been driving his entire life. I am an extremely good driver. (Not to sound like I’m bragging but it’s true 🤷‍♀️). I’m getting this discount because I’m under 25- and I’ve been driving for 4+ years. So I know how to drive well and safely. The app in theory is good but the execution is really frustrating. I consistently am getting 91 and 92 on the timed trips and have had no “incidents” I physically don’t know how to get a perfectionist badge- aka a 100%… my highest score (which was a 93) I was slowing and accelerating so slowly I felt like I was gonna be a danger on the road. The modules were… kinda helpful if you are terrified or brand new to driving, but I hope the timed trips scoring can be changed to a more correct system. It’s not accurate to how I know I drive and it’s frustrating :/ I wish it would explain why it’s only giving me a certain score. There’s no explanation to why it’s lower then I know it should be. There’s no “incidents” so why is it like this? *screams in confusion and anger*
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4 years ago, Lotsaballs
This app needs work and serious updating
The app need some serious modifying. It is completely inaccurate the majority of the time. It scores your braking, cornering, and acceleration completely different every time you drive in spite of the fact that you drive the same way or better each trip. In my opinion, if you’ve got your permit, drove with a licensed adult for a year, completed Drivers Ed, and obtained your state drivers license you should not have to compete a 5 hour driving log to get this certificate. You should simply answer the questions in the 5 sections and then get the discount. My son did all the above steps and yet we had to wait until he got 5 hours worth of driving logged to get a certificate which we then had to make a trip back to the insurance office to turn in, just to get the discount on his premiums.
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4 years ago, wack zeiner
Amazing app but rating your driving needs some updates
Been using the app non stop lately. Works perfectly and teaches allot to new drivers. Just dont take its driver rating to heart because its only as accurate as ur phone and gps signal. Personally had a dmv driver in my car for a scoring to see how this app compares. I drove perfectly with the instructor giving me a 100 but the app only gave it a 90 :/, if you hit any form of traffic it also throws off the rating from what i could tell. So if u want the perfectionist medal dont attempt to get it anytime during traffic hours. Its still a perfect app that i would recommend to anyone.
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5 years ago, annoyed perfectionist
Steer clear Don’t turn too sharply on the straightaways!!!
While my daughter was driving along a straightaway, steer clear dinged her about 8 times in about 4 miles! I was with her and it was one of the smoothest rides I’ve been on with her... it was a horribly bogus score. Her next two drives she lost points for braking and acceleration- my opinion was that she drove perfectly fine on both trips. Took away points but had “No incidents “ to report... this app will be dropped once her drivers license is obtained and we get a discount for her. And still more instances of poor evaluations on acceleration and cornering... my opinion is that in order to get a perfect score, you would be more dangerous to the rest of the vehicles on the road.
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6 years ago, Sashajack
Poor programming
We have contacted State Farm three times because it’s not recording the drive once it turns off at 30 minutes. It’s supposed to record up to 30 min and provide a grade. If you manually turn it off at 30 minutes then it records the grade. But that’s a pain. And, they don’t have a way to recall your drive or the grade. We also noticed that if you drive on an interstate with stop lights, it gives you a poor grade due to acceleration. Driving the same way on a regular road, the grade difference is 20 points higher. Same applies on the free way. They ding you for accelerating. It’s a free way, I’m guessing you should ease on? I provided my number so they could contact me for additional feedback but no one called. I think they need to do more testing in different driving conditions. If it wasn’t for the potential discount, I would not have my child complete this course. This is my second child completing the course. My second child is a far better driver than my oldest and is a lot more conscious of the things it’s measuring and it just seems like there is a great disparity in the calculations.
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2 years ago, Emmy7133
Over-critical app
I find that the app is over-sensitive: I have power boost in my car, which helps in city traffic because you need to take off when the light turns green, or risk getting hit from behind or the driver behind honking on the horn. It also helps when getting into traffic, but every time I use it, my score goes down. I have been working on my complete stops and going in a circle, but it gets me every time, & it is depressing. I am trying to be a better driver, but it’s always something. Meanwhile, drivers fly past me on both lines, which is downright scary.
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1 year ago, CarissssssaSweeeeeggggg
Not accurate
I only gave it 3 stars because the modules were easy to use. Besides that it’s not accurate it uses your phone to see how you’re driving. So if I put my phone in the cup holder it moves so I scored very badly but if I sit on my phone so it doesn’t move at all I score high. It as doesn’t take into account any real life issues. For example if a car pulls out in front of me of course I had to hit my brakes hard, would you rather me hit the car?? It tracks your speed which is a good thing but everything else is not accurate in my opinion.
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5 years ago, dehate
Percentage score given for driving
As the mentor of a student driver, I do not Think that your overall percentage scores and even your individual scores for particular skills is accurate. I am very particular in the way that my son drives, been a very safe driver myself, I think an app on a phone cannotSee what a driver has to deal with. As such, sometimes when they have to accelerate faster than your app thinks they should or taking a curve has had to avoid something they get scored lower.
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4 years ago, disapointed_customer999
Hated the Inaccuracy
At first, I thought it was going to be no big deal, if this is all I needed to do just to save a few bucks, might as well do it. However, it became a hassle because you have to go into the app every time you start to drive. I wish it could just tell when I'm on the road or be associated with the drive safe and save the device. Then, it would get frustrating when I knew I did everything well on the road and it would either stop recording, It would tell me I would break too hard, or there was phone movement. Again, I am grateful this saves me money per month, but I didn't appreciate how inaccurate it was every time.
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5 years ago, BBKay2015
So I have the Drive Safe and Save and this app recording my driving and I’m sorry but there are a lot of things showing up for this app that are not showing up on my other app. The acceleration part and the braking part are what’s frustrating because I can’t just not brake once I come to a stop sign, and I can’t creep up to a turn off road in the middle of traffic! But this app is saying that I’m braking to hard and I’m accelerating to much when I’m creeping out into traffic and the creeping up to a stop sign, remind you that there are people behind me blowing their horns. I’m not sure why it’s not rating me the same way the other app for the same company is rating me, but something needs to be relooked at.
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4 months ago, NewYork girl🌃
over dramatic
This app is so beyond in-accurate. I pulled next to my mailbox and made sure to extra slowly pull away because the app can be sensitive and it gave me 8 alerts that I accelerated too fast at the one spot! There wasn’t even 8 opportunities to do so! It totally messed up my score, like are you kidding me, you are going to say I accelerated too fast 8 times when I didn’t accelerate to get to the mailbox and painfully accelerated slowly away??? And somehow it occurred 8 times?! This app is beyond over dramatic and it is effecting my driving score. Plus, I do not understand how this app can give you an accurate score on your driving since it does not know the scenario.
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1 year ago, klairabella
Module broken
Every time I try to get to module 4 lesson 2 it doesn’t let me see any progress, instead lesson 1 says I have a %140 on it and the module itself says I have no progress. Why is this happening? I emailed the help line and they said to log in and out of it, I have done that, updated my device, deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times, and none of it is working.
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9 months ago, twohott2trot07
I don’t feel this app is very accurate for long distance/highway trips. My son was using the app and driving while using cruise control and at the end of the 30min drive it gave him one score of 57% and another score for another 30mins of 67%. Said he had hard braking and acceleration. He was using cruise control as he was driving on the highway and had not used the brakes. I feel if you don’t have a very secure place for the phone while driving it can pick up every little bump in the road, etc which then effects your scoring and says that motion was detected which is inaccurate.
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3 years ago, all the names are taken 028474
Alright, but targeted towards teens
The app itself is alright, modules are very easy if you’ve been driving for any period of time, and as others have said, the driving ratings are extremely sensitive. My main issue, as a “risky” 24 year old driver using the app to get a discount, is how targeted the language is towards teens and extremely new drivers. When you’ve been driving for 7 years, it does get kind of annoying to have an app talk down to you, or chide you for braking too hard (I guess it would rather have me rear end someone)
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12 months ago, Brellic
Ummmmmmm… why
The driving is such a pain because I just started and I drove for 27 minutes or less but it said that It didn’t count because the phone was moving. It said exactly, “We noticed some phone movement during your drive, so we were unable to score this trip. Make sure that you keep your phone in a stable position during your drives for accurate scoring.” Dude just remove some of the time that you think was wrong not the whole flipping trip. And just so you know some of the roads are bumper where I am which could be another reason for little movement. Why should you punish me for the roads problems.
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2 years ago, frustrated driver 2
Beware of Timing - 30 minutes
This should have been easy to complete in one roadtrip. . . instead I have spent 20+ hours of driving and upwards of 3 months trying to make it track. It will ONLY track for 30 minutes and if you don’t get on to end it, it probably won’t save. The only way I could finish it was to have my passenger get on the app and end it and restart at exactly 30 minutes. State Farm - you’re trying to promote safe driving but this is inherently UNSAFE. I should not have to think about restarting my tracker every 30 minutes during my road-trips. Would not recommend this based on functionality.
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5 years ago, Psky
Accuracy debatable
My daughter had to use this app to get an additional discount from State Farm. Often it would not rate her drive because it said that the phone was moving too much. She tried putting the phone is different places and different positions, but still would get the error reading. Also, because of our car’s engine, I don't feel the acceleration portion of the app gives a clear picture of how her acceleration. And I don’t understand why that’s important anyway. I give it 3 stars only because it made her more aware of her cornering and breaking.
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1 year ago, Childhood gaming
Pretty good
I thought it would be really boring to do the modules, but it had some really useful information like who has the right of way at parking lots, what to do after a crash, etc. The music, visuals, and narrator were pleasant to watch and listen to as well. My only complaint is that the road part can be a little bit better since I feel like it takes off points for very small things, like acceleration on a ramp.
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4 weeks ago, AwesomesquadGUUUURRRL
Wildly inaccurate
I never write reviews ever, but this app genuinely pisses me off. I am a new-ish driver and my parents made me get this app to get lower insurance rates, and it’s been awful. It is ridiculously sensitive. I am a decent driver, and this app is giving me horribly low scores for things I’m not even doing. I literally JUST got done with a 30min drive and the app recorded 257 INCIDENTS. Apparently, I was hard braking for a good 15 minutes. And then I had a situation where a deer ran into the road and I hard braked and THE APP DIDN'T EVEN REGISTER IT. This app is absolutely awful. Thank god my scores don’t affect my insurance rates because this app would make me pay thousands.
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2 years ago, #sargentbell
Getting Stars
I love the app and being the competitive person I am, I thrive to beat my percent each drive. I should have 90 plus percent drives everyday but due to bumps(potholes)in the road, cars in front of me, unexpected animals that run across the road and several other uncontrollable reasons my score is effected. This really irritates me. 😡😭😭‼️
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3 years ago, OlatheSam
Critique on app features
This app is limited in allowing the adult driver to explain why some measurable reactions need to be explained. Case in point when the app sensed an abrupt sudden stop. The reason for the stop is due to a driver running a stop sign. Luckily Alejandro was able to avoid the impact. I’m certainly glad at least I have this review venue to provide these details. In my opinion there should be a place after each driving session for comments.
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5 years ago, Viper37
Frustrating, Sporadic App
My teen has been using this app in order to log her five (5) hours of drive time. However, she has easily driven twice that time, yet the app consistently errors out during a trip thus resulting in not recording and giving her credit for the time driven. Further, the app has deducted points for driver error, however, when I compare this with the State Farm Drive Safe and Save app, the errors are not reflected on this app or the Life360 app either. My teen is frustrated and as a parent I’m extremely frustrated. I’ll be so glad when it finally recognizes the five hours drive time!!!!
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3 years ago, Triathletemike
Not an accurate assessment of driving
My son is using this as requested by the agent. I saw his scores and questioned it. I then installed it on my phone. I got dinged for hard braking today which was nothing more than reversing out of a driveway and was not “hard braking”. The acceleration dings you for “accelerating to quickly”. In normal everyday driving, if I accelerated in a manner that would get a high score then the app should note the possibility to experience road rage against you as accelerating is slow and is not safe if getting up to highway speed. This app is more of a how you should drive in a vacuum and not with traffic.
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4 months ago, TheRipkeFamily
Steer Clear
Having teenagers use this app is very unsafe. The app often times takes several minutes to “calibrate” before it will record drive. In roads with normal curves marks the driver down for “cornering”, the braking gets marked down for normal smooth stopping. This encourages running yellow lights since stopping is a penalty. The app is absurdly sensitive. It’s a hazard and a distraction. It fails to record the actual driver experience. adjust the sensitivity and provide users an average score of all drivers. It’s infuriating to get 50s when the driver was driving very well. Discounts should be on actual lack of accidents not this unreasonable app
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5 years ago, SmartSafeKnowledgebleDriver
Didn’t need it
A lot of the questions were opinion based and 1 question in particular was completely contradictory. The question asked was if you should use your high beams in rural areas if possible. I answered true but the “correct” answer was false because cars will come that you’ll have to turn your high beams off for. In that case, logically, when can you ever use your high beams!? Doesn’t make sense and is completely against how people drive. Besides that I already knew ALL of the answers except for the opinion based questions that are based on subjectivity.
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5 years ago, biogeochemistCAP
Not bad, but needs improvement
Not a bad app at all, easy and user friendly. The modules are crazy easy, and the app is incredibly easy to navigate. However, the driving factor needs improvement. It senses potholes as braking or acceleration, and when you live somewhere with a lot of them, that can be an issue. Or if you accidentally leave the app running when you get out of your car, it does the same thing, dropping your score. It would be nice if it could sense these things.
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6 years ago, Elliehurricane
Poor programming
The calibration often started my drives of at 1.5 miles and then would shut down half way through, the videos would not play until you restarted the app and if you forgot to end your trip, it would measure the walk you made from your car to your destination or really any movement made in the next 30 minutes part of your drive and would ruin your score. Really if your phone moves at all during your drive, even to pick it up or set it down, your score will be poor. The driving tips were nice though.
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2 years ago, Muscleking440
Gimmick app
In my area there’s some pretty rough roads and this is the second time I’ve had a drive get scrapped because my phone jostling around. The modules are pointless unless you’re learning to drive. However they gauge acceleration needs some serious work too. I’ve been trying to drive better but you might as well get out a give your car a push before hitting the gas. It’s another app on top of the regular state farm one so it’s just more hoops they want you to jump through. Mainly they need to fix whatever system they use for motion detection and it wouldn’t be as bad.
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2 years ago, So sad for Miami
Missed trips
I can’t tell you how many times we’ve opened the app, clicked on a new trip, let it calibrate, and watch the time begin only to find out in the end the trip wasn’t counted…. Extremely frustrating. Email to customer service only gets a response of reiterating the instructions. When it does work it seems to be a good asset to gauge improvement, but for us it only seems to record 50% of the trips…
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5 years ago, mellyman6
The scores I receive are frustrating. I have become very conscious about my driving and I don’t speed, turn too sharply, brake to hard; yet the highest score I have gotten is an 89%. In school, I enjoy 100%, and an 89% is not so pretty. I give it 2-star rating due to its quick lessons, the idea it makes me more aware, and it’s helping with my insurance. But really, it’s a pain. The scoring system is too picky, and some of my trips were not calculated —-which I understand that is due to my movement of my phone. But still, the scoring system needs to be reworked.
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2 years ago, taquecop
Garbage app
Garbage app records instances of bad driving such as hard braking, hard acceleration, speed, and cornering speed. If you hold a perfect 70mph on the interstate for 30 minutes, it will say you have done anywhere from 0 to 30 different instances of hard breaking or hard acceleration, and you have to do 10 half hour drives so on a 13 hour drive I had plenty of attempts to perform at least 1 perfect half hour drive, but no no no, 26 hard accelerations and 15 hard breaking while on cruise control at 3 am. And this is what determines if I get a discount or not. Garbage app.
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4 years ago, CoPoland
Wasn’t even driving
After I had gotten home from work and was finally getting into bed, I realized that I had forgotten to turn my drive off. I had 51!!! trip alerts...and only one of them was from while I was actually driving. Because I had forgotten to turn my drive off, the app was giving me trip alerts constantly just from the walking around the parking lot and my apartment. This app is so poorly executed that is said I was making hard brakes, sharp turns, and rapid accelerations just from walking within maybe a 3000 ft radius.
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5 years ago, kster47
I am a new driver and downloaded the app because I saw that this app came with a discount. However, this app is frustrating as it lacks consistency. The time tracking has been unreliable as I have missed out on 3 or more hours of driving, due to the app not recording it. The grading system is also horrible. I could take a 30 minute drive and slam on the brakes due to a car merging into traffic, and that one hard brake, drops my 100% grade, to maybe an 80%. If you are interested in the insurance discount, go ahead and download this app, but be warned, this app is very inconsistent and is very frustrating to work with.
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2 years ago, AmazGamerBoy
Good but needs work.
The lessons are great. I recommend having some prior driving and road knowledge before watching them as they ask some questions that are now covered in the videos. The driving tracking is not the most accurate or the best. Could use improvement. I wish the app also gave more feedback on what to do better at.
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3 years ago, Ri9643
Inconvenient & easy to forget about…
You have to press start and stop each drive for it to count (?!) I already have another app that tracks my driving, why can’t these be synced? I forgot to press stop after my drive, and so it didn’t record. I still have FIVE hour of driving left…. which will take me forever to complete especially if I have to manually start and stop each drive. Hook it up to bluetooth like the other app or this is never getting done
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5 years ago, No lies 21
The only problem I have had so far is when I was on a bumpy road my phone feel from position and it counted it as hard breaking when it wasn’t and it made my score go down but other wise I’m glad I’m using it because it does make me feel safer because I’m more cautious with the app running scoring me on my faults.
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4 years ago, TJ334422
Way too sensitive
I’m a 15 year old and I got this app to save money on car insurance when I get my license. Everyone I know says I’m a great driver. I haven’t even driven more than an hour and my overall score is already 63%. All of it due to “fast” accelerations. I got 22 fast acceleration badges before I even traveled a mile. Three of them were within a span of 150 feet. It’s a good idea but in order to receive even close to a 100% on braking and acceleration, you have to be barely touching the pedals at all. Which is more dangerous than safe.
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4 years ago, HovaYoHomie
Good but problems
Overall the app is amazing but when you are being asked is it better to be less distracted or more distracted and then the correct answer being not distracted. Even though I know not distracted was correct you should not make a question phrased like that. It is just stupid and unnecessary.
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3 months ago, Vickj23
The calibration won’t load if your phone is not laying flat and steady. As well as, the mapping was off. For example it was stating that during majority of my trips I had 10+ Corning, breaking and acceleration events but I didn’t and I confirmed I didn’t by checking my drive and save app, I had 2 or less events for every trip I took. Other than that it’s an alright app for what it was made for.
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