Tap & Fart - Fart noise & prank soundboard machine

4.4 (2K)
15.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bell Standard, Inc.
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.1 or later
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User Reviews for Tap & Fart - Fart noise & prank soundboard machine

4.37 out of 5
2K Ratings
5 years ago, kvdig
I liked the app but...
I liked the app but I have to get rid of it. I want to play it very quickly for someone as a trick and I have to stop and wait for the preview of another app to get done. It ruins the trick and it leaves no place for me to stop it or skip the ad or hit the X!! Therefore, I’m going to uninstall your app! I’ll just find another one that is not as annoying!!
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5 years ago, BeckyKinzie
Great Options
The names of the farts are pretty spot on so you know what you’re getting before you hear it. This app has a great multitude of uses and I don’t think I could live without it. If you’re home alone and existential thoughts begin barging in your head and the threat of your looming demise is beginning to get you down, just open this app and play a few farts to chase those thoughts away. If you’re at the DMV and the line is ridiculously long and the only sounds are the chatter of the people at the various booths and the sound of Doc Mcstuffins playing on a 2 year old’s IPad, whip out this app and play a few farts. It’ll bring your mood right up while also giving you some personal space as people get away from you. If you’re at a family gathering, such as thanksgiving, and one annoying family member just won’t stop talking about how “your life is going nowhere” and “why didn’t you finish school” and “why don’t you have a job”, pull this app right out and play a fart every time they talk. I personally recommend the wet one because it makes people the most uncomfortable, and I promise you, no one will talk to you for the rest of the night. Honestly, this is just an all around great app that I think everyone should download. It’ll change your life for the better, guaranteed.
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4 years ago, methiahla
Best app ever!
So i pranked my friends with this app one of my friend blamed it on my bff this app is amazing i dont use it alot but i Would definitely use it on April fools day I’m sorry for my writing but I don’t know if there’s and grammar or spelling wrong but yeah And 4 stars not trying to be rude but I think u guys need more choices but yeah.
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5 years ago, EKLTD
Two Or More
Try two or more in rapid succession, such as the Quick Fart after any one of the others? Only complaint? The ads, including having to pay to get rid of them.
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4 years ago, dollars yay
I like the app but u need to change something
I realized that the gentle fart is more airy than the airy fart, and the airy fart is more gentle. This does not mean I don’t like the app but you just need to change that so it makes more sense.
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5 years ago, (•••)
They Don't Sound Very Real..... But I LikeThe App
The farts do not sound very real to be honest with you.. But it's still a really fun app to play! I recommend this app... But if u want a app that makes the fart sound real... I wouldn't recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Queen of animal jam
Great Farts
Not only do you know what you're getting, the app is free and I haven't experienced many ads. The names are great, and the sounds are very realistic. It's great for pranking family and friends. 👍😂
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6 years ago, logan #statequalifier
Ok 👌 adds though
It was good overall but too many adds they popped up every time I got on and their weren’t many sounds
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4 years ago, im prison mike
Fun and easy to use
Great to prank friends at perfect moments and I love the fact that there is so many choices of fart sounds and is a very fun app to laugh and play around.
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4 years ago, devlin mccoy
Super funny app
A super funny fart sound app love the way they sound makes me laugh super funny app lots of fart noises funny sounds love how funny everything is on the app
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2 years ago, hello everyone 👍🥲
Hey this game is great and I even got some pranks in but only one prob Can u plzzzz make more chooses or mabey some things people would like To enjoy and watch thx👍👍
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3 years ago, hockey pro 4536$$
Great app
I downloaded this app to troll my friends and it worked I recommend this app but please add more sound
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7 years ago, Ds8807
Slide in redirect
I would give it more stars but the redirect slider keeps popping over. I used guided access to block that section of the screen but i have to take it completely to the middle if the app so it wont get clicked. Turn off internet access so no ads. Why pay to remove them.
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4 years ago, Willie0023
Pretty good
This app good and simple but doesn’t sound like real fart but pretty cool and I understand you work hard on it but add more. overall real cool app though
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5 years ago, animal lover 1019
I like this app it’s really good for pranking my family! Just one little thing I don’t like the adds.
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8 years ago, Abcdekghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Spectacular fart sounds
Who ever says this app is bad they obviously have respect for farts in there hart so forget about them
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4 years ago, what name is taken? ugh
This app is really bad. It has no other features and you can’t do a times fart and every 2 times you press the buttons the stupid sign pops out and if you accidentally hit the sign it will take you to a website and it’s so annoying. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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9 years ago, Zach750
Sounds like the farts i let rip before getting out of bed
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5 years ago, greasy gas
Ok not the best
It was good but it had to many adds and it didn’t have the most sounds
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3 years ago, Trace J Braun
There is a little man that sneaks into your phone while you sleep. The man is extremely gifted in the art of farting on command. When you click the button the man allows a specific amount of gas slip from his cheeks. THERE IS NO AUTOMATION IT IS A MAN IN YOUR PHONE. HE IS TINY.
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4 years ago, prestonfan5745
Do not download
No point no idea why it was made, I feel like it is just no point 1 ⭐️ sorry. I like that it is for prancing I just don’t see the point, and if u think I am a terrible person with no taste then shut up and get out of my face.
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9 years ago, SAMIGAMING
Hahaha farts sounds amazing
Kook Poona hahaha hahaha it is amazing keep making fart updates and games understand a hahaha an hahaha hahaha plz keep the wet fart cuz I liked the wet fart a lot.
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2 months ago, zz cute
I let a big ripple by my grandma she almost passed out yo it was good use the wet ripple
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3 years ago, Astrid089
love itttt
this app is so fun, it really beefs up my convos. i got into an argument with my friend and dropped a two-tone fart from this app, and we laughed the issue off. on the other hand, i got made fun of. two sides to every coin😍
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6 years ago, Trava97
Above Average
Even being a professional fartist I still love this app!
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9 years ago, Angeleyes*69
Just got it
Got the app tonight and can't stop laughing. So wrong but so funny
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4 years ago, Turdpocalypse
Best game ever
I just love how the sound in the app sound in real life.
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7 years ago, Rectumitch
Best fart app
I've tried them all...this one is a gas!
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3 years ago, redsonia1
Doesn’t work!
Worked once and then just kept asking for payment. Paid it a few times by accident and still doesn’t work!
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4 years ago, mashbashbaby
Thx a lot
I peed my pants in the store cause of this app. From laughing so hard 🤣🤣🤣
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11 months ago, Nicholas Alvarez11
This app is very good for covering up bombing a school
Very good 5 stars
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3 years ago, Angelica Petrova
Great app!!
I absolutely love this app!!! If’s easy to navigate, has some really funny sounds and best of all, NO ADSSSSS!!!!!
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5 years ago, andconrea
pretty cool
this is a good app and is great for pranks i found that i could make some fuego beats out of the farts especially the quick fart and the airy fart. 10/10 would recommend.
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9 years ago, macksgram
I thought that by getting the ad free version it would get rid of the annoying yellow tab on the left. Nope!! It's still there. I'm very disappointed. I would NOT recommend this app.
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4 months ago, Herkman13
No Good
I’ve had this app for years, but since I haven’t used it they blocked me, probably so I have to re-download and be charged. That’s something Biden would do! Thanks
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6 years ago, Caroline.MACK
It’s funny I totally pranked my friends with this
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4 years ago, Abby SoCal
don’t know what i did before this app
i used to have to make the noises with my mouth but now i don’t have to, thank god. a true masterpiece. #freejoeexotic
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4 years ago, johnnyjty
Ad problem
There are to many ads when I load up the app on my phone I instantly get an ad very disappointed
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8 years ago, Awesome kaley😎✌️😘
OMG this made me laugh every time!
Awesome!! Must get!!! Very funny too!!
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5 years ago, Poooooooooooooppioooooo
Is funny
This app funny it makes me a happy camper that is good. I use it to annoy my pals it is gold. Lol XD :) 👌👌👌
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4 years ago, Albus Dumbledore7788556
It’s not that great of an app
The farts sound fake it could be a lot better there should also be more farts
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5 years ago, that girl that farts
Best app ever!!
I highly recommend this app!!! It makes really realistic farts! And it would be great for a prank!!!
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5 years ago, thejoshstarks
Remove tab for other apps.
It’s a broken link. It’s annoying. I’ve paid money. Remove your pointless stuff.
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7 years ago, Fluffy fx
Paid to remove add but they are still there'
This is a great App. BUT save your .99 cents because the adds just keep coming! Otherwise I'd rate it a 5 Star
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7 years ago, Ribbert Roarbert
Wonderfully Fartastic!!!!
I love this app and is the best app in the world! Sounds like real farts! 😂💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
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8 years ago, 🏂🏂🏂🏂🏂fartboy991
Not very realistic
Hey dude, I know you like taking recordings of yourself blowing into your arm and thinking it sounds like a fart, but really it doesn't.
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4 years ago, Fart Conesueer
Wondrous Farts
The gorgeous sound of the farts was superb. Great for any fart loving individuals.
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7 years ago, Kenny .com
Super good!!!!!!!!!!🤣
I got my dad like 20 times the app you must GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Gonchobubba
Not a free ap
Used it a few times but it froze until you pay
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6 years ago, Laila_126❤️
I am sorry to say this but the farts don’t sound real it is funny though the wet fart is the only realistic one
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