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User Reviews for SYFY

4.55 out of 5
13.3K Ratings
2 years ago, mardin,aleman
What are credits it said i have 3 credits
Im guessing its for 3 movie they told me to pick in the beginning and 3 credits gave me that idea that i got to say this and say i have 3 movies to watch any time i want till the credits are no longer 3 but 0 which means i got 3 choices 3 mistakes the mistakes are you cant pick which movie, can’t watch tv, and most likely don't have one. I came here to say that but i might just support no complains just curious I like john wick movies thank you for having them!👌👌👍👍
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3 years ago, Lunas girlfriend
Why isn’t my favorite movies working!
So let’s talk about people saying ads being interrupting and stuff, so basically I never watched from here but people say many ads. If you can turn down the ads from them that will be great! Also I will get to the point why I downloaded this and never used it. Second, WHY ISNT HARRY POTTER WORKING! none of the movies work for me! I wanted to watch the prisoner of Azkaban. (my fav) but it says failed playback speed! There aren’t any comments on it for some od reason! I wanna watch Harry Potter! I tried NBC and USA but nothing is working for it, I’m not gonna pay 4 dollars to rent something when I can just watch it here. Soup2day has a virus on it! So I don’t understand. Please try working on this problem. I have school work to do right now! I wanted to check if it’s working now but it’s not. Before 2021 I hope it’s working! I wanna cry again about people! Thank u for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful chrismas and happy New Years. If your reading the after that well, I hope u had a great New Years! And plz make Harry Potter movies work before New Year’s Eve! Thank u bye bye!
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4 years ago, Laura luv
app deleted
If casting to TV don’t even bother with this app. It’s just nonstop commercials anytime you do anything. Even to rewind it’s another commercial! There’s no FF or rewind 10 or 30 seconds. Try to fast forward if you need to get back to your spot (because it won’t save your spot), ALL the commercials and then 10 seconds later another commercial! Forget trying to get closed captioning or even pause. Literally none of the controls work and sometimes you think you’re just watching a commercial but when it comes back it’s playing an entirely different movie! More frustration than its worth. What upsets me the most is no closed captioning. So people with hearing issues just don’t matter? Absolutely despicable. Shame on you for not fixing the problem. And stop asking people to tell you more about what they’re experiencing, just test it out yourself! You ARE the app developer. I’m not buying it that you don’t know these problems exist. I’m not the first one to comment. Just, shame on you.
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4 years ago, Heckima
Buggy and missing features
I do like the shows available, and I could even stand the amount of commercials if it wasn’t for the buggy video and missing features. If you switch out of the app, or your phone goes to sleep momentarily, the video will not play at all if you try pressing the play button again. Instead, you have to exit the show and scroll to find the episode you were on again, click it, and hope it works (because sometimes you’ll get a playback error). As for the features, there’s a rewind 10 seconds button but no skip 10 forward button. It’s incredibly annoying, especially since trying to track accurately on the video player is a nightmare, and there’s no Netflix-like feature where the show will auto-skip or provide the option to skip opening sequences/recaps that waste your time. I’d like to be able to at least skip 10 if I want to. One last thing to note, using this app on a smart TV shows the amount of commercials in a commercial break while this does not show up on mobile. It’s a smaller thing, but it does end up feeling like you’re sitting through endless commercials when you don’t have a number in the corner to keep track.
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3 years ago, Pirateninja!
was so excited about this app, but I’m really just disappointed
Half way thru every episode of resident alien during the gambling ad my episode glitches and either puts me into a loop of constant commercials or completely freezes up and won’t allow me to watch anything further. I have to close the app and reopen it 3-4 times to make it allow me to watch. At that point it does not allow me to pick up where I left off, but rather forces me to re watch all the commercials again and repeat the whole process over or skip ahead 15 min and miss a bunch of the program. If that’s not the issue I’m faced with, then I have to deal with the whole episode stopping randomly and telling me I have to restart because of an error. I was so excited about this app, but I’m really just disappointed.
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4 years ago, jackson jp
Only problem with the app is that the adds everything else is amazing a great overall app even though the commercials are the worst part it tells you whenever the commercials come up so until the commercials are over you can go do something else so great overall app and I love watching my favorite shows like Harry Potter.
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3 years ago, venousreturn
Good App, Could be Better
I really enjoy the programming on the App and think the interface looks great. Only issue I have with it is that going back to the episode list of a series, the app (on both the mobile version and TV app) keeps going back to the first season and first episode of the list instead of where it left off. It’s an annoyance to have to keep going back to the season I left off on to find the next episode I want to watch as I like to skip episodes. If that can be reconciled, that would be a huge improvement to the viewing experience.
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3 years ago, rhondabae
Worst App to Cast On
About 20% of the time, the show casts without the picture, just the sound. There’s no obvious fix for this other than trying again later. Restarting the app, my phone, and the TV never helps. When I’m actually able to cast, the volume control displays every 30 seconds, and readjusts to a totally random number. I have to adjust the volume then QUICKLY close the app to set the volume for that particular episode. I could go on, but the quirks of this app just aren’t worth it. I’m working with the latest iPhone and a relatively new smart TV, so I’m not exactly bashing rocks together and expecting miracles. If you have any other option, don’t use this app.
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4 years ago, Allison_holly
Isn’t working
The only show I care about is Face/Off and I’ve been waiting since season 7 to start watching it again. I finally have my chance and it doesn’t work. This app is the only app that isn’t working on our smart tv. You can get in but when you try to watch the show it just buffers and doesn’t load. It also glitches all the time. When and if It does work it’ll skip up to 10 seconds of footage at a time. AND the set up for the app on my tv is once I select what season I’m on, the first episode it shows me is the last one SO I CAN SEE WHO MADE IT TO THE FINALE ALREADY?! The only thing that seems to work well are the repetitive ads.
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4 years ago, Angrymonkeymermaid
Casting works even worse Horrible!
The app works fine. However, casting is stops working after the first commercial break. When the first commercial plays the video and audio stop syncing up. So what you will have is the commercial playing but you will hear the movie audio when it comes back from commercial break. And the after the 2nd or 3rd commercial break the app crashes. I dont have this problem with any other app so I know it’s just this app which is already updated. They wrote that they updated the performance but the performance is worse.
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4 years ago, crsouser
An App to ruin all your favorite shows
This is hands down one of the worst apps for watching shows. Ads over and over again frequently every couple of minutes and the same annoy ads and it never picks up where you left off exactly..: HORRIBLE. You used to at least also be able to watch shows with this annoying Ad behavior.. but now on top of that they implemented a credit system that EVEN WITH using credits its ad after ad and the same behavior. I used to Love SyFy and their shows but theyve ruined the experience so horribly bad I can no longer stand sitting through any of their Programming. So digusted.
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2 years ago, marshmevan
Good enough
The app does the job of showing tv and movies, but the image quality is sometimes messed up, especially when I link my provider. Sometimes I’ll take a second to turn off my phone, and when I turn it back on to play my show, it reloads and takes a few seconds to continue playing. It then takes a while to get back to good image quality. Again, the app does its job. It’s not above average, just average.
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2 years ago, officialkellycash
Not really free
There is catch behind it, one it’s stupid there is only a certain amount of credits you can use & mind you if you have it linked to your phone and tv if you watch the same episode on each device it cost as 2 credits ! & then afterwards they want you to link a TV provider just to watch other stuff. It was nice watching the few episodes of chucky but now I’m stuck not being able to watch the rest.
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2 years ago, Ardis4kids
Older shows don’t complete
I’ve been watching Kolchak, the night stalker, and about 40 minutes or less into this 1 hour show, it auto plays the next episode!!! So frustrating!! I’d love to see the end of these episodes. Please fix the bug and give us the option to stop auto play.
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2 weeks ago, mglory63
When they first discontinued this show I begged you to bring it back and I am sitting here today with a large smile because you have done just that can’t wait for it to start on October 4 I will have my popcorn and my company spot and we’re gonna do some surreal estate watching
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3 years ago, Olwenluv
Worst app I’ve ever tried to use.
I say “tried” because it rarely worked. 70% of the time I would get a “video playback error” message. I contacted the app masters and they suggested I loaded the Cable provider information incorrectly. I followed the directions and still got the fail message repeatedly. I deleted and reloaded the app— no success. I even restored my iPad to factory settings and reloaded the app—no success. At this point I think it would be easier to find an actual vampire on the street than to watch Underworld on the SYFY app. If you have to have a degree from MIT to correctly use an app, it’s poorly designed.
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4 years ago, KatCaLa
Love that there’s an app, but glitchy
I love SYFY shows so I’m incredibly happy there’s an app, but if you try to pause or rewind, you’re done. The commercials don’t come on when a typical commercial break would start. I’m talking like someone is in the middle of a sentence and boom, random commercial. Sometimes I really do just give up on whatever show I’m watching for a few hours because it will start in a random location of the show. Will I still use it? yup. Is it a bit of a pain? Yup.
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4 days ago, huedaman
very bad, unacceptable software coding
Every time the app (or family of apps) is updated, it throws away my previously VERIFIED cable provider credentials. Bad enough I'm already paying absurdly high monthly rates for cable programming WITH COMMERCIALS, the app family provider chooses to forget the credentials I have already verified and forces me to drag out id and password they ALREADY HAVE ON FILE just to access what I am already paying for. Little wonder why cables are being cut. They are cutting their own throats. If you have any, sell your stock while it is still worth anything.
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12 months ago, xaniel1040
Stop trying to pushing this brand give up
This app is horrible nothing loads and if it does it’s only for a little bit it’s not my service bc I can stream on other services perfectly, I downloaded it to watch chucky I don’t know why they continue to push this app on everyone and not put the show on another app that the struggling network is family with like peacock but okay sure make everyone use ur horrible app smh this is what happens when you let middle aged men run a network when the times have changed
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3 years ago, jrpg8255
App is a dumpster fire
Content is good. The app is not. Especially on Apple TV; I don’t think I’ve never seen an app crash completely every 30 Minutes. That of course invokes the commercials others comment on. If we have to watch them, perhaps some variety? Reliably, pausing with Bluetooth headphones results in no audio, and having to restart the app. Linking to TV provider may or may not work ( multiple attempts on TVos, currently link on ipad just is non functional).
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4 years ago, tess1213
Great but not great
Love the show and movie options but when I pause the show or movie to do something else on my phone when I go back to the show it is frozen. I have to close out of it and go back in to continue watching it. Sometimes it starts where I left off sometimes I have to fast forward the show which causes more commercials to play. Really a pain. Very close to giving up and watching another app.
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3 years ago, KRYXUS711
Too many commercials
I like the shows but there is to many commercials if I have to sit through 1 more vivid-19 commercial I’ll kill myself at least then it would save the virus the trouble but when your casting to a tv if your phone goes to sleep and you need to pause it the show will start over and you can’t pause it if you want to keep viewers cut down on the commercials and fix any problems you may want to add more shows and movies too there’s not much to choose from
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2 years ago, Βrian K.
Annoying U.S. TV Parental Guidelines badge bug
The SYFY app for Apple TV frequently exhibits a bug where the U.S. TV Parental Guidelines badge (e.g. “TV-14”) has more than one instance drawn on top of one another that doesn’t fade away as it should, but rather persists constantly on-screen, never disappearing while TV shows play. It’s quite annoying and obstructs the content. Furthermore, the app lacks fit and finish, with all sorts of minor glitches of lesser annoyance, but especially unacceptable coming from NBCUniversal Television.
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4 years ago, HeySorryGood
Great App! Audio, not so much..
I love the content available on the app and it’s perfect for watching shows and movies but the only issue is that in action scenes, the audio cracks to the point it’s almost unbearable. I thought it could be my sound system or Apple TV but everything has been updated and no other apps have problems such as this. Issue only occurs through the SyFy app for some reason. Hoping a fix comes out soon! 😖😖😖
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2 years ago, Meterman 2016
SYFY experience
I’ve read the reviews and they are correct about the commercials, but they are not long commercials. I still enjoy the app and the programs. Well worth a minute or two to be able to watch my favorite shows!
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2 years ago, northplattenosy
My smart tv died and my cable was on the blink right before the premiere of”SurrealEstate.” Almost like someone, or something didn’t want me to watch it. Fortunately, I found SYFY app and problems solved. Of course I am already a fan of others shows like “Alien” and “The Night Stalker”.
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2 years ago, spencerljohnson
Unusably glitchy
I managed to get through 2 1/2 episodes before deleting the app. The AirPlay streaming connection keeps crashing. It takes 10 minutes or more to reconnect each time, but the location in the episode would be lost. Trying to scrub through to the right spot is a nightmare. Every time you move the playhead it makes you watch through a bunch of ads. Then it randomly jumps to some other spot. It’s not worth the headache, even for the 3 free episodes. I can’t imagine paying for the subscription.
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3 years ago, KauaiSkyGuy
AirPlay Crashes and Glitches Constantly
I downloaded this app in order to watch Resident Alien with Alan Tudyk by streaming the full episodes to my tv from my iPhone via AirPlay!... but it is terrible. I do this same thing with several other apps and they work great, but not this version of the SYFY app. It glitches, can’t scrub forward and backward without starting over, then sometimes drops the episode and jumps to a random commercial, the n freezes and crashes. AirPlay from my Mac on Safari works, thankfully. But this app needs some major work.
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3 years ago, Supermanda76
App Works Well
The app works well, there are a lot of commercials, but that’s the price of free TV. It would’ve nice if you didn’t have to rewatch a commercial if you have/need rewind to rewatch or restart. For ease of use and the fact that it works it gets 5 stars.
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6 months ago, Just Another App Critic
I would call it false advertising
I downloaded this app because it looked like a app that offered one of my favorite tv shows, Battlestar Galactica, when I got on there was nothing to click on, just a picture in the background and that was it, when you try to watch the series TRAILER it says that there’s an error. Overall, an absolutely terrible app. Do not buy unless you want to get really angry when you realize they they advertise their platform with shows THAT THEY DON’T EVEN CARRY!!!
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4 years ago, IDontWantAStupidNicknameDamnIt
Location requirements
App insists on location permissions to ‘obtain the local feed’. Really? You need GPS coordinates to know if I’m on the toilet or kitchen while watching?! IP address isn’t sufficient? My US cable subscription isn’t good enough? The arrogance is remarkable. To watch we need a cable subscription, an app that restricts usage, ads and more ads, and then, to monetize even more, you want to track every movement. Your shows aren’t that good. Now, I know this snarky review with neither get you to improve programming or change Big Brother location tracking. But hopefully it makes some admin chuckle and, maybe, just maybe, shines the tiniest of lights on the greedy executive who is thinking of the next monetization - might I discourage the anal sphincter measurement service. You could call it the Sucky Contrarian Indicator of Fudge Index (SciFi spelled correctly).
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2 years ago, Chris2_4_7
2 Star
It was awesome to watch Resident Alien, I didn’t even mind the advertisements. Then it said I didn’t have enough credits to continue watch more episodes. So I waited more than a month, still no new credits to use to continue watching the show. I don’t have alternative option of linking a TV provider continue watching. I am never going to sign up for a tv provider, so I guess I can’t enjoy the show anymore.
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2 years ago, PrismBlue
There are probably wore apps. I just haven’t seen them
Just got this app and used it for 2 nights then removed it. It’s great at showing commercials and then when it goes back to the show it only buffers. But every commercial shows just fine. If you try to rewind it either takes you back to more commercials or the beginning of the show. Unless you love commercials it’s a useless app. I would give 0 stars if this review would have allowed it.
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4 years ago, EnglishRose221
Buggy and low quality
I know SYFY isn’t a super well known or popular channel but christ this app struggles. Anytime you leave the app to do anything it freezes and you have to close out the app, relaunch it, and find your episode. Plus the commercials are nonstop and will sometimes will play twice if you have to rewind or, hey, restart the app. I am starting to get so frustrated with this thing. I love their shows but it’s almost not worth it at this point.
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3 years ago, MeMyselfI_82
Horrible app worse customer service
Downloaded the app so I could cast a couple shows to my TV. Cast does not work. Constantly getting a playback error. Followed the instructions and reached out to customer service. Explained the issue via email. Got an email back stating that I had to call my cable provider (which if you don’t know they have no control over casting from your phone or tablet to you tv). I tried responding and explaining that is not the issue. Never got another response.
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2 years ago, AmberThurman
Wish I could add this to my cord-cut subscriptions
There are sooooo many ads. I would pay a fair amount of money to subscribe to ONLY SyFy and have access to their entire library. Since Peacock is removing several at the end of the month from their platform, it would be nice if the SyFy channel could rely on long-time fans to create new content and even reboot old content *coughcoughEUREKAcough*. Until all that is available, I’m not using the app. 😞
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4 years ago, Wichee
Great Content - Poor Playback
LOVE being able to watch my favorite shows. However - so many glitches. Can’t play the episode (guess that’s why there is two for each one). Cannot pause without starting the episode over at beginning. Occasionally will skip to very end and start next episode, when there was 15-20 min left of show.
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11 months ago, ZFisher29
Pretty Good
The function of the app itself is decent, although it often forgets my place in a series and updates my status to a random episode even after updating. Also, one of the ‘Clips’ on the front page of a show I’m watching spoiled a major death in the series. (Chucky) I’m disappointed. Please work on this!
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3 years ago, outoftheballpark
does not connect with tv screen problems
Play on iPad only. Too complicated to get it to play on external screen. Tried to connect with bluetooth TV screen. Could not do it. It worked for a little once. Then videos would not play on iPad. Keep getting message cannot play on TV screen. But now I just want to play it on something...anything. App says now all video will automatically play on TV screen, not on iPad. ???????? But it will not play on TV screen. Changed it back to viewing on iPad once. Could not do it a second time. I do not know how this works. Tried to delete app and start over. But app stayed with all video will be played on TV screen—but it can’t play on TV screen. So cannot watch anything. Disconnected TV screen finally got vids to play on iPad again. argh!
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4 years ago, LampEft
Horrible video player experience.
Absolutely one of the worst TV apps I have had the displeasure of using. While watching ... er ... ATTEMPTING to watch an episode of The Magicians, the video player kept crashing about every 5 minutes or less. Then when going back to the episode I was just watching, it would not pick up where it left off when it crashed. I’d have to rewatch what I had just watched.... and then the video would crash again. Never uninstalled an app so fast.
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4 years ago, 0ctavia
Useless Application
There is no way to subscribe to this channel or purchase more credits to watch a show. My Rant: I do not subscribe to any television provider because they charge way too much, tax is insane, insane fees, and then to top it off they subject consumers to lengthy commercials. If the service is free, commercials are the incentive to purchase a subscription, duh. But television service providers are so ridiculous they want to make money from advertisers and on subscriptions. If I see a product in a commercial, I add it to the list of stuff not to buy for subjecting me to commercials. Next, I’ll find out they’re selling my data! Advertising via word of mouth is the only type of advertising I trust, including reviews to a certain extent. So I guess I have to get this content elsewhere. End Rant!
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4 years ago, Brandi_Doernemann
Took my show away
I was halfway through “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” and then I opened the app two days later. I can’t find any Harry Potter movies even when I search for them! I can’t find them on the home page! I’ve even tried searching for the “Wizarding World” folder like it says in the app description! So frustrated with this app!!! Everything was going great before they took my HALFWAY watched show away!!! I would’ve highly recommend this app, but now I am just disappointed!!!!
Show more
7 months ago, 17thirtyeiGhttt
So good no complaints
so if we’re referring to reviews, compared to the past reviews from 1 & 2 years ago it seems to have gotten way better. I don’t have issues fr, advertising doesn’t bother me when it comes to free apps that’s nothing, the rotation thing is a little irritating but that’s pretty much an easy fix so 👍👍
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2 years ago, iaiakaiak
Good but..
The reason i downloaded this app is because to watch Harry Potter but as i finish half blood prince for some reason it doesn’t let me watch deathly hallows. It keeps saying “SYFY content isn’t working right now try again later” why is this happening? Please fix this.
Show more
2 years ago, Livewrongarmy
Garbage App
Lazy developers. Glitches while casting regularly. Obviously they focus more on commercial delivery than content. Just as many commercials as normal tv however if anything happens, commercials. Want to rewind 30 seconds, rewatch all commercials. Want to fast forward because it glitches, be prepared for lots of commercials. Commercials never glitch or fail. I’d rather watch paint dry instead of the same 5 commercials over and over. ✌️
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4 years ago, TC’63
App won’t let me link my provider.
I would love to give this a 5* rating because I enjoy so many of the shows. However, it keeps kicking me out of shows because it won’t allow me to link my provider. This did not used to be a problem. The issue has only started recently.
Show more
3 years ago, precious0105
Can’t even watch the fourth movie
After I watched the third movie I can’t even watch the next movies. It says my credits been used up.... wth.... thought you can watched any movies w/o credits. So what you do if you used all your credits.... what kind of SYFY is this. I try linking to my tv provider, didn’t go through...... Now I have to go to another movies app to watch other movies.
Show more
2 years ago, Floyd831
Credits are Convoluted
Just fold the SYFY app into Peacock. The credits don’t make sense. I spent a credit on a film only to realize it had both been edited for content and shortened, plus 6 ads would be served. Didn’t watch the film. Ads are one thing, censorship is another. How can you accept as money for a compromised work of art? Logged out and deleted the app after having a laugh.
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3 years ago, KSPhan
Useless App
Got the app to watch episodes of Face Off. Got all logged in, navigated to full episodes, beginning of season 1, tap to start watching and I got an error message that my subscription doesn’t allow me to watch, and instructions on upgrading my programming. I know I have SyFy network! I logged in on the website using my desktop computer instead and am watching with no issues. Will remove the app tonight.
Show more
3 years ago, Rachael Rae Ann
Seriously the worst app I have ever used in my life. It doesn’t play anything right. The ONE show that worked stopped 1/3 way through and will not let me start properly again. Every time I airplay it stops and starts something else for six seconds (maybe), then I have to hit play on my phone again and it stops six seconds later. Other shows it won’t play at all. Sticking to Netflix and CW. At least they play a show the entire way through!!!
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