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Edupoint Educational Systems
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4 months ago
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User Reviews for StudentVUE

1.77 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Aquaterror
The bugs!
I wish there were some improvements to this app. Every time I open the app I have to sign into my school account and recently I got an error so I had to delete the app and reinstall it. But it’s great on my school computer.
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6 days ago, Non your busines
After 0.1 seconds of looking at this app I developed and diagnosed myself with mono. It’s making me fail my class with my teacher who looks like Gru. Also this gave me really bad depression because it made me have bad grades which probably means I won’t go to collage and means I won’t get a good job and I’ll become homeless which means I won’t have money for therapy. moral of the story, if u don’t wanna be homeless then simply just don’t download this app and TURN DOWN the idea if your school wants to use this awful app.
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3 weeks ago, AnimalWarrior21
Not very good
This app is honestly just not that great. Half the time there are errors and glitches. Important tabs like grade book just open up in a website instead of being in the app. UI looks like it’s from 10 years ago. Would not recommend. Sadly, if your school district decides to use it, you can’t help it. Hope developers would make it better.
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2 weeks ago, flexckult
Gave me cancer
After using this app for .01 zepto seconds I had an almost fatal heart attack. Every since using this app, my schizophrenia has gotten worse. This app also gave me aids. 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️
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2 weeks ago, NotHuxy
It just don’t work most of the time
Fix this broken ahh app bruh😭
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2 weeks ago, Annonym0us9
It’s Pretty good
Not to many bugs!! It also works off wifi which is nice because wifi is sometimes uncooperative.
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2 days ago, Dashiiel
Unfortunately I have to use this because my district requires it but the color scheme is so bad, not smooth, have to login every time even if I just go to another app for five seconds, can’t check attendance or GPA. Don’t recommend, PowerSchool is so much better
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2 weeks ago, Hdtxgwjfis
Best of the best
Ngl using this has gave me more and more heart attacks and my mother has gotten cancer from this app
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4 days ago, chessbot
This made me quit my job
I downloaded synergy then just as I knew everything I loved turned upside down. I got a divorce, fired from my job, my house collapsed, and my car got smushed. Synergy please give me a refund.
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1 week ago, who took my name bones706
crazy thing is nobody cares
personally i would delete the app from every store online. and personally i would NOT take that
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1 week ago, WhiteDeathofKingstown
God awful
Look at the app once it’s fine, the next it crashes harder than a self driving Tesla does into a family of five. Need I say more.
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3 weeks ago, Zhenming Du
It’s alright.
The app is a bit outdated and buggy but it works I guess
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1 week ago, AlfonsoHM2013!
The worst app I could ever get!
I couldn’t find my school! And it is too complicated for students like me.
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2 years ago, Sykkzy
This App Is WAYYY too buggy
Don’t get me wrong, StudentVUE is way great to check grades. In contrast, it has too many bugs. First of all, the grade bug is just time consuming. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, it takes 30 seconds to load my grades and it always come to an error message. I go back, reclick grades, then in a second, it shows my grades. This shows that the app can easily do it first time, but it’s super buggy it results in an error. My next bug was that everything except the inbox in the ‘Mail’ section is broken. Again, I cannot prove that anyone else has this same problem. The outbox, drafts, etc. do not work. When I tap on it, it automatically sends me to a blank page. AND I JUST SENT AN EMAIL SO HOW IS IT BLANK??? This shows that this is too buggy to display any of my recent emails. Lastly, the log in bug. I recently got it fixed, but I am skeptical that it may happen again. I put in my password from auto fill, and I press enter. It says it’s incorrect, when I know it is correct. I have to manually type it in, taking more time. All in all, StudentVUE is great app in general, but just is very buggy, especially for an app in 2021 with better technology.
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3 days ago, jxjdHi
Very glitchy. Shuts down often.
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3 weeks ago, gvkvycjvkv
i mean
it's alright but like no matter what i always get an error and it makes me mad because all i want to do is check my grades
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3 weeks ago, tampa bucs
Bad app
This app is dog water, it won’t let me in, if you’re reading this, don’t download this app.
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7 days ago, Stxticgam3r
I’m smart
This app showed me I had failed math. Why would it do that. Bad app
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1 week ago, Dobbylover2004
Randomly logs you out
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2 weeks ago, 129472747
Do not get!!
Worst app ever. It tells me I'm failing my classes and says I have a bad GPA.
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3 weeks ago, hayleeeggs
app won’t log in
it won’t even let me log in right now i updated it and it keeps saying error -1202
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2 days ago, El 3O
Very glitchy
So horrible!
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2 weeks ago, Scoped Blxnk
This app is the worst
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4 days ago, Chinksxds
GAme is bad ememy too hard
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4 days ago, finna kill myself
gonna kill myself
finna kill myself
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2 weeks ago, vvhvfgxfg hifymkmk,kk
It takes hours to get your f up to a a LIKE UPDATE IT PLS
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3 weeks ago, Oleetaavaaa
i havw nothing to say its just that these commenstaare so funny
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4 days ago, revew48285
Very bad
This app is doodoo water.
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2 weeks ago, Fortyntteliverfnafplager
erm what the flip
dehs’rs wya
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3 weeks ago, female women lover
what. zip co de ???,?
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3 weeks ago, Blueberries12$&@
Bad app
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1 week ago, ClaireVSM
This poopoo
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3 years ago, against psycho parents
Worst app to check grades in
I’m so mad. This app literally gives me so much anxiety because the grades for each class don’t have colors that go to it, it’s just black numbers in form of a percent. In all of the other apps that we used to be able to use (but now that our school district changed things) there was a green box for if you had an A and the percentage inside, blue for B, yellow for C, orange for D, and Red for E/F, now I have to deal with figuring out whether or not I have an A or a B because at a certain percentage point a high B can turn into a boarder line A. It’s so much more complicated and I’m literally so mad that my school county thing changed everything like literally were dealing with enough change and they decide to change this and cause everybody even more stress. So I suggest that this app does the color coded boxes with the percentages inside and just ease everyone’s anxiety or stress because it’s already stressful enough opening the app to see what grade we got for a test in X class and then to have to figure out whether something in the highs of a for example B is a boarder line A is just annoying and stressful.
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9 months ago, 🤠 Luc
Less difficult than most, but…
My district had changed out to Student Vue from Infinite Campus, and I would say that this is a much better. Pros: -You can calculate your grades to see what you need to score, or see how an assignment will affect your overall grade - Can be quickly updated to see new grades in less than hour once they are put in -Schedules are much easier to break down and understand - If chosen by your district, you can see the times of your classes and what your lunch group and time is during that day - Signing up for next years classes are pretty simple to do - You can receive messages from your teacher or district and get an alert similar to an email in the app. Cons: - Newer updates have made it much more difficult to view grades - It seems to be much more difficult to log in. I have had to re download the app due to “incorrect district settings” even thought it has been correct each time. - I have had “unread” messages since October, that I have viewed and deleted, but this has happened only a few times, so it could have just been my phone lagging. - Some of the text is quite small, and as for as I can find, can’t be fixed in the app. -Grade calculator seems to only be accessible on a computer/laptop. It would be really nice to see these bugs get fixed, but overall I have found it to be easier than most of their competitors.
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3 weeks ago, thatonekansaskid
It’s not worth it guys
This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. We thought the Tyler app was bad but this is a feat of engineering even making an app this bad. Steve Jobs is currently rolling around in his grave knowing that this app is on his apple App Store. There’s no point in even having an app. When you try and look at your grades I’ll just redirect you to a webpage- which defeats the purpose of an app in the first place. It’s also slow and hard to use. The whole synergy system doesn’t even work. I’ve had F’s in multiple classes just because of the whole system being horrendous. Do not download this app, even Jesus wouldn’t die for a sin this bad. I wish whoever made this app a slightly inconvenient day, and I wish anyone who experiences the displeasure of downloading this app some good karma because this is as bad as your life will probably get.
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4 years ago, monicasifferle
Overall Great, But a Few Issues
For the most part, this app is fantastic. I prefer it over the online website version for some things (checking grades and attendance). Although it looks a little old, it still works very well. One major complaint I have is we can’t check our course history like you can do on the website. I can’t see my GPA or my credits unless I go to the website... which is really inconvenient. Please consider changing this so we can see “Course History” in the app. There is one small issue I have been having due to a VPN I have on my phone. When I try to log in, it loads for about 30 seconds (it says “verifying status”) and eventually it says there is an error signing me in. I get that this is an easy fix, just turn off the VPN, but it would be nice if it worked no matter what.
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2 years ago, Summer Course Taker
Good, could be better
I like the ease of which I can check my grades and see what each of them is worth in the summary. The documents tab is also very useful as my county updates it with my transcripts, class schedules, and sat scores. However, I am confused because the course history tab was removed recently and that was one of the things that I liked most for the app. I was able to see what classes I have taken/need to take, all my past teachers & grades, my gpa, and my testing requirements. I am genuinely sad it’s gone because it always updated much quicker then I would get my transcript, especially with summer classes. I would prefer if it could be linked it with PayPal so I could pay school fees, textbook costs, etc. but that’s just me.
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10 months ago, zekaroo :)
Wonderful, needs improvement on recent bug
I love the StudentVue app, and have been using it all my years of school. However, recently every time I open gradebook through the app I am redirected to the actual website, instead of remaining in the app like it had in the past. If this could be fixed, my fellow students and I would greatly appreciate it, as it often leads to more difficulties with the app and connection. The other issue with the redirecting is each time you select a new class you must completely exit out of the website to reload the grade book in order to view another class. Overall a pain, but if this is fixed I’d give the app ten stars instead of 5
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5 years ago, Dedenneify
This is a very good app very well made and simple to see my grades But is there any way to fix the glitch where it says all of my grades are F’s just kidding this app is very good would 100% recommend to all students out there keep up the good work 😄 I also like the fact that you can just look straight at your grades with no hassle what so ever. One thing that I would fix though is that sometimes it won’t let me log in to my account and then randomly fix a week later but other then that one thing this is a very nice app and would definitely recommend this to any student out there who needs to check there grades easily. Once again keep if the fantastic work Synergy 👍
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1 year ago, Jjabskdiwihe
For the love of god make the app better
If we plan on going all digital, StudentVUE and parentvue in entirely should be getting upgrades and updates way more often than once a year. There are so many necessary changes and QOL issues they could fix but just don’t want to. 2 major additions I think should be a given is a chart that shows how your grades changed over the semester and a system to put in a specific grade to see how your grade can change for a future assignment/test, the system for it is a bit flawed and limits people to only see how they could have improved previously to see how to get to a higher grade instead of what specific grades they need to be getting in the future to reach that next milestone.
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7 months ago, 💖💜💙💛🤍💜🖤
Words can't express how horrible this app is
Everything was fine before the most recent update. I could log in without waiting five minutes for the app to load. I could check my grades without waiting an additional five minutes for the app to redirect me to the external portal website. During my classes, my teachers will say, "I've entered the test grades into the grade book, but double check that I didn't enter them wrong." And I'll sit at my desk, staring at a white screen, as the website tries to load. Half the time, it doesn't even load, instead displaying an error message. I've been facing immense stress because I haven't been able to efficiently check my grades. How hard could it be to simply revert back to the old design, where you could actually check your grades without any additional hassle?
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3 years ago, Lucy Vaupell
The difference between student and parent access
All these one star reviews are from kids who dislike the idea of their parents constantly monitoring them in the app. The app itself isn't bad or have any problems, it's how parents will harass their children about their grades constantly. If a parent is reading these reviews, please keep your child's mental health in mind. You can check the app every so often,, but don't monitor their grades like a madman. You can instead have your child check it, without you peering over their shoulder, and tell them to tell you what they're comfortable with telling you about school. Trust your children please.
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7 years ago, JeremyYT
Very useful
So I've noticed many ratings & reviews about this app that were completely negative. They were around rated 1-2 stars. Most of them were talking about bugs and glitches & some were talking about "Depression" or "Anxiety" about their grades. This is an app so that you can check your grades at any time. Now don't check your grades and then after seeing them being horrible, go right in to depression or anxiety. If you don't want to feel those things, do better in school! The most reason why you've got bad grades is because you don't really try or pay attention! So don't talk about that bull crap on an app to check grades.
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8 years ago, 5 grader
I love this app! But caution...
This app is so useful, I can check my grades right away without having to go to the computer or safari on my phone, so much quicker. One thing though, when I log off and I want to exit the app I click my home button(I have the scanner home button) and the app allows me to log on with my thumb print, but I have to keep pressing cancel (as in cancel signing in with thumb print) whenever I exit the app. It's super annoying, why can't it ask me once? The app logs me back in when all I wanted to do was login, check my grades, and logout, not needing to check once more for a few days. Please do something to change this...
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1 year ago, user0695864
It’s just straight up *bad*
This app is indescribably bad. It constantly crashes, is slow, and isn’t user friendly whatsoever. Due to a recent UI update, the “grade book” option opens an in-app browser displaying grades. The webpage isn’t designed for mobile so half the screen is cut off and you can’t scroll to the side, making it so you’re unable to see scores on assignments. Attempting to go back to other sections is nearly impossible since closing the in-app browser cause it to reopen, resulting in restarting the app to be the only option. I genuinely don’t understand how these recent updates are being approved because they’re just that *terrible*. Last school year the app was still a buggy mess, but at least I could access what I needed. Now it’s just a crappy piece of garbanzo.
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2 years ago, K.Thorpe
StudentVue is serves its purpose well.
It is not a bad app because of over bearing parents. If your parents are being over bearing or if they’re concerned by some missing assignments then its more of an issue between student and parent. Just because the grades aren’t color coded doesn’t make it a bad app. just take a couple seconds to look it over and if you forget something just look at it again. If my fellow students could stop taking their frustrations out on the app for problems outside of said app that would be lovely, maybe then I wouldn’t have to boost my review from 4 stars to 5 stars to compensate 😊
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6 years ago, Nxextxfxlxixx
some suggestions to make the app better
As honors students we continuously look at our grades to check when our teachers have put in our latest essay or test. It would be extremely helpful if the app notified you when your grades were updated. This would save us from the continuous curiosity of what we got and when it will be in the grade book. Also, if there was a place to see your GPA, weighted and unweighted, and grades from previous years, we could finally stop the endless calculations of our grades since freshman year and always know what our high school career looked like.
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10 years ago, BloodSpawn33
Very useful application
This application is quite useful. Sure, it doesn't notify you when your grades are updated, but that's no big deal. The app has not gone down on me. It has been fast since I downloaded it (unlike for those complaining about it taking a few seconds to load). Ignore those reviews as they're just individuals who complain about everything. They expect it to be a state-of-the-art application. Come on now people, it's a slightly new system, of course the app isn't amazing. They need time. The app is good, take it for what it is and stop complaining or don't use it at all. - Foothill Student
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2 years ago, JirachiRX
Very helpful app :)
I honestly don’t get why this app is rated so low!!! A bunch of the reviews are saying that their parents constantly checking the app stresses them out, it strains their relationships, etc. but there’s nothing wrong with the app itself! If your parents are freaking out over your grades for some reason, that’s THEIR PROBLEM. Don’t just blame the app for everything, jeez. People are saying they get good grades but their parents still get mad, but again, that’s their problem and if you can’t clear it up and decide to blame the app instead it’s just annoying. The app works well, don’t trust the negative reviews.
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6 years ago, Michael, Schlitzkus
Small bug I found
First of all, thank you for supplying students like me with such a good app, but I did notice a small bug, if you get a message, viewing it then reading it and going back still says you have a message, secondly, you cant open links, for a split second the link is there and then its gone. Third, if you delete a message it still says you have a message and finally, in my opinion its just something you need to remove that if you click on messages with no messages it says alert, no messages found. Other than that, 5 stars.
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