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User Reviews for Sun Sentinel

4.57 out of 5
5K Ratings
5 years ago, Steve33305
You Destroyed The App
This new app is awful. The same stories repeat continuously throughout the app as you move down the page.....The same pictures and stories have shown for weeks in the middle section. The previous app is something I looked forward to everyday but now I will probably jut be stuck with the expensive subscriptions for print addition I get. Very disappointed,.
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4 years ago, william g crawford
Poor editing. A great example was the selection by the Front Page Editor
Our front page editor “stole” an expose’ story of guardianship administration run amok from the the ORLANDO SENTINEL, perhaps a “sister paper of the SF Sun Sentinel but who would know that because of SF’s editorial incompetence. I have practiced law, including guardianship law, for more than 45 years in Broward County, Fla. if our SF editor had bothered even to read the article, she would have known the story was an expose of guardianship administration run amok in THE ORANGE COUNTY AREA. The editor should be fired. How the SF SS ever won a Pulitzer Prize for riding the coattails of the Broward Public Defender’s Office to obtain otherwise confidential material is a mystery to me.
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6 months ago, hopelady2
Terrible App
I’ve subscribed to the Sun Sentinel for years both in print and digitally. This app has never been good and has gotten worse. It crashes continually on an iPad running current iOS. And then there’s the editorial issues. The top news feed repeats the same stories over and over. The entire app makes it hard to actually read more than the stories that lead as you can’t reach them. I’ve typically used the enewspaper section to read the stories as they appear in that days paper but this function can be hit or miss, frequently requiring resubmission of password. It’s also sloppy with poorly maintained article links. Hey folks, look to The NY Times to see how a good newspaper app should operate
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2 years ago, kjm1997
This app is awful
Not only is the user interface to read the e-newspaper awful, there are ads at the top which make the newspaper even smaller! And I’m paying for a subscription anyway! If I expand the page in order to read it better I can’t flip to the next page without pinching it down again. And then there are more ads! If I receive an alert and tap to read the article, I have to login every time! If I just open the app instead, I am already logged in. I could go on and on. I stopped subscribing to the sun-sentinel for several years, and will probably stop again once my new subscription deal is over. This experience needs a lot of work.
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2 years ago, Barbiedoll70
Online account
I cannot login to my account. Where is the login? It gives me limited articles that I can read. I love the sun sentinel. I just wish I could login so I can read every article. Thank you.
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6 months ago, Mvhz123
Doesn’t work on iPads
I enjoy accessing the SunSentinel on my iPhone and my MacBook Air. Unfortunately I cannot access the digital newspaper on my iPad Air or my iPad Mini. Both go to a page that says I’ve reached my limit and asks if I’d like to try a trial subscription. Unfortunately there is no option to log on to my account. All my devices are updated with the latest operating system. I keep hoping a new update will solve the problem. Surely I am not the only one that has this problem.
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3 years ago, Nswaroop
Horrible mobile interface. And tech support
I turned on notifications so I could get the latest news updates. Every time I click on the notification it’s loads this webpage looking screen where I am asked to log in every single time. I am already logged into the app with a subscription but the article doesn’t open when I click the notification. I cannot believe how bad this mobile interface is. I understand it’s not the NYT but still. Hopefully they can learn from other digital news providers and out out a platform where when you get a notification of a story it opens up the article in the app.
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11 months ago, cptmarvel305
Trouble reading subscriber content
I've been a subscriber of the Sun Sentinel sir several years now. Since the pandemic you can really see the decline in the quality of the stories in the paper. My final staw is that the app will redirect the reader to their website to read an article. The article was tagged as "subscriber only", but the website does not recoginze my Apple App Store subscription. I contacted the app support via the app and they said they could not find my subscription. It's just not worth for it anymore. I'm out.
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2 years ago, Garin123
Disgraceful Newspaper
I’ve been reading the Sun Sentinel for many years and have found the paper slowly slipping into the abyss. The e delivery doesn’t work properly and the website is way behind the news. The print copy with its thirty some odd pages for a major market such as ours is deplorable. The financial section all of one page is ludicrous. Not being able to get late sports results is utterly ridiculous. The Sun Sentinel in its monopoly should give us the readers better. Even the digital newspaper leaves a lot to be desired. Shameful !
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2 years ago, DefGuySezHuh
Paying for a subscription I can’t even use
The app and the mobile website are both poorly designed and for the past month I cannot scroll down past the headline of the article even though I pay for it. If I try to view in Safari, I have to hit reader mode immediately or else it hits me with a paywall and doesn’t accept my login (despite the login working perfectly fine on my laptop).
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2 months ago, SedonaWoman
no landscape mode
I am no longer able to view my online Broward County online paper in the app in landscape mode on my IPad. It’s been this way for months I’m pretty sure, and it’s very stressful because I’m disabled and have my ipad in a folder so that it can rest on my lap in front of me. I can’t turn it and keep it resting upright in portrait mode to read this newspaper. All other newspaper apps realize we require landscape mode for our ipad except yours. Please correct the issue asap. Thank you.
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2 years ago, getyournewselsewhere
Can’t Believe How Useless This App Is
Subscribed to read a story published yesterday. Typed in the exact headline. The site search engine can’t find the story (though Google can: the story is clearly there, behind a paywall to keep out non-subscribers, but undiscoverable to subscribers, too). Searched for the subject of the story (a local business) without the headline and got an end-of-year piece from eleven years ago. I’m more frustrated but no better informed than before I paid for a subscription.
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5 years ago, Sschabows
Updated app format
The latest updated format of Sun Sentinel’s app has made it impossible to access all stories published under their designated topics/category. For instance, for stories published under “Local news- Broward County” instead of being able to scroll through all stories as in the previous app format, you are now limited to seeing only one published story for each sub-category within the app. This updated format has rendered the app as useless and not worth the monthly subscription fee.
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3 years ago, RSVPS4U
I can’t stand tease articles that I cannot read because I do not have a subscription. They should be able to provide a maximum number of free articles per month. Most of the printed news is already old news since there are other ways to receive news. There is other online media, tv, or publications. Since I can no longer see any Sun Sentinel articles, that has cinched any possibility of a subscription in the future.
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1 year ago, MIA Kitsune
Please fix the login click thru
Love the Sun Sentinel and the app is fairly good. However sometimes when I click thru from a notification it doesn’t recognize my login or that I’m a subscriber and it kicks me out, which is a bit annoying
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5 years ago, Kiosa
Terrible service
I’ve been paying for a monthly subscription but every time I use the app, I read a few news articles and then I’m told that I’ve reached my limit. Really? I’m being charged $8.00 per month for full access and I’m limited as to how many articles I can read? The app also opens the web browser and switches you out of the app and onto their webpage. The webpage asks me to subscribe. I never get to the article that I chose. Cancelled subscription. Fix the app.
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5 years ago, HKLhoosier
Inaccessible in Spain !?
I was traveling in Europe, enjoying reading the Sun Sentinel each morning. All of a sudden, I am asked “do I want to see the new, improved Sun Sentinel App”? Then it’s pops up, it does not work in Europe. !? I cannot get back to the old version, so,... tough luck. Poor planning
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2 years ago, Nexifer
Broken in iOS 16.1
Not working on iOS 16.1 iPhone 14. Stories open but doesn’t scroll at all. Needs fixing. Works on my iPad and used to work but broken now. Reinstalling app does not fix the problem.
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3 years ago, Sp learner
A Pulitzer Award Winning Paper
South Florida is lucky to have the Sun-Sentinel. It’s the best resource for local news. It also keeps an eye on local politicians and the goings on in Tallahassee. The editorial board and opinion writers are excellent. It’s important to support your local newspaper.
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4 years ago, Vinny Boombaats
The South Florida SunSentinel has moved its focus too far left The editors only appear to be printing negative reporting regarding Conservatism. I would prefer a balanced approach between Progressive and Conservative reporting so I can make up my own mind.
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7 months ago, Kfaudel
Paper delivery
Regularly miss getting the paper and the website hasn’t worked right for month. So have to call and be told to try using the site to file a complaint. Also miss the weekly automobile reviews and proper TV guide. The current TV suggestions are useless.
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3 years ago, Ml221shsho
Daily Read
I read the Sun Sentinel every day. It’s how I start my day. It’s essentially my morning checking, update, entertainment, and news briefing. I need it!
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2 years ago, CaptBatman1
Where is Night/Dark mode?
This news app really needs to get with the program and introduce a dark/night mode viewing option…like all other news apps. Also, since it only gets updated about once every three months (or more), it hasn’t updated the article viewing bug introduced by iOS 16.0.
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9 months ago, Sami/buba
Love the best paper in Florida
Everything you want to read is in the Sun Sentinel. Such a variety. I’m never disappointed.
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5 years ago, Thermo2000
App has a lot of bugs
I have been an online subscriber to the Sun Sentinel for over four years at 4.99 per month. At the least, at the very minimum, I have to delete the app every two months and reinstall it because it tells me I have reached my limit for reading. After four years you would think you would have this fixed by now. Very aggravating.
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9 months ago, Jalexp3
Biased Dishonest Fake News
The sun sentinel regurgitates political news from the dishonest associated press, and blocks relevant stories that don’t fit their liberal narrative. If you want to get real news, like the biggest presidential corruption scandal in history, involving Joe Biden and his depraved family look elsewhere, otherwise, you will remain forever and ignorant fool. I would even come confirm obituaries independently.
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3 years ago, scarletpen
App interrupts more than a tired toddler
The app constantly interrupts any effort to read local news articles online. I am paying for the online subscription and the chaos of the reader's experience makes it a true "Florida App". The Miami Herald, the WSJ, and NYTimes work simply and logically and still manage to get the ads in.
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2 years ago, Happyspringday
Just stop using this app
It’s - well - awful. Articles appear twice on the page, too much emphasis on sports, and the most visually disgusting ads. The website or better yet, the newspaper in digital form that gets emailed to me every morning is a much better experience. I want to support local journalism - this app sorely tested my commitment.
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3 years ago, HannahDelray
New format
I am hating this new format for my daily Sun Sentinel paper. I am on vacation and have been going in circles simply to locate the Daily puzzle page. Too many ads, too many choices have turned me off from simply trying to access what I get in print daily. I change it to a half star review. Please simplify.
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3 weeks ago, lousypaper
Terrible app
Unfortunately, trying to read this paper online is a joke. Old stories stay up front forever, the view page jumps to the bottom for no reason, the view won’t change to landscape, etc., etc. All they try to do is hit you with worthless adv.
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4 years ago, Tennismonsterr
Excellent reporting
Does a great job of covering local, state, national and world news! Great local reporters, they for sure earn their pay and more, they help keep government organizations honest.
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8 months ago, Mstrwks
Fix the app!
I subscribed this morning and the alerts work just fine, but half the time it won’t load. And I’m either on 1G WiFi or 5G. What’s the point of seeing “breaking news” flash across your screen if you can’t read it?
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2 years ago, BizzareDude
Ads even with a $10+ month subscription…
The app should run smoother, but theres ads on the app even though I’m a paying customer??? I don’t get it, and they’re shady ads that are disingenuous and scam, I don’t want to see those, let alone when I pay for just the stuff I want. Low bar.
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3 years ago, Ole Joe Clark
Not enough fact, too much editorializing.
Not enough fact, too much editorializing. Headlines often not supported in the meat of the articles.
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2 years ago, lar
On iOS 16. In ipad and iPhone doesn’t scroll
This has been a persistent problem and the fix doesn’t work. (Lastest release notes). You can not scroll an article. Tried on multiple Apple devices from different people it’s not me. Design of app looks like it hasn’t been refreshed for years.
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4 years ago, gatorvieve
New App Drains iPhone Battery
The new app drains my iPhone battery. Ever since I updated, Sun Sentinel consistently uses over 20% of my battery—and that’s *after* turning off background app refresh for the app. This is excessive given how little I use the app relative to others. I’m close to deleting the app altogether.
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3 years ago, Cjoylevin
Delivery Failures
Reading on my phone is no substitute for the print edition. Too bad the new owner can’t get the print edition delivered.
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3 weeks ago, ??What happened??
Advertisement videos constantly pop open when trying to read articles, very annoying,
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2 months ago, Thisisanexampleof ITstupidity
Cancelling my subscription!
Long time customer. Hate to desert local media but I will be cancelling my subscription and moving to a competitor due to the obnoxious popups that make it impossible to read an article. Your IT leaves much to be desired. I have dealt with it for years but the latest popups make it unbearable.
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3 years ago, gfeshvx
Horrible horrible horrible
This is the worst news website I have ever used Download it and after five minutes of having to sign in three times and being kicked off two times I deleted it whoever designed this website should be dismissed
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4 years ago, Elwinna
Subscriber, logged in but told I’ve reached limit-what?
I can only access some articles on the ipad app. Many articles tell me I’ve reached my limit and need to sign in. But I am signed in! It also tells me to open in the app but I AM in the app. I wish you’d fix this as my digital subscription isn’t worth having if I can’t use the app.
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2 years ago, Yogs77
App not working properly
It was great until recently the app has some issue where I couldn’t scroll down on an article. Can’t even get to their support line. Canceled my subscription for now.
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2 years ago, Sparkyas2
Rip-off Scam
The advertisement reads; “Unlimited Digital Access - $1 for six months” So I paid it and downloaded the app. After conducting a search, the new message reads; “You’ve reached your FREE article limit.” What gives? I’m not paying $20 per month after the “bait and switch.”
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3 years ago, Kevin__3000
Zero content in this app that costs $20/month
I pay the subscription but am denied access to most articles. And there aren’t many. The same half dozen articles are there for days or weeks at a time. I want to support local journalists but this is a joke.
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2 years ago, Solivita Jim
I have a paper subscription but seems that I cannot get full online version.
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4 years ago, Rad-Awesome
Great digital news
The outlay of this paper makes it easy for me to find what is important to me.
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4 years ago, Ronald S 1942
Ronald Warkans
There are so many pop ups and inserts that I am considering ending my subscription! It is more than annoying !
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2 years ago, jello-reviews
Not bad but no dark mode
Functions well but surprisingly no dark mode.
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2 years ago, Gar Byrd
Date in article
When I open an article on the app, I don’t see a date when it was published. I believe the date should be listed under the title of the article
Show more
5 years ago, Denise TTYTYBGHJIBB
Horrible App
App constantly asks me to subscribe when I have already subscribed. I have to constantly select reinstate. Although I pay a hefty $7.99 monthly for this app, the app has many many pop up commercial ads that are distracting and tedious to close. Most likely I will cancel this soon.
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