StudentSquare App

3.7 (1.7K)
117.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for StudentSquare App

3.71 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
2 years ago, dani_got_sprints
Pretty Good!
Sends notifications fast and you can be in groups with other students of your grade like a Track and Field group! Very convenient when you need to text your teacher for help! Also great to catchup on work and school activities/posts. 4.5/5!
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2 years ago, A disapointed Sophia
Why won’t it get rid of the stupid notification icon when there’s nothing to be notified of?
I have StudentSquare for one class. That’s it. And yet as soon as I logged in and everything was set up, it said I have a notification, so I click the button and go to student notices and there’s nothing there. It says nothing was notified so I left and the red icon still said I had a notification. I have pictures of this, it is so frustrating. I have tried everything to get rid of it and nothing works. Very frustrating and a horribly annoying interface. When I went to see if there was some kind of help section, the only site I could find was one called “Frequently asked questions.” Are you kidding me? I’m at least hoping someone will reply to this review and fix it or tell me how to fix it but at this point I doubt it.
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9 months ago, CertifiedBookNerd
Too many texts
I use student square quite a bit and it has really helped me with school events and studying, but I get sooo many notifications. All of them go to my messages with a link for the app that I could’ve gone to in the first place but the app itself didn’t have a notification icon. It’s just annoying and hard to use sometimes and I don’t know how to change it.
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3 years ago, TylerThePro7
Great app
After using this to message teachers, read posts about homework, and even get scheduled for calls with the built in scheduler, I would say it’s awesome. It’s easy to use interface makes it better then ever to communicate and do basically everything possible for schoolwork. I think this app is great overall!
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2 years ago, Pika1164
Obnoxious and annoying
The layout is confusing. I try to view a message from a teacher in student square but get flooded with hundreds of announcements from other classes making it difficult to find. I still don’t know how to message a teacher through that app. And the emails??? My inbox and I message get flooded so quickly from the announcements. The notifications are obnoxious because there are so many of them.
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4 years ago, Mariofan98
the app is great. There is one thing that should be in the app. So in a post when it says like a certain number of users appreciate it, it should have to option to show who appreciates the post. Also, for students, it would be benefitial to see everyones comments rather than just the one individuals comment.
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4 years ago, rubberchickef
Kind of Pointless...
I mean, you already have this magnificent company who has shaved millions from themselves to ensure their products are amazing, called apple. Google does everything this does, but apple can do more than any of these. Maybe Apple Mail? More efficient than this. Or, how about we bring Google Classroom over, and use them instead? Apple and Google both make products that can do what this can do, just more efficiently. I guess I’ll use it, but it just frustrates me when I see how much better all other products are.
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2 years ago, Beidhebeijwbwiwofnr
It’s good
A lot of people keep saying that teachers have our numbers and what not when I’m reality some students don’t and some people like to look at the student square they post photos and fun activities so it’s very useful!
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3 years ago, its fine but.....
It’s ok...
It works perfectly fine, and is good for school announcements, but it’s a little confusing at times especially when I have to make an appointment with my teacher. Plus they already have a way to email us through the school website, and have our phone numbers, so it really just gives me extra pointless notifications.
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7 months ago, cgzuhbji
My thoughts on student square
So, personally I have no problems with student square other than it’s slow at loading
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4 years ago, paradise of lost soul
Amazing app
This is an amazing app that allows students to contact their teachers. During quarantine it’s exactly what my school needed to keep everyone on the track of a good education. The teachers can send reminders and provide help for students that need it using this app.
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2 years ago, TheDizzies
Very helpful with communicating with teachers
This is so helpful when I need to get ahold of teachers quickly and it is super helpful for teach to be able to make announcements to their students.
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1 year ago, johlltc
It’s ok..
I have Student Square for school and that’s how I get information about my clubs and tests/quizzes, the only thing that I find annoying is that there is always a notification icon but whenever I go to where it is telling me that the notification is coming from, there is nothing there, and no matter what I do I can get it to go away.
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12 months ago, The REAL Jack Gamble
Great app
Great app! Easy to use not annoying and marks events as well as easy communication with both teachers and students
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3 years ago, Zildjian11dirk
Love it!
I really like this app, so much easier than using emails or calling the school! Works really well when communicating with teachers!
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2 years ago, skittles668
This is Anthony is a piece of trash you can’t even leave, you can’t even open my pictures is a piece of trash you can’t even let him know to do anything to deserve it so more stupid I need to update this app i’d say this app is a piece of trash and how to know you are teenagers how to death I know but adults love it what a draft everybody else have the day off
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3 years ago, dan dan the soda cab
Pretty OK app.
Nothing special about it. Just gets the job done. They NEED to make the daily health screening buttons bigger. They are waaaay too tiny. I always miss-click. It often loads slowly
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3 years ago, dc my
It’s a good app
It takes a lot of storage but other than that it’s a great app I can easily message my teacher and ask him question I use it a lot 😌🙃
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2 years ago, urmomdotcom6969
Too Busy
Overall it is a good app but the layout isn’t very organized. All of the announcements are in one place which makes it hard to find the important stuff.
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7 months ago, My Name Is Tyler
Student square!
It’s very helpful for when I need to know when events pop up !
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3 years ago, 𝐓 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰𝐞𝐫
Great app for students! I haven’t experienced any crashing or anything wrong with the app. I’ve been enjoying it. 100% recommended by me.
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7 months ago, I hate this game123456789
Omg I love this app I can text all my teachers and get all the notifications on time this is the best app ever to get messages from your school I LOVE THIS APP 🥰
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3 years ago, PineapplePoseidon
For School
This app is so awesome. I love being able to message with my teachers with in the app!
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3 years ago, alopez38
Ok I guess
A bit confusing with all announcements but getting the hang of it as we go.
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7 months ago, Syd-The-Kid♍️♍️♍️♍️
It’s Amazing
I love student square because it lets me know what’s going on in my school.
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2 months ago, urmom.bruh
Bad App
WAY to many notifications, I’m sick and tired of them and when I click on them and go to the app, it’s so confusing and hard to navigate through. Also, why do I have to log in every single time I enter the app?
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12 months ago, Goodreviewgurl66
The only complaint is that it does not always show notifications so I get them later.
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9 months ago, Pilot_3501
Problem with signing in
My school prompted me to download the app, so I did, but I can’t use it because I can’t sign in with Google. Whenever I try, I get an error 400. I’m not sure if it’s my iOS version which is iOS 15.7.8, so please fix this.
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2 years ago, dkcjdhdhdjj
Non-existent norifications
There has been a notice for two notifications the entire time I have had the app. When I go to see what the notifications are it says there is nothing. Please fix this, it is incredibly agitating.
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3 years ago, Enrob0810
It helps me do school work and keep track of my work each day! I love it so much!
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4 weeks ago, Ranbbee
i use student square for school and its efficient but i cant edit any of my information. the name on my profile does not match my name nor my email, which has my name on it. maybe let us edit profiles and such? otherwise its pretty good.
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4 years ago, pitbulllover060407
Easy to use and keep up with my work
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3 years ago, mjohnson1202
i love how i can get all my school notifications there, it makes it really convenient. it’s also great how when my teachers post it comes up in grey so i know it was them and i don’t get it mixed up with community posts. they only big downside is how much storage the app takes.
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3 years ago, ttv.usecodebrohawks
I’m impressed with it, all the info I need is sent out ASAP and I enjoy that
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3 years ago, 19292928282
Honestly kinda useless
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1 year ago, MilkDraqon
Keeps kicking me out
I download it and log in, but as soon as I get it it tells me that the session is ended and I need to log back in.
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11 months ago, zula44455
Loves it
As a student it is effective and is easily accessible
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4 years ago, RVTurner
Love It
I love student square so much! I use it every day and it is so helpful!
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3 years ago, yoor best friend
I think it’s pretty good it has some great things bro.
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6 years ago, teddie_murphy
Excellent app
Easy to use and very useful
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4 years ago, waytooextra
sooooooooo muchhhhhhh storage!! Also hate the fact that whenever i fill out a form or get a notification, the app will send me a text, an app notification, and an email. Uh, no thanks. Just send me an app notification.
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4 years ago, c h r i s t i a n
Good app!
Very easy to use and I prefer it over ParentSquare..
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5 months ago, IRATEYOU👉
its okay
but i absolutely hate school i hate getting messages abt tests and stuff but other than that its working fine ig
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2 years ago, Internet_Stinky
It's alright, I guess.
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4 years ago, nominoodles
It’s ok I guess
It’s not super hard to use it just takes up storage on my phone and I’m not abt that. 😤😤😞😞😓😓
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3 years ago, 🐮💜MooMoo🐮
Really helps during DL
Helpful for notices
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3 years ago, Kaitlyn DeWitt
Wont let me sign in
says my acc doesn’t exist 🤨 and when i tried to type it in it says there’s an error 😦
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4 months ago, littel bar
Just use gmail or classroom
This is wholly unnecessary and just serves as another source of redundant messages from school I don’t need.
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7 months ago, lsonsbxusnsb
I HATE this app!!!!! Stop torturing me and let my family go!! It’s like social media but with teachers and people I don’t care about. I’m gonna die HELP ME!!!!!!
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1 year ago, pppoopoooooooooo
This app
This app is a snitch you delete the nonfiction from PowerSchool off your parents phone and then bam this app is here to snitch on you
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