Talking Tom Cat

4.2 (128.7K)
171.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit7 Limited
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Talking Tom Cat

4.19 out of 5
128.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Darby B
Did you get rid of the bubbles?
I like this app because all the food we can feed Tom. In the old version we only could feed him milk. Now we can feed him more! We fed him peppers, sandwiches, cakes, popsicles, and watermelons. But there was one that was replaced. The bubbles. They were replaced with soda. I know why. Because bubbles are not food. Anyway, peppers made his face red and caused him to run, the sandwich he chows down but then gets his hands in his mouth, the cake he blows but the Ben slams the cake into his face so he would not eat the cake so Tom wiped the cake off his face but he only licked a little frosting so he really did not eat it, update the app so he can eat it, the popsicle he tries to lick but It gets stuck on his tongue, so he pulls it then the popsicle drops and then it was gone so he did not eat it at all. Update the app so there can be more cutscenes for food. The watermelon he eats whole then he gets fat then he spits the seeds out and the watermelon is in his mouth. And for the soda, he drinks hard and then the colorful things come out with the silly straws and the his belly made noise then he did a big burp which was FUNNY. And for the bubble he drank the whole thing the a bubble came out of his mouth then his ears and then he burped many bubbles. Make a BIG update so there can be more food, and more cutscenes for the food, and bring the bubbles back. Ok.
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2 years ago, Qwefifjndnenfjfkeksejfjjcje
Good but maybe needs improvements.
I like this app because it makes me laugh and is pretty entertaining to play with my siblings. Although there are a lot of fun features including feeding Tom and interacting with Tom, etc. There may be room for improvements. All Tom can do based off of the “Talking” Tom, is repeating what you say just in a different voice. I get the concept of the game but I think if you could interact with Tom a bit more (like asking it something and it actually replying to you.) Therefore, there could be something other than your voice just being recorded and pitched higher. In some un-copyrighted terms, making it connect to other games like talking Ben or something like that. Those are just some ideas and my opinion, no need to think about it too hard because either way I like the game! Nice work :)
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3 years ago, pinkie pie and sweetie belle
So, I was confused about the whole, “I’m watching you” thing, so I got this app. So first, I didn’t want the game to know my real age, so I just put 1990. Tom’s in an alley, so, I just feed him? I gave him cake, he got it smacked in his face. I give him an ice pop, he ends up hurting himself. I kinda stopped giving him food, because I was worried, that if I give him the milk, he’ll EXPLODE. Then, I remembered why I got the game in the first place. I took a screenshot of his face, then zoomed in. All I saw was a white dot which is supposed to be, like, highlights I guess. If it makes everyone who’s scared feel better, when I was taking the screenshot, I accidentally turned my iPad off! 🤣 so, there. Talking Tom is safe-ish. I can’t say the same for talking Angela, hank, Tom 2, ginger, Ben, etc. So, if you want to play this game, there is a very, VERY slim change of a hacker, setting your device on fire, your phone explodes. You will be completely safe. Mostly. Outfit7, however, I am onto you. If anyone else dies or gets taken away, and people are saying, “Talking Angela did it.”, you will be reported to the cops, and you’ll get sued. So, don’t test me y’all. Stay safe. PLEASE. I don’t need anyone dying. P.S, I did the double click thing to go to one of my games, forgetting I still had the zoomed in pic of Tom up. It scared my soul out of my body! 🤣😂😂
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2 years ago, G•a•b•y P•a•s•c•a•l
Talking Tom is great!
Talking Tom is such cute and funny game to play! Ever since I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with talking Tom. I use to always play this game everyday before, during and after school, Also in the summer as well!!! Talking Tom is one of my favorite nostalgic games I have ever played before. I remember when my parents wanted me to delete the app due to the silly rumors 🤪. I refused since I loved talking Tom so much. BUT ONE DAY, my mother deleted talking Tom off of my iPad. I was FURIOUS!!!! 😡😡😡😡 I threw the biggest tantrum of my life!!! I was screaming, crying and yelling at my parents for deleting talking tom off my iPad. Ever since then, I didn’t play talking tom. 😓😓😓 Until recently, I had the courage to re download the app and now I’m happily playing talking Tom again. 🤗🤗🤗 I highly recommend downloading and playing talking tom!!!! (Don’t listen to those silly rumors) Also, I recommend watching the Tom and Angela- You Get Me music video. It’s a whole cinematic masterpiece of a video and gets me very emotional every time I watch it.
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2 years ago, Ray4, july 26
Money grab and nothing to stop kids from redownloading without permission
In this Tom game you cant do much. There are ads multiple times a minute, and you have to watch an ad to get more food for some reason. Really all you can do is make him claw you or fart, unless you want to watch an ad for 1 piece of food. So basically it’s making your child into a money machine for the company from all these ads. Im also mad that my child is able to download multiple other Outfit7 games from within each game. I deleted multiple of the Outfit7 games that he had before, but since it advertises it’s other games within each game, he was able to redownload them from there. I don’t know how to fix this because an Apple ID password stops him from downloading things from the app store(plus he doesn’t understand the App Store), but Outfit7 advertises their other games on each single game, as if to trick your child into asking for more, and allows them to downloading more without permission. I’m not stupid either, I checked the general settings on his iPad and there’s no option for me to stop him from downloading more. I’m very upset.
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2 years ago, best sonic player ever
I have a couple reasons why you should never download this app 1. Asked for your birth year and when you were born I think that’s a little too personal and they also asked for a microphone in my opinion that’s a little too personal from me but that’s just my opinion. 2. When I was playing a couple of these apps like talking Angela you can give her gifts and there’s two gift options when is buying her a drink in the second one is fine her outfits options I decided to buy her a drink and one of them with and it looks like an alcoholic beverage which I thought that was kind of weird but I went on with it 3. Her make up options are pretty particular there’s a tiger face plate make a regular make up flirty make up which I was kind of worried about especially since this is a 4+ year old game that’s just my opinion I don’t know what goes on in other kids homes or how or other kids think in general but in my opinion that is kind of weird but that’s just my opinion. That’s why i do not think you should not download !!!
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2 years ago, rack cat super shack
I’ve heard of all the rumors but I don’t believe they’re real whoever saying that real is just so silly some people are saying that they see a man in his eyes and then they go off the app then They come back on and and Tom’s eyes are bleeding like seriously these guys are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Although I did see something in his eyes when I punched him in the stomach but well that might’ve just gotten in the game somehow but maybe they were true one time but nothing suspicious happens when I play maybe that man is not trying to kidnap people anymore but maybe you should be careful when you play this game anyway thanks for reading bye Allie cat lover
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2 years ago, BIG CHOUNGOUS
Do NOT play at 3 AM
Ok you might say the rumors are fake but they are TRUE. When i first heard about the rumors i thought it was all lies so i tested it out to prove it but it didn’t feel normal for some reason. There was nothing strange in the background but something just didn’t feel right. I thought it was because it was this late at night and i punched him in the stomach just for kicks before i went back to bed but i saw something weird in the corner of his eyes. I punched him again and screenshoted him and i saw a MAN with a KNIFE! I tried to go to sleep but i kept hearing notifications ding so i checked back on my iPad and i saw two notifications: 1: Run Or Die! 2: I am coming… I got so freaked out and i turned off my iPad but i accidentally got on the talking tom app and TOM’S EYES WERE BLEEDING! I quickly shut my iPad off and spent the rest of the night under the covers. You can still buy this game i’m fine with that but do NOT play it at 3 AM.
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12 months ago, GriffinMize2929
Amazing App, But There Is A Problem.
This App Is Amazing! You Can Make Him Scratch The Screen, Fart, And Other Stuff! However, This Is A Problem, When I Feed Him Food, Everything Happens With Tom, Like When I Try To Feed Him A Popsicle, He Ends Up Getting His Tongue Stuck On The Popsicle, And When I Try To Feed Him A Pepper, He Freaked Out That The Pepper Was Too Hot, And When I Try To Feed Him Cake, Ben Smacks The Cake On Toms Face, Which Makes Me Feel Bad For Him, However The Sandwhich, Milk, And A Watermelon Are Fine To Me, Although When I Feed Him A Sandwhich, He Gets His Hands In His Mouth, And When I Made Him Drink Milk, He Burped Too Loud, And When I Feed Him A Watermelon, Tom Throws The Watermelon And Gets It In His Mouth, But He Spits Out Seeds And Shows A Melon Piece In His Mouth, That’s The Only Problems That I Know, Update The App And Replace The Cutscenes 😀
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1 year ago, the tow weirdo's
Can somebody please explain the graffiti
I and my friend were playing this for fun we knew it was creepy and then we both noticed some writing on the wall and we looked in the photos and it said: AKS RULES! and AKS kind of spells axe and at some point we looked at the scratching motion and we took a screenshot and then I pointed out the fingers don’t move like that and my friend noticed the scratches look like a really badly drawn 5 and cat mouths don’t move like that (In The watermelon picture) and the eyes I think Had a glare and then I’m not completely sure but it looks like there’s like some drawers in the eyes and the wall was Kind of brown and it was kind of weird The photo that says “ poke till I drop” Drop might mean death and poke you can poke someone with your finger or, WITH A KNIFE so I don’t recommend you download this app unless you want to and play around with it but if you just want to download it and have fun I don’t recommend have a nice day :)
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4 years ago, choko j
Great but Rumors 😤😤😤
I played this game a lot but I have heard about the 3:00 Am spooky stuff but I know it’s not true and I don’t know why they make it. I saw a video that there is a man behind toms eyes but how is that possible? 🤔🤔🤔 I was wondering if it was true but whenever I looked in toms eyes I didn’t see anything so turned out it was fake. So all the 3:00 am spooky stuff of talking Tom is all fake. But why do they make this?? I think they are just trying to get people to think that Talking Tom has a man behind his eyes and all that spooky stuff but that is not true. I mean why can’t these people stop? Well... I think that this is okay to download and if all those notifications scare you a little, just turn them off! Anyways I like this game!
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1 year ago, 18 sisters
Do not download please
So my name is Laura and I’m 10 and I have a twin sister that’s 10 year old to and her name is Luna have 18 sisters, including my parents so so we have 20 people so me and my twin sister were playing talking Tom one day and then we started to puncheon talk to her everything was normal but then my sister and me left the room but when we went back in the room something with us, a guy was pointing a gun at us in his eye meet my sister got so scared that we exit the app if minutes later me and my sister, got an email about talking Tom I was so scared but then when I open the email talking, Tom seriously had blood in his eyes I got so scared and then it became 3 AM and I had to check the app but then seriously it said I’m watching you Laura I exit the app and deleted the app and the next day I got download it again I somehow register get a new tablet. That’s why you should never download this app say, say say.
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2 years ago, natysha ruku
Why does this app exist? There are kids seeing stuff in the cats eyes and getting traumatized! This is a very bad app, and I would not recommend it to your kids, as it tracks your location, and gps, and people have gone missing and died because of this situation! I think Outfit 7 needs to be a little more wise about their scary decisions. There are kids getting scared about this and I think they should be sued. They need to be put behind bars, and need mental health. I don’t know why people are saying this is fake, there was a news channel about Talking Angela, AND Talking Tom saying that there was something in their eyes!!! I think all Outfit 7 apps need to be gone and removed, and the safe ones only can stay for children that are 6+, 4+. Thank you for letting me write a review and I hope you inderstand parents, that this is not a safe app.
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2 years ago, GoatboyPB
Super creepy! Don’t download!
It was early one morning and my little sis was playing talking Tom and it asked her where she lived and I told her to turn her iPad off and then she went to eat lunch. Later that day I went on her iPad and got on talking Tom and I punched him in the stomach and in the corners of his eyes, there were knives so I took a screenshot and zoomed in and there was a creepy man holding up a knife! I freaked out and went to bed. It kept having notifications and I got so annoyed that I just went to take a peek and there it said I know where you live. The next one said run or die! And the last one said “I am coming. I was going to delete it and go back to bed but then Accidentally got in the app. Inside the app, Toms eyes were bleeding! I woke up my dad and told him what happened then I deleted it. I do not suggest getting the app! VERY DANGEROUS and SCARY!!! 😬😰🤭😱😨
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5 years ago, jayden pack 123
My experience
I like the app but I just feel like someone is stalking you because that cat always sends you notifications and I have Tom 1 and Tom 2 and it’s weird they both send me notifications at the same time sometimes other than that the app is pretty good I love the outfits that you can put on him and the clothes are a pretty good price for the toy coins on the game. Also I have the game and my mom played it one time so she downloaded it on her phone because she liked it. I cover the camera with a sticky not when I play the game because you never know but I recommend it kids would really like it.
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4 years ago, jolly72010
Ok, so I heard these rumors everywhere and honestly there fake. I will share why the rumors are fake. First, the talking apps aren’t the only apps they create, so if you click on the thing that says developer it shows the talking apps aren’t the only apps they make, so if they were actually kidnappers or something I am sure those apps would have bad reviews too but no there normal games! Second, I had these apps forever and I am still here with my family. Ok that was all my reasons lol but the videos about these rumors are still fun to watch but the rumors are fake. Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, pumkin pie :3 UwU
So I only downloaded the game not long ago to see if rumors were true,I didn’t find some but like I said I downloaded it not long ago,I noticed something freaky…when you first log onto the game it says “I need a microphone to hear you!” And from ratings and videos they say that they have seen a man in the eyes,I haven’t seen it yet but I think this supports it.2 I wasn’t saying anything and then all of a sudden he was moving his mouth like I said something I got really freaked out,I’ll keep it on for a little longer to see if rumors are true, and thanks for reading this you beautiful person bye,oh and I also noticed kids were putting their names and ages DONT DO THAT if there is a hacker or a stalker they can kidnap you ONLY PUT YOUR AGE!!!,(10)
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3 years ago, Alex from Longmeadow
It’s not the best game
When you talk to him it sounds like a demon is copying you I don’t prefer it don’t download it if you are four or three it is scary a little bit but on the good side you can hit him what is better than that I heard about all the rumors to Lizzie Noel she tells you about rumors to fgteev you can download it but be prepared it scares everybody the rumors I believe are true like I said it sound like a demon is copying you and it also looks like something is shining on his eye!...
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3 years ago, Cadence_P
Ok game.
Hi there once again my name is sania. And I like playing outfit7 games. First of all I gave this game a three star review because it’s kind of boring and he’s not as cute as talking tom the other games because he farts and you have to buy and watch ads for more food if you run out plus I don’t like that you can scratch this green and he lives by the garbage in the dumpsters I don’t like that but honestly you can do better and sorry if I’m being too picky because I know this is an old game and you have more funner and you were games out right now but I’m just saying you could do more more to this OK this is my super short review bye!
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4 years ago, are use this every day
It’s really scary
So I played this game since I was five years old I didn’t really like it I don’t recommend it it’s a really scary game don’t get this for your kids it is really scary there’s a stocker looking through his eyes you shouldn’t get that actually like might get you he’s a stocker or a hacker I don’t know so don’t get this game I downloaded this and now I’m seven years old it’s still creepy I still don’t like it I am downloaded it it’s really scary don’t do it it’s bad don’t do it and do not put your real birth date because then it’s just gonna steal it it’s gonna steal your information and he’s going to find out your address so do you fix stuff and make him see your ceiling say safe and do everything I told you he might get you I’m sorry if he does get you
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2 years ago, sex35210##
Do not download
Do not download this game is suspicious the green eyes on Tom are up to something. Many people, including me think that these eyes are cameras to watch you. Another reason is that it asks for the year you were born. A younger version of me would have thought this was completely normal because other games do it to. But now this game has nothing to do with your birthday. Another thing it does is ask to access your microphone. Which is really weird because I would think that they want to listen to your every word. And overall the game gets boring after awhile. So beware because Tom knows everything.
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1 year ago, QueenOfUwU
It’s Fun,But Not Much To Do.
This is a fun game but there isn’t really much to do since the only things you can do is: make him fart,slap him,make him repeat you,and feed him. Some of the food he doesn’t really eat,though. I like the game though but honestly,I think talking Tom 2 is my favorite Outfit7 game because filling needs is kinda fun and he starts as a kitten which is awesome and I think he’s cute. But this isn’t about that game. This is fun though. Good job Outfit7 you never fail to entertain me.
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9 months ago, Dax Luma
How well does the original Talking Tom hold up?
This game’s interactions with Tom feels very similar to MY Talking Tom’s interactions, but without the pet caretaking selling point and more of a humorous style and sharing goofy videos with your friends. This game was a cornerstone for the “My Talking ‘Name’” and “Talking ‘Name’” franchise, and yet I still found enjoyment in this little game. There’s not much to do but this might as well be called a beta for what was to come next. Good job, Outfit7.
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3 years ago, Santa546
Do you not get this game
If you live close in town I’d like some themes sad do you not get this game for kids I got this game for five years and I had a little girl don’t get this game is a hacker in toms I can take it for you while you’re playing that app and when you’re off at went on I opened a can for you while you’re playing that app and when you’re off at one time and place and got nothing I’m talking Angela
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3 years ago, ch567453
Scary do not download
I was playing call if duty and my sister downloaded the app on my phone I go a random text and it was saying I know where you live I know when you sleep the I love was like this is all fake so when I go on the app there is blood coming out of his eyes then I get another text that says run or die now I was really starting to freak out and I saw someone in talking toms eyes I really was scared I did not know what to do so I deleted the app and kept gettting creepy text eventually I got a text and it was a picture of me in my house right at the time I blocked the text and I do not recomend this app for kids
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8 months ago, judyakoto
Scary game kids don’t play this
This game might seem nice but it’s not I I was playing this game with my lil sister we were just feeding him a popsicle for 1 minute but then me and my sister noticed something off in his eyes there was another eye like a human eye and we thought it was a glitch but after an hour we went back to the game and recorded it but then when we turned the camera on the game went dark and we saw a man watching us my sister started crying and screamed loud we deleted the game after that and my little sister is still crying right now while I’m writing this so kids or parents don’t download this.
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5 years ago, JP2005!
3:00 AM Clickbait
I’ve been using this app since I was only 9 and found the game fun. The game may have been ruined by rumors or by the new update, but it’s still a good game and deserves much better treatment. The little kids who watch those 3:00 AM clickbaits just don’t understand what’s real and what isn’t. Parents don’t be afraid to get this app for your children. It’s a great game and 10 year old kids are trying to ruin it.
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2 years ago, weu neyshwufegdywgduhrw/((
OMG guys🫢🫢🫢 there is “a man” in Toms eyes!!! PLZ READ!!!
Guys guys there is “a man holding a knife”in toms eyes😨😨😨 So my friends are telling me there is a man holding a knife in toms eyes but I didn’t even bother checking because it’s all fake. What a surprise! Yeah so a lot of kids watch these videos where people say there is a man holding a knife in toms eyes and then they say they are asking what address you live in your email all that personal stuff so there is no such thing as a man in toms eyes
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5 years ago, RainbowCookieXY
Nice game but I won’t play it
Ok let me say something... The 3:00 ones are jokes! This is a normal game but I the only thing I don’t like is hitting the cat! I have a cat so I know it’s wrong and abuse. But other then that the talking Tom running one is wayyy better and the hero and Jetski I recommend them if your a fan of there games anyways I would recommend playing a hero or Jetski I don’t really like this game but it’s honestly not haunting there’s no camaras and if there anyone who believe in the 3:00 trust me there fake oh and I deleted this game cause it has animal abuse
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2 years ago, @9sm
Where is the ending picture
In 2014, I was playing the App and the app is cool so I record it and saved it to my photos and there is a picture in the ending. 8 years later, I returned playing this game but the character looks different so I record it and saved it to photos. I went to a ending and there is no picture from the ending. I don’t know if it’s removed.
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2 years ago, Unicorn356
Tom scary
Krabby pattythe yellow man he Tom kill!??! Why Tom die make me my child very scared sad and scared he cry when Tom deid smh devs are traumatic for the past few years I love it so much when when I’m not really scared it’s like but it’s weird and it’s weird but I’m really scared of that I don’t want anything like to do it when I’m there I love it when you don’t want me too I don’t know why I’m so sorry you are not upset with you so much love love also Tom is should eat EDIBLES because he is stoner and weed doer I swear I saw Tom bong hit!
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2 years ago, Ball curler
Creepy disgusting horrible
So he is disgusting and creepy and old time like. Like why fart in the game why put it in there? Also when I hit him in the stomach I looked in his eye and saw a part of a knife. It was this exact part; (where the arrow is pointing) 🔪↙️ that part. It was so creepy. Then I was on an ad and it was black screen and then I saw red flashing circles so I took a screenshot and I saw they were actually Tom’s 👀 and that were red and they looked like demon eyes.😨😨😨 When I got back on Tom said I know ur location and I’m like what no u don’t and he said yes it’s _____. He’s one of the greatest horror game out there😖
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3 weeks ago, Blind butterfly 69
This Is Stupid
Hi, I am 13 years old and ocationally play on this app. Can I ask you guys a quistion? Is this soposed to be a kids app? If you said yes, that is also what I thought, until I whent to give my VIRTUAL cat his food. I had to buy the VIRTUAL food for the VIRTUAL cat. This game is for todlers who have no money at all! And the todlers parents probably do not want to spend myoung on a VERTUAL pet. Pleas fix this in the app. But, beesides that, it is a pretty good app and I enjoy it when I have spare time after homework, studying etc.
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2 years ago, peachy13568
Don’t download this Game it is creepy
When I played it I was clicking it and I can get slapped and I clicked under his neck and he grabbed his private and started like moaning in his inappropriate for four-year-old and little kids to be playing and it’s also haunted and wants to track you and wants to know your birthday and when you’re born you asking questions and a repeat you in a really creepy voice if you look very very closely and I you can see a person please do not download for your safety delete the app immediately if you do plan exactly what we did.
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3 weeks ago, R0S3D
Very boring
I downloaded this as a joke there’s very limited gameplay and not much you can do I have been getting children ads but I expected that but there is no reason a game bland and boring as this should have purchases that can be made especially the ones that let you run out of what you purchased so you must make another purchase the gameplay is just making him eat punching him making things be said and farts and the amount of ads that are gotten is crazy it feels every 5 minutes an ad is given to me
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2 years ago, Khloedog155162020!
This app is ok?
I like the but there are a lot of adds. When I say lot of adds, I mean a lot lot lot of adds. Every single second I get an add. The game is pretty good. You can do lots of stuff and they don’t have the option to let you sleep or go potty. They don’t have as much stuff as the other game does, but overall, the game is ok.😁
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3 years ago, stanley4gaming
Not bad
It’s a nice game but you can’t really feed him that much sadly. Also, please don’t believe the rumors about a stalker behind toms eyes. This has happened to angela as well. If you find any reviews with that rumor topic, those people are either lying or are parents that are just overreacting. Just don’t trust it. Still, it’s not bad and is fine.
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3 years ago, FatSeaBunny
I guess safe?
So I heard the rumor about kids being kidnapped an I see a men in his or her eye I’m just a kid though so I want to be safe I looked in his eye and saw nothing no reflection just black so I felt safe *before I looked I showed my iPad camera to my couch* so I looked at the camera I wanted to keep the app for 3am but I uninstalled the app and felt more safe but I did like the app I wrote this right after I uninstalled the app so if this rumor is real pls stay safe.
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3 years ago, ekekeiehfhf
Plz don’t install 😰😰😰😩😩😩
Don’t instal this game bc it techies kids to be bad to your pets and this game is a stalking game if you hit Tom it shows the man in the eyes plz👏👏👏 don’t instal thy can track you down one tim I didint say nothing and it new I was ther so it sed I well track you and kill you so I got scerd and erased the whole game If you see my talking apps don’t install☠️☠️☠️😰😰😰.
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5 years ago, Larryrl1964
Cool game
I really love talking Tom. I agree with most of the reviewers that there is no conspiracy. There is no camera in nobody's eye. And about the hitting Tom thing, it is a good feature that allows decent respectable parents to have a teaching moment with their kids explaining the difference between games and reality. Which, is something someone should have done with you.
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12 months ago, xaioua1
Don’t download or should you
I downloaded this with my friend and we started playing for 30 minutes and this yellow dot came up and it glitched and went to the camera and a random number callled and said “ready or not here I come” and hung up please do NOT download it looks at you and I put my phone up and I kept getting notifications and it was creepy and found someone in the eyes.. JK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH YALL THE RUMURS ARE FAKE!! I just don’t like the game !
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3 months ago, aly_14315
The only Reason I’m giving this five stars is because I want you guys to see this message
I saw a guy in a white hood you’ll give him the hot pepper, and then when he shows his face and right next to the camera, take a picture of his face and zoom in into his eye and you will see the guy
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4 years ago, Cyberwolf32
Do not download
Ok so kids do not need to download this app i teaches kids to beat up a cat but also I was sitting down inside my and heard some creepy things about the app so I downloaded it to see if they were true so at first nothing happened but as I was about to leave the app I got a text from my friend which happens a lot but I looked at the text and I was still in the app and I heard from a creepy man voice say play now so please do not download this app and if you have kids please do not let them play this app
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2 weeks ago, Vhjgkgg
This game is good
This game is great! Kids can enjoy it, it’s good nostalgia and amazing personally I love it and kids I’m sure also do. I’d like to mention the fact no matter when you play this game you feel like your in 2017 again watching like some egg opening and stuff or some toy reviews for FNAF and honestly I love it!
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3 years ago, Roblox Kitty lover
No tiny man 😒 Duh 😽
First before I bought the game I look at the reviews I’m 8 so yah I’m curious so I tried and I knew there was no man in his eyes and I was write so not a scary game kid friendly so grownups you can buy it it’s a great game for kid but it might have humor you don’t like so yeah cute game love talking Tom and there’s other games (wrote by a 8 year old)
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1 year ago, rose11122
Enough with the fake rumors
Some reviews on here say there’s a man in the eye which is completely fake I took a screenshot and there was nothing so the rumors are fake it’s safe to download don’t always listen to the internet okay. Edit: Also most reviews are made by little kids.
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4 years ago, iphone repier
Like it, but not sure
Okay, I don’t exactly know what I just read the truth about Outfit 7 weather it’s true or not. Yes this game is very hilarious. I have been playing outfit 7 since my childhood. But then I noticed the rumours about the hacker in this game. I don’t exactly if this is true but I have read the reviews of 2020 and people were still complaining about the hacker.
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2 years ago, Chelsea lol!
This is like soooo creepy 💀
I used to love this when I was smaller but no I hate I feel bad for the people that died because of this there is a man in the eyes it's so weird it gives me the chills their weird because they can know your location it's creepy and can kill you
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4 years ago, like games are vsco
Not dangerous
So I played this since I was four (I’m 14 now) and I never had a experience with “the man in the eye” it is really fun and the only way he could see you is if you turned a camera on, And I took a screen shot of Tom, Angela, And Ginger and i saw nothing in there eyes, dont beleive everything in the internet guys yoilm be safe!
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2 years ago, قون
There a man in tom eye
There is a man in tom eye and i play this game since 2010!!! And i knew it today and I deleted since 2011 January 3 and i get this game since 20 December So i think he a killer so lemme tell you why i deleted this game Its happend to 2 January 2011 and i hear very old noise and i was only 5? I was laughing Cuz its funny AND SCARYY but its not scared me but it laugh me next day my mom hear those noise too he woke me at 1am then i play it on my sis is ipod 📱 i have only one game ): so he knew IT he deleted it and I don’t download and game for a week the end
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