Strobe Light

3.4 (52)
9.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jonathon Walz
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Strobe Light

3.4 out of 5
52 Ratings
1 year ago, unhappy_customer_review
Good app
To receive 5 stars, Please include the option of picking more than just one color. While, check marks can be chosen for the random strobing through the picked colors, also a number system so the sequence of the colors can be altered. In my opinion, these additional upgrades will raise your otherwise good app, to the very best, in its intended market. Cheers! and Thank you :)
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5 years ago, Michael Short
Does what it’s supposed to do
My 4 yr old grandson is scared of the dark so, to get his mind on other things, I searched for a Strobe Light in the App Store. I tried a couple that didn’t strobe the flash then I ran across this one. The slider bar to control the speed of the strobe allowed me to match the speed of the ceiling fan in his bedroom. He was amazed that the fan appeared to stop! The display “strobe” is pretty lame but the flash does exactly what I needed. Thank you! He’s now asleep :)
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6 years ago, JacketedSquash6
Good but doesn’t work like a strobe light
Strobe lights spend ~85% of their time off to make your movements appear less fluid because it is only giving you the opportunity to see yourself for a millisecond at a time. Please add the ability to adjust the amount of each cycle it spends on and off
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7 years ago, Hello464)7
Not good😟😔
Well it keeps freezing up and throwing me off the app it doesn't change color this is not what I wanted
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5 years ago, Xperimentr
Good for what I wanted it for but..
I wanted this app to test various strobe frequency affects on consciousness. It goes up to 32hz from very low (2hz I think) which is nice but any chance to have it go up to 40hz? Overall pretty good, does what it says. Thanks Jonathan!
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3 years ago, cheneyd27
This app is the best app I’ve ever installed. It is very effective and I like how you can adjust the speed of strobe
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2 weeks ago, Mark Carstrs
Mark c
They flash
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9 years ago, SDDWA
Still no IOS 8.3
LED locks on with strobe feature if you try to go over 30fps, even if you go back lower. Have to close app and restart for it to work again.
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9 years ago, LegoRobotLover
Needs serious improvement
The app is incredibly inaccurate when it comes to the strobe timing. For example: 2.0 fps is too fast and 30 fps is too slow!!! Please fix this major issue
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4 years ago, Wolflover75
This is a great app but one thing is I wish you could connect music to it, it would be helpful.
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7 years ago, World greatest buyer
Works well.
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14 years ago, Kulguy
Does precisely what it says it will do. The controls are very obvious and intuitive. Easier than paying for other apps, just download this one. The only thing is the full screen strobe. It will flash and be hard to turn off. You have to tap where the button to turn it off used to be located. A simple fix should make this a solid app.
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9 years ago, Hehxhwjxhjsidjshx
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14 years ago, DCharrison
Awesome App!
Really great app that works as advertised. I really appreciated the ability to control the strobe rate of the screen and of the flash separately. The interface is clean and easy to understand, while still offering quite a few features. I do with that there were a special button to put the app into "flashlight mode," but it is easy enough to just turn the strobe rate to "infinity".
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12 years ago, atomic115
I am currently doing testing that uses frequencies. You app is the best so far. However I would really appreciate if you could fix two problems: 1) at higher frequencies, my thumb or finger blocks the number. 2) I am now in the testing portion that needs higher frequencies that fall below visual threshold. Could you please include frequencies up to 60 hz? Thanks, Kellie
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11 years ago, DrMacAwesome
Incredibly simple with a lot of features (for a strobe light, I mean, it strobes, it lights... It doesn't cook you breakfast or anything. That's not a feature). If you are looking for a light, or for a light that strobes, this strobe light app is definitely what you want. So just go buy/download it. Stop reading this. It's getting weird. Seriously, we have now had a longer interaction than I've had with a real person in days. I'm going to go out to a party and use my strobe light, as it appears to also increase my social interactions. I wonder if that's a feature...
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12 years ago, Buckeyes are #1
Great app but...
This is a fantastic app, with great strobe and quickly adjustable speeds. 1) for some unknown reason, I do not know if it is only me, but after I strobe for a few seconds, sometimes the app will just crash. 2) A numerical speed adjustment would be great as it is kind of hard to pinpoint the exact location o where you let go.
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10 years ago, Fill77
I'm writing to say that I appreciate the flash rate control option with flash rate display. Use it for work to see moving equipment/parts. Would like to see the GUI spruced up for easier use by larger hands on awkward spots. It would also be nice to type in a set flash rate.
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12 years ago, Peckham72
Very easy to use, but needs adjustment
The flashlight is great and much better than any flashlight app that I've used. The problem is, the strobe light is timed weirdly. The flash just stays on too long, which really detracts from the cool effect that you get from a real strobe light. Still, it was free, and the interface is brilliant, so it's still worth downloading.
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13 years ago, F-minus
Exactly what I wanted+more
Awesome app, it does what what it should with out all the fluff that other Apps have. It's a light for crying out loud, let's not reinvent the wheel. Great app with tons of possible uses, party, lighting up inside a CPU, flash lite and even help in emergency situations.
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12 years ago, Kevin Patrick 123
This thing is amazing. You have to have it. Changing the speed of the strobe is a plus defiantly and would be even cooler if you could change the color of the strobe on the camera flash and not the splash color.. Maybe an update :D
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12 years ago, SprGdGrl
So cool
This is great when you can get just the strobe going. Especially when you go to bed at night with your hubby ha ha. Tho still having a hard time getting to it. I have keep messing with the options until it finally works. Very cool ap. get it!!
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14 years ago, SouthHalfrican
I have the iPhone 4 and this app works perfectly when I first download but then crashes and even when I two finger touch it won't go back to the main screen. All in all cool app.
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10 years ago, Can feel it
Get it
Best flashlight app! I downloaded a crapload of flashlight apps, deleted them all cept' this one. This app does what 'all the others' combined do. Start here, then waste your time with the other flashlight apps.
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13 years ago, Sexy larry
I've downloaded probably 15 strobe light apps trying to find one that work And this one not only works it works spectacularly
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12 years ago, Titor 14
It's a good app if you want a strobe light, it also makes a really good flash light. The customization of the splash color is a little pointless, but otherwise its a good app
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12 years ago, VFlaca67
Cool app
Great because I can tap and strobe to the bet of the song. But if I don't want to be tappin I can just turn the strobe on to a rate I want it to be flashin. Overall good app. 👍
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12 years ago, jbiers
This app is great. It adapts with my mood... If I feel like partying the stone light is my preferred option, but if it is just dark, this flashlight has gotten me out of a lot of dark situations!
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12 years ago, Aflque
Cool & practical
Strobe is very practical. It's always handy and has saved me much headache many, many times. Awesome tool to have.
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11 years ago, Ferrari306
It's like any other flash light app
It's a flash light with a strobe so it's not bad I just can't give it a bad review or a good one but I use it frequently
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12 years ago, lord neil
The strobe is awesome app it come in handy when ur in a club and also in the dark and that's y I rate it 5 star
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11 years ago, ShadowFox292
This app has replaced my flashlight app. The only thing that could be added is a brightness adjuster.
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12 years ago, BusyWaiting
Simple, and it works!
Too bad the LED does not stay on when switching between apps.
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11 years ago, Chrisd808
Works good would be better if strobe light would blink faster but it's still fun in a club wen it's dark works perfect
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10 years ago, Coolbot12345
Great for parties in your room!!
I always use this app for parties all by my self, it's a great strobe light for dancing alone. This is a fantastic app.
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13 years ago, Conr19
€ good €
See this app has cool features and stuff but it needs more like strobe lights remind you of what a ... PARTY but it needs Like some sort of thing to be ***** 5 STARS
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12 years ago, B>C>G>
The fact you have to pay to get rid of adds is stupid
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12 years ago, dragskiboy
Works great
Everything works good on this app, no issues
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11 years ago, Gunshow2
Light of Elendil
A light to me in dark places when all other lights go out.
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13 years ago, nick mand
It works
Only strobe app that does what it says it does. Flashlight included multi-purposeful
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9 years ago, D-Po
Worked good until...
I tried the strobe color mode. Now I can't get it back to anything else. Even when I force quit, the next time I try the strobe it locks up in color mode. Buggy.
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10 years ago, Jordan0895
Love this app
I love that you can control the fastness of the strobe light. A lot better app than istrobe
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11 years ago, Keatonium95
Has saved my life in many occasions!
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12 years ago, ROADRUNNER5654
Love it
I must say that I use this app for everything at night love it
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11 years ago, toadc
VERY nice, very nice!
1st flashlight app to offer separate ctrls 1. for strobe 2. For the flashlight Also more customizable & interactive options Lastly, Light on CPU/RAM usage. If you're into strobe lights, seizures, seeing stars, losing your night vision for a few minutes, etc.... Get this little gem!
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13 years ago, Thomases7
Great App!!
This is by far my favorite app for the iPhone! The strobe light is great for parties and the flashlight works really well!
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13 years ago, Zip Thru Inc.
Best light app and it's free!
Get it. Remember no app can transform your little L.E.D. into some Strobe like in a club or like a light bar off of a police cruiser. Lol
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11 years ago, Bats smudges
This app works great for any day flashlight use and makes the led flash at ungodly speeds!!
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11 years ago, MrBobMan
Great app
This app is awesome, but I don't quite understand what the splash is for. Still great, 5/5
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11 years ago, Shabowers
Use this ap constantly!
Very useful!
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