Tallahassee Democrat

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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Tallahassee Democrat

4.41 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
1 month ago, Dots08
Really good so far
I like that this app gives me more ways to read the news and choose what’s important to me. I was thinking about ending my subscription this year but this is a easy way for me to access the entire newspaper and makes me want to stay subscribed. There was one moment where my reading was interrupted by an advert that forcibly closes the article to pop up. Adverts are necessary, but should be quietly hanging on the end of articles, not interrupting the user and blocking access. I would also prefer adverts for local businesses instead of random webcomics or other online ads. This app will also provide the advantages of online news with being up to date and knowing about breaking news as it happens, but still be able to access the full content of each issue instead of just select stories like in the newsletter.
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1 year ago, Mahitabelle
I miss the actual view of a day’s print Democrat!
You once could get your coffee, your iPad and leaf through the replica of each day’s TD. Page by page, section by section…but no more. The old format made it easy to access other Gannett pubs across the nation…no more. I pay a small fortune each month for getting FOUR HOME DELIVERED NEWSPAPERS a week (I chose no Monday or Tuesday., you zapped Saturday). All you need are pirate bandannas, masks, a long, thin mustaches and sabres to complete the image your business portrays. This app is pathetic, geared to your ad $$$$ and useless to a reader. Just reproduce the damned paper and I’ll wade through your bias and woke blather to glean a few nuggets of truth and reality on my own.
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2 years ago, JackN202
The TD has greatly improved in format over the last year
I find the website and organization excellent. Unfortunately, the news reporting is highly biased and I’m not sure how long I can put up with the unprofessional nature of this type of journalism. Please present more balance views and report the facts not just Democrat talking points. Stop the brain washing and political manipulation. Realize that there are individuals in the world that like to think for themselves without fear of being cancelled and/ or censored. We also want the freedom to criticize points of view we don’t agree with. Stand up for liberty for a change. I’m sure I’ll be dismissed because I don’t agree with the TD political agenda, but frankly no one should be able to recognize such a bias and call it to the attention of a “real” news organization.
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9 months ago, sadjvndsfklvj
App is better than the website
This app is nice and easy to use, which did convince me to keep my subscription after becoming frustrated with navigating their website. I hope the continue to improve their user experience but overall the Tallahassee Democrat App is a welcome addition to my phone and news routine.
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3 years ago, xscdgcvh
Journalism never more vital
Local reports with factual content are so important in today’s world of untethered observations that may or may not have any basis in reality. Overall, the 4th estate is critical to democracy, and the printed word continues to be more reliable and in-depth than the electronic media, much less the cotton candy known as social media. The cost of excellence in journalism via a newspaper subscription is an investment in our ideals as a nation, and without it, the dumbing down continues. And that’s even when the daily news annoys us or the paper seems thin.
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5 years ago, JoyfulSongbird
TDO app
Thumbs up for the app for Tallahassee Democrat newspaper. It’s features are pertinent to its readers and getting the news is easy. Also it features sections appropriate for many circles of our community who seek to be informed about things happening in our community. I can be pretty fickle about what online sites I visit daily; however, this app makes it convenient to read and discover every day (often more than once a day!). Check it out and enjoy.
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3 years ago, Tville2020
Aren’t we lucky
We have a local paper that has clear, up to date, and diverse coverage of our area with valuable notifications and resources to receive by text, online and in collaboration with local television. Yeah, a little USAtoday but it’s the local staff that make it superior. I too used to call it the mullet wrapper . Now it is a better paper and a fully invested part of the region.
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3 years ago, cynt817
The App no longer works on my device
I had used this app for many many years, however For the last 4 months this app has been a headache. I don’t think it works anymore, at least not for me. I have been getting sign in or subscribe responses each time I attempt to use it. Customer services redirected me to the e-edition app, which is difficult to read on a smartphone. If this is a part of paid subscription, then get it fixed so I can access news updates and read daily news briefs.😫
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2 years ago, ds131621
Bad newspaper app
This is a poorly made application. Many times I have accidentally clicked on a video article that I could not escape from and had to force quit to close. It’s also slow and disorganized. It is hard to see what is new and full of ads despite me being a paying customer. The ads are those ugly fake news ads which makes it feel very poor quality. I like the newspaper though and want to support local journalism so I remain a subscriber.
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2 years ago, Thwomp
A great way to get local news.
App works very well.
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2 years ago, rosenoreen
Not user friendly at all.
On settings, I can see no information about what phone number I set this up with, which the phone person needed to locate my account. And when I called, the person barely spoke English and was of no help. Then she started speaking in what sounded like an Asian language to someone else. All I wanted was to see how much it would cost to get a printed copy of the paper. I still don’t know. The app is terrible and the phone even worse.
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3 years ago, Tallarob
Can’t Tell Which Articles are New
It’s too hard to tell which articles are new and which are old. Many times I will open an article that seems interesting only to find I read it in the print version several days ago. I understand that articles can be updated and I appreciate that but, somewhere, it should be readily apparent when the article was first published so we can tell if this is old news or new.
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3 years ago, Beth FC
Have to sign in all the time
Have subscribed to paper copy for years & had app on phone since it first became avail. On app it automatically signs the user out so it becomes necessary to log in over & over plus there are repeated solicitations to subscribe. It’s super frustrating to get a notification of a news update & then have to sign in all over again to get to it. It’s not my bank acct - it’s a news article.
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5 years ago, Ricky in Cali
Too many notifications
I have set my notifications to “Breaking News” and “Traffic.” Lately I’ve been receiving notifications all day long about once an hour and it is a lot of trivial stuff about entertainment, lifestyle, sports and shopping. I would like to have a selection for seriously breaking hard news.
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5 months ago, Mtrtwxe
Impossible to get the help I needed
I had postponed my print addition for longer than it turned out I was gone. I tried to find a way to reinstate the print addition via the app and it was impossible and very frustrating! It told me I had an account and then told me I did not have a subscription. Since you have faithfully taken payment each month for the paper, I beg to differ.
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1 month ago, Democrat Facts
Tally Democrat hits it out of the park!
Newspapers should cover local events and give us the details of national and international news. The Tallahassee Democrat does that consistently. In addition, the Democrat provides sports and editorials that keep us all informed.
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4 weeks ago, userwary
Sorry excuse for a newspaper
The old app for the Tallahassee Democrat actually had the appearance of a real hand-held paper. This app has no resemblance. I’m going to try it for a little while, then it may be that I will just resort to checking the obituaries through the local funeral homes and buying a crossword book. Any news can be seen on television.
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10 months ago, TallyChip
App accessibility for the visually impaired is exceptionally poor
The app uses a website for many functions, such as logins and changing passwords, and it’s almost entirely not accessible to those who are visually impaired and use a screen meter such as voiceover. The captcha is it specially poor and frustrating.
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4 years ago, BigKahunaBorger
Very Informative
I subscribed to this paper because I wanted local, substantive reporting. No fluff, or sensational news, especially during this coronavirus outbreak. So far, I am impressed, and the app has smoothly delivered these stories.
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4 years ago, Babootoo plus 3
Tallahassee Democrat - digital edition
I have no been able to receive the digital edition of th print paper in over one week. I have been told at one time the techs were working on the problem. I find that hard to believe. I was also told my refund would begin immediately. This is what hsppens when a community looses control over their newspaper. I am very unhappy and would like to know the truth.
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6 years ago, BlackBabyDoll
Local News Contributor
Tallahassee Democrat is okay for the local news if you enjoy reading about the uprising The Florida State University and the downfall of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University as well the locals voicing their own "opinions" (which is generally one-sided) and let's not forget the constant topics of high crime rates the FBI investigation of top developers. If that's what you're looking for well this is the paper for you.
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2 years ago, Freital
Leaning politicians
Yes, totally understand, that TD pushes the Left’s ideology. But, Tallahassee also hosts residents who lean Right, and those residents’ voices aren’t really reflected, very noticeable in the Zings, as well as in the Opinion section. Wished TD would be a paper for all TLH residents and allow more content reflecting the Republican way of living.
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3 months ago, noles23!
Paper ralavance
I also get four papers a week. The Saturday football edition loss was catastrophic for my respect of the Tallahassee Democrat and the online edition is so inadequate that I can get this from TV news better. I am buying out of nostalgia not to be informed!
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6 months ago, TallyEllen
Local News
Local news is so important and that's why I like reading the Tallahassee Democrat to stay informed.
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3 years ago, Ostinato
Could be a good app
This app keeps crashing with no predicability. There really nothing special about this app when compared to others but the crashing makes it frustrating and makes question why I have a subscription. Especially not good in times of Covid 19
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3 years ago, MG1027
Daily read
I have enjoyed this email formatted paper every day for the great job of covering COVID as well as other current events.
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3 years ago, Neptunes Trident
Great app for great paper
I get the print edition and the app is a really good way to find articles I may have missed otherwise.
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1 year ago, hindalois
Great coverage of the news
I especially enjoy reading about the Markel court case where Katie Magbanua is being retried for Markel’s murder.
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3 years ago, ChiefSectionB
Tallahassee Local & National News
Best coverage of local area news around. In depth reporting Radio and TV cannot match.
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2 years ago, TallyTuckr
This app needs help!
There is no obvious way to access the e-edition in order to read the comics for the missing holiday papers. A couple of times “e-edition” appeared as a choice. Sure can’t find it now.. log off, log back in, nothing. Choose “subscribers only,” nothing.
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4 years ago, Kight213
Best News App EVER
The best news source for Tallahassee Always up to date news. Highly recommend
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4 years ago, TallyMax
Not like a newspaper
I want to read the newspaper as it looks in print. Until today I have been able to do so, but the website is so slow loadng. So I tried this app but found it very unappealing. I’m sure others like it, but I much prefer to see the paper as it is in print.
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3 years ago, TLHknitter
Doesn’t seem to work any more
After using this for years it won’t load and is draining my battery. Very disappointing. I want to support my local paper but this app is impossible. Hate the look and difficult to find what I want to read.
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4 years ago, CraigG727
Great App
Easy to use app that gets me quickly up to date on what’s happening In Tallahassee.
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5 years ago, luv fla
Tallahassee Democrat
Love The Tallahassee Democrat because I can keep up with my Tallahassee news while I am in Alabama right now.
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6 years ago, Broadnax Carbuncle
The app has always been terrible. But the new version is the worst. Local ads pop up and you typically can’t scroll past them to read the stories. I stubbornly keep supporting my hometown daily and have for decades, but my patience is wearing thin.
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2 years ago, Tallyho007
Love the local news
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1 year ago, Democrat keeps going downhill
Don't waste your time!
This app is worse than the one before. It's just like the paper it self, it just keeps going downhill. Use to love this paper, now it's not worth the paper it is printed on.
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1 year ago, AudubonParkGirl
Excellent coverage
Excellent coverage of NWFL and statewide news and events.
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5 years ago, TPendarakis
Beware of unauthorized charges to your credit card.
I finally had to put a block on my credit card to prevent this company from posting unauthorized charges to my account.
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6 days ago, Nonetheless d
Terrible navigation!!
Almost impossible to use. The print version was fine. Not worth the effort to struggle though the paper.
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4 years ago, craig reeder
Some sections not chronological
Overall, I am happy with the app, having just switched from home delivery 2 observations, however: In some sections, the content is not in chronological order, I.e. most recent pieces are not at the top I don’t like the 3rd party site “eventful” for calendar and nightlife, not user friendly
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1 year ago, Awetahnamouse
Just let us read the paper as it looks on the newsstand
This is no longer a newspaper. Go back to the old format or I will cancel.
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6 years ago, Cheap Seat$
Advertising Stuck
What have you done? I’m a digital subscriber and now an ad pops up immediately. It says to scroll to get to content but won’t. Please fix, or l will be forced to drop my subscription.
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1 week ago, Redflexy Flyer
Barely functional. Can’t change font size one newspaper. Paper jumps around and reverts to front page.
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3 years ago, GFJ97
This app is not navigation friendly. Also, it takes too long to load. Additionally, it critical fails often.
Show more
1 month ago, Xtie73
Got shut out of enewspaper last week. Even calls to customer support haven’t helped with restoring the paper. I’m VERY disappointed!
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1 year ago, Screaming Reach
So slow
Takes forever and a day for stories to load.
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1 month ago, Super Disappointed Reader
Tallahassee Democrat
There are so many ads it is hard to read the articles. I plan to cancel my subscription.
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2 years ago, V Floridan
I am subscribed and logged in and it will not let me read articles For Subscribers
Embarrassing that I pay for a subscription for this.
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