Sushi Monster

4 (729)
99.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for Sushi Monster

4.05 out of 5
729 Ratings
2 years ago, lacy 💕💕💕💕💕❤️😀😀
It’s okay
So just so it’s clear I mean no offense I just have one little problem and something you could add ok so my problem is that I was doing the last level of the multiplication thingy and everything just froze so I tried everything I could think of and it just wouldn’t unfreeze then I shut down my iPad and the glitch was gone but all my progress from that day was too and my thing you could add was that maybe you could add more levels because I think it’s super annoying that you don’t have more oh and plus when the monster gets angry it’s honestly kind of scary for my four year old brother (my other two year old brother was with him while he was playing)anyway please please please try to fix the glitch and make more levels and while your at it could you make it a little less scary?Thankyou so so much this game helps me get out of doing math on paper 😂😂😂well Byeeeee
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3 years ago, MauriceKing12
Why I give this four stars
Hi, I am a student named Maurice king, And I wanted to say This App was better than iStation. Back then, It used to work when I was in Elementary school. Then I deleted it because it wasn’t that good. 5 years later, I re-Downloaded this app, and it doesn’t work anymore. I miss this app.
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2 years ago, cute cupcake 45
Curse this game!!!!!!!!!!!
Hola just so you know when i played this math game as a little kid, I needed a game to help with my math skills and I thought this one was my man! But when I played this game it was the worst game ever!!!! One problem I got was wrong and the sushi monster threw a stupid temper tantrum!!! OVER ONE LITTLE MATH PROBLEM!?!??!?!?! I mean come on!!! Some kids playing this game could be 2 years old. In my opinion, I think he teaches kids how to be rebellious and throw tantrums. Nobody should do that! Anyway, one star for this one. And one more thing sushi monsters parents probably don’t love him. Which he deserves it!!! Curse you idiotic sushi monster. You will die a very painful death and all your fleas will mourn you!!! No offense to the makers. Just the monster. Thank you and goodbye.
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8 years ago, mthgrl
Needs more levels
My 3rd grader likes the game, especially the music and the sound effects. However, there are only 7 levels for addition and 5 for multiplication and these are too simple. The only increase in difficulty is achieved by adding one or two zeros at the end of the target numbers. For example, in the first level of multiplication the goal may be finding 2 numbers with product 42. In level five, the goal would be a product of 4200. The addition levels are on the same principle, the hardest problems being of the type "83 plus what gives 89".
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4 weeks ago, Zurikknows
This game is getting boring 🥱
When I first started playing this game I though it would be a fun learning game but I finished all of the levels on multiplication and addition I think you guys should add more levels to each and maybe add subtraction and division I think that would make the game better because it is kind of boring when you play the same rounds over and over again
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3 years ago, i hate you!!!!
Pretty good but...
So my mom told me to download some math games and I found this game so I don’t know it was fun at first but then it got super hard immediately I’ll be mindful I am at the greater but somethings are still hard for me but after the first level I got very very very hard and I started getting a lot of them wrong so if they didn’t make it easy and then I’m mediately go to hard eight would be helpful I know some other people don’t feel the same way as me this is just my opinion
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2 years ago, cuteloloof21
My childhood but sadly forgotten…
I remember first playing this game when i was 6 or 7, learning about multiplications and adding. When we could play shushi monster, we all got excited because it’s our favorite game on school. Now when i look back, it gives me nostalgia. And sadly, it’s forgotten. If Houghton Mifflin see’s this, please update the game or make a sequel to it. If you do, thank you.
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7 years ago, Jbunn1
Fun for at Home, Not an App for School
I would recommend this app as a worthwhile alternative to the brain-sucking time-waster game apps that kids are sometimes drawn to. However, as a teacher, this app is rather random in its leveling and scope of what it covers. It is not a comprehensive math fact app. This is an app that is high on fun, but low on content. An app like XtraMath would be a better choice for fact practice. It doesn't have sushi or monsters, but plenty of the foundational, sequential skills practice opportunities kids need in relation to math facts.
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4 years ago, bloodrayne 🕷
Sushi Monster : Review
The first time I played this, I was in 6th grade. I struggle with a learning disability in math, and it boils down to the fact that I struggle to memorize basic math facts, but can conceptualize and understand higher level concepts (it’s frustrating). This game is a good way to brush up on math facts while not being bored to death or frustrated out of my mind. Nice Work :*)
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5 years ago, 3 Star boiiii
Pretty Good
I like this game it’s really fun and great practice only I did notice some things that I found unfair, for example once I restarted a round and it immediately said can’t solve target with remaining numbers therefore it counted it wrong. And the second time was it said to make a number but I couldn’t make the number out of the numbers given and I found that kind of stupid but overall it’s a great game that I would recommend like I said earlier it’s great practice and fun!
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7 years ago, alwaysmiling
Pretty good
This app is pretty good I am a third grader going into forth and even the addition is hard but after level 4 of multiplication it freezes and takes up all the numbers so it's pretty much impossible to beat all the levels! I also think you should be able to select a grade and only focus on grade level number sets fluently! But I do love the format of this app and over all it's pretty fun to play thank you!🙂
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4 years ago, babywhale🐳
Needs some more levels otherwise is good
So I got this game to practice some math to help me at school and I got because it looked like a way to make math fun! But after awhile I ran out of levels and I needed more to practice with. So developer if you see this pls add more levels it would be very nice. Thank you for your time :)
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4 months ago, Donald Trump loves Amurica
I played this in elementary school, and it was a major part of my learning experience. I haven’t played it since so I can’t speak on how it functions currently, but it was great when I was younger. Would love to see an updated version or sequel.
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4 months ago, Oppppppgmd
The nostalgia is insane
Even though this game isn’t the best, it’s so nostalgic. I’m in 8th grade now and I played this when I was in 1st grade, I remember loving it so much. Playing this again now feels so weird. Everything about it I love so much. Thank you for being a part of my childhood.
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5 years ago, DogeyMastey
This game is amazing. It’s quite fun and challenging for me and my friends. I played this in first grade and learned what multiplication was from this game and not from my teacher. Now I’m in fourth grade and still enjoying it. I would recommend adding subtraction and/or division levels though, but besides that, it’s a fun and great game.
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2 years ago, fbghhnj,jk.
Good, but could be better
I remember when I first played the app in kindergarten because I loved math. I did the multiplication and addition one in kinder because I was that good. But now I’m in 7th grade, and it’s to easy I feel like they should make a challenge and make more levels like subtraction, division, PEMDAS , fraction and exponets for other kid like me too get better at math like even in 7th grade.
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4 years ago, crimsondragon49
Good game, too few levels
This is an amazing game and my kids love it, but the problem is they beat it in a week and there are no more levels. I think you should add subtraction and division and also add more levels to the existing ones. Also, you should add more trophies. Thanks!
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3 years ago, grapehear
The nostalgia
I remember first playing this in 3rd grade when we were learning our times tables. I recently remembered this game again, I wanted to see if it was on the phone. It is! I loved this game as a kid, I’m glad this game hasn’t become irrelevant
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4 years ago, iLOOOOVEpandasmorethanu
Yes! I recommended it. ❤️ it.
I love this app! My sister had it when she was in 6th grade now she is in 10th but I just love the app itself. It’s super fun for kids because there’s little monsters and sushi! I recommend it totally. No payments either. :) [by the way I’m pretty sure there’s no payments lol]
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4 years ago, Mary Arden
Too short
I really love the game, it’s great but ended too short. After you finish the ones currently on the game, you should unlock the ability to start part two, with new monsters and such. Please update!
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4 years ago, ZbotZero
It won’t load..
I used to play this a LOT when I was younger; I found this again and wanted to play it, but it won’t load for some reason... Could you look into this for me please? Thank you for your time!
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2 years ago, ftffttftufuffutrfutrf
More levels
The game doesn’t have enough levels because right when I got this app I spent like 15 minutes on it and I got the all addition trophy. But everything else is cool.
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4 years ago, TylerDupuis
No hate, just love
i remember playing this on my ipad when i was in elementary school, that was almost 6 years ago now, the nostalgia this gives is intense. thank you for making my school day amazing.
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3 years ago, ariesrunnergirl
Pretty good
I really enjoy this game, but I don’t think that it is really that fair. For example, when you can’t answer a question with the given numbers, it marks it wrong. That’s all I want to mention.
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6 years ago, Mathew Hennebary
Great Game
Sushi Monster is an amazing game that I would definitely recommend. I wish there were more levels or some subtraction/division. As an 11th grader, I was unimpressed by the difficulty but would recommend for a younger audience.
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3 years ago, Digiloom is HORRIBLE
One suggestion 😉
It’s really fun and all but it’s sooo hard on multiplication I don’t know why the recommendations say 4+ because it doesn’t really teach you anything but it’s ok
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6 years ago, mls688@
Me vs Friend
I love this game my name is Mateo and I am in 2nd grade and my friend Antonio Can’t pass level 2 when I passed level 2 on multiplication He’s like OMG! The passed level 3, Then level 4 Then level 5 He’s still OMG!
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4 years ago, Ming xuan liu
Why only 2 levels?
So uhm I had fun playing this but why 2 levels they should be like almost 30 levels and that’s it but I still had fun
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8 months ago, Gunner Grimm
I played this game in elementary school and is still somehow as fun and the nostalgia it gives is crazy. I love this game and if u don’t I hope you get hit by a train.
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8 years ago, Machpachoyaya
Great app!
The characters made funny sounds and they look awesome! It is a bit easy but I got stuck on the multiplication for a while being a 5th grader doing 6th grade math! 💛
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2 years ago, Erikc5106
It is Not working on a phone
Can you fix it
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5 years ago, good gam boi
Very good but needs some more levels
Its really good my fourth grader likes it but he complains about there not being so much levels.
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3 years ago, jonahenrique baligaya
Good education app
I’ve been playing this. It’s getting my math skills better!
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4 years ago, Emily14210
Good Game
This is a rlly good game to play, while ur stuck at home during the pandemic. Also great for summer practice for the next school year, when u learn more advanced subjects (like math). U should totally get this!
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8 years ago, Iamawesom394
Love this game
I've been playing this game since 2nd grade on up I absolutely love it and it's an awesome learning experience but you should add subtraction and division just for the sake of kids
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2 years ago, Thomas and his friends
You’re so mean
This game is so hard for me the math problems are hard for me
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8 years ago, Salmon school
2-3rd grader
If you like sushi, this is the app for you. Scholastic's product is engaging, fast paced, great music and sound effects. Makes mental math as fun as can be.
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5 years ago, shutupsfe
Looks like I did this in Carver Elementary
Like when I tried Blue's 123 Time Activities, it’s a game I remember when it turned out very well
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6 years ago, Sir.Meowsalot
Love it but needs more
Don’t get me wrong I love this game but,when I played it a few years back there was division and subtraction but know it is is very disappointing I already finished it all but I need more! :(
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7 years ago, WEeird Reviwer123
Great for learning
This is great for learning times tables etc. I would recommend teachers to download this
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5 years ago, FathiFhied
I remember when I was in 1st grade and I used this app to study and it worked thank you for helping me out on math
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7 years ago, Mcshimlybob
Really fun!
This app is good and fun not wrong like Clever but good! It only has a few levels but if they could add more I would make it a five star but yea fun correct and amazing!
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8 years ago, eeehhhkkk
Sushi monster is great, but I think the characters are too menacing . Also,the game itself is not suitable for kids. My daughters have played this and never succeeded at beating level 5,addition. Simply too hard.
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8 years ago, Jlaffoon
It's pretty good but....
I'd give it 5 stars if they included the introductory multiplication levels like 4x5. Other than that it's great for more advanced kids.
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2 months ago, Hrhttrgtgfhfv the
Make the math question is just a bit easier it will be worth it.
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4 years ago, u/morgancries
elementary favorite
i was thinking about what our (me and my friends’) elementary years were like and we were talking about the games we used to play (dreambox, etcetc) and this one came to my mind. just how i remembered it! i can’t believe i found this app again, but it does need some more difficult levels.
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6 months ago, Good but hackers nooooo
It’s good!
When I was in first grade I could never do math so I downloaded this game!
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2 years ago, miss Connelly
I love this
So I had this game when I was a kid and I just remembered about it and I love it
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7 years ago, aj272156
I love it🙂
It is so so so awesome I'm playing this intel I'm in 6th grade and I'm in 3rd grade three more years of practicing three more years of loving
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4 years ago, dgdgduduhddjshyfkpel
In multiplication or addition every time I finish my last plate it keeps freezing except for the monster Please fix it
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