Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop

4.4 (62.4K)
280.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Budge Studios
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop

4.4 out of 5
62.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Kcabana
Still working
Although this app was expensive when I first purchased it few years ago, I think it is worth it. Because until now, 2022 and my iPad mini (1st gen) is already 9 years old, it is still working! I would be so sad if the software developer would delete this. To the other software developers, not everyone wanted a new Apple device. Even though there is an ios update, always consider those people like me that are not ready to buy or update a new device especially if there is nothing wrong with it. People are complaining about toxic waste but they wanted us to keep spending money. Apple is promoting that their devices are great. Yes, it is true, but what is the point of buying their products if they don't allow the consumers to keep using their older devices? If that is the case might as well buy a cheaper products from other brands instead of Apple. Kudos to the developer of this game because you're still allowing this version for someone like us. My child is still enjoying this game. Thanks!
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2 years ago, CTZinn06
Loved it but now it’s changed
We bought the full game quite a while ago for our daughter. She loved it, so we bought all of the possible deserts so she would have plenty to do. Now the game has changed to a subscription model, so she’s limited to just a few options unless we want to subscribe for a monthly fee that, quite frankly, seems way too steep for such a basic game. We’re quite unhappy with the change. We’ve tried restoring purchases as some other reviewers were advised to do, but the items she used to have access to are still locked so that she has to ‘earn’ them through play through. This seems ridiculous and unfair, since not too long ago she could use them and now she just suddenly can’t. We’re subscribed to the Barbie Dreamhouse game from the same developer because she also loved that one and it was the only option for purchase at the time we found it, but I refuse to pay for a second monthly subscription for a children’s game. It made sense to subscribe to Barbie because there’s tons of dolls and things, but the Bake Shop game is much simpler and we already paid full price to unlock everything. It would be totally ridiculous to subscribe to it to earn back things that used to be included like the electric mixer.
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2 years ago, raymayb
Too many things cost too much money
I’ve been playing this game since I was really little, and I love it. I’ve gotten too old for it now, and I see a main problem; a lot of things cost money, but the game is very basic. The other games made by this same creator have the same problem, and it’s literally scamming little kids out of their parents’ money. Because of the game’s update, it gives more access to some other things, but it’s not like that makes it any better. Only a few things were unlocked, and everything else costs money. It’s not like this game is really anything special, it’s just a basic kids’ game. Overall, if you don’t pay for things (which is very hard since almost everything costs money), it’s possible to have a positive outlook on this game.
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11 months ago, Fox lover🥰🥰🥰
No stuff to buy but it bosses you around
I like that it doesn’t have anything you have to buy but like when you first come in like it just say hi I’m strawberry shortcake and then it just say oh our first order blah blah blah it doesn’t let you choose but farther in the game it will let you choose like at the very end. your first order and also when you first come in the game and when you get your stuff ready it only let you do one thing like the first game that Got Who is the different strawberry shortcake and they let you pick like three things and that’s even better than one and also if you finish like 10 cakes you get a present and the other strawberry shortcake that I had when you finish a dream you get a present not 10 it was two or one sometimes it was two sometimes it was one but this one not what I want and also it will b boss you around the whole game and if you want to get this it’s your choice I would choose not anymore. I like strawberry shortcake dreams you should play that one not this one. this game doesn’t have much ads to. but this is what I like that later on there’s like new sprinkles new toppings that you could choose on your 🎂
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2 months ago, Kitkatgriff
I vividly remember buying the premium pack for, like, $15 or $20 when this came out without permission on my Kindle. I felt like coming to see what's up with it now. Overall, the game looks a lot nicer than it did when I was 10, and I like the newer set-up to the game, but (as it was when I played last), only two desserts are free to make. The kicker is the fact that, unlike how it was when I was younger, it's now a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION to use any of the more fun stuff. I just think that's insane to do to children, taunt them with cooler features they have to pay to unlock- I even fell for it then! And it's very clear that the one-time purchase was replaced with a subscription because that's more profitable. I don't know, in my experience, games produced by Budge are always very clear cash grabs and I think that's a flawed foundation for a children's game. I know it won't change, I just wanted to complain. It's nobody's fault but the higher-ups!
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3 years ago, mewplaz
Childhood game and other stuff
I played this game when I was little little and I do not remember the star bakers club! I rather it be like the one with outfit dress up or others why... kids play these games and they might do mistakes like me who almost wasted 50 dollars when you get these games you should be able to play them freely without buying stuff and before you say “transfer you data” that old tablet is long dead... so it’s makes me wanna cry my first memory’s was lying on the couch near the kitchen while my parents fought. I would love to play it.... I don’t like this think of the kids and the parents you made many people like myself cry because it’s not the same.... please fix it
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12 months ago, generationzwillwin
I cannot believe that you have to pay $6.99 per month for a game like this. It’s outrageous. I love this game it is my favorite I love strawberry shortcake and the fact i have to pay the same amount for a netflix subscription is an OUTRAGE😡 I am very dissatisfied with this game and you need to be more inclusive to the people who can’t afford this. The fact I only can have 2 recipes unlocked to get this game for free is very dumb. Pardon my langueage I’m not allowed to say bad words like dumb or stupid ( don’t tell my mom) But your number combinations are so easy to get. I’m not 5. I just graduated preschool and i’m turning 7 in July. You are dumb whoever made this game. I hope my dad puts you in a prison cell. (He is Biden) Also i don’t need a hand to guide where i put the salt and flour. Like i said i’m almost seven i’m not 6 anymore. There are way too many ads like stop promoting your own pathetic company nobody cares. I hope you get found behind bars. I’m strapped btw watch out hide ur face on the streets
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6 months ago, fiamma the cat🧜🏻‍♀️
Bake shop
Let’s dive in. Got this for my 5 year old girl, who loves strawberry shortcake. We went in and she baked, but she said a berry human thing came up and started swimming in the cake batter. I rebooted the app, and the weird strawberry thing came and ruined her cake. She cried so hard. I got really mad. We gave it a second chance. Eventually, my daughter got bored with the berry cake and basic tools. She said her hand hurt. It told her only vip people can do this and she ran away in tears thinking she wasn’t important. Don’t do that to a poor child! An innocent child! I looked at vip and it was like 75 usd. For such a basic app? Ridiculous. She was making the fruit cake when the strawberry thing started glaring at her. She ignored it but it came and ruined her cake. She screamed at it. Strawberry shortcake threw chocolate chips everywhere. Terrible app, my husband is comforting my child as I write this. The worst app. Don’t fall for the sappy reviews saying how cute and fun this is. From: a very angry Japanese mother
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3 years ago, milana 11
I deleted the scam and will download it again
I’ve been playing this game for three years and I had a fun experience at first but then it got boring because I only had the cake one and I couldn’t get cupcakes or the donut or the princess cake or any of the colors or different ovens so after three years of playing that game I did the same thing over and over trying to think that I would unlock a new level never did so after three years of playing I deleted the game it was very fun at first but then it got really boring so I really hated the game but I’m going to download it again to see if it was really that boring and I think it’s still real but I’m not too sure so yeah and it’s been a big big talk so I guess I’m just gonna download the game but if I don’t like it I’m gonna delete it again
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4 months ago, nairaloveroblox
I dont like how every game of his costs money
I grew up playing games from Budge. But as I grew up its got boring because of I could only make 1-2 cake types and thats it. This goes along for other games by this developer aswell. I can only make a few things before i have to spend money on another food just so i can play. I dont understand why you make every game of yours (that are for CHILDREN) cost money. Its annoying please make something free for once because the game gets boring when ur limited to only a few options and a lot of people agree with me on this as well. Its like ur setting ur own games up for failure by making everything need money.😐
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1 year ago, Bk Cookie
Was exited then…
When I saw this game on the App Store I was exited I like strawberry shortcake and was exited to start baking. I downloaded the app and earned 3 stars. Then there was no more customers and they don’t give you many options to decorate to start. The next day I went back on the game and realized that there is only 1 order to do that is free every day otherwise you have to join the star bakers club. You have to join the star bakers club to use some of the things in the add too. Overall I think it is a nice game for people who want to get a feel of baking, if you really want to get into baking then the star bakers club is worth it.
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3 years ago, Claire the Karen
Don’t get this game
I got this game for my little sister, expecting it to be fun after about one hour of playing she came to me crying saying that she couldn’t beat the level I tried to play it but little did I know that you had to pay five dollars a month, like what’s the point, mine as well say you have to pay $100 to get one sprinkle in this game like absolutely not it was fun at first but now it’s just stupid I will delete this game because it’s not fun at all you only get two cakes out of everything else you should not get this game whoever made this game needs to tell us that it is free because it’s not fun when it’s not free because then what’s the point there’s no funniness in it if you were to say that it was totally free I bet you you’d have 5.5 ratings so that’s like 100% maybe if you were to change the bed it would be a little bit more funner.
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6 months ago, Flik the Ant0
Enjoyed it even though I don’t like Strawberry Shortcake
Hello guys, this is the first time since I’ve installed a kid-friendly game (excluding StarFall) since the 2010’s and I REALLY LOVED it even though I don’t like this franchise. The reason(s) why is/are because my older sister grew up liking Strawberry Shortcake and I apparently got addicted to it because I saw a little girl playing this EXACT game in a Beauty Supplies Store next to my nearest Kohl’s. BTW, I am also a huge fan of stuff from the 80’s (even though I was born in the 2000’s) and when I want to grow up, I want to travel through time so I can discover interesting things which happened in older years/decades.
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1 year ago, ranDMC77
LOVE THIS GAME..but, few problems(PLS READ!!)
I love this game so much! I love tycoons, especially when it comes to bakeries! I love it that this game actually gives you recipes and all and facts, so that you can make the pastries at home! But.. I just wish the developers of this game would give out more recipes that DONT require the membership. All I can bake without the membership is the chocalote cake and strawberry shortcake! It’s sort of boring. AND which is super anoying, my customers just stopped coming because I don’t know why! I just wish I had more recipes i could bake without the membership and ‘paying real money’. I wish for an update, but, otherwise, this game is super fun! If there is a update about this I’d def change my rating to 5 STARS! Thx for reading. :D
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7 months ago, Ava SanG
🧐Great game……….but more recipes. And more candles and figurines
I used to play the old strawberry shortcake bake shop before maybe more recipes like for example blueberry muffin angel cake and chocolate chip cookies 🍪 cake pops add more candles and figurines and Lemon meringues eclairs Huckleberry pie and also scones I already didn’t buy the club it had too much money and I also get kind of confused and can you add A three layer cake oh and brownies and cupcakes. I would love that and butter cookies. And more sparklers and stuff like that I’ll be very happy to see it and that’s it I love this game so much oh wait and lastly can you please put a crêpe there yeah I’m so glad to tell you this byeee 😜
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2 years ago, mggrl
It’s okay but one kinda HUGE problem
I LOVE this game. I’ve loved it for years and I played it so much when I was younger! Recently when I had gotten a new computer 5yrs later, I found this app again. Obviously I downloaded it and played forever. Even though it’s this good I don’t like how it changed. This new thing called star baker REQUIRES having a monthly subscription instead of just earning the other desserts, so now I am stuck w/ 2 different cakes to make for the rest of my life in this game unless I BUY this expensive star baker subscription (which is happening never). You can play for years and NEVER earn the other desserts until you buy them. That was a dare I say huge let down.
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5 years ago, huntethags IS MY XBOX GT
I PLAYED THIS 24/7 as a little kid!!! 🌟⭐️
I just wanted to hop on here and say this was litterally one of my fav games as a little one and I know there are so many littles playing it right now and I used to play this game all the time with my cousins. We loved it and played to when we would have sleepovers and We would try to sneak it in even during family dinners. Me and my cousins would always play this wherever we went and also even.... my brother would play!!?!?! I know right BOYS can play too I loved how we always got so engaged into this action packed game! Currently I love to bake and this game did give me inspiration! Love y’all!! Bye!
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12 months ago, khampson9975
Great game, but why monthly payments?
This game is super fun, but I am confused why you have to pay monthly for the locked items. It’s a little unfair to kids and parents that has to constantly pay 7 dollars every month just for the locked items. Couldn’t it be like the other Strawberry Shortcake apps where you can pay for locked items one time? I mean, this is a children’s game. It shouldn’t be this stressful to unlock everything. After all, that is about 84 dollars a year, which I’m not sure if anyone would want to pay that much for a game anyway.
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2 years ago, Che2024
Sick of the cash grab.
Every single game this company makes is a cash grab. It’s obnoxious. This game in particular has one thing you can do for free. If you want to do more you can but it costs upwards of $10 and there is also a monthly subscription. I’m done with it. There is a separate app for everything too. Oh you want to paint nails, cool, but the toe nail salon is a different app. So you think you’re buying the full salon only to find out that there is yet another app costing more money. If they made it reasonable I’d be more interesting in paying. But I’m not. And I’m not doing a monthly subscription either. Sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️I love how Scrubbie pets crayola does it, no fee, kids unlock more pets as they go, no apps. And guess what. In real life we’ve bought every single one of the Scrubbie pets. Greedy.
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3 years ago, Marble35
This game is not fun!!
I downloaded this app for my little brother. He enjoyed it at first and when I watched him play, he couldn’t make the request. This game is too expensive for kids. I can’t pay, cause I’m only 10. And I don’t want to use my Mom’s credit card. All of the kitchen tools and cakes should be free. Then I would give you five stars. I used to play this game when I was 3 years old, everything was free! My parents didn’t purchase anything. But now, this is not fair. I’m uninstalling this game! It ain’t fun. Other strawberry shortcake games, you will have to pay to unlock everything. I don’t like how Strawberry shortcake talks. She talks all the time. If you are looking forward to download this game as a kid, nah! Don’t do it!! But if you’re an adult, that’s your own opinion.
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4 years ago, blueish125
In app purchase stopped functioning
My daughter enjoyed decorating cakes, so I decided to expand the game features by making a few in app purchases in 2018. This week she noticed those packages were again locked. I followed the instructions in the game to try to restore the purchases but nothing seemed to work. In total, I spent over two hours trying to resolve this issue and now this experience has impacted my perception of free games that require purchases to unlock more features. These games cater to young children, but doesn’t offer much until you purchase at least two packages (2.99 a package). Once purchased, the game is entertaining enough but becomes a extreme nuisance when it stops working. Due to the game’s poor ability to recover purchases, I cannot recommend this game.
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4 years ago, SuperStarPianist
🍓🎀StrawBerry ShortCake Bakery!🎀🍓
Hello! I have had such good memories playing this game on my tablet! I absolutely loved Strawberry Shortcake as a kid. Once I found it again, I was so happy to see that it was still functioning! Thank you so much for still making me remember my childhood memories! M childhood was rough, and by the time I was on the last dessert, I was already 9. I stopped playing it, but I don’t know why! So cute! Some things I would suggest is not making you pay to get more desserts! I really wanted to make an ice cream sundae without paying. :( (Sorry, English isn’t my first language. So, if have spelled something wrong, sorry.) ✨🍓🧁🍰🎀🧸🍒🍬🌸🫐🍋✌🏻🍑✨
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4 years ago, qrystal_milk
Real Talk
To be serious, if you want your game to be more successful then don't make it impossible to progress unless the player pays real currency. This isn't fair especially since your target audience is supposedly children. It's gatekeeping. Instead, make an in-game currency and maybe special levels or secret ingredients can be unlocked with real currency. But not some crazy price like $9.99 for some blueberry toppings. This is coming from a business standpoint. Stop. Gatekeeping. Your. Games. It's why people complain so much. Make people WANT to pay you, not be forced into it.
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4 years ago, TayTotTime26
Like many, I played this game when I was a lot younger. I bought the whole version and this game is probably the reason why I’m so into baking now! I didn’t have a problem with it back then. Now, I look back and download it and she a few problems. You can’t even pass the third level without spending money... there aren’t even that many combos you can make without the paid version (excluding all toppings of course, it could go on forever)
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4 years ago, Kay-K21
Not happy with dec 2020 update
I was excited to tell my kiddos that this app was adding new content. They loved it so much I had purchased to unlock everything quite awhile ago. But now your telling me I’d have to pay every month to unlock everything. That’s just not ok with me as a parent. I’d already paid your one time unlock everything fee I should still have that same purchase. Very disappointing my kids will be sad to see this game get deleted & im not happy that my purchase is now null & void. Anyways if your not I’ll to pay a subscription don’t get it. There’s not enough “free” to keep your kid entertained and happy seeing so much locked
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4 years ago, miahgutierrezayyyy
Kinda confusing (not hating or being mean)
So I was playing this game because my cousin wanted to download this app because she is 13 and she wanted to play her childhood game which is strawberry shortcake bake shop and I played it a little bit and I started getting 2 stars and it told me to fill the order but I couldn’t because I did not have the blue color and I thought if they wanted me to fill this order then why did they not give me the blue color kinda confusing but I love the game and hey I may be 9 but I Love the game 💝💝🍓🍰
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3 years ago, a girl rock
Pretty good but...
The game is very good but I’m a little upset on how you can’t make your own cake do you have to follow instructions it’s very uncool and I am pretty sure that when you get to the pantry there’s no way out and I can’t get out I keep tapping on things nothing works I even tapped on Barry so I am an eight-year-old who likes it but needs changes so please take my request here they are: request number one let you make your own cake request number two make more customers or take pictures with your desserts those are my requests please take them and put them in an update if it does progress loss then don’t
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3 years ago, dino65mill
Horrible Update..Do not recommend downloading game
I have been playing this game for 7 years. I earned everything through game play with no $ purchases. With the latest update I lost “Everything” I had worked so hard to earn. Now you have to have 3 stars to earn ONE thing and you can only earn ONE star a day...or, subscribe to the Bakers club for $6.99/month. I understand the need to cover the developers game cost, however I believe the monthly cost far exceeds this. Most “free games” include “in app purchases for specific items” that are fairly reasonable. This “Bakers Club”, however is inflated. I do not recommend downloading this app until or if this issue is resolved.
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2 years ago, cl0ud9423
Don’t get this game!
Strawberry Shortcake was a huge part of my childhood so when I saw this game I thought I would download it and play for a few hours. Well the beginning started off fun and was really cute but after baking 2 cakes I find out that to bake any other recipes you HAVE to pay $5 a month just to bake a few items in a virtual game. Thats honestly ridiculous considering this game is marketed to children who have no concept of money or monthly subscriptions. I find this very predatory. I understand permanent in game purchases which is what the game used to previously have but the fact you have to continuously pay just means this game is nothing but a cash grab. Super disappointed.
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4 months ago, wopilr
Sooooooooooo Stupid!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop this nonsense from spreading the lies of this game to people that are so sad and ignorant!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤 My name is Aubrey and I’m 9 years old and my parents never heard of this nonsense before in this game and they don’t even let me do the VIP thing so I’m just saying that I don’t know what to do with my own iPhone so I’m just going to read books instead. Sooo Very Sad and disappointing and very shameful so by by I hope the game will change and I mean it!!!!!!!! Bye
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4 years ago, iOS Problem For iPad
Childhood memories
So, I was 5 when I got my tablet and the first thing and many things I had on it was budge games. Sadly my child memories of that tablet are gone due to it breaking. I could’ve electrocuted myself because literally I saw the circuits and the boards and for some reason I liked to take off MORE of that glass, I got a new tablet .-. Anywho while scrolling through the App Store I found this, got obsessed and every game downloaded is by you, childhood memories are coming back 😁
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4 years ago, FALLING POTATO
Good game, great for little kids
This is a great game for little kids my 5 year old sister has it but I don’t. we both love it. It’s really fun to play when you have free time. At the end it actually gives you the real recipe after your done. I just have a few suggestions: 1. I think you should add more cakes and stuff to bake like cake pops, ice cream, donuts, and more. 2. Make the stuff look more realistic, it looks so weird. 3. Add more free stuff, I bought the stuff but just make it free please.
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1 month ago, Gamesluvsyou
Wouldn’t play again
I downloaded this game yesterday and I got 2 customers and then nobody else was coming and you have to pay extra money to make the stuff you can only bake 2 cakes I think it’s actualy crazy to be paying 6.99 a month for a baking game you can bake as many cakes as you want but to level up and collect stars you need one of the characters to come and order something and you only get like 1-2 characters per day definitely won’t be playing again until there is more options for free
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2 years ago, furloydlgdgk
I had this game when I was 6 and now I’m ten. This game has changed there was no star baker club and you had all that stuff before the STAR BAKER CLUB!🙄it’s not fair all you want is 🤬 money well wake up you doing this is making les and less people get it and when they do they won’t know about the dunb 🤬 purchases SO TAKE IT DOWN OR I SWEAR TO GOD ps this is z as 3 star review I just did 5 so people would see it also if it’s a kid game what’s with all the inapp purchases
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3 years ago, Krits n Grits
Don’t like new subscription plan
This app was a lot of fun but it much less fun now that it has the subscription option. Without the subscription most of what was available is unavailable. With the subscription, which is rather expensive at $5 a month (as far as a subscription for a kids’ game goes,) when my daughter makes all or the orders then she can’t do anymore until 14 hours later. RIPOFF
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3 years ago, Hangeraddict
Needs more free stuff
I love this game so much when I was a child are used to play it so much I love this game it’s absolutely the best from the ones that say then I was Little like I’m speechless of this game I love it absolutely so much but I think it needs a little more free stuff because like most of them are not free I like when I went on this game I like it’s been backed so much good memories I love it like I don’t have anything more to say sorry but I just love it
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3 years ago, streliteia
I delete this game on accident and I lost my data :C
Could you add data password to this game?? Because I lost all my data and I had almost all the cakes And I am really sad that I could not get it because my goal Was to get all the cakes you could get in the game and I am really sad because now I have to start over again :C I would like you to add like you have to make a password if you delete the game and you want is back and then you just need to put your password to get your data you had before. :) GAME IS Great tho!!
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5 years ago, Ihvuyvgu
Great game
I love this game because you can come up with many different desserts although some of them require in app purchases. And fill in orders from strawberry Shortcake’s friends But on the first one you get to make your own which I think was good. But then you have to fill in the orders and some of the stuff they wanted was locked so I brought everything Pretty expensive though I also didn’t want to fail any orders so thanks! I love baking!
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8 months ago, OceanCute
I used to love playing this game when i was young and now, it just changed. I never ever had a to pay a subscription to unlock anything! I really hope that they make it fully free again. It’s almost like you cant even play the game anymore!I understand that this is for money and stuffs but all the kids out probably dont wanna ask their parents just for some game that’s not super fun. So like when you pay for something, it just doesn’t feel good anymore and you stop playing with it. Only if you want to pay 7.00 a month, dont get this game.
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4 years ago, Fatima Hachem, NP
I Kinda like this game
I love this game here are the reasons why you should download this game. If you like to bake or if you don’t know how to bake deserts then this is the perfect game for you! When you are done baking the desert you get to tap the desert and boom you ate the desert and lastly it gives you instructions to make the desert in real life but make sure you have a adult to help you I hope I persuade you to play this game,
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2 years ago, Leah Ashe Loverrr
Ya’ll listen. I used to LOVE this game. I got it for myself and I played it all the time. And then the star bakers club thing came out so I could only bake the shortcake and the chocolate cake. Which was sooooooo not fair. PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU. MAKE ALL THE RECIPES FREEEEEE. I will refuse to play unless you do. So, if you are planning to download this game for your kid or whatever, please don’t. Not until they make everything free. It’s not fair that you have to pay to have fun. That’s not how it should work. Now, developers, PLEASSSEEEE make it free. Thanks, byeeee! (I’m not to take it into consideration, I’m saying that you have to do it. I am pretty sure you have gotten other complaints bout’ this.)
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3 years ago, KarliePaige28
Don’t honor previous purchases
I purchased the feature in 2014 to unlock all the extra tools and recipes for my niece. She used it for years. However, my niece went to try and play today (she is special needs and developmentally still likes this game) and everything was gone. Now it says I need to buy a monthly subscription and even stuff that was previously unlocked is locked. When I tried to restore purchases it says nothing could be found. I even tried deleting and redownloading the app. Now she’s upset because she doesn’t have access to things but I don’t have the money for this monthly fee.
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5 years ago, ChocoTacoooo34
I am nine and love the Berry bitty show, but why do you make ALL the cool tools money and ALL the upgraded ovens and stuff money and only ONE Dessert is available? I am not going to play the same recipe the whole time I wait at my Doctor Appointments! What’s even worse is that Blueberry Muffin is my Fave character, but all your games lock her out! You have to pay money for the other girls. Stinker! I say this is a greedy hog app who wants to dry out a little kid’s Birthday money! I could spend it on a pack of Skittles or some awesome clothes, not some app who obviously can’t just stop seeing kids mad! Disappointed..100% Disappointed.
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5 years ago, Lamorena624
Just Say it’s FINE!
Ok well when I was playing Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop, things weren’t the way I expected them to be. Whenever I am about to bake my cake, the iPad freezes. I wait and this thing just shows up and says, loading! So I do not know what happens after I bake my cake. But the other parts like mixing the batter and pouring the ingredients in are kinda fun, but I don’t enjoy the part when it comes to baking the cake. Do I deleted the app and now I am re - downloading it. I hope I can finally know what will happen next after baking my cake. 😒
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3 years ago, Joselyn F.
Good game but..
It’s a very nice game although when it comes to paying children’s parents don’t wanna spend money on a virtual game I recommend that the creators add coins that u earn let’s say I made a chocolate cake when I’m done if I get a star it should give me 100 coins and to buy next levels I’d just costing coins that u earn for baking so people won’t hate on the game because people hate on the game because their parents don’t pay for more desserts or the star package if u see this please use this thank you :)
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3 years ago, dont saboteur me
It’s ok so far...
Not Trying to hate please don’t hate me: years ago I played this and I loved it but then I left it for a few years now I’m back and the updates and how the butter cuts it’s kinda bad so I’m please please please asking maybe at least fix the butter?💕🍯🥄 i have not played much but just wanted to let u know 💕💕💕💕💕💕😔😔😔😔🍶🍶🍶🍶🍶🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍪🍪🍪🍪🍬🍬🍬🍬🍭🍭🍭🍭🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🍦🍦🍦🍦🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 Other then that its a AMAZING 😍 🤩 app!
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4 years ago, Gemma DeToni
Impossible Level Three 😐
I played this game everyday as a kid and recently I’ve been into baking games so I thought it may be funny to just download it and mess around. Eventually there comes a point where someone wants blue food coloring but that color is locked. The point of the game is to get stars so you can move on and unlock a new dessert. If you don’t put in blue coloring you don’t get a star, so you really can’t pass that level without spending money. And most young kids don’t want to “bake” the same thing over and over. Please fix this impossible level. Thank you for listening, bye all.
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3 years ago, Nancie M
Awesome game is now trash
I used to love this game so much I used to play it for hours a day but now it is so trash the stupid “star baker” thing is dumber then the people who made it (and that is saying a lot) it’s 4.99 per month and that would be $60 per year if you want to buy this dumb thing for this former good game you are wasting your money I mean every word and if you are one of the people who made this game don’t bother replying to this with one of your stupid “developer responses” let me say this loud and clear: I DON’T CARE If you are reading this review and you feel the same way add #NoMoreStarWeWantOurMoneyBackAndOurGame into your review
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4 years ago, Myconoclast
Features removed after I paid for them
My daughter loves cooking games, so a few months ago I paid to unlock everything. Now the game has been reconfigured to a monthly subscription, and when making a recipe, there is only one option for things like food coloring, sprinkles, etc. There used to be tons of different options available. Now my daughter is frustrated and bored and doesn’t want to play it anymore. I feel ripped off because I paid to unlock the game and then the game changed.
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5 years ago, 👭🧜‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🌸🦄
Love it but there’s a glitch
I was making a cake and the ingredients were moving I didn’t know if it was a bug or glitch then the whole game started glitching and the candles blowed them self out I tried logging out and in again but it still was glitching and now the game was crashing now so I had no more choices just to delete it and get it again sense the game was glitching my whole inside of my phone was glitching so I had to delete the game for good and I miss this game and so I got a new game to replace it but it’s not fun and glitched to so I deleted it to and this time I did not replace it .😢💔😭
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