1.5 (304)
27.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
BookheadEd Learning, LLC.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for StudySync

1.48 out of 5
304 Ratings
2 years ago, vajadystoebail
I hate study sync
In my 13 years alive I have never hated something so much, study sync is unnecessary! My teacher assignment useless assignments that won’t ever help me succeed in life. And if you are going to make such a putrid app, at least give it a purpose! This app teaches nothing. All it does is ruin the life of students by making them do piles of work that is so hard. Btw study sync, if you are going to ask a question based off my opinion do not mark it wrong. I cannot explain how many multiple choice question have asked me how I feel about the text, and marked my answer wrong! Like how are you going to tel me how I am suppose to feel! I HATE YOU!!!🤬
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3 years ago, cute645
Pretty good, just one problem
StudySync is a good literacy app that’s a huge help for teachers and help students practice core literacy skills and topics. The bad reviews for this app aren’t necessarily for the actual app itself; rather they are complaining about the work on the app assigned by their teacher. They are complaining they had work to do, and that’s nothing to do with the app. One problem I do have, though, is that I keep getting signed out due to, “inactivity,” even though I’ve only been off the app for a couple of minutes. Even though I only have to enter a PIC to sign back it, it can get really irritating when I close the app for a just a minute and find that I have to sign back it. Inactivity should mean no activity on the app for at least a few weeks. Other than that, this app is great and I, from the prospective of a student, recommend that teachers use this app for teaching.
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2 years ago, BIBALYBOP
Genuinely A Bad App
I’m in 8th grade and yeah I know I’m young, but this is genuinely a bad app. It doesn’t have good material, the acting in the videos is actually so horrible, I don’t learn anything, the coding is horrible and sometimes you need to click on things a bunch of times before you work. It always deletes my progress, logs out of the app after I’ve been off the app for like 5 minutes, and worst of all, it grades things wrong. When you have a question that’s 2 parts, and you get one wrong, it marks both parts wrong. This has caused me to go from an A in my English class to a C. Horrible app.
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3 years ago, iShocker
The bad reviews aren’t for the app
I think this app is great. It allows students to work on their school work from their phones. How great is it to have all your school work on one tiny device. No more lugging around heavy English books. All of the bad reviews are about how much work teachers assign. They are not digs about the app, but lazy kids complaining about school work. How dare their teacher expect them to learn how to read and write.
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1 year ago, trinity lol nn
I hate it
this app it’s the worst one i’ve ever had to use. the actors are terrible and the work is utterly useless and does no help in furthering my education. this app made me so mad everyday in english class!
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3 years ago, TTVDJWewan
Other reviews
It’s not so bad. The only thing I hate is that when I try to cite from the text, they have a whole different copy and paste system. The rest of the reviews are about how much work their teacher assigned them and their basically blaming the app for the work they have to do.
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3 years ago, Z2 Pulsewave
Good app
The bad reviews are kids complaining about how much work they get with the app
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3 years ago, lameleslie3
So amazing
i don't know why yall hate study sync
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3 years ago, the chimpanzee
You can learn stuff 🦧
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3 years ago, XxdelyxX
I hate you stupid studysync
My teacher give a bunch of homework and It’s literally does not save at the think questions all it shows is submit assignment I am done using this app! BTW DELETE THIS APP!
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3 years ago, Nothinggggglol
Im not the kid who hates homework, but I just wanted to say that it doesnt help us with our reading homework at all! Everytime when you do the quiz, it doesnt tell you why its wrong ;-;
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3 years ago, -_- lol this my name
Not good
This makes my teachers give us work and I can’t find answers the disrespect I get pls make another one for answers 🙄
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3 years ago, MelissaG10
My teacher gives work on this
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3 years ago, adetuccio
This is horrible because teachers give us work on this.
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3 years ago, renessemay
very helpful
this app is very helpful because, whenever i don’t have my chromebook on me i can use my phone.
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3 years ago, aj dazzles
Dead inside
Makes my teacher give us work 😢
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3 years ago, gkxxz
Would give 0 stars if possible
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3 years ago, ishdisoanehdidjfn
School work ig.
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3 years ago, Vycubb
Can’t download
horrible app should be taken off
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3 years ago, Apple Cinnimon
No a good app
There a lot of flaws and it runs very slow
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3 years ago, Enter an origional nickname
pretty ok
its pretty good except for a few crashes, most ppl rating 1 star are just complaining about their teacher lol
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3 years ago, jysjekdjd
Gives me work
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3 years ago, chillcuzco07
Oh! For Cuzco, to remove Cuzco, the special food selected to remove Cuzco! 😏
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3 years ago, erick1732
Trash app cause I got to do work, and teachers already buggin
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3 years ago, pka7552
Garbage app
It’s horrendous bruh don’t get this app bruh this app gives u cancer cells if u use it to much
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3 years ago, hiplikemacob
it keeps crashing when i try to load assignments
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10 months ago, Robert cosend
I hate it
No offense but I absolutely hate studysync
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3 years ago, lil Britzy
Bad app
Teacher give homework😡😡😡
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3 years ago, w ssa wwwwsz
Lowkey trash . Nah highkey . Why who what all my questions on why we need this app. GLHF
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3 years ago, skdkdiixodsjzkzkss
my teacher made me get this it takes up my storage
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3 years ago, cjn1132
More school work
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3 years ago, poop moanop
Me no like
Teacher give homework ew
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3 years ago, hvvrgvdfbnddvnydfbbcer
Study sync
It’s boring and not fun
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9 months ago, Nate the n word
I hate study sync
It’s so dumb and gay
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3 years ago, Bellar5786
Why is this a thing like BYE.
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3 years ago, bdjema anslana
this app is so much work and i see a lot of errors
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2 years ago, shumm55
Ew it can go die I hate it 😤😤😤
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2 years ago, Jawn Jawn69
I hate school
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3 years ago, gymnast2er5618
this app is bad don’t download it. it’s a trap
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3 years ago, GabeL616
i dont like homework
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3 years ago, mmgodmoneymm
It’s verryyyy not yummy
It makes taste bad
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2 years ago, ChenXhen yt
Follow my and my brothers insta: chenxhen344 and randm_ethn
chenxhen344 and randm_ethn Followwwww
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2 years ago, big pimp daddy maddy
ban studysync
mr mcneely makes us do it and i hate it
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3 years ago, 𝓳𝓸𝓮 𝓶𝓪𝓶𝓪
StudySync more like StudyStink
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3 years ago, gavisnbehautshejiri
this ap is so doo doo
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3 years ago, eyeyeyeyeyyeye
This junk booty
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10 months ago, Joseph Brannan9
This is amazing
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10 months ago, 5..6
not good
ion like dis app
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2 years ago, Smcboo
Fact Ca t
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4 years ago, MJS awesomeness
Good app
So, this is a good app and it functions well. It serves its intended purpose. Only one issue that really bothers me. When I make a Google Doc using this on the computer, it works just fine, but if I’m at home and want to use my phone instead of a laptop, I CAN’T EDIT IT!!! It’s very aggravating, and it doesn’t let the thing work as it is supposed to. If this can be fixed, I would be very grateful. Thank you!
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