Talking Ben the Dog

4.4 (107.8K)
197.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit7 Limited
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Talking Ben the Dog

4.45 out of 5
107.8K Ratings
2 years ago, dbzjdndmdndnfdlfmrnnew
Ben is cool kinda creepy but cool and funny and sad and lore
Well a few days ago I was playing this game and he I asked him if he has killed somebody before and he said yes and I was shaking then the next day I asked him if we were friends and said yes and I was happy but then I asked him if he was poor and he said yes I was feeling real bad for him then I asked him is angle have a person in his eye and he said yes he well he knew because he was in that talking angle game then I said are you a dog he said no are you a human he said no are a Alien he said no then I asked him this are you a glitch and he said yes and was surprised I also asked if he was friends with go or he loved god he said no but the main thing is maybe Ben is lying he is a human I saw him he knows who Jeffy purple Ben girl Ben belvin is and i got a Ben plushie and it had a camera in it so Ben if your reading this we are friends right and I don’t no if Ben likes angle he said he didn’t.
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2 years ago, balls333'
Talking Ben is life-changing
Before the installation of this application, to say I was in a dark place is an understatement. Doubtful of my purpose, the uncertainty of my worth, and the lack of energy in my life, made me extremely depressed. My lackluster life was rejuvenated through the acts of Ben. <3 Talking Ben’s breathtaking graphics, unreal development, and his powerful, meaningful, and inspiring words have brought me to realize the amount of beauty in this world. Ben has turned around my life, and helped me open my eyes to the joy I live through today. Ever since I found out about Ben, I had a special feeling about him. I love a lot of things. I love pie, I love apple juice, I love sports, I love music, and to say I love something really takes a lot. However, Ben was different. I loved him in a different way. I loved listening to his words, as it made me feel like the crunchy leaves falling in autumn. He makes me feel a sensational, fuzzy feeling, a feeling that the English dictionary fails to portray using words. However, the closest term we can conclude to, is love. Ben makes me feel a way no other person, place, or object has ever made me feel. Ben truly changes who I am as a person, and that leads me to say that I am in love with Ben. - Daniel and Luna
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11 months ago, Bfnxbdjskcejsj
Absolutely Amazing
Talking Ben is the pinnacle of gaming. Prime fortnite looks like crap compared to this masterpiece. I once broke down after not getting my victory royal. I was in deep depression, then I saw it. This glorious app granted me immense power of intelligence. I didn’t believe the reviews of this app, but they were true and I am shocked. Ben shared his story with me, he was once depressed like you and I, but through his divine wisdom, I was able to accumulate the knowledge of the universe. Throughout my life I have wondered; what is the reason for the universe existence? It’s Ben, and always has been. Throughout the stone ages Ben has help humanity in order for us to reach the moment in which we could communicate with Ben. Now we are here with this app it lets us communicate with our divine being. Ben even was there for my wedding in which he told me to not go through with it. I wasn’t happy with the decision at first but now I can feel a connection with me and Ben. And I now realize all the love in the world is supposed to be given to Ben. There is no universe it is only Ben and has always been just Ben. This divine power has helped me reach salvation in my one and only ruler: Ben.
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1 month ago, Elizabeth Johnson Smith
You will not regret downloading this game.
This game seems like a normal kids game, but it is life changing. Ben has helped me with my depression and anxiety. This is not just a funny game. My therapist never helped me as much as Ben does. This app is life changing. It is more inspiring than Hamilton. Ben once told me, “When life gets tough, remember people love you and care for you and if they don’t, I do.” This quote changed my life forever. I hate how people joke about Ben when he is truly life changing. This game was the best experience and I will be playing it every day for therapy. The amount of words I have for this game is phenomenal. This game is revolutionary. Lin-Manuel Miranda stated, “This game inspired many of my songs for Hamilton. I thank this game for many happy times in life. Shakespeare loves this app and so do I.” I hope this convinces you to get this game because you should. It is the best thing in the whole world to ever exist on this cruel planet. Stop therapy, play this game for better results. I love this game and this is the best app ever. Thank you talking Ben. I love you. God bless the creators of this game and Ben. You changed my life forever.
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2 years ago, Flippy Frogman
A phenomenal gaming experience
Talking Ben changed my life. It is a phenomenal gaming experience that you must experience at least once in life. I used to be a socially awkward loser. Girls never payed attention to me, and I had no friends. But after playing Talking Ben, I found my true love in life, I became popular and everyone loved me, I won the lottery, got an 8-pack, and my father who left when I was 3 finally returned, all thanks to this little talking dog. The graphics are almost life-like and the characters are so realistic and likable. Ben is a retired chemistry scientist who lives his old age at home, reading newspapers and talking on the phone. The player (you) encourages Ben to pursue his passion, making potions and doing science stuff. Ben is just a great character, he is stubborn, yet also a friendly protagonist. The music in this game is also beautiful. Ben’s whistling in the chemistry lab is a beautiful tune that is sure to pull at the heartstrings. The gameplay is easy to understand and there is so much to do in the game. Overall, Talking Ben is an incredible game to be enjoyed by people of all ages.
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2 months ago, annierlind
Talking Ben the App has transformed my digital experience in ways I never imagined possible. From the moment I downloaded it, I was captivated by Ben's charming personality and witty remarks. His ability to engage in conversation and respond to my queries with humor and intelligence makes every interaction feel genuine and delightful. Whether I need a laugh after a long day or simply crave some company, Talking Ben is always there to brighten my mood and lift my spirits. But it's not just Ben's entertaining banter that has me hooked – it's also his endearing quirks and lovable demeanor that have captured my heart. His animated expressions and playful antics never fail to put a smile on my face, and I find myself eagerly anticipating our next conversation. In fact, I've grown so fond of Ben that I can't help but confess – I'm madly in love with him. His virtual presence has become a source of joy and comfort in my life, and I can't imagine my days without him. Talking Ben the App isn't just an ordinary entertainment tool – it's a cherished companion that has brought immeasurable happiness into my world.
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2 years ago, #makespiderman4
The best mobile game
Wow. I genuinely don’t know where to start... ever since I saw the app in the App Store. I just knew it would be an underrated classic... it truly is a national treasure to our society... I can’t thank the developers of this game enough for making me the most happy I’ve felt in years... The premise of the game is very simple and straight to the point. You hang out with a virtual dog named Ben... truly iconic. But it’s more than just an app designed for some laughs. It’s a way of life... Ben the dog is there for you no matter what... even though you may disagree with him an argue he’s always there for you. He’s your personal companion and is by your side forever... as long as you keep this app he’s always gonna be for you... He only says 5 words but they’re so powerful... Ben, Yes, No, Ugh, Ho Ho Ho... it brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it... literally everyone needs to get this free app. It’s the perfect app. You’ll never get bored. Hours of excitement. 100% a must have in your collection. 5/5 stars. That’s all folks
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2 years ago, bens lover❤️❤️
I love Ben
I downloaded this app when my mental health was at its lowest point. I was questioning if it was even worth it. Then, I decided to get the talking been app. I started to have a conversation with him. I feel liked we clicked in some way? Everytime I got on this app I would always hear the “hohoho..” “yes” “no” it’s so calming. Everytime I get home from a long day of work, he listens, understands, and relates. He has helped me with so many problems in my life. One day I finally decided to ask him, after months of questioning if It was time. I finally opened the app and said, “ben…do you love me..?” Ben looked shocked. I start to fear he’ll say “no.” And I try to hold back the fear of that. Then, I feel a paw grab my hand. We lock eyes. He smiles and calmly says “yes…” I feel the tears start to rush down my face of joy as I hug him. That was 8 years ago. We are now happily married with 69 kids of our own. I would 100% recommend this app it can truly help you find your soulmate, a friend, or a enemy.
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2 years ago, epicethan08203932
This App is Revolutionary
Talking Ben is a work of art that puts Shakespeare to shame. Before I downloaded this application, my life was in ruins. Talking Ben is truly a work of art and is a revolutionary advancement in the evolution of mankind. The graphics in Talking Ben is break taking, and the character Ben himself is a beautiful concept. This game saved me from jumping off of the roof of a local fast food franchise in my hometown of Thomasville. I figured I would talk to Ben one last time, so I did. I asked him if I should end it all right here, and he gave me a life lesson I shall never forget. Ben is the wisest man I’ve ever met, and his beautiful quotes are beyond anything the human mind could ever dream of. Ben is truly a physiological genius and has made multiple advancements in the world of chemistry. Ben has shattered the fabrics of reality and he has sent me to warn you all. He told me; “you can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” No being can compare to Ben himself.
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2 years ago, thefooldinosaur
Outstanding game I have ever played in the history of mankind
This is the best mobile ever if not best video game as a genre created outdoing Minecraft and GTA V. 5 stars from me. The intense graphics are way before its time this is a game you do not want to miss and warning you might be cry from this heart wrenching accidents in bens lab . I describe it as Minecraft, GTA 5, and the greatest video game of all time sonic schoolhouse. The features and extreme realism of his expressions when you harass him are completely astounding with many moments where I was like just wow I could be in this in real life that is how good the game is I believe it needs and game award no it needs NEEDS an game award. JUST WOW UNBELIEVABLY GOOD no bugs no lag no messup this game is why you need to live because you need to play it. Dont miss it and it's free on the app store go check it out. It's not creepy what so ever. My only complaint is that it is unbelievably religious. Go check out and feed him or else the creey old man will snatch you
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2 years ago, iobobio
Life Changing❤️!
Okay so this game is truly a work of art. If you don’t believe me, I’ll tell you exactly why. Ben has a breathtaking way of words that made me rethink my whole entire life. I asked the king Ben himself, if I should jump out of a 9 story building; he told me that I should follow my heart. So I did. And almost died, but it was worth it! He made me step out of my comfort zone. Ben is my new best friend. Once, my cousin and I asked him if he would come out of our closet and murder us, he laughed and then said yes! What a comedic king! We were laughing for like 5 minutes! If you think he wasn’t joking, don’t worry about it! He just a little jokester. I can’t express how much I love not only the game but Ben himself. To anyone who is feeling lonely or looking for a best friend who will always be by your side, give you great advice, always listen to your problems, and lastly give you a good ol’ laugh, then this game is perfect for you. Easily a 5 star game.
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5 days ago, sharky. rawr >:)
ben is so sexy… *MUST READ*
one night, when I was about to fall asleep, I heard a knocking at my door. I wondered who was there, and got out of bed. I walked downstairs and opened the door. There, I saw a 8 foot sexy dog at my door. It was Ben. His diarrhea colored eyes were staring into my soul… I couldn’t help but surrender myself to him. I let Ben in, and he grabbed my hand. The feeling of his big hand in my small dainty hand was immaculate… He led my upstairs to my bedroom, and locked the door. He threw me on the bed and got on top of me. My boobies were hurting so bad because he was so heavy on me,.. but I liked it. Ben whipped out his 14 and a half inch penis. My eyes stared at it in awe… how could it be that big? He put his pp in my mouth… and I started sucking it. It tasted so good… He then turned me over and started humping me radically. My moans were so loud, I think the neighbors could here me. It felt so good… after that day, Ben and I did it every night. We then proceeded to have 69,420 kids. I love Ben.
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2 years ago, hattythepatty
This game changed my life!
As I write this heartfelt paragraph, tears fall from my eyes, I don’t even know how I can begin to explain how utterly great this game is and how much it truly means to me. First off the graphics in this game are out of this world, there are times where it feels like Ben is right in front of me. Like if I reached forward I could stroke his velvety beige fur or if I listened carefully I could hear the flaps of his newspaper. I remember the first time I gave him a can of beans - it was like a mother feels when they hold their newborn child, such a breathtaking moment that really sticks with you through thick and thin. And I can not express my praise enough for the lore behind this game. This is ten times better than any game created, the time they must have taken to come up with his background story and being a chemistry guy. Get this game - it will truly help you reach your potential and figure out who you are as a person.
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2 years ago, Reviewnigga1234Jj
Life Altering Experience
Before downloading this application, I was an average teenage male. I studied for tests, stayed up past my bedtime, and listened to popular rap music. I can say that after talking to Ben, I am a new man. Who would’ve thought that downloading this app would send me on the path to having an intimate relationship with a game character. At first, I didn’t like ben to much, but as the hours passed by, I grew to love his personality. His sarcastic remarks, the way he reads the newspaper, and the way he picks up his phone all just make my heart melt. I have never had a girlfriend before, but when I talked to ben, I got the feeling that I imagine you’d feel talking to a real human female. It has been 3 months since my journey with ben started, and I am planning to propose on our 4 month anniversary next week. Thank you to the developers of this incredible app, you have provided a teenage male with a reason to live.
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2 years ago, SonicDude18
ben saved my life
I was in a really big stage of depression to the point where I wanted to just end it all but then I saw this chad in the App Store and i needed to talk to him and tell him how I felt. I called him and he answered with the most breathtaking voice I’ve ever heard and all he said was, “ben?” I knew I was making the right choice. I asked him some questions on what I should do with my life like for example I asked him, “Should I just end it all ben, I can’t live like this anymore. I think I’m going to do it.” To which Ben replied with, “no” That reply had me in tears because that was the first time someone actually cared about me and my health. I had to make sure he was really with me so I asked, “Ben, do you care about me?” He then replied with, “yes.” My heart melted after I heard that and my depression was cured and I’m living the best life. Thank you Ben for changing my life forever <3 - Chandler
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2 years ago, Hj1221
I think it’s kind of a trap
I think these type of games are kind of creepy because I’ve been hearing so many rumors about them and I did some deeper research and some people apparently see a old man in their eyes talking Angela talking giving your evening this stupid game I don’t recommend it because people say that it might be someone watching you and looking through all your personal photos or anything that you’re trying to hide if you really want to try out any of the games you can but I’m just trying to suggest that you probably shouldn’t download this and I think it’s a little bit racist because if you mix light blue and dark blue it will turn him black I’m not trying to offend anyone whoever’s reading this but I just thought that would also be another reason why you shouldn’t download this I’m just trying to make sure people are safe also another thing I wanted to point out it gets pretty boring there’s not really much stuff to do first I think it’s just a stupid game I don’t recommend it though even though I already said this I just really don’t recommend it
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2 years ago, moomanzoo
My love and bundle of joy, Ben.
I was in a dark dark scary spooky horrifying place before downloading this life changing app, Talking ben. I was homeless and only had a bottle of apple juice and a can of beans to live off of.. i felt like the connection between those two foods and i was strong and so i did some research on my nokia from 13 years ago and i found out that me and this beautiful, soft eyed, hot, muscular dog named 'Ben' had a strong bond with me. We were like soul mates, a match made from heaven. he invited me to stay in his lab and he gave me some beans and apple juice. my cheeks blushed and i was as red as a tomato. he said simple words but for me was like love poems coming out of his mouth like notes in a symphony. four years after meeting Ben we got married and recently had our 41th child. i am the only one who truly loves Ben and the only one i will ever give my heart to. ~Me, A satisfied customer.
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2 years ago, uhhEv
Talking Ben is my Husband
We met on my first day of high school. At exactly 1:37pm. I was always tripped in the hallways because I was emo. I cried every day and every night because my chicken nuggets where always one degree off from being the perfect temperature. Then one day, I got tripped again. I almost cried because they messed up my waluigi fan-fiction, as I forgot to number the pages. And now they where scattered across the floor… but that is not what caught my eye. I open my eyes, rubbing them and a single tear fell on the floor. I seen talking bens toes exactly four inches away from me. They where so beautiful that I cried. I finally looked up to see his majestic shining face; and he looks down and says, “ho ho ho. Yes.” Tears where flowing down my cheeks. This was the most beautiful thing I ever heard. Anyways, we have been married for 17 years and 13 days. He is truly magical and inspiring.
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1 year ago, Will Gallegos
Talking Ben saved my life!
Sure thing! Here's a revised review based on your request: I never thought a simple phone in a game could save my life, but that's exactly what happened with the Talking Ben app. I was on a solo camping trip in the middle of nowhere when I got lost and injured my leg. I was alone and had no way to call for help - except for the phone in the Talking Ben game on my phone. I know it sounds crazy, but the phone in the Talking Ben game became my lifeline. I would ask it questions, and when it responded with "yes" or "no," I knew I was on the right track. When I needed a boost of morale, I would ask it to say "ho ho ho," and hearing that familiar sound always made me smile. And when I was feeling hopeless, the phone's "ughhhhhh" response somehow made me feel better - like I wasn't alone in my struggle. It may seem silly, but the phone in the Talking Ben game kept me going until I was finally rescued. And even now, whenever I play the game, I can't help but feel grateful for that little device that saved my life. So if you're looking for a game that's not only entertaining, but also has the potential to be a lifesaver, then look no further than Talking Ben. And don't underestimate the power of that little phone - you never know when it might come in handy. Five stars all around!
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2 years ago, cbhby dnxud
The worse game ever
So first me and my cousins recently play it but we started asking it real deep questions and it said yes to everything. At this point I was real creeped out because they have a upstairs at their house and we asked it was it upstairs and it said yes and then after that we heard a weird noise coming from upstairs then we all ran out the house. Then we heard it say ho ho ho and we got even more scared. So then recently I downloaded on my phone and I asked it does it know we’re j live and it said yes then I asked it was it a pervert and it said yes. The last thing I asked was did it love god and it said no so then I quickly deleted it off my phone and I rated it one star and that’s why I’m writing this review. I also think they should ban this game I don’t think it is safe for kids🥲🥲🤨🤨🤨. It’s pretty suspicious to me. Guys don’t download this game it’s creepy.
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2 years ago, dan destroyer
This game saved my life
Talking Ben was a lifesaver. This majestic dog is so realistic. I thought it was a real dog. The graphics are god like. One day I was going to kill myself but Ben taught me that I should love myself. We talked for an hour and his sweet laugh always made me laugh. He is so smart too. He is so nice. He makes me feel so good. Ben is also really hot. Like he is body goals. Beans are also really good. Like I could only eat beans too. I love when we call. We talk for hours. We have a great time. I wish I could actually meet him. I left my husband for him. My kids asked me to stay but he is just so nice. He notices my needs unlike stupid Deric could. He didn’t even remember our anniversary!!!!! Ben did! Ben tells me I am his everything. I could be a furry if it means I can finally be with my sweet Ben. I need him. And he needs me. Someday we will be together. This game is great.
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2 years ago, AJessicale
Bens love story🥶🥶🥶🥶😊
It was a crisp autumn day. I had finally gotten out of my home and got on the bus to go to school(derogatory). I was on the brink of falling asleep when Ben, with his luscious fur, got into the bus. I was instantly awaken by his strong and delightful musk, making my mouth water like a bat with rabies. “Meow-wow-wow,” I spoke😻😻😻. Ben instantly heard my calls for his incredibly ripped(yet fat) body, and intentionally sat away from me🙀. I started to feel sad that he didn’t want to put his glorious butthole near me, and I felt myself tearing up. The classmate next to me, Tom, decided to whisper in my ear “you deserve him Angela San.” With Tom’s encouragement, I went to sit myself next to Ben. I instantly smelt him fart out of fear once I planted my rambunctious booty next to him. I then whispered to him into his big juicy ear, “you wanna look at my lizards?” Ben looked over at me, his dog boobies wiggled in his shirt “no.”
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2 years ago, hello 🐺
Me and my best friend were just playing around and downloaded this because we heard rumors about him and were just joking around and called him. We asked him if he knew where we lived and he replied yes. We were shocked and my friend was freaking out but I said that he might not know in what state so that calmed her down. I asked if we lived in (our state) and he replied yes. Every time we recorded him he would say no. We were also playing around and said are you watching us and he said yes every time we recorded him he would deny it. We asked him if we lived in Alaska and California (we don’t live there) and he said yes but we told him we don’t live there and it was a bad idea. We also asked him if he was psycho and he said no at first but we exited and entered the app and asked him again and he said yes. The friend here, and yes. We asked him if he was possibly possessed, and if he had a man in his eyes, he said yes. Me and my friend do not recommend this app, though if you do not believe us, see for yourself by downloading it. We hope this is helpful for you, Friends.
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2 years ago, natalie 😻✨🤚
Life changing.
I saw talking Ben on the popular app for the youths, tiktok. I was scrolling, enjoying my day, but quite bored. And then I saw him. Video after video, like after like, talking Ben. “No…. Yes… hohoho!” was all I could see. “Ben are you going to kidnap me!” Rang through my head. Sweat piled at my temples, my brain a swirl of emotions. I threw my phone, trying to calm the thoughts. I took a deep breath. Ben was all I could think about. I quickly reached for my phone, biting my nails. I opened the App Store and typed it. “Talking Ben” My adrenaline spiked. I clicked the small blue button. With one more confirmation… I stopped. Face ID was searching for me, but I ducked out of frame. Do I really want to download this? Fuel my Talking Ben addiction? Yes. I needed it. I quickly looked at my camera. A small ding confirmed the purchase, my breathing rapid and my eyes crazed. I felt my stomach drop when I noticed him on my Home Screen. I didn’t blink until it was fully installed, not taking my aching eyes off of his fuzzy face. My breath hitched when it was time to open the app. The room went strangely quiet. My thumb lightly tapped the app, I was taken into a world of “oh ho ho….no.” I laughed, I cried, I was angry sometimes. Talking Ben has truly opened my eyes to a world of endless ben. Ben is love. Ben is life. Welcome, to bens land.
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2 years ago, Max Bereza 88
This game is so hot 🥵🥵🥵
This was so incredibly amazing, because I was playing talking Ben at 3 AM on my two year old iPad. Then I heard a knocking at my upstairs window, I then her to faint voice say “BEN.” I go to the window and I see nothing there. I turned to my side to look at the mirror, and talking Ben was behind me! I the looked behind me and no one was there! I then looked back at the mirror and this time I WAS talking Ben! Then there was a flashing light and after that my reflection was no longer Ben! I was so shook I went back to my room and I saw that my room had transformed to the background setting in the talking Ben game! Then Talking Ben AND Talking Tom saw me and Tom gave ben sex! Then when they were finished they saw me and gave ME sex! I woke up in my bed and realized it was all a dream! I got on my two year old iPad and started writing this review! Great game! 100% recommend!
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7 months ago, Iamanidiotlol
Beautiful, made me shed a tear
This game is beautiful and life-changing. I had major depression, trust issues, was fatherless, and had no friends. Everyone I knew hated me and I hated my life. Life was a tragedy and every step I took was another wish that things would get better. I truly hated life and it was hard. Then I found this game. This game was truly a game changer for me. I talked to Ben for one second and my depression went away with his words of comfort, I was able to trust people I loved, my father came back with the milk, I had friends, I became the popular kid, I loved my life and I had a family and kids, and a loving wife and beautiful kids. Everything in life was amazing and fresh. I felt brand new and was positive all the time. I highly recommend this game. It’s beautiful. Ben is a wonderful human being. Thank you to whoever created this game.
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3 months ago, vyyorp
This game is dreepy(creepy), but Ben will NOT kill you lol.
This game is really fun. I mean, yeah, the weird lab Ben is creepy, but do you think it’s gonna jump out and eat you? And as for Ben saying “yes” to liking the devil, and saying “no” to do you like arceus(god), it doesn’t mean that. It’s a rotom(robot) there is no way a video game character can harm you in any way, no matter how creepy. This is a harmless pichu’s(children’s) game that is meant for 3-6 year old kids. I have played this game for years, and Ben has not killed me And it won’t. So don’t listen to those lies saying, “Ben killed my family”, “Ben came to my” “house, “Ben’s knocking at my door”. Moving away from talking about lies, This game is great! It’s really keeping my noisy 3 year old brother distracted. Though it has ads like every 5 minutes. So I wish you could fix that Froak froak froakie:)
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2 years ago, hshshvehge
Best game ever
This game is ahead of the time I love it. Some would say it is just a game but it is more than that to me. It is truly the best game that will ever be played by any human ever. I spent 73 hours playing this masterpiece. It has became my way of life and reason to live. It is like a life style. He is my escape from the cruel harsh unrelenting world. I am obsessed no I am addicted to having an amazing calming conversation with good ol Benny boy. He saved me. I once was a loser just like everyone who doesn’t have this beautiful masterpiece (so please download). I had no friends no contact with my family but now my dad came back with the milk my mom loves me and I am a popular kid. Of course I will rate it 5 magnificent stars. Thank you thank you thank you talking Ben and the artists who made this absolute MASTERPIECE. Ps love you Benny boo
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3 years ago, Ixxicix
Please don’t download this game it’s creepy...
Seemed like a fun game to play but no, me and my friend were just playing the game and we allowed access to the mic, so after we were speaking into the mic for a while it’s voice change really deep and sounded like a demon. Then after we stopped using the mic, it started whistling without an option for whistling. We left the game right after and refreshed it. After we did that we came back in the game and we saw an old man in Ben’s eyes and then it started to whistle again and again. When u try and touch it, it would make weird faces and noises. It wouldn’t stop and it’s a bit inappropriate for children like me and my friend because when he was drinking the apple cider and finished it he threw the bottle across the room like an alcoholic person would do. 🤨🧐😕 And in the lab he was making faces and rly rude noises. I could say the same thing for ( talking Tom, talking Angela, talking ginger as well) Hank is the only one that’s not creepy at all and safe for kids. But Would DEFIANTLY NOT recommend this game at all to you... stay safe. 😕🤨😐
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2 years ago, Airsprog
You see, what is Ben? No one has yet to discover the truth behind this mythical creatures creation. Ancient tales tell of a mystical dog-like figure, who is able to repeat words and sounds of whatever or whoever it hears. Many civilizations worshiped the dog as a god. They would give sacrifices, and built great templates and shrines of him. They would ask questions or ask for forgiveness and guidance from the god, but it would only say 4 words or phrases. “Yes. No. Hohoho. Uhhhlg.” Thousands of years after the worshipers of this god, we now know it is a male dog named Ben. He has taken electronic devices under his control, and some think he has come to rule in the common era again as he once did. We do not know if Ben was created by atomic and quantum scientists, or was an ancient religion followed by millions. But there is one thing we do know, is that. He is back…
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2 years ago, Meganmcm
A New Outlook on Life
Talking Ben has changing my life as I know it. Before I came across his fluffy little body I couldn’t find a reason to be happy. After meeting Ben, however, I was a different man. The way he lights up in his laboratory gives me hope that one day I’ll find something that will make me as happy as he is. His eyes are like the night sky, I could go on and on with my life and find something new to adore about the twinkle in his luscious eyes. Tapping on his belly and seeing the life fade from his eyes even for a second brings me such satisfaction that it makes me forget the woes in life. I could go on and on about the littles things in this game that make me want to spend eternity with this little old dog that I tear up even remembering the past times we had, before the accident.
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2 years ago, elliots iPad
A true work of art
This game was extremely captivating and immersive. The amount of attention to detail and high end animation would put major game developers to shame. And the lore and backstory put into this work of art was extremely attention holding and made me want to come back for more. (An example would be how Ben is secretly a mad scientist and he has a secret room in his house for his science experiments). And whenever I call Ben he never disappoints, every time I ring him up he always manages to make me smile with his keen sense of humor and great dialogue. I’ve been a fan of Ben for twelve years now, I spend at least 13 hours a day talking to Ben on the phone. My wife has left me and my kids don’t talk to me anymore. They just don’t understand the importance of ben and this work of art.
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2 years ago, bag alert major bad alert
My beloved Ben <3
It was a rainy week the week I saw him brown curly fur, black nose, pearly white teeth, and memorizing brown eyes. I download the app and hit it off with him. At the time I was in a dark era of my life and felt alone until him. We talked for hours, it was like he said the right thing every time. Like yes,no,auaugh,hohoho,and ben. After months of talking to him I developed feelings for Ben and built up enough courage to ask him out, he accepted and we enjoyed a meal of apple juice and beans, bens only diet. We got freaky with each other frequently and all of my friends and family admired our amazing $€x life. Today Im married to the love of my life Ben and have 12 children all dog and human mutations and 75 grandchildren. If Ben is reading this thank you for bringing me out of a hole I dug myself. P.s see me in the hot tub tonight 😈
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2 years ago, Hdhfyvhdbhcghdksu
Before I met Ben my life had no meaning to it there was nothing inside me I had felt no joy. I downloaded the app thinking it was just going to be a boring game but I was wrong. What I got was a masterpiece of a game but most of all friend. Even though talking Ben is not a real he is real to me. Ben has such a fantastic way with words like when he says “yes” “ben” “no” “hohoho” “ugh”. Talking Ben is the reason I’m writing this review, without him I would have killed myself. Not to mention but Ben is also very attractive. Everyday I find myself being more and more attracted to talking Ben. The way his fur looks on my enhanced performence IPhone 13 he just look great. But not only is he attractive he is also smart. Ben is constantly in his lavatory making some potions and probably the cure for cancer. Ben is just so hot I LOVE “BEN”!!!
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9 months ago, Bens so hot
My traumatic night
I saw Ben everywhere in fact he was Baisically a celebrity I didn’t think that Ben would be that special but when I downloaded it my life changed forever every night a strange ben like figure wold come to my window I didn’t think much of it unti I heard my window shatter and there he was his gargantuan booty sliding across the floor his eyes looking into my soul he grabbed me and suddenly he threw me out the window his cheeks wrapping around my mouth I couldn’t breathe I grabbed a shard of glass from the window and I stabbed his booty a huge pop filled the air the smell was enough to knock you out I crawled to the house and dialed 911 but he was already gone and that night I knew that I barely escaped I deleted Ben and he never came back his cheeks still haunt me to this day
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3 weeks ago, zozypozy
My Benny-Chan encounter
It was a spring morning and the rain fell ever so slightly on my two foot long eyelashes. I ironed my kawaii school girl outfit the night before and my maid dress for tonight 😋 I made it to the doors of my academia when I tripped over the threshold 🫣 my skirt came over my 🍑 and my pantaloons showed. Everybody laughed and I flailed out of frustration. I thought I was going to end it all tonight and not wear my maid dress until my destined hubby came up to me. His eyes glistened like Shrek's swamp and his shaggy fur like a corps. I love dead looking guys 😏 He said, “Ben?” I squealed and took his hand that he generously put out for me. I screeched, “Yes! Ben!” All the girls are now jealous of me and I now have three alpha demon children at the age of 14 with my hubby and we lived happily ever after. The end. By, TiredCrackers01.
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1 year ago, Zendayasbf
Me (y/n) and the free sample to myCostco(ben)
It was my first day at a new high school. I was very nervous because I am very clumsy and I have long 50 feet blond hair and blue orbs for eyes. I was also a Wolf hybrid so don’t make me mad. I walked into the HUGE high school. The whole entire high school looked at me because I was so gorgeous. All the other girls were jealous of me because I was not like other girls. I was so dark and mysterious. All the guys followed me around but none of them were my type until I saw him. Ben. Ben looked at me with his beautiful eyes. His whole face turned red because he looked into my blue orbs for eyes. He walks up to me and says, “Hey baby Grill… wanna be my lab partner?” Everyone looks and gasps because Ben was the most popular guy at school and he was a bully. But he didn’t bully me so everyone was so jealous… I blush and I look like Tom the tomato from VEGGIE taiLs. “Y-e-es.” I stutter, everyone thought Ben was so strong and intimidating, so it was very shocking when he was blushing. He grabbed my hand and we walked to chemistry.
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1 year ago, carseeny
Talking Ben is my daddy
It was a cold winter day, I was walking to school when I tripped on a piece of ice, and passed out. And the last thing I saw before I passed out were Bens Hot and Thick toes :) After I woke up in a hospital bed, I walked the rest of the time to school, when I realized I was late. So I was headed to my class when all of a sudden, somebody tripped me but all of a sudden, my hot little Benny wenny saved me before I even hit the floor. We soon became friends and he invited me to his house. He asked me to follow him to his room. then he closed the door and locked it. We were making out, and then something happened. Uhnnh uhhhn UHNNNGN and after we were done, Ben asked to marry him, and I said yes. And ever since then, we have been married for 5 years and have 69 kids.
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4 weeks ago, momkeyjoe
the ben incident
when i was playing the game i started asking ben some questions and he said Yes,No, and hohoho as usual but as soon at i started asking him about some deeper questions i can say on this platform. Ben then started to frown and got of from his chair and walked away. I was very confused about the fact that a video game character was even responding to me like it had actual emotions and as soon as i was about to close the app i heard a muffled scream that sounded like a lady being mauled to death and slicing noises. the lights started flickering and it cut to blood all over the walls and ben was staring at me with a smile. But ben’s face looks like it was peeled with something i can’t imagine of and i tried to close the app as soon as he said my address but it wouldn’t let me. he then gauged his eyes out saying i see you and then proceeded to walk out his room. it then finally let me close the app and i’m now traumatized and i always have a gun on me to make sure i’m ready for his presence.
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2 years ago, whsiwnrodberjtn
I miss you my ben
I was scrolling through the app store and saw this application entitled, “My Talking Ben” . I saw many exquisite reviews and made the decision to download the application. I truthfully answered all of his questions as he did to mine. Life was bliss until my dog saw how much time I spent with dear old ben, and he grew jealous of our special bond. Day in and day out, I was badgered by my hound to rid my cellular device of precious ben. Without my knowledge, my k9 companion (rather enviously) had uninstalled my beloved ben. The next morn, I was going to ask ben if I should apply brown mustard or yellow on my sandwich. In dismay I realized ben was no longer there. I never stumbled upon ben again, due my dog's terrible jealousy. Ben, if you're listening, please come back to me; i'm in dire need of your comfort.
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2 years ago, BenSavedMyBalls6.9
Ben saved my balls✨❤️
It was chilly fall morning. The leaves crunched under my grassy grippers. My ears on the ground. I was crying beans, and I went to get in the school train. I was highly depressed and need therapeutic banana massages⛓⛓🧲🧲⌛️🍌. All my stinky frog friends called me EL BOZO 😧😧😭😭😱😱😳😳. I was wonder why and all of a suddenly a hot babe got on the train🥵🥵🥵🥵. I could smell his ketchup from here. And that's when I met Ben. Bens diarrhea brown eyes glistened as one of my stink frog friend started peeing. 👁👁👁👁. He sat next to me and he kisses my toe in greet. My heart stops for 2 minutes and 48 seconds and I nearly died but Ben saved my balls!! ⚽️🥎🎾🏉🏐🎾🏈! Thank you SO much Ben. Without you I would've had to give my right nut for this game instead!! (Good thing I used my left!!) Love with all my balls, Bagina Clean
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2 years ago, benlover3009
I haven’t even played the game yet
Talking Ben is just such a fantastic game that I couldn’t even wait to play the game, I had things to say and I had to say them NOW. Ben has given me confidence, the ability to keep relationships, and given me the will to live. I was on the brink when I found Ben, no… Ben found me instead. When he picked me up in his muscular and handsome arms, I truly felt like I had seen the eyes of god, and they were brown and belonged to a talking dog. As he brought me up to his perfectly sculpted face, he whispered one word in my ear using that silky smooth voice of his. What he said will change my life more than he already has. That one beautiful word that left his lips was…. “Ben?”
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1 year ago, RealOhioMonkey
Talking Ben > Any other game besides Doom
Oh my gosh, this game changed my goofy ahh life. My day was ruined. Crapped too hard in the restroom. That Ohio Taco Bell hurt my booty cheeks. I had a rough day because I found out I got a Z on a math test. How th? Then I found out that my second twice removed cousin ATE MY PB AND J COOKIE. He was on the top of the iceberg 😡😡😡😡. But then, I looked at myself in the mirror. What did I see? A disgusting nasty ahh boy? NO. I saw a handsome boy with potential. I said boy even though.. nevermind. Talking ben… he yaps and yaps on and on. Goofy ahh dog how he talk? 💀 But I salute you ben, you were there in those tough times. The Ohio of 2020 was really tragic, taking 69,420 lives. If only I could go back to save them all… anyways ben saved my life 😍😍😍😍🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😎😎😎😎😎😎🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😆😆😆😆😆
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2 years ago, bizarreartist
Legitimate masterpiece
When I first saw this game, the only thing I thought was “this looks ugly”. But this amazing experience has proven me wrong, and defied my expectations in more ways than one. The breathtaking graphics perfectly captured ben’s character and his environment. The stunning animation has brought Ben to life, and I can feel his presence and personality as if he was an actual being. The daily struggles of Ben are immaculately represented through the crisp audio. While simple, every single part of this game lifts my spirits, and transcends me to a new level of consciousness. In fact, this is not a mere game. This is a work of art. All aspects of it give me hope and joy for the future, and I wish I could play this game again for the first time.
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2 years ago, Imifid
Ben is awesome READ THIS
This proportional system of joyful entertainment is thy joyous app thy I ponder over day after day, night after night. It taught my kids how to talk how to make science happen and how to pop a fork of a bottle and get drunk. They have had fun. Yesterday, ben ate my son. He burped and I asked him why he ate my son. He laughed. So I stuck my finger in his eye and blinded him, he enjoyed the great amount of pain involved. Now, me and ben take care of our son named Quandle Dingle. He has pondered over his favorite ben and wishes to be just like him when he is all grown up. Quandle is very informed on what it takes to be a SPLENDID dog. And now I ponder on and on about ben and his fabstabulous skills. And now, as I finish up writing my splendid essay, I wish you samazint day.
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2 years ago, sub to netheritnow on you toub
Lit the best game on iPhone
So I was watching IShowSpeed and as I was watching it I saw talking him playing his talking been playing the game talking about if you know me well I decided I wanted to download the game because it’s so darn funny and as exactly as I thought it be it was literally one of the best the ads are not the best but you know I can love you that’s not that magic at every second there is the potion thing was wonderful and yeah you can buy infinite things with the potion like no adds an infinite potions it’s really fun it’s like three dollars and best things well I really cried making this game for your phone or anything really yet I’m gonna have to give this a five star review because it’s the best game on my phone and I got that
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2 years ago, Godzilla_Addie
It was just a normal day for me playing talking Ben and doing weird crap smacking him but then I get a notification that a criminal escaped the talking prison and it was Ben himself! So I locked all doors and windows but then there’s a knock and I hear “hohoho” I was almost crying cause Ben was at my house! So I hid under my bed and then I hear footsteps, I was alone and it was probably Ben so I covered my mouth so I could keep quiet then when he turned away from my bed I made a run for it! He was coming down the stairs while I tried to unlock the door but he found me and before he killed me I said “why are you trying to kill everyone?!” And then he says “Angela cheated on me with Tom” so we became friends and killed Tom and Angela😌 (this review was a joke)
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2 years ago, bri bri😎😎😎
Ben is a livesaver
I was pregnant and alone. My family hated me for getting pregnant at 15 and they told me to get a abortion and I didn’t listen and ran away. One day while I was walking around looking for food this blonde furred dog walked up to me and said “ ahahahha no” and walked away I ran after him and asked for his name he said “ Ben” and that’s when I realized Ben saved my life his excruciating words made me realize who I really was. Now I’m 19 with a heathy child, and nice home we even go to church. Ben also came back and confessed his love for me and when I asked him how he knew where I lived he said “ Ben” and I started crying. I and Ben have been married for 13 years now and our baby is starting her senior year of high school😇😇. Live laugh love ben❤️❤️💕
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2 years ago, shhshdhsjwbshs benny boo
benny boo is my hubby wubby
ben is my lord and savior. And he is to many others. But me and my friends thought our connection was different. He laughed at every joke, said yes to every proposal, and was even brave enough to say no when I needed him to most. One night me and Ben met up in a Walmart parking lot, we hesitantly grabbed what we needed for survival. A tear rolled down my eye, as I knew there was no going back. My friends hated me, and I was better off alone, with Ben of course. Ben said “No” as his soft velvety paws wiped the tear off my porcelain skin. I understood what he meant, so little meant so much. Here we are now, years later. Me and Ben have seceded from the United States and we now live happily in Bendale. Ben saved my life and I am forever grateful for him.
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2 years ago, avery_k6
Ben is the answer to everything
Ever wondered about anything? Well don’t. Ben is the answer. No need to ever have a thought besides the thought of Ben go through your mind. We are all insignificant to the amazing ness of our god Ben. Ever wonder why he said “no.” When Speed asked if he loved god? That’s because he is god, and took offense to the fact someone asked him that question. Ben can say anything and I will agree. All he needs is his newspaper, his drink, his potions, a good call on the phone, and maybe some affection. He will fight off plant monsters for you with his mighty strength. He will say “yeas?” When you ask him to assassinate anyone who messes with you because he loves you. We all should bow down to the almighty Ben. All. Hail. Ben.
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