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Edupoint Educational Systems
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User Reviews for StudentVUE

1.77 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
1 month ago, Doglord0.7
App Problems
I am not able to see my grades on grade book. The only way to see it is by changing my phone screen to landscape. Everything else is fine. The colors need to change too. Green ans white makes it look ugly like ur momma
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6 days ago, NORLRIKJSJA
I am alone and afraid, what comes of me is unknown
It all began when I clicked the “download” button on this app, a beckoning hue of colbalt blue. The second the downloading process was complete, I felt a rumble beneath my feet and the sound of glass dining ware shattering. I raced to the front door to meet the chilling and spikey breeze of winter, lifted my head toward the sky, and saw what I can only describe as satanic. Where the sun should have been rested a large JYP (daddy jay whai pee papi). Faded and distorted snippets of “look at me” by TWICE echoed through the air as my neighbors began to rush out of their homes just like I had. We stared at each other until suddenly, my next door neighbor began screaming uncontrollably. As if things couldn’t become more horrifying, his limbs bent and snapped audibly, waving in the air as if controlled by a puppeteer. I only watched long enough to realize that my neighbor was dancing… Dancing to NewJeans… I immediately grabbed my dog and ran for the hills. 5 stars, great app, and I’ve healed from this trauma, although I do experience sporadic night terrors. Thank you for reading.
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2 months ago, the bingus
Unexpected bug??
I was recently using the Student Vue app to check my grades (I am currently enrolled in primary school), and found a peculiar bug. Before this, the app worked splendidly. I was able to view all of my grades with much ease and haste, and with the “Calculate Grade” feature, I was never caught by surprise when spelling checks were entered. However, just a fourth of a fortnite ago I was using the application, and upon its opening i suffered from an instant dislocation of my C-3 vertebrae. “How odd”, I thought to myself. I had never had this issue before. At this point, voluntary movement was quite challenging, and so I attempted to carefully slip my phone into my pencil pouch to avoid any further chance of misadventure, when lo! My hand had slipped on a leftover stain of Gogurt on my desk (Strawberry Surpirse), slamming my phone into my hand and opening the grades section of Student Vue. Immediately, I was sent into cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated through continued CPR and my teachers car battery (Our emergency defibrillator had recently been stolen). I write this now from the hospital, and hope to inform the developers of this inconveniencing glitch.
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4 weeks ago, The hards of school
The Day my life changed
During the years of the repeated years of high school comes the treacherous letters of D’s and F’s on the transcript and the grade book itself. My whole world already filled with the endless day to day work of just trying to find myself as a person, and working redeye nights at Mc Donalds, hopelessly earning money to fix our home. My own mother disciplines me just by seeing the worst letters, D and F. I cannot explain the absolute horror I have to face, while only getting 2 hours of sleep. The school does not care about my situation, but just expecting more, and trying to get me to do it right the first time. I feel shamed by all of my teachers while walking into their door, but that shame I will feel no longer, cause I have gotten rid of this god forsaken app. So only by the glares i get from my teachers will decide how my grades are doing. Forget school, and get rid of the stress by getting rid of this app. 👍
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1 month ago, heey_lol
visit me on the sidewalks of new york
tell me why when i get a good scrumptious grade on an assignment that my grade doesn’t change, BUT when I get a 49/50 on a unit test my grade drops down minimum 70% 🤯🤯🤯 what is actually the problem or is it me😔 anyways one day this year I walked through the entrance of my home to see my mom wearing a horrified expression on her face and holding her phone to my face. I asked her what the problem was and she shoved the bold and dark grey letter to my face. “I like A not any F you worthless mistake” she screeched using all her might. I could almost feel the sharp dryness in my own throat as if it were hers. I was kicked out and sent to the hollow streets of New York City were I struggle to get a single penny from the busy New Yorkers running to work. do not recommend. gives me ptsd.
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2 months ago, dumb goodie
Genuine review
My teacher recommended us to download and use the app to check our grades and schedule. I noticed a lot of bugs and glitches in the app. My schedule wouldn’t load, I couldn’t even see my classes. It would lag a lot. It also didn’t automatically sign me in which really got me angy, then I took time off my day to go check some reviews and get something off my chest by writing one. When I saw the reviews, I immediately BUSTED all over the floor, nut everywhere like an ocean. It was truly a magnificent scene, clean up on aisle, MY PANTS!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
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3 weeks ago, Jimmithee
my honest review
alright, for a bit of background, our school forced us all to download this app (literally 1984), but then problems immediately began to come up. First off, the app is filled with communist propaganda, from the home screen depicting a hammer to the attendance monitor having the entire communist manifesto in small text. This isn’t the worst thing though… if you open the app too many times (like with people who really care about their grades) karl marx himself comes to life and eats all your crackers. 1/5 would not recommend
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2 months ago, TopHatHeeHee
major issue
Upon opening the app, StudentVue asked me to pronounce my name on recording. I thought this would be beneficial because my name has an unusual pronunciation for its spelling, but when i recorded it i played it back and it said a long list of slurs and derogatory terms. I tried to redo the recording, but when I replayed it this time, it just said a demonic sounding incantation. This summoned a small fleshy creature with a large set of sharp exposed teeth. It ate my grandma and my dog and is now running rampant throughout the city and i fear it can not be defeated.
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2 months ago, lil canon
Log In bug
This app has a bug where when you log in it doesn’t recognize your account but lets you in anyways. You can access some features but not all. Logging in does not work. The “remember me” feature also doesn’t work. Due to this all my passwords got compromised, including the one to my bank account in which all my money was removed and I had to live on the street while ppl passed me and spat at me.
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3 months ago, this is a grat game but
Founding fathers in stripper heels
This is terrible, when I started to look at my grades my phone sucked me in and I was teleported to a world of pixels where the founding fathers of America were discussing the education system and oddly enough they were all wearing stripper heels…huh🤔…THEN I was sucked back out of my phone but the year was 6969 and the world was nothing but a wasteland…so I don’t recommend this app unless your into the founding fathers in stripper heels 🤷‍♀️
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2 weeks ago, great🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
I hate this
My parents threatened to abuse me after seeing my grades. I encountered a bug and it told me I had an F even though I had gotten all As in that semester. Once my parents saw they threatened to disown me. I have been going through constant abuse now. I have finally escaped but at what cost? Think about your choices and look at everyone else you’ve effected, Thank you, I hope you fall down a cliff 😔
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2 years ago, Sykkzy
This App Is WAYYY too buggy
Don’t get me wrong, StudentVUE is way great to check grades. In contrast, it has too many bugs. First of all, the grade bug is just time consuming. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, it takes 30 seconds to load my grades and it always come to an error message. I go back, reclick grades, then in a second, it shows my grades. This shows that the app can easily do it first time, but it’s super buggy it results in an error. My next bug was that everything except the inbox in the ‘Mail’ section is broken. Again, I cannot prove that anyone else has this same problem. The outbox, drafts, etc. do not work. When I tap on it, it automatically sends me to a blank page. AND I JUST SENT AN EMAIL SO HOW IS IT BLANK??? This shows that this is too buggy to display any of my recent emails. Lastly, the log in bug. I recently got it fixed, but I am skeptical that it may happen again. I put in my password from auto fill, and I press enter. It says it’s incorrect, when I know it is correct. I have to manually type it in, taking more time. All in all, StudentVUE is great app in general, but just is very buggy, especially for an app in 2021 with better technology.
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2 months ago, RussianTankSniper
App itself
The parts of the app when you check, it takes long to load even if you have the best WiFi in the street! It is not recommended from me to use the app on the phone! Use only through a PC or laptop!
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2 weeks ago, BP in ir area
Oh no!
It’s a bad app. This is a genuine review and after I downloaded it, I immediately noticed there were lots of issues and bugs. LITERALLY. Bug’s actually started crawling out of my phone 😔🐜
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6 days ago, uhgddć
This at a good app
Teachers be using these apps to put your late days together. If you late you gonna have to do this. Or send the late and tardy right to your parents! This is terrible.
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1 month ago, Iclye
Emotional damage
Dont download this app honestly this app gives you emotional damage it makes you depressed and its just a horrible app. Bad things happened such as eye strain, uncontrolled breathing, nonstop sadness, rage.
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1 month ago, Idfk1234567890
idk i just felt like giving it a low review but it can be useful for those who want to check their grades on their phones.
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1 month ago, Mollymaetheo
There’s a constant bug making errors with server and I can’t check my grades during finals week.
It’s aweful
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1 month ago, ilovebiggreasymentwerking
I downloaded this app and I accidentally pressed the “explode neighborhood button💥” whoops! I hope nothing bad happened!!😬
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2 weeks ago, W.2010
this app is so bad and teachers love to be giving u good grades and they don’t even show up but when it’s a bad grade it’s always there
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2 months ago, tunasub 🥰
Not good for kids
Inappropriate adds and made my phone and Chromebook break instantly
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2 months ago, Unintellio
Dont use
Nothing barley works and i also damaged my finger from screen the app is pure garbage
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2 months ago, zh go sdvb of n job jn.
Worst thing in my life
I’ve had many girl friends ghost me or abuse me but this app is the literal death of me💀
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2 months ago, hcdihcadohcoeqihfw
I am FLUSTERATED! I can’t handle the pressure and the skill issue of this app! Some of my fellow peers have said “womp womp” when I need to voice my concern, and I feel attacked!!!!! Today is the day when I finally need to feel voluptuous!!!! I’m gonna sad i’m gonna have to say it…. I AM GOING TO FANUM TAX THE SCHOOL!!!!
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2 weeks ago, dnskzjxj
Bad app
Grades aren’t showing up correctly
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1 week ago, chessbot
You’ll need a mixing bowl, a wire whisk, a spatula and a non-stick griddle or skillet. An electric griddle works wonders too, if you make a lot of pancakes at your house. The ingredients you’ll need are: 1 ¼ cup milk 2 eggs 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder ¼ teaspoon salt
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3 weeks ago, its.meh.831
This app lags a lot it’s very annoying.
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2 months ago, lovelydrawer
comon bruh
when i logged in it told me i was a “b word a word n word” and my first reaction was “what the heck that’s odd!” then my mom asked to check my grades… and saw it…. she beat me with a stick until i was unconscious.
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1 month ago, Frooah
Remove this off the app store
Pls remove this off the app store
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2 months ago, BaIlercat43
I loaded this up on my Chromebook and that thing exploded. Now I’m dead.
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2 months ago, herphatazzxo
i hate this app
why is it kicking me out of my account whenever i go to another tab for a second.
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2 months ago, Clspz114514
Full of bugs
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3 weeks ago, Neggir 3039493
bug logging in
so basically this app ended up making me break my neck because of how bad my grades really bad bug
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2 months ago, JasonIsLame
please stop torturing students wih your bad app
i hate this app many kids get spanked if parents see these grades so this is like child endangerment
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2 weeks ago, Ur moms casserole
Does not work
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1 month ago, Demon_dragon45680
Bad app
It’s just bad don’t use it.
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2 months ago, Jayden🇺🇸🦅🦅🗣️🗣️🗣️
As soon as I opened the app I died
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4 weeks ago, angel palomares
won’t let me log in
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4 weeks ago, hdjdbsbbz
This app made me depressed do not download
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2 weeks ago, jamie xox foxie
It’s bad
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2 months ago, ffsfgjgk
I hate this app
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2 months ago, Khan54$
Big L
Makes me sick
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1 month ago, waukeganlarry
causes extreme anxiety and depression
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2 months ago, Hello433(2/.332/
No cap it mid 🥷🥷
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2 months ago, starnighy
this app can kma
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1 month ago, trippe reedd
this app is unsatisfactory
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1 week ago, Schoolfucker69
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2 months ago, person_^^^^
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3 years ago, against psycho parents
Worst app to check grades in
I’m so mad. This app literally gives me so much anxiety because the grades for each class don’t have colors that go to it, it’s just black numbers in form of a percent. In all of the other apps that we used to be able to use (but now that our school district changed things) there was a green box for if you had an A and the percentage inside, blue for B, yellow for C, orange for D, and Red for E/F, now I have to deal with figuring out whether or not I have an A or a B because at a certain percentage point a high B can turn into a boarder line A. It’s so much more complicated and I’m literally so mad that my school county thing changed everything like literally were dealing with enough change and they decide to change this and cause everybody even more stress. So I suggest that this app does the color coded boxes with the percentages inside and just ease everyone’s anxiety or stress because it’s already stressful enough opening the app to see what grade we got for a test in X class and then to have to figure out whether something in the highs of a for example B is a boarder line A is just annoying and stressful.
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1 year ago, 🤠 Luc
Less difficult than most, but…
My district had changed out to Student Vue from Infinite Campus, and I would say that this is a much better. Pros: -You can calculate your grades to see what you need to score, or see how an assignment will affect your overall grade - Can be quickly updated to see new grades in less than hour once they are put in -Schedules are much easier to break down and understand - If chosen by your district, you can see the times of your classes and what your lunch group and time is during that day - Signing up for next years classes are pretty simple to do - You can receive messages from your teacher or district and get an alert similar to an email in the app. Cons: - Newer updates have made it much more difficult to view grades - It seems to be much more difficult to log in. I have had to re download the app due to “incorrect district settings” even thought it has been correct each time. - I have had “unread” messages since October, that I have viewed and deleted, but this has happened only a few times, so it could have just been my phone lagging. - Some of the text is quite small, and as for as I can find, can’t be fixed in the app. -Grade calculator seems to only be accessible on a computer/laptop. It would be really nice to see these bugs get fixed, but overall I have found it to be easier than most of their competitors.
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