Stremio Organizer

2.2 (474)
35.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stremio Organizer

2.16 out of 5
474 Ratings
6 years ago, arewoodsldehou
I honestly love this app on my computer but it would be amazing if you could use it in iphone too. It’s honestly better than netflix but on computer cuz I can’t even stream anything on my phone. Please please fix it 😭😭😭
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4 years ago, Ben 54
NOT iPhone compatible, despite stating to contrary!
Before downloading tis app, which was recommended by a friend who uses it on his TV, I read through reviews and found others had iPhone compatiblity issues. However, most reviews were older and since the app claimed to be compatible with iOS 9.0 and higher, I should have been totally fine! I even got a message that said “your iPhone is compatible“! So, I downloaded it and was excited to finally be able to watch season 6 of Schmitt’s Creek, which hasn’t hit Netflix yet, as of the writing of this review! Yes, it opens and I can see what’s available! But can I actually stream anything? NO! There’s a message across the bottom of the screen That states: “The Stremio Organizer app provides a limited functionality. For a list of playable streams and the full Stremio experience, use Stremio on desktop.” This should be clearly spelled out in the app description prior to any downloading! It should be one of the front and center descriptions, easy to read, right there in the App Store!! Instead, they wait to get all your information!!! And even when u delete the app, they still have u! I don’t like sneaky tactics like that!! And I stream on my phone, don’t watch tv! So had I known it wasn’t ACTUALLY compatible, I wouldn’t have wasted my time downloading, trying, and reviewing this app! Now I have to delete it, if u have a TV, I hear it great! My one star is for false advertising and not making the app compatible with an iPhone!
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5 years ago, warypony65
You should try it
On my aunts phone it works but on my phone it doesn’t , why ? Well it seems like apple products don’t let you watch the movies but on my aunts phone ( she has a phone that is not an iPhone ) it works perfectly fine . At first it didn’t work on my aunts phone but then you have to in stall the different types of ways to watch so she did that and It worked , on my iPhone X I did the same but it says that it is all ready installed but it doesn’t show , hopefully they make an update soon so that I can watch it too ( I also tried on my desk top that isn’t apple and it works there but why not on my phone ?) You should try to see if it works 👌🏻
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3 years ago, ढं some kid on the internet ढं
Made an account for NOTHING!!
I wanted to watch Phineas and Ferb (one of my favorites) and I tried watching one of the episodes and it doesn’t let me watch them, same with other shows and it makes me so mad because I wasted 15mb and that isn’t a lot but it’s still not worth the storage. I’d say get Disney+ and Netflix because both work on mobile and even if it was on phone it. would. work. so I was quite upset it didn’t work. I want a response from the real creator of the app and I want one like now but it’s impossible bc they don’t respond to ANY of the reviews. I wanted to see if it worked on my fairly new iPad and it didn’t work, 1 out of 5, of it can work on computer/laptop it can work on a iPad and iPhone.
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5 years ago, bob the builde 1.0
Great, but not for iPhone. (Please fix it)
I have an iPhone so Stremio does not work, but my uncle has a Samsung and it works on it. It has so many movies and series (like “The Flash” season 5 which is not on NETFLIX), but the fact that it has so many tv show movies… than most of any of the movie apps (and for free) that’s pretty cool, but iPhone lovers can not use this app (like me, I only have iPhone, not Samsung), most people have iPhones so I think (as an opinion) that if it could work for iPhone most people would rate it better.
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6 years ago, Tonycool101
Doesn’t want to play anything on iPhone.
I love using stremio. Especially on my laptop, but when i try using it on my iPhone 7 Plus, it says platform not available meaning i cant watch anything on here. You need fix it to where stremio works on not just computers but on all platforms.. with a FAST connection. I have 100 mbps internet but the server cant keep up. Make the servers faster if you can please.
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5 years ago, Apex viper5
Won’t Work
I’ve been using the app for awhile on my laptop and works perfect but I was able to download it on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and works perfect on there as well but I had downloaded it on my IPhone 6 Plus (temporally phone) and it won’t load the videos
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7 years ago, Dave3435
Stremio is better than Netflix
I have used Stremio before and it is very legit although some movies or shows don't have the free hd links. The phone will only work when you broadcast it from the computer. So idk what you guys talking about.
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6 years ago, JR-Staff
Honey Pot?
First things first really read the lic agreement, as it reads like a high dollar Hollywood lawyer wrote it, and it has you register Ideally with FaceBook then collects more data and any add-ons installed. They also say they will hand over any and all data collected when requested "note not ordered by a court" this would include any and all titles you may have streamed and receiving IP's used. Because of that I recommend a Pass on it!
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3 years ago, whalesharks35
I some people having problems cause its an iphone 7 plus but i have that and it works perfectly so idk y it did that for u
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3 years ago, key151
At first it said it’s not compatible with my iPad. After waiting a while it finally let me download it. Got on the app and couldn’t play anything at all, noticed off to the right it said I need to use Stremio desktop to get full Stremio experience. Useless app unless they make it useable on apple products.
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6 years ago, car10s2431
The only real problem is that I have an iPhone and I can’t watch any of the streams on it. So please devs can you fix this
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6 years ago, Mouaffek25
I’m saving you some time. Dont waste your time installing this app and addons. because nothing will work. All the addons sources aren’t supported on this platform ( this is the message you’ll get every time you try to open a link). I haven’t tried it on my Mac but I read that it works on desktop. But def not on iPhone. One of iOS disadvantages. !!!
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5 months ago, partsace
Remove Stremio from App Store!
REMOVE Stremio FROM THE APP STORE! This app does absolutely nothing. Stremio is a great service, but you can’t watch anything on an iPad or iPhone. All you get is “The Stremio app provides a limited functionality.” Should read “This App will not let you do anything that you can’t already do on the internet.”
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5 years ago, AppleSucks567
What is the use of having this app in the App Store if it can’t be used on the phone. That is just dump. Personally I hate the iPhone it is not compatible to nothing but apple and that is why I am changing g over to the galaxy. I want allow my phone to dictate what I can and cannot install when I am paying fir it. Really.....
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6 years ago, matthewbueno
Not available for IPhone
When used in desktop works fine, but it’s impossible to watch anything on IPhone, and this is very sad, because I usually use the IPhone screen mirroring on my TV and Stremio has real good movies and series (as Babylon 5)available which are not in the Netflix catalogue.
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7 years ago, Harlem Juggernaut
Great app
This app is getting a horrible rating, because people don’t read descriptions.
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6 years ago, Jimmy151619
File not supported
Please do fix the error of file not supported or stream isn’t available for ios platform. Its a great app but i am sure the update will be coming soon for the above stated error.
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10 months ago, Krezoan
Need an update for apple products
It doesn’t work in apple
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6 years ago, ringo175
What is the point
This thing lists everything out there, but cannot actually play any of it. Every single thing I look up shows “no streams available”. This thing is worthless. Don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, Chief obits
Needs a update
This can’t even play any thing on apple devices so way make a app that doesn’t work wow not cool hopefully fix soon
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7 years ago, Masteravik
Streaming Issues
Please add the movie streaming feature on iOS platform so that people can stream their favourite movies on their iPhone and iPad. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Agry gamer
Doesn't work
It simply doesn't work. You get to see all of the movies and TV shows but it doesn't actually play them. The desktop version is excellent but this one is pure disappointment.
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6 years ago, nathanbettini
I absolutely adore Stremio but I was very disappointed when I tried to use the app on my iphone rather than on my laptop. It tells me the server is not available on this platform. It was a big disappointment for me.
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6 years ago, Gabealicious
Great software but apple kills it
Apple puts restrictions on everything!
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5 years ago, Niche.Red.Moons follow
it doesnt work
at first I thought it was amazing then I wanted to open a show and it said unavailable platform or something like that. Is that a bug or something? Or can you fix it?
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3 years ago, adoomis
Doesn’t work
It doesn’t even work on iOS devices. It says that it won’t stream and that it needs a desktop to work. Please fix this
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4 years ago, gooblegarcia
Not for iPhone
This works really well on MacBooks but for some reason it doesn’t work on iPhones. Please fix this!
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6 years ago, Abranhe
Why 5 stars?
People are giving this app a bad review because they don’t read the app description. They didn’t say you will be able to watch a movie on it, just discover it :(
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6 years ago, TylerJamesThompson
Great but please add iPhone X Optimization
Love love this app. PLEASE just optimize it for the new iPhone. Hate having the black bars while using this app.
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1 year ago, manonfire20
Pathetic app
IDK why the developers are still wasting their time in this crap of an app. On firestick I downloaded and for addons it said use the phone. Piece of crap has only 4 useless addons.
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4 years ago, bjs da first
Sadly not a good product.
Hello! So I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and this app doesn’t work? It says there is no streams available and I don’t know how to download adding as it won’t let me. If you could hep that would be great!
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4 years ago, dhafnib
Great app for laptop but it doesnt stream on my phone. Pls solve and update the version. I am using iphone x but this app doesn’t stream movies on my phone.
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7 years ago, los211
Uh hello?
Isn’t this a streaming app?? Then why is this app not steaming anything?? All I get get is a message saying the format is not compatible with this platform. Kinda useless for streaming on iPhone 7 is there a fix that I’m not aware of?
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5 years ago, NatashaDark
Stremio mobile app
I’m useing the desktop app but also wanted to install it on my phone. There are no availabe stream on the mobile app :/ very dissapointed
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5 years ago, yolandah662
Don’t download
This is not compatible with any iPhones, it only works on androids. When you finally get a link it tells you it can’t support the platform.
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11 months ago, soroushaghili
This application is full of software bugs; it's hard to believe that it has been approved by Apple and granted permission for use on iPhones!
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5 years ago, Blind_Tech_User_01
This app is not compatible with VoiceOver. This means that the app is not accessible for the blind users. Please solve this problem soon.
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2 years ago, yusra.zai
Watching issues
I’m unable to use this app in IOS no video is playing at all
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6 years ago, wack B
Does not work
I was asked to download this app & was told how great it is only to find out that it looks nice on my phone & that’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t recommend this app to my dog 👎🏽
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6 years ago, JoelioINC
The app will not accept my password
Type right my pass word works on the web site but not on the app can some one please help ? Using iPhone 6plus
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4 years ago, helinkin
Not working on ios
I would suggest the team to remove it from appstore, it’s useless not working at all, on other systems it’s working like a charm
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4 years ago, The_Batman20
Stremio does work
I can never get it to work on my iPad. Always say format not supported. It works on a non-apple products without problems.
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3 years ago, napabush
You should not download this app on your IOS
Waste of time and I wish not sign for it
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4 years ago, emoxttoya
Has great shows and movies, but......
It has pretty much everything you want to watch, but it has no links to watch it. I guess that’s IOS for ya.
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2 years ago, omg craig
Doesn’t let you watch anything if you have already signed in , DO NOT GET .
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4 years ago, Amandy . Oy
Please let you watch this on mobile I’ve been looking for free movie apps and this is the only good one that I can find....
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3 years ago, IamZuhaib
Not working
Not working at all on iPhone. Its a shame they published it here without even testing it.
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6 days ago, cat452736
I don’t know how to watch the shows and it’s hard to function with it
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5 months ago, Kingklawthorne
Scared someone help
I went to download and add on and got notified that downloading it will be a subject of my responsibilities and that I’m tracked or something
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