4.7 (8.4K)
87.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Talkr, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Talkr

4.69 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
7 months ago, notenufzzzs
FUN! So close...
UPDATE: all of the sudden I'm getting a prompt to purchase a premium plan to create animations from audio files, which I had already paid for early on (I had paid the maximum there was to pay for and it was supposed to be a one-time payment). BUT after getting in touch with the very responsive Talkr team, I was able to get the app back in working order, and I'm a happy customer again! ______________________________________________________________________ I like it that I can animate photos this way, but if the face is a more exaggerated three quarters (more like a four-fifth's of a face or a profile) view shot, or is a bit unusual (like drooping jowls), it takes a bit of manipulating to fit the, what I'll call the "motion mask," onto the face. If only there was a "redo" button as well when manipulating the mask elements and a "cancel" because if you decide to refine the mask, after so many steps, there's no turning back and you can't get back to the mask you were somewhat satisfied with earlier. The added face files don't seem to show from device to device (I use iPhone and iPad). Even after reading the FAQ, at first I couldn't figure out how to import audio files but a speedy response to my email showed me the way, and that added the 5th star to this genius app. But the thing is, at this price point, this is pretty good as is...
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5 years ago, lgbyf
I love this app!
This is the best app ever I would totally recommend. It is definitely a five star it’s so funny! It’s very realistic too which is always a bonus. I have the free version and it’s still amazing. Here are some things I recommend you add to the app and some things you need to fix. First off I think you should make this app able to make multiple faces move in one picture not just one. I also recommend you make two different modes for humans and pets when I try to do it on my dog the face is not long enough to go from her eyes to her mouth and It would also look cool if pets move their ears while talking. You should probably add different voices because these voices are really weird they sound like robots, you should make this app able to record your own voice and you should add some better voices and a lot more than four. Now somethings you need to fix. I find it impossible to make people talk that have smiles with teeth showing because this app feels the need to add their own teeth which makes it look really odd that’s also the case with pets. I’m going to mention the teeth one more time because they’re really horrible. I’m also going to say something about the voices again they’re really trashy humans don’t sound like that. But Overall this app is amazing again I would totally recommend it!😍
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5 years ago, Dtownshug
Funny & Lit 🔥
This app is so much fun and it’s the best talker app out there ! It allows you to use regular pictures , old paintings and old pictures , I even used a cartoon !! It recognizes faces pretty good and instead of some cheesy slit for a mouth , it actually moves lips , cheeks , chin , eyes and eyebrows for a realistic look ! It is the best out there ! Even the free version is worth the download for all you cheapskates lol . You can edit as many faces as you want in the free version , you just have to erase the faces you’ve made because I think it only allows 2 at a time . Love the app , the only suggestions I have is more built in voice changer options and a way to have more than one race y’all at a time like a group convo ! Thanks & the app is awesome !!!
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7 years ago, Satan's Toenail 666
The other pet picture talking / animating apps shrink in comparison. No other even comes close. The final product created using Talkr is quite realistic. Once you have identified the parts in your picture that you wish to animate: eyebrows, eyelids, mouth, lips, chin, etc., you can save it and create multiple 'scenes' without having to redo the face parts every time. You can also copy parts of your scenes and save them as movies in your photo albums. Also, the technical support i received when i had problems and questions while upgrading was timely responsive, concerned, and ultimately helpful resulting in determining the error to be my OS version.
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1 year ago, trizmas
Running into issues
Talkr is a quality app that does what no other app can do… when it works. Unfortunately I’m running into a consistent problem when trying to line up facial points; the lower face points are often upside down and when trying to adjust them with the advanced camera option I’m not able to get it upright. This happens more often than not and it’s a great cause of frustration. Before you ask: Yes, I have deleted and reinstalled the app. Yes, I have checked to make sure I have the most recent update installed. Yes, the pictures I’m using are good quality and all facial features are perfectly visible. There simply is no reason why this should be occurring. And like I said, this happens more often than not now. Can this be fixed?
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5 years ago, Emperor Palpatine Rules
It’s Nice
This app is pretty cool and much better than the competitors. I also love how they don’t ask for a subscription, which EVERYONE does. I just wish you could use audio files, like those from third party recording apps. You can send in audio files, but I don’t know if you can use third party apps or just the files app. Either way, you need to buy premium though. I wish that part was free, but the app is still pretty cool and I get the devs need money to keep this app going. I’d also like to suggest that you add the ability to choose different mouth designs (i.e. no teeth). It’d be nice if there was more compatibility for cartoon faces as well, but I understand that that’d be hard to do. Oh and thanks to the devs for putting in the hard work to make this app. 👍
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5 years ago, allieshousr
Love this App
I am an avid Doll story teller. Believe it or not, there is a large community of doll collectors who tell stories. This app allows me to bring a layer of realism by having the dialogue of my dolls come to life. It’s great. I can’t imagine not having this app. I hope they keep working on refining fine movements with facial features. I highly recommend this app to have fun with friends pics, your pet pics, or like me.....with dolls
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7 months ago, clutzo
Very poor customer service
I was enjoying using this app, paid for the premium option 2.99 one time fee and 9.99 to remove the watermark then it stopped working after Said pay to import more photos. Though it said one time fee I thought ok 2.99 I’ll just pay it again, no big deal. I got a pop saying already paid?? So I uninstalled and reinstalled since that usually fixes the glitches. The helps comment read to just press restore purchases, so I did and that didn’t work either. I emailed customer service and they insulted my intelligence twice very condescending and rude comment. would not recommend !
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2 years ago, run201
Two faces in one doesn’t work as advertised
You cannot make both faces move from the same photo using a single audio track. Example- birthday song. Both faces don’t move to the song. You have to merge two clips and enable two separate audio clips. The user interface also leaves a lot to be desired, especially since the technology should be simple enough to merge both faces with the same movements and a single song track. The app website and FAQs are misleading and the worst part is you have to spend $3 for the app to enable the use of two faces in the same clip. I will not be using this app ever again.
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6 years ago, AndrewPlays1ne
This app is cool, but I just have one problem!
This app allows you to set the mouth on where you want it to be and it can talk with the help of your voice! Very helpful for my movies that I’m doing but there’s one problem. Whenever I try to click the record screen, it says that an error has occurred. I tried reinstalling, restarting my IPad, exiting out the app and coming back in but nothing seems to work. I need an answer for this please. Thank you to take the time to read this!
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6 years ago, 123457457
Great to prank. When you are using different voices is really good to prank kids in school because one day when I was in school my teacher was doing this story plot thing and I’m in third grade and well my teacher actually got really good she was acting like her dog can talk and it was super funny she was using this app as well we knew that because it said on her thing but like really it was so cool so yeah
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7 months ago, qeyuvcvu
I already paid and the app is asking me to pay again to upload new pictures
I already paid one time only fee, I waited 3 weeks to use this again and the app is asking me to pay again $2.99 to upload new pictures. It’s so annoying!
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5 years ago, AT1551
Great Customer Service
I am a teacher and I use this app all the time in my classroom! It’s fantastic! I ran into an issue a while back with the app and sent an email and was amazed to hear back from the developers the same day! They worked tirelessly to figure out what was going on and helped me solve the problem. Thanks!
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3 years ago, soccer and love
This app was good at first but you can’t get more then about four faces you have to pay $3 WHAT THE HECK! I heard the reviews were good I think it’s a waste of time I just got the app and immediately deleted it after this. I understand this is how you make money but why pay for more faces I’m not poor I have lots of money I was just hoping this app would be free I’m going to get a better app now. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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4 months ago, 🍄🪩Wendy🪩🦥
It’s great but…
I was so excited to get this app because my friend had it. When I first got on there I made 2. The next day I tried to add another photo, but it told me I had to buy the premium again. So is it $3 every day? (If it is, that it ridiculous 😠)
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2 years ago, RickFromMaine
Finally one that’s free and works
All these others are money hungry and don’t tell you that you have to pay for it until you get it. I’m glad this one works and I’m having fun with it!
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1 year ago, Rj Jubba
More voices if possible
Hi this app has been awesome I’ve been so creative with this app and I love all the voices but I was wonder if You were or are going to keep adding more voices maybe the voices from Narrator’s voice again if it’s possible that would be awesome and it was a suggestion if more voices do come either way i can’t wait to see it keep up the good awesome work
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4 years ago, gdhcfhcxhn
Nice app but not somthing I whould use often.
So I like this app it helps in some ways. But u can’t show ur teeth when smiling or else u got two layers of teeth or two sets of teeth. Also I don’t wanna have the pay 3.00$ just for more than two pics from my own gallery also might want to add more photos by the app but still love this app a lot.
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4 years ago, Keybladem1
Surprisingly good
Even without spending a dime I had a really good time and was very impressed by the amount of freedom and features offered. This could have easily been a “pay to access even basic features” app but it isn’t. You can legit create an animated face from a photo and bring it to life FOR FREE. So, yes I do recommend the download.
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5 months ago, 💙🤷🏻‍♂️
Been doing good but…
I had bought the pro version of this and it said I would have this app for a lifetime after I purchased the premium version which I’ve already done TWICE ALREADY! I would appreciate it if you could give me back what I paid for TWICE??!!
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5 years ago, weirdlaila
I love this app but...
This app is so amazing and I love it and use it all the time, but do you mind fixing one thing? Can you make the teeth a little whiter? It’s kinda yellow if you look at it and some words you can’t really pronounce without it making a mistake, (words making the ee sound)so if you fixed those things then I’m pretty sure this app would be completely great thank u 🙃
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2 years ago, da best nobody
okay, so i loves this games so much it’s just a ridiculous game and it’s so fuuuuuuuunny it is my first time playing this and it’s sooooooo addicting! thank you for not putting ads in the app it trulys is one of the most beautiful things i’ve seen in the worlds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, star cat!!
Creative, VERY creative.
I once had another talking pet app, it was ok. But when I saw Talkr it was amazing so I downloaded it and started to play. I started making little videos and it was SUPER fun!!! I recommend this, as the best talking pet, painting (Mona Lisa), ever!! Super creative also. Keep up the good work!!😁😁😁😁😃😃
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4 years ago, Shoop4k
Not good
I paid $2.99 for the premium version to add songs with vocals only and it doesn’t even work. It just looks like gibberish when you can hear vocals clearly. I want my money back. There wasn’t a point in buying the premium because it works even worse now. Only thing that’s good is the text to speech option which doesn’t sound real, which isn’t what I am looking for. Very disappointed
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3 years ago, HideSniper
So Funny
I love this app, me and my dad take pics of our dog and send them to each other just one thing maby have more room for faces it only holds six including the four that come with it
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6 years ago, MMS Boggie
App is cool, but needs one fee for full purchase.
I like this app. The app is straight forward and it works great. The only issue I have is the pricing for a full version. If I pay $10 It should unlock everything. Not just remove the watermark. I would gladly pay a reasonable price for this app or any other like it that just simply works and works well.
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4 years ago, Joaniede
So Fun!
I have been bored at home and decided to learn how to make a video with my pets talking. This app is so easy to use! I am now making cute videos and putting them on social media platforms.
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7 months ago, Neeko1991
It’s giving me a hard time about my purchase
I’m being prompted to buy the app when I already did and it won’t let me use the features I paid for I just get a notification like I still have to pay. Otherwise it’s a fun app.
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4 years ago, Bought Four
Starts to open and crashes
I was excited to try this app and was very disappointed when I tried to open it and it only stayed on my screen for less than one second. I deleted the program and reinstalled it, but the same problem occurred. Also, there are the words App Support but when I click on it, it takes me to a page that says nothing about support.
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4 years ago, Mrlucky7
Very good but one problem
I was enjoying it like a lot but it will be funnier if it did them both talking or maybe there is and I just have not seen it yet hmmm anyway if there’s not a way fix it if there is don’t do anything to he app thank you😁👌
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1 month ago, Adam John Paredes
Talkr: Better than Chatterpix.
Talkr is SO COOL I get to take a picture and than make it talk THAT’S WHY IT’S A 5 STAR GOLDEN HOUR!!! You should definitely try this app it’s so fun and I have never had an ad it Talkr has no ads and it’s free, try it.
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4 years ago, Panda wrld
This is the best
So I saw it then I bot it an it was amazing I guess but is saw my account on Roblox an it got deleted but I press login an was like I never been so scared in my life but my Roblox account is LikeapinkColor no numbers
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5 years ago, Nigwardsforeskin
Great app!
It’s funny, it works well, and it actually makes your photos talk. It’s not a scam either. You don’t have to pay anything to make your photos talk! I would recommend this app.
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2 years ago, YO7GAMER 2
Good app. Bad prices
This is an amazing app. Much better than those that just paste your mouth somewhere. But the prices, those prices shouldn’t even be allowed! Like the title says, “Good apps, bad prices”. But I would definitely pick this app out of any others. Good job!
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1 year ago, RoyalKong101
I’ve been looking for something to create my courses. This is by far one of the best and most entertaining apps that I’ve downloaded!
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1 year ago, jpsilly42
No back button
When mistakes are made while editing or zooms in too much, there’s no way to go back and fix it. It just wants to start recording now. It will put the eyes at the most random spot even though you perfectly set them in the previous screen, I would give it zero stars if I could at this point.
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2 years ago, UV Converge
I recommend this app for animators too!
Useful and helpful making facial animations with speech! I would totally recommend and it’s easy!
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1 year ago, ReallyannoyedbyApp
Ok when it works
Bought the 2.9 version and it does not allow me to import more images. It seems the upgrade has not reset or updated the app. When I try to import it request another payment.
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4 years ago, snickerdodoole
I don’t really like it
I don’t really like it because when I first downloaded it, it didn’t let me get on the app and he kept goin on my home screen and not letting me get on the app so who ever made this app can u plz fix it I don’t know if it’s just my phone or the app someone did this ever do this to u
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6 years ago, mshell347
Voices that come with free app bring down this score.
Not sure what you get for the pay versions but the choices for voices on the free app basically ruin the rest of the app, which is pretty great. I love how you can position the mouth, eyes and eyebrows. But it’s all for nothing if you can add your own voice, or at least one that doesn’t sound like ... well, bad.
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6 years ago, AG_Baja
Only 3 stars because won’t allow purchase!
I liked this so I thought what the heck, I’ll pay $2.99 for Premium, only to discover that the app won’t allow me to purchase it. It says “no in-app purchases allowed,” yet there’s no way to purchase it any other way, either. So, so long, Talkr.
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2 years ago, Michael R. Knox
Awesome App!
With this app, you can make any object talk, even inanimate ones, and it’s features make creating, a very straight forward process.
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3 years ago, Doc24k
It is a chance to remember
I’ve of-the last words spoke was I love you baby and I put that with a photo of him a lot younger and shared with Mom and others. Thanks M. D . Brown
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4 years ago, roseie10
Really good
It’s Great!, I’d advise you to use this app if you want to make cute videos Of your pets talking as you. Another great thing is that there are no weird adds Almost ALL apps have weird adds.
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3 years ago, lilly lexi butt
It’s ok but
I personally really like it it’s just that I want more faces so I can so we can talk and I’ve made like a couple of faces finally made my puppy and me but other than that it’s really fun 👍🏻👏
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5 years ago, Cat113331
Don’t rate until you use this awhile
At first I thought it was great. Now I fell it’s good not great because after I load a few faces ( some they loaded and I didn’t pick) it started asking for money to load more faces. If you stay with the same faces, it can become boring.
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2 years ago, Dr. Hydrogen
It used to work better
I used to be happy with this app, but not so much anymore. When I use a photo, it zooms the picture in about 20 times. If I play it back, it’s just a tiny mouth in the middle of the screen.
Show more
2 years ago, MrsChuckTaylor
I give this a 3 star cause you can do pretty much nothing on this game without buying the premium pack. I personally think this game only has nothing really to do without the premium pack is the game makers only want the the money!!!
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3 years ago, Glenn Scott Is Awesome!
Don’t Take Too Many Photos!
Advice for anyone who uses this app, Don’t Take Too Many Photos unless yo want to pay money only tat two photos that is the only problem.
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4 years ago, not VSCO or emo just weird
It’s a little hard to get it perfect and easiest if you look STRAIT to the camera but if done correctly it’s funny!!!!!!!! The only complaint is you can have a limited amount of pics but that’s fine. ☁️🌦❄️❄️❄️⚡️🌝💐🌝💐🌜🌘🌾💐🌘🍂🌜💐🌘🌑🌼🎄🐁🎍🐁🐁🍀☘️🦥🍂🦔
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