tagesschau - Nachrichten

4.8 (1.5K)
107.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
ARD Online
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for tagesschau - Nachrichten

4.77 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Grstuff
Excellent Access to Renowned German News
Ja, wer kennt denn nicht die 20:00 Uhr Tagesschau?! For anyone, whether an Expat German, or an American, or non-German, who is trying to learn German, or learn something about the culture, the tagesschau is the famous German newscast. Yes, just like main stream, American media, they have gone all Wolk and left wing — as a moderate you cannot deny this, but it is still the well known and excepted source. Have you heard this crazy stuff they’re doing to the German language regarding gender norming? Well, they’re changing their whole language because of this insane sensitivity. But this will let you keep up with it all! And maybe we all come back to our senses, someday. The alternative China, and Russia take over the west! You’ve been warned!
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4 years ago, Stahlbrenner
Very useful
English is my first language. I am studying German in a special Saturday school to improve my abilities with it. A main resource used in class is the 15 minute Tagesschau broadcast from Friday. With the app. I can watch the news from the Tagesschau to become very familiar with it. I can also find text versions of stories with unfamiliar vocabulary and learn it. If I watch through a Linux system I have the option of activating captions in German. Sometimes I would like to switch on captions on my iPad or iPhone, but I do not see a way to do it.
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4 years ago, St Paul Hope
Bug fixes have this back in our favorites
I wrote a review a few weeks ago about our problems with the updated app not connecting well to Airplay. Looks like you have fixed that and made some other changes to help the menus and choices be clearer. Thank you! We are back to our daily watching of Tagesschau 20:00 and Tagesthemen, and we really appreciate this easy access to good news coverage.
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6 years ago, Gunarator
News more factual than others
The Tagesschau app reports news in a factual manner (even though it tilts from the modest modern views a bit to the left). It does so in an easy to read, understand and sort through manner. It deserves 5 stars as it outshines the vast majority of other news cast.... most importantly, all articles are free, the way news and commentary needs to be ...
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5 years ago, hernajuce
Great perspective on international and German news
I have a diverse background and my news sources are just as diverse. I use apps such as this one to sort through the spin to make informed decisions. This is a very good app and I especially enjoy the news in 100 second bursts, this allows me to then focus on stories that I have an interest in.
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2 years ago, iuwyegriuywegrw
Great news app with German perspective
If you understand German this is a great way to get your news fix. However, since several months the app will start hanging after using it for a few days. The only way to fix it is to reboot the phone.
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1 year ago, pahnx
Clear cut
I’ve lived in Germany for a few years now, and this is simply refreshing when compared to American news channels. Here you can find clear cut facts & work on your German simultaneously. Two birds with one stone, oder zwei Fliege, eine Klappe:)
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3 years ago, BMF Pgh
Totally overengineered app!
Nobody needs the animation; it unnecessarily uses up disk space and crashes ALL THE TIME! I’d rather have a reliable app with still pics and text only rather than this imposter app trying to demonstrate motion for no reason. Please fix these issues ASAP. Also, please let me choose to exclude any sports news — don’t need that at all.
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7 years ago, FrmEu2IA
One of the better news apps
I peak in regularly on this news web sites as I feel it's more up to date and neutral than other sites in the US. Kind of sad to have to say such. But accuracy in reporting numbers and facts seems way better and speculative reporting is kept at bay. Good job. Keep its up!
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2 years ago, Rh71hh
That’s how a news app should be
I look to the Tagesschau app for my daily news especially when traveling overseas. Professional, succinct and factual. Unbiased by commercial advertisements. Hut ab!
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6 years ago, Capt Zerg
Livestream Doesn’t Function
I concede the content and reporting is excellent. My complaint is that live stream in the app has not functioned for months. After reinstalling, deleting, and reinstalling the app, live stream still does not work. I have to go to the Tagesschau webpage to watch live stream.
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2 months ago, Catty111
Love the widget and AppleTV app
Super helpful news, love the widget on my phone and the AppleTV app works great! I’m a German living in the US and can still get the Tagesschau news, which is amazing. Highly recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Venders61
App does not work
Lately the app is freezing on the first page. I reinstalled it but the problem remains
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1 year ago, muenchuwe
Not working right
I’m talking about the Apple TV app: after finally being fixed to actually work, it is impossible to see the 20 Uhr Tagesschau or the Tagesthemen. Really? That’s the point when not living in Germany, to see actual news. Please get this back to working for everything.
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3 years ago, MECHANZ
And use this app delivers is older than most other apps. For some unknown reason, any soccer games/tables are blinded out, which makes at least 30% of the video in viewable. I am German, I do love this news, but this app, watch from the United States, is completely useless. Also, the reviews are not public, until they have been reviewed. Now that changes this game completely. Non-objective reviews. Cabal app
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2 months ago, Tom3891
How is this app getting worse?
Buggy and missing features. No +/-10 sec buttons, scrubbing is a mess and half the time sends the video in PiP mode where it completely detaches from the app. Please, just make it like the ARD Mediathek. Why this mess?
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6 years ago, OlliB1988
Very nice
App! Accurate reporting, more world news than here in the US. Keeps you up to date without any extra costs or advertising.
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4 years ago, TagesschauUser
Blue screen...
I have an iPhone 6. I get to a point where the app freezes quite often (at least once a day). The app then has a blue screen when I restart it. At this point I have to restart my iPhone for it to work. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help. This issue happened with the latest update. Please fix!! The app used to be a lot more stable!
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6 years ago, s_baswell
Very good app to stay current on European news
Great variety of interesting current events topics in Europe, well-done in every aspect, reporting, video, presentation, everything is top notch.
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7 years ago, F1Indy
Watch This Daily
I am an American who uses the Tagesschau app daily to stay current on news in Europe and keep my German sharp. There are some long pauses while the next show queues, but overall this is a very good app.
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4 years ago, Anonymouse Truth
Great app best news app
This is the best news app in the world there is no better one than this app , the developers from this app did a real good job .
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4 years ago, mrt209
American news broadcast are a joke, hardly cover any world news, this is my go to news source
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4 years ago, Capt. Bingowings
Not working anymore!
Please update app. Stopped working
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2 years ago, Diplocaller
Excellent resource
Ideal for an overview of the news. And the app functions well.
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1 year ago, jj wx
Mag ich sehr
Informative, well edited, clear diction, one of my favorites.
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4 years ago, khap60
Doesn’t load stories
Seems this version has bugs in 14.0.1. Doesn’t load consistently.
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2 years ago, vandenschmalz
App not working on Apple TV
The Tagesschau App stopped working on my Apple TV box a few days ago. Rebooting the box and reinstalling the Tagesschau App did not solve the issue. The Apple TV software is up to date (16.2.). All other apps on the Apple TV work.
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6 months ago, tell.it.to.my.fart
Classic Excellence
Highly recommended for learning German
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6 years ago, Tony Klein
News feed is a mess
You seem to have stopped curating the news feed. It’s just a jumble of local and international item now with almost no way to sort them according to importance.
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4 years ago, transyogini
Update broke widget
After the update to the “3.0” version the widget is no longer refreshing.
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6 years ago, theoryprof
No Chrome Cast
Good app, but no chrome cast support, will give 5 stars once that is added.
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6 years ago, jhvbkgzczcvuv
Amazing app!!!!
I love this app! Best news channel ever!
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6 years ago, US-Bavarian
Miss Livestream
I use this app daily to get my news. However livestream hasn’t been working for months now. I live in the USA and use iPhone X.
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4 years ago, knauma
Content great, design terrible
The app's redesign is terrible. Too much whitespace forces the user to scroll more than necessary. Content continues to be great though: excellent unbiased news that aren't polluted with sensationalism.
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4 years ago, Dr Jurgen k
All blue
Have an iPhone 7, since last week the screen is blue. News is gone. Reinstalled it several times. No success!
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4 years ago, 123wwdre
Crashes 50%
Very frequent crashes, almost every other time using the app.
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1 year ago, bobbylax227
Stopped working April 25
The app on my iPhone and on my Roku tv both stopped working after the last update on April 25. No explanation. Typical.
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6 years ago, dobroh
Watching the Tagesschau everyday in the US. Great global coverage.
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7 years ago, Sinfonian2013
Ich lerne Deutsch, und diese App hilft. Sehr gut! I am learning German, and this app helps a lot. Very good!
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5 months ago, E h338
Es ist cool und man weiß nach den top Nachrichten soooo viel😁😁😁😁😁
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4 years ago, 2soaring
The state news, I selected Hesse, do not populate.
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3 years ago, aesdawqsf
Why there’s no captions?
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4 years ago, TravelKraut
App Problem
Wenn ich die App öffnen will erscheint kein Content. App und Handy Software sind updated.
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6 years ago, dylan_shack
Sehr gut!
Tagesschau ist eine sehr gute Nachrichtenquelle! Neutrales reporting und gute analyse!
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2 years ago, Hansi11.p
Starke App!
Starke App!
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3 years ago, YaMeDa
iPad ohne landscape
In Zeiten wo man seinen iPad oft in Keyboard Hüllen (magic keyboard, etc) benutzt ist landscape support Pflicht!
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7 years ago, Cowinhand
The best news channel, pretty good app.
I know that's a typical review title and everyone says that. But the Tagesschaus news is very straight and to the point. No ads, no interpretations. I highly suggest the Tagesschau for learners of German as well. On their desktop site, almost every video has subtitles. The app has a design that I wouldn't expect, but it does look very modern and is pretty easy to use.
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7 years ago, home2wa
Helpful, easy to use, relevant
As a German expat living in the US, I am extremely grateful for this app. It gives me access to high quality German domestic, European and international reporting in an easy to use app. Unlike most US media, the reporting does not already interpret events for me (like "Obama was mad", "Russia outraged about accusations" a.s.o., ad nauseum), but just reports on what happened, what was expressed in what form and in what context. It allows me to form my own opinion. This is one of my sources of trustworthy news. Had a number of app crashes in the previous version. Will see if the latest update today increases stability.
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12 years ago, Sandreckoner
Very well done. Audio is fine.
This app is very well designed. It is easy to navigate, and in particular it is easy to find relevant articles and videos. On an iPad 2 with iOS 5 I am finding no problems with the audio. I wish the video had somewhat higher quality, and also that it were easier to access a live tv feed. But these are minor complaints. Well done and thanks!
Show more
8 years ago, He7428
Great app, but do something about the tiny maps and inserts!
Update for 2.0 - minus 2 stars as now the design removes any quick overview of headlines and events, which was pretty good before. Almost useless now as a quick go to. Looks great, function is gone. Alternative now: n-tv Well designed and organized app. A pity that there is no way to magnify or open the complex but tiny maps and charts to actually be able to see the detail, as many of them are indecipherable in the portrait-only format of the app.
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