Symbolab: AI Math Calculator

4.5 (21.2K)
67.8 MB
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Last update
2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Symbolab: AI Math Calculator

4.55 out of 5
21.2K Ratings
12 months ago, Woooff
I can’t say enough good things about this app. I’ve been helping my step-daughter with her college calculus class, and this has been a lifesaver. The time her exams allow for each problem are simply not long enough to do the problems longhand, but with Symbolab they’re a snap. You still need to understand the concepts and which parts of the app to use, but once you’re there, the results are nothing short of amazing. It’s very intuitive to use, and I love how the results are offered in an “exact” format (like an answer with fractions) and where appropriate, a numerical format (like an answer rounded to the nearest hundredth), since sometimes homework and/or quizzes and exams ask for one or the other. I feel like the developer should be getting more than what this app sells for, in light of what a huge difference it makes.
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2 years ago, Qwertylerqw
Really Helpful for Leaning
TL;DR: This app is fantastic as a calculus student. I opted to pay for the “Pro” subscription and I think it is worth it for what it is. I am currently in an online calculus class and the app has helped a lot with finding where I’m misunderstanding concepts. The step-by-step walkthroughs help a ton! Even if you don’t opt for the pro subscription; it’s still a great tool for checking your answers. This app is very similar to Photomath, but I personally prefer Symbolab. Photomath uses some atypical symbols that made solutions harder to read for me and occasionally was unable to solve equations. So far, I’ve quite literally not had a single problem that I couldn’t solve with Symbolab. Symbolab also has a fully functional website that I actually use more than the app since I can easily have it pulled up beside my homework. The graphing capabilities of Symbolab are great. I’ve essentially replaced my TI-84 with it. There’s a lot of functionality and it’s much more intuitive to use a touch screen over the arrow keys of a traditional calculator. It also beats Photomath in this department. The graph is much more interactive.
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5 years ago, 3;(654;;)))
Perfect for college
I just read a one star review that said “You can’t expect me to pay for something so basic.” First of all kid, there is absolutely nothing basic about this app. If you’re going to use it so solve simple algebra, then sure, find something free. However, this app is amazing when it comes to really complicated stuff. I’ve been a pro user of the website for a year and just decided to try out the app (up until now I’ve had no reason to use the app as the website version works flawlessly). I’m in calculus 2 and this app takes all of my questions in stride and is really able to teach me what is going on in the solution.
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4 years ago, Lexi_Buttmunch
Great for math, a pain to cancel a subscription though
This app is great, it probably saved my calc grade. It’s a little confusing at first but once you get the hang out it it’s the best tool ever. I’m not complaining about needing to pay for the work to be shown (I get it, it takes money to build an app and keep it functional), my only complaint is cancelling the subscription. I clicked manage subscription in the settings on my account in the app, and the page it took me to was simple text, no button, and it didn’t take me to the App Store. I had to search through my email to find the receipt from the Apple store, click on that, and go from there. I wish there was a way to edit the subscription in the app, or at least make the link work. It’s a great app, don’t get me wrong, but with money on the line frustration happens fast.
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3 years ago, grvinson00
horrible update!
i used this app all the time last semester (spring 2021) for differential equations and physics classes. i loved it—the functionality was simple and effective. come this fall semester, there is this horrible new update which makes it extremely clunky to use. you have to press and hold on the function keyboard to input something as simple as an x. it takes FOREVER to type an equation because of this. also pi is on another tab, and once you click on any operator in the other tab it brings you off of that page, so you’re constantly switching between the tabs. it also seems like it has less capabilities now. im getting a lot more “steps are not currently supported for this problem” error messages. i always preferred it over wolfram alpha, and even was willing to pay for the subscription. now i am considering deleting the app altogether.
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5 years ago, daniellewise
Great app for advanced math
I am currently in my last semester of pre-engineering and I am taking a differential equations course. I learn the material inside and out, I’ve aced my first two tests, but when I try to to the online hw assigned every week I just can’t do it. This solves so much for me that I can’t find on chegg because I am not going to waste my time on problems I won’t be tested on that my teacher didn’t come up with in the first place, a system did. This app has been so helpful and I pay monthly so that if I actually need help with a difficult problem I can see step for step (since only the easy solutions are given) and teach myself when I’m at home.
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6 years ago, Al Gore’s House
Worth the price
This app is a serious gem when used during calc 2 for series and sequences. You have to pay a fee, but it is worth it to fully understand the material to see what tests apply and what converges and diverges. If you are struggling to find your starting point, or want a definitive answer when you finish a problem, this is the app to use. I have WolframAlpha as well, but it doesn’t do anywhere near of a job this app does. I have yet to use the actual website on the computer. But this app is second to none for calculus 2 help.
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5 years ago, Moogiles
Wish the web subscription would carry over to mobile
I’ll start by saying this, I love Symbolab. It’s helped me learn and I wouldn’t pass my math classes without it. I purchased the web subscription as I’m taking math classes that require steps beyond the paywall. I don’t understand why I have to pay for both if I am already paying for one. I wouldn’t have this problem if I could use the symbolab website in my mobile browser but instead it requires the app. The app is kind of buggy. It may just be this version but, since I need to buy yet another subscription, it is a dead end. The subscribe link leads to a loading bar and then times out leaving you back where you started. I am disappointed that the app is so subpar to the original site, as the original sight is an absolute masterpiece and wonderful for learning.
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3 years ago, oyou.
Absolutely spectacular, this is easily the best math tool i’ve found yet, it’s saved me countless hours of pointless work in high school. The user interface is really great and easy to use, and i love the option to use the camera to copy problems from a screen or paper. The only issues i’ve had with this is it seems the camera feature does struggle sometimes with some fonts, mainly with 1s and 6s but this is very easily worked around and not a major issue in the slightest.
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5 years ago, Star Wars Nerd 43
Goody Two Shoes And Refuses To Cheat
People on here complaining about the price to have problems shown how to work out... I’m in Honors Algebra 2 and this app basically does give me all the answers I need. Best app I’ve found by far. I’m willing to pay the 99¢ to get the thing but I haven’t yet. (Only two months of school left I’ll get it in August) This is fantastic to CHECK answers not just to cheat. Love it love it love it! Thanks so much for helping me out because my math tutors (parents) haven’t done any of this logarithm crap in 20 yrs and sometimes I need help.
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2 years ago, Bark monitor
Could not have wished for something better.
I’d gotten pretty far behind on notes and lessons for both my calculus and trigonometry classes, but this app allowed to get back up to date. The fact that I’m able to see the steps is something not even my teachers would show me. They simply gave us a worksheet with one or two formulas on the board up front. This taught me better than I ever could. Now, I’m finished with both of those classes, and I had the highest grade in them out of all of the students who took them for the past 6 years
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6 years ago, pitchblackfire
This is a must have app for every student👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 in the United States of America🇺🇸‼️ This app will show you the steps to any and every math problem from beginning to end. This app will show all of the work for you in getting the right answer‼️ NO MORE getting stuck on HOMEWORK problems‼️ If you’re stuck on a problem, the best way to learn is to type it into the app, and then look at the steps. Next try to do the problem again on your own without your phone📱‼️ That’s how I learn math with this app‼️🙂
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1 year ago, Tonifferson
This app is a godsend
I don’t even like giving away a dollar. But this is worth the 10 dollars a month if you are in a position where you really need help understanding math. It blows my mind that this app is automated in so many ways to solve a variety of problems and then give you step by step breakdown of how to do it. It’s not always perfect, but it has blown my mind as to how often it is correct, and it has been a huge help to me understanding calculus
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1 year ago, Firebird725
If I could give this 10 stars I would
I love this app so much! It saved me honestly, I love how it automatically knows what type of problem your doing and how the answers are free to know, you don’t have to pay for the camera. I think the only thing you have to pay for is the step by step but other that that it’s so quick and easy to use, it can understand what you wrote on paper and calculate that to your math. 10/10!!! 😀
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2 years ago, wezzzzzzz c
Member since 2019 (bad service)
Have been a member since 2019. Was put in auto pay and used quite frequently. This company has raised their fees. My fees stayed the same (2019) was charged for many months but have not been able to use the locked step by step solutions any longer. I’m not sure why they kept charging me if I’m not able to access locked steps????? Basically have been charging me monthly for nothing. Never notified me, never said hey the charge has increased and you can’t access. Find it hard to believe. Good luck all. Hope this helps. Additionally… just received a response to this but not to my direct email in regards to the above which was sent before this review.
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4 years ago, B Boy Brady
Cool for math, but scammers with subscription
Great for solving math problems. My issue is with the company. I paid for a weekly subscription at the end of my calculus semester and I couldn’t cancel the subscription through their “manage subscription” section in the app.(they are going to say cancel it in your Apple subscriptions, but that isn’t the case if you signed up using a computer.) I voiced my concern through their app and mentioned I was going to cancel. I had a couple more days before my billing cycle was going to re-occur. They must have received my email and then renewed my subscription for another week... even though I paid 2 days ago for a weekly subscription. Just got scammed for $1.99. Hopefully they make it easier to cancel.
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5 years ago, niggamelon
Git gud
Now that I have your attention, this app is possibly the greatest math tool this world has ever seen. There’s not much it can’t do, it’ll tell you if something is undefined or if you wrote something wrong, AND its adorably organized by sub topics. I bought the full version instantly after trying it out, as this app will not only aid with homework, studying, etc. by spitting out an answer, but it will TEACH YOU HOW TO DO THE MATH WITH DETAILED STEPS!!! ESSENTIAL FOR EXAMS! Don’t listen to the lil wankers that give this a bad review, they just can’t math. Get the app.
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4 years ago, Summit18
Stolen Money
I have no problem paying for this app, it works great on web and I wanted to purchase it for a week to see what other nice features there are. When I hit subscribe my credit card is charged immediately but then it says I don’t have a subscription. I refresh app and it still says nothing. Now it also won’t let me login and won’t let me login on the website either, then prompts me to purchase the subscription again. After hitting restore purchase, no valid subscription found. I lost .99 cents, it’s not a lot but I still lost money because the app plain doesn’t work. Nor does the website either apparently. Now you lost more money that I would have invested had it worked properly
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1 year ago, Worlds yongest meteroligist
Overall good app
It’s a great app but one thing with percent's wouldn’t it be easier for some people to tell them to move the decimal 2 spaces to the right? For example you have 1.5 move the decimal 2 spaces to the right and if you have a blank space put a zero there and end up with 150. See 1.5 one space right you have 15. And the last space right 150. 1.5 -> 15. -> 150. And tada! Reverse it and get a decimal again 2 space left
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10 months ago, Koolkhalida
I never leave good reviews for apps but this app is actually a lifesaver. I paid a one time fee of like $2 and it literally shows you step by step how to finish math problems. I’ve been using this app since I was in 8th grade and I’m currently a sophomore in college. Even with my college Calculus 2 class, this app gave me accurate answers and helped me finish with an A in the class! It’s even better than Photomath in my opinion
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3 years ago, Matt&Caleb
Truly the best math app out there
Symbolab is truly amazing. Not only is it free but it helps me with questions I can’t figure out. It shows you how to do the math and helps me learn a million times faster. I’ve learned so much more from this app. It can help with just about anything and it’s the most practical math app I’ve used. Others are clunky or don’t work well. Smooth fast and reliable. Thank you symbolab I’m learning well again.
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3 years ago, O'Shamrock
Best Math App
Needed app for checking and solving first and second order differential equations. This app does it quickly and shows all steps of solution. I have found nothing else that performs this task so well. Hard to believe that it works so well on a phone. Amazing. It is indispensable during my study of DEs. Previously, it was indispensable during my study of calculus. Saved much time during self-study and real time analysis of DE modeled problems.
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2 years ago, mo geezy
not worth it
i thought being able to take a photo of my problem and have it solved would be cool, so i decided to pay for the upgraded version in order to use it to study. i have a few complaints. first and foremost, i find it wild that after i paid for the upgrade is when i started having issues, but that’s neither here nor there. the camera doesn’t work to scan anything. like it just doesn’t lol. it’s always “network error” or something even though every other app on my phone and every other device on my wi-fi works fine. there are other random reasons the camera has for not working but that’s the one that just happened which prompted me to write this review lol. anyway, the only “cool” thing about this app was that it supposedly took a photo of the math problem but it never did that. i’m gonna get a refund cause this app is just bogus. you’ll have better luck with google
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9 months ago, SirBilliamIII
It practically puts thinking out of a job
This is my first time writing an app review in all the years I’ve had Apple devices, but this app warranted it. I’m currently a highschool student taking Algebra 2 H and since getting This I have been doing homework that would previously have taken me 20 minutes on the way to class. Just point the camera at the problem and it’ll solve it, it’s brilliant!
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2 months ago, Jonathan Ivers
Long story short, don’t download this and sign up unless you wanna be paying for it for the rest of your life. They won’t let you cancel! I signed up for a subscription to Symbolab when I was in college so that I could take advantage of the extra features. Well I recently graduated and don’t need the subscription anymore. I’ve been trying to cancel for several months now, but every time I log into my account and try to change my subscription, it gives me an error. I’ve tried contacting their support line, but they don’t respond. And they continue to charge me every month.
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4 years ago, DaffyDownDilly8
This is the one!
I have been researching for a lot of Math apps that can suit my needs. I like Symbolab because there are a lot of things it can cover or do. One is the step-by-step solving process, then the graphing process. I sometimes check my work with this app. I love to incorporate my graphing calculator, my Math textbook, and the Symbolab app so that I can have the right answers to my math problems. The Symbolab app helps me to correct my mistakes and in the process helps me to learn.
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5 years ago, FL_FSU_GIRL
Fantastic at a Fabulous Price!
I love this app! I’m a math teacher and I encourage my students to use this app. If they are working on homework and need to check an answer or need help. I love that the steps are hidden. It helps us math teachers figure out who REALLY knows it!! The price is a bargain. There are other apps out there that literally charge $80 a year for the same function. I agree with the other reviewers there is nothing to whine about! Be thankful!
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4 years ago, d.soderstrom
Amazing (if you have a subscription)
This saved my precalc and calc 1 grades and now is helping loads with calculus 2. It’s the closest you can get to a tutor or teacher laying out every step of a problem. But you only see steps if you have a subscription. Don’t use it as a crutch. Do practice problems yourself first and check your answers after to see exactly where and how you went off track. It’s an amazing tool.
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2 years ago, bookkitty114
Survived my linear integers quiz! Well, I hope so.
I was desperately trying to review for my quiz a day ago, when I suddenly came across this app! Amused, I gave it a shot and downloaded it, thinking there would be more junk and payments. But no! With an easy scan, I can check my answers to the study guide so I don’t screw up the quiz! Thank you so much, app! Math is going to be so much easier for me now :)
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3 years ago, game a.s.d critic
So useful!
This is by far the best Step-by-Step homework solving app out there. It’s insanely useful. I usually use it to check my work or to solve problems I don’t understand. I don’t mind the ads because I completely understand the need for revenue! This app allows you to scan problems, choose your method of solving, and gives a great step by step explanation. I will definitely using it in the future!
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5 years ago, hyp_nos
This great
Paid only a small fee of like $2 for six months and I am so grateful to have found this. Currently in college and struggling with math this app has helped me with homework by actually showing me how to do the problems. I’m currently in a class that requires to do the work online so I basically paid for a class that I’m essentially teaching myself but thanks to this app my stress has eased and my grades are improving.
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5 years ago, _.Shadow._
I LOVE this app! I think it’s absolutely worth it to pay for the steps, because it doesn’t just give you the work, it helps you understand the process to get the answer. I’ve had this since my junior year of high school and it helped me get through my two algebra classes in college. If you have something super complicated, sometimes it requires a little... rewording? It’s helped me so much
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3 years ago, FYI by ensnsnhsbewgwwnks
New update has ruined a great app
Am no longer a subscriber but I went back to this app after using it just last year to find that it had completely changed and is missing tons of features previously present in the app. I would say they developers should change the app back… if that’s even possible. This used to be a great study tool, especially for difficult mathematics and the subscription helped with the steps to solving those problems but now, it is worthless and I don’t have the time or want into learning the new UI and setup. 👎
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10 months ago, meng02
Love it
This has helped resolve our issues on what math steps we overlooked. This program has helped with Homeschooling. Beware though that when you subscribe on the app and cancel your subscription, the website will charge you their yearly fee through their website. Cancel your subscription on the app and website.
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2 years ago, the.stitcher
Amazing for checking work
I use this app to check my work for my calculus homework since my textbooks don’t provide solutions, just answers. It’s amazing to fill in the gaps for most calculus problems (though I’m only in calc 2 so take that with a grain of salt). I find the subscription well worth it and honestly criminally low but I’m absolutely not complaining
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3 years ago, jwo784
Latest update is not the greatest
I used this app a lot over the last few years and everything was pretty good. Things were scattered a little bit into categories, but it wasn’t difficult to use. This latest update, which looks like it’s meant to streamline everything, is not very good. It’s more difficult to find what I need and long pressing to subtract or add is getting frustrating. Probably not going to use it anymore.
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5 years ago, lu3if3r
Great App!
I’m a college student and I work a full time job so my time is pretty much full. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit I front of my desk spending 5-10 on a problem. I was hesitant at first about downloading this app but boy was I wrong. So glad I decided to give it a shot. For the price it offers this app is already consider cheap. Works way better then most calculators out there.
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1 year ago, 4667777
Super helpful!!!
I really love this app it's super helpful when I'm trying to figure out the answer to a difficult problem! I normally struggle with math problems but this app tells me the answer and takes me step by step to figure out how to do it on my own! So thumbs up from me and keep up the outstanding work!
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3 years ago, greemple
Doesn’t solve equations half the time
Half of the time this dumb calculator will just rewrite the problem in different notation, instead of giving the answer. It’s very annoying having to solve most of the equation in order to be even able to get an answer out of the calculator. The other half of the time, it just says steps are not supported and doesn’t even try solving the answer. I hate this calculator so much, stealing peoples money for something that doesn’t even work. Devs literally don’t even care that their platform is unusable
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5 years ago, Bbc890713
Life saver
This app has literally tutored me through college. Don’t understand your Professor? Symbolab will show you step by step how to solve equations and give you key formulas to follow for future problems. Only have10 minutes to finish 15 calculus problems? Symbolab will give you quick answers and let you save the problem to look back at later. It’s perfect
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2 years ago, CoralGamer1215
Good app! But some problems
Hi, I love the app! It’s super helpful and easy to understand. The only problem I have is that the app dose not have the answer for some math questions. For instance, I’m in pre algebra and some of the stuff we’re learning is not on the app. Like functions, simple interest, percent applications, and other stuff that I can’t remember lol. Overall, it would be great if the app had a update on newer math equations that we’re learning. Thank you
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6 years ago, Vriskas
I’ve been using the website version of this site for a couple months now and I’ve always been impressed with it’s accessibility. Coming from that to a restricted mobile version that doesn’t allow me to see the solution step by step is disappointing. If you can run ads on your website and allow your users to view the steps I don’t see a reason why the mobile version can’t be the same. Either charge for the app or be consistent with how you run your site.
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2 years ago, Doc Cindy
Last update makes once-awesome app crash every time.
I tutor in a high school and this app has been my go to when students hit a brick wall. Today, I had error messages that it could not link to the internet despite a robust wifi connection. I downloaded the latest update, and now the app crashes every time. I have tried deleting Symbolab and reloading it, and rebooting the iPad, to no avail. Please help me resuscitate it. When I click on app support, it takes me back to the Symbolab splashscreen and promptly crashes. Thank you!
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4 years ago, TomasWasHere
Okay, but would rather just pull out my laptop and use their website
App is a bit annoying to use, and ads are obnoxious, also. For some reason, the first time I tried to use it, I kept getting an error message (“Please type in a problem and then press Go” or something like that) and couldn’t get anything solved. When I closed and re-opened, followed the same steps, worked fine. Not bad, but not worth keeping on my phone.
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5 years ago, U don't need it
It is perfect
If you don't want to pay try doing the equation if u know the steps but then check it with the calculator. I was solving an equation and then i was at the last step so i decided to see i there is any equations calculator and then i found this amazing app you should definetly try it if you are at school or u need a equation calculator. Hope that this review helped u!
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4 years ago, beccaa123123
Much better than Mathway but...
I love Symbolab, it’s so much better than Mathway. One feature I would love to be added is the ability to plug the answer you get back into the “Enter a Problem” bar. Kind of like how you can go to the previous answer on a TI calculator, press enter, and use it in your next problem. It would save me a lot of time and mistakes and seems like it would be an easy thing to add.
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4 years ago, nsgsusveks
Be more like slader
It’s good but as a kid I can’t pay for the answers cuz if I do I’ll get I trouble and I don’t have my own card I just wish I could see the step by step for free or for there to be another alternative to see the step by step for free. Slader is a good app because you can buy in your math good in the search engine and it will have the Anton the book and the step by step FOR FREE! Can you be like slader more please but the bad thing about slader is that you can’t ask it individual math questions you have to look up your book and stuff.
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2 years ago, von ivy
One of the most helpful apps out there!!
I’m not the smartest person, but I learn best with examples and detailed steps. This app give details step-by-step instructions that have helped me so much with algebra. I 100% recommended if you’re looking for a quick answer with informative information.
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2 years ago, dankannie
Best math app
This app has carried me through every math class i’ve come by. I love this app and all of its functions, I love how it shows you the steps how it attains its answers. They also have a website just like the app because they’re so useful. I also use the graphing app that goes with Symbolab which is just as good. HIGHLY SUGGEST!
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10 months ago, Dudeminus40dollars
No way to cancel subscription
Great app, but if you go for the $40 upgrade that subscription does not show up on your iCloud subscription page. I got surprised by the renewal charge and really struggled to find where to cancel. You have to go to the website or write support. Must say that support was helpful in canceling my subscription and issued a refund.
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