Taste: Movie & TV Suggestions

4.6 (2.1K)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Taste Labs, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Taste: Movie & TV Suggestions

4.6 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
6 years ago, linipanini
Unexpected Gem
I have always said I’m not a movie person because all the movies my family watched growing up (especially my brother close in age to me and a movie junkie) I disliked or was meh toward. Since getting the app, I have begun to find films and documentaries that are well recommended to my personal tastes. It’s also fun to run across other people in the app who share the same tastes as you. I always remind myself that somehow Bridesmaids is someone else’s guilt pleasure too. One thing that I would like to see in the future is the utility of the karma. Making people with high positive ratings “gurus” or adding in some level of at least making myself feel like I’m cool and know what I’m talking about in film. Also, maybe pair with a movie chain or something and get people to exchange karma for discounts or tickets to the movies?
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9 months ago, iAmYourFace
Would be even better if you could actually connect with people
This app is exceptionally good at its intended purpose, which is of course getting recommendations and reviews from other people of movies and TV shows you might like based on what you’ve already told the app you like/dislike. I know a mere personal gripe isn’t enough to say an app is subpar, but I gotta say I really don’t have anybody in my life atm who feels even remotely as passionate about movies as I do, and it does get kinda lonely sometimes. I found this app because I was looking at apps online that would maybe help me find friends through my taste in movies, not even necessarily a dating app or anything. But I was disappointed when I found out that wasn’t a part of this app. I know there’s Reddit and other platforms for stuff like that, but that’s not really a meeting people and making friends kinda site, more so just passively interacting. Imo it would just be nice to have some kind of feature to allow that, just because of how clear cut the purpose of this app already is and how well it could probably be integrated. Since it’s literally called “Taste” I’m sure if there was a way to talk to people about each other’s taste in movies a lot of friends could potentially be made. Just an idea I guess.
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12 months ago, Charmandero
pretty good but needs some updates
One thing i think it needs is either a fivestar rating system or an out of ten system. i also wish you could save movies to your want to watch list, and have them rated. sometimes i want to rewatch movies🤷‍♂️. Another change is the quick rate. It shows way too many movies I haven’t even heard of! If it would use the movies i’ve rated highly or the movies i’ve watched to show ones i might’ve seen, it would be awesome. Lastly, i’ve had problems searching a couple shows/movies. Either i have the title slightly off or the title is short and not specific enough. For example, if someone put demon killer, not remembering or knowing the title, it should show demon slayer as well. The other problems example is so. I was trying to find the horror movie “The Boy.” searching the boy doesn’t really help much since so much comes up. i tried putting in the director next to it but then nothing came up. i ended up having to search just the directors name, then scrolling through their movies to find the boy. this is too complicated. but i am genuinely enjoying this app a ton.
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4 years ago, Graceffas lover!!
Long review but worth it!
This is my first App Store review because I want to say that I am IN LOVE with this app. I go on it literally multiple times a day. It has really pushed me to learn more about myself and watch more film which is what I have been wanting to do. If you struggle with knowing what type of genres in movies and shows you like and/or want to discover more, this is the app for you. I love it and am constantly updating my profile. Unfortunately, I gave it 4/5 stars for right now because I REALLY wish they would continually update the streaming portion of this app. They were smart enough to include this super useful labeling system to label which movies are streaming where but it’s never updated!! I constantly have to go through a bunch of my streaming apps to see what movies are available that I want to watch. While you’re at this, I strongly suggest adding TubiTV and Disney+ to the streaming section. I know services like Netflix are always adding and removing movies/shows but I think if this app can keep up with that, it would be near perfect. If you read all of this thank you!! Again, I LOVE this app and strongly recommend it to everyone.
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3 years ago, Bobby Juju
Great app, has changed a bit though
Best movie/tv recommendation app I’ve used; simple and to the point. Also seems to have gotten a critical mass which helps the system’s recommendation abilities. I hadn’t used it in some months and when I came back the UI was a little different. Swiping left and right doesn’t seem to have specific actions anymore like marking as ‘not interested’ or saving. If it does there’s at least no visual indication like there used to be. I have to go through more taps to do these actions now. Also rating is not as frictionless where I can immediately tap one of the four ratings and move on. Now it’s a ‘post’ with more taps. For someone who has watched a lot and is usually rating vs. saving, this can get tedious. There are no more tap-able buttons on the cards either. I get that they may crowd the UI, but they were quicker. Also it doesn’t seem like I can just view recs as a list anymore and sort by rating? Seems like it’s all in the card view and only my saved entries can be sorted. I don’t really want to have to swipe a deck of cards to get to stuff I want to rate. Perhaps this was done to increase responses across all movies so that ‘not interested’ and reviews alike could be gathered vs just reviews. Idk. Great app, but seems like there is a little more friction lately. Keep up the good work though!
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6 years ago, mattythebed
Great app, needs some vital updates
Important note- this is my first EVER App Store review. I have so many ~feelings~ for this app that I needed to say something lol. I’m a huge movie buff and therefore am known by my friends to be very pretentious with my taste- and this app has only helped me propagate that pretentious taste even more!!! I love it!!! However, there are a few major bugs that have been pretty irritating in my usage of the app. Even after saving a movie into my watchlist, Taste will continue to recommend it to me. Over. And. Over. Again. I’ve saved movies 10+ times and still see them pop up on my feed. It’s really annoying. Along those lines, it seems as if the app has issues saving profile info & recommendations. If I could also recommend a feature, I would say that some users have internal breakdowns when it comes to ranking movies that maybe aren’t so good but mean a lot to them as “Amazing”. Instead of the predetermined “guilty pleasures” feature, I think it would be a pretty good idea to just have a “guilty pleasure” button. Two birds with one stone, amiright? But yeah, all in all, I think the idea and most of the reality of the app is brilliant. Some bugs (that I hope will be tweaked in the near future!) take away from the experience. Would give 5/5 stars without these bugs.
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5 years ago, SDSfan
Great App!
After spending a few hours on this app, I am excited that finally there could be a worthwhile site that does a good job recommending movies/tv shows with an algorithm that is effective. To repeat a suggestion that someone else already mentioned, it would be nice to have additional rating options that reflect finding a film that was made well, but personally did not enjoy (and vice versa). I feel bad rating a movie as “meh” because I didn’t find it interesting when I am aware that it is objectively a good movie. Thank you for designing such a fantastic app, I intend to upgrade!
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6 years ago, 20Doeb
Takes too long to level up.
When I first downloaded the app I was so excited, as I absolutely love movies and always enjoy watching good ones, but often have trouble finding ones I like. The layout was very easy to navigate and really easy to use. But as I started to rate movies, I found it taking longer and longer to go up by one percent. I spent literally hours just going through the lists with very minimal increase in the percent. I finally got sick of it and decided to see how long it would take for me to get to level 2. I just repeatedly hit ‘meh’ to see how many it would take. Over one thousand movies later and I hit level three. It should not take over a thousand movies to get past level two, that’s just insane. I know it sounds stupid that I’m annoyed at how long it takes to level up on a movie rating app, but if it takes that many movies to get past the second level then there is no point in the level system in the first place.
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3 years ago, jackf44
Could be better
This is such a good idea but the execution is just meh. The recommendation system works pretty well, and I always enjoy the movies that the app thinks I will. Other than this though, the app isn’t great. Currently, the user-interface is terrible. However, the UI gets changed what feels like every few days. I wish we could just get used to one style that works. I love using this app to catalog the movies I’ve seen, I think there should be more focus on this as well as the recommendations. I also wish that friending users would actually mean something or be useful. I’d love to add friends and family to compare our movie taste. Overall, if you just want to find some movies that you’ll like, the app will work for you. But, if you want anything more than that, there’s probably a better option.
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9 months ago, WhatComingOnNext44
Discovering movie. I never heard of cuz I been in my own world
I love this app. I’m finding all types of movies and documentaries and tv shows and biographies and much much more. My goal of downloading this app was to find movies I haven’t watched or heard about or need to give a second look. And with the new found free time I have what better time then the present only down fall to is even though the movie page will say it’s streaming on a streaming service doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to be streaming there. You will get that what ever movie discovery app you work with. I especially like the premium is on 2.99/mo very affordable so you have full access to the app.
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6 years ago, Person 1231
Where are the classics?
This app is very informative and a excellent companion to any movie connoisseur. I am an avid movie enthusiast and have been my whole life. I like new movies just fine, but the classics are classics for a reason, they are “Amazing”! Movies could and should include TCM regulars AND those which do not show so often. The Wizard of Oz is not the only “classic”. For example, where are all the Shirley Temple movies? The Thin Man movies? Unconventional/silly classic horror? Doris Day films ie. The Glass Bottom Boat? And even That Darn Cat? Christopher Lee was in more than just TWO Dracula movies, where are they? I, and I am sure many others who love classic film as well, hope to see the classics section fleshed out in future updates to come.
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3 years ago, Jurassic Dino
It’s great but can we get an option “to watch with significant other”
I love this app and have recommended it to others. But I wish it had an option to watch with your partner. Other than just friends, family and self I want to find movies I could watch with my girlfriend. Also I wish it would compare movies with my friends movies. My friends have this app and I want to be able to look at movies we could both enjoy. Movies that are both recommended for eachother to watch together
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12 months ago, RyDavHere
Love this
I love this app, I’ve recommended it to several people. It’s so much easier than browsing through 30 different streaming services to find something to watch. Especially love that it only recommends things you have access to and that it tells you what service it’s on! However, I would LOVE a neutral option when rating something. I don’t always rate things because I didn’t like it or dislike it, so I’d rather not rate it than mess up my algorithm.
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6 years ago, Noozled
Great App, Could Be Better
I love being able to have an app that recommends me movies, and it really is a brilliant concept, but some of the algorithms used can be improved. For example, it will often ask me to rate a movie I have already rated, which means if I rate it a second time, it messes with some of the statistics the app provides on your profile. Also, less important, but it would be good if somehow the movies that it gives you to rate were more catered to the person. For example, it’s weird that it would ask me to rate Jaws III if I haven’t even rated the first one. Overall it’s a great app, just needs some adjustments.
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4 years ago, Awesomeness278
Amazing app, hope it expands more
I love this app, it’s helped me find movies to see and it’s a great way to review movies with many ways to review it other than your usual stars, it gives you the option to see what kind of movies you would watch a lone or with friends/family, if you want to watch a light or dark movie, and how rewatchable it is. From beta testing certain features, I can honestly say I’d love to see this app expand to podcasts, music, and games. I hope this app continues to be worked on in the future.
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3 years ago, iugekdbdkcib dhyxbxkxbbsnsis
Only New Movies
I’ve got some major beef with this app. When you open quick rate, 95% of the movies it’s going to have you rate are newer movies. A majority of which are popular, non of which are classics. There are so many movies that it just glosses over because it only shows newer movies in quick rate. Seven Samurai, A Clockwork Orange, The Shawshank Redemption, Jurassic Park, Mulan, The Sixth Sense, etc. EVERY single one those never popped up in quick rate. It would make sense for it to have you rate popular films right off the bat, but it only cares if said film is new. ALSO! I searched Cinderella on this app and it gave me 10 different iterations, NONE of which were the 1950 Disney version. I know film critics are biased, but come on!
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5 months ago, Clairexdexlune
Really useful
I love the way this app functions as both a diary of media I’ve watched and a database for info on movies I want to watch. It tells me how well I match the movie, who I should watch it with, pacing (so I know if I can play on my phone while I watch), and a lot more. It also keeps tabs of movies that my partner and I have both put on our “to watch” list, and curates a “movies in common” list for us to pick from!
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5 years ago, bigboomer42
Need to update which platforms movies are available on
I have liked this app for quite awhile, and liked it a lot. But recently I have been finding movies on my match% that say they are available on Netflix or Prime Video, but when I go on to those platforms the movies aren’t available. And that has been happening a lot! I love this app and it has helped me find a ton of great movies, but it’s been really annoying getting excited for a movie only to find out it’s not available even though this app said it was... if they update it and take care of this issue, then this app would get a solid 5 star review from me.
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6 years ago, Mgnnix
I am enjoying this app, but I have a few suggestions and questions
I would like to see who my “favorite actors” are based on my movie tastes. I think that the actors influence the likelihood I will go and see some movies (more so than favorite directors). I still want to see who my “favorite directors” are though; I think that’s interesting. I would like to be able to write reviews of movies within the app. I would like to have the option to view my watchlist by years AND by genres. I would like to see data on my profile about the kinds of movie themes I enjoy. The movie “news” tab is completely useless to me. What criteria influences the movies that are considered my “guilty pleasures?” There are some buggy issues still. Movies that I add to my “watchlist” will sometimes reappear in the list of movies I need to rate. It’s a little frustrating because I just determined that I want to watch the movie, and I have to rate it before I can rate other movies.
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11 months ago, mc3o
Best idea ever
Now this is my first time writing a review like another person from two years ago BUT I have to say how much I love this app, I always wondered why nobody made anything to help rate movies and then BOOM I found this piece of gold, I love this app because it gives great recommendations and it is super easy to use. I also love that I can now “document” every movie and show I’ve seen and what I like and don’t like I love this app 10/10
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5 years ago, wolfy729
Amazing app that I could spend hours on it at a time! It’s super enjoyable and I love being able to rate my favorite TV shows and movies and get personal recommendations. Things I would add to make this app even better would be to add Disney Plus in the streaming section as well as maybe add a part in our profile that displays our favorite actors based on how many of their films we have seen. I think that would be pretty cool! Love this app. :)
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2 years ago, averyiscoldpizza
great app with a suggestion
love love this app! makes deciding a movie to watch with my girlfriend so much easier. i have a tendency to just go along with whatever so having a list of the movies we both want to see makes movie selection great for the both of us. i also love getting on and just going through movies i have seen or want to see when i’m bored i think it would be awesome to have a separate folder or two for movies your partner or you have seen that the other indicated they haven’t seen. we both love to show each other things and have found several flicks she wants to show me that she’s seen before or vice versa, but we’re just adding it to our notes app to keep track of those now. if that were a feature in the app, it would be 5 stars easily
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4 years ago, apcopeland
Deserves more attention
This is a great app for finding new content that genuinely matches your preference. I've been using this for a few weeks now and I have to say it’s surprisingly accurate. Recommendations cover a broad range of shows and movies, not just a popularity contest, and it’s very easy to use. Plus, it has a great UI, simple and elegant interface, and a awesome design. Highly recommend for easily discovering new things to watch!
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5 years ago, rah711
Privacy Invaders
I skimmed over the present reviews and thought this app. would be useful to me. The moment you attempt to open app ones phone number is needed. Now what possible reason would my private phone number be required ? I presently am being inundated with call after call by credit card scammers, Microsoft tech informing me my computer shows it’s in jeopardy of viruses (although I have Mac products) and well you get the picture. So whether they request phone numbers in order to sell them to 3rd party’s, who knows. Anyway, I just wanted to alert people of their practices to save them the trouble and a total waste of time. Take Care....,
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3 years ago, Milkguy1000
Cover photo
I was recommended this app from a friend and have been enjoying it so far, being able to customize my profile picture is a really cool feature! The one problem I’m having right now is I would really like to change my cover photo to any photo that I want but am unable to as it only lets you set it from pre chosen photos. It would be amazing if this could be changed.
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4 years ago, Druzel87
It has potential
I have two reasons to give this one star. First indie and foreign are grouped together as an option. I don’t want foreign movies but I love indie. Why are these grouped? I hate going through the foreign stuff just to get indies included. This is my biggest problem. The guilty pleasure movie list. As someone who struggles with mental health and telling people what I like. I am and always will be offended by this term. I have taken a lot of time to realize that what I like should be what I like and I should not feel bad for what I enjoy. The term guilty pleasure means I should feel guilty for liking something - in this case a movie because not everyone else does. That is offensive to me.
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2 years ago, TheReason✌🏼️
Surprisingly Good
I like movies as much as anybody but this app is amazing. It recommends certain movies/shows based on what streaming services you have. It can tell you how much you’ll like a movie based off previous movies you’ve liked and your personality and it has a community of movie watches that can give you honest reviews. All this and so much more; this app is a must!
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2 years ago, Sherlock232323
Please put a button to separate tv shows and movies!!!
I honestly do not understand why when you go to Quick Rate in your profile Movies and TV shows are mixed together. I just want to rate TV shows, nobody likes to see them mixed in together they are two different mediums of entertainment! Even on the picks for you there is a separate button for TV shows and then right next to it is like Comedy. Comedy and TV shows are not the same thing. There should be a Movies and TV shows button up top and then below it we can pick the genre.
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3 years ago, Kalie W.
Great app
I love using this app to find new movies/shows and to keep track of the ones I have already watched. The only thing that really irritates me is the fact that there are only 4 options when rating something. I feel like having an option in the middle for “okay” movies/shows would be great. Not sure why they decided to use 4 stars instead of the basic 5 star system
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4 years ago, Nikoolion
It’s just Great!! (I also have a suggestion for developers)
This app is just AMAZING! I’ve always used Goodreads to track my reading life. But I never had a beautiful and still sufficient app to do so with my movies and series! Now I can have them all in Taste! Thanks a lot! P.s: It would be great if I could have access to the movies that I’ve skipped and added to the Never-watched category so I can add some of them to my To-watch list!
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10 months ago, Rulette
Just one feature needed
I love this app, as it’s helped me find so many great films. My only complaint is not being able to edit one’s rating for a movie, as one’s perspective on a film’s value can change over time as we all grow; if the developers can ad a feature that includes your original rating and review for a film alongside one’s current perspective and adjusted rating, it would be perfect!
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2 years ago, HawkAFlocka
Changed everything!
My wife and I could never agree on anything to watch that wasn’t a marvel movie. Now we have a list of 20+ movies to choose from and we’ve only been using the app for 1 day! It’s also great being able to review movies and tv shows for other people, it is like being your friends movie guy.
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6 years ago, Jrnoury
Cool Idea, but too few features in free version
Some of the premium features should be included in the free version. For example, you should be able to view recommendations by genre. That way this app would be way more useful. Additionally, they should have a section for ranking within a certain genre in the free version. I hope a future version allows users to look through/rate mostly TV shows if desired. I’d take a free version with ads and more features over a premium ad-free version with features
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3 years ago, Derpy Bookworm
Stop changing your layout PLEASE
I love this app for the stats view specifically but please, for the love of god stop changing up the UI with no warning. I loved the way it looked a month ago, but it keeps changing and with each update I get more and more annoyed by things not being where I’ve gotten used to. Just leave it be.
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6 months ago, actress3078
There is one problem though… it’s extremely addicting!!! Every time I wanna watch a movie but unsure if it’s worth the watch, I check Taste! This is by far one of my top 5 favorite apps I have and im obsesseddd. I always enjoy writing reactions and it’s an easy way to find all different types of movies. 100% recommend!
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5 years ago, Drumschlag
Good, not great
This app has potential, but there are some things to fix: - It has a strong bias towards recent movies (within the last few years). I would imagine a lot of people are using this app specifically because they’re not familiar with what’s out there now. - The streaming service information is out of date. Not all of the information about which movies can be found on which streaming services is accurate. This is a major flaw in terms of using the app for how it’s intended. - Let users list some of their favorite TV shows and movies right away to start building a profile. If you start with the absolute favorites that people come up with off the tops of their heads, you could build the profile more quickly and show fewer movies that have nothing to do with their taste
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3 years ago, Cryptiic_Rain
App has an issue
I just had this app recommended to me by a friend. I’m also a big movie watcher so I thought this app would be nice to have. I went to add my friend as a friend on the app and all the pops up is a cancel button. The app doesn’t let me add any friends at all so I’m not sure if other people have that problem or what it takes to resolve the issue. It’s a big feature that I would like to use so kind of disappointing.
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4 years ago, Jacob_Fuller
Great app for the quarantine I’m in
This app is helpful to find new shows/movies to watch based on the ones that you already know and love. Would recommend to anyone who has difficulty finding new things to watch. Definitely not a finished product but is still useful and could evolve to a popular app with new updates and features.
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11 months ago, RickyBmtnDew
Years ago it was amazing, now it’s subpar even with paid premium
This app used to be amazing. It was great at helping me find new movies and tv shows and all for free! Around the time the app started asking for users to help invest in the app, it started going way down hill. Now the app is almost unusable with the free version and the paid version is not much better. Very disappointing how something so great could become so much worse and less helpful. You would have better luck nowadays find a new show that interests you by using an AI chat bot.
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5 years ago, *UwUMingMingUwU*
One of the best apps on my phone
This app is perfect usually I would be scrolling through different entertainment sites for hours looking for movies that I can’t find with “Taste” I have exactly what I want at the touch of a button. The only thing that could make the app better is if they also included music but I guess that this is as good as it gets. UwU
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2 years ago, Umm. . .Me
I have been on the app for 20 minutes so far and it’s terrible. I have been asked about the same 30 movies about 8 times. And no result. I say the same things about Grease, Drive, 2001 and the other 27 movies and it doesn’t go anywhere until it freezes up and I start rating movies like Grease and Drive and 2001 until I get to a point where it asks if I want to rate more movies so I rate movies like Grease and Drive and 2001… You see where I’m going with this. In fact, I can tell you where I’m going - back to my phone to delete the app
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2 years ago, liminalnami
Wish the interface was more user friendly
I love the idea of the app and it’s given me some good recs, but it’s really hard to use. Everything about the interface is clunky and difficult to navigate. I also wish we had the ability to sort recommendations by tv and movies. A lot of times I’m just wanting to watch a movie, but it’s hard to look through recommendations for only movies. You can kind of sort by streaming services but not easily.
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3 years ago, DannyBabino
Good with some glaring issues
Seems to be useful for its intended purpose. However some features don’t seem to work or are inconsistent. Most notably the search function is horrendous. I spent 15 minutes searching for my girlfriend’s profile and a ton of irrelevant albeit mildly related profiles. The search function seems like it’s very difficult to dial in on 100% matches. I ended up giving up unfortunately.
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2 years ago, Addam42
Hidden little gem
Forgot the big name entertainment apps, this one is all you need. I have found so many forgotten or never heard films that are amazing. You get real recommendations from real people with similar Taste, not some overpaid Hollywood critic. Get it! It takes some time for the app to get to know your taste but it’s worth it.
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12 months ago, namiarepavan
App that went from great to horrible
Not sure what happened to this app - it used to be good - now it is completely useless. The original point of this app was to customize it to understand your taste in movies and get better at making suggestions you will likely enjoy the more you rate. It has now turned into a sponsor riddled useless piece of garbage that does none of that - just offers up anything and everything that pays them money to push. Hit delete - better yet - dont bother downloading.
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5 years ago, OttoBones
Mostly great!
This a fun app for movie fans. If you’re like me especially. I like to keep track of every movie I see. This app makes it super convenient to do that. I expect more accuracy with its recommendations as I input more data. My only feedback is that there are several movies I’ve seen that weren’t listed in the database. Mostly older films and those of the independent variety. I’d love to see them continue to expand.
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3 years ago, TheRealQuam
Pretty good so far, but one annoying flaw
I would feel more like returning to this app if not for the fact that I keep seeing the same movies in my recommendations after I’ve already marked them any sort of way. Once I’ve rated a movie or tagged it as “Saved” or “Not interested”, there’s really no reason why it should keep showing up.
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5 years ago, PLEASEEE!!!!
Not for regular movie watchers
If you watch a lot of movies, this app will likely be unable to recommend a movie you haven’t seen and would want to see. I went through 500 recommendations to find only five movies that I already knew I wanted to watch. The interface is a little cumbersome. Rather than just letting you vote straight on every movie: good, bad, seen it, interested, or pass. You have to tell it whether you’ve seen or not then vote if it was good or bad. Too many steps to see if there’s a good recommendation.
Show more
6 years ago, lexiforbes77
Wasting my time
It tells you to rate movies in order to better understand your taste but twice now i’ve spent like 20 minutes going through a lot of movies and once it’s at 99% it just goes back down to 10% omgggggggg. Idk if it does that on purpose so that it can continuously cycle through the millions of movies out there but why would it show a percentage in the first place?
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8 months ago, consuela88
Suggests movies I’ve already marked awful
I get that not every system is perfect, but almost every title suggested for me is always something I’ve already rated and oddly enough it will recommend titles that I rated as awful. When I do get a suggestion it is soooo far off. It recommended Squid Games when movies I mark as amazing and good are titles like Mamma mia, Cruella, and Friends. Haha. Im very much a musical or comedy type person. I do have a few favorite thrillers, but if you glanced at my movie ratings you could quickly see Squid games is not for me.
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