Story Creator - Easy Story Book Maker for Kids

3.7 (798)
78.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Innovative Mobile Apps
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Story Creator - Easy Story Book Maker for Kids

3.7 out of 5
798 Ratings
5 years ago, grotegutray
Wow Just You Ruined My Time!
I Used To Love This App! When I Was In 1st Grade I Always Loved This! But Now. There’s 1 Glitch! 1 Freeking Glitch! When I Was Making A Story I Can’t Put My Photos, Or Videos To The Next Page! Does That Mean I Can Only Have 1 Photo Or Video On My Book? That Does Not Make Sense Please Add A Way Where We Can Add Videos Or Photos To The Next Page.
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2 years ago, JoMamaTang
Has potential..
I love how you can add photos/videos and have voice overs for kids to listen to. BUT the video did not load up at all for me whether I took it with the app or used my regular video to upload. The login is also wonky because I tried making an account and it said that I already used the email, but when I went to retrieve my password with “Forgot Password” my email was not valid….so that is annoying. Tried emailing tech support, but it doesn’t seem to exist..and I copied and pasted it. Please fix the bugs! It’s a cute app and I would to use it with more of my students and share with their teachers and parents.
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7 years ago, FhsF
Has some glitches, but good idea
I have used this for video modeling and picture scheduling for special needs students. It is easy to use, but sometimes randomly closes when I am trying to create a story. Sometimes when I am trying to add a picture, it switches the picture to a different page. AND, most significantly, like other reviewers have mentioned, it is impossible to backup or share it with anyone, so it is just only good to use personally. It has potential, but needs some work. I am looking forward to an update that fixes these problems.
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6 years ago, jessdholmes
Easy to use...when it works
I am using this app with two first grade classes. It was easy to use and add pictures, but when we started to record, about half of the students reported the app crashed and closed. I have emailed the developer with no response. Definitely frustrating as this project is intended to be on display for our upcoming Open House. Finally, as others have mentioned, I don’t understand why there isn’t a universally recognized way to share this project. Our parents don’t want to download an app just to view one project. But really, please fix the crashing issue.
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5 years ago, stupidf*kngnickname
So much potential, so frustrating!
I originally downloaded this app, tried it out, and was able to back up and share stories perfectly well. However, the next time I used it, I was unable to log back in, and am unable to create a new account. I’ve contacted customer support multiple times with no response. The story creation part works really well-that’s what makes this app so frustrating! If it all-around sucked, I could write it off as another useless app. I WANT this to work-hopefully they update it and fix their bugs and customer support problems.
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7 years ago, SpeakAlike
Good idea, but needs work.
This app succeeds at being very easy to use and understand, but there are too little editing functions to allow creativity. Users would probably like to place images where they want instead of dead center and framed. The pen only has four colors. Seriously, that's bad. I don't get that decision. Overall, it has potential. This iteration is probably not usable considering the plethora of other options.
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7 years ago, trying out new tech
Used to love this App!
I have used this app to create step by step tasks with Picture and audio prompting for my daughter to cook with and do household tasks.... she is a non-reader due to a traumatic brain injury. I could create on my iPad and email to her and I loved that. Ever since iOS 10 came along that function is gone. I have emailed the developer (you) more than once with my concerns about not being able to email from one device to another. In reading the comments I see that we are supposed to email the developer but since he – she doesn't respond I'm not sure what to do. Please fix! I have heard rumors that this app will be nonfunctional on iOS 11 is this true???
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1 year ago, takennameing
Great! But needs more colors...
This is great! I am making a series with this! That was my dream! But I need a custom color palette. I was trying to make oatmeal but there wasn’t any tan color so I had to color it orange! In conclusion, this is great app but it needs more colors.
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3 years ago, hummingbird guy
Jasmine Rose Kat Gaming
You are totally right i downloaded this and i kept trying to fix this over and over and i deleted it right away and i also got really mad from this because every time i tried putting a video on my story and i kept saying the same things in it because I wanted for it to save the video that i created and it also crashes when I Put a video in my story
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3 years ago, Jemeryl
Video allowed is way too short!
I went to record a book to read to my students and after the cover, the introduction page all I was able to read was two sentences and it said video was too long
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2 years ago, SarahSpeech
Poor customer support
I need assistance with my login and attempted to email customer support. My email was rejected because Alligator Apps thinks my email is spam. I am unable to retrieve or change my password because the app does not recognize my educator email. Therefore, I am unable to share social stories I creat for my autistic students with their parents for use at home. It is very frustrating.
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6 years ago, Madame Pinkypopo
Nice Idea, But needs a Lot Of Work
I think that you could make some changes. First, it would be nice if instead of having to have pictures right in the middle and framed, you should let users pick where to put the picture. Second, you should have a larger selection of colors to pick from. Lastly, you should be able to add videos. Those are the improvements you could make. -Madame Pinkypopo
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4 years ago, spchgrl82
Can’t share it
I attempted to make an account 3 times using 3 different emails. Each time it said that my email address was taken. Without creating an account you can’t share the story which I was hoping to do for a group teletherapy session tomorrow. If this feature worked it would be a good app.
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6 years ago, RUMANIOLA
I luv this application
This is a very easy application to write children picture books using your own picture files. I recommend it!!
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4 years ago, Turttldove
4 colors
I liked this game but when I was in App Store before I got this it said you could use a lot of colors but when I played this game there where only 4 colors there’s not enough colors if there is a way to have more colors pls tell me how if there’s no way to get more colors than pls make more colors
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2 years ago, Peachypae
It is really fun to create story’s with this app!
I also like to add pictures. It makes it colorful! It’s also fun to record your voice instead of writing.
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5 years ago, Jasmine Kat Rose Gaming
As I first joined I did my first story, it was a game one with only 9 pages. I finished and I press the save button, it says put three fingers parental gate. I put my fingers on it I put my email and everything I press complete sign up and it says email taken. I never had this app, I rate it a 0.1 star. Nobody should get this app. I tried my whole familys email and all of them says “email taken” none of them have this app.
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5 years ago, bean lil bean
It’s pretty okay but needs a few little tweaks
First of all it won’t let me use more than one photo . Second why are there only four colors in the drawing section? Third please make crayon sizes if you did please tell me where they are. I would be so happy if you made those changes.
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5 years ago, ksh13162335
Great idea if it worked
The way this app functions is absolutely perfect. It’s exactly what I want to be able to take videos and photos of my students, then compile them to share. However, I have yet to be able to create an account to actually save or share the work. It’s incredibly frustrating to have all the time and effort put in with nothing to show for it!
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6 years ago, 1st grade student
Good but needs fix
I’m a 1st grade student. This app is good but I can’t add videos. Also, when I try to put pictures in different pages the picture always goes to the first page and replaces the picture I’ve had already put there. Please fix this! Thank you.
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3 years ago, Annabel11
This game is awesome!
I think this game is awesome and I shared my stories with my friends! I would love this on my tv to actually use a pencil or something to use one it! Great game!
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4 months ago, A. the cat
Ok, but one problem
When I write on a page, it only lets me do one line, so I can not do paragraphs on a page. Other than that it is great.
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6 years ago, DLHinkle
Awesome Little App
I use this App to create alphabet and rhyming books in my Pre-K class. The Kiddos love to record their voices and capture their creations! It’s pretty handy!
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3 years ago, aaabacabc123
Very disappointing
The app has many glitches and is very frustrating. I am unable to share my creation. Customer service is extremely poor and has yet to attempt to help resolve my issues. Their responsiveness and lack of any help is very disappointing. I feel bad giving a poor review but I would not recommend the app.
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5 years ago, hasbestmomever!
Cool app
I like this app because you can draw and place photos I just think you should let them put a title
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6 years ago, Ynotlearn
Adding voice made it crash
Trying to add voice recording caused it to crash. Stuck with photo and text and it worked fine for a simple story.
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8 months ago, half it
Frustrated. I used this app in the past but now it won’t let me log in and when I ask for help it gives me an invalid email to contact. If I try a new email address it says already used.
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6 years ago, Drtalk
So much for stellar support
Been trying to get answers as to why I cannot register or log in to the app in order to get to menus to share the books I’ve made (that part of the app is pretty good). In multiple emails to the developer, I have not been responded to. Sad.
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5 years ago, qwetsiaoksbatrokfb
Wasted a lot of time
Glitchy, kept saying my email was “taken” when I tried several different emails that I had never used to sign up before. I spent 30 minutes making a story but could never share it because it began to glitch. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, docnazir
Cannot export the books
Its a sinple app with only one template. The audio sync is the best feature. But unfortunately one cannot login or create an account. Without loging in i cannot export the books (probably books are compiled on the server end). Looks like there is no server to log on too
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3 years ago, Super Star App
Purchased the PRO version. Made a story about taking my grand baby to the zoo. IT’S GONE!!! Try to sign on, says invalid password. Pressed forgot my password, says enter a valid email. Try to create a new account, says my email is already taken. Catch 22. I’m so angry right now!!!! AND NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT…NONE NONE NONE!!!!
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4 years ago, Jerryuop
Cool app, lots of bugs
I spent about 30 minutes making a story for the students in my special education app. If you want to share the story, you need to log in. The problem is that it will not let you create an account or log in. What a waste of time!!
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4 years ago, #madatapp
Not good
This app will not let you create an account. Not able to share stories. Bought paid app and still nothing. Great concept but useless if you cannot share😒emailed customer service and crickets...poor customer service
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5 years ago, NICKTHEGAMER209
It keeps crashing and glitching
I love this app, but it needs some work. When I am making a story, the game crashes at random times.
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5 years ago, L@vender
Problem with signing up.
It says that my emails have been used although I never signed up before.
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5 years ago, nicknamekjp4life
Story creator
Not able to edit or share. Asks me to sign in but when I do, I get a message for wrong password. When I click forgot password, I get a message sayin invalid email. If I try to create an account I get a message saying, this email already exits.
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2 years ago, Ninjawolves
Too good to be true
this app is amazing no app can beat it
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5 years ago, trent184
I love it so much but
I can’t put my fodo in the next paper
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5 years ago, Aiden000007
App is broken
So I downloaded the app, I go to sign up and it tells me the email is already in use. I go to try a password reset or anything at this point and the app tells me to use a valid email. So my iCloud email is either in use or invalid. Also you go to their site and it’s absolute garbage. A bunch of apps listed (although not this one) and a link urging you to sign up for spam in return for a free app. Nothing else. When will devs stop spamming the world with crap?
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7 years ago, evets1234186**&$
Cannot create an account
When entering any email address it will show a message that says, “email taken”. I then tried entering my email and pressing forgot password and a message appears that the email is not valid.
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3 years ago, Busy ST Mom
Nice app, but very glitchy
Nice app for making social stories for special education purposes. However, I can’t create account. Developers need to put some attention into fixing these issues so I can use this on my students and clients.
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4 years ago, hgdkymvdht
Needs more colors
When I create my stories I have lots of fun but everybody is limited to the colors green, blue, pink, and orange
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1 year ago, isa abbate
I like to add some scary stories but it is fun no matter what
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3 years ago, Charisa OT
I can’t add pictures to any page other than the first one. Please update and fix.
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3 years ago, Ajasanu
Love it…just one thing
Love the honestly. But when I want to move my text it won’t. Is there something I need to do to get it to move. Please text back as soon as possible Thanks
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7 years ago, kdani11
Email function glitch
Was ready to send a video book I made for school, but email function won't work.
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7 years ago, iphone7DJ
Go app
I love how it makes books so easy to make!!$!😎
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3 years ago, ghdretu
Unable to log in or share book
App doesn’t allow login or sharing of book.
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1 year ago, loplint
Love it you’re students could use it great
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4 years ago, Wolfie gotcha
I like it
I love it no glitches no stupid premiums just a good app
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