Sundance Now: Series & Films

4.1 (3.6K)
221.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
4.0.16 (224)
AMC Networks Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for Sundance Now: Series & Films

4.11 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
2 years ago, hailstorm8393
Casting Issues- otherwise amazing content!
When casting to a device (TV) the option to go into the casting options for the episode disappears. When you try to get back to the screen controlling forward, backwards, and CC options, the only was is to click play on the episode and the episode starts over from the beginning. You then need to go back to where you were in the episode. Never starts from where you were watching. Which can be a bummer if you were only trying to go back 10seconds. Even if you pause and come back later to watch the episode starts from the beginning. Also if you are trying to watch the next episode you have to manually go in and select the play option for the next episode to start instead of automatically loading the next one. It’s nothing major but something to look into making a little better! :)
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4 years ago, mommyof3thatsme
Started off ok, went downhill from there....... unhappy customer.
I subscribed to this app for a specific television show. I would say for the first 6-8 months, the app worked fine. I hadn’t watched any programs on the app for a while and when I tried to watch a new show on the app, a pop up came on that asked me to start a free trial. I contacted the company about this through their support email. For 2 months, I received nothing but automated email messages saying that they received my “ticket”. I was still being charged the monthly subscription for an app that DID NOT WORK. Finally, after many automated emails, I received another email that said my subscription had been canceled but if I wanted to continue using the app, they would give me a free month. I decided to just let the app stay cancelled because of the terrible customer service I had received. And NOW my Apple account has been charged AGAIN for this app that was cancelled! I cannot seem to contact anyone from this company in any way except automated email. I am VERY unhappy! This company has terrible customer service and they are not reliable! After telling me my subscription was cancelled, they are still charging me for the app and it does NOT work! I want to talk with a person via a phone call but there is NO way that I have found that that is possible!
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4 years ago, Slavic Slav
Great shows, Wish I could watch them on TV
I’m sorry I even got the trial. Had I known how frustrating trying to get Sundance Now on any TV app would be, I never would have gotten into any of the shows I started during the trial. I wouldn’t have even done the trial. I’m having serious regrets for spending money on this app that I can only watch on my phone or if my computer is hooked up to my tv. Can you watch through Prime? Kind of. Not all Sundance Now content is available when you’re watching it on Prime and it’s not the Sundance Now home screen when you go in that way. It’s supposedly available on google play app on your TV. I couldn’t find Sundance Now on there. I have an iPhone. iPhones don’t cast to TVs. Plus it’s inconvenient to have to cast or watch on your phone for any prolonged period of time. And I can hook my computer up to my TV, but that means I can’t be on my computer if I want to watch anything on Sundance Now. Again, super inconvenient. I have no idea why there isn’t a direct Sundance Now app on smart TVs. I do know I will definitely not be renewing unless that changes. They have great content, but so do a ton of other apps that are much easier to stream on your TV without having to access it through your phone, computer, or middle man app.
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6 years ago, MMAAVV
Great content on a terrible app
Update March 12, 2018: The updates to the app are excellent. It's really a totally different and new experience. Thanks for listening, the original all was awful. Old review: So basically keep a notepad of what you were watching and what you like because there isn't a history function, or a saved shows, it doesn't transfer between devices so what you watched on one device on your account zeros out on another device. But it zeros out on the device you watched it on anyway. Really great shows, you just have to manage it on a notepad to keep track. A for content, D for app
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2 years ago, sundance(apparently not)now
App Doesn’t Recognize Subscription.
I have used the app before with no trouble. I tend to subscribe and cancel as shows pop up I want to watch as there never seems to be enough content I want to watch to justify an ongoing subscription. When I went to resubscribe this time, however, it was a disaster. Every time I try to play a show it asks me to subscribe (which I’ve already done through iTunes subscriptions on my phone). My phone then tells me I’m already a subscriber and won’t let me resubscribe or play the show. I contacted SundanceNow support (and waited two days for an answer) to discover this is a known issue and that I would just have to sign up directly with them. Pay again. Go back and cancel with apple and then maybe they would issue a future credit for time lost (time I had paid for where I couldn’t actually watch anything because their system doesn’t work). Say what?? Fix your app or take it off the App Store. At the very least warm potential subscribers about the hassle of this known issue.
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5 years ago, Achilles123
Nice content, but app needs improvement
I signed up for Sundance Now after reading a rave review about a show on WSJ, called “Cheat”; while it was initially available for streaming in all 4 episodes, Sundance removed the 3 remaining episodes by releasing one per week, which amounted to a bait-and-switch tactics! Sundance Now offers English subtitles option only on Roku platform. For those who use Google Chromecast to stream its content, there is no English subtitles option. Also, whenever I streamed any episode and left it unfinished, I can’t pick up where I left off and have to start searching for the very previous scene where I paused earlier, which is quite annoying, considering that Netflix or any streaming outlet let viewers pick up where they paused last time. Sundance Now needs to offer more content available for streaming, specially those films and TV series from non English countries in order to make itself stand out amongst a barrage of TV streaming services for viewers retention.
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4 years ago, Shereeres20pebz
I downloaded the app and purchased an annual subscription because I wanted to see the show Discovery of Witches (the series was good). The app worked for about two months before it crashed. Now, every time I attempt to watch a show, a message pops up for me to purchase a subscription (as though it’s doesn’t acknowledge I have an annual subscription that does not expire until August 2021). So for giggles I select the annual subscription option and a pop-up box actually came up and said I was already subscribed!! I’ve logged out of the app, changed the password, uninstalled, and rebooted my phone numerous times and the app still doesn’t work. I’ve left an email to address the issue which went unanswered. I’ve contacted APPLE who confirmed my account is in good standing and even they were perplexed as why the app was not acknowledging my active subscription. There is no customer service number for Sundance so it’s quite upsetting my email went unanswered. I’m very very frustrated at this outcome.
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4 years ago, Joedejong.mister horror?
Sunsets forever
Sundance Now space is a great place for films art and documentaries space eyes think that Sundance needs to improve the Apple little bit more. Because the first time I have tried Sundance Now space I thought that it was really great, because I love to listen to films on Sundance even on the TV space because I feel like Sundance has a great collection of films series and documentaries space I love watching the Sundance Now app I love also another thing. Please update your app more often space maybe everyone can also give it five stars space because I looked at all of the reviews you guys don’t have five stars so I am the only one that is giving it five stars.
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3 years ago, MadMama74974
AppleTV app is awful
1. The app does not indicate which episodes you’ve already watched nor does it pick up where you’ve left off if you don’t finish your episode (once you figure out which episode you last watched, of course). Every episode starts from the beginning 2. There is a bar at the top of the screen that is completely inaccessible. It has fun things like “search” and “account settings” and divides things by film, series, and collection. Swiping up doesn’t get you there so I’m not sure what to do. It’s possible that it is designed for a touch screen, but my TV isn’t a touch screen so I can’t access it. 3. Episodes automatically continue to play until stopped manually. So if you fall asleep, they’ll just play until you wake up or the power goes out. 4. You have to turn on the closed captions for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. There doesn’t appear to be a universal caption setting (though I admittedly can’t access my setttings, so maybe there is… who knows) Please fix these simple issues! Every other streaming app does this stuff, get with the program! I’ll be canceling at the end of my trial period if it stays like this….
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4 years ago, Nellgreen2
Only one episode in and FAIL
I downloaded the app and was so excited to watch a much advertised show, “Discovery of Witches”, and the first episode did not disappoint, but this app sure did! I was only able to watch the first episode and then nothing else would play. Not another episode of the same show or any other show, movie, or documentary, nothing. I thought maybe it was a glitch and emailed and messaged on Instagram the Sundance Now account, no reply. I also wondered if it was something to do with the free trial so I had my husband sign up but now nothing works on either account. It is so disappointing to have seen so many good reviews of the shows and movies but not be able to watch them. I will for sure be canceling and not spending any money on this poorly engineered app.
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4 years ago, Kaimarra
I wouldn’t know how this app works because I ended my free trial the day I got it. I signed up on my phone and everything seemed normal so I downloaded the app on Apple TV, logged in and tried to play my show. It again asked me to sign up for a free trial so I put my credentials in once more and it tells me I already have a trial going, then I get a failure message.. I restart the app, delete and re download and still the same story. That’s annoying but whatever I log in on my computer and it starts the show. Great! First episode ends and I get yet another message, “you have great taste! Sign up for a 7 day trial to stream shows,” this time with different monthly pricing than when I originally signed up. Again, I try my credentials but the message prevails. It’s not worth this much hassle - don’t waste your time!
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3 years ago, JessieWes98
App does not recognize subscription
I wasn’t aware of all the bad reviews for this app until I immediately ran into problems after subscribing. I am currently on the free trial for a specific show I was really hoping to watch(discovery of witches) since I’ve seen the ads recently. However as soon as I click on it to watch, it says I need to subscribe. Well I’m already subscribed, but the only option is to click on the plans to see what it says. So I click on the subscription and lo and behold it says I’m already subscribed. So what exactly is the issue here? How are people even capable of watching if it doesn’t recognize your subscription? Based off reviews, it seems like it’s been a problem for not even months, but years. Please fix this!
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5 years ago, Daizy's Mom
More shows
Overall the app is fantastic. I was drawn to it because Discovery of Witches and then watched Riviera. Both of which were excellent. I can’t wait for season 2 of both of these shows. I have reached out to customer service and found that I received a response within an hour from ‘a real person’. Even though I was initially on the fence about this streaming service I have found that I am thoroughly enjoying it. 4 stars because I wish they had larger selection..... so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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4 years ago, RosariaNY
Great shows, if you can access them!
All was fine initially. Thoroughly enjoyed “The Restaurant” and “The Split”. Then I received an email offer to pay in advance for a year’s membership at a good discount, so I did. However, these past few months (yes, the prepaid membership should still be in effect!) I’ve no longer been able to access content without a prompt to join and start my free trial. After over a month of back and forth emails with support, they claimed the problem was fixed and “closed the ticket”. Unfortunately the problem persists and I’m beyond frustrated! I’m ready to cancel, but it annoys me that I paid in advance through the spring! I’ve never had any problems with the other entertainment apps. This is beyond comprehension.
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3 months ago, ads1478
Absolutely the worst customer service
This is absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. There’s no way to call. The only way is email and it takes two or three days to hear from somebody. there was a glitch on their website so I could not cancel so I sent an email requesting cancellation several days before I was due to receive a charge. However, the fact they received my email and responded they did not cancel so I was charged. It took me two weeks to get the charged removed. They should not be allowed to charge you if there’s no way to contact customer service no chat no phone no texting only email. The app itself is awful.
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3 years ago, Annannannannannieeee
This app would not play any video while my phone was connected to my tv. Which makes it pointless. And yes, I have a supported device. On top of that, when I contacted customer service to ask them to cancel my subscription and refund my charges, I was told the subscription would be set to cancel, but due to their refund policy I wouldn’t be offered a refund. Ridiculous. I received zero value from this app, and zero service from their customer service. Not to mention the fact that there is no option within the app or the website to cancel my subscription myself. There was no choice but to send an email to customer support and wait. All around junk. Skip this sub par app and its worse policies.
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4 years ago, Kencamper
Great Content, Buffy App & No Support
I have enjoyed Sundance Now for a coke of years but the experience has been hobbled by continual and myriad problems with the app, whether on the iPhone or Apple TV. Last night I canceled my subscription after Sundance Now suddenly failed to recognize my subscription. I wasted nearly an hour in three devices, trying everything including logging in and out and deleting and reinstalling apps. Nothing worked. And I had just been charged for another month the very same day! This is very disappointing because I like the breadth of their catalog and have spent some time mining the shows and movies that appeal to us.
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4 years ago, smc3955
Decent Streaming App
I am enjoying the 7-day trial. Ty. But most services allow an entire month! Plus 6.99/mo is a bit high given the limited number of shows to watch plus some only have 1 episode! Overall, a decent app. One main issue though, is the Chromecast icon at the top. Sometimes it’s hard to see or find and many times it takes several clicks for a response. Idk if it’s my phone (IPhone 11 pro max) but I haven’t had a similar experience in other streaming apps I’ve used.
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4 years ago, Genialola
App is terrible!
First time I tried the app, was great for about 2 mos. No problems. 3rd month, every time I trie to open it to watch something it would take me to the “start your free trial now” page and wouldn’t open even though I wanna as a subscriber for 3 mos already. I closed the app several times, rebooted my phone, deleted the app and rebooted my phone... nothing worked. So I deleted and unsubscribed. 4 mos later, I try again using a different email. First episode of a show played... then nothing else would play. Not the show I was watching, not even random shows I’d pick from the homepage and tried to play. Once again I’ve deleted the app and won’t be subscribing. FIX YOUR APP!!
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5 years ago, Jayhawk312
I downloaded this app to of course watch some shows in to see how the app was I even signed up for a membership and was supposed to get a seven day free trial however after signing up and picking my plan I was still unable to view anything on this app. The app kept telling me I needed to sign up for a seven day free trial and knowing that I’ve already done this I just assume maybe I should restart my phone however that did not work and it still has not. I remove the subscription from Account and deleted the app and so how was still charged for it. The Apple support doesn’t think I should get a refund. I don’t want to be charge for something that doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, Dakota Shepard
Like all hooks...
I decided to try the Sundance Channel to start because of two shows I was interested in that said could be streamed now with 7 day trial service...the hook...“Star Trek Discovery” and “A Discovery of Witches”. Started the trial and what, NO “Star Trek” and once into the episodes you do not yet have a “skip intro” button...much disappointment. But saving it was “A Discovery of Witches” which was everything that I thought it would be (can”t wait for the next season) and the unexpected shows and movies I also watched.
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5 years ago, themattjackson
Good content hampered by buggy app
Signed up to catch the second season of Exeter and really enjoyed the selection of programming, BUT continuous problems with the app led me to just give up. Random shutdowns and restarts, plackback issues, limited access to your account preferences and your “my list” content disappearing are just some of the frustrating issues you’ll deal with constantly. If they manage to properly integrate their channel with the app I would consider resubscribing but with so many content subscriptions to choose from now, a buggy interface like this will quickly take you out of the race.
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4 years ago, Naqedchic
Great content, playback needs some work.
Once I locate the show I was watching, it’s great. Every show ends, I must get out of whatever else I am doing, click the x in the upper right corner, click the next show, and turn the volume down or it’s at full volume. It would be nice to automatically move to the next episode and keep the volume the same as the last show. It would also be nice if I didn’t have to search the last show I was watching.
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4 years ago, RAC0614!
Still needs some work.
I gave it a four because I love the shows. The app unfortunately only works on my phone and will not work on my iPad. Which is a brand new ipad. It just flashes opens and shuts down on the iPad right away. Also there are no captions. Which I enjoy when I have to turn the sound down due to a sleeping baby. But everything else great! I hope they get those few niches sorted out soon!
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1 year ago, MiikeHancho
Impossible to cancel
Signed up for Sundance to watch discovery of witches with my gf and wanted to cancel once we finished but they make it impossible to cancel. Can’t sign into the website even tho I know the password and when I try to reset my password by sending a reset link to my email I never get it. I had to contact support for them to manually reset my password which still doesn’t work when I try to sign in. It’s been over a year that I’ve been charged for this dumb subscription that I will now have to call my credit card company to get them to somehow stop the payments.
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4 years ago, S-maple
I signed up for the free trial. Went in to cancel it, had already been charged $7.51. Cancelled it and sent an email asking for the $7.51 to be refunded to my card. Received an email two-three weeks later saying they hadn’t forgot but with COVID 19 they were behind, if I still had the issue email them back. So I emailed back asking to make sure it was cancelled and to ask for a refund of the $7.51. (I literally only watched one episode of some dumb show and decided to cancel.) low and behold, they just took another $7.51 out for the second month!! There is no customer service number I could find, just the support email. This is ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Totallynudegirl
Terrific choice of films & series but app is lean
I love Sundance & would watch the channel back in the day when I had TV. Now, I stream it through my iPad. I suppose I’m spoiled by Netflix & even HBO Go cuz Sundance app isn’t all that. If you pause a movie & come back to it the next day, the app doesn’t remember that you were watching it. There’s also no personalization, no Favorites list. Nothing fancy. It’s worth slogging through it though. Found some more films of interest.
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2 years ago, cmm472
I subscribed to this through Roku and the app doesn’t work very well. When I tried to add shows to my watch list I kept receiving error messages. I couldn’t find an alphabetical search and the rewind button is a joke. I have a subscription to AMC+ and didn’t realize that several of the titles overlap, so I wasted my money on this. Regardless, the Sundance Now standalone app on Roku needs to be fixed. I wanted to add that the problems are definitely with the Roku app, not Sundance Now. I just replaced my device with an Apple TV 4K and the app works great. I was able to add shows to my list with no problems.
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4 years ago, Jjjooorrrgggeeee
Bad deal
I was offered a year pass to sundance now for the cost of $30 , being that im in quarantine i took it for more tv options , now im 3/4 months into the year i paid for and the app does not allow me to use it , im using sundance now on roku , i have tried every option including their customer service wich is nonexistent, so let this be a warning to the consumer if you pay sundance now for use of a year sundance now will not honor the year and will not respond to countless emails sent to them , just respond with robo text and they win your money , you will only feel cheated , DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SUNDANCE NOW APP
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5 years ago, TheMoi
Missing Content
I am beyond frustrated. I subscribed because of the series This Close. I was excited and ready to start watching the second season after enjoying the first season on this app last year. Well, it isn’t even available via the app. It is nowhere to be found on the app. I can’t even watch it on the web because the browser won’t let me log into an account I am paying monthly for without selecting my TV provider - and that feature doesn’t work. I can’t watch a show I was so looking forward to watching!!! I sent an email to customer support A WEEK AGO and have yet to receive a response.
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4 years ago, knsh120
This needs some work.
First of all, I tried it out with the seven day free trial and was charged by Apple anyway after canceling on day five. Then the show selection wasn’t the best. They did have a couple of films I wanted to see, but nothing really worth the sub. The app itself wasn’t really friendly. I couldn’t figure out how to turn on closed captioning. They don’t give you the features that prime and Netflix do, like skipping to the next show in a series, or skipping a show intro. This app is probably good for those who really need this kind of programming, but not worth the bugs for me.
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5 years ago, allhislove
Great Customer Service
I have had a wonderful experience with Sundance Now. Their customer service is personable, engaging, & compassionate. You aren’t sent through an automated process, but have the opportunity to speak with an actual person. They saved me 20% on my first year. They also have unique programming you won’t find on other streaming platforms. Such a great experience all around!!!
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5 years ago, Liz187187
Just wish they had a better selection of movies
I started a free trial and downloaded the app solely to watch A Discovery of Witches after seeing a preview for the series on Instagram that piqued my interest. The app’s interface is nice and easy to use. It works perfectly on my iPhone. No problems at all. I find the website tends to take forever to load videos on my MacBook. I just wish they offered a better movie selection.
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3 years ago, MelissaMomma316
Great shows but terrible app interface
The show I watch, every time I open my show, the labels say it’s season one but the thumbnails shown are from season 4. I have reflux on season one to open it. Also, when I pause the show and the phone goes to sleep. When I come back, even moments later, the app resets the video back to the beginning. I have to slide to the last place I was to continue watching. Lastly, trying to slide the video to the last location you only get one shot. If you don’t judge it right the first time the slide doesn’t work a second time. Terrible app interface.
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4 years ago, samislamajama
Sundance Should Be Ashamed
I get that this is a new app and the company wants people to subscribe but they are going about it the wrong way. When I went to sign up for the free trial, it made me choose the most expensive billing option in order to continue. When I went to cancel before they charged me, I couldn’t cancel my account in the app. When I went to Safari to cancel it through the actual website, it kept redirecting me to the app. I had to delete the app, log on in Safari, then delete. They could’ve put a “cancel membership” link on the app, they just didn’t want to.
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4 years ago, Ahdnsvdjf
Sundance Now takes my money and doesn’t give me access...
I was really excited about the content. For a while things were good and I enjoyed the options on Sundance Now, but for the last few months, probably more(tv break) I haven’t been able to access the shows. I am logged in and I keep getting the “sign up for access” when I select a show. I pay every month for the access and spend more time sending emails to get it fixed with very little reply, than I do having access to any show. I am so unsatisfied. It’s too bad because there are some really good shows.
Show more
5 years ago, mnbabriedahl
Worst customer service EVER!
DO NOT JOIN! I wanted to see what Sundance had to offer for shows so I started the 7 day trial. I was not satisfied with show options so I tried to deactivate the subscription 3 days before the trial ended. Couldn’t load or anything to be able to deactivate the subscription so I emailed right away. Three days later still didn’t hear anything, at this point now I’m being charged for a year subscription, and I sent yet another email.. needless to say it’s been over a week and haven’t heard ANYTHING from anyone. Wasted money, still have no way of deactivating my subscription.
Show more
4 years ago, Jeeeeeeeeeen B
Won’t let me cancel - DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!
I’ve been trying to cancel Sundance Now for two years. Instructions abound online about how to do this, but they’re all broken. It appears as if you have to cancel from the same device you signed up with, and the only thing I can think of is I signed up on a Roku I got rid of last year. I can’t cancel on web, on the app, on my Roku Stick on my TV, nothing. And nobody will get back to me. Why on Earth won’t they just cancel something a customer is begging to cancel? Awful customer service. Don’t sign up unless you’re ready to make a lifetime commitment.
Show more
5 years ago, Fasonya
Nice surprise
I bought this app just to watch A Discovery of Witches, which I’ve now watched four times because it is that good. My unexpected new favorite is the Swedish show, The Restaurant, which is not ordinarily my thing, but now I am on Season 2 and anxiously checking for new episodes. I had intended to cancel after watching ADOW, but there are enough good shows to keep me here for now.
Show more
4 years ago, Hen'sMom
Without Question, the Worst Customer Experience Online
I have been a subscriber to Sundance Now for over 3 years, but have now had FIVE intermittent periods during which the app refuses to play content while I am logged in. When I have written to complain and ask for a fix, I am issued a “trouble ticket,” some of which have taken weeks for a reply. The fact that this massively frustrating issue and interaction is apparently happening frequently to multiple users, never with so much as an apology, and certainly no subscription refund or extension, is an absolute abuse and a shame.
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4 years ago, Milk murder
Decent content HORRIBLE app
Apparently I can only watch 1 Episode of each series and then the app crashes every single time I try to go to the next episode. Tried watching in Apple TV and it worked for a bit and then it would do the same thing to the Apple app... even though every other network and Apple show works just fine and now i can’t even open the app without it crashing and forcing me to restart my whole phone. 6 hours into the free trial and I’m already cancelling. Definitely not worth the headache and I’m definitely not paying for the headache.
Show more
4 years ago, vamp-fan
Don’t do it!! You’ll be stuck paying forever
Been trying to cancel for many many months- following their directions to cancel only leads to running in circles with broken links and getting nowhere. Billing my telephone and they tell me cancel thru the app. No option to cancel on app!!! Sent numerous emails with no response. Feels like I’m being scammed. They are still taking $7 out of my account every month with no end in sight. Worst experience ever. Pretty much ending up paying over a hundred dollars for a vampire show - worth it?? I think not! Buyer beware for sure
Show more
6 years ago, Hsbbba
Needs Offline viewing/downloading option
I’m a new user. The selection looks great; I’ve been a fan of the Sundance Channel for a while now. The app appears to be user friendly and intuitive so far. When will offline viewing/downloading to device be available. I and my wife travel quite a bit and we’d love to take these great movies, shows, and documentaries with us! Definite 5 star rating when that functionality is added.
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3 years ago, Sdr1031
Good but needs some work.
I have a new subscription to the app and love the content. However, the fact that it doesn’t keep up with where you are on a show/movie is absolutely mind boggling. It starts over every time. It’s so irritating, I don’t even know if I can keep watching. I have to memorize where I am and try to get close. I’ve never seen another streaming app not keep up with where you are. Fix this and it will be great!
Show more
3 years ago, JustJack4711
Unstable App on iPad
As others have written, Sundance features great programming. I like the shows so much I’ve taken out a year’s subscription. However, the app itself leaves much to be desired. I’ve had to delete and reload the app at least once a week in order to get it to work. I note the app seems to have problems only on my iPad Pro; the app works reliably on my iPhone.
Show more
4 years ago, The son of Neptune
Won’t recognize my subscription
I love this app, and it worked great on my Roku, but when I switched over to using it on the mobile app, I signed up for a new subscription. Now every time I log in and try to play something it shoots me a message saying I need to sign up. Then I click the plan I’m already signed up for and it say you are already signed up, but it still won’t let me play anything. Therefore this is a severely poorly constructed app, and I am quite disappointed and will be cancelling my subscription unless this bug is fixed.
Show more
4 years ago, Kees_18
Paid for a year subscription and can’t access anything
I paid for a year subscriptions and for the first couple of weeks I could login without any issues. After that, every time I login and try to watch a show or movie it says I have to signup for a free trial! I’ve tried everything, deleting the app and downloading again, logging in on different devices and I get the same free trial pop up. Very frustrating! I sent an email to customer support (because I can’t locate a contact number) but at this point I’m regretting my purchase
Show more
4 years ago, nodoesnotcast
Shows are good app does not work well
The shows on the app so far have been really good, I have enjoyed them. It is really frustrating it does not remember where you stopped the episode. It starts over from the beginning every time so I have to fast forward and figure out where I was last. Please fix the bugs. I will continue to use but if bugs are not fixed I’ll have to cancel.
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3 years ago, alisonpost
So many bugs. I’m trying to watch a show and it does not track my progress throughout any episode. It will glitch and the voices/sounds from previous parts of an episode will play over current scenes. If I don’t finish the episode, it will start over. Also, I can’t move the bar at the bottom to find my spot, because I’m using an iPhone and the dot to move is directly under the bar used to close apps... I just can’t. It’s so disappointing.
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4 years ago, showseeker
Clunky app
The app is basic and frustrating. It doesn’t go to the next episode automatically - you have to pause and go back to the series to select. Sometimes it doesn’t even show you’ve viewed an episode so you know where to pick up. When browsing, it goes back to home page constantly as if you have to start all over when all you want to see is the trailer for a drama. It has shut down for no reason. The forward/backward are clunky or not available. If you come out of the app to check your email and go back in, the whole app has to reload instead of just popping up where you left off. It needs a lot of improvement to compete with Netflix.
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