SubAlert for Frontline Ed

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5 years ago
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User Reviews for SubAlert for Frontline Ed

4.81 out of 5
12.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Bobo's Girl
Pays for itself every month on the first hour of an assignment
Before Sub Alert, my family would be awakened repeatedly every morning at 5 am when the Robo calls from KES for THAT DAY started coming in. Some jobs I couldn’t take because they were a foreign language or mathematics so I would reject them only to quickly get another call - waking my family again - with another job offer. Once I accepted a job, I’d have to scramble to get ready, make my lunch and drive to my assignment. I can always book a sub job with Sub Alert. I have the $6.99/month package and I’ve met other subs who got the $4.99 package but upgraded after meeting me because those text make all the difference. It’s more effective than when I sat on Aesop refreshing my screen all day...only to be beaten out by someone with Sub Alert. Don’t know why I’m encouraging others to get on Sub Alert when I could keep this as my secret weapon for always having an assignment. No one in my family misses those 5 am phone calls. Even the dog is happy I got Sub Alert.
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8 years ago, DesiatHowardU
Update: I am no longer on the free trial but I am a subscriber now because the app is that great. I work Monday -Friday every single week solely off of this app! I never log into Aesop unless I want to cancel a job. Also, when I subscribed I stopped getting texts just app alerts so it's a mega win-win for me! Please get this app, you won't be disappointed! (No I am not paid to write a review.) ----- I am a recent college grad and very new to substitute teaching. This app has given me an edge over other subs in the area because I am instantly alerted when a job becomes available! Awesome. My only complaint is that I wish there was a way to turn off texts since I am getting notifications from the app directly. Also I wish the texts came from one number as opposed to a different number for each job. I look at my phone at times and I have 25 new texts and 25 notifications , but hey! I'm grateful. Also the auto-sync with iCal is great! I'm using the trial now but I will definitely be subscribing!
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4 years ago, KristinaMih
Great service, kind staff
The app works pretty well for what it’s advertised to do, and the service is totally worth $5 a month to get literally hundreds and thousands of dollars of sub jobs sent to my phone in push notifications. Amazing! I am a grad student and am therefore rather frugal, but this service is totally worth the money. I reached out yesterday asking about the website server being down because I forgot to cancel my subscription til August (since all schools are closed right now), and Keith from SubAlert support told me when the site would be back up. Today, I went in to cancel for May moving forward (I missed the date to cancel for April). I got an email soon after from Keith that he went in to cancel my subscription and refunded my previous payment for the month of April (without me even asking). Everything helps, especially now. Thank you Keith, the SubAlert team, and hope you all stay healthy!
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7 years ago, SubMom2
Subbing like Crazy!!
I had asked a few friends how they were getting sub jobs and they told me about another app. After reading the Jobulators reviews I decided to try this app since its was free for a trial period. I absolutely love it!!! A child could understand it..LOL! I have had really good luck with it. I have been subbing at kids school at least four times a week since school started. The app is really easy to use! I have it set to a certain ringtone so it texts me the job and then calls me right after the texts comes through. I love this because my kids are usually on my phone and when I hear that text and then immediately a phone call, I know it's a sub job. I have never missed one because of not hearing it. This was my first year subbing and this app has made it extremely convenient!! If your on the fence, just try it and if you don't like it than your not out anything.
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8 years ago, Greenlady777
I Love It!
I recognize that a percentage of people have not had a good experience using this App. That has NOT been the case for me (and I am not being paid to say this!). I am getting notification of jobs promptly and I never have to use ASEOP anymore. One thing that the other user may not have considered when writing the negative review is that the more people who use this app, the more people are getting the same notification at the same time. You can't hesitate if you want the job. There are tons of people vying for the same job - and we are all using apps etc in an attempt to get an edge. I love that the app works with my calendar and as soon as I book a job, it's put on my calendar. Then when it's time for me to leave for the job, my calendar sends me an alert warning me that it is time to leave and how long the trip should take. Does it get better than that?
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5 years ago, Don't play idiots
Love it hate it
I absolutely love how many jobs I get with this app. The only things I hate about it is the middle of the night job alerts and getting alerts for jobs that have already been assigned to other subs. Edit..... I got a response for alerts for jobs that were quickly snagged by others subs. I understand that but I got an alert for a job that I know was scheduled for a sub already. No one else would have had the option to accept it. Because the teacher assigned a sub to the job. Why would I get an alert for that job? And if I can get an alert for that job already assigned then why not others? That was my complaint. Again, I love this app. I have questions. Also? Who put the crappy by name. I understand not using my real name but I don't believe I had an option to put a written by name!! Thanks for the 2:41 am job alert last night. I got it!!
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7 years ago, Suzanneretired 2015
SubstituteAlert is GREAT!
I am a retired teacher and I just completed my first year of substitute teaching and a LOVED using SubstituteAlert this year to get my jobs! I wasn't sure which of the many substitute apps available would work best for me, so I actually tried three different popular substitute teacher apps at the same time during their free trial periods, and I liked SubstituteAlert the best! I was always notified very quickly whenever jobs became available, and I got every single job I wanted all year long using SubstituteAlert. I also like the way the APP is set up - it's nicely designed and very easy to use so it makes it a snap to keep track of my jobs and manage my work schedule. I highly recommend it to anyone who is subbing - it's reasonably priced, and worth every penny! It makes finding your jobs quick and easy!
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6 years ago, BHaas86
Best Substitute Teacher App
This is hands down the best substitute teacher app there is!! I have tried a few of them, this is the best one there is!! As soon as a teacher puts in for a day off, I immediately got a text and a call. Due to SubAlert, I was working full time because I received the notifications before all the other substitute teachers. If you are looking for something that will help you snag sub jobs quickly I would definitely subscribe to this app, it is definitely worth the $6.95/month!! I ended up just unsubscribing because of my new job endeavors, I contacted them to cancel my subscription. The customer service was amazing!! They refunded my last transaction (a day into it) and canceled my subscription for me. If I ever go back to subbing in the future I will definitely be subscribing to SubAlert again!!
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7 years ago, Whoo Whotty who
Get it!!!
I am new to my state and this app alerts me when every open job hits Aesop for my selected schools! I had been for the first half of the month of August - logging into frontline 10 times a day!!! And only got 3 jobs:( thanks to this app I am working my selected 4 days a week ! And this week I am even getting calls directly from schools to see if I can sub! Thank you for helping me get my foot in the door to build relationships with schools ! My husband and my daughter know the app ringtone I picked and if my phone is on the counter they run to get it and start shouting,,,, it's a sub job!! It's like a game to see if I am going to book it or not! I have gotten 20 jobs during my free trial and have turned down double that! I am so going to pay for the subscription! Thank you thank you thank you!
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7 years ago, Karg1234
I have been subbing for a few years now and I can tell you this APP is great. I also use Jobulator because this app does not have the whole package. If it could provide the user with a web connection to AESOP and in the main menu also provide a calendar of my days working and still available like Jobulator does then it would get 5 stars. I actually keep Jobulator around just for those two functions. Help me leave Jobulator and provide the user with those capabilities and you will be a winner ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2nd Review Please ask developers to add a calendar that "in a glance" you can see a month at a time where the days you are scheduled to work are highlighted. This is a big plus for a couple of reasons. 1) when someone is scheduled to work half days and you work in more than one district, it keeps you from accepting two jobs the same day. I can't make it to one job in the morning and another job in a different district in the afternoon. 2) I can review my work days at a glance instead of scrolling through and reading each day. That takes too long. JOBULATOR provides this and it's a big plus. It would give this APP 5 stars and put you on top of JOBULATOR. Kim Sent from my iPad
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6 years ago, SuperSub 🤗
I just want to start by saying SubAlert is one of the BEST tools I have used for getting 80% of my jobs instantly when they become available. Most of the jobs that I get on this app/text system, would most likely have been gone if I had to check online daily. Especially when I am at work and cannot check online all the time. It's a two step process to get the job. I also bought the advance just incase, because I know my texts will always come through. Super convenient and I tell all the subs I know to invest in this service. The cost of this service is cheaper than 1 day of work in the district I work in. It pairs up so well with AESOP! If you are a preferred sub for a school/teacher you get those job alerts right away.
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7 years ago, NobleMomto2
Needs a calendar view & desktop app!!!
I like the multiple ways to receive job notifications but the two most critical features missing (which I rely on) are the calendar view and the desktop app. I rely on the calendar view of scheduled jobs to see what days are free (I currently have an overlap between this app and Jobulator and use Jobulator to see my availability) and when I'm working. It's exactly like the online Frontline site calendar view. I do love the list view of jobs and details so I don't have to log into Frontline to see the job details for each day, that's awesome! I also am missing the desktop app that allows me to not have to stay logged into the internet on my desktop just to be able to receive notifications (I am currently relying heavily on Jobulator as I test out this app before paying). Actually, the desktop notification don't do me any good. The times I've been home and heard Jobulator go off on my desktop to announce jobs (and the internet browser is open) I've had no notifications from SubstituteAlert! If my phone dies or I left it upstairs, I have no way to know that there's a job available. Add these two features (Calendar View showing availability like the frontline site calendar & Desktop App that announces posted jobs) and I'll have no reason to stay with Jobulator!! I'd gladly pay for your app instead!
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7 years ago, None nn
Best App for Substitutes
I have tried out many different apps for this, and this one has been my favorite since I first discovered it a couple of years ago! I have even at times tried others at the same time to see which app was faster, and this one always came out on top, which is really important to me, because the district I sub for, the good jobs will be taken within seconds of it becoming available, so the notifications coming by text and me having the option to accept it on that same text got me a lot more jobs! And it even allows you to list names of teachers that are on your "never sub for that teacher again" list, so you won't be bothered with notifications from them! I so heartily recommend this app!
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8 years ago, Teacher ABC123
This app is wonderful! I am new to substitute teaching. As many others have mentioned, competition is fierce when trying to acquire sub jobs. I researched several apps that would help secure a sub job. I selected this app because it has the following attributes: 1. Easy to set up 2. You can select a sound (that is different from what you already have on your phone) to notify you - which makes it easy to identify an alert 3. From the main screen, you can access a page of available jobs 4. From the main screen, you can access scheduled jobs 5. Can sync with your phone calendar 6. When an alert comes up on your phone (as well as when you look at scheduled jobs you will see date of job, hours, school, teacher and grade level) Easy to accept a job 7. The school district I am with uses Aesop and I have an iphone. The app works well with both Aesop and IOS. 8. I liked the fact that I did not have to provide a credit card number for my free trial 9. The customer service staff is outstanding. They are VERY quick to respond and were able to resolve my issues (errors on my part). I recommend this app without reservation.
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7 years ago, SVendt01
By far a lot easier than logging on
I have used this app to schedule my sub jobs. There are times I click on the assignment and it's gone. I understand it's first come first serve, so if I ponder on an assignment, it will be gone. Also, not having my notifications turned on and the app readily open, it does delay me from accepting the job. As for the couple of whiners who claim to not being able to ever book an assignment, maybe your variables are out of alignment. So as long as others are content to sitting in front of a computer to book your job, or calling in, or getting the 5 am call for an assignment, please continue what you're doing so it makes it easier for me to continue filling my weekly calendar with sub spots.
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8 years ago, LoVo
Love it!
SubAlert has been the ONLY way I book jobs, aside from the school and/or teacher calling me directly. I never answer the calls from AESOP because I can stay booked working 4 days a week just by booking everything on SubAlert. It even links the jobs I book to my calendar and my "Waze" app (which then tells me what time I need to leave by in the mornings). I absolutely love it! I read through some of the other reviews about people not getting any jobs because they are "no longer available." You have to remember, nowadays, people have their phone in their hand almost 24-7. That said, YES, the jobs come and go quickly. You have to respond almost instantly sometimes in order to book the job.
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6 years ago, dp.bella
This app saved my life
I would have never had a job to go to without this app. Before this app, I had to get up at 5 in the morning, log in to the alert system provided but the temp agency I worked for to get a substitute teaching position for the day. I would repeat that process over again until a job showed up, click on it, only to learn that the job was already taken. With this app, I had all my jobs well in advance. I could wake up at the normal time and go to my job without any anxieties. But you have to be quick with this app. Due to its popularity, many subs use it. If you don't click on the job you want within 10 seconds, someone else will get it first!! Loved this app so much.
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4 years ago, patcgarza
Best Substitute App!
Last year I tried acquiring jobs by just using the school district website. It was really hard to get jobs that were close to home because by the time I checked the website, all the desirable jobs were taken. This year I decided to give SubAlert a try, what a difference! This app is well worth the $6.95 a month. I had more jobs available to me than I needed. When I decided to cancel the service because all the districts were closed due to the pandemic, they refunded the latest fee that was charged to my account and I received a very nice heartfelt email from them saying they would be ready with my information, when I was ready to return to subbing. Thank you SubAlert:)
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4 years ago, Monaj11
Awsome App!!
This is an awesome app!! I would never have been able to get most of the jobs that I did this school year had I not had it. It’s super competitive here, and the jobs get grabbed up seconds after they are posted. I had a full schedule because of this app....,when I wanted one. Even better is the customer service for this company. Once I inadvertently clicked on the “contact us” button and sent them a random alert with no content. They contacted me within minutes to see what I needed. I also forgot to cancel my subscription when out of work due to COVID-19 sub cancelations, and received a very speedy and hassle free credit. Choose this app for your Sub Alerts. You will need and love it!
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6 years ago, OPHS fan
I love this app!
My job / income is from being a substitute teacher right now. I’m in 3 districts and I have my preferences. I feel like I get the cream of the crop with the app. As soon as a job is entered I get a text (although your district can manipulate settings on their end for what they make available to you). I take the jobs I like / want which I think is awesome! When jobs come up during the night (no clue why at all hours so my ringer is usually off) or while I’m in class, I access them as soon as I can and am bummed if I miss out on something I’d like. I’m sure whoever did take the job has the app too!! Instantaneous! Highly recommend this mode of notification for substitute teachers!
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3 years ago, Not Tanya
This app has been invaluable to me on a daily basis. SubAlert helps get jobs I wouldn’t be notified of otherwise. I get notifications as the job comes up and I don’t have to check into Fronline (AESOP) find available jobs. I also like the scheduled jobs list so I can see at a glance what jobs I already have. I love that on the morning of the job, I can tap on the directions to the school on Google maps. I also have school contact information at a tap of my finger instead of having to look it up which has been very helpful in the past. The only thing I wish it had is a calendar view of dates I have scheduled like it does on the district Frontline webpage.
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8 years ago, Juniper3573
So convenient!
As another school year starts up I was sure to subscribe to SubstituteAlert again. It is so very easy and convenient to get notices and accept on my phone. I'm not attached to a computer and I never liked those automated calls from the districts. I sub for 2 districts and love getting alerts for both on one spot. The option to sync with my calendar is great. If I already have a job scheduled the alert will state that there is a conflict. Also all the job numbers and teacher notes are easy to get to. Options to set a do not disturb period or not get alerts on certain days of the week are useful. SubstituteAlert has made managing my sub jobs much easier!
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7 years ago, COOL GIRL29
Great app!!!
I've been using this app for about four months now and it's amazing! I've gotten all of my jobs solely from this app. I never have to log into AESOP, I just receive app notifications when a job is posted. Thank you so much for creating this app and saving me time- I never had to constantly refresh AESOP and hoping a job appears after downloading this app and signing up for their service. It was worth every penny!! In addition, I recently contacted customer service and they are so helpful and prompt with their reply. You can't go wrong with this service if you want to be successful with substituting. I was a full time substitute thanks to this app!! :)
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8 years ago, Cyrnek
It Truly Works!
I was hesitant too at first thinking the AESOP app was enough to find daily work. Both the AESOP and Sub Alert app's work equally. Both will have the same job alert within seconds of each other. There is always one that beats the other BUT they take turns. Do you need 2 apps to help you find work? Probably not. I will add that there are occasions when only one of the apps will notify me of work. I feel if you get the "sorry" message and I do seldom get that it's prob because someone from another app took the job first or not quite fast enough. There are a lot of us out there, waiting!! Ha! :) I work about 15 days out of the month just from app alerts. Good Day!
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8 years ago, MamaAnn08
Works great!
Love this app! As soon as I signed up, I was getting jobs! You DO have to be quick on the fly to get the jobs when they come up. When I've hesitated to check my schedule, I usually lost the job. So I try to keep the days in mind I can sub so I can respond as quick as possible. I prefer to get just a text (& not a phone call or email). It's nice that you can customize how you want it to notify you. And really nice that the job goes into my calendar automatically. I just haven't figured out how to make it "alert" me when the job is coming up. Overall great app and so nice not to have to log onto AESOP every time I wanted to check for jobs.
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8 years ago, Darlene Tran
Substitute Teacher
I've been using SubstituteAlert for about a year now and love it! It's only $5 a month (such a small price to pay for guaranteed work), and you get notifications right when teachers/sub secretaries release them. I am almost always guaranteed the first grab on all sub opportunities with the 2 school districts I sub for. I had a technical issue once, so I emailed their support. In less than an hour I got a response back from Matt D. answering and resolving the issue right away! Such a great app with great customer service. My two school districts use two different sites: SubFinder and Aesop/Frontline. Both work great! Seriously, use this app for all your sub alerts.
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6 years ago, nvarmama
After reading through other users reviews, I felt compelled to write my own. First, I am very pleased with SubstituteAlert. Sure, I will be notified of a job and sometimes when I click accept the job will be gone...but that also can happen on AESOP. I have found MANY subs use SubstituteAlert, therefore, it’s a matter of which of us click first; not a flaw with the app, such as lag time. I find that SubstituteAlert works to my benefit, obviously due to the jobs I would not otherwise get unless I sat at my computer or on my phone refreshing AESOP continually, but also because it’s EASY and CONVENIENT! I can accept jobs and see my schedule of upcoming.
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8 years ago, Multimegan
Great Sub App!
I was having trouble getting sub jobs last year, and a friend finally let me know that "everyone" had an app to alert them! I didn't use the app she suggested. Instead I used this one and couldn't be happier. I often got jobs before they even appeared on our district site, and often even before my friend's app (the one she suggested to me). I was also able to set the alert to a really obnoxious tone that when anyone in my family heard it, they'd come running to me with the phone. I got all the work I wanted, and just got hired by the district. I won't be subbing this year, but if I do go back, I will definitely use the app! Thanks
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6 years ago, frosty29
If you are subbing this is THE app for you!!
I have been using sub alert for two years now. I love that I can book jobs without having to sit by a phone or computer!! You are on the front lines with this app!! As soon as an absence is entered into Aesop, you are notified of a potential sub job. You can reject it or accept it, and that was what I loved the most! I could be at the grocery store or a movie and the app would notify me of a potential sub job!! This app pays for itself because you can literally work everyday with it! The only reason I cancelled my subscription is because I will now be a full time teacher instead of a sub!!!
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4 years ago, DireMystic
Great app and Great customer support
I got this app after a frustrating experience with Jobulator. The two apps ran side by side for a few weeks. Subalert would ring while Jobulator remained silent time and again. I finally dropped Jobulator and have had full time work with SubAlert. This week I immediately emailed customer support after I dropped the ball with cancelling the app because all the schools are closed. They forgave my mistake and responded with exactly what I hoped for from them. You can tell they strive to have a quality product and happy customers. ...And the students and I love the groove of the alert I picked when a job becomes available.
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4 years ago, Big Red 335
Awesome Company
Sub alert is the best. They are prompt at responding to my questions and are very knowledgeable. My district just shut down my jobs in May. My sub alert is designed to chat me at the beginning of each month. I reached out to Sub alert and asked them to cancel my next month’s subscription. They got back to me and gave me a refund for the current month and canceled my monthly payments. That was so nice and unexpected from them. When the new school years starts again I will definitely use them again. No one else I would go to for my substitute job booking, bar none! They ARE the BEST! Take it from me, use Sub Alert!! Anthony Cortez
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7 years ago, deks1022
LOVE this app!!!!
Substitute Alert made getting jobs so much easier. I loved the fact that I got both a text and e-mail alert because I was sure not to miss out on a job. Signing up for jobs was a simple touch of a button instead of the stress of having to log into Aesop every time. You receive a notice and just hit the button to say whether or not you want to take the job.... that easy! I had the 30 day free trial and ended up keeping the service until I got a full time position. If you want to sub regularly then sign up for this app and make sure you are the first to know about an available job.
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5 years ago, Thankful Jenny
I loved using the sub alert app while I was a sub! It always alerted me right away when a job was available and kept track of my scheduled sub jobs. I am no longer using the app, because I was hired permanently at an elementary school. However, I highly recommend this app if you are a substitute teacher! Also, when it was time for me to let go of the app, they returned my $4.95 monthly payment the same day I emailed them about not needing their app. Please support this small company and get this app, especially if you want to get first dibs on your favorite schools! Thank you SubAlert for your service! Y’all are doing an amazing job!
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4 years ago, Melly💌
Best app for Subs!
This app was suggested to me through another substitute. She was getting jobs every day and basically the app gives you first dibs on the jobs. I immediately got it and found it so simple and easy to use. I accepted jobs and could see directions and notes in there too. It’s just very convenient especially because it shows you all your jobs booked so you can keep track of that. The customer support is super fast if you have trouble. I love this app. Hands down! Every time I come back to subbing this is my go to tool for managing my schedule and it helps that it never double books you :)
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5 years ago, Hitler_1942
Made my life better. Must have.
Absolutely worth the price. I’ve used it for about two months now and it immediately made finding (and choosing) sub jobs as easy as I could have wanted. The alerts seem to be perfectly accurate, to see available jobs I just open the app and hit “available jobs”, and I’ve been able to get more of the types of jobs (grade level and subject) that I want because of this app. I haven’t had a problem booking a job yet and I truly wouldn’t change anything about this app. I will happily pay five bucks a month for this app. (Well, until school’s out...)
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8 years ago, Sarenthriaa
Don't Look Elsewhere. Get This App.
I've tried a few AESOP methods, but SubstituteAlert is HANDS DOWN the best. Aside from their amazing customer service, this app seamlessly helps you find and accept substitute jobs in an organized format. You can sync the app to your calendar to receive notifications with a tone of your choosing to separate "job" from "text" notification tones. The calendar synchronization allows you to access your assignments from other apps to overall make substitute teaching life a lot easier- example: This app automatically enters the campus' address when calendar synced into your GPS app (I use WAYZE) as well. All I had to do when I started working in new school areas was wake up and the app would sync to automatically navigate me to whichever campus I accepted an assignment from. Best part- you can separate jobs and mute notifications for MULTIPLE districts, which is inexplicably helpful here in Southern California where there are many small districts close by. I HIGHLY recommend this app!!
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2 years ago, "you're my FAVORITE sub"
I get more jobs!!!
I’ve always used Frontline since I started subbing. However I wasn’t seeing all the jobs I knew was out there so I decided to download this app. Ever since downloading this app I’ll get at least 30 seconds to a whole minute job postings in advance of what Frontline would post and since then I have been able to book at least 50% more jobs on this app is fantastic it has gotten me more jobs however I still use Frontline because it allows me to see a calendar it allows me to see the notes after I book the job itself
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4 years ago, C_Allyson
The only way to get a job
I honestly don’t know how people get work without this app. The jobs come right to your phone and appear on your notifications, making it easy to quickly accept a job. In my district, if you don’t accept it within seconds, it’s gone. So SubAlert allows me to see the jobs as they come up, instead of having to log into frontline and refresh my browser. In addition, the support team is really helpful and quick to respond to any questions you may have. Definitely worth the $4.95/month. Pays for itself within the first 20 min of class 👩🏼‍🏫💵
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7 years ago, Me10964882
Best Sub App Out There!
When I first started subbing, I decided to try all of the available apps at the same time in order to compare. SubstituteAlert regularly notified me of available jobs BEFORE the other apps. Additionally, it was very user friendly. I recently had to cancel my subscription as I was hired by the school district & will no longer sub. That is when I was really impressed by the creators of this app...they personally congratulated me on my new endeavor, wished me luck in the future & cancelled my subscription immediately. Props to Matt of SubstituteAlert for being so kind and providing great customer service!
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7 years ago, Uscjs
Decent, but Jobulator still has it beat
I am still in the trial period, and will provide an update if I decide to purchase (leaning toward not purchasing). I have Jobulator, and am upset that Jobulator no longer interfaces its calendar with Frontline (formerly Aesop). I give this app a 2 rating for two reasons: 1. It does not show how many vacancies are currently available on the icon. Jobulator does. Click on the app and it does list all current vacancies. I shouldn't have to click on the app. Jobulator has it beat in this area. 2. There are no monthly calendars. Jobulator has monthly calendars that shows the days I chose a vacancy or blocked out. This app lists only the vacancies taken. This is a serious shortcoming. Ideally, the app should have the same calendar as Jobulator, and then do what Jobulator used to do - click on a day in the calendar to pull up the teacher, subject, and school. Because Jobulator no longer has this function, I downloaded this app, yet, this app is actually worse. I am not a fan of Jobulator because it no longer provides the calendar interface, but this app is worse. Too many shortcomings. Fix the items in 1 and 2, and then it gets 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Stargazer1701
All the folks who are falling all over themselves to sign the praises of this seemingly worthless piece of crap claiming that they routinely get assignments through SubstituteAlert on a daily basis are either lying through they're teeth, getting paid by SubstituteAlert to rate it so highly or using a different SubstituteAlert app than I am! No matter how fast I try to respond to an assignment alert for a job from SubstituteAlert I get a "assignment no longer available" message! EVERYTIME, WITHOUT FAIL! It's as if the assignment is already gone before SubstituteAlert sent me the alert to begin with (then again in the year I've been trying to use Aseop I've only seen an available job show up on it ONCE)! My frustration level is pretty maxed out at this point. I think I'm going to have to give Jobulator a try. It couldn't be any worse than SubstituteAlert!
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7 years ago, LW110869
I love it enough to give 5 stars (ALMOST)
This app is great!! It notifies you three different ways via text, phone call, and email. The text and phone call together really get your attention and help you snag a job when one comes available for subbing. The only thing I wish it had that Jobulator has is the calendar view. Also Jobulator has a direct connection to the AESOP calendar which is VERY convenient to be able to see both and help you see your open dates. On Jobulator it is also helpful to have the calendars when you have to block yourself on a day and be able to go directly to AESOP. Add those two features and it will be PERFECT!
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7 years ago, Mollimac
You have to get this!!!
I've used other substitute apps but this one is far superior in speed and alerts so you can grab the assignment immediately! I work Monday thru Friday also and get all my jobs through SubstituteAlert. I tried the other leading app but their customer service was terrible!! SubstituteAlert will respond quickly and are extremely helpful and courteous. I just got a long term position and forgot to cancel my subscription temporarily. They gave me a full refund for the month I was charged!!! I recommend this app for anyone looking to grab as many daily assignments as possible!
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1 year ago, Hannibal's Lectern
Wouldn’t need it if Frontline worked right
When I first learned about this app, I couldn’t see what made it any better than the free Frontline app. It doesn’t really do anything that Frontline doesn’t claim to do—it just notifies you of available jobs and lets you accept or reject them. However… letting the two run side by side, I see that SubAlert notifies me anywhere from two to thirty minutes sooner than Frontline, which means that if I use SubAlert I get jobs I don’t get if I rely on Frontline. So, with the current state of the Frontline app, SubAlert is a must-have app. It also doesn’t crash anywhere near as often.
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4 years ago, Iwannataseru
A must have if you sub
(Substitute Custodian) Well before this app I would have to wait and hope I get a call, or hope that I randomly log in to the sub website and find an assignment before anybody else did. I did some research and found this app, i definitely wish I had found it sooner. Once I got the app I would see every available job instantly through text. Worked all but one day since I got the app. I’m now a permanent employee so now I can tell the other subs about it. I was obviously reluctant to share my discovery with other subs while I was subbing.
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3 years ago, Pleasantly surprised but happy
Best Sub Teacher App Out There
I’ve been using SubAlert for almost three years and I am speaking from experience when I tell you it is hands down the very best App in the Substitute Teacher business! It is extremely dependable and it has never failed to get me all the Sub Teaching jobs I want. It keeps track off all jobs I’ve booked and even provides driving directions and a contact phone number to each job. I couldn’t ask for more from the SubAlert App and for only $4.95/month it is an absolute bargain!!
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6 years ago, luceroferrer1
Never miss a job opportunity!
The subscription is a very small price to pay considering how many jobs I get because of this app. It took about 15 seconds from the time posted of an absence for me to receive the notification for the job on my phone! (Tested it with a coworker) Amazing app, although I would love to see a calendar view feature. Great service, had no problem getting very fast and efficient support from the SubAlert team when I had an issue with a subscription. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to get more assignments in.
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6 years ago, rooshyj
Worth every dollar!
I used SubAlert for over two years. Another popular app would not work for me. I heard complaints from friends about the other company. I never had any problems from SubAlert! The app was so easy to use! All the info I needed to make a decision in the notification, auto calendaring to my phone, fast and friendly customer service (the one time I needed it-my fault, not theirs, that I needed it). It was a payment I actually liked to make because it meant I was getting fantastic service; it more than paid for itself each month.
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8 years ago, Teacher Renee
The Absolute Best Sub Ap
After trying a number of different apps I've found the hands-down winner. I am singing up for the whole year. (By the way, they don't force you into a monthly or yearly program at the end of the trial.) Since I'm typing this on my phone I will try to be concise about the great features. Using this app I haven't accidentally taken a job, which has happened twice to me. I just go to the available jobs tab (after getting a text message and a phone call) and read the job details before signing up. All my accepted jobs are on one page. From there I can access the regular teacher's email when provided, call the school office, and get directions to the school that show number of miles and approx travel time. Another huge plus is that the designers will personally answer your questions. I couldn't believe it when I emailed them on a Sunday and got an answer that same day.
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4 years ago, PazLyss
This app is a lifesaver! I have been using it for about 4 years now. Before this app, I would get last-minute phone calls about jobs and would have to go into a web browser to search for open jobs. This app is amazing because it sends the jobs directly to your phone, allowing you to book it within seconds! The Substitute Alert team is also great. I emailed them with an issue, and they responded almost immediately and cleared everything up so quick. I can’t say enough good things about this app!
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