Talking Pierre the Parrot

4.2 (19.3K)
101.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit7 Limited
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Talking Pierre the Parrot

4.22 out of 5
19.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Hannah from FL
It’s ok
Pierre is very cute and suspicious. I like that he knocks a cup, spoon, and a eaten apple over. Tom comes up and corrects Pierre what I said. It’s a good thing. Not a lot of ads. 🤩😀I like how lightning shows up when u click the guitar button. I can play smoke on the water fast.
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2 years ago, sturm no more
A few things
Ok first of all, I want to ask why all reviews have bad sentences? What I mean is no periods, or explanation marks or question marks and stuff like that, when there usually OVER 20-?!! And it won’t let me download the app.. but this game was good when I played it on my grandpas phone or something. It reminds me of when I was like 4. But quick reminder: DO NOT PLAY TALKING GINGER! Yes, the first one. I was curious so I took a screenshot of his eye up close, and I saw a man. So don’t download that!!!but this game is good, when I played it.
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3 years ago, ./. scaryy
Why dose my animal not talk when I speak to it and aloud microphone Access
So I like to play this game a lot but it doesn’t want to copy me even if I Allowed microphone access it won’t talk and I don’t know what to do it talks once and doesn’t talk I screamed and it didn’t do anything just stand there didn’t give me the hearing pose it just stand there like I don’t even speak so I’m sorry the game is really fun but maybe a few bugs you need to work tho 😁
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2 years ago, reveiwer125399
kindA fUn
This game is fun, but not like the best time you’ll ever have, it’s funny when he shakes his but, he copies what u say, you can throw tomatoes at him, but they never hit him… It’s really plain, and there’s not really a point to it… but it’s still fun and I like it, I hoped u liked this review, also there are ads and game is free. And you can make talking Tom hit him. You can rub ❣️him and punch 🥊 him in the face. But the game is pretty alright I have five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Fidget_toys
So funny I can’t stop playing 😂
This game is so funny bc when I click the beak of pierre it makes a squeaky noise and it’s so funny and I love this game so much but can we update it a bit like by adding more fun stuff i’m not saying it’s boring but can u guys add more fun stuff to it like to dress up pierre or anything but I would rate this a 5 star this is the best game in the entire world.
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2 years ago, Mandyddlc
Gamers for serous game for real gamers
i gamer love it much, is scary very but fun for kid like me a gamer yes I’m a gamer I game so much I play much game and am a gamer girls want me but I game so much fort knight and gamer yes I am soo much gamer and I’m a good gamer like ninja I am better than ninja only play if you are good gamer like me a gamer who plays games like a game yea that’s me a gaymer and I’m good at games and I play to much and get very much girls that game
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1 year ago, Matthew Silva DeSylva, 29
Alpha seven you got something to explain go ahead, say it
OK, one thing can we even like take Pierre anywhere we can we make a talking PO to where he starts up as he comes in and hatches like a baby like this so just some future things like can we like level him up? I got like some talking games until he gets super big and then can you like see him and then take him to sleep and then you can name him thank you Alfred seven you are the best. Have a good day.
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1 year ago, Kate_Mo
I love talking Pierre so much
I love this app 💚💚 I've played this app for years, and I have multiple devices, I have two iPhones and one iPad available to me, I have at least talking Pierre apps on all three of them, I spend a lot of time using these talking to your apps and have fun with them while they listen to each other! Thank you 😊
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3 years ago, Lily burns
Amazing game!
So it’s a amazing game, I’ve seen reviews like “Omg a guys in the eye!” And I took a photo but there’s not hacker there and I know it’s safe because it’s clear and it’s safe I looked it up and it said “Talking Pierre is 100% safe.” And I really recommend it if you like funny things and he’s sassy too when Tom corrects him Pierre rolls his eyes and goes “Ugh” it’s so funny! I so recommend it!
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3 years ago, anygoodreviewsarehere
Talking Pierre
You might have heard about the Angela rumors and now think these cute animals are not safe. But these games are safe . This is a really funny game where he repeats anything you say. ( you probably know ) he can break dishes , show off his guitar 🎸 moves , throw tomatoes at him and he can use the blender. If you pay then he can do more fun things .
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3 years ago, Monarcas2
Good app but I want them to make another one
This game is talking Pierre but I want them to make my talking Pierre where you can make him happy feed him food take him to the bathroom send him to sleep there will be levels he might age up on some of them and there will be mini games.
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4 years ago, aloloopp b.
Can’t stop laughing!!
Outfit 7 your games are amazing they are so fun and hilarious this game I dont know what it is but it’s SO EPIC!!!! HONESTLY I LOVE IT! Please make more games I SERIOUSLY LOVE THEM! (: when I tap the main character in the game his eyes go left and right and I laugh. Thank you so much for making these games thanks for reading byeeee!
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11 months ago, Ronibrich
I’m not gonna go to get my car lol but I’m going on the road right after I work lol I just need a ride home lol ok I love love mommy and I miss her so I hope she is ok well I just don’t feel good about that and she just wants me a little girl lol I love love her so cute I just want her and her she
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6 years ago, 9_6_one_Three
this is a great app, but. I have some suggestions
Maybe you can add a chat before like Angela. It would be so funny to hear talking tears funny sentences when maybe you can add a chat before like Angela. It would be so funny to hear talking tears funny sentences when you use the chat bar
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3 years ago, craftySnapcat😺
Funny parrot
This game is hilarious I love it so much but I don’t know about the voice is kind of sounding old I don’t know I think it’s just me I love the tomato everything about this game is just so exciting I am kind of Suspicious of the eyes though but it’s OK it’s fun and safe😄
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2 years ago, outfit7freakinmegafan
Bro what is the point of throwing the tomatoes..?
If the tomatos are in the game, what is the point of throwing them? There are so many ads in the game too, like a lot of many ads… I do love that you can make Pierre play Smoke on the Water on his little guitar, very cute. Edit: oh you need to buy the little expansion pack thing to hit Pierre with the tomatoes.. i see.
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3 years ago, carter rosalez
Never ever say down with it splash!!
Don’t Say down with it splash if u don’t have money to buy the premium if u wanna splash don’t say it or Tom will say no no no then Say down with it Splash or when you say down with it splash and tom comes Tap the leg then YEET!
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2 years ago, Badddie Baka girl slone
Nice game but i feel like he’s going
It’s a really nice game since the other OG’s of outfit7 talking games I feel like talking Pierre is gonna be deleted but if it is it’s gonna be a memory and the good thing is to have it in my phone
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6 years ago, Google search Search
This app is fun especially since it also repeats what you say more than once sometimes, and that it can also play the guitar. I’ve used in fact for about four years too.
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2 years ago, author er
Good game but…
This is A good game where you play with the talking parrot but there’s a BIG PROBLEM when my mom downloaded this app there were alot of ads so please fix the bug thank you.
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6 years ago, Blue guy817
Great with one minor problem
I love this app and everything about it but I wish we could get atleast a apearence in the show like Tom could say “hey my old friend Pierre is coming and Pierre could kind of reck the house
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6 years ago, Rebekah1976
Favorite Star Game.
Thanks for including a talking parrot to the Game list, I always wanted to hear and seek what it felt to have a parrot. I don’t have one but I will surely Get a good one like pierre. Have a great day and Mae kids smile! I rated you a great deal of 5. :)
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3 years ago, #Happy28
Love this bird!!!
Me and my uncle love to mess around with Pierre. We tell him he’s dumb and it makes us crack up! 😂🦜 Thanks for making this app and I look forward to any new updates!!!!
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4 years ago, 99AYDEN99 and 77ayden77
What happened to this guy
So I was always wondering what happened to him like I haven’t seen him in for so long not even in talking Tom and friends only in talking friends and I miss his parrot
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5 years ago, Funny_Parrot
Ha ha
This game is super funny. The parrot cracks me up 😂. Their is a little glitch in the game when the tell the parrot to speak it will work but if you say something different it will repeat what you said before too. Away good game.
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6 years ago, girls are awesomeX
this app is really fun
I love this app, this app is really cool! I like that how you make movies you can use the extra buttons, it makes my friends laugh and that’s the way I like
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3 years ago, mia napoles
When I download this game something was wrong
It was really funny and stuff but when I said this game is like so fun it literally kept on saying it and then when I went to go get some chips and fruit punch I went to the game and I saw a man in your eyes literally I saw them in her eyes eyes
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4 years ago, geset 5885
A little bit good but I can’t get
I was buying the upgrade pack and when I buyed it it wouldn’t work
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1 year ago, Dial Man
Good game
This is a great game it just how did y’all not get copyrighted? When you push the guitar button in a pattern you can hear smoke on the water by deep purple Like how do you get away with this with the 17k people that have played this???
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2 years ago, Five nights ar freddy's fan
Its so funny lol!!!
So like Its not answering but I don’t THERES something in his eye you can download if You want but am not sure Go see and let’s find out
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3 years ago, lawdog1104
I was so scared that I faced it to my mom so I wouldn’t get attacked. And when I got off to type this I covered up the camera so he couldn’t see me. I was so scared because he was still talking to me. So if y’all care lease don’t download this app. I’m going to cover my blinds tonight. I’m going to delete this app if it will let me delete it. Fingers crossed.
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6 years ago, Farty tarty
why did I make this
I’m only giving 5 stars since the thing plays guitar, and I play guitar. We are at even levels here bird.
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4 months ago, SHSHSHSHSHA2919191911919
i allowed this Parrot to hear me and i taller and it was doing weird things like glitching repeating it i think that Was scary please fix that.
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3 years ago, DarkSunman
He just throw two dishes by himself
Oh while I was playing this game there was no problem still but when I wasn’t pressing to throw two dishes button he just throw two dishes by himself without me pressing the button so make sure to remove this app from the App Store now and arrest the people known as hackers to hack this app
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1 year ago, Thelegendmaster
When downloaded this game it said it four time even tho I said it one time do not download this it could glitch I said “dookie duke”and it said four times thank goodness I deleted it
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4 years ago, yo sup dood
Ok but...
Whats weird about this game is that the bird always messes up when i whistle the illuminati song but not when i whistle anything else 😒
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6 years ago, USA great
Good but 1 problem
Good but something I want to do but you have to pay for it.I go to pay for it and it is not in the US App Store.
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2 years ago, christy1973johnson
This game pretty disturbs me how the parrot and Tom is real old to be seeing in the new games, I swear I saw some screech coming from the game and nothing was there
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3 months ago, hxkgj
Why Is It Morbin’ Time?
Pierre Is Such A Crazy Parrot And Being Morbius. And I Ain’t Joking, It is real! And It’s Just Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Not Responsibility. But There Is One Thing I Like Most Of Him. ROCKING ON HIS GUITAR LIKE A HACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Please, Don’t Scam This, This Is From Me.
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8 months ago, سلام از طرف امیر حسین
Shah has to do the same thing with
I have to get back with my baby and I
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2 years ago, a.rae-ohok
I’m confused
Why is this the only outfit7 defunct character that still has a game
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3 years ago, benthemathboy64
It’s kind of boring now
I remember I used to like it but this is the future we’re there is much fun stuff and this isn’t fun anymore so I don’t think I will keep the app
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3 years ago, JJRoxyBoo11
This isn’t a review for this game… love this game… I just want to know if u guys can bring back talking Gina??? that game was really fun and I miss it😔
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8 months ago, DJJ84
Love this game
When I showed it to my friend and I told her to pet the bird she was like aww it loves me this is a good game to show to a friend
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8 months ago, Gdhdh hchxjhdbf
Not a scam
This game is not a scam it can entertain me for hours and hours and hours and hours I love this game download it trust me
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3 years ago, therapy bird
It was always fun and it’s still fun
I loved it as a child and I always will love it 😊
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6 years ago, nisauy
We are happy together maybe we’re growing to meet each other I Love you
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2 years ago, reindeer_xmasfun
Love it
If you love birds and budgies, this is for you. I love it so much! It’s so much fun and I love it. Give it a show and a try.
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4 months ago, Mr Hmmmmm
Best talking app ever Funny coping and Smart get now people great freaking game thank you sooooo much!!
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4 years ago, lady girl2011
Kinda creepy
Ok so I like it but the noise when you rub him/her It creeps me out. Other wise makers plz change the noise plz plz plz plz. Anyway it’s a fun game!!! P.s how to you hit peirre with the tomato comment how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁
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