Talking Angela

3.8 (63.7K)
116.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit7 Limited
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Talking Angela

3.81 out of 5
63.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Bellejolly1
Somehow I was playing and I spun the wheel but it started off with a crazy note saying scary stuff about the game. But it kicked me out and if I restart my phone I cant get in and/or delete the app. I downloaded it since just a few days ago and I heard about the rumor along time ago too. In the app with Angela and Tom with the Valentine’s Day cards that you can scroll through or edit if you look closely there is actually a background you can see in the eyes of Angela and Tom. Be careful with the app too, some of these are fake but they are also true. Once I played this game and Ben kept repeating over and over not even giving me a chance to speak to Angela he kept growling at me like when u hit Angela and Ben comes he kept repeating that over and over. And no, I’m not officially talking about the Talking Ben app. But it’s basically just a bot on that app so speed and everyone else chill. Because no one cares if god is good or great. But just a reminder! Please be careful.
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10 months ago, MableGurl💗💗
Bring back chatting with Angela!!
If I’m being honest, I think that the text bar needs to be brought back. For one, the whole game is pretty much just watching animations, and though that’s pretty normal for an original Talking Tom game, I feel that at this one seems the most shallow of the series, and re-releasing the chat feature, at least in my opinion, will add more personality to the game. Additionally, the message feature may bring in a few new players, since AI chat games have been gaining popularity recently. On the contrary, some might think that reviving the ability to message Angela may bring back the dark rumors of the game being hacked, or that creepy chats may be sent to the player. Though, these are valid concerns, I don’t think that they would be an issue now. First off, many people are replaying the game for nostalgia purposes, which means that many of the players have grown up and no longer believe creepypasta rumors. And secondly, AI technology has come a very long way since Talking Angela was released, so there is a low chance that nasty things could pass through to the player, as long as the AI is programmed as it should be for a children’s game. Overall, there are many reasons to bring the chat feature back, along with tons of people practically on their knees to bring this beloved feature back. So, Outfit7, please consider reviving the ability to text Angela. I promise you won’t regret it!
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2 years ago, este.daniel77
Might not believe me
Hey wen I was younger I used to play this game on my sisters phone and one day she got mad at me fo being on it since back then I didn’t have a phone , and she took away the phone in anger back then you could type in the game and not talk if you were lazy, to talk to angela anyway she took her phone back in anger and yelled at me, right there my talking Angela started to talk and she said I kid u not dude “why did you take away your sisters phone?” And my sister was in shook because?? How did it even see that one twoback then there was a man behide the eyes and I was to young to fully know wat was happening and she started to yell in fear since after that she said “wat can you hear me!” And it’s responded “ that wasn’t nice of you we were having a talk” Since I was young I was just disappointed the phone got taken away and wanted to keep talking I didn’t think it was creepy but thankfully my sister deleted the app because after that a week later we saw on the news a kid had ended her life because the app my talking angela the man behide the eyes told her to.. yeah I’m not sure if you will believe me or not, and from wat I remember the conversation between me and the app was just stuff like how are you and I’m ok or my sisters mad at me and why type stuff💀 I think that’s probably why I didn’t find it creepy back then since I found comfort in the app
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12 months ago, Please put the bar text back
I miss the bar text
So I played this game years ago and right now it’s 2023 of April 21st and I miss that bar chat. I know there has been rumors of a person in the eye, so that may be one reason the bar chat is gone. But I would really appreciate it if the creator of this game puts back the bar text. I would like to text Angela again. This was years ago this game came out. So can you guys or the creator, they’re can be more than one creator please put the bar text back on. Like I said I would like to text Angela again it was pretty fun. Until one day it got deleted. So if you can please put the bar text back. I am pretty sure other people miss the bar text to. So please try to put the bar text back again as fast as you can. The bar text is what made the game much more fun. So you can put the bar text back on again, it will be really appreciated. Because I know other people miss it to and they think that is what made the game fun that you can text Angela. So please put the bar chat as fast as possible (ASAP) because that is what made the game more fun. So if will be really appreciated because texting Angela was fun so please put it back. Thank you.
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1 year ago, IclcleGlaceon
It’s Kinda Creepy, But I Love It!
I love the talking Angela app it’s really fun honey and cool but there are some problems with the app I’ve been hearing rumors that Talking Angela would repeat what she saying you know that repeat feature when you turn on the microphone some parents been saying it’s been saying their child’s name. I don’t believe it because the news report or saying that please don’t download this app parents have been scared about this character that’s been saying their names. I have been hearing about like the 3 AM videos and they’re trying to make it like talking Tom and talking Angela are haunted but they mainly do it for Clickbait and although 3 AM is a real timestamp it’s not actually like it doesn’t do anything when you play the app at 3 AM it doesn’t do nothing at all. I suggest you do not give Angela access to the microphone that way you can stay safe the news report was from I think at least six years ago as I’m writing this feedback. It’s now 2022 people and I think the developers fixed the problem. But just in case you don’t want to play this game, for the parents out there you can play some of their other games. I love this app.
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3 years ago, yes146
When I downloaded this app I got scared I remember the news report I remember the rumor where there’s a guy behind those big blue eyes and I actually saw the man I still don’t know if I will play this anymore but I I know that the rumor is true I get really scared and I don’t know what to say about this app i’m glad that people rated the app my cousin is really scared of it and I am too I don’t know what to say about this app it just gives me the chills and the shivers I just get really scared when I download it and there’s another rumor I went there when your parents phone is off and your iPad is off they can still watch you I have one of those flip cases but I don’t know what to say about this app it’s really scary and I get scared easily I don’t know when I was little I used to think this app was really fun but now that I realize with this news report I get really scared I was only for at the time when I discovered this app I just don’t know just really really scary and behind those big blue eyes you’ll discover a man and breathing I just I am really scared of this app and there’s another one like this but I’m just really scared of the app and I’m glad that everybody wrote a review thank you so much for writing reviews I really wanna know how everybody’s doing bye
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3 years ago, liloozziepoo
Okay so I’ve heard about the rumors and downloaded the game because you just why not? So I did, and I couldn’t find something called the “chat” feature maybe because it was updated I think but I let it have access to the microphone feature. After I messed around with it I went to sleep and I kept hearing noises from my phone that where not normal- so I checked the phone and I was on the app when I remembered clicking off and it was literally copying my breathing noises which I don’t appreciate. 🙄 but to the point other stuff started happening like where my battery is next to it changed like a green dot and yellow dot which Is screenshot ing and green dot means recording when I never even was. I screenshot Ed and saw the man, but wasn’t to scared because it’s an app. Even if someone was watching me I don’t usually don’t have the camera up so I’m not scared. Still though I don’t recommend for kids because if you unable the microphone tool she can talk to you and she asks really personal questions like: “What are you wearing today?” “Tell me everything you did today” which might encourage kids to give personal information online and in other games. otherwise, the rumors are pretty much a lie trying to scare you. That’s it.
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4 months ago, Skylar Sinal
Hello. You’re probably wondering, “Why are you saying this?” Well, I will tell you. I was playing this game and when it asked for microphone access I got weirded out. I still played though. Later on, someone came up to me and asked if I knew the rumors. I asked what they meant. They got all freaked out and told me that if you zoom in to her eye you will see a man. So that’s what I did. And I saw the eye. Later that night I woke up from 3 notifications dining on my phone. I looked at them and saw what they said. 1.”Come play! Or else…” 2.”The man will get mad…” 3.”I guess it is to late…. See you soon!” I freaked out and heard someone coming to my room. I quickly hid under my bed and heard an old man speaking. “Come out.” He kept on repeating these two words. I ended up crying myself to sleep under my bed. When I woke up, I went downstairs to wake up my family. None of them were there. Just a note. “Be careful of your next move…” signed by the devil themself. I ended up fainting and when I woke up, I was in bed, my whole family hovering around me. They said I was out for 3 days. This might not have been Talking Angela’s fault, but it happened. I’m not some little kid trying to scare others, I’m not a Karen, I’m just a teen. Please believe me and have a good day.
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12 months ago, Austn Johns
this game…. is demonik. so scarey. 😳😳😳😳😈😈😈😈🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀one time it wuz 4:20 am and i heard a knok at the door… i opened it and there wuz nothing but a kat collar. 🙀😾 and white fur their and a note it said “angela loves you check yes or no if you like her back 😈” i was so skared i ran inside 🏡 and deleted the app and went bak to bed but i had bad dreams. i was so skared and then i felt claws on my feet and i looked down and there wuz ANGELA 🦶🦶🦶🦶🦶 and she sad “i like u so much pls love me” and i said “NO I DONT WANT TO” and she took out a knife 🔪 and stabed me and then i dide. mr president if you see this pls take action. pls pressure congress to make a bill and then sign into to become a law. scotus pls use judicial activism. I weally liked my ap gov klass and i’m 😭 that i kant learn anymore. i weally wanted to be a trashman 🚮🗑️🗑️🚮🗑️wait— there’s skratching at my door?? what happening? OMG ITS ANGELA 🐱🐱😈😈🔪wait she’s coming over here omg help 🤪 no- angela- stop ✋ HAHAHHHAHHA GUYS ITS ME ANGELA 😇🤤😈 BUY MY APP YOU WONT REGERT IT 😈 PARENTS DONT LISTEN I AM SO NICE 😈 MWAHHAHAHA MEOW MEOWWWW😈😈😈😈🦶🦶🦶🫦🫦❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🔪🔪
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4 years ago, Demon.gacha
So I’ve realized a rumor spreading around about talking Angela. Maybe like a rumor? They say that there’s a man in the reflection of her eyes with a shelf next to him. I honestly thought the rumors were true, so I decided to check the game/rumors out. I didn’t see, or find anything behind her eyes but there was some weird stuff happening. She started to talk on her own when I was sitting on my bed in my room with no one talking.. Maybe an out function? I don’t know... I’m still kinda frightened by the game, although it is pretty addicting to play. I’d probably give it about a three star review. I do kinda miss when the chat bars were they’re though because when they had it, people started saying she was saying strange things. They got rid of the chat bar, sadly. Another thing I found kinda weird was whenever I attempted to delete the game, I went downstairs to grab a snack... And the app was re installed?! I was freaked out at that point so I tried to delete the app again. Thankfully, it didn’t come back. As I said, this game is really addicting, and fun! My little sister tried playing it and she LOVES it.
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1 year ago, nik2020212022
Parents listen do not download this app!!!
So when I was a kid Like 4 or 5This app was my favorite Game to play for hours!!!!!!😀😀😀😀 I played this game for lots of years like for 4 or 5 years when I turned 8 I hear these rumors and someone in talking Angela’s eyes and I was so scared that I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😥 I was like WHATMy favorite game is haunted!!!!🤮I was so scared I told my parents about this app but they didn’t believe me they say NAH! this is not true there is no one in talking Angela’s eyes talking angel it’s just a game she cannot kill you!!🥱🥱but I know this game it’s a bad game for 4+ kidsThis app just look like blue whale like he said go kill yourself or Else I will come to your house and kill you haha 😤😤😤😤😤🤯I don’t know what to say don’t ask it’s not safe ! Do not download this app it’s for your own safeThis hacker cansee you every time even your phone or iPad or tablet it off😰🤧They can hear you or see you thank you for reading this Review thought I have 2questions?If someone in talking Angela eyes watching you why he cannot move? 2 why is the outfit7 Limited?Thank you guys I hope you guys have a good and never download this game I did never play S at 3 AM thank you guys 👋🏻 bye
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9 months ago, SOS P
You won’t believe what I’m saying
So I was playing with my brother we were having fun, then my brother asked me *where chat* because I told him there was a chat before and he didn’t really know how to use language if you know what I mean, I said *chat went bye bye* my brother looked at me in shock I don’t know why but anyway we continued playing we were just saying random stuff to Angela after that I left my brother cause I was going to the bathroom, I came back and he was just looking at the iPad (brothers iPad) he looked shocked he looked at me then he stared to cry I asked *why are crying* he told me that Angela scared him I asked him how? he said *she told me to go say bye bye to family I don’t want to say bye bye to family* I was shocked I ran to my mom telling what happened all she did was laugh we went back to his room (brother’s room) we said nothing and Angela told us *you scared?* we both said no and then was scared then my brother told me he saw a man at the door i was speechless then brother just waved, that’s all I remember I’m confused to, was that his imaginary friend? I have so many questions and I did not sleep at all.
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1 year ago, Rich Vieira
President if you’re reading this band this game if you want children to be safe
When I was little I got this game my mom would come in and hear me talking to my phone she’d get worried when Angela would say things back like oh my gosh I feel bad for you when it’s just supposed to be copying me and one time you guys my phone not believe me but one time talking Angela would say look behind you your mom’s looking looks like it’s not my time my mom got worried like any other Mom she deleted the app and I was of course as a legit five year old cried but today I realized I need to there was rumors about it so I decided to get the app and see and I took a screenshot picture and I zoomed into her eye and turned out a man was stalking my freaked out I told my mom of course she got mad at me cause she told me never again she told me that she just didn’t want me to get her playing some game that could hurt me to this day I am terrified having nightmares I wish I didn’t get the game back so like the title president or anybody who can or has the power to ban this game just banned it because he’s the most dangerous child game on earth so parents also do not get your kids this game bye
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9 months ago, QueenCassdiyVIP
This is just so creepy
So basically this “Talking Cat Angela” it is so creepy. I used to have the app when I was a kid and I used to love it, but however a couple years later I found out the real history. The story behind Talking Angela is that there is a man in her eyes saying that the man could see you, but you cannot see him… SO IF YOU CAN SEE US AND WE CANT SEE YOU THEN WHY ARE YOU IN THE DUMB CATS EYE HUH HUH HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don’t understand don’t get this app and I heard that the scammers go through your photos. If you are brave enough to fight back and take revenge, buy another phone or use another device and save so much creepy pictures then download this app because once you download it, everything that is on your phone goes to wherever the big blue eye scammers are. Also, in the past, This Talking Angela App used to have child mode that you could turn off and ask Talking Angela different questions. However, the app was asking children what their full name was, where they live, where they go to school, and just things that a kids app wouldn’t really ask. And their are many stories where people are getting stalking in real life. Stay safe out there folks.
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2 years ago, 💪🏻Morg
This ain’t real
The app isn’t a stalker app because if it was found out like this and being reported and making bad things happen it waouod have bin removed from the App Store. Also the apps that go on there have to be checked so it would see the stalker app and wouldn’t let it on the App Store. The news report is just because they were like hey news some news is fake. And the man in the eyes is just the reflection or they did it on accident and the photos you can search up they edited it and the review about the stabbing and the girl killing herself those are fake all of it is fake Angela always send a notification when it’s morning to rise and shine and some of the other ones are just coincidental this isnt real and the app is safe I have had the app since I first got my phone and I’m fine nothing creepy has happend and there is no such thing as the chat box and there never was
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2 years ago, Nib33 ❤️
I hate that this game used to be fine, but now it’s just no. I loved this game but now it’s a bummer. So here’s my CREEPY experience… at 2:00,I’m in the 🛀, and I’m just finishing up my hair and body… then I get out, dry off, and put my clothes on. I get a notification from Angela. It says, “Angela misses you. Go play with her.” I got a bit skared 😟 but I brushed my teeth 🦷 and I got into bed. 1 hour passed, and it became 3:Am. I got on the skreen where Angela is there, and she acted weird like saying, “Your kute.” I 💭 that was awkward for my age or any other age than mine. Than she asked me, “Who is your KRUSH?” On a 4+ game 😱 no it kan’t be a 4+ game!! I mean 😢 it’s just kreepy. Next, she askes me, “What is your lokation? I want to go to your 🏠! We kan play 👭!” I texted bak, “No thx.” She texted bak, “ Do it or I will kill you!” I deleted immediately and it reinstalled! When I got bak on she texted me and said, “I’m coming to get you and kill you!” I told my parents, they didn’t believe it but the next day I see the man in her eyes! It was a man by a window and he was tied to the wallpost. On the floor there was blood and a knife. It was so kreepy. Parents, I rekkomend you NEVER download this.
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2 years ago, lillian the cutie
Its not too bad.
Ok, so i know there are people saying “Talking Angela has someone in the eye watching you” and stuff like that but i had this game when i was little and i loved it and nothing ever weird had happened, though i still am a little scared but i think it’s safe, and i don’t see anyone in the eyes though there is a little like mark in her eye i don’t know, but like i said i am still a little scared that people are saying that, and i did watch LaurenZside and she saw scary stuff in Talking Gingers eyes but i also had that game when i was little and there was nothing but there was a window/tv looking thing in his eyes but i dont know if that was reflection for the game like the other side of the wall or someone watching us. But so far, i’m pretty sure this game is safe but i am giving it 4 stars because like i said, i’m still a little sketchy about this app.
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3 years ago, DounutAri💕
Weird app
So I watched Laurenzside and saw her investigating on this app so I downloaded it and it was interesting.... First thing it did was asked for my mic access so I stupidly said okay. Then, I said things and she just repeated my words. This was where it started to get weird. If you touched her on the head she sneezed and I said bless u and she nodded her head. Then if you touched her on the stomach she would fall over and a dog would pop in front of the screen and growl. Then, if u gave her a gift then took it she would wiggle her finger at you. And if u touched her arm she would moan and move her shoulders. But the creepyist thing of all, is when u tap the drink button and then buy her a drink for 20 coins in the game she would sip and then it would jump scare you with a Dinosaur picture and audio. I’m not the one for writing fake reviews, this was all completely true. Her eyes were updated so noting except a line is in them but overall this app is fine except for the mic access and the way Angela interacts. Nothing creepy, just weird.
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1 year ago, kemperisdumb
2 kids went missing
When I first played this app when I’m five I thought that this game was harmless but it was really not after I heard on the news that two kids were missing after downloading talking Angela so that’s when I decided to delete the app I thought I heard all the rumors about talking Angela and that guy was stalking and hacked into the system of it right now since that’s over with over six years about that now the people updated the game in her eyes so you should always be on kid mode or else you might think terribly go wrong police Close the case of the people missing people think that’s because of the app no all this time we’ve been getting stopped by a man because now since talking, Angela got a update in the world, I said before that we’re all saying even in adult mode now but just if you were here like when you’re five and you rather news article that was five or six years ago you should’ve played the game and deleted rumors
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1 week ago, Apple Warnings
This app is watching you!!! Because Paedophile hoax In February 2014, Talking Angela was the subject of an Internet hoax alleging that the application encouraged children to disclose personal information about themselves, which is ostensibly then used by paedophiles to identify the location of these children AND IS KNOWN AS A PAEDOPHILE RING because Some parents and kids have feared that the app is dangerous for children, and that predators are tracking their child's every move. However, the app cannot track your kids when their phone is turned off. However, there is a special setting that allows Angela to say and do some potentially inappropriate things like maybe ask your name talk about what you're wearing. Do not download the app Talking Angela. It is a hacker that is sitting behind a webcam, able to see you but you can’t see him. ‘Angela’ asks you very personal and perverted questions,” claimed one widely circulated warning. “CHECK YOUR KID’S TABLET OR PHONES TO SEE IF THEY HAVE THIS APP ITS A PEDO RING,” shouted another. “THEY CAN SEE YOUR CHILD AND HACK IN TO THEIR PICS AND THEIR FRIENDS LIST…” STAY SAFE!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
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3 years ago, Cinderella_2019
See this
Ok so there’s rumors that they are saying there’s a man in Angela’s eyes so I don’t see the man sometimes I feel it’s fake and plz bring the chat box back because this game is getting boring and just add like fun stuff on this app like other games 😊 so people don’t see creepy stuff and plz don’t add crazy and disgusting stuff because there’s kids that’s plays that game and gets disgusted I mean I get disgusted to like from that other game there’s a game called the love letter I don’t even know what it’s called because I just saw it and there’s an awful and gross stuff like they kiss it’s like gross can u just remove that and add a better song like imagine there kids parents says don’t watch gross stuff so they download the game that I just said the gross game that u made and then they just play the game and watch the gross stuff they will just get disgusted like I don’t care about if they got disgusted or not and plz add more party stuff and cool stuff not disgusting and not fun game so plz change the app and make it better and non disgusting
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4 years ago, Cookie🍔🍟🍟🍟
Put the chat box back in Please!
Talking Angela was a fun game until the rumor started a lot of people are saying that loss girl is because of the man inside talking Angela’s eyesBut I don’t see no man and fatter eyes I have been looking inside there and I had this game for a long time and there is no man inside her eyes why are people saying that and I don’t even see one man inside her eyes and they took away the chat box because of the rumor and I talking Angela was the funnest game it’s not my life until the rumor started happening talking and I was like someone you can talk to and now the chat box is gone and why can’t no one put it back in I loved that game but now the chat box is gone and it makes me a little bit scared of the rumor because the rumor keeps on talking aboutTalking Angela is the baddest games someone is inside her eyesDelete this game now and I love the game how it was until the rumor started
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3 years ago, Milo Scarlett Berry
Listen, this is ridiculous.
The rumors about “creepy” things happening to people who download this app are fabricated. I used to enjoy this app when I was little. It was a very well-made chatbot that made me a lot less lonely as a socially anxious tot. I seriously wish I hadn’t updated the app because once the stigma hit Outfit7 hard enough, the whole thing just became another boring clone of high-pitched repeating animals. Nothing original. This app that used to be fun and entertaining is now a hollow shell of its glory days and, frankly, it’s quite depressing to see. It was an emotional hit for me when the chat function was removed as I know it was for actual fans of the game. The fact that people are still bashing this app for completely fabricated stories disgusts me and just drives interested people farther away. It’s very unfortunate that such a gem was taken from us and replaced with this joke, but at this point, I doubt Outfit7 will risk bringing the only good function of the app back. If they ever do, perhaps this app will return to its glory days, but until then, it’s a no from me and all the former fans of Talking Angela.
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1 year ago, "-grace"-
Killer app
When I was younger I had talking Angela and I didn’t really think anything of the app like I’m just playing and now that I’m older I remember everything about the app and it was the most creepiest thing you could see two guys in the eyes and they were just asking me all these questions like how old are you what’s your full name and stuff like that where were you born and yeah that’s just not cool for an app to ask and so like a month later I heard on the news that someone ended their life because of the app it told her to grab a knife and kill her self so that’s not all The app also showed Angela Twerking which is not age-appropriate for kids but OK also heard on the news that those guys behind the screen have you been to jailBefore and now that I’m older I just downloaded the app again and I don’t see The guys behind the screen anymore so I think the app may be a little bit safe now but still please don’t download it
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6 months ago, Fouryrold
When I was 12 years old my little sister was 5 and she had this game called talking Angela. I thought something was off about that game. I wanted to make sure my sister was safe because it kept on asking her personal questions and she did not know how to type in the bar because she was a little girl. And still learning. So I tested the game myself and when I got it something was in her eyes a man was there! I told my sister about it but she didn’t listen. I told my mom about it but she didn’t believe me. So I went on the website about the game and it said a ten year old girl died and the comments said it’s talking Angela fault mom said it’s time to go to bed I was worried all night. The next day my little sister wasn’t there! I yelled MOM SISTER NOT HERE!!! We put up missing posters and we still can’t find her to this day do not get this game get talking Angela 2 it is better than this horrible game. By the way her name is Lizzie Lizzie if you see this come back home we miss you and we love you so much and come back please.
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3 years ago, Hank has something in his eye
I’m not sure if this game is haunted or not
I have heard a bunch of people saying that this game is “haunted” or “stalking you.” I have had this game for about 5 days and nothing has happened. There is nothing in Angela’s eyes, and she does not say random things that sound creepy. I even woke up at 3:00 am to see if anything “creepy” would happen, and nothing happened. I did realize that Hank was in this game as a waiter/guard or something. When you tap on Angela’s face 3 times and knock her over, Hank will appear on the screen growling at you. I never really looked at his eyes, but when I did, I saw something out of the ordinary. When Hank is growling at you, look at his left eye. There is a slight silhouette of someone’s head near Hank’s pupil. I’m not sure if its a human stalking me or not. It did kinda creep me out tho... I wonder why only Hank has a something in his eye while Angela has normal eyes. -MDM MusicDrawing&More
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4 years ago, Spuffy wuffy
So I got this app earlier to see about this rumor I didn’t believe in this rumor though I was like this is fake nothing is gonna happen, That’s what I thought so when I installed it it was normal nothing scary. A few hours later I went on again it was normal, But then when I got back on I was like why not record this so I did and in the footage I said “I’m going to come back Angela” So I went to grab a popsicle and when I got back it said the recording stopped, I looked at the footage and creeped out. In the footage it showed that I was talking to Angela again saying “I’m going to come back Angela” Angela of course repeated what I said and she stayed silent for 6 seconds then made some sort of white noise and stopped recording. That’s not all I saved the video I was rushing to show my brother and he came and then we heard Angela mumbling in the middle of a ad I freaked out and deleted the app and then I realized the eyes were stalking me so please do not get this app it stalks you! Please do this for your own safety
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4 years ago, jenejjd
About the app....
So I have been hearing rumors that if you download this app there is a person watching you through the camera. I was freaked out when I heard because I had the app for some reason I can’t remember.. But when I was hanging out with my freinds, we were playing roblox but then they saw the app talking Angela. They told me all about it and there’s a guy watching through the camera. I imedeitly deleted the app and when they left a wave of fear washed over me. I felt TERRIFIED. But at least 2 years later (present day) Me and my dad were talking about me getting rid of my chat on roblox becuase he said there’s “predators” on roblox. But then he googled “can someone watch you through your devices camera” at the first link it said you cannot but then it said on the third link if you download a certain app there could be possibly someone watching you. And then the bad memories came back. Today is May, 5th 2020 and I came to say I suggest not downloading this. It’s very disturbing. Just don’t do it kids. Thank you :p and to my dad.. LEAVE ME ALONE DAD IM FINE!!!! >:0
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3 years ago, hawii unacorn
Hacker guy
Aright I am obsessed with these rumors that’s probably not a good thing- but the rumors about the man in the eyes are real. Wellllll their not really threatening- they ARE however threatening if you say some personal information- address, name, etc. so if your a parent maybe have your kid’s be around you when they play this app. Next thing ima say is the chat bar was probably the best way for a hacker to get to your kid but now it’s gone! And if it ever comes back there’s still child lock or whatever it’s called (I haven’t played in a while) but I do know that exists. So this app in over all pretty safe ⭐️ OH one more thing. DO NOT, never do this- NEVER EVER EVER if one of them asks a personal question don’t answer. NEVER. Let’s put it like this: your a young kid... and to ur favorite character asks your name. You: A.respond with your true name B. Respond with a fake name C. Tell a trusted adult Probably c is the safest Also i think they ask for your date of birth- I usually put a fake thing for that. Better safe then sorry QwQ Anyway if you do all this your probably gonna have a safe experience on this app The man alone isn’t threatening. You have to LET him in for him to be dangerous. Welp we good 👁👄👁👌 Thanks for reading my review<3
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2 years ago, Theres a man in her eyes
Very bad…
Ok so 2 years ago when I got my new phone and I downloaded this game I first I thought it was fun I thought it was so funny how she would always copy everything I said 3 days later I went to my best friend Olivia’s house for a sleepover I showed her my new phone and showed her the talking Angela game but when we were making Angela replete what we said Olivia saw a kind of like a shadow of a figure in Angela’s eyes she told me at first I thought she was just trying to scare me but I wanted to zoom in to see if she was telling the truth so of course I zoomed in but when I did we saw a man In her eyes! It jump scared us so bad I got out of the app and Olivia said I had to delete it fast she was shaking as much as I was I deleted the app and Olivia told me I should of read the reviews first do then we read 3 reviews and it scared us so bad since they were talking about the man in her eye so now whenever I want to download a game/app I read the reviews first and if you’re reading this whatever you do DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!
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2 years ago, bizarreartist
It’s okay, needs more features
This game is decent. I wouldn’t exactly call it fun, but it can at least be entertaining if you’re bored. Also, if you’re looking at the other reviews and you’re scared by them, it’s probably just some kids looking for attention. It was confirmed by analysts that this game can’t track you or see you, so don’t get caught up in rumors that started 8 years ago. The only reason there’s a “man” in Angela’s eyes is because some hacker went in and put his face in it to scare people. So, rest assured that it’s a safe game to play. But this game is in serious need of some updates. When I downloaded the game, i kind of thought there would be more features. Compared to the other characters’ games, this one is easily the weakest. I enjoy the general design and the premise, but you’ve gotta give me something else to do if you want me to download this.
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2 years ago, imoji gurl
So I used to love this game I don’t anymore cause it’s boring BUT that’s not all I’ve heard of a hacker in her eye so I got rid of it and I know outfit7 didn’t put the hacker well someone HACKED in her eye and when I heard that outfit7 didn’t do it and someone hacked in her eye I was like HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?!?!? So I also saw some 3AM vids and Angela was TALKING BACK she WAS NOT COPYING!!!!! So when I wasn’t worrying anymore I decided to download the app and cover my cam I screen shotted there was a MAN in an office in her eye!!!!! So then I typed who is in Angela’s eye it was an old man!! He looked too innocent. I didn’t believe that that was the person in her eye. Then I decided to watch another 3AM vid about talking Angela a 12 year old girl was playing it and asked her for her real name Angela DID NOT COPY HER!!!!! SHE SAID HER NAME WAS SARAH IN A DEAP VOICE!!!!!! I was sooo surprised that I banned myself from watching 3AM vids. And TBH this game doesn’t even deserve ONE star!!!! And I’m so sorry if I’m upsetting you! But it really needs more security! Thanks you listening, bye!
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2 years ago, 🤭😔👋😔🏡🤣🙄👖🤭🧂
So i downloadinged this app bc y not and ik the rumors Abt the app but I downloaded it anyways bc I'm a rebal like that💪😼. Anyway when I started to play it nothing out of the ordinaring happened.... Untilllllllllll... I-i saw him.... Michael Jackson in Angels big blue eyes..... And guys it was so scary and I'm only 10 and I don't get scared easily. so after I figured out about it I deleted it after awhile I fell asleep and started hearing weirded noises so I look on my phone and I was still on the app so I thought it was a dream that I had deleteding again Then I got a phone call and it was so weird,all I heard was static and someone say he he over and over so I hung up and then I herd a he he in the liveing room so I went out to see it but there was nothing there except...him. GUYS DO NOT DOWNLOAD IM BEING HAUNTED BY MICHAEL JACKSON
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10 months ago, Potato Rockstar
⚠️Not Suitable for Teens⚠️
Hi! I am a mother of 8 and I try to be involved in my children's use of the internet and their devices. I was watching my oldest daughter (she is 16) play this game. I thought to myself “this game is for kids, she will be fine. She’s 16!”. But, it turns out I was wrong. When you give Angela gifts there is drinks that cost money and are not vegan. I find this disrespectful to the vegan community and I think it promotes not being vegan, which is bad. There is also too many birds that she feeds which contributes to anti-veganism and climate change. The birds also bump into each other which promotes violence. Speaking of violence, you can punch Angela anywhere you want which is bad for my emo/goth son (he is 8) because it makes him sad because he is emo. Overall this game is horrible, disrespectful, and not suitable for any age. Angrily, Mom of 8 P.S. This game killed my grandma, my other 24 children, 18 random dogs, my will to live, 3 cats, Klaus Baudelaire, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, my marriage, my divorce, and my dignity.
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2 months ago, this game spooks me
Noises at 4:00 AM
OK so when I was younger, I used to have an old phone which was the iPhone 5. I love this game so much I would always play it, but there was one thing that creeped me out about this game when I was younger exactly when I went to bed. I put my phone on the charger and I would hear a notification at 4 AM every single night if you don’t believe me I’m not making this up I wouldn’t be writing this if I was making this up, it would be a creepy ring around the Rosie music but it wouldn’t be any lyrics. It would be like plain old music me and my parents would always get creeped out because they would always ask what is that and I checked the notification it says come on we’re all waiting for you come and play new gifts has been unlocked. This would always creep me. I don’t know if they still do it anymore at 4 AM but I know they did this when I was younger. It was so scary. Be careful.
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12 months ago, Matthew Silva DeSylva, 29
Hey kids out there. This app is not scary. They were just playing around with you.
That news videos it was not true it wasn’t. It was not true because I downloaded the game whenever I was nine there’s nothing creepy about it. I played this with my friend Elijah who not gonna tell you his information but so it’s not scary. It’s really not you’re just playing around with you they want the people are talking Angela people were playing it at 3 AM stop and whoever made that news video should be exposed Siri yeah they should be exposed stainless steel. Sorry for the foil kids. I’m really sorry for your kids. If a mother is watching this or playing this don’t worry the kids aren’t gonna get no information from the app. It might ask you for microphone access, but it’s just wants to repeat it. . He just wants to repeat you don’t want a little kids it’s gonna be OK you’re gonna be just fine. So don’t worry little guys don’t worry you’ll be in good hands
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4 years ago, Eliana20118
I know people are saying that it was photoshopped and blah blah blah but they took it off so am I wrong and it is a lie please just tell me I don’t even know talking Tom history but I grown up playing all talking Angela games and now that there dangerous?And I’m talking about they tooled off the glare on the eye because I seen it but haven’t been worried and it’s such a good game but it was on the news and everything so who knows and just be a coincidence or she’s possessed but please take off the game if it’s hacking,kidnapping and watching includes I thought it was a fun game if it is normal and that was just a glare that people stop acting dramatic and overreacting because there will be nothing to worry about even if it is something!!And please bring the chat room back I loved typing and like talking with her like that so please just stop overreacting or delete this game
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3 years ago, Me your death
Disclaimer: what I’m saying is 100% true and it did happen to me. Ok, so I just downloaded this game today, except it was at night but when I was hearing the rumors talking about a predator, guy or room in Talking Angela’s eyes I wanted to try it out myself. So what I did was download Talking Angela and talking Ben. It downloaded pretty fast so I opened the app and at first I saw in her eyes it was just black, so I took a picture then I started playing some more. Then when I started punching her she started making weird noises, same with talking Ben. So after I got off of it I went to the cameras and zoomed into her eyes and it appeared to be a man look down in a very dark room. I immediately freaked out and deleted the app. But I did use to love this game but before when I was younger I did see something in here eyes that looked like a room. I didn’t think much of it but now I do.
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2 years ago, please dont get the game
Really creepy
I was hearing a lot of rumors about this game and I decided to download it I thought the rumors fake until I saw a orange dot and a orange dot on top of your battery means someone taking screen shots and I didn’t really think much of it until it said my address which I was rally scared of and it started saying things like have u ever killed someone and I got scared and I decided to take screen shots of its eyes and I saw a a kitchen with knifes in the background which creeped me out and I deleted the game super quick and after it kept sending me notifications and I checked and the game and it installed again so I deleted it again but thank god it don’t come back I don’t recommend to let kids play this game it asks for personal information and other stuff and it can track you so bye lol
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5 years ago, RR0216
Bruh,don’t trick little girls or boys
Okay,this isnt just some Paris talking Angela game.i played this game for about 4 years and I didn’t really like the game my mom just bought it bc...idk, so I played it to get free time off. But when I saw a video on ur that said “talking Angela at 3am I was like “what??!” “Angela never did anything!”. So I watched it and I didn’t believe it, but one day I was watching the news and saw people talking about the app. Me;”WHAT?!?”. And I never played the game since. A few years later I downloaded the game to see if it was true cause I wasn’t scared anymore. So I got on the app and the chat was open and I started asking questions like “are you a killer”. And she answered..”you might die?”.and so I wrote the review.. thanks for reading! Never ever download this game! .~.
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2 years ago, Keiline
Weird game????
I was going through the chocolate thing and there was this one that the last sentence said “look under the covers” in that moment I was shocked. The rumors I thought were true I stared in her eyes looking to see if there was anything there but there wasn’t but the dog gives me the chills. I was looking though the items and the Popstar dolls or something gave me the chills they looked super realistic and in Tom’s left eye I saw it looked like a man with a white shirt. I then thought the rumors were true but I didn’t see anything else that was weird. Later there was these things in the game that sounds inappropriate for child… (Flirty makeup…A romantic date…etc) if parents are reading this I wouldn’t download the game. AND the microphone thing is weird why does she mimic me?? After everything I feel like I’m being stalked I’ve been playing for about 10 minutes and the stalked feeling appears… WOULD’T DOWNLOAD!!! GAME IS CREEPY!!!!
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4 years ago, Niorca
We’re all dumb in this world
Saul talking Angela looking at eyebrow looked into her eyes a lot for five minutes I was looking through her eyes it was 2 o’clock in the morning I didn’t realize I got scared but I’m still looking at her eyes because my sister and my mom for a week so I got scared I still looked at her eyes but I saw a person it was just two bands do you guys and I saw that in the office and I didn’t want to call cause I heard a lot of rumors and if anybody does Lizzie Noel please I love you she told me the rumor I got so scared I watched it and I got scared so I ate was watching a very close and I got really scared I deleted this game two years ago but then I got it back when I read the rumors and I had when I was a kid but I saw a person and the iPad no I feel about that it was it it was not on the news but I got scared last two years ago and I got it now and it really feel freaked me out and I wanna played at 3 AM so we’re all done with as well😪
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3 years ago, jahsjdhdjjsjs
Do not download
I use to play this when, I was a kid so it’s been a little while so I downloaded it again and than it install and than I saw a desk and ppl in her eyes and than I covered my camera and than I saw a man with all black and red eyes kids do not download it’s very bad for children parents pls do not let ur children download this app it’s very dangerous for ur kids and also I got a call saying hello AND SHE SAID MY REAL NAME their is hackers they try and do this for their job I believe u to get mad and sad pls don’t download this app it’s dangerous pls do not download this app it’s very dangerous and harmful. There was this cringe rumor that they had a black man with red eyes and a desk next to it. And I seriously searched it up about her eyes and I saw some weird images in her eyes.... and when they had that little chat bubble thingy they also say that she said weird stuff and she would talk on her own... in seriously creeped out. So don’t download it pls-
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2 years ago, Form Quinny this game rules
This was from one of the older versions but still very creepy…
My 7 year old daughter used to love this app but one night she came into my room and showed me the app when you could text / talk to Angela she could say some pretty creepy things but I had never seen this before my daughter sat next to me and started texting Angela I asked my daughter who she was texting she responded saying Angela I was confused since I had no idea that you could text Angela But then I watched what my daughter texted her My daughter had texted her “Where are you right now?” Angela responded with “Outside your window,Should I knock on you door?” I sat in shock for a few minutes until someone knocked at our door I ran downstairs locked the door and shut all our windows I looked through the peephole to see nothing I don’t know if this was a coincidence or not… Still either way completely creepy You shouldn’t download this app…
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2 years ago, sSophie already passing
Talking Angela
I am going to download the talking Angela I don’t know why people say that there’s hackers in their eyes Angela‘s eyes even the at 3 AM I’ve already downloaded the app I wish that I basically like talking and I like Talking Ben and I don’t see hacker in the movie but why do people say that there’s hackers in the eyes of the cat on the app I know hackers are dangerous but I’m going to do a creepy thing that I never done before and that’s going to be playing all the talking apps at 3 AM and see what happens I kind of like talking Angela and I kind of like the app so i’m not afraid maybe if people don’t want hackers watching them on the app maybe they should just use your finger to cover the app so that’s all I got to say
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4 years ago, Sunset.....
Please don’t download this app it’s so dangerous
Hi guys please do not download this app I have watched videos of people playing this app and they see a guy with a white Shirley in a office with his microphone it’s so creepy it really freaks me out I doesn’t know about this when I had the app but when I started watching videos about it I immediately deleted the app in talking ginger and talking Tom have the same thing to and it asks for Chile’s mode or not and THATS SO CREAPY back in the day it would ask you how old are u or have you killed somebody before and they would ask who are u and they said A KIDNAPPER!!!!!every time they ask who are u they would say the same 😳😳😳😳😳😳.A ten year old girl went missing because of this app and they still haven’t found her.i think this one girl and her sister were playing it and and talking Angela said I’m coming to get you and hunt u down!!!!!!please think and be smart enough to not download this app it’s so dangerous I’m so scared of this
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3 years ago, OK don't download it please
Don’t download it
Don’t download it me and my sister tried it and we saw someone in its eyes so me and my sister were deleting it but we forgot it was there with the shower mold we didn’t turn it on because we were too scared and then the because it’s really scary I don’t worry if you want to download it just cover the camera I don’t worry because the person got in jail along time agoIf you want to stay safe just don’t download it sometimes I’m just saying OK just make sure that you oh OK can you make sure nothing happens to you please OK just stop this game just in case if it’s still is like that I’ll try to find some more things I discover want to OK bye jk you’re stuck in 2018
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4 years ago, DreamBeløw
It’s safe guys!!
The rumors are and were never true!! There is no stalker in her eyes. I have been playing all of the Talking Angela games for years and look I’m still here as well as my siblings that played Talking Angela. Anyone who is saying Angela had/has a stalker is just trying to get to you. The app is completely safe, there is nothing odd or suspicious in the app or in her eyes. You can’t talk to Angela as of now but even when you could talk to her in the app, it was fun for me and my family. It was programmed to ask certain questions for safety reasons and not to scare adults and children. Anyways enjoy the app there is nothing wrong with My Talking Angela or Talking Angela both safe, very fun games.
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3 years ago, couch couch couch couch couch
So i got this app because there is a lot I am rumors that there is a man in her eyes I had this game for 4 years and when i turned 7 i got bored of it so here is when it gets creepy so me and my friend we download this app because of the rumors and we saw a man in her eyes with a green jacket on and so we just said yeah that is creepy and then we laughed about it and we talked about it so the next day when we were going to my friends house so me and my freind were walking together to her house and on the way we saw a man with a green jacket so she whispered to me that guy looks like the guy in Angela’s eyes and the guy looked at us so when we got to her house we walked to the front door and we looked behind us AND THE MAN IN THE GREEN JACKET WAS THERE and he was staring at us so we quickly ran inside and we cried because we were so scared so if your kid likes this app put tape on your camera and her eyes and it will be better if you delete the app for your safety
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3 years ago, daniela pro
Usually Angela has a soft voice but when I installed it for my sister It didn’t sound anything near to a soft voice it was like a robot and I am being really serious my sister is hella scared this is a WARNING!!! don’t download this game is really not good this is not a child friendly game I used to play this game many times but this only happened when I downloaded for my sister so I deleted it yesterday and a couple of hours later at midnight I got up because my talking Angela was still on so I decided to go to my studio because it was more quiet there i didn’t make any noise then I heard someone talking it was coming from my talking Angela so if that ever happens to you delete this game immediately this is for your own good and this is real I am not lying if you think I am check the other reviews and see. I am 12 years old and I still play Angela sometimes I hear weird noises from the app plz believe me and don’t download it!!!
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