Stellarium Mobile - Star Map

4.8 (25.1K)
409.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Noctua Software Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stellarium Mobile - Star Map

4.85 out of 5
25.1K Ratings
5 months ago, timbee71
Such a Joy to Use!
This app is such a joy to use! I’m not an astronomer, I don’t have a telescope or anything more than my iPhone’s night mode, but I do have the good fortune to live in a light free area where the panoply above me is regularly on view. When I wander around at night or early in the morning, Stellarium opens up the omniverse for me, showing and naming the constellations and stars that would otherwise just be little lights. Through it, I have started to appreciate the vastness that surrounds us, even to understand how different cultures saw what I can see, so that it places me both physically and historically. I don’t know of any better way to use a smartphone than that. A totally unique application. Kudos to the developers!
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10 months ago, cprice11
Fantastic, exactly what I want.
This app is every stargazing tool I could want. It has extensive features even in the free version. I found the interface intuitive and spectacularly useful for identifying planets, constellations, and even individual stars. I learned a lot from the included descriptions of each constellation, but wish it was a little bit easier to read, maybe with just a couple headings separating mythology and interesting features and linking the Wikipedia entry instead of just loading a block of text. I also happen to love the fact the architecture is open source, and that they offer a lifetime price for the pro features. Good vibes all around!
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9 months ago, EdLewis2
Outstanding Astro Application
Stellarium is by far the best general purpose astronomy application for iPhone. It is really cool, going out with binoculars and identifying various stars, star clusters and nebulae. We travel extensively between the northern and Southern Hemispheres. I’m looking forward to going back to the temperate south in a couple weeks to use it to locate the southern star clusters and Milky Whey features. While the paid version brings many more stars, Stellarium does not big down, allaying previous concerns. I again look forward to the rapid location of the Magellanic clouds, omega Centauri &c.
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4 years ago, Kimreaper2469
Great in Theory
The idea behind this app great. When put to use though, you need to know where to look for constellations and stars before using the app. Using it to locate Comet Neowise was next to impossible for a beginner. By the description I understood that by pointing the camera skyward the screen would show me where the Comet was in relationship to other well known items. I tried to see The Big Dipper which was just about directly overhead. I started the app and it said Porterville current view or something to those words. Could not locate the big dipper on my phone doing a search or just pointing the camera up. I followed all instructions and could not locate anything. $9.99 and it is nowhere near as easy as described. Very disappointed. Still guessing what I am looking at when I look at the night sky.
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1 year ago, DIDE2020
Great app
This is the best of all apps of it’s kind, simple settings, nice views, very customizable, great landscaping, very informative. I just wish the labels of Neptune, Pluto and the asteroids to be visible without having to zoom in too much, so I can see their positions on the map. If I zoom in too much, this makes me miss some of them if they’re further away from the ecliptic line and I also lose the whole picture of the sky, so this just bothers me a bit. The label line in the settings is all the way up for the Solar System and yet, I can never spot these bodies without having to dive in deep enough. Plz make, at least our planets, visible at all zooming levels.
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1 year ago, Elon Musk II
Needs some fixes
This is a very good star viewing app. I have enjoyed the short period of time I have been using it. I did notice however, and I find it fairly annoying, is that you can only see one constellations at a time. If you could fix this I would rate it 4 and a half because there are a few bugs. Sometimes I can’t move the stars with my trackpad or my arrow keys…. I can also lift up my iPad and look around and see the stars but some other times it will lag out and kick me out of the app. If it didn’t have these I would rate it 5 stars! Thank you for creating such an app for mobile devices. :D
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4 years ago, disappointed in Easton
I just paid 9.99 So that me and my five-year-old son may identify planets in the early morning Sky. Wondering why the moon was not where it was supposed to be in the sky after I spent some time looking around, I found it in the completely opposite direction, under the ground It Took some time to realize I had to manually change the time as it defaults to the night sky. We’re looking at it during the day however you cannot visualize the labels very clearly by the stellar bodies because the background sky is too bright and the labels are too light. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, Noir321
Perfect for a serious user
I rarely write reviews, but I will for this app. In fact, I think this is my first. In this app I finally found the pocket star atlas I’ve been looking for. Not too heavy on eye candy, and instead full of features I need for observation sessions, well thought-out right at your fingertips. Coordinate grid, both equatorial and alt-az. Ability to zoom in and tweak the maximum displayed magnitude to match what’s in the eyepiece. A very nice daily summary of observable planets and satellites. Easy to pull up object coordinates. Activating the live view mode by tilting the phone app is ingenious. Six stars out of five.
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4 years ago, Nickname8375
Almost perfect
I really love this app and I think it works really well. There’s so much information and it’s super easy to use. The reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because it’s missing lots of features that exist on the free PC version like being able to track the ephemeris of a planet. I do understand that it’s parred down probably to make it run smoother and because the average person doesn’t use all that stuff. However for the price I was hoping for the same features. All said, I’m glad to have a smaller app with less features that works well over a clunky bugged up app with all the features from the PC version.
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3 years ago, BaTonkaTruck
The Best, No Question
I’ve used a lot of different star map apps. This one is without a doubt the best, hands down, no contest. Great intuitive usability, reliability and information architecture is awesome, and the depth of features is astounding. I’m an amateur astronomer, so I use and rely on many of the more technical, numerical features. But my partner enjoys it just as much, and she simply loves stargazing and doesn’t have a need for the mathy stuff. I’m also a software engineer by trade, and if I were a developer of this app, I would be extremely proud of myself and my team. A+.
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1 year ago, easy and Effective
Family Sharing Issue - Still Not Working
Update - I saw the response to my review below about a fix. Thanks for trying to fix it. I gave it several days and just tried again. The family sharing still does not work for one-time purchase. The app claims to allow for Family Sharing, but with the in-app purchase of Stellarium Plus rather than a separate app purchase like many other upgrade apps have, it doesn’t give you a way to access the upgrade through family sharing. I emailed the company to ask about it and got a link to the generic Apple “How to use Family Sharing” page that did not help at all.
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5 months ago, Wass’sup
Compass actually works
Bro, easy to use, don’t really need the paid version unless you want to hook up with an electric telescope, but if you’re just looking through your telescope it’s actually very easy to locate things with. The compass itself works very well and the couple times it wasn’t exact, it was only off by a few degrees. The only real thing the plus upgrade will get you is more info about the object and a deep space pic Hoped this helped
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2 years ago, mrdsmart
Great app
This seems to be the best app for Astro viewing on the App Store. Sleek and no filler. However I would like to see some features: - 12 hour time toggle - option to show star/object trajectory when selected - lower price. I love there is a free version with no ads. But a slight decrease in price would be perfect (I plan to steer k12 students in my school district to this, it would be great to have pro features like “when to observe” available to them.
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2 months ago, ldhair
I love Stellarium
It’s the best app I can see where meteor showers are going to happen. I can see where my planets and I always use it to help me find Saturn Neptune, and very many more Jupiter and I really love how we can let us zoom in to see what it’s gonna look like at that time and I use it every day. When I use use SkyView it only showed me a few planets and some constellations but I like so better so that’s why I love this app.
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1 year ago, PresidentFennec
Great app, but please add camera support!
Wonderful app for stargazing! I love the search function and just how detailed the starmap is, but there’s only one thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars: the lack of camera support! It would be awesome if instead of the basic horizon/atmosphere layers we could instead turn on the camera and see the star locations overlayed on top of it in real time. Would make it easier to tell what objects are visible or obscured and orient yourself properly!
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4 years ago, josommer
Chiron Never Looked So Good
Wow. This is by far the best Astronomy tool I have used in a long time! The alternative apps I have used have not matched up compared to this one. It has very smooth graphics, it’s beautiful, and by far the best perk: you can move the phone to uncover what the sky looked like when you were born! I also purchased this Pro because 22 magnitude objects are included and I wanted to see Chiron (at about 16m) the standard only showing 10 magnitude.
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7 months ago, Gavin Brodtmann
Totally freeee
This app is the best when I click on a star it tells you everything. I has learn so much it show satellites rockets and rockets body parts and tells you the name. There everything you can think of like star clusters and nebula. I has just started using the telescope and I learn much more than I would have before. I wonder what the upgraded version is?
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3 years ago, enoughxmasalready
Great customer service!
I had a problem today with not seeing the alert for the ISS flyover in the observe feature of the app. I sent an email to the “help and feedback” link. Within an hour the developers got back to me. A few hours later they replied and suggested I delete and reinstall. Problem solved! All on a weekend! Really excellent customer service!!!
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1 year ago, Nana Flores
My opinion(s) on Stellarium ! ❤️
Stellarium is so cool , it’s especially fun , it made me want to be an astronaut now and Stellarium is by far the best app ever to be honest but of course only in my opinion . Stellarium is a good app for children actually and it’s very satisfying especially to see what all planets , stars , and others look like close up ! It’s totally free and easy to install , I recommend Stellarium . #best app so far !
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1 year ago, Dgsf
Did not support SkyWatcher mount as promised
It says that this mobile version supports SkyWatch (SynScan) telescopes, but it does not. I spent several hours on this last night (and I’m and IT expert) and it does not connect to telescope via mobile, and it says this in the documentation, that it must connect via SynScan app in the background but IOS does not permit this, in short you cannot connect from this app to your scope. All the ports suggested do not work. I tried connecting to another ios device running synscan and the same device, and directly to the ip address of the scope. None of these work says promised.
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3 years ago, opalescent_sky
Nice app but no AR camera view
This is a beautiful app but there is no option to view the stars and constellations through my phone’s camera using AR. I thought this was a feature when I was looking at the pictures but it’s not. The graphics shown come with the app itself rather than being filmed from a phone camera, so the scenery stays the same. There’s no AR used, just beautiful graphics within the app.
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1 year ago, the jeanjeni
Really helpful and informative!
Love this app, worth the upgrade price and then some. I am new to astronomy and frankly need all the help I can get. This app has helped me learn to identify the major constellations and planets. I am trying to learn to photograph the night sky (a challenge all of its own) and at least knowing what I’m looking at is a big help. Thank you for this really detailed tool.
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2 years ago, jim smudge
Great app!!!
I am very impressed with Stelarium. It shows the sky from any location and it is very accurate. You have the option to superimpose constellation diagrams to help identify them while looking at an up to date image of your sky. It really genius and I would recommend it for anyone interested in the sky above which is probably everyone.
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6 months ago, DepressedDove
This app simply blows me away, i always adored the night time sky, not only does this help me identify the constellations in the sky but the menus and everything are super user friendly, its not overpriced subscription and it genuinely seems the makers of this app wanted to make a friendly, good star gazing app. My first choice and ive shared this app with many others
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1 year ago, Pedro Nossal
Review about Stellarum
This app is really realistic and the fact you can change the culture of the stars! My fav thing about this is that you can change the locations. Even tough antártica is just day at its southern point and Greenland at its northern point! Space people should download this app if the don’t have a computer!
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6 months ago, Sawbone66
Just doesn’t work
The main problem is that there is no way to tell it which direction you are looking. There doesn’t seem to be any way to calibrate the direction. Most of the time it was 180 degrees off horizontally, but not always, and vertical was anyone’s guess. If you actually know some significant landmarks in the sky and are looking to learn more, this is not the app. If you know nothing and want to feel like you know something, maybe this is what you need.
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4 months ago, LectricActMan
The standout feature for me is the relationship of scale of the stars. As a 2 year amateur astronomer, that feature gives me confidence that my telescope is pointing at the right object. I upgraded to the pro version and the visibility feature is really helpful in determining how long an object will be visible and when it will cross the meridian.
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1 year ago, Gcassel
Blown away
I can’t believe something so useful is free on the App Store without throwing in-app purchases in my face. Now I can show my daughter where the planets and constellations are in the sky and be sure I’m right about which one I’m pointing to. Good on whoever made this. Couldn’t ask for better.
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3 years ago, Derekmarathonman
Good app. Just a few improvements to make it amazing
Love having as much detail as possible shown. So much it can be overwhelming to start. Ability to use find features to help navigate with telescope is good. Fonts of planets are an issue during the day. Hard to see where they are. Also would be nice to have a summary of upcoming major events or best viewing days of certain objects. Otherwise a good app.
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3 years ago, Ta0star213
Amazing app!
This is an amazing app for a serious amateur astronomer. it’s what I have been looking for. Most of the astronomy apps out there are very simple and not for serious observation. It’s filled with great tools to plan or review an observation night, or as a field guide to help you find objects. It can also be used by casual observers to point up and see what’s there.
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3 years ago, chuksaw
Lacking function
I have used Stellarium for Windows and Linux for years. While the app for iOS is okay it doesn’t compare with the other platforms. The control and function of this app is lacking and if I could I’d return it. I do not recommend this for anyone who is used to the original program. Missing the multiple choices for telescopes, oculars, and cameras was the deal breaker for me. In my opinion it’s a go back and do it again.
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1 week ago, Wingy33
This app is one of the best ever produced! I am able to go forward and backward, and really delve into the night sky, accurately and quickly! I love it and I get on it every day I highly recommend it for both novice, and professional astronomers. Great work by developers! thank you!.
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2 weeks ago, COMEONMANG!!!
Cutting Edge for Students!
This will no doubt, become the 'GoTo' of aspiring Astronomy Students. The downloadable Desktop Version is lightning fast to acquire exactly what I am looking for, and the functions & settings are a breeze to use. Thank you for assembling a resource that caters to both novices and advanced users alike.
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1 year ago, yeeyeeheadass
Amazing! And so accurate!
Amazing app! I downloaded it to help find the green comet that went by and despite not seeing it, I did see everything the map showed! 10/10 would recommend it tot anyone looking to find some constellations! Best app out there!!!
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3 weeks ago, Massive Higgs
Can’t ask for much better
Can be a little tricky to find the cool features you want but the more I dig around in the program, the more impressed I am. I also think the cost for premium features is very reasonable.
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4 years ago, jbourdette
Great App! Clean Interface
Super easy to use and great app. I splurged for the pro but honestly do see much difference from the normal version. It would be great to have a toggle for deep sky objects. I know I can search them but a way to toggle them on/off on the display would be awesome. Also I was hoping the app might have a screen like recommended tonight for your location but it didn’t have one. Like Jupiter right now in June/July is closest to earth. Overall great app. I look forward to their future improvements and will be using this app for sure.
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3 years ago, Post Haste
I’m new, but it’s good
Simple choices have significant usefulness: if you close it in (all red) night mode, it opens in night mode; if you search for a celestial body, it gives you information and gently leads you to it with a big arrow. I’m very pleased. It’s great how much good you can get (sometimes) in inexpensive apps.
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4 years ago, PeterB26
Plus is Nice but Standard Version is Fine
I'm a big fan of Stellarium. I just purchased the "plus" version for my iPad. For my use the changes from the standard mobile version are not so impressive as to warrant the increased price. Unless you have a very good reason to want this "plus" version you should just buy the standard version.
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2 years ago, Reluctant misanthrope
Benchmark star app
their desktop version is wayyy better to learn with, but the mobile is 100% worth a nominal price for using. So easy to set, and so many settings to mess with (change time, place, “live view” vs seeking, show planets/grids/deep space stuff..).
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1 month ago, Luck Mcluckington
The best Astronomy app, But…
I love Stellarium and I use it everyday to observe the stars outside. Now, I have no problem with it. The plus Is fair. But if you guys could find a way to add Blackholes and quasars like Sagittarius A or TON 618 this app would get way more downloads. Thanks for reading! 😁
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1 year ago, McKinDu
Techgnosis been around
So they slaughtered all people then had ww1 we2 and created this system we can be enlightened and grounded Each is free but only in that enviro none of us would stray this thwartion is creating disorder Lack of common knowledge is destroying everything
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2 months ago, Dayshawn004
Update idea: eclipse
When the moon blocks the sun now there is a corona around it same for the other eclipses. Now there is a eclipse finder but you need to buy it to have it, for example let’s say that you find a Titan eclipse then you will be able to land on Saturn and see it! (Dev pls read this: pls pls plssss add this in game pls I beg you)
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7 months ago, Chris2008-2
Cool App, Orbits Off
This is a cool app and has alot of feature but the orbits and timing seem to be off with tracking fast moving objects. I tried to follow the international space station and every time I try to track it, it starts in the same place so I can’t tell where it is in real time.
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5 months ago, NOName 0077
Excellent app
I am more than excited to have found this app and use it currently to help my astrology practice, but I would really like if we could also go back in time on the calendar to confirm planet star placements
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6 months ago, Carolina daughter of the stars
Thank you to the genius team who created this app
This app is exactly what I need to keep learning about our universe and our place in it. It helps me situate myself within the planetary solar system and beyond. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Joey2250
App downloaded in French
Cannot figure out how to download app in English or switch to English language. Response to developer: I looked at my languages French was 2nd to English in the preferred list. English is the selected language. After I deleted French, Spanish was the 2nd language after English in the list. Now the app is displaying in Spanish. It’s like it’s missing the English localization and falling back to the next preferred, or skipping the preferred language of English altogether. Deleting the app and reinstalling to see if that helps.
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5 months ago, Taig's guy
I like this app!
I’ve turned off several settings that makes it easier to see where I am looking, but I love how you can turn on the names of stars and other things in the sky and they are tied to regional folklore and back stories.
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1 year ago, peter griffn explains the joke
Very good app
ive been using stelarrium for about a year on my computer and recently on my phone, its very good and helpful and has helped me find ZTF, my only problem is that the moons highlands and way too bright to see any detail, there is no setting to change this
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7 months ago, Boeing792
Great app
Great app it is cool to see the planets up close I wish that it could have a thing where it shows what it's like to stand on it and if you could also zoom in close to stars and galaxies but it is great.
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2 years ago, gsg97
Loving Your App
I find your app very interesting. Been learning a lot. I have about 5 friends that live at the apartment complex where I live and almost every night we are out using your app. Thank you so much
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