Studocu: Study Notes & Sharing

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1 month ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Studocu: Study Notes & Sharing

4.43 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Kayrecole
This is an easy way to make money as a college student like myself. It’s super easy to navigate and upload your documents. With that being said, they start to decrease the payout tremendously as you become a frequent user. I use to get $30, $40, sometimes even $70 when I uploaded. Now the documents I would usually get $70 they are now offering me $6.15 for the same content that was getting $70 before. It’s a great app I just wish that they would stay consistent in the payout.
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3 years ago, Shorty315
Helpful resources
I’d like to start with how awesome I think this page is and not because of the payments. To be honest I could care less if I received payments for lecture notes or exams with answers. I mostly love the fact that I am able to help others because I wish I would have had this type of help when I was working on my degrees. I had little to no help when taking most courses and if I had someone else’s notes or exams to study I’m sure it would have helped tremendously. So I want to thank whoever made this resource available for students you have done a fine job.
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4 years ago, ShaniLeeAnn
Great Resources
Studydoc has resources posted by other students to help guide you through your own papers, assignments, and other study material. There is no high cost and little to upload for free membership. I wish more people could jump on board to have more coursework help. This app is far better than CourseHero due to the low price or contributions. As of now, resources are limited. So, if you start using this app, it will grow rapidly if you spread the word. This is not a cheat app but the papers help you through your coursework.
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4 months ago, Nurse Neisha
Great resource
This site is a great resource for anyone who needs help with their studies. This site is efficient and easy to use.
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3 months ago, ZeldaOfHyrule
The AI powered copyright screen is awful
All I use this site for is to share my lecture notes and each and every time it says my content is a copyright infringement and i have to have a manual review. I am literally just submitting notes from my professors lectures and PowerPoint and i don’t feel it is feasible to know exactly where the professors get their information from. I am sick and tired of this happening and will not be paying for an additional year because of it.
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6 months ago, stewedyeti
Unable to login
I’ve been using this service for a few months just as reference material to see where my assignments stack up, however today I’ve been unable to login to the app or website (gives me a generic error message). The support bot isn’t very helpful and it’s suggestions don’t work either. This is concerning because it’d be fine if I couldn’t login to a free service; however this service charges $20/month and if I can’t login I can’t even cancel a service that doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Aphrodite18314
Does not work —> False Advertisement
First, I couldn’t find my school so I had to add it, then I couldn’t find any courses that I take. It also kept saying things like error and saying that I wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi when I am. I am having no other Wi-Fi issues except with this app. I am realizing that this is probably for college students only. I have seen many ads about this app which is why I installed it. Those ads said things like “perfect for high school and college students”. — A high school Sophomore
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9 months ago, Ephelisofious2024@
The site isn’t reliable
I recently joined this site to help me with my studies; unfortunately the site is t reliable enough. Im a payee member, when I’m in the middle of searching for documents to help with my studies and homework, the site freezes, and keeps crashing. There is no number to call to complain. I have sent numerous emails informing them about the issue, I have not receive any replies from them. Any suggestions on what do do?
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2 years ago, michellesalas00
At first, I was excited to help people with my notes and assignments and getting paid for it! But they should have given me $30 by now, and everytime it asks me for verification to receive these payments, it tells me the link is invalid. Also everytime I click on the 'Offer Status' button, it times out everytime and I can never see it. It makes me suspicious, and now I'm convinced I'll never get paid. I guess it's fine if you're just looking for resources.
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1 year ago, Maceyhorsegirl
5 Stars
The first time I submitte documents I received an offer with a 30% markup and ended up making $66! Studocu is definitely worth downloading if you keep all of your past assignments, homework , notes, and syllabuses from classes you have taken!!
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11 months ago, Alyssa Pacy
This app is one of the best study tools in my opinion. It opens you up to so many different materials to expand studying methods. And there are no in app purchases. If there was though, I would still support. Better than chef or other apps
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7 months ago, Jim LJ
Does not work
I have tried numerous times on my laptop to sign in through google. Every time I have signed in it is just a blank white screen. I refresh the page and it works for 1 second and shows that I am signed in but then shuts off to the blank white screen. I have tried using other sites to make sure it was not my laptop that was causing the issue. Not sure how we can fix this.
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4 years ago, sharon dutt
The app allows students to share their work as well as helping other students to understand the area of studies. It feels good to help other students when you know that you are in the same position
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1 year ago, Officiailcynthiaa21
Pays you a little extra side hustle for notes that we already have taken just by being in a university. There are also a lot of helpful resources on there.
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5 years ago, Pethotelking
Don’t waste your time
These guys are ridiculous. I uploaded a full semester of invaluable notes that were handwritten from a professor that does not upload their powerpoints. There was close to 100 pages of very detailed notes that are sure to get whoever uses them an A and they offered me less that $4.00. If you’re looking to get paid for your hard work and time. Don’t even bother wasting your time with these people.
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2 months ago, TripleJKpaw
Locked documents?
Studco has been a life saver for class but as of today it wouldn’t let me access the document without paying. Bummer because it helped me get through class and understand the lay out of things.
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1 year ago, tabithamoralez11
really helps
Helps me study and see what to expect out of assignments. Very useful. Would like to know how to upload my own documents.
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3 years ago, TheRussianOne
Great to get the ball rolling
If your stuck on something review someone else’s notes and it will help you get an idea of how to complete your assignment. This app is very helpful.
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2 years ago, Megan.e.m 12242000
Subscription to courses
Great app & super resourceful! But I HATE the fact that you can see who is subscribed to the course & documents. Like y’all just begging for people to get caught. Or showing who posted the document. Like we don’t need to see all that.
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7 months ago, Older Mom earning her degree!
So very grateful for this app! Staring at a blank page for hours is so discouraging. Being able to read successful submissions is a game changer!
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11 months ago, _mr rolly
Personal review
This is a great study app for this generation. It helps you share school work with students around the country. Great app
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12 months ago, gibbuhh
I love i!!!
I love it so much!!!! I look up examples to help me better understand the subject. It shows me ideas that I can use for my paper.
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2 years ago, Dren00
I have an account with all of the major tutoring/homework help services. This one is my most “go to” app for almost every subject.
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2 years ago, leozhao888
More options
You guys should have more options for us like screen shot document and etc and for during summiting you guys make us to fill in those blanks are just a hassle just a description would be already fine. And have them stop rejecting actual hard working notes!
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9 months ago, RiaRealness
I Hate This App!
I have to use Safari. The home page doesn’t load. It keeps saying “Try Again!” What a waste of money! I paid almost $60 for a subscription for half done outdated Study Guides and constant emails from Studocu. Save your money and just go to you school’s library or join a study group. Save your money!
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3 years ago, xani222
I submitted around 50 documents and I was only given $8. Then the next day I got an email saying my offer of $8 was rejected. So now I will not be getting the money for sending in my notes that I spent time taking. This app is a scam they just want to take your notes and not pay you!!!!!! Do not submit any of your notes!!!!
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1 month ago, Iddnthearu
Keeps crashing
I love this app!! However, today it keeps crashing on me every time I open it. I uninstalled, reinstalled and it’s still crashing! Please fix!!!!!
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6 months ago, Moniq2409
Love it
Very helpful.. enjoying the notes and helpful in clearing up any confusion I may have on certain task.
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3 years ago, Peggy Whitewood
Unprofessional and Poor customer service
I have been having difficulties accessing the app for weeks. To think that as a monthly subscriber I should at least get an email stating that there are unresolved issues with your app. This shows unprofessional and poor customer service.
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9 months ago, postwarpreston
Nothing will show anymore
I was just using this app 2 days ago and it worked just fine. But now it literally won’t load a single assignment. Just says “404 nothing found”. But if I use the web browser everything is fine.
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1 year ago, Princehassan86
Great learning tool
This is a great app for assignments and homework. I highly recommend to everyone!
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2 years ago, Amstern80
Thank you!
I don’t know if I would be making it through my MBA without Studocu
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3 years ago, MonkeyVictoirke
Cannot find where to submit notes
I cannot find where I am supposed to submit notes
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12 months ago, appleof God"seye
This app is the best app so fa so good. Thank you guys. I’ve recommended, and will keep recommending the app to all my friends, families, and classmates.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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4 years ago, oukeey
Law student
Very useful app. Was able to get necessary notes to help with my exam preps. Big ups.
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7 months ago, Youngwillie27
Won’t work
For some reason it made me download the app on my computer and now I can’t access the site at all. Not even on my phone. The app is hard to use and it’s way easier for me to use the website.
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3 years ago, Cearajohn
Not one document will load. It just spins. Even now as I write this review I can’t see anything. It looks like I hit the space bar to the have the cursor I. The middle of the screen. Too many software issues with this application.
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9 months ago, Maddueannmills
Not great.
The website works fine. The app for some reason gives me a 404 error on every single document I try to open up no matter how many times I refresh or delete and restart the app
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Can’t log in thru app
The website version works well and so I go to download the app and I push “continue log in with ___” and it just stalling while it’s loading FOREVER literally mid
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2 years ago, Linh134677
Will not let me cancel
The app and website Keep glitching. Took my money and will not let me cancel. Every time I try to cancel it says “you must be signed in to access this” I am signed in. Do not fall for this website I believe it is a scam
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2 years ago, MissKay77
Cancel service
No information to cancel service. I do not want the service and will have to file fraud it StuDouc charge me. I’ve on had the service for 30 minutes and doesn’t have what I’m looking for.
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3 years ago, College Student 214
StuDocu is a scam
Do not bother with this site. StuDocu has countless technical errors and the support team never replies to emails. The site promises to pay a specific amount to members that are part of the ambassador team, but they do not fulfill those promises. Trust me, do not waste your time.
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8 months ago, Zackery576
Nursing student
Very direct information that is needed
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4 years ago, ded367
Great app for studying
This is a great app for studying and I would highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Niiiiiinnaaaaa
Love everything about studoc… such a great resource while in nursing school!
Show more
2 years ago, prissyprissyj2950
Very helpful easy to navigate
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3 years ago, alisalar88
Files are not opening
I am unable to open the books. The screen just freezes, they need to fix this.
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2 years ago, Marie2325
Okay so far
Needs more information for certain classes but it’s a really resourceful app to an extent. Like it!!
Show more
3 years ago, sxencer
something’s wrong
when I try to look at a document, it keeps loading and never comes up. app is garbage and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody
Show more
4 years ago, Devin Link
Waste of Time
I uploaded documents so that I’d be able to download documents. I got an email saying that I now have premium access, but i’m still not able to download documents. This whole app/website is a scam and waste of time.
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