4.2 (1.5K)
100.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sumdog Ltd.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sumdog

4.19 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
4 years ago, LpsSmores
Great game but a couple things
I’ve known Sumdog for 2 years now. I’m not a subscriber But when I had this app u while ago for school there was this game I think it was called disguise. It was my all time favorite game. But then a year later I wasn’t in that class and my login didn’t work anymore. But this year I was able to do sumdog again. It was a different login but it was my same account!! I was so exited it had my same house. Of course I only had 6 games to play but it was great. I then scrolled down to see what was for subscriber but I then realized my favorite game was gone. It would make the world for me to bring back disguise. I would also like it to be a free game because I can’t afford the subscribe and my parents would never do it. I literally asked for 8 bucks for a membership in prodigy and they said no so if u can bring the game back for free I would be very great. But other than that sumdog is great and so much fun. If you think about getting it and ur reading this I should get it! Thank you for your time goodbye
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3 years ago, Diamond_Frxsh
This is a very good app for students who don’t like math, spelling, or grammar. If you have any students like this, this is the app for them. Sumdog turns learning into fun and games so kids can have fun while learning what they need to work on. Kids will need to complete a short “getting to know you” quiz then they can play a game. There are 6 games for free without a membership. While kids are having fun, teachers can keep track of what students are learning. Kids also have access to the Sumdog House, where they can design their own house and themselves. They can buy items for them and their house with coins. Coins can be earned by getting questions correct, reaching a 20 minute goal (resets each week) or teachers rewarding them. This is just the start. To unlock more fun, teachers can buy their class a Sumdog Subscription, which unlocks the ability to make teachers be able to assign work, reward students, give students the ability to access any game, work on math and grammar, and much more. A great app in my opinion.
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4 years ago, Coco_Harley11
I think you should start off with an pet! To start you off and see if you like them and if you don’t you don’t have to spend your precious coins on them! I spend ALL of my coins on a snake just to find out I don’t really like pets!!! Like what in the world I need a better home and I spend it on mr. Snake! Over all it is awesome game! And I think you would like it even though I don’t know you.
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5 years ago, tra lya lya
Please Make all game multiplayer again!
I used to enjoy sumdog Cause I played with friends. My favorite game was Drive 3D but.... now I’m alone in that game. I also liked the puzzle game and all of the games that used to be multiplayer So I’m really sad that they removed the multiplayer games and turned them into single player... Sumdog I”ll like start playing you again if you make them multiplayer so please Sumdog I beg you please make all games multiplayer like in the good old days! Can you also do it for the pc? If you can it”ll be my dream. I also rated this game 5 stars because i”m trusting you that you can make your best from my words. Hope you respond. Have a nice day and I hope you can make my dream come true.
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3 months ago, RainbowSonic28
Makes learning Fun!📕😀 (just one thing!)
I started this game in school a couple months ago, and this has been so much fun! I especially love the basketball because you get to shoot baskets when also answering math, grammar etc. But I only use it for math. This game is great for getting faster or more fluent with problems. I am pretty good at math and this is not to easy for me nor too hard. The only thing I don’t like about it is that we only have 6 games too play. If the premium was free kids could play more games. Overall this is a great game to get better at school work when also is a lot of fun! 😀😀
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6 years ago, JCL101607
I love this game and I can’t get enough. At school when we would get on the chromebooks and do boring assignments, I go straight to Sumdog! I love how you can earn in game coins and get clothes from the catalog for your avatar and how you can also edit your house and go to the catalog and get items for your house and garden. The minigames in the game that you play step by step won’t let you play until you answer the math questions. And they also have a school record and a world record board for each minigame on how many points you earn in each game. Children, and me will spend hours playing Sumdog and have an expanded brain they need to be successful.
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5 years ago, glass-face
This game is soooo boring
I have to play for school and I hate it! I went around recording everyone responds to the question ‘Do you like playing Sumdog?’ and every single response was no! The graphics are terrible compared to most games these days! Like come on! Do better! And I hate that your level is concluded based on on how much coins you have! Like say I had 1000 but I bought a shirt that was 200, and my level went down one! Ughh! I hate it!! And the clothing in the house is wayyy to overpriced! Please delete this game if you have it for you personal enjoyment! And please, game makers, DELETE THIS GAME FROM THE WORLD!!
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2 years ago, Lol_what_the_heck
Lost its spark, tried to be like every other game.
When we used Sumdog in our class, 3rd grade, before COVID, there would be a buzz every time the computers were out and Sumdog was being played. They were days I missed. Now no one likes it anymore, it’s tried to be like every other video game with education. Sumdog was special, now it’s just boring and not as good as it used to be. I still think it’s ok, but all the 3D stuff is weird, I don’t think it needed that change. Otherwise, I like the competitions for math in the district and some games are cool. It’s good, but I definitely like the OG version better. XOXO
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2 years ago, Antiox111
Amazing for the classroom
Sumdog is an amazing thing to have in our classroom. It’s not just fun, but it helps my students learn with friends. Also, I can keep track, so I can know what people need help with. In my classroom, Sumdog is a reward. For example, if a student is done with their work, then I tell them to go onto Sumdog! Sumdog is so easy and helpful for my students. Also, I don’t have to do as much because my kids can just learn on Sumdog! Thank you so much for reading!
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5 years ago, Jack O' Potatoes
Sumdog please read.
So, I love your game, and if I could rate it more stars, I would. But one Thing I ask of you. Could you please add a rotating function to Junk Pile. So, you could rotate the items to make it more fun. It’s my favorite game, and it would mean a lot to me to know you read this and added it. Thank you for reading this. Oh, and one more thing, Could you please add a little bit more to junk pile? Like, maybe more than 20 items to stack or add more items?
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3 years ago, rainbow celestial #1 🌈
Wow! But . . .
Hi! I love Sumdog but there’s 1 thing I think you can fix. I think the house is a great a idea. I love how you can change Your avatar and move furniture around to make a new house, But, you cannot always unlock your house. I’m pretty sure That’s been happening to other people to. You can’t also Unlock your garden immediately and yeah, but, there’s one more Problem I think you can solve. Well, it’s that my sister has to Get a member ship to play the other games, and I really Think she’s sick of that. And it also happens on my laptop. But I other wisely think you have the best, funnest learning Game / math game in the whole wide history. Thank you and g’bye! 🙂 P.S please read this too! Thanks ☺️
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2 years ago, :(:(:(!?!?
Great app for learning and fun but…
The app is great for learning. and it makes it fun to learn. There are different training types like math grammar and some other stuff but the thing is there is a friends score record and a school record and they work great but then there is the world I do not know if it’s just on basketball or all of them but on basketball the leader board is broken for the world
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6 years ago, CowzRock🤪
I love this app and website, it teaches us a lot! Plus we can take learning and make it fun! Everything is great about it I just have a suggestion. For are garden and house it would be even better if your friend could come over and play with you with the stuff they have inside the house/garden! Hat would make it more fun!
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3 years ago, Hanakkoo
Hi again.
You’re probably sick of seeing this, I have wrote some reviews on here, after doing a contest I got some coins, but I went on to play some games, then after earning some more, I went to check on the house, and it wouldn’t let me decorate, or buy anything from the store, is this karma Sumdog?
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5 years ago, GlenS12345
Found a bug, not that critical though.
When playing Cannonball, at the end of the level there are a swarm of chickens flying overhead. If you destroy a castle 2 seconds before the clock runs out, the “Destroyed!/Perfect!” cutscene will play as the chickens start appearing. Not only does the “Destroyed!/Perfect!” text appear, but the camera shifts, causing you to lose sight of the flying chickens.
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5 years ago, April D Lane
Sum dog is so fun
So at school I have to do it during math class. My friends and I love to play peer walk although it probably one the dum ones. Sumdog is yes a little slow in the beginning, but it is still fun. When I have study hall the only thing they allow you to do on the computer is do sumdog, and now I am really good at math.
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5 years ago, Pickles awesome
Sum dog is an amazing game! I play it for choice homework! It is the best math game and I learned some facts. My teachers somethings let us play games on the laptop and I always pick sum dog! I love this game! I think many people love it and it is amazing having some of your friends as your friends in the game. I love getting gifts for my friends and receiving them too! I LOVE SUM DOG!!!!!
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4 years ago, Slothcorn
Fun but some adds SUMDOG PLS READ
I love sumdog since the variety of games but yet you should really have more games for people with no subscription,plus the multiplayer games should stay multiplayer.I dislike how the games are multiplayer snd then arent!I was gonna play cake monsters with my friend but i couldnt since it was not multiplayer
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6 months ago, Swiftie💕💕
Great game!
This game is so fun. I love that you have your own 3D house and you get a lot of coins so you can add furniture. The only downside to this game is that you can walk around your house and garden, but can’t actually sit on furniture. Other then that it’s a great game and I highly suggest it.
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6 years ago, Smtwf
Used to be better
I played this game at school two years ago, and really enjoyed it. But now there are less free games and the ones that are still left aren’t very good. I’m only rating it four stars instead of three because I have enjoyed it in the past.
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6 years ago, jbugg221
Sumdog is very fun and kids love it so much. My sister and I play school and after playing she still wants to play because the games make learning fun! If you’re a parent or a teacher this is a perfect way to help your kids learn. It’s super fun and they can’t get enough!
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5 years ago, otrets
Easy to play
This game is very easy to play the only problem I have with the game is that that sometimes the game lags and you have to quit sometimes because the game called Goalz you can’t play and have to quit so you have to start over.
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5 years ago, Darcy and minecraft
Amazing but......
This app is great for teaching kids but teachers should be able to pick what kind of questions for each students I mean let’s say on student needs to work on multiplication but another needs to work on division and I’m sorry if it’s already a thing
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5 years ago, Corrine the fox
This takes way to long to load on a phone, I spent 30 minutes trying to play Goalz but it took a long time to load, and I know that it was 30 minutes because when I when to play a different game it gave me 100 coins and it gives you 100 coins when you play for 30 minutes. And when I tried to log in it took 15 to load up. I hope that you fix this problem in the future.
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4 years ago, Afif1973
Use to be great
I remember when this was fun but they removed all the good games and theres no point of the city please bring back the old sum dog the one we love and fix the city and i thought your mission was to make learning fun not try to bribe people to pay money to learn please fix sumdog used to be beautiful sumdog is now boring and i payed for a account why do you have to steal Rest in Peace the sumdog that we love die at war the sumdog we have now
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4 years ago, hdhhxndhsh
I like sumdog it shows all the games but when I play on my computer high rise looks different and a new version of there were different signs on the tower that you could tap but on an iPhone,iPad or an iPod high rise is not like it on the computer.
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6 years ago, z_kitcat_z
I remember this from elementary school, my memory stretching far back to remember the password. I forgot how much fun this is. Even though I’m now doing work that is exponentially harder than what I left off on, this is still great.
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4 years ago, KAYLANAKIMERA
It’s kinda glitchy
I like Sumdog it’s ok it’s not a game I would LOVE to play daily like roblox. But it’s way easier and helps me. The problem is that it’s extremely glitchy like if I play it at home or school it will glitch me out of the game! Which gets really annoying! And some of the games can be entertaining but lot of other are terrible! But it also involves learning so it’s fine I guess.
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5 years ago, nikifuller
Sumdog is the best
❤️💛💚🍉🍓🍬🍭🍥 sum dog I use it in class on my phone and you took half of the games away and I wanted to know if you can put them back so we can play with them and let the house and garden be open all day …… lol
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4 years ago, bob and klaracorn
I love sumdog you should get it
I think sumdog is the coolest game in the world I love it so much I think you should get it. It has cool games and you can decorate your house and choose your close and best of all play games so you should get this game
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4 years ago, Genny Wilkie
Soooooooooooooooooo fun
I love this game and it’s graphics are awesome! I don’t judge people for not liking it but I personally think it’s a pretty fun game for a math game even my friends love it too! I don’t know if the person who made it was A genius but it is pretty dang good
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5 years ago, Amomsluv
This game is the best fir practicing math,reading,language arts
I’m wanting to play this game for 2 hours when i get home that’s how much i love your game! Keep it up and you might encourage fortnite players to quit fortnite and start playing your game!
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5 years ago, llamacornGo
It’s alright
This game is okay but I sometimes check worlds best scores and some players are DEFINITELY hackers. I really love all types of animals but I can’t get my favorite non-tamed animals as pets. And I was checking for updates on my games, and I saw Sumdog added darts. So I clicked “ open” and it sent me to my texting app. What’s up with that!? Please fix!
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2 months ago, aquatance
I love it, BUT....
I really like the games, but in some of the games, when I get a question wrong, there is this WAA!!!!!! sound that scared me to death since second grade. I hope this review helps! (I still love the game if I worried you.😅)
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6 years ago, |R22 Gamer|
We should be able to use adobe flash player
Through the app you can’t on adobe flash player. which I hate, I want to play more games like n the online version. Like diner defense
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6 years ago, jacob2crazy4u
The best educational game ever👍🤑🤩
Hi this game is amazing because you could learn while you play games and kids will love it because you could design your own character by earning coins in the games.🤑
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5 years ago, Amandaliciousss
Its amazing but some more stuff should be more free
You should make the subscription free or less people will play I only play on school and that’s it because there is no free subscription
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4 years ago, H2twinsmom
I am 10 years old and I have been playing this 2 mounts now and you guys need to add a lot more games course I have been playing them over and over again for my teacher it is boring and if you don’t I will give a 1 star review.
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4 years ago, pumpkin little kk beams
Awesome no changes plz
This is so fun I know I said no changes but one little thing just please let us play all of the games that’s all thank you for inventing this game.
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4 years ago, Sherlock Holmesgirl
It’s great but just a few things
It was great but every time my child went off of the game it logged her out. You also have to have a subscription but what learning game doesn’t now.
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4 years ago, bomby bomb
Pretty fun
Sumdog is a fun way to learn math and really cool games that you can play even my mom likes sumdog. When we can’t get into virtual class are teacher tells us to do sumdog
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5 years ago, CAT Aj fortnite username
Every day at school fun!🥳
Once I got introduced into it I thought it was boring but it’s so much fun thank you 🙏🏻 for making this amazing game and if you can, can you add pets?
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3 years ago, The cool drools
1 glitch
So there is won glitch in sumdog..... in the bubble gum game it shows “Click the detonator when your ready.” And it covers the whole screen which is why I never play that game. I play on iPad Pro I think it’s 11 or 12. -P.S. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, lovetgegamewordcookies❤️❤️❤️
It won’t do the new update at home
Hi, we do sumdog at school and it has the new update on our IPads and then at home when I am doing it, the update isn’t there so it is a little weird
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4 years ago, Ray-Day 👱🏼‍♀️
Glitches make it very frustrating to use this app!!!
App glitches every 3rd or 4th game so you cannot select any button besides QUIT! This loses all of the questions you’ve answered in the game😡! So far tonight, I’ve had to QUIT 4 games, losing almost 100 answered questions! Waste of my time!
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6 years ago, _it's_your_queen
I love sumdog
When my teacher introduced Sumdog o thought it was a boring math game but when I start playing it I got better at math and was fun so thx 🤞🏾for making this game
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4 years ago, 🥳😔😣😟🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩😟🙁😏😏😏😖
N fun in school no multiplayer
Pleas make a lot more games multiplayer I used to enjoy this in school 🏫 now not so much so pleas (btw my school is Jefferson’s)
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5 years ago, shhwheuehdh
Don’t even ask
This is wonderful using in school and at home!
Show more
4 years ago, djhchdhdhhjsd
Great game!
This game is great it’s my favorite math game but, it needs more games. And I think it should get better graphics especially the garden
Show more
6 years ago, Lesterbean102007
So Fun!!!!!!!!!!
I think Sumdog is sooooooo fun! I use it at school and at home. Theres a variety of fun games and four different subjects that you can play. I love this game and gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
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